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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 13, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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identity is protected. lou: the battle lines are drawn. good night from new york. [♪] trish: today's spectacle on capitol hill was and will be for its duration all about the battle for 020. they staged this theatrical drama as the sequel to the mueller probe as someone called it, as a kind of insurance policy, as their hedge against another trump win. but does this trade pay out? i don't think so. good evening. i'm trish regan. today the democrats made their biggest attempt yet to distract from our country's economic success. politics is politics, and sadly
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no one at this point should expect politicians to be anything but what they are, politicians. democrats are trying to poison public opinion against the president of the united states ahead of an election. it's the wrong way to run their business, so to speak. have a problem with the ceo, publicize it, fine. but leave it to shareholders to do the dirty work. if you have a problem with the president of the united states, before you rush to undo 63 million votes, consider following precedent and fight back the right way at the ballot box. americans have always had a way to deal with politicians they disapprove of, and that's called voting. it many our strength. it's ou our system.
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i suspect this has become their insurance policy, if you would, a grand cya insurance policy against the soon to be result of attorney general barr's criminal investigation of fisa abuse during the 2020 election. dems have employed the best oh defense is a good offense. adam schiff says stuff like this. >> there are a few actions as conscious combination as the impeachment of a president. while the founders did not intend it be employed foreign mere differences in policy. they made it as a constitutional process congress must utilizing as necessary. trish: amazing nobody on the other side wanted to use any of
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that process. not one republican wanted to move forward. i don't think that's what the founders intended. what did we learn today? nothing. the transcript still stands on its own. read it. meanwhile, adam schiff is holding back room secret hearings to determine whether his witnesses are camera ready and we are left with disgruntled state department officials airing their grievances on national television. don't you want to know how someone in this case managed to take a bunch of office gossip and turn it into an impeachment hearing? shouldn't we hear from him? i am curious why he met with adam schiff's report prior to filing his report and i'm curious as to why adam schiff lied it. it's a two-prong approach by the democrats to hurt the republicans ahead of the
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election in 2020, and you get ahead of any fallout that comes out of william barr and john durham's investigation. joining me doug collins. glad to have you back. what do you think? what's your synopsis of today? >> it's simple. nothing learned, nothing new. we knew what they wanted to do to start with. if you look at it from the perspective. you never heard anything adam schiff said today. wausau today was a bunch of how many hearsays do i have? what are you talking about? and the president didn't do anything and they got their money? the democrats are grasping at straws. if this is their best attempt, they have a long way to go. trish: adam schiff said he had proof there was collusion with
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the russians only for everyone to find out there was no such thing. >> you are assuming something have much not in evidence, that's the credibility of adam schiff. that's what we have seen the past three years. when he says he has seen corruption, let's just face the facts. this goes back to november 2016 when there were tears in brooklyn because hillary clinton lost. donald trump the president actually came into office and did what he said he was going to do. our economy respond, or standing in the world responded, and this is what they feel they have to do because their candidates are awful. trish: i suspect they are trying to get ahead of what's going to come out. you have the i.g. report that will be coming out any day now. you are getting reports within
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the next 10-14 days. it's been taking a while but some say it's for good reason. what are your thoughts and whether this is entirely a strategy about trying to mount an offense as a kind of defense? >> i think it's a little bit of both. they are so desperate on impeachment and they promised it to so many, i don't think it's any coincidence that july 24 was the day that mueller testified. july 25 the deep state basically found they can go on a phone call. this is where we go back to many of us talked about for years with the i.g. report. we saw the corrupt cabal of comey, strzok, page, brennan, clapper, baker and others. we see a concerted effort to take down at that time a candidate and continuing to take down the president after he was
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inaugurated. this is where everybody watching the show tonight, democrat, independent, republican. you need to be aware of what's coming out of this fisa report. they went into a secret court and went after american citizens. this is what they are scared of. my chairman who has completely botched almost everything, chairman nadler, doesn't want to schedule a hearing on this because he doesn't want to talk about it. trish: the whole thing is a scary thing. i have done a lot of reporting on latin america. the idea that we can't have a peaceful transition of power. where you have people decided donald trump didn't deserve to win. that's problematic. >> if hillary clinton knew where wisconsin was, maybe she would have done better. look at the comey-page, all the
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strzok all that stuff going on. then look at the day when we mad two state department bureaucratic employees, if you listen to what they said. we have been doing this forever. we have been under different presidents. you need to listen to us was we are the only ones who now what we are doing. they forget they are not the administration. they are not the president. the president sets the priorities and agenda. if they can't carry it out they need to move over so someone who can. this all about blocking a president who came in to do something nobody else has done and they are spooked by it and they don't like it. trish: there is no word for the media's coverage today. there is virtually no chance
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senate republicans vote to impeach our president. >> impeachment. >> i am already too excited. trish: a new study says 90% of press coverage has been negative. i'm not surprised it's 100. therapy dogs on capitol hill today. democrats needed to take a break from all the so-called hard work. disenfranchising your votes. coming up. republican congressman andy biggs. as liberals me. illegal immigrants disguides in camouflage making their way to texas. >> raise your hand if you think
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[♪] trish: border patrol agents recently arrested a large group of guatemalans sneak across the
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u.s. border with mexico into texas. democrats focus on impeachment circus craziness, americans are saying what about us. border crossing have reportedly doubled among promises by the dems for free healthcare. i ask someone who believes in immigration the right way. how do we have a country if we don't follow the laws and know who's actually here. conservative singer and actor robert davi says the leftest stance is all about one thing. votes. >> every single thing the democrats do and the cabal of the gop globalists, they let down the american people for
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gerrymandering the population. this is what's happening. they want to change the shape of the ideology of this nation. it's orchestrated. it's on purpose. they want to destroy the united states of america from within. trish: joining me now congressman brian babin. congressman, first of all, the stock bumped today. it's a total contrast to what we are trying to do in the administration and enforce the border. meanwhile you have a circus going on there led by adam schiff. >> we finally have some public hearings after the star chamber in the basement of the capital hearings we have been having in the past. and i think the american people got a little bit of a glimpse of
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the chairman schiff and the way he operates not allowing the questions to be asked. we have a constitution here, trish, and it guarantees you a fair trial. this president has not had a fair shake or due process. usually if you are accused of a crime you can face you're you'r- face your accuser. you can't do that because the whistleblower won't be trotted out. you can't bring your witnesses forward. while all this charade was going on we had 60,000 plus illegal immigrants come across our southern border and it's still the same old thing. you multiply that by 12 months and you have got 700,000 illegals coming into this country this year, that's down from what we had in may. we had 144,000 that particular
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month. 700,000, that's the population of a congressional district. trish: why don't they care about this? let's just cut the you know what. call a spade a spade. you just can't have people flowing into the country and living high off the hog off whatever government system programs they can take advantage of. you think about little things like the schools. i know you know this well. you have to deal with this in your congressional community. you have got kid coming into the school system that you have got to educate and make sure emergency rooms can handle. if you don't know whose here, how can that actually work? and why aren't they willing to stand up and say maybe we need actual borders. >> you are talking to somebody who has a school district in one
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of my 9 counties, the population of the student body has tripled within the last 4 1/2 years. it's incredible what's happening. just overwhelming our public assistance programs, our schools, our hospitals, our clinics, our law enforcement agencies. we'll we are focused on this impeachment thing the most dangerous thing this country faces is this open border. the democratsing in congress will not work with us across the aisle. they want open borders. we heard every single presidential democratic candidate say they want to give free medical care to illegal aliens. trish: why is that? they want to predictable places. they want to turn texas blue. >> absolutely. they are work as hard as they can to turn texas blue.
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the demographics are change with hundreds of thousands of people coming across our border. it will be an interesting election cycle coming up. but the most dangerous thing we face from a national security standpoint. we saw the horrible massacre down in northern mexico of the americans can citizens. the three ladies and the six children. it's already a war down there. whether we like it or not, it will have to be addressed. the democrats need to start working with us. but i think they want open borders. they want to give them free healthcare. trish: change over time the makeup of these dwrirkts. administration will be putting in a webcam so americans can watch as the wall gets built. so i have a feeling it will be on a few computers as a screen
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saver. certainly there in texas. uninformed liberal british politician complaining that the united states didn't take isis leader al-baghdadi alive. don't forget, the guy was wearing suicide vest. he blew himself up. you wanted him taken alive? the british should say thank you to the brave americans who got the job done. ilhan omar always seems to be on the opposite side of u.s. policy. have you noticed that? >> every time the professor said al qaeda, his shoulders went up. al qaeda. you don't say america with an intensity. cair was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something. >> you wrote israel has hypnotized the world.
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trish: president trump blasting the democrats' latest attempts to overturn the results of the 2016 elections when he says he has real issues to deal with. president trump: if this country gets through this if we have to waste this gentleman's time by talking about it. i would much rather talk about peace in the middle east. trish east.turkey's acquisition of sophisticated russian military equipment creates serious
11:26 pm
challenges for us. and we are talking about it constantly. we talked about it today. we are talking about it in the future and hopefully we'll be able to resolve that situation. trish: president trump assured the two nations will continue to work together to fight terror and expand on trade deals. ilhan omar always seems to be on the outside of u.s. policy. have you noticed that. whether pro nicolas maduro in venezuela, pro iran within u.s. not so much. or anti-israel. israel is and should always be our most important ally in the middle east. this leftist somali immigrant is claiming bolivia's president was pushed out by a coup and the u.s. mouth quote unequivocally oppose political violence in
11:27 pm
bolivia. bolivia deserves free and fair elections. why is she always on someone else's side. why not stick up for the united states of america once in a while. dogging me, doug schoen and britt mchenry. democrats worked for bill clinton. you look at latin america i think a little bit like i do with some concern. i'm happy morale less is gone and venezuela very well could be next. what do you make of ilhan omar always takinged the opposite side of those equations? >> i don't think she is on our side. and i frankly find her views abhorrent. i find them anti-democratic with a small d and big d. and i think we need freedom,
11:28 pm
liberty and democracy in latin america. my concern is we as a nation, democrats and republicans, haven't done enough in venezuela to free the very good and freedom-minded people of that country. i would like to see a greater commitment to latin america from all americans. trish: she would disagree with you. she is supportive of maduro. >> that abhorrent to knee or worse. i think she is a danger to our country. trish: britt do you agree with that. doug is saying this woman is a threat to our country. certainly doesn't speak highly of israel. as we look at her positions, we have a graphic which shows how she views the world.
11:29 pm
whether it's showing leniency towards a group that wanted to join isis, americans in minnesota that wanted to join isis or showing her dislike for israel or whether she is out there supporting b ds. none of this shows she is pro america. >> if you are a democrat, i think there are concerns about how leftest they are going. as long as it's pushing some warped sense of socialism, she contradicted herself left and right. the reason the couch was involved and they are stepping down is over election fraud. here she takes issue but when it comes to robert mueller looking into whether something did or did not happen with president
11:30 pm
trump and his supporters for election fraud. she is hard nosed. but not so much in thinking that's a consideration in bolivia. even when it comes to just calling terrorists, terrorists. we saw she didn't want to do that when it came to 9/11. she is sympathetic to causes and concerns that from antiamerican. trish: i wonder who she is working for. where all the campaign money is coming from. my goodness. i just -- i would like to see a little bit more, a little more appreciation for the united states of america. maybe just a little. >> i certainly agree with that. i would like a lot more appreciation for us, our allies, and our values, trish. but if you are saying and you could well have a point, that there is money unreported, that
11:31 pm
ilhan omar is getting, let's audit her campaign finance accounts and see if that's the case. if it is, take the appropriate action, take the appropriate action. if it isn't, so be it. trish: far left british politician jeremy corbyn says he's unhappy with the al-baghdadi outcome. >> the isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi is a tragedy. if we preach international law inside the court of justice in the hague, then we should carry it out. it is possible to arrest somebody and put them on trial, that's what should have been done. trish: there is the reality of the suicide vest. >> that puts a fork in the whole narrative of what he's trying to spin. i have no sympathy on any rhetoric he wants to say.
11:32 pm
this should have happened by process. this man led isis and there are reports that he was allegedly behind the killing of a 26-year-old humanitarian work from arizona and allegedly raped her. he committed a lot of sins. he took his own life. america got justice, we got it. and conan the dog, i want to see him at the white house. i have no no sympathy when people have no regard for the law themselves. this is a terrorist, and our soldiers and troops doing what they need to do to keep this country safe. this man needs to revise this. just like he did when he made comments about osama bin laden. trish: is the media hot on president trump's impeachment? you decide. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. trish: a new media study that
11:33 pm
proves the liberal media is working against the president. their by dogs on capitol hill. why are they there? so democrats could take a break from all their so-called hard work trying to impeach president trump. my next guest says americans need therapy dogs add having to deal with this do-nothing congress. >> over the last three years ways one thing it democratic party has accomplished? >> i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy, and my lack of impulse control, is about to become your problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof!
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>> the last three years ways one thing the democratic party has accomplished? >> well, the last three years? >> since trump has been in office. >> not a whole lot, man.
11:38 pm
>> ways one thing the democrats accomplished. >> getting ilhan omar a job. >> trump has been in office for three years, what have the democrats accomplished during that time? >> so, wow. um, i think resisting trump in general. trish: they are right to be sphum'ed. because there have been no accomplishments from the left. however, it's not viewed quite by them that way. now the democratic party says they need therapy dogs. they brought in actual therapy dogs which are all the rage on capitol hill. they are really cute. because of course the precious overworked democrat politicians must need them given all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into a three-ring impeachment
11:39 pm
circus. here is the deal. that's exactly what happened. these poor little doggies were sent to comfort and traumatized dems. now i heard it all. arizona congressman andy biggs. did you get to pet any of them? >> i did not. apparently it's only the people fabricating things and impeaching folks that need to get some rest. trish: they are cute. but i think it's everyday americans who need these cute little doggies. if you ask me, the american public has been put through a lot, and unfortunate natalie it's a waste of time. reality of this within not one sing the republican voted for this. what's the' chances it seize
11:40 pm
the light of day in the senate. >> after seeing what we saw the first hour and a half, i wondered if you were a democrat in the swing district the president won, would you maybe reconsider for voting for impeachment to get it out of the house even? it was a massive dud. trish: i didn't learn anything new. did you? i would remind people to read the transcript. trying to find quid pro quo in that actual transcript i would suggest is pretty challenging. you may not like the language. it may not be perfect language. but is it impeachable? >> heavens no. you saw when john ratcliffe from texas asked the question of the ambassador and mr. kent today, they said okay, what was impeachable here? they sat there stoney faced. there was nothing they could
11:41 pm
say. congressman, i know you are calling for this so-called whistleblower, the leaker as i like to say. because whistleblower implies something else when you testify. here is what adam schiff said about this person. >> my colleagues made the statement i met with the whistleblower and i know who the whistleblower is. it was false the first time it said it and it will be false the last time they say it. trish: can we believe him? >> we have not spoken directly with the whistleblower. we would like to. but i am sure the whistleblower has concerns that he has not been advised as the law requires by the inspector general' on how he's supposed to communicate with congress.
11:42 pm
trish: a total lie. his staff did communicate with the whistleblower. why make sufficient a public statement when he night was a lie. if he knew it was a lie, how do we know he's not lying again. >> when you know someone is a liar, nobody trusts you. he's getting a pass from the left-wing media. he's trying to do what they want done, which is to remove president trump. as long as he's part of their team to try to unseat this president, they don't care what he says or does. there is no integrity there. that's the problem with this whole process, and it's one of the many problems. that's one of the problems with adam schiff continuing on. he told the american public, he said there is absolute clear evidence of collusion between the russians and president trump. it turns out there was nothing there. and that's the reality with adam
11:43 pm
schiff. trish: he keeps lying. that's what he got all those pinocchios from. thank you very much. appreciate your time tonight. a major update to a story we first reported on last night. the federal government launching an investigation into why google has been stealing detailed health information on 50 million american patients. the tech giant admitting it has been work with ascension and collecting information on millions of americans. get this, no one knew. neither the patients nor the doctors had any idea. they had no idea this data was being collected. going the insists they did nothing illegal. lawmakers are calling for the program to be halted until the federal inquiry is over. an investigation is due. there are no word for the media
11:44 pm
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trish: executives at abc news are working overtime to find the mole inside their organization. the person who leaked an anchor telling her producer in a private moment that was caught on camera this. >> i had the story for three years, we did not put it on the air. first of all who is jeffrey epstein, no one knows who is. then the palace found out we had allegations against prince andrew and threatened us a million different ways. she has been in hiding for six years. we convinced her to come out. it was unbelievable what we had, clinton.
11:49 pm
trish: prong veritas says the person, the mole is still in-house. that causing all the e exerks cs to freak out. especially since the mole has a secret twitter account and is tweeting about the network's news dee division. the same exact news organization seems to think whistleblowers should be protected. if you are the whistleblower at abc you deserve to have your career ended, but if you are the so-called whistleblower at the white house, you are a total hero. how exactly does that work? joining me right now, brent bro zell whose organization just did a fascinating study on media
11:50 pm
coverage of the trump administration. we are going to get to that study you guys did in just a second. what the heck is going on at abc news? >> listen to the terms we are using here. whistleblower noble. mole, is a pejorative. there is something wrong if you are trying to do what they say the trump whistleblower is trying to do. if i were a veal journalist and i exempted 98% of people in the news these days. but what i would do on hearing this report, my reaction would be what the hell is going on? what story about the clintons and jeffrey epstein? that would be my reaction. i would want to know watery was. but their knee-jerk reaction is to destroy the person trying to
11:51 pm
tell the truth. trish: sl there have been some thoughts that that person had gone to cbs news, until abc called cbs. cbs fires the young woman who says wait a second. i wasn't a leaker. project veritas says she wasn't the leaker. leaker is still over at abc. the terms here -- >> trish, you follow this and ask yourself, okay, if there is that kind of energy behind uncovering and blowing the whistle on this person, ought there not to be the exact same kind of energy about uncovering hot whistleblower is with donald trump. this is such a double standard. trish: why are they calling the person a whistleblower. this is an nsa, cia, white house
11:52 pm
leaker. someone who reported office gossip and suddenly it turned into an impeachment hearing. >> the "new york times" reported in september that they knew the name of the whistleblower and said they would disclose limited information so the american people would be able to make a judge the. he's a career officer from the characteristics a. if giving a limited amount of information is a good thing, isn't giving total information a very, very good things? that's what the republicans are asking for. trish: this is not a criminal investigation, shouldn't the president have the right to face his accuser? >> he should. if i were advising the republicans, what i would do is tomorrow morning i would have the republicans demand that adam schiff get out of that chair, sit down, take an oath at that
11:53 pm
table, and say once again under oath that he doesn't know who the whistleblower is. trish: his team met with the whistleblower before the whole thing was filed. >> it started with him and his office. there need to be an investigation into adam schiff. how about them apples. trish: really quick. i'm not surprised -- maybe the only surprising thing about your study is it's not 99% negative coverage of president trump. but you looked at the recent data and recent reports. you found 96% was negative. only 4% positive. amazing. >> i'm prized abc isn't trying to out the 4% to report the news. it's stunning. it was -- the number that i thought was most incredible. donald trump as commander-in-chief ordered and succeed in the assassination of
11:54 pm
the most dangerous terrorist in the entire world. the media gave him 67% negative coverage. trish: amazing. it shows you he cannot do anything right. it shows you about the bias in the media today. that frankly is dangerous for our country, is it not? >> yes. the point i continue to make, it's democracy that's in peril. they are trying to overturn the will of the american people. trish: thank you for joining us. kennedy comes on now with a sneak free preview. nice dress, you are work it. kennedy: it's hump day. so we have to turn out to an 11. we don't pull back any date week. we are going to talk about
11:55 pm
hillary clinton busting her hump to pound out some fiction in her new book, it's all about gutsy women. yet there was a massive omission that was pointed out when she went to great britain. she said wouldn't you think margaret thatcher was a gutsy woman? it's game night on "kennedy." ♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪
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trish: tomorrow's great guest, the guy who whether or not you the whole lid off of cia torture program, he said this whole whistleblower thing is a total insult to any actual honest whistleblower out there. he said this guy does not deserve to be called one. he will tell us why tomorrow, tune in for that, and sean spicer is here. we talk to him off of his stint on "dancing with the stars," i want to know what his favorite costume is. we have much more to come for you right here tomorrow night, i'll see you 8 p.m. eastern, kennedy begins now. have a terrific evening. ♪
12:00 am
kennedy: it's me, impeachment parade got underway in washington, all i can say, watch where you step, the donkrie -- dankedonkeys and elephants left plenty of droppings, both sides spent their day waging wars. let's look at highlights from the sound bite battle. william taylor, acting ambassador to ukraine dropping a bombshell claiming one of his aides overheard president trump asking about


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