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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 13, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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dow jones industrials. [closing bell rings] s&p, folks, you can say it, looks like we'll see the 100th record since january of two years ago. the nasdaq lower by two. that will do it for the "claman countdown." now time for "after the bell." connell: another day of all-time highs on wall street. the dow does indeed close at a new record high. second we've seen this week, 10th of the year. really disney lifted it higher. huge day for disney on stronger than expected demand for the newly launched disney plus service. we'll talk a lot about that. we'll talk about a lot of things. i'm connell mcshane. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." the s&p fighting for record close, the 100th under president trump. nasdaq fighting for gains. also, appears to be just falling short. we'll keep an eye on that one. more big market movers. first, here is what is new at this hour? we're awaiting news conference
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with president trump. the president meeting with his turkish counterpart amid rising tensions in syria. we will bring you president trump's comment as soon as they begin. on capitol hill, the first public impeachment hearing more than 20 years is just wrapping up. what the witnesses told lawmakers, their reaction from both sides of the aisle. attention costco shoppers, the details on the viral coupon that is too good to be true. connell: ah. melissa: i want to know about that. connell: always say. fox business team coverage on the busy day. blake burman live at the east room of the white house still waiting for the news conference to begin. gerri willis on floor of new york stock exchange. edward lawrence from capitol hill. kristina partsinevelos in new york and jeff flock in chicago. try to get to everybody. kristina, the huge day i referenced about disney. >> hit it on the head. did is any had over -- disney
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had over 10 million subscribers over the streaming platform they launched yesterday. those numbers blew a lot of expectations out of the park. look at disney's stock. closed up a little bit at the high. it was originally up 8%. if you own the shares, need at least 10 bucks. competitor netflix took a hit. why is that? disney going at them with a lower price target right now. the fact that the walt disney streaming service is a little bit cheaper. the fact that you had increase in subscribers so quickly, 10 million in just one day. but the big question is, how many subscribers are going to stay on? you have first the free trial for seven days. some of those guys may not be paying. the second thing, verizon is offering all of their customers a verizon is offering a free year of disney plus. maybe some peter off after this year. that is one big question
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analysts looking towards how the company turns towards profitability. we're seeing on the screen, not disney, we're wondering the streaming wars. where does it compare to the other big players? hulu has 27 million subscribers at the moment. disney plus saying they got 10 million. we'll see if the number increases or decreases next year or so. netflix 158 million paying monthly subscribers around the globe, the world. for disney the goal by 2024, you see on the screen right now, those are monthly subscriber numbers. profitability, of course, 60 to 90 million subscribers, rolling out in other countries. just available in canada, the united states as well as in, sorry australia. the netherlands, excuse me about that as you can see i'm going to kick it off to you because the president -- connell: as we see the east room filling up, melissa at the white house. we're close. melissa: check in with blake burman at the white house where
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the president is about to hold this news conference. blake, what can you tell us. >> might put a stop watch on me. we're giving president any second. two minute warning, to keep it very brief, president trump and turkish president erdogan have been meeting four hours here. a host of issues the two have been dcussing. trade as president mentioned earlier today. kurdish incursion into northeast syria a month ago. this will be a press conference between president trump and president erdogan. so we'll see in which direction the questions go here. i'm sending it back to you guys. we're anticipating president trump any moment now. the headline here at least one of them, so far, they have been meeting for four hours, the two of them at one point during the day started with oval office meeting, bilateral meeting, a lunch between the two. at one point republican senators were brought into the room to sit down to talk with the president and talk with the turk erb president. as you know there were bipartisan concerns about the initial decision that president trump had made back in early
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october to withdraw u.s. troops from northeastern syria. but this is also an opportunity for some of these republican senators who by the way are seated here inside of the east room to pose those questions directly to the turkish president. at one point senator lindsey graham even saying this would act as a civics lesson for turkey. i believe any moment we'll be getting president trump, president erdogan, two questions each. this could take on any sort of form. a lot of news, including impeachment hearings, the white house, president trump saying he is not paying attention today to what was going on capitol hill. as i mentioned some four hours worth of meetings here with the turkish president erdogan. any moment now, given two minute warning. remarks are going on to the podium. i send it back to you, we anticipate president trump an president erdogan. melissa: thank you, blake. connell, we're watching as they get ready to come out here. four hours a lot longer than
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expected between the two leaders. another senators in the room. it provides a contrast in the house at the same time they're having impeachment hearings. here the president is going to say, he was in meetings with the turkish president, his counterpart and lindsey graham, who was so opposed to idea of pulling out of syria, had so many concerns about that. lindsey graham able to ask direct questions to president erdogan. connell: quite possible one of the direct questions the president of the united states is asked depending who he calls upon in the press corps will be related to impeachment hearings on other side of town today, in particular to a phone call testified to by ambassador taylor who said that the ambassador to the european union, ambassador sondland had a phone call with president trump was overheard by one of taylor's aides said he talked about the quote, investigations. that is something we didn't know about, hadn't been testified to today. could come up here as blake
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points out any topic could come up. melissa: generally they have an idea who they will call on. you know the president he will do what he likes and seldom do reporters stick to topic here. let's listen. >> please. i want to begin by welcoming the first lady with us today and the first lady of turkey. thank you very much for being here. it is a great honor to have you and we had a wonderful, very productive meeting. before we start i would like to thank president erdogan for releasing detainee sirhan golgey, who was in detention, different forms of detention. i appreciate that very much. that was a very nice tribute. he will come back at some point in the not-too-distant future.
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that is very good news for the united states and also very good news for turkey. turkey as everyone knows is a great nato ally and a strategic partner of the united states around the world. our economic relationship has tremendous potential an continues to expand and to grow, direct engagement and diplomacy between our nations are essential to insuring a future of peace and prosperity and promise for our citizens. over the course of the day president erdogan and i had a frank and productive conversation on a range of very important topics. among those topics we discussed was the situation in syria. last month i sent vice president pence, secretary of state pompeo with us. national security advisor o'brien, thank you. to meet with president erdogan
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and in hopes of ending all hostilities. the negotiations were very successful and the united states and turkey achieved a tremendous amount on that day and i think we're working toward getting it better and better. it's a complicated situation. it has been going on for hundreds of years. today the cease-fire continues to hold. i want to thank the president for his partnership and cooperation as we work to build a more stable and peaceful and prosperous middle east. we've assured each other that turkey will continue to uphold what it is supposed to uphold. i'm a big fan of the president, to tell you that. and i know that the cease-fire, while complicated is moving forward and moving forward at a very rapid clip. there is a lot of people that want to see that work after so many decades and so many
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centuries you might say. the united states and turkey are working extensively on many other secure issues. turkey has the second largest armed forces in nato after the united states. and they're very strong second, i might add. i am pleased that turkey has been steadily increasing the defense spending. it is very close to the 2% of gdp range, unlike many of the other countries. at this moment they're eight out of 28 countries current in terms of their obligation financially. turkey has made a vital contribution to nato's resolute support and mission in afghanistan and its partnership was important to our destructionion of the isis caliphate, a fact recently when we took out al-baghdadi and take him out we did. turkey knew that we were going over certain areas. they were very, very helpful.
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we appreciate that very much. good for both countries. we appreciate it. we're grateful to president erdogan and residents of turkey and their cooperation. in the constant struggle with terrorism. he fights like it we do. key is our military defense and quilt program. american foreign military sales total many billions of dollars and turkey supplies component parts to many american defense programs. they make part of the frame as an example for the f-35. turkey's acquisition of sophisticated russian military equipment such as the s-400 creates some very serious challenges for us. we are talking about it constantly. we talked about it today. we're talking about it in the future. hopefully we'll be abe to resolve that situation. we've asked our secretary of state and minister of foreign
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affairs and our respective national secure advisors to immediately work on resolving the s-400 issue. we've also recently agreed to work toward a 100 billion-dollar two-way trade agreement. secretary ross is here. we made tremendous progress with that. we have a lot of trade with turkey, it could be many times larger. turkey would like to see that. it could be good for the united states. we intend to bring it up to $100 billion. that would be four times what it is right now. our goal to expand commerce between the united states and turkey, reduce our trade deficit and insure a truly fair and reciprocal relationship. we are just for those of you that have any interest, we discussed it today. also our trade agreement with china is moving along very rapidly. we'll see what happens, but it is moving along rapidly.
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china wants to make a deal, that i can tell you. one of my chief priorities as president removing american barriers to trade an investment and removing illicit practices that harm our workers. we encourage turkey to further open its markets. they are doing that. they are doing that very much. towards american goods and american services our markets are open. turkey is opening up their markets and they're opening up rapidly. mr. president, as we have seen in recent weeks the u.s.-turkish alliance can be a powerful force for security and stability, not only in the middle east but beyond. i look forward to working with you and to your representatives. i want to thank you very much all for being here. i've gotten to become very familiar with all of you and i really appreciate you doing a fantastic job for the people of turkey and i look forward to continuing to find a common ground, harness common purpose and to advance the vital
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interests of our people and abiding friendship between our nations. we have a great relationship both personally and with the great country of turkey and we look forward to moving that forward and making it an even bigger and better relationship. thank you very much. thank you. >> thank you. [applause] >> translator: , mr. president, my dear friend, distinguished ministers, secretaries, distinguished members of the press i would like to at the onset salute you with heartfelt emotions on behalf of myself and my nation. first and foremost i would like to thank my dear friend president trump and the first lady of the united states for being such gracious hosts today. we have managed to comprehensively discuss all issues in our agendas
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mr. president throughout the day. the discussions were very sincere. we all agree we need to further profound our cop rakes and on a very healthy foundation. we should remain resolved to open a new chapter in our relations which are in full compliance with our deeply rooted alliance. we have reciprocal stated our will to fight terrorist organizations imposing a clear and present danger upon our national security we have especially underlined the significance of fighting against daesh in a sustained fashion especially after the aftermath of the death of baghdadi, the death of baghdadi we have detained several prisoners trying to flee prisons in syria to come to turkey and we have
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currently more than 200 daesh terrorist host have been incarcerated. we have the operation peace bring initiated on october the 9th, turkey took another step forward fighting terrorism in a very resolute fashion. our country with this operation blew a very significant impact on separatists agenda of terrorists organizations as pkk and ypg in syria. in order to further strengthen our cooperation in syria we believe we have gained significant momentum with our october 17th agreement or memorandum but in order to harm this memorandum pkk and ypg are attacking our soldiers and civilians in a very provocative fashion and in the last 24 hours more than 19 attacks and harassing shots took place. and at the beginning of this month a bomb was placed,
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explosive device was placed in an outdoor market and as a result of the explosion 13 civilian lives were lost despite all the developments, in toward to settle the conflict in syria in a sustained fashion we are reiterating our commitment to our memorandum, our agreement with the united states but some circles are sympathetic towards these terrorist organizations. are feeling very upset, they are deeply disturbed and are using this information in order to cloud the understanding of the public opinion and that perception with the eventual gain or goal of harming our relations. and some historical developments and allegations are being used in order to dynamite our reciprocal and bilateral relations, especially in the house of representatives, some of the resolutions that were passed on october 29th served this very purpose and
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hurt the people of the turkish nation and they have the potential of casting a deep shadow over our bilateral relations and i shared this information with mr. president. the decisionmakers in an incident that took place about 104 years ago should not be politicians but historians. we have nothing to hide and we have a full self-esteem in that regard but i need to state very clearly that we have, as turkey on the side of dialogue and open discussion and debate. armeniann the archives ecipro cali and establish a history commission. i believe the senate will take, take the united states out of this vicious cycle which happened as a result of the resolution of the house of representatives. turkey and the united states stand side by side in order to fully eradicate daesh and in
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order to bring peace and stability to syria once and for all and for this purpose we should keep our working together. turkey remains, or it should be the most reliable partner of the united states in this region to achieve these targets. we are the only nato ally as turkey who has fought daesh, and in a very resolved fashion. so far we have detained 7684 fighters and we have sent them back to their countries of origin and we prevented entry to 77,000 individuals who are considered to be affiliated with daesh terrorist organization. and right now in our prisons a total of 1216 daesh members are incarcerated coming from 40 different countries. we have quite recently detained 287 individuals including women and children who have fled prisons that pkk and ypg used to
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control. our country is being showcased as a target and this terrorist organization caused 304 turkish citizens to die and against which we are going to keep on fighting and it is very important to understand that the foreign fighters should be accepted by the countries of origin. we have the same understanding with president trump, in order to convince countries of origin to do this. distinguished ladies and gentlemen, we have a borderline of 911 kilometers with syria and when the war broke out nine years ago we were the ones at the forefront impacted heavily and maybe the most. currently we have 3,650,000 syrian refugees and a total of more than 4 million refugees. we have spent about $40 billion, even beyond that for these
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refugees in our country. so far europe only sent 3 billion euros despite a higher pledge. through our ngos. similarly we are providing sustained humanitarian aid to more than three million people living on the syrian territory. back near 2015 at the g20 summit i launched an appeal in order to establish a safe zone in syria but because of the delay, tens of thousands of civilian lives were lost. this problem cannot continue forever and ever. previously with our operation euphrates shield and operation olive branch we have managed to clear an area of 4,000 square kilometers of terrorist presence and i agree with the proposals of the president. it is very important to realize
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our goals. i said operation euphrates shield and operation olive branch and through these operations we have managed to to repatriate 365,000 syrians back to their mother lands and thanks to the operation shield we have retained many towns and villages and the settlers are going back. we have shared our projects with president trump and several plans for the safe zone. with the support of the united nations and international community we have been repatriate many more syrian refugees in the northern part of syria. we're talking about an area 444 kilometers in length and 32-kilometerrers in depth. one million people can be repatriated. one million more individuals can
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be repatriated. two million refugees can be repatriated. a terrorist organization attempted to destroy the constitution order of turkey with a failed coup attempt and terrorist organization behind this failed coup. they have killed 251 individuals, harming 2993 citizens and they have even dared to bomb our parliament airborne. we have once again accentuated our expectations vis-a-vis our friends at the u.s. administration to once and for all eradicate such a presence here. we have also discussed with president trump how to achieve the 100 billion-dollar trade volume threshold as soon as possible. we believe we should not confuse political incidents with commerce-related aspirations and
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our secretaries of commerce are currently heavily invested in achieving the 100 billion-dollar threshold. we hope and pray we will shy away from certain measures which will make it much more challenging for us to reach these targets and, we have also quite naturally discussed our deeply rooted relations in the field of defense industry. primarily the s-400 system and f-35 program we can only surmount hurdles we experience through dialogue. my dear friend, previously stated back in osaka at the g20 summit the injustice orchestrated against turkey in terms of acquisition of patriot missiles and we have clearly stated to president trump that under suitable circumstances we could acquire patriot missiles as well. as turkey, we are ready and committed to sustain a very constructive dialogue with the
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united states congress and this is an idea that i have shared with president trump as well. so with these thoughts in mind i hope and pray our discussions an deliberations all throughout the day with president trump will yield most auspicous results. i would like to thank president trump for their kind invitation and being such gracious hosts throughout the day. on behalf of myself around my delegation i would like to thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much, mr. president. i called up the senate. i asked a couple of our senators, we really ended up with five and others wanting to come. we'll keep them apprised but some of them joined us. they happen to be here, senator jim risch, thank you very much, ted cruz thank you very much. lindsey graham, thank you very much, rick scott, thank you very much. joan sy ernst is here someplace. these people want to see peace
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in the middle east. i thought it would be appropriate to have them come over. they met with the president. we had a lot of very frank discussion. we're dealing with a very big subject, a complex subject. it has been going on for centuries in many cases but we're making a lot of progress, tremendous progress in the middle east. okay, couple questions. go ahead, oan. go ahead. reporter: thank you, mr. president. >> thank you. reporter: first i would like to start out getting general reaction today to the impeachment hearings on the hill. do you feel that democrats made their case and how did you feel about the republican performance? >> talking about the witch-hunt, is that what you mean? is that what you're talking about. i hear it's a joke. i haven't watched, i haven't watched for one minute because i've been with the the president which is much more important as far as i'm concerned. this is a sham. and shouldn't be allowed. it was a situation that was caused by people that shouldn't
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have allowed it to happen. i want to find out who is the whistleblower, because the whistleblower gave a lot of very incorrect information including my call with the president of ukraine which was a perfect call and highly appropriate. and he wrote something that was much different than the fact. i want to find out the why. ig, why would he have presented that in fact all he had to do was check the call himself and would have seen it. i will be releasing i think on thursday a second call which actually was the first of the two and you will make a determination as to what you think there. but i have heard just a report, they said it's all third hand information, nothing direct at all. can't be direct because i never said it and all they have to do is look very simply at the transcript. if you read the transcript. this was analyzed by great lawyers. this was analyzed by gregg jarrett, who was an
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analyzed by mark levin, analyzed by everybody. the statement i made, the whole call that i made with the president of ukraine was a perfect one. so that this country gets put through that, we have to waste this gentleman's time even thinking about it, talking about it, i would much rather focus on peace in the middle east and i hear that it's, i hear that it's a hoax and it is being played as a hoax. that is what i hear. you will have to tell me. go ahead. reporter: if i may on syria and peace in the middle east, president erdogan talked about repatriating syrian refugees back to their homeland. have you had those discussions with european leaders since there are some syrian -- >> no. i think frankly europe should be paying for this to a large extent. as of this moment turkey has been paying for most of it. i think president was saying today they spent over $40 billion on the cost of that.
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40 billion. how much? >> 30 billion. >> 40. that is what i said. whatever. he spent a lot, okay? they're throwing out all the different numbers. i heard it was $40 billion. is 40 billion correct? so $40 billion. i heard that number from others that is a lot. europe contributed about three and a lot of these people would go all throughout europe. it would be a devastating situation for europe because they have four million people. he has a lot of kurds too they're helping and taking care of. so i, i have spoken to europe about it. i think they should help us with isis because many of them left france and they left germany and they left the uk, they left different countries and these countries should help us, because if they ever did get released, we won't be doing, if they get released, that's where they have want to go back to
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france, germany, uk, all the other countries not helping us. i gave them the option, would you like to have them back? intelligently they said no thank you. but that is not right and it is not fair. i can tell you also turkey captured, some escaped during the conflict when they had the heavy shooting and i mean i think know how they happened to escape. one of those things. doesn't matter. turkey captured everybody that escaped plus an additional group. when we took over, when i became president isis was rampant all over the middle east and as of about a month ago, lindsey, we can say we have now 100% of the caliphate. they will always try and grow but they haven't been able to do that and what we did last week with al-baghdadi, who is the absolute founder, leader, set them back. we also got his number two. we have our sights on his number three.
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so they're not going to be growing too fast but i will say turkey has been helping us a lot. reporter: with that i also have a question for president erdogan, what you're calling realignment in the northern syria border, a lot of christians in the region feeling very vulnerable. they say attacks against christians have increased under the new policy. they're not feeling safe any longer. can you guarranty that the turkish government will also protect christians in that region? there was a fact on armenian priest and his father who died. isis claiming responsibility. >> thank you. thank you. >> translator: on the contrary, yazidi and christian minorities is an area where we're especially sensitive about and we have certain different plans.
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whether it be the ones remaining on the side of syria, whose sanctuaries have been destroyed, whose churches had been destroyed, we'll see if their sanctuary is getting revived and their churches will be reconstructed so they can go back and start praying there again and these are the plans that we're making for them. as i said before the christian minorities, aramaic, catholics, chaldean, yazidi, those living on our side of the border have no problems whatsoever but those remaining on the side of the syrian territory will see worshiping practices restored and revived in a special manner. they are receiving health care. they are receiving humanitarian aid in every aspect possible. thank you. >> thank you very much. would you like to pick somebody?
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a friendly person from turkey please, friendly, only friendly reporters we like to see. there are not too many around. reporter: thank you, mr. president. >> thank you. reporter: talked about the burden of obama's flawed foreign policy and one of those flaws aligning the u.s. with a terrorist organizations the pkk and offshoot, ypg. [inaudible]. u.s.-turkey relations however -- ringleader of ypg to the white house. his name is -- he is responsible for at least 18 terrorist attacks in turkey which caused the death of 164 soldiers and 40 civilians. after today's meeting do you still think of the -- [inaudible].
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open and hurtful for the turkish public? thank you. >> i had a very good talk with him, very good recently and we're working very closely together and we're also working very closely together with your great president and a lot of things are happening. a lot of very positive developments are happening. a lot of that is definition, what is your definition of the various groups within the kurds. you call the kurds and then you have various groups, some like them and some don't but i think we made a tremendous amount of, we've gained a tremendous amount of momentum and strength and knowledge over the last short period of time. so we'll see what happens. but i will say that the relationship with, with president erdogan and turkey has been outstanding, and you know it's a major country with a tremendous military. they're one of our very big purchases of military equipment. they have the finest equipment in the world. which the united states makes, we make by far the best
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equipment in the world. turkey understood that a long time ago. so i think, a tremendous amount of progress is being made. okay? thank you very much. you could ask the president a question now. same, you sure you're a reporter, you don't work for turkey with that question? reporter: i will be glad to change -- [inaudible] [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: mr. president about -- about not getting best of news out of the united states and feto office targeting turkey is extensively invested in their daily works but i can see certain traces that the government is trying to understand more about feto. so my question is how do you perceive the situation developing vis-a-vis the feta terrorist organization and the american approach to feto in that record? can we expect anything further?
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yes, thank you. during this current visit we are going to submit as we already have actually a great deal of documents and evidence and feto is a terrorist organization and he is the leader, the ringleader of this terrorist organization. they have killed 251 people in turkey. they tried to you know take a coup against the government, the state and more than 1000 -- more than 2,000 people have been injured and the ringleader is living on an area of 400-acres in the night, running his network all around the globe and this is something unacceptable. during this visit as i said before we introduced an additional array of documents we well submit them to the appropriate authorities
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including mr. president. i think they will appreciate the situation. we sent the terrorists back if we asked for them an an and i'm sure they will do for us. >> fox news. reporter: mr. president you didn't spend a whole lot of time glued to the tv but there was one moment bill taylor recount ad conversation a aide of his heard, the day after the phone call with zelensky on july 26th, the aide said every heard you to say with sondland, how are things going proceeding with the investigations? sondland repeated back to you, according to this aide that ukraine was prepared to do everything that you wanted it to do. can you, was, is that correct and can you fill in some more -- >> i know nothing about that. first time i heard it. one thing i had seen sondland said he did speak to me for a brief moment and i said, no quid pro quo under any circumstances. and that's true.
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the other i have never heard this. in any event more secondhand information but i never heard it. reporter: do you recall a conversation -- >> i don't recall, not at all, not even a little bit. the only thing, i guess sondland stayed with his testimony there was no quid pro quo. pure and simple. yes, please. reporter: president erdogan, president trump sent you a letter on october the 9th urging you not to launch a military action into northern syria. he said, quote, don't be a tough guy, don't be a fool. you ignored that letter and went ahead and you launched a military action into northern syria. can you explain why you ignored the president's warning? [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: well, this letter was represented to mr. president this afternoon and i also
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underline the fact a terrorist such as shime should not be considered a interlocutor by a country such as the united states and this individual shine, has been instrumental in the killings of hundreds of turk ish, civilians, labled like a son for terrorist leader incarcerated in turkey. a person like this should not be welcomed by a country such as the united states and similarly this person was welcomed by a country such as russia. it is very difficult for me to understand these we're trying to fight terrorism on global scale. if we will sustain our fight against terrorism in a healthy
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fashion we need to be much more sensitive as we currently are. it happens to us today and will happen to somebody else tomorrow is a saying that goes in our language. we have also provided information and documents thereof, to our interlocutors in the white house including, mr. president. and i have also submitted a document produced by cia pointing out to the fact that this individual is a terrorist to mr. president. and, also said before i shared them with his excellency mr. president and we gave back the letter that we have received. >> [inaudible]. reporter: thank you very much, from kurdistan. thank you very much,
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mr. president for all you have done for kurdistan and for peshmerga fight against isis. >> yep. thank you very much. i appreciate that. reporter: my question is, -- interviewed kurdistan is very unique in the middle east and on behalf of all minorities. >> right. reporter: what is your policy on the kurds right now? and another question for president erdogan, why you are not able to meet the kurds in syria of iraqi kurdistan? do you think they will be your friends in the future? thank you very much. thank you very much. >> thank you very much and i will say we had a great relationship with the kurds and we fought with them very successfully against isis. we fought together, we have, we have great generals and we have great equipment and it certainly helped a lot. but we were very, very successful and we captured as i
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said before, 100%, i was going to, when we were in 97%, i was going to say, well, that sounds pretty high to me. i was thinking about stopping it then. a lot of people said please go to 100 and very quickly, very rapidly the military got the 100. i wanted to have that. we have a great relationship with the kurds. we have had. we get along with them. by the way i think the president, he may have some factions within the kurds but i think the president has a great relationship with the kurds. many kurds live currently in turkey, and they are happy and taken care of including health care, we talked about it before including health care and education and other things zoo that is really a misnomer but our relationship with the kurds has been a very good one. thank you. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: first we have to make a distinction between two
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things. we have no problems with the kurds. we have problems with terrorist organizations. some terrorists coming out of the kurds which are they, what are they, pyd and ypg which are offshoots of the terrorist organization pkk. just as we have no problems with our brothers and sisters in the northern part of iraq where we enjoy great relations and we have no problems with similarly our brothers and sisters in the northern part of syria. during the times when assad was not recognized kurdish presence in the northern part i told him he needs to give the individuals passports and he was making a mistake and secondly there is something really important i want you to know this, my political party has more than 50 mps of kurdish ethnicity in the turkish parliament. we don't have problems with the kurds. we have problems with the
4:44 pm
terrorists and of course you're not going to own up to the terrorists are you? whoever they are, whoever they might be but we have to make a distinction here. we're just fighting terrorists, period. because the terrorists don't have ethnicity, they don't have nationality, they don't have a flag. if they are tariffs, they are terrorists. if you don't fight back then tomorrow you pay a very hefty price. thank you. >> thank you very much, everybody. [shouting questions] connell: live from the east room of the white house the presidential news conference perhaps up with president of the united states and the president of turkey. it included a long opening statement especially from the president of turkey. two questions, john roberts of fox news in front of you there. one was asked by john, one of two american reporters called on in the news conference and his back and forth both with president trump on the impeachment hearings that have been happening on the other side of washington and on the letter
4:45 pm
that had been sent by president trump to president erdogan will probably be the most remembered moments of that news conference. blake burman in the room for the news conference and joins us from the east room with a recap. blake? reporter: a lot of focus on two different topics that have adopt nated the day in -- dominated the day in washington. day between president trump and erdogan, meetings plural in the white house. more than four hours which culminated with the news conference. secondly what is going on with capitol hill with the impeachment proceedings. let's start there. president trump insisted the white house insisted threw the day he has not watched what has gone on capitol hill because of meetings taking place here. the while house is rolling out the argument they have other things and better things to be focusing on like foreign policy. here is president trump a little while ago. don't think we have that sot.
4:46 pm
apologize, connell. on issue of turkey what you saw was two, two very clear differences how the united states and how turkey view the ongoing situation in northeast syria. it is kurdish forces in northeast syria who have been fighting along side u.s. troops for years to help defeat isis as president talks about 100% of the caliphate has been removed. however, turkey views some of those exact same fighters, some of those exact same groups as terrorists. one of the surprised developments, not necessarily a surprise development, but an interesting development throughout the day was u.s. senators were brought into the meeting here at one point to sit down with the turkish president erdogan to figure out a way forward. as you know, connell, many senators as this was taking place, as the turkish incursion was taking place, the president's decision to remove
4:47 pm
u.s. forces from the region were none too thrilled with the president's decision and turkey's action. one final comment. president trump talking about china and trade. the president saying at that point as it relates to the china trade agreement moving along very rapidly. owe says china wants to make a deal. that i can tell you, comments the president has been making for quite some time now. back to you. connell: "wall street journal" report said the talks hit a snag. blake burman. melissa: here is bill mcgurn, "wall street journal" columnist, fox news contributor. john roberts asked the question of the hour saying what did you think about the testimony that sondland, you know had a conversation with you where you said that they, you know were going to hold up everything in response, he said i don't know anything about that the only thing i know about when sondland said i told him specifically there was no quid pro quo. that is true. what did you think of that exchange? >> it pointed to the weakness in
4:48 pm
ambassador taylor's testimony he is recounting a conversation he had with mr. sondland, right? he is given contradict at this statements saying at one point the president told him quid pro quo. another time he said he didn't know what happened. when they say hearsay, they mean it is not coming directly from a conversation with the president. if this is the biggest shot against the president, i'm not sure it will change many minds. i don't think the hearings were designed to change minds. it was a stage managed production to get to a conclusion we all know is coming. melissa: the second question was interesting. john roberts asked president erdogan, the president said he sent you a letter saying don't be -- >> tough guy. melissa: tough guy. he said you ignored that and you went ahead and erdogan's response was twofold, number one, terrorists are terrorists. number two, i have no problem with kurds. what were your thoughts on that? >> well, if i, i'm not a fan of
4:49 pm
president erdogan. if i had been him i would have said look, the president has his opinions but i'm responsible for turkey, i'm close on the ground. i have to go with in turkey's interests. he did not say that we're in awkward position with turkey. victor david hannson points out rightly that turkey is an ally but not an ally. the kurds are friends not an ally. turkey has been anomalous position part of nato, not really enat that traded into europe. now we have the russians getting closer ties with turkey. there is a lot of question marks where this is going. the president like musical chairs. you pull a few troops back, all these things rearranged. we don't know where the final constellation is going to be. melissa: quick on impeachment before we run out of time, the optics of the president saying he spent four hours behind closed doors talking to erdogan. this was a huge scandal when the
4:50 pm
president pulled out, you we abandoned kurds. isis coming back. lindsey graham asking pointed questions. he wanted to be there talking to erdogan. that happened all this in a split screen what is going on with the house on impeachment. >> right. well look, the president is still the president. there is a lot of business. turkey in an important part of the world but impeachment is the drama of the day and we know, again, we know where this is going. i think a lot of this is pretense. do we think, does anyone really think that today's hearings really changed anyone's vote up there? each side knows where they will go with this. we think it, looks very stage managed. i think possibly because they leaked so much before, we didn't really have the great drama today that i thought we might get. melissa: democrats claim that they think they're going to sway senate republicans. we'll see. bill mcgurn. thank you for sticking around doing that.
4:51 pm
>> you're welcome. connell: fox news alert. shares of cisco systems are lower after-hours after reporting first quarter results. gerri willis what do we see in the numbers? >> we're looking at the worst day in three months for the stock. down 4.5% after the company guided lower for the second quarter 2020. analysts expected a range of 75 to 77 cents a share. ain't going to be that. it will be lower. meanwhile a great quarter for the first quarter of 2020. adjusted eps coming in at 84-cent a share on expectations of 81. revenue also higher. you can see here, 13.16 billion. company struggling to shift to a software focused business. why do we care about cisco? it is one of the biggest barometers of tech globally. connell: thank you, gerri willis. melissa: fireworks on the hill after weeks of private depositions house democrats unloading in the first public impeachment hearings in our nation's capitol on this topic as the white house prepares a
4:52 pm
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no commission. delivery drones, or the latest phones. no commission. no matter what you trade, at fidelity you'll pay no commission for online u.s. equity trades. connell: history on capitol hill, day one of publish impeachment hearings, hillary vaughn live with a recap for us. reporter: cono conukraine ambasr bill taylor, described a phone call that he heard about from his staff member that was with eu ambassador sondland when on the phone with president trump. >> this was a cell phone. >> a cell phone. >> president must have been speaking loud enough for your staff member to overhear this? >> it was. >> and what your sta staff membr could overhear was president
4:57 pm
trump asking alabam ambassador d about the investigation. >> right. >> what president trump thought about ukraine his response was that president trump cares more about investigation of biden is that right. >> and burisma, yes, sir. reporter: they or testifying there was a clear understanding. based on his conversation that he had with ambassador sondland, but tailor told lawmakers sondland told him specifically there was no quid pro quo. republicans latched on that testimony saying it of riddled with second and third hand information congressman jim jordan brought on to house intelligence committee for this hearing calling taylor's testimony confusing. >> if you could be wrong, were you wrong when you said you had a clear understanding that president trumpresident zelenskt
4:58 pm
to an investigation of the bidens before the aid was released. but it of released without information. >> i told you who i heard. >> that is the point, what you heard did not happen. did not happen, you had 3 meetings with the guy, he could have toi told you. not just could have been wrong, the fact is, it was wrong, because it did not happen. reporter: son lap sondland willp next week. connell: thank you. melissa: now a break to side biz, some of the biggest songs in country open restaurants and bars in nashville, where annual country music awards take place tonight, jackie is in the center of the action, i am jealous.
4:59 pm
reporter: look, i am standing at red neck riviera. country music playing, the stars and fans have descended on nashville. it is so much more than country music. it is about a business. so many of the artists have restaurants here in nashville, they are starting clothing lines, whiskey lines, country music has grown, 46% growth in live stream of the music last year. and ther the fan base is loyal. this has been fun. people are excited for tonight, we'll bring you the latest melissa. melissa: jackie thank you so much for that. connell: they wrapped song as she wrapped up her report, perfect. that was fun. melissa: absolutely. connell: we did a show on a bar
5:00 pm
last week, but no music. anyway. what a day. >> big day. connell: thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. melissa: that is it for us, "bulls and bears" starts right now. david: a very busy day in dc, house intel committee holding its first public hearings in the democrat's impeachment inquiry. as mr. president trump holes meet -- holds meetings and just wraps a news conference with the president of turkey, we have you covered. wall street is not really concerned. dow and s&p 500 closing a new record highs, disney helping that dow. this marks 1 hundrede 1 hundredr president trump. >> and the abiding friendship between


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