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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 12, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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on a budget. products like that, consignment shops. david: i got a watch, but not like your watch. i spend money to my family, that does it for "bulls and bears," see you next time. elizabeth: nasdaq closing in on recorder ter to territory. the dow was unchanged. this as president gave a much anticipated speech here in new york city about the economy. tonight, media hysteria about recession. now fear of missing out on the run-up under president trump. the new poll from bank of america, president ranks fourth behind fdr, eisenhower and truman in s&p 500 total returns, meeting out, clinton, reagan,
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kennedy and obama. cops, firemen, teachers, everyone sees their retirement accounts go higher, government shut down still looms next week as the public hearings kickoff tomorrow on trump impeachment. on an impeachment push democrats have been clamors for for 3 years, a push that began before trump was even elected. as an msnbc panelist, hopes that democrat dramatize the impeachment hearings with quote, crying witnesses. a cnn analyst compares hearings to watching a netflix episode or a podcast. and nikki haley out with a new book. stepping up forever the president, the media slamming her and pushing back. israel, bracing for a violent night of rocket attacks as
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islamic jihad threatens no limits in its response, after israel kills islamic jihad leader in a airstrike. >> also we have and you answered, viewers and social media followers gave us more than 2 dozen debate topics that 2020 democrats have yet to take on. we'll show you what you want to see. and elizabeth warren still making the dubious claim she will not raise middle class taxes to pay for her government takeover. we have how elizabeth warren warren will just seize federal revenues from federal, state and local taxes already paid. and she wants to put everyone in to washington dc central. to california, critics warning that state is a ticking time
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bomb, as california liberal governor gavin newsom blasts pg&e, while he and his wife took 700,000 from pg&e as wildfires there killed 85. destroyed a town. >> many of those fires blamed on pg&e and bad california state management. we take the that debate tonight. i am elizabeth macdonald, the "evening edit" starts right now. ♪ to hillary vaughn with the latest on capitol hill. reporter: republicans congressman jim jordan said that the witnesses that democrats have on their roster do not have first hand information, including top diplomat to ukraine who is showing up tomorrow bill taylor. >> all kinds of important meetings he was not presents.
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he got third hand information. what i sudden those facts have not changed, american people know the facts on the president seaside and this process has been unfair. reporter: house republicans out with a memo, detailing their strategy for tomorrow. they believe that the july 25 transcripts, shows no evidence of president trump pressures the uk president, both presidents have said there is no pressure on that call, and third fact they want to bring up, ukraine government was not aware of any hold on u.s. military aid. adam schiff hand-picked tomorrow's witnesses that include bill taylor, and state deputy official george kent. one witness will not be cooperating mick mul mulvaney wl follow president trump's request he choose not to cooperate with schiff's impeachment inquiry. one of those on the list, unnamed whistleblower who was also at the center of a complaint filed with intel jeans
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community inspector general over a gofundme account, titled whistleblower aid, that raised over a quarter million dollars. a law firm asking for an investigation, saying: >> fox business has not confirmed that the gofundme is backed by people tied to the whistleblower, it could be a six-figure scam for the 6,000 people that gave money to the accounts. elizabeth: wow thank you hillary. >> okay, at the end of the day, democrat have to sell this impeachment case to the american people. persuade americans they have proof of an impeachable offense, joining me now.
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will voters agree or disagree? or say that president ran through the red light, is this a rehash of the last 6 weeks? >> i do see this as a rehash of last 6 weeks. democrats are trying to get a do-over. their selective leaking of the transcripts from depositions did not persuade anyone that is scup elsskep tackle -- skeptical of their case. the way that president is being treated is not fair, they are not giving republicans an equal right to call witnesses and show a full spectrum of the case. i look at what president trump did with aid to ukraine, first, the ukrainians did not feel any pressure, they did not know that the aid was held up.
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aid was held up for a limited amount of time, consistent with president's ability to determine whether or not the new president of ukraine of corrupt like previous leaders or he would be worthy. elizabeth: and president gave him lethal aid, unlike president obama. an msnbc analyst said that democracies should dramatize the impeachment with crying witnesses. and compare public hearings to watching a netflix episode. >> democrats are very focused on how to tell the story this week. i am told from democratic aids they wanted taylor to be there, he is a vietnam vet to tell the story in a simple way, they wanting yovanovitch, i am told she cried in her testimony, they want to say i was a victim. >> from television perspective, democrats have to come out
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strong in first episode, same reasons we watch on netflix or listen to a podcast, we only choose to keep listening if we're interested in episode one. >> i think that is true. the democrats are trying to put on a show, a lit -- political show. the problem is that none of these witnesses who are about to testify have any direct knowledge about what president did or did not do. if this is about the president i would the case to be built on wents with direct knowledge and first hand evidence. elizabeth: turn to one of the whistleblower's lawyers, in january 2017, coop has started, impeachment will follow. critics say this is indicative of what has been going on, that
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treated as been treated as guilty until proven innocent. and the campaign to push to get rid of the push to the president started before he was even elected. >> yeah. what i see here, liz, is really the left has had a increasing desire to u impeach this president, you see the tweet that goes back to january 2017 by who know who is now actively representing the whistleblower who is the kickoff of the new impeachment effort. this is from what i can tell, 2.0 of the mueller investigation. elizabeth: democrats, while this is go odemocrats themselves, 2020, they have been talking about using quid pro quos in their foreign policy push if elected. >> my solution is to say to
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israel, you get 3.8 billion every year, if you want military aid, you have to family change your -- fundamentally change your relationship to people of gaza. >> we need to make sure any such cooperation and funding goes to things that are compatible with u.s. objectives and u.s. law. >> will you make american aid in. >> right now, netanyahu says that he is going take israel in a direction of increasing settlements. that does not move us toward a two state solution. it know official policy of united states much america to support a two-state solution, if israel is moving in the opposite direct then everything on the table. elizabeth: you heard that, everything on the table. >> yeah. i think you see how the
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democrats would exercise their executive power in a way that advanced what they believer the american's interest in those various locations. and i think that is another example of why this case against the president, just does not stand up there is no -- you know no elements any of suggested crime committed. >> this is about getting ukraine to go after political rival joe biden? >> you know that has been what has been sold to the american people. but really, if you read the transcript, which is primary evidence of this impeachment inquiry it suggests that president is asking, you are president of ukraine cell cell, zelensky, are you going after corruption your country, and you know if you could look at 46 joe biden's son hunter biden and whether that was corrupt in his
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relationship with burisma. i think that is a legitimate exercise under his mandate. elizabeth: thank you. >> next up high stakes at high court, reports coming in that indicate the supreme court might be looking to give the president's big victory. to end the federal program known as daca that let nearly 800,000 young people avoid deportation and stay in america. we have a daca recipient, a trump support irand with us next. investment opportunities firsthand, like biotech. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price invest with confidence. (groans) hmph... (food grunting menacingly) when the food you love doesn't love you back,
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elizabeth: nikki haley, stepping up for president trump, accusing former secretary of state rex tillerson, and former white house chief of staff john kelly trying to recruit her to quote, save the country by undermining the president. >> instead of saying that to me, they should have been saying that to the president, not asking me to join them on their side bar plan. it should have been go tell the president what your differences are and quit if you don't like what he is towing, but turn mine a president -- to undermine a president is really a very dangerous thing, this goes against the constitution and
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what the american people want, it was offensive. elizabeth: mr. tillerson now denying this, saying: >> with me now lara trump. thank you so much for joining us. >> absolutely. elizabeth: a lot of infighting here, did tillerson and kelly seek turn around mine the president. >> according to nikki haley they did, it is such a breath of fresh air to see someone come out and say something positive about the president, and supporting him, saying he was doing what american people wanted and others that were working in background against him were doing the nice thing. >> she is fantastic. she is so smart. governor of a great state, connected to the greatest state, i am from north carolina, she
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from south carolina, she is impressive and supportive of the president, and loves this country anywhere you put hershey would be successful. elizabeth: and nikki haley, defending the president's phone call. >> it is never a good practice for us to act a foreign country to investigate an american, not a good practice, having said that, there is no insisting on the call, no demands, this is a conversation between two presidents, casual in nature, it is hard to find anywhere that the president of ukraine would have thought funds were being held and he had to do this. elizabeth: did the president threaten to withhold military aid. >> everyone can see in the transcript what he said, the answer is no. you -- i think as desperate as democrats are for some quid pro quo here, there was not any. they are trying to i di dissecty
6:19 pm
syllable of every word it is simply not there i agree with nikki haley. this is sad we're here that we're trying to define anyway they can to get president out of the white house. but that is what this is about at the end of the day. elizabeth: nikki haley said it would be wrong to get a foreign government to go over a political rival. >> this is the chief law enforcement officer of united states, the president, when he sees there is some wrong doing it is up to him to vist vate. that is -- investigate, that is what he wanted, people want to look at this from whatever lens they want, at end of the day there was no quid pro quo, nothing wrong said on this call. elizabeth: should hunter biden and joe biden testify. >> i think we would all like to hear who they say. elizabeth: do you think they should. >> as an american citizen, if we're making a mountain out of a moimolehill with president trump and this phone call. hunter biden is very
6:20 pm
questionable what he was doing in ukraine, why he was paid so much money in a business he had never had any experience before. while his father was vice president. in charge of relations with what country, i think a lot of people wake like to hear what he has to say. elizabeth: fox news and new york polling and "new york times. showing some indication that suburban republican voters, soccer moms, worried and upset about the president delivery, how he delivers his message. >> the polls never reveal the people's true feelings about this president. women are made to feel they cannot support this president, but when they get in a voting booth, they know their life is better, there is a better outlook for the country, and future for their kids, i think they will vote for president trump, i have said that, i think
6:21 pm
he will get more support from women than 2020 than in 2016. elizabeth: who do you think the 2020 democratic nom neil be. >nominee will be. >> i would love to know that, i would be scared if i were a democrat to run against donald trump, you see rallies and enthusiasm, it has not wayneed in the lyft, it has drone grown, i would be scared to run against him, when you are peddling socialism and things that reverse everything positive this president has done for the country, whoever they choose we feel very ready. elizabeth: you are great, you come back? >> i would love to. elizabeth: lara trump. >> coming up, israel bracing for a night of violent, more rocket attack. threatening no limits to its response after israel killed islamic jihad leader in a targeted airstrike in the gaza strip. >> later, americans living in
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elizabeth: welcome back, reports coming in the supreme court may be giving president trump a victory to end the daca program that let nearly 800,000 people young people avoid deportation,. >> president trump opening the door to a daca deal if the high court rules his way, that decision is expected next year, separate from, that president was in new york city today, talking about mexico's out of control homicidal violence.
6:27 pm
>> some very bad people are trying to get in. we're building the wall, it is going up rapidly, we have tremendous help from mexico, they have 27,000 solers on our bored -- soldiers on our border now protecting us from people coming in. elizabeth: welcome back. alario, great to see you. thank you for joining us. you are a daca recipient, you support the president and border wall. i have a lot to talk to you about. but first thought on the supreme court possibly saying yes that president can get rid of daca? >> yeah, my initial thoughts are why wait on supreme court, the e has b house, i think best solution to go through a border security package, exchange for a dreamer solution, i ask congress, and also the president to work together to solve this not only on daca but the border security
6:28 pm
issues. elizabeth: we had more out of control homicidal violence at border, news coming in 5 dozen bodies found in mass graves near a mexican tourist towns 60 miles from arizona, drug cartels are blamed for, that members of mormon community with american citizenship, fleeing mexico after that attack. what would the border security part of that package look like. >> you know, border security, we need to look at possibly fencing or technology, so we know what is coming in and comes out, you have to think about drugs, as more border patrol agents, at the end of the day we -- united states needs to be a se soverein nation. i think right now, you see with
6:29 pm
drug cartels there is a lot of work to be done there, both mexican government and also united states government need to work together and possibly start looking at you know, making the drug cartels and label them as a terrorist group moving forward. elizabeth: hilario how old were you. >> i came to united states when i was a-year-old, this is the life that god gave me, i am trying to make the most of it, i am grateful to be part of this country. and to live the american dream. elizabeth: okay, you would hope that the president does the daca deal where you could stay? >> absolutely, i think that president from very early on has a big heart for dreamer community, he has proposed solutions, i am asking congress and democrat to step up and work with the president, we know that republican party wants border security, a lot of republicans come together they are willing to irk -- echange for a daca solution, i ask for congress to
6:30 pm
work with this president. elizabeth: your reaction to 2020 democrat senator elizabeth warren, she said she would take away everyone's health insurance to take it away from teachers, soldiers, union workers, and put everyone in the same washington d.c. government-run health care, but she wants to give free healthcare to illegals. >> medicare for all as i put this together, covers everyone. regardless of immigration status, you don't need subsidies, it is fully paid for. and that is the starting place. elizabeth: that last part is been under questioning. your reaction to what the senator suggesting there? >> i mean, you know we have to take a step back, i don't think that is the big issue, the big rich issue are radical quld that left is proposing that is full government control of our lives, right now you have with the 2020
6:31 pm
election will be freedom versus socialism, at the end of the day this country is founded on freedom principles, i think that president trump will leslie get re-- will easily get reelected. we must continue to protect faith, family and freedom moving forward. >> thank you. >> thank you. elizabeth: senator warren saying she will not raise middle class taxes to pay for her government takeover of healthcare, we have how her plans she will -- would if elections, seize just take government revenues from federal, state and local taxes already paid to take away healthcare as it exists now. take away from teachers, firemen, cops and our soldiers, put everyone in the same washington dc centralize he'll carrhealthcare plan. >> a new level of violence bringing hancock t hong kong tol
6:32 pm
break down. that story next.
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elizabeth: -- will the rocket attacks keep coming, 200 rockets fired into israel today by islamic terrorist in the gaza strip after ri israel military killed a jihad leader. reporter: good evening, in gaza, tensions are high. as the negotiators look to broker a ceasefire between israel and islamic jihad, today, more than 200 rockets were fired from gaza strip to southern israel, after israeli military ordered a precision target assassination against a top islamic jihad commander.
6:37 pm
abu al apta . >> this is someone who was known as planning more rocket attacks against israel, and he had a special attack planned against the israeli forces. where according to our sources, this man of the going to use antitank missiles as a way to divert attention before sending islamic jihad fighters under the border through tunnels and popping up on other side to attack israeli troops, we were at funeral today, you can see the scene here in gaza. >> funeral of islamic ge jihad m manner abu al opta here today, emotions are my here, thousands of palestinians demand a response from the factions inside gaza.
6:38 pm
according to palestinian health ministry 10 people killed on gaza side and 45 injured. moving forward, egyptian negotiators will try to hammer out details of a ceasefire. elizabeth: trey yingst, stay safe. >> to turkey. turkey wants to send terrorists to europe as u.s. drones appear to show u.s.-backed fores acosting in syria. according to pompeo pushing erdogan to a political solution to syria. steveniates is joining us. your expectations. >> we had a very difficult
6:39 pm
controversial time with their cross border raid in to syria. this is classical realist foreign policy for an american leader to engage someone who may be challenging somethings that are contrary to our interest to see is there a deal to be hadh to bring some sense of peace and order there odds are again peace and order there. because it has been problematic for a long time, i think it right thing for president to engage right now, and press prime minister erdogan to take concrete steps. elizabeth: turkey's erdogan is pushing hard, they say in turkey, europe, you can continue to sanction us, for drilling in eastern med terrainian -- med eithemediterranean sea? >> the terrorists and who is holding them, on one level, if we had europe taking seriously security obligations and requirement, not engaged what i
6:40 pm
consider to be post for modern dreamism we would have allies who would taken me combatants. so there are two sides to the coin, threatening this kind of blackmail of stop getting in the way of my economic interests or i threat ep your national security not what you would come to expect from a nato partner. elizabeth: okay, i hear that, moving to this. we have to move on. in hong kong. total break down. here is what is happening, a cop shot a student. a man was set on fire. there are reports of police pepper spraying a pre pregnant n before tackling her, hong kong government saying it will not yele tyield po to pressure from protesters, this beyond out of control. >> this is horrific, as someone who lived in taiwan in late
6:41 pm
1980s been to hong kong many years since it is devastating, never in my wildest crime crimed i imagine that it would likely --- of 1989, this is not just a hodge konhong kong issue. this is what the communist party is about. elizabeth: to this story. your reaction hearing that google, gathered healthcare data on 50 million people in 21 states, viewers want to know did google selling this dat data to china? is this legal? we know under hipaa they going e can get this, but if they sell
6:42 pm
it to china that would be a step too far. your reaction to this. >> i'm troubled by the idea of this. i don't consider communist party of china or the large country is runs to be a normal place, i'm not an advocate for over recessio--regulation, but we hae sensible about security. not for our interest. so i think time, meeting legal for going to tol google for goot it is doing, it probably should not be. that is when the people on capitol hill should get out of the impeachment craze and deal with problems like this. elizabeth: selling analysis on accumulation of data, steven thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. elizabeth: next up, we take on senator warren, claiming she
6:43 pm
will not raise middle class taxes to pay for her government take over of the health care, we have how warren will seize the government revenues from federal, state and local taxes paid, take away healthcare as it exists now, from teachers, firemen, cops and soldiers and put everyone in washington dc central. >> washington's democrats, and their radical agenda of socialism would demolish our economy. as long as i am president, america will never be a socialist country. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right, by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. you can get your interest rate right by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right with sofi. check your rate in two minutes or less.
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elizabeth: okay we hope you done listen, fear mongering that a recession is just around the corner. >> u.s. could be headed for a recession. >> about time we get a recession. >> >> plenty of signs of a possible recession. elizabeth: okay, if you listen to them you could have lost a lot of money, total s&p 500 returns, look at first three years. he is now fourth after fdr, eisenhower and truman. trump is bitin beating out.
6:48 pm
floating all higher. 11 trillion bucks in equity valueded to wilshire 5,000. bring in andy posner. author of capitalist come back. we see the media and de democrat say recession. >> that is really a joke. >> a lot of people lose money. >> that is their plan, that i want to discourage investment, discourage consumer spending, which drives the economic growth, it is a game to them, i don't think they care with the consequences are, as long as it hurts donald trump, they think it is good, so tanking the american economy is okay as long
6:49 pm
as they hurt donald trump. >> we asked our social media followers. they came up with over 2 dozen ideas, they care about how the country is being run, and governed, they don't see the 2020 democrats challenged on the debate topics like this this scroll. no debates yet. >> last debate. i watch the whole thing, there was not one candidate who said, here is how we'll create jobs, here is how we encourage entrepreneurs to grow the business, and increase economic growth, not a -- everything it was economic programs, give aways. here is how we buy your votes, they have no plan to generate economy growth. they have absolutely no -- they don't pretend they have a plan. they won't talk about it. elizabeth: the plan to take -- about jealousy and envy,
6:50 pm
confiscating what you worked hard for, for your family, taking it from you, and making the government bigger, it has never been proven this bigger government creates equality. you had a "wall street journal" editorial on wealth tax. >> she does not understand. her wealth tax would discourage wealthy people from buying stocks and bonds, they are valued so irs could tax them, i would buy things you could note easily tax like land. if they are not buying stocks and bond that released demand, slower price that hurts every pension fund in united states,
6:51 pm
whether you are an auto worker, teacher, fireman, 401(k), none of the plans will meet the retire am benefits they promised. so it hurts them there also make it difficult for the united states to fund as debt. because currently the treasury pay under 2%, if you have a 2% wealth tax you have to get more than 2% return on your assets, nobody will buy those treasury that drives up price that means government cannot fund it is a horrible, houribl horrible planu have to be either deceptive or economic illiterate to do this. elizabeth: here is biden talking about warren? >> imagine if i said to her, you should be in a socialist primary. biden is being. -- whatever, you would say that you know it. >> do you think she should. >> no i'm not getting into that. i think that plan is being offered is not ange an rational,
6:52 pm
the attitude that we know better than normal people what is in their lead interest. the attitude is elatest that people can't make up their own mind. elizabeth: 3.1 trillion dollars in waste, in the government level. that is 25,000 dollars per u.s. household. a lot of those people out there could use that money instead of the government. >> they can't have that debate, with all additional government spending they want, there will be more fraud and abuse, whenever the government, only way you improve things, cost of health care for example, would be through competition, historically competition is only thing that reduces prices and improves quality. >> if you put government in, you eliminate that competition and you lower quality, you increase prices, everything they talk about doing, they would bankrupt
6:53 pm
the country if they could get this passed. elizabeth: okay, and andy come back. >> any time. elizabeth: we love mixing it up. >> a lot of fun. elizabeth: we take you to california, critics again warning that state is a ticking time bomb, and residents there have no clue what is going on in the state. california's liberal governor gavin newsom blasting pg&e. while he and his wife took 700,000 dollars from pg&e. fires in california killed 85 people, and destroyed a town, cost tens of billions in damages. many of these fires blamed on pg&e and bad state management, that story coming up. aetna takes a total approach
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elizabeth: to cool california, critics warning that california is fast becoming a ticking time bomb, and residents do not know what is going on, ford o'connel, we've been ahead of pg&e, the heavily regulated utility is california blamed for the wildfires that gives a lot of political donation to democrat there, gavin newsom and his wife government 700,000 from pg&e? pg&e has been blasted gavin newsom. for not stopping the wildfires,
6:58 pm
that are triggered by the power lines, your take? >> i think 30 years, california was the envy of the nation, it now a ticking time bomb under governor gavin newsom. he has gone from blaming climate change to blaming capitalism, and he takes 700,000 dollars over two decade political career from pg&e. and therefore claiming now they are to blame, but every time he holds them up in court, and regulates them, they cannot update their electric infrastructure, the simple way to fix or mitigate california wildfires would have to more pragmatic forest management and put power lines under ground, very above ground. louground. elizabeth: why didn't pg&e spend i think 50 billion do bury the power lines, how come everyone
6:59 pm
in california is not onboard with this? where is hollywood, where are democrats, and gavin newsom, get the power lines buried and stop with the green revelation and letting forest half of the forest there is a federal government, i am darn sure that president says, you know, cutback those trees. >> you know president telling him, you can do what you need to with respect to forest management, also with respect to vegetation. but it or not, he declared a national mink emergency, the prm is, they are too pc on one side with the environment, and other side with pg&e, they are too worried about having a little bit will boogeyman than fix problem. and pg&e is telling you, if you take us out of chapter 11 we could raise money to put wires under ground.
7:00 pm
lou: for elizabeth: fror frord ford, gre. >> lou dobbs is next on fox, network, have a good night. lou: good evening, president trump and new york city, at the economic club today, to talk about one of his favorite topics. and near to every hard working american's heart, the economy, the markets and most extraordinary economic turn around and boone in american history, his audience applauded his performance. >> after years of stagnation and decline, american wages, salaries and incomes are rising very fast. median household income is now at the highest level in the hit history of our country


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