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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 12, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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it's a reminder. lou: christian whiton, thanks for being with us. join us here tomorrow. good night from new york. trish: tonight on the eve of the first public impeachment shearing, the evidence is overwhelming, the democrats have shown their true colors. showing politics over country. they are deliberately leading us into uncharted territory geopolitically and if they get their way, economically as well. we are hours away from adam schiff's big dream. he's planning to be center stage in a movie he has been attempting to script since 2016. did you know which adam schiff was a young assistant district attorney living in hollywood he used to spend hours at the library studying the scripts of
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the horror film, "silence of the lambs" to write his own thriller. he's attempting to be the chief story teller in this fictional charade to sabotage president trump and simultaneously ravaging this great country. this is the new cover of the atlantic magazine titled "how to stop a civil war." i know it's in small print there. how to stop a civil war. they are right to address this. i brought it up on this very show weeks ago after seeing anti-strum protesters turn violent at a recent trump rally. i said we wouldn't be seeing a traditional war complete with armies and generals. but what we'll see, i suspect,
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an emotional kind of civil strive. and that, nonresponsive good for this country. we don't need to be in this divided place. of course, when trish regan says it the midwest wing media goes bonkers. saying it's insane warning of violence in the streets. when the atlantic says it, they love it. abc news is calling it provocative. go figure on that one. i was right. now they are right. i don't care who is right. the bottom line is we are in a very bad place. thank you, adam schiff, thank you, nancy pelosi, thank you the squad. there is a total lack of tolerance on the left. the berkeley teacher tweeting
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that rural americans are bad americans who make bad decisions. hillary clinton is infamous for calling trump supporters deplorables. maxine waters encouraged physical attacks. >> you get up and create a crowd and push back on them and tell them they are not welcome. >> when they go low, we kick them. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. trish: i see. first it was russia and the mueller thing. now it's this. you know, it's this kind of lack of civility continues, if we do not respect one another. respect our institutions of government, we have no cohesiveness, we have to
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spirits, we have no economies. we have no country. this is exactly what our enemies want, divide and conquer. adam schiff who is stuck in his wannabe crime thriller movie role. the hostile takeover of the government is not going to succeed because americans recognize it forward what it is. and two, things are pretty good. when a ceo of the company keeps posting unfettered, earnings exeepped estimates. that activist gets nowhere on wall street. shareholders make it decision they want the ceo in the seat because the ceo is performing
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just as americans want to keep their president until they, not adam schiff, not at squad, not nancy pelosi, decide not to. they make that decision at the ballot box. with a growing economy, higher wages, the lowest levels of unemployment in decade, there is a ton of momentum these days. >> if we can get a couple things like usmca passed and a german fiscal stimulus we would see a dow of 30,000. trish: wow, dow 30,000. try running against that. trish: adam schiff can continue to try to write this horror movie or americans, we can take our country back. the attempt top dehuman sies conservatives and the -- when
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you dehumanize people you can suddenly be justified in taking away their votes. but americans won't allow it. joining me right now, house armed services member indiana congressman jim banks. it's good to see you. i think they are trying to dehumanize a whole group of people, anybody who voted forward donald trump is sub human therefore deserving of their vote being stripped from them and being replaced with whatever nancy pelosi and adam schiff believe is appropriate. >> i see it every single day on capitol hill. tomorrow the american people are going to see it more than ever before as one party seeks to overturn the constitutional election of a president of the united states of america. the democrats have been trying to accomplish this since the day
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president trump was elected. but that's not just what they stand for. you look at the debate stage with the presidential candidates. the democratic party wants to abolish the electoral college. they want to pack the supreme court with liberal activist supreme court justices. they want to legalize illegal border crossing they want 16-year-olds to vote. they want to send people door to door to confiscate our firearms and they want to overturn the election of a sitting president. who has been the most pro worker focused on the heartland of america which is what i represent. tomorrow that will be on tv for the whole country to see, and it's not pretty. trish: this is quite alarming in my view, the intel community's
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inspector general is receiving a complaint alleging that this whistleblower or cia/nsa leaker may be violating the law because this person is soliciting donations from all kinds of anonymous sources on gofundme to the tune of $227,000. that's how much money has been raised. we have no idea where this money is coming from. supposedly it's not supposed to come from foreign sources. the on way you will know is if you subpoena the donors and website to obtain more information about where the origins of the money happen to be. this is kind of messed up. this person made $227,000 on gofundme. why are they even soliciting this money to begin with? >> i don't know, trish.
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here is what i do know and what has been widely reported. it's likely the whistleblower is a registered democrat who worked with vice president biden on ukraine issues. he went to adam schiff before he filed the whistleblower complaint. we also know he hired an attorney to publicly call for a coup in 2017. this is what i believe. i don't know if the whistleblower is profiting from being a whistleblower. but i believe the whistleblower should be subpoenaed along with adam schiff to come before the intelligence committee and testify under oath so that we can have the opportunity to put all the facts on the table. the american people deserve that. >> so long as you have. you put it all out there.
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adam schiff is saying we won't have the whistle blower or hunter biden or anybody who might be able to shed more like on this -- more light on this. >> this is a sham process and the american people deserve to have the facts. trish: congressman, thanks. good luck tomorrow. i hate to say i told you so. >> as i say never never never say never. and i will certainly tell you i'm under enormous pressure many, many, many people to think about it. trish: hillary clinton saying many, many, many people want her to run. that's three manys if you are counting. democrats want you to believe they are for strong borders. here is a fact check. they are not. >> raise your hand if you think
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it should be a civil offense rather than a crime to cross the border without documentation. can we keep the hand up so we can see them. trish: all right. there is the evidence. so why would democrats be in favor of open borders? my next guest says it has something to do with winning future elections. conservative actor and singer is here next. man: sneezes skip to the good part with alka-seltzer plus. now with 25% more concentrated power. nothing works faster for powerful cold relief. oh, what a relief it is! so fast! hour 36 in the stakeout. as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need. your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything.
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>> we had a very spirited debate on this stage last night on decriminalization of the border. raise your hand if you think it should be a civil defense rather than a crime on the border despite documentation. trish: there you have it, the majority of democrats support open borders. in their imaginary utopian world it wouldn't be a crime to slip into this country, it would be anyone's right. >> i hope to introduce legislation so we don't criminalize people for seeking immigration. trish: just welcome everyone.
8:16 pm
no penalties for showing up in this country without any paperwork or visa. let's kick in some fringe benefits along the way. >> raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. okay. trish: did you see that? did you see every single one of them, every single one of those democratic candidates raised their hands. what is their motive here? i asked this tonight amid news the supreme court appears to be inclined to end the daca program which has let 700,000le illegal immigrants to stay in america with no paperwork. why are democrats so desperate to welcome people into this country with no visas, and then offer them healthcare. and if you haven't noticed, we haven't been able to pay for our
8:17 pm
own population. joining me, robert davi. >> great opening. you hit it out of the park. trish: they want to bring everyone here and incentivize them with free healthcare and free education. why do that? >> the gerrymandering the population. in 1965 the immigration act passed by president johnson said three things. the act will not bring more immigrants to the cities, it would not take jobs away from the american people, and they would have no lenient admissions. every single thing the democrats do and the cabal of the gop globalists, they let down the american people by gerrymandering the population.
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that's what's happening. they want to change the chaip and ideology of this country by letting people in who have not been educated in this system. i was in new york and spoke to cab drivers from bangladesh and india. people are not being educated by the real motivation of what democrats are doing to this nation. it's insane. trish: so you look at your own state, california, which used to be pretty conservative. you look at texas, we were just look at beto there and his point of view on immigration. beto actually gave ted cruz a run for his money. this is a liberal in a red state. is that the goal? you keep bringing people here in an effort to change going forward however long it takes you?
8:19 pm
change the demographic makeup to make people more liberal and less conservative. >> absolutely. they are bringing people from outside this nation like they did with the somalians in minnesota. they are bringing in communities that don't have a huge multi-cultural. trish: then you have ilhan omar who seems to just keep supporting every bad guy in the world. she is saying more abel morales from bolivia. she loves nicolas maduro in venezuela. she is supportive of hugo chavez and anyone that we don't like. and i guess in your view it's not a coincidence. right? >> it's cork straighted. they -- it's orchestrated. they want to destroy the united
8:20 pm
states from within. my dad gave me a book in the early 60s. i have seen what's prophecied in that book over and over again. i have seen how my kids have been taught in schools. look at what's happening to our youth today. they don't understand what this nation stands for. you have got a guy, donald trump who comes out and tells the truth and he gets attacked like these vile animals in ceasar's senate stack him in the back. trirk. trish: what was the book? >> "none dare call it treason." he said read this book and take what you want from it. he was a quiet guy through example. in this book as a kid 11 years
8:21 pm
old i read it and it scared me. it prophecied what was going to happen in education and immigration. that the game plan, the communists who have been in our nation since the 20s and before. that's what trump is fighting, the back stabbers and traitors in our government, that's what's happening today. that's what this impeachment is. they don't let up, they don't stop. and we are weak if we don't continue to speak out about it. i don't think the gop is speaking out strong enough about immigration or anything. the daca movement. i met with mitch mcconnell, i said take care of immigration. we have four things we have to do, speak english, pledge allegiance to the flag, no criminals and every year somebody has been here illegally they must give a certain amount of time volunteering to get in
8:22 pm
line to become an immigrant. what's wrong with that. trish: we'll be watching you perform live this january. robert davi very. >> never never never say never. i will certainly tell you i'm under enormous pressure many, many, many people to think about it. trish: she is running like we said all along. that's many, many, many people urging her to run. first, a growing push by far left democrats to control your healthcare information. this is a secret project by far left silicon valley company google. my next guest says your health information is under attack as we speak. dr. marc siegel is in the house.
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trish: a secret project by google designed to control snrairp cans' health records being revealed by the wall street journal. dubbed project nightingale, it's been in operation secretly amassing the health records from 2,600 hospitals, doctors offices and medical facilities all operated by the st. louis come of any ascension. they are the second largest in the country. neither the patients nor the doctors were aware of any data being collected by a sanctioning google. which as far as this report is concerned is a major violation of some kind of you privacy right. it's pretty obvious if neither patient nor doctors were aware this data was being collected,
8:28 pm
this did not follow privacy rules. this news comes amid a growing push to control your healthcare through and universal mandated government program. if elizabeth warren were to get her way, americans would only have one form of healthcare. and if gool google gets its way. it may know you are sick before you do. and i don't mean that's a good thing. i mean that in a bad way. it's pretty darn creepy. you have the makings of a big tech, big brother healthcare world. how worried should you be? joining me tonight, fox news contributor and nyu professor of medicine. they are getting date as on millions and millions of people. don't forget, this is the company that was crying when donald trump was elected.
8:29 pm
this is silicon valley lefty nuttiness. they are getting all the information on people's health. does that concern you as a doctor? >> incredibly. there are patient privacy laws that are supposed so protect my patients from my sharing information with anyone. medical is so important that people's information be protected. health and human services is starting to look into this to see if any regulations have been violated. the idea that doctors and patients don't know about this, i like how you combine it with the idea of big brother where the government is involved with trying to control what healthcare you get, and google is involved with knowing what youring' guy know sees, will be results, everything that you
8:30 pm
night consider private. do you want it what antibiotic you took? trish: google already has it on 10 million people. >> 2,600 facilities. it's already been accumulated about millions of people here. google cloud has it. they are trying to compete with amazon and microsoft and apple to raid your information. all the companies i just mentioned are in the same game. trish: trish regan likes pink dresses and you can advertise pink dresses on google or the facebook account. that's one thing. but when you are talking about someone's healthcare information, that's a whole other level. >> yes, and i think people will be prejudiced as a result of this. where is the cancer diagnosis in
8:31 pm
do you want your employer to know that? there is a reason we have these privacy laws. the current computer system. it says i can't share your information with another doctor without your permission. you have to sign for that. >> you can share it with google. i think you are right. the government should look very hard sat what's going on here and there should be an investigation. i don't think this is right. the idea that attention is hook a team up without the knowledge of doctors, that's a problem. >> they will have our information and then they will say you shouldn't have that test, you shouldn't have that treatment. they will say i didn't even know you my had the problem. maybe it goss distorted. maybe that's where this is heading. trish: ever wonder where liberal journalists come from?
8:32 pm
editors at northwest university's student paper issuing an apology because it says its coverage of a jeff sessions event might have been traumatic for students. hillary clinton saying many, many, many people are urging her to run. my next guest says hillary is completely delusional. deneen borelli is in the house next. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right, by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. you can get your interest rate right by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right with sofi. check your rate in two minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. cologuard: colon cancer and older at average risk. get a no-fee personal loan i've heard a lot of excuses
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trish: hillary clinton is hoping to be the comeback kid. rumors swirling that she won't let 2020 get away without a bid of her own. but to hear her say it, it's because the party needs her and the big wigs are begging her to get back in. >> i feel a partial sense of responsibility because my name was on the ballot and i got more votes but i ended up losing.
8:37 pm
i'm under enormous pressure many, many, many people to think about it. but at this moment sitting here talking to you, it's absolutely not in my plan. trish: i heard it is. she is in the meantime blaming anyone and everyone for her loss. telling a british audience that sexist social media treats women unfairly. i kind of think hillary might be a little bit guilty of treating women unfairly herself, including a woman who might be her competitor should and when hillary decide to run. how about the fact that hillary clinton tried to bully veteran tulsi gabbard and bury her as a political competitor, calling her a russian asset. >> i think they have their eye on somebody in the democratic
8:38 pm
primary and grooming her to be a third party candidate. she is a favorite of the russians. they have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far. trish: who needs social media to damage a woman's character when you have hillary clinton to do it for you. joining me, deneen borelli. let's start on this many, many, many people want me to run. what do you think of that? >> that would be hillary, bill and chelsea i am sure, many, many, many people. right. right. but clearly, hillary is mad and upset that she lost in 2016, and she's feeling left out. the woman will not stay out of the news, will not stay out of the headlines. it's amazing that she continues
8:39 pm
to play the victim and everyone else is to blame but me when in fact her losing was her fault. trish: it was her fault. she was set up to win, except she wasn't cut out to win. she wasn't cut out to win because she didn't have the common touch or the ability to go to places like pennsylvania. she is out there saying social media is so bad for women. i would argue social media is bad anyway. whether you are a man or woman, social media is not a friendly place to be. donald trump takes his fair share of hits on social media, i think a lot of women like hillary clinton take their fair share of hits on social media. but i can't get over what she did to another female competitor. a woman who was a veteran.
8:40 pm
a woman who risked her life for this country. think about what she said about tulsi gabbard, calling her a russian asset. who in the heck need to worry about social media when you have other female political candidates like hillary clinton shooting at you every chance they get, calling you things like a russian asset. >> how low can hillary go is my question. the nerve of her to attack tulsi gabbard. she is feeling left out. she is going after gabbard. gabbard wants her to retract the comments she made. we'll see if that happens. but really what hillary is doing is kind of he will you rating tulsi gabbard. she got a bit of a bump, now she is in the next democratic debate. she is getting this earned media because of hillary going after her.
8:41 pm
but of all people to claim about, to talk about the war on women and she is attacking and going after tulsi gabbard is pretty ironic. trish: i won't forget how feminists went after monica lewinsky. i will never get over that. >> and all the other women. trish: i think she is running. you heard it here first. steve bannon predicted it. hillary clinton 2020. here we go again. and here we go with the war on christmas. it's back. the governor of wisconsin change the name of the evergreen tree at the state capitol from a christmas tree to a holiday tree. liberal cities doubling down on the ineffective policies that helped create their homeless
8:42 pm
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trish: liberalism is just getting gross. listen to this. you are now free to pee wherever you want in san francisco in the alley, in the street. maybe outside an outdoor cafe where people are eating. it's perfectly legal. the city's district attorney decided not to prosecute crimes like public urination or public camping, sleeping in the streets. the offering or solicitation of sex, prostitution, or the blocking of a sidewalk. so have at it san francisco are l.a. and portland or wherever this craziness has taken place. people that walk to work or take public transportation and are confronted with all this squalor and filth you guys consider so
8:47 pm
charming. joining me right now, trump 2020 advicery board member, madison jess yotio, and tom, you live out there in san francisco. how bad is it? >> it's pretty bad. i won't even drive my car into san francisco without getting protected parking. i wanted to mail something to my daughter's house and she said don't payment to my house, the homeless steal the packages. and you said public camping. and decriminalized prostitution in san francisco. that's a statewide law that disallows it. his role model is gavin knewsome who decided another gay marriage was legal as well.
8:48 pm
trish: i don't want to lump gay marriage in with public urination or prostitution. >> i get. but the way it works in san francisco is you challenge a law, and not enforce it, then force other people like the residents to file back. trish: i used to live in that city. i used call it suck francisco. the homeless were super aggressive. nobody asked you for change. they would say, do you have $5. it's always been kind after dicey place. but what they forget in this, they are crafting all these new laws, thinking how they can challenge things, they forget everyday people who are affected. tom's daughter can't get something mailed to her because the homeless people might steal
8:49 pm
it. this lack of law and order has consequences, does it not? >> absolutely. and the consequences are going to be grave if we don't make sure something changes in cities like san francisco. we continue to see the homeless population rise. and not only are we not taking steps to help the homeless people but wee not protecting the people around them. it's not okay to urinate in public. we have children on the streets. these children are not the children of the rich and elite. they don't care as much because it doesn't affect them. you look at los angeles, you have to make over $47 an hour to afford the median house there. the last time they had a republican mayor in san francisco, i think things need to change and the people need to take a hard, long look at who they are electing. trish: a lot of those people are
8:50 pm
extremely wealthy. you have extreme wealth, or homelessness, and poverty. and a lot of those folks can't help themselves in the system the way we would like to see them be able to do. san francisco increasingly has less and less of a middle class. if you are middle class in san francisco, you don't live a good life. you get some guy peeing on the street corner. you can't call the police and say get the homeless guy off the street corn. wait creates is a have and have-not kind of society. your thoughts. >> definitely. san francisco is doing well with tech. but it caused people to move out into the street. you have a huge issue with regard to mental illness. in l.a. they had a huge tax increase projected because people are tired that they can't
8:51 pm
deliver basic services. we can't get water to farmers and electricity to tech and they can't take care of the streets. they are starting to push back. so many middle class and right of center people have moved out of the state. trish: you don't expect it to go anywhere. i have got to leave it there. i apologize. we have a lot more coming up. but first kennedy is joining was a sneak peek at what's coming up at the top of the hour. kennedy: we have a lot on our plates. we'll be talking about impeachment in san francisco's crisis. and we'll talk about kanye west. he went republican and he's take his message to a mega church in texas. we'll talk about his choir and his future. trish: the war on christmas is
8:52 pm
back. the governor in wisconsin changes the name of the christmas tree in the state capitol to hole say day tree. editors at a college news tape is apologizing saying covering of a jeff sessions event may have been too traumatic for students. managing type 2 diabetes? dimitri's on it. eating right and getting those steps in? on it!
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trish: governor of wisconsin changings name of the ever green tree, from christmas tree to a holiday tree. the left again declaring war on american and christian traditions that many of us hold dear. joining me, cabot. >> great to see you. trish: it is a christmas tree, why do they have too give a big slight to christmas. >> this is symptom of allowing pcpolice to have such power in our culture, when they set standard we'll remove thin thino society that could potentially offend people. trish: they call it something different. >> to sanities things to -- sanitize things.
8:57 pm
i want interested to hear what the holiday carolls will sound like. every time you bow down to outraged mom or change the name or say to people who are offended, we'll give you what you want. you are incentivizing this for the future. it dangerous. trish: for example when i was in new york city, you have a christmas tree in the lobby and a mi menorah in the lobby, no oe said the hanukkah candle or something different. or just the candle if you want to sanitize it and the free. tree, it seems wild. not to mention, if a holiday
8:58 pm
tree. who know is is jewish might want to' that tree, is symbolizes christmas, this is a christmas tree. >> and you are implying it is a holiday of some kind. i know if they say we're only allowed to have a christmas tr tree. wisconsin allows room for other holiday icons, they have a fest -- not like they are state mandating a christmas tree. trish: i want to get to other story, northwestern university, student newspaper issues apology because of coverage of a jeff sessions even on campus, saying that coverage was somehow thram -traumatic. i read the article. their pictures they posted.
8:59 pm
that you cover live events as journalists do, you cover things that happen. you know sometimes, not everyone likes it. sometimes is it traumatizing. but up in the less, you report on what happens on the ground, why is this a university newspaper, when a journalism school, now apoll jiedzin apolo. >> they fell traumatize by they were reached out to for comes about their present at protest, they were traumatized by fact that pictures of protest were made public. and getting mad at a journalist for reaching out to a comment is like reaching out to a doctor when they ask to take your blood pressure bloo. job of a journalist to report what is going on give people the chance to make up their own mind. their school paper now says we're sorry. you deserve a better paper, this is very concerning that people prioritize feelings over freedom
9:00 pm
of press. trish: i didn't go to journalism school, i am glad i didn't. >> you are doing well. trish: cabot thank you, a big show tomorrow night, with continental man doug collins. kennedy: ima one woman journalism school, welcome. happy impeachment hearings eve everyone. house intelligence committee adam schiff, the ring leader gets 45 minutes. talking about whistleblower, or the bidens, telling fellow democrats, the house is an impeachment inquiry and committee will not serve as venues to further investigate shnt


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