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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  November 14, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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he didn't stop and talk to reporters as we thought he might. in the meantime the market today ending down 1.63. thank you for joining us. connell: we had a record on the s&p 500. we appreciate it. bulls & bears starts right now. david: elizabeth warren is at it again. this time taking her showdown with billionaires to the airwaves with this new ad. listen. >> it's time for a wealth tax in america. [cheers] >> i've heard there are some billionaires who don't support this plan. >> ville -- vilification of billionaires makes no sense to me. >> she would ruin what we have. >> she probably thinks more of cataclysmic change to the economic system as opposed to tinkering. >> i'm most scared by elizabeth warren. >> here's the deal, you build a great fortune, good for you.
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i guarantee you built at least in part using workers -- david: we've heard that before. i'm david asman. this is bulls and bears. joining me is jonathan hoenig, kristina partsinevelos, steve moore and gary kaltbaum. 2020 hopeful warren escalating her war on the wealthy this time targeting four successful billionaires in the new ad that includes money manager leon cooperman, td ameritrade founder, former goldman sachs ceo lloyd blankfein and a venture capitalist. they have all denounced warren and her wealth tax plan. here's how billionaire mark cuban responded on mornings with maria earlier. listen. >> i did the math and her 6% wealth tax would cost -- would require me to pay more after the first year and a half than i have in cash. and so i sent an e-mail to one of the economists and i said look, did you guys do -- take into consideration liquidity when you defined your wealth
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tax? >> that's a good question. >> they said no. david: the question is will voters do the math? will the voters decide the wealth tax hasn't been well thought out? >> i sure hope so. this is a vilification of people who are successful and have achieved the american dream. the idea that somehow people have succeeded in america, like a mark cuban or bill gates or any of these people are villains, i find that so anti-american. i hope so passionately david that the american people don't fall for this or even democratic voters. i mean these are the people -- people get rich do it because they create great businesses. >> one of my favorite movies of all time was the sting, robert redford and paul newman, con artists, that would tell you to look at their left hand but take away from your right hand. while we're sitting here talking about billionaires, those
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billionaires are going to be in bermuda and the bahamas. what we need to talk about is that she wants to raise corporate taxes. she wants to raise income taxes. she wants a 14.8 percent social security tax on anything above 250 and 14.8% on anything above 250 for investment income. she wants a climate change tax. i have a few other taxes, but we don't have enough time. this is not about the wealthy. this is about people trying to become wealthy. it will be impossible if she gets any of her proposals through. >> do you think, though, that she would get those proposals through? really? if you think of the politics, extreme politics seems to be what has been talked about on television, i feel like at this point maybe people are a little more concerned that she's gaining traction or at least wall street is concerned which is why they don't want her to be the leader of the democratic party at all and to go against the president and you saw that at the forum yesterday when the president spoke.
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a lot of them were cheering on his words because they are so scared of elizabeth warren. but speaking of warren, i encourage even our viewers to check out her web page just for fun because i pretended i was a billionaire, and i put in my salary at 76 billion dollars, and there's this calculator on there, and when you click the next page, she even has specific tabs if you happen to be bill gates doing it, michael bloomberg and it then went on to tell me that i should have to pay 4.5 billion next year under elizabeth's wealth tax, but don't worry, good news, you will still be extraordinarily rich. >> make sure you have a shot of tequila before you go on that website. >> i was going on air i couldn't have the tequila. >> it is offensive. democrats used to be tough on crime. now they are tough on successful self-made entrepreneurs. cooperman the first one in his family to get a college degree. peter teal is an immigrant,
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completely self-made. blankfein was raised in a housing project. and rickets turned $12,000 investment into td ameritrade. these are the shining examples of the self-made american entrepreneurs who power the economy forward. for warren to make then public enemy number one, it is disgusting, offensive, and it should shock and offend every american, not just the ultrahigh net worth. david: mark cuban started with nothing, was sleeping on the floor of the office building that he worked in and made his way up. it is the american dream. >> yep. david: there's something pernicious, this gets to gary's point about all these new taxes she wants. there's something specific about this tax. it is a confiscation tax. she calls it a wealth tax. i call it confiscation because she's taking away your property. she says it is just 2 cents. it is not 2 cents. it is 2% of everything you own. you will have to have all these regulators go into people's houses and find out how much this painting is worth, that
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chair, that car, whatever you own and 2% of it will be taken away from you. >> what's frustrating about this is what has elizabeth warren ever done in her life? has she ever created a successful business? david: you asked the question. she made last year in her own tax form that she did pass out, she made $900,000. guess how much she paid in federal taxes? 25%, a lot less than the mandated highest marginal tax rate, a lot less than most people who make that. >> i guarantee she didn't make that 900,000 by creating a business and employing people. she's probably giving speeches and things of that nature. my point is when bloomberg said he was going to run for president, i don't like bloomberg that much, but he has a right to run for president, she denigrated him and said how dare he run for president, he's a billionaire. wait a minute, successful people in america can't run for president >> do you feel though that shows the feeling of the left right now, the extreme left, people don't want that which is why you have the billionaires like bloomberg and we'll get to more
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later on in the show, do you think that that sentiment is slowly starting to change which is why these other players are coming into the mix? >> kristina, let's hope so. what elizabeth warren doesn't understand and what i think mark cuban alluded to is that wealthy don't just sit on their money. it is not scrooge mcduck buried in the ground somewhere. it is invested into new wealth creation, new jobs, and the more government of course takes from that, the more you hurt the wealth creation process that entrepreneurs facilitate. she's shooting the goose. the wealth tax hurts wealth creation and growth in this country. >> the number one rule, the capitalists with their own money, but they are socialists with everybody else's money, and there in lies the problem. they do not understand that these people earn their money. it is getting taxed once, and then they want to confiscate. by the way, it is up to 6% now
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at a certain level, meaning in 16 plus years, they are taking it all. you know what they forgot about? the word liquidity. so if you own a ton of real estate, you own a ton of stock, that means you have to start selling it. that's going to affect stock markets. it is going to affect real estate markets. they forgot all of that. what you just simply have is people that have never run a business, never created a job, never created wealth, what do they do? they spend their days ripping those down, people down that have done all that creating. it is a sin to watch, and she was so gleeful in that ad about going after and confiscating people's money, amazing to watch. david: right, right. i want to make it absolutely clear we weren't tasking personal aspersions using the word that people don't like to refer to folks. we were talking about a plan. we have to leave it at that. newly brokered cease-fire between israel and gaza now hanging in the balance as more rockets were fired just hours ago.
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we're going to take you live to gaza for the very latest coming next. ♪ hi honey, we got in early. yeah, and we brought steve and mark. ♪
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david: fox business alert, new rocket fire over the gaza strip happening in just the last couple hours. this coming after a cease-fire was reached between palestinian militants and israel. let's go straight to fox news who is on the ground in gaza with more. trey, tell us what just happened. >> well, david, good evening. we did see two rockets fired tonight. this is the third violation of that cease-fire that was brokered last night by egyptian authorities. all of this coming after the israelis conducted an airstrike last night that killed eight palestinians. it was a very controversial airstrike because five children died as a result. they did target a senior islamic jihad commander the second one
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targeted this week. take a look at what the scene looked like where the airstrike that took place and the funeral that followed. this crater is all that's left to the house of a senior islamic jihad commander targeted overnight in a series of airstrikes by the israeli military. eight people were killed in the assault. five of them children. after an israeli airstrike overnight killed a family of eight people, including multiple children, there is renewed pressure on hamas, the group in control of the gaza strip to respond to what officials are telling fox news is a, quote, massacre. this was an opportunity for all three major factions inside gaza to get together, bring out their flags and basically show solidarity against israel. we saw islamic jihad and also hamas all saying that this was a quote massacre. we did speak with a senior official in islamic jihad today, the group that's been behind all of the rocket attacks taking
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place this week. that official said that if airstrikes continue tonight, that his group will start responding once again to israel. david? david: trey, great reporting from the region. thank you very much. so with president trump's aversion to intervention in long-running foreign conflicts, what needs to be done here? >> david, all roads lead to iran. i've been to israel twice in the last two years. i will be there again next april to speak at a freedom conference. israel is under attack once again. it's been under attack for decades now by islamist savage neighbors. israel is the one modern technological advanced country in the entire middle east and they are under attack by hamas, before that was islamic jihad. it is all these groups of who? iran. that's where all roads lead when it comes to violence in the middle east. >> i was reading the "wall street journal" that reported on this, they said hours before the
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cease-fire, you had israel actually threw some airstrikes into gaza as well. they also said that israel didn't actually confirm to an official truce. i'm a little bit confused by that situation. we know the truce is brokered between egypt and the united nations on behalf of the two regions. the one thing i want to highlight though for those that are following what's going on in israel is that political deadlock that's happening right now, the second election didn't really produce a government. i wonder what will happen in that situation given they have a deadline next wednesday. >> let's not confuse things. benjamin netanyahu once said if the terrorists put down their arms, there would be peace in the land. if israel put down their arms they would be annihilated. that's what's going on. i was in israel several years ago, over a nine-day period. i went into eight bomb shelters, one of them i was just shopping in a market in tel aviv, and the iron dome took one out. i still have the picture of it being -- of the rocket being taken out. the bottom line, this is all about the bad guys. if they would just stop, there
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would never be a problem. israel never starts it. they just have to react to it and retaliate. it's one of the greatest nations of all time, the greatest democracy, a miracle in the middle east. david: steve? >> look, i mean, your question was, will trump intervene? and trump has been a non-intervention guy, you know, throughout most of his presidency, and that's something that i applaud. if there's any country that he would intervene to defend, it would be israel. david: jonathan, to your point, there could be a million reasons why we should intervene, but at the same time, there's one main reason we shouldn't, which is that they've been going at it over there for thousands of years. both gary and jonathan, you defend our support of israel, as i do, tremendously, but what can we do to solve something that they haven't been able to solve for generations? >> i will leave that to the military commanders but at the very least it is to offer moral
5:17 pm
support for israel. david: i agree on that. >> if israel does anything to defend itself, it is condemned in the u.n., maybe on this program, condemned throughout the mass media, i would love to see the president and every one in the administration stand up and defend israel the sole democracy in the middle east. david: i think we are doing that right now. >> you cannot eradicate hate. there is so much hate from the other side of israel, and i will go out with a word jealousy. what israel's been able to do, you travel the highways of israel, and you see these big build, with microsoft and intel and google and amazon, all these great companies there, just what a marvel to visit that country and see what they've done, and then outside of the country, go see what's going on there. david: all right. we have some breaking news. fox business alert now, dow jones reporting that amazon has officially protested the pentagon's cloud computing contract awarded to rival microsoft. amazon had been seen as the odds-on favorite to win the contract until it was awarded to
5:18 pm
microsoft. we have reached out to amazon for comment. we will have more on that coming up. there's more, another democrat officially announcing his campaign for president. could he be the new target of the far left? >> what does he really add to the race that others are not saying? is he going to come in there and say look, we need a moderate in the race? he's a close personal friend of president obama which i think is another slap towards president obama and vice president joe biden. al. (vo) the flock blindly flying south for the winter. they never stray from their predetermined path.
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former massachusetts governor, former managing director at bane capital and obama ally deval patrick jumping into the crowd of 2020 field. hillary vaughan is on capitol
5:22 pm
hill with more. >> deval patrick is stepping down from his job at private equity firm bain capital and is stepping on to the campaign trail to put his name on the ballot in the first in the nation primary. the same day he let voters know he's running for president. patrick said he made two calls before he went public, one of them to former president obama whose campaign in 2012 demonized another massachusetts running for president, mitt romney. >> when i was co chair of the obama biden campaign in 2012, and there was all the attacks on bain capital on account of mitt romney, you know, i was asked about that, and i didn't buy it then and i don't buy it now. >> his second phone call to massachusetts senator elizabeth warren who just this week praised patrick as a possible pick for her cabinet, but even though he has a lot in common
5:23 pm
with the senator from the commonwealth, he isn't embracing all the same policies that warren and sanders are pushing, including a wealth tax. >> each of them have contributed to improving our dialogue and frankly our ambition as democrats, and that's a terrific, terrific thing, but i think that if you want solutions that last, they can't be solutions that feel to the voting public as if they are just democratic solutions. >> and perhaps one of the biggest differences between patrick and the progressive pack is that he has no problem saying that he is a capitalist. back to you. david: hillary, thank you. so will deval patrick, managing director at bain capital until this week, become the new target of the far left, gary? >> they are going to rip him to shreds. you know why? he actually sounds reasonable. what a concept. no wealth taxes, what a concept,
5:24 pm
that the greatness of this economy is the people and not the government. my goodness gracious. oh they are going to hit him on bain capital. they're going to hit him -- elizabeth warren is going after private equity. guess what bain capital is? he's going to have a fun next month. he's going to have a target on his back big-time. >> i don't know what the left is going to do about deval patrick, but i know what donald trump would say, low energy. [laughter] >> look, i agree, i think, you know, he has an impressive resume. you know, he's successful in business, successful in politics. david, i love governors over senators and law makers because governors actually do things. i think he is an impressive entry and frankly i hope he does well. >> to that point, he led on social impact investing, i feel like that could help his cause when he's saying he's not just some private equity guy that has a fund worth 600 million dollars. this goes back to the sentiments -- i guess the comment i made in the first
5:25 pm
block when we talked about how maybe people are getting tired of the far left plans and proposals by the warrens and the sanders, and therefore that's why you are seeing newer players come out now. >> kristina, are they getting tired of it or are they realizing -- [talking over each other] >> it is still a little early, though. all of this is still early. we can't listen to the polls even though they are great. you should check fox news for the latest ones. but nonetheless i think this is an opportunity. i think it is great. i think it is a very crowded one. we talk about this all the time, if you are a voter listening on this, i think it will get a little confusing now, there's so much to absorb. how can they properly read everybody's platform, understand what they are asking, how are they going to pay for it? what is it going to mean for me? i think it is making it more complicated at the same time. >> i just wonder, how effective is deval patrick going to be with a population in terms of democrats that demonize
5:26 pm
successful job creators? >> not all of them do. >> all of them do. >> no, that would be the far left that does. not all. you're generalizing. >> who is animating the party? it comes down to that. who is the motivating, the psychological, philosophical -- >> isn't biden doing well and mayor pete doing well? >> the problem is that biden has been in the shadows. he really hasn't come out much because he's been hiding because of the hunter biden thing. what about the fact in 2012 we had another bain capital alumni running for president, mitt romney who was excoriated over his association with bain capital. do you think they will go after deval patrick the way they went after mitt romney for his association with bain capital? >> they will go after him if they think it will affect their candidacy, no doubt. i just still remember the romney thing because i remember a very we wealthy guy ran, and they said nothing about his wealth. and all of a sudden romney ran,
5:27 pm
i mean, it's amazing to watch politics and how it plays out. david: by the way, elizabeth warren for all her leftist rhetoric, has 12 million dollars, steve, that's ain't nothing? >> how did she get it? she's been a politician and university professor her whole life. when you asked that question whether they would attack patrick for being at bain capital when they did romney? are you accusing the left of having a double-standard? i mean come on, that never happens. [laughter] >> and even the centrists, the so called centrists in the democratic party, david, support universal healthcare, a public option and think that in the case of deval patrick think warren's wealth tax is in effect a good idea. the progressive ideology is still there even among the so called centrist democrats. david: we wish deval luck. we will tell you the push to
5:28 pm
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david: an impeachment battle is raging but this one is outside the beltway. the student body president of the university of florida has been served with a formal impeachment resolution because of his involvement in bringing donald trump jr. to speak on campus. undergrads accusing the college
5:32 pm
senior of quote malfeasance and abuse of power for using student fees to fund the event. so do you think this would happen, jonathan, if the speaker were chelsea clinton? >> well, it very well might. i mean, i can understand republican students would be outraged that $50,000 or whatever it is -- david: 50 grand, right. >> that's a lot of money, the problem here is that seemingly the student body president broke the rules that student fees aren't allowed to be used for political events, and i just got to say, i mean, don jr., i'm not one for charity but he is worth about 200 million dollars maybe he could have gone to this one for free and let this kid keep his job as student body president. >> you are so right, 100%. i was thinking the exact same thing. >> always, kristina. >> not always. >> wow. >> if you look at the fees, they only got $50,000 and they are worth a lot of money whereas pit bull, this is a rapper, got paid
5:33 pm
$130,000 or kevin o'leary from shark tank, also fellow canadian, got paid $95,000. you've got these guys that are getting more than both of them. >> they are not political. >> to promote a book. i guess the concerning part and i was reading commentary from some of the students and stuff is that it felt to some students like a rally because there was a video. they were chanting usa, god bless america, god bless the trump administration, and the rules in the book is that no student activity fund should be used in support of or against a political party. i think to answer your question, it is wrong on both sides. why are they getting paid? this is to promote a book. >> one of the lessons i have learned from this discussion is i'm charging way too little to -- [laughter] >> i mean i'm not in that league. i think 50,000 is a lot. i think don jr. would have been smarter to go there for free. i mean, look a lot of students there who he wants to reach. florida is an important state. but this idea that somehow there
5:34 pm
are too many conservative republican voices on college campuses is a little ridiculous. >> let's be clear. they are going to the colleges to make an impact on students because students are being taught god knows what in a lot of these universities. they shouldn't be paid for it. and rules are rules. when it says student fees should not be paying for this, guess what? that's the cause of this. as far as impeachment, you know, they are going to have to decide for themselves at that great university. david: jonathan, my question was, would this happen if the speaker were chelsea clinton? not if it would have been okay if it was chelsea clinton. i mean, i tend to think that in fact the student body would not protest as much if this had happened to chelsea clinton as opposed to donald trump jr. >> david, it is hard to imagine, but i think i would be offended, given the -- david: i know you would have been offended. but do you think there would
5:35 pm
have been as much hubbub? >> traditionally conservatives make less physical protest on campus but i can imagine many of them would be outraged when their fees given the cost of college were coming to bring either don jr. or chelsea clinton. david: maybe they should end fees for these kinds of things. if you care about speaking in front of students, shouldn't it be a form of chair thety -- charity? >> my university i graduated from you're not allowed. i know one girl who used a student fee money for plastic surgery, so things go on with the student fees. it's not -- >> by the way, the answer to the question is they would pay chelsea clinton, and it wouldn't be in the news. simple as that. >> because it would be too low? david: that's the end. no, because it is more controversy with don -- >> it was a bad joke. david: anybody with the name of trump is controversial these
5:36 pm
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david: fox business alert, we are learning that amazon is putting up a fight. the company now officially protesting the pentagon's ten-year cloud computing contract that was awarded not to amazon, but to its rival, microsoft. amazon is claiming bias against them pointing to numerous issues surrounding the pentagon's decision over a contract that could be worth up to 10 billion dollars. critics have raised the possibility that the process was swayed by president trump, publicly calling on the dod to investigate the contract, over the summer. cybersecurity expert morgan wright joins us now on the phone. morgan, i'm glad we were able to reach you. so does amazon have a case? or does the pentagon have a
5:40 pm
case? >> you know, david, that's a good question. i think they both do. let's circle in time a little bit. when amazon won the initial contract to provide a classified cloud, you had ibm and oracle protesting it. amazon at that time said -- this is spilled milk, you know sour grapes. they are on the other end of it. do they both have a case? i'm here at a government conference, just got through speaking. we talked about government procurement and the perils public officials have when they make public statements. could what president trump say be a factor? absolutely. will it make a difference in the end? probably not because microsoft met the bar. they provided what was needed to be done and so i think they have a solid case going in but amazon does have a lot of history and prior experience. that's something going for them as well. >> microsoft has moved the bar, moved big-time into cloud computing. my question is is there any chance on something like this i think i know the answer of possibly splitting such a large sized contract like this?
5:41 pm
>> if they were going to do that, i think they would have done that to begin with and said if you're going to take this part of the environment, we'll take this other one. i think what the pentagon is looking for and i have talked about this, they want continuity. they want some kind of continuity between the intrenti process. it is the same argument amazon made for not splitting up the intelligence community. they said we need all agencies on the same cloud. amazon's arguments might come back to hurt them on trying to split this with microsoft. >> morgan, it appears that the argument that amazon is making for why they lost this bid was because of politics and they are criticizing trump, but microsoft is hardly a company that has a conservative pro trump ideology either. do you think they have any ground to stand on in this objection? >> yeah, i think microsoft will do really good. you have to remember, this is not to be -- this is not unexpected. when you're talking -- i've been involved in 1 billion dollars procurements before where we
5:42 pm
protested those when we lost it, a prior company serving dod and the pentagon, it is not unusual to have a protest. you are talking about a 10 billion dollars program, a lot of money on the table. this is microsoft's first big win in this. i guarantee you they will fight tooth and nail to keep this win. >> morgan, there were reports in the summertime that the president said in july companies that were involved this deal saw the contract and that it was geared towards amazon. and then you saw this switch. so hoping that politics aren't coming into play in this situation, what could have possibly been the reason for that switch? >> you know, that's a good question. look, again, i've been involved in federal contracts over a billion dollars and there are times where you look at it and somebody looks at it this is wired for company x, looks like it was written by them and written for their requirements. even if it was wired for amazon and microsoft was able to pull it off, some people say well it was politics. on the other hand, microsoft can argue no it was our technology, our approach. you know, and the other thing too, when you are talking a
5:43 pm
contract like this, it is also cost. microsoft may have been willing to sell out on the cost side to win the deal. i think microsoft at the end of the day will win this. >> they are both terrific companies. i don't know who should have gotten the contract. i do think it is inappropriate when the president calls out explicitly amazon. when he lambastes jeff bezos. it was inappropriate when harry reid did it to the koch brothers ten years ago day after day. it is inappropriate when the president does it as well. hands off, leave private business alone and then you don't have these types of questions when contracts do go to them. david: morgan, i don't really care that much about microsoft or amazon. they are making enough money. they don't need any help from the pentagon. but what i really care about most is the taxpayer. what's best for the taxpayer? is that going to be the bottom line here? >> you hope so, and look, you bring up a good point too, like when president trump interjected himself in the case of the navy
5:44 pm
seal, was there undue command influence? was there undue influence in this? there might have been. but everybody knew when this happened that there was going to be a review like this, there was going to be a protest. there were is dotted, ts crossed multiple times. i think this will survive a challenge. it is never good when the president for whatever reason inserts himself into the process. this will hurt the taxpayers because it means we're going to extend it out over a period of time. there will be a lot more cost involved in settling this. at the end of the day, it will cost more money to actually deliver this -- david: morgan, i want to drill down a little more. if amazon can prove that they would actually save taxpayers money, would the contract be switched from microsoft to amazon? >> you know, that's a complicated question because a lot of it will depend upon how the request for proposal, how it all came out, what were the factors considered? you might say you're the lowest cost but if you are building body armor, sometimes the lowest cost isn't the best bet for the government. it may be a variety of other
5:45 pm
factors like what applications do you support? what future services will you do? what kind of things do you provide for us? sometimes lowest cost isn't the best bid. at the end of the day, you are right, david, what is going to benefit the taxpayers, save them money and give the pentagon the operational capability it needs for the 21st century? david: complex story. you explained it well. we have to move on, guys. morgan wright, thank you very much for making yourself available. we appreciate it. i know you are at an airport. catch that flight before it takes off. thank you very much. >> thanks. david: before we head to a break, let's see what's coming up on "evening edit". elizabeth macdonald. >> great to see you. wall street says it is in official, we are in the best bull market since world war ii. now nancy pelosi wants to hop on. she now says she does want a nafta 2.0 trade deal done this year. democrats also now claim there will be no government shutdown next week. they are ready to deal. are they ready to deal with president trump? tonight the turn around there. we will take you to the president's rally in louisiana.
5:46 pm
he is sure to rip into impeachment, the democrats and make his case for reelection, the lowest jobless rates in half a century for all workers and much more. a lot of stories coming up david. david: sounds like fun. i will be watching. thanks liz. could be a hail mary for former quarterback colin kaepernick trying to get back on the field. will any nfl team want to take a chance on him? both and off the field? that's coming next. most people think of verizon as a reliable phone company. (woman) but to businesses, we're a reliable partner. we keep companies ready for what's next. (man) we weave security into their business. virtualize their operations. (woman) and build ai customer experiences. we also keep them ready for the next big opportunity. like 5g. almost all the fortune 500 partner with us. (woman) when it comes to digital transformation... verizon keeps business ready. ♪
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david: collin kaepernick is making a big push to get back on the field. he's invited representatives from all 32 informal nfl teams to -- 32 nfl teams to come to his training on saturday.
5:50 pm
mark cuban said if he does get signed, he should stay true to what he believes. >> what about colin kaepernick, if he gets back in, will he be kneeling? >> i hope so. that's why this country is great. if you disagree with him, boo him, if you support him, cheer him, if you want to buy his merchandise, buy it. if you don't, don't. that's what makes this country great. david: so gary, does mark have a point here? >> if i was an owner of a team, look, i believe in everybody's right to do whatever, but i'm not so sure of that. i've got -- i have clientele there that are very upset. by the way, it is not just that. he wore socks depicting police officers as pigs. david: yeah. >> if i'm an owner, i'm having a nice little talk with him beforehand and hopefully he agrees with what i have to say. >> if colin kaepernick is on an nfl field, i'm turning the tv off. and i just feel very strongly
5:51 pm
about it. i think millions of others do. my point would be this, david, finally, finally, the nfl has put this controversy behind them. they have got great ratings this year. they lost a lot of ratings because of this controversy and what kaepernick and some of these other, you know, players did, and if i'm the nfl, i don't want any part of it. >> the carolina panthers signed eric reid who also took a knee. so they went ahead with it. i think the fact that the teams are talking about it, the fact that kaepernick tweeted that he's excited to head to the coaches and to the gms is a sign that they are going to probably consider something, and he does have a really strong credibility amongst the african-american community too which could be seen as a good thing. >> it seems like if he gets signed to mark cuban's point, if he gets signed, it is going to be because he's taking a knee. >> you're discounting his talent, though? >> i don't know his talent, but if he fills seats, that's what's going to motivate these owners
5:52 pm
to ultimately. crist -- kristina to your point, kaepernick represents the underdog, that kind of spirit. this is a business. if he appeals to attendees, if they want to buy his merchandise, he will get signed. i just think it is the wrong time for him to make a comeback. i wonder if these owners are going to want to take the risk. david: jonathan, don't you think there was a connection with what steve was talking about, the plunging ratings in nfl and what was happening with colin kaepernick? >> i would have thought so, david. we were saying the same thing about nike and nike's embraced kaepernick. but they have only been successful -- david: right, but they have built their brand on that rebel quality. with the nfl fans, it is a little different, isn't it? >> if he can't play, he's going to get the boot and going to get booed. >> let me just say, based on what i'm seeing on my giants, if he can join them and win games, i will take him. >> exactly, exactly. if he can win, who cares. you want somebody that's going
5:53 pm
to win. >> not necessarily. with professional athletes it is more than just being a good player, you have to have the crowd on your side. >> you have to have people buying the tickets. this is a business. he was really bad for business. that was a really horrible year the nfl had when all of this kneeling at the national anthem was going on, and look, they have a right to do it, but i just think if i own an nfl team, the last thing i want is kaepernick back on the side lines or on the field. david: jonathan, you are nodding yes. >> to your point, if he fills seats the brand he successfully cultivated with nike, if the nfl can capitalize on that, identify that with their brand, he could do very well. but to kristina and gary's point, if he can't play, he's not going to last. david: but gary, what if he can play? if he's out on the practice on saturday, doing gangbusters, do you think that he will get some
5:54 pm
offers? >> i do not think he's going to get any offers. david: really? >> do i think he should? absolutely. i can't begin to tell you how many bad quarterbacks there are in the nfl. he deserves a chance. i believe, and i would even call it a second chance because it is not like he committed a crime or anything. >> he hasn't apologized, though. he still sticks -- >> listen -- >> if he apologized, i would be in favor of it. >> i get both sides. guess what? baseball games have 9 innings. everybody gets another shot. i believe he should have another shot. hopefully he does great. david: we will see what happens on saturday. all right, gang, thank you very much. we've got to move on. we have a business alert for you. some breaking news, we have been bringing you this hour, we are just getting a statement from amazon. ly quote it here. -- quote it here. amazon web services is uniquely experienced and qualified to provide the critical technology u.s. military needs and remains committed to supporting the dod's modernization efforts. we also believe it is critical for our country that the
5:55 pm
government and its elected leaders administer procurements objectively and in a manner that is free from political influence. numerous aspects of the evaluation process contained clear deficiencies, errors and unmistakable bias and it is important these matters be examined and rectified. they are going to fight this out. it is going to be an interesting battle. we will see what happens. first, it was plant based burgers. then it was plant based shrimp. now quizno's subs is getting into the fray, planning to launch a new sandwich that will have you scratching your head. i guarantee it. wait till you hear about what's next with the fake meat. this is the age of expression. but shouldn't somebody be listening? so. let's talk. we're built for hearing what's important to you, one to one. edward jones. it's time for investing to feel individual. (groans) hmph...
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david: starting tomorrow, denver area quizno's locations will now offer customers the chance to try its new plant-based corn beef sandwich. the franchise is partnering with
5:59 pm
unreal deli to create the deli classic which will include swiss cheese, pickles, sauerkraut and honey french dressing with the bread of your choice with no meat. if the trial is successful, quizno's is planning to roll out the fake corn beef sandwiches all over the u.s. gary, would you try it? >> well, i have had enough of this. [laughter] >> my goodness, the hot corn beef on rye with hot mustard and pickle on the side? they are messing with that too? stop. >> what clear pepsi was to the early 90s, the fake meat thing is to this time in our culinary history. look, if it is popular, it is only going to be popular for a very short time because 84% of vegetarians actually go back to eating meat. david: let's talk to a vegetarian. would you try it? >> i wouldn't because i don't eat corn beef. gary, for you, tyson is launching the half -- david: we don't have enough time. steve? >> i'm happy. i won the kaepernick debate.
6:00 pm
i'm feeling patriotic. david: all right. just for the record, by the way, he's crazy about deli food. steve is. that does it for bulls & bears. thank you for watching. see you back here next time. wall street says it is official. we are in the best bull market since world war ii. and now nancy pelosi wants to hop on. she now says she does want a nafta 2.0 trade deal done this year. democrats now claim there will be no government shutdown next week for thanksgiving. sounds like they are ready to deal with the president. tonight we take you to the president's rally in louisiana where he is sure to rip into impeachment, the democrats, and make his case for reelection. it's about the economy and more as fed chair jerome powell says stop it with the recession talk. it is not coming and says the real problem is


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