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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 15, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EST

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tomorrow night, former trump deputy national security advisory kt mcfarland. i'll see you here, tomorrow t 8:00, kennedy begins now. ♪ kennedy: thank you. >> impeachment dog and pony show taken a short intermission before round two preliminary, marie yovanovitch former ambassador to ukraine will take the stand, she was removed from her post this year when she was unceremonyiously gulianid. but speaker of the house nancy pelosi does not think we need to hear marie, according to hear we know that president trump's actions are worse than watergate. >> that is the inquiry is about, i am saying, that what is president has admitted to, says it is peck -- it is perfect, it is perfectly wrong this b is br.
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what trump has done on the record makes what nixon did almost small. kennedy: he is so small. house intel chair adam schiff insists that congress is just upholding its constitutional duty, yesterday ao also alexanda ocasio-cortez revealed the democrat true hand. >> at the end of the day we have to be able to come together at a caucus and it is this ukrainian allegation what brings caucus together. then i think we have to run with however we unify the house, we need to move quickly, rear talkinweektalking about potentil compromise of 2020 election this not just about something that has occurred but preventing a disastrous outcome from occurring next year. kennedy: if you wonder what democrat impeachment push is really about, there you go. the house and senate might ice impeachment to their advantage in 2020, "washington post"
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reports republican senator might drag out an impeachment trial and force their democratic colleagues running for president to be on capitol hill instead of new hampshire and iowa. democrats have bet all their chips on peach type of, but imp. could that game of liar's poker cost them big, tonight's man panel, lgbtq for tru trump founr chris baron. and former adviser to hillary clinton. antoine is here, and wwe sooner star. dolph ziegler. >> critically unclaimed author. kennedy: i think that aoc is really showing what this is about. for democrats, and if they want to unify the caucus, they should go to summer camp and do trust
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exercises. >> for once, aocis telling the truth. this has been about politics for went the democratic caucus from the beginning. eit got to tipping point where nancy pelosi could no longer hold back the floodgates any more, they were forced to go ahead with the impeachment inquiry, where nancy pelosi said again, not impeachment yet but a impeachment pregame, but aocis rights, this is about politics. and what they need to do to motivate their base, keep progressives happy, it has nothing to do with rule of the law or constitution. kennedy: i am so thick of adam schiff, hidingp behind the constitutionality. if this is what it taking to unite a caucus, then you don't
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have a caucus. >> i don't agree, i think aoc, was trying to say. which these things happen the republican retreat to their corner, i think that democrats are united on this front getting to bottom of truth, you see swing district democrats who could face some political consequences, vote for the inquiry, you also -- i also see full flij ifull pledge people hg national security stand point as guide for this, i don't think you can ignore, that i think what aoc, is trying to say in words of jay-z, nobody wins when the family feuds. kennedy: it may be true but she has been leading that family feud, don't do that. >> i'm not. kennedy: true, she has taken to nancy pelosi. she called out people from her own party and said, we will primary you if you are not onboard with our democrat socialist agenda.
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>> we've talked about her, i'm not disagreeing with that part, there are differences within the caucus but there are things that caucus has in common, one thing is getting to the bottom -- >> they don't like president trump. that is it. that is understandable. i get that, that is fine. you can't ignore the fact, i want to get to truth but politicalization stands in front of that truth, not liking someone is a great unifying force, that is very ou useful in politics. >> barack obama. kennedy: removing someone from ryabkov. officer -- office, hillary clinton, because you don't like him because you have not shown full justcasion for impeachment is not okay. >> people who are not on twitter, who read newspapers and perhaps voted for trump or did note, they feel more and more excluded, you forget most mainstream tv shows, they almost treat it like the bad people, they are bad people, 63 million people who voted for him whether
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you think you are better than those people are not. kennedy: maybe they hil held thr nose. >> they whispered i don't like either one but i'm going with trump, even in 2015 they were afraid to say it out loud, now more and more, they will go door-to-door, say you voted for him why, and people get more frightened but because of that party going in that direction that makes you want to hole your nose again. >> it could be, i love hillary, but some held their nose and vote, not a vote for trump but a vote against hillary. kennedy: absolutely. >> i think narrative is, you trying to paint we should ignore fact that -- >> that is not sexism or james comey. >> holding your nose and votes for trump and against hillary she is a horrible candidate. run again, run again. >> i'm talking about peach typet we cannot ignore he asked a
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foreign government. kennedy: i agree, i think that rudy guliani had no part in -- >> foreign -- >> no, i don't have a problem with that all that stuff is suspect of -- i'm saying i don't have a problem with calling him and administration out for that i think it is wrong to go to eastern europe for opposition research, it was wrong with steedossier, extra wrong here. >> it is not mutual -- impeachable. kennedy: this is not impeachable. >> it is not treason or bribeo. >> it is. >> it not bribery sn no. >> not close. >> you can call a pig a cow that does not make if a cow. kennedy: rudy guliani should not have been there. >> i agree.
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kennedy: loosely. >> creaming loc cream -- screamk hillary up for e-mails. kennedy: though it was sending classified information over a server. >> this president put same phone call. on to a different server, we say lock him up? no, they -- >> a more classified server because of leaks in the white house, true. >> as they testified they identified call was wrong. >> no -- >> longer they keep going down this line it is geraldo opening the vault. kennedy: that is actual -- what happened -- >> not a one night -- geraldo but two year. kennedy: what happened in al capone's vault. >> the next leader, whoever it may be, a democrat, they ask foreign entity to dig up dirt on a republican, i guarantee -- >> first two witnesses never met
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trump. >> that does not matter. >> it does, impeachment proceeding. kennedy: i think that -- did a good job. >> what does meeting trump. >> he is the one you have to -- you are -- accusing of high crime. >> first, this is nothing to identify when he did wrong, that is -- democrat and republicans agree, this a first day of witnesses, you wait until same argument. >> how many days of witnessing are we going to have. kennedy: i'm having to have this conservation friday afternoon or next week, i hope there is something here, if they are wasting our time, and congress is doing nothing, my god, i hope they got something in their clutches, because so far their talons are empty, who is that? >> 9 million democrat enter 2020 race. and that primary end -- three months away, and iowa caucus.
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>> in the spirit of profound gratitude for all you a countrys given to me with determination to build a better more sustainable, more inclusive american dream for next generation, i am today announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. kennedy: it is done? thank god. that sounds nice, don't let it fool you. second black governor in american history trueing to send sleepy joe biden to history books. >> i think sheehan -- an extraordinary public servant, i think that instinct that his campaign seems to have, to say you know, to project if we just get rid if you will of the incumtheincumbent we can do whad
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to do. kennedy: biden would suffer most in patrick successfully launched his campaign because of his close ties with barack obama. and also running in a formal moderate lane than loonie lefties like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. >> i think that if you want solutions that last, they can't be solutions that heal to voting public as if they are just democratic solutions. kennedy: wow. that is so specific. will it make a big enough splash or it the party campaign dead in the water, chris baron? >> i mean. look, i think duval patrick was a fairly successful accomplished governor. kennedy: no doubt. >> no someone who i politically
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agree with. i would say two things. that messag is not going anywhere. kennedy: is a nonmessage, mc platitude we heard enough, candidates left in race know not to do that. >> real message, they don't want elizabeth warren to be nominee. and they don't think that joe biden is up to the task, that is why bloomberg trial plan launched and duval patrick, this is the last-ditch effort to find someone to take that center lane and beat elizabeth warren. kennedy: if you want to be president you have to fight with the field. that is how i feel. and duvall patrick, he made be an accomplished governor with an imgreanimpressive resume. >> i agree with over 70% of democrat likely primary goers who say that they feel like the candidates in race are clear
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enough feel for them to choose from. i also believe in this i think that political highway is could pantioisexpanding to a traffic . we have too mane cars. kennedy: is that what democrats say if we only had more candidates. >> we have too come together, the more the field does this the hadder it is for party to do this in the end. kennedy: like a fat person losing weight, at end you have loose skin. >> people say republicans had a tough primary last time, but, they fall in line, we fall in love a big difference. kennedy: i don't think that anyone falls in love with bloomberg or patrick. >> i don't disagree. you need strong. kennedy: that is not only thing. you need more, if i were cory booker or kamala harris i would
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be offended. >> if you think so. i cannot speak for them on tv. i -- >> do we need more democrats. >> no. not late, i get it. we're on the seem payment, have you candidate, and message, that was nonmessage, that is, we think a bunch of crazy people are really left and we're worried about it. just to say, i can take over for biden, because he can't go on, i remember i bring up this a lot, if you are not on-line, grandpa and grandma like joe biden they will vote for him and all my friends who make fun of him are in falling down or getting lost in a malor his shoes -- mall or his shoes communitied, my friends say we need somebody new, i ask did you vote, no, and that is it all that those
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seniors who get w behind biden. kennedy: >> i think duval different and bloomberg forgets number one thing on hearts and minds of democrat is beating president trump, they like his plays or not -- flaws or not, joe biden is the person to do. >> kennedy: duval patrick may have been an interesting candidate 8 months ago. >> the horse has left the barn. kennedy: that is sad i love ponies, in man panel rejoins later. first up, elizabeth warren doubling down on her ridiculous wealth tax. launching a new ad, targeting america's richest men. i ask jonas barrett about it
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kennedy: elizabeth warren has a new attack ad titled. elizabeth warren stands up to billionaires, she should call it
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elizabeth warren hates wealth and wants to destroy the economy, that would be more honest, promising to pillage billionaire a piggy banks, she may be green with envy or her plans will hurt more than the fellows she loathes. >> i did th the mack -- the mat, her 6% would require me to pay more in first year and a half than i have in cash, i sent an e-mail to the economist, and said did you take into correction liquidity, they said no. kennedy: no. why would we? he just trying to figure out how he would pay the damn bill. billionaires don't sleep in wheel barrow full of gold di.
12:21 am
>> they vist their money in complex venators instead of keeping millions in a chase checking account. soy what happens when they have to sell-off and liquidate il illiquid investments? the economy slows. they will catch on. it is better to shield and avoid than subject yourself to a yearly communist colonoscopy, if every fat catacomb -- complied it would not be enough to cover her list of wants, legal tax avoidance will bh become an olyc sport. and instead of shaming creativity and capitalism we should be encouraging it, we want more billionaires and millionaires not fewer, we want success, freedom and a warren
12:22 am
presidency would be the anchor that sinks the brightest boats among us. >> if elizabeth warren's tax would b implemented in 92 bill gates would not be as rich as he is today. joining me now, fox news contributor jonas max. >> mark cuban said he talked to one of the economists, that person said no, we don't consider when would happen if billionaires had to start liquidating their assets. >> economists don't know how to sell 8% of their yacht, that is a weak argument, true your assets are not all liquid, you cannot just cash out 8% all of
12:23 am
the time. but that is not why it is a bad idea. voters don't care about that either. go sell your yacht. the probably is they don't work they don't collect money, they have not collected money any country that has tried it, here we have wealth tax, they work when homes you can't move a house like you request other assets, and our estate tax,. kennedy: awful. >> 40% estate tax federally, that should bring in enough money to pay for all free give aways. that brings in less than back tax -- than gas tax. it not a collect inthat is why france got rid of it. >> squeeze sweden got rid of it. >> they only do it for populist reasons now. they look like they are attacking rich people, california does not have one,
12:24 am
because they don't want millionaires to move to another state. kennedy: it is very easy for california millon areas and billionaires to move close by in nevada or texas. and in new york, in new jersey, new jersey has lost like a third of its mega-wealthy citizens to florida. and the same thing in france, france lost 42 pause millionaires -- 42,000 millionaires when they implemented that super tax it just increases deficit spending, you don't give money back to people, and government does not earn compound interests in what they take from you. ally this will do is spend more money, and all of elizabeth warren plans problematically spend more than they could ever bridgbridge bring in, there is y for the smart economists, i don't doubt there are a lot of intelligent well mining people on her side but there is no way too calculate the avoidance.
12:25 am
>> you -- in front they did lose millionaires to belgium, some say it was a nit loss, they lost more income tax then they gained in wild wealth tax. you know maybe it does work but you can't get the money out of the billionaire a's hands. -- and you also. kennedy: fancy robot digits they have now. >> right. it is -- >> not human, they are a bunch of serve sex dolls. >> we don't know what happened, we don't know for sure that inequality is bad for an economy. this is theory, there is no proof that even if you could remove the money, and redistribute it, it makes it better, it could make it worse. kennedy: it makes everyone incredibly ordinary, no one should aspire to live that way, and hyper fitish on inequal feey
12:26 am
works in a zero sum manifest. >> there are better ways to tax rich people, than wealth tax. kennedy: they should give their money to me. >> you know we tax capital lower than income. that is the tax code. kennedy: you have to get 100 million dollars. >> that is -- there you go, do that to avoid taxes. get more money. kennedy: right. >> then you pay. kennedy: the american way. >> the tax planners are so going to love it, if this happens, they already working overtime with the state taxes, implementcasion iimplementations is a golden goose, you want to milk the golden geese. kennedy: i would love to lap up golden geese teet juice if i could, i don't know if all that happen, jonas i am optimistic
12:27 am
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kennedy: tired of political turn pundits spewing out the same oil talking point, we came up with an alternative, flipping the strip. >> time to party swap -- >> woo labelin look at these 2,e donkey now. >> dolph has the questions.
12:32 am
>> la let's go. >> halloween ended two weeks ago, why are democrat still conducting this witch-hunt. >> if i were a trump-publican. >> present you are. >> because they hate our president so much, little adam shifty, all he wants to do is have press conferences and say i want to hate trump but the economy is doing good, black unemployment rate so low. they are doing well. >> negative black unemployment. >> th the hate is little adam shifty and do nothing democrats and negative nancy she never stops. kennedy: like the ente the en --
12:33 am
energizer bunny not like the one that visited bill clinton. kennedy: >> they say president trump is mentally unfit for office and super mean, why is it tim invok5 amea-- amen am. am. >> my pronounceses are they and them, no clapping, it could unset people here. >> air clapping. >> so, first, i think it is important for us to point out president has been deteriorating mentally sunday one, it has been obvious, i've seen coverage of it. brian setter has done a great job, he has been on it since day one, avenatti dive nosed him new
12:34 am
twitter, he knows what he is talking about. >> could be democratic nominee. >> someone we should talk about. >> that is solution. the collusion, that is collusion. >> all tidy. >> corrupt media, corrupt media. and little adam shifty. >> voters are not stupid, they know they are impeaching the president because they cannot beat him in ballot box. >>er t so terrible, you can't understand it, i bite beat republicans and fake media, we have to go after joe biden. go after hunter biden, she the problem. kennedy: he is key. >> little adam shifty and negative nancy, do nothing democrats. >> i have fact checkers who tell
12:35 am
you -- >> fake news. >> 4 pinnochios. >> 4. >> we have a new poll today, that shows 3% of americans would vote to reelect president. >> that -- >> that low. >> that is -- >> they say same thing in 2016 coul2016you are not going to bi, i beat them all. >> we have sources to white house tells us that president walks around without pants over day. >> right before bid. >> the le lek the -- drain the . >> i don't know why you have to be so racist. >> i tell it like it is. >> topic two. >> hillary in thank god. a wouldn'a wonderful woman. >> hillary clinton had last
12:36 am
election stolen from her, how could she get a fair fight. >> get russian assets out of the race. >> everyone in white house. >> trump, and tulsi gabbard, and jill stein. throw them out. >> second, we have to be honest, she is warmest most relate able human being who has run for president. >> lock her up, lock her up. >> this is -- this cost hillary clinton the election. >> patriarchy. >> disgusting. >> the i di the deplorable vote. >> russia is a friend. >> we have to work with them, no one said anything when b be on obama was nodding to him. >> they -- attacked own for wearing a beige suit. >> i have millions of followers.
12:37 am
>> that is right, he should be removed from twitter. >> you are the lowing. th losin. >> everyone knows hillary clinton, is talking about running in 2020. to get your attention away from the fact that jeffrey epstein did not kill himself, when do you think that fbi will finally lock her up? >> i have been telling them since i've been running you put the clin a clinton, away they be trump, they throw away e-mails we can't find them they could be in russia. >> maybe you can get them at parade. >> only person going to prison here is president trump, when new mueller report comes ut out, i have it is good sources there is a new secret mueller report, i read about it on twitter today. >> they have nothing to trump, nothing on trump. >> russia, and with france. >> what? >> you have seen how he was with
12:38 am
macron and his wife, they have gotten close, i understand -- >> it is china, all about china, democrats do nothing democrat and china. >> and that is why. >> that is why i am focus. kennedy: last question. >> down their third subject border wall. >> chris? >> is there a point? >> build that wall, build that wall. >> and his war on minorities or the new normal. >> this is you new normal, only thing we can to immediately remove this man from office, he talked about how everything immigrant is in country is a rapist and a killer, he said it he comes down escalator, he said every is -- he talking about locking people up. journalists. >> build a call keep them out. >> this what we face. >> that is fast itch is -- fast-
12:39 am
he is worse than hi hitler, nany pelosi said it today. >> she said watergate. >> close enough. >> and right wing propaganda does not exist. >> i have got text, mexico is tboaing to pagoing to pay for i. >> chris you win, the steelerser losing tonight. >> no, no. >> look at that. >> don't do that, you won popular consolidate bu vote. >> great job. >> great job to you all. chris the big win glir comin wi. >> a jury deciding debate of roger stone. will they lock him up? i saved hundreds on my car insurance when i switched to geico.
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♪ kennedy: welcome back, don't dot expect to see roger stone apple picking this weekend,
12:45 am
>> what diso the jur do do the . >> the scene in animal house, flounder says this great. and everyone's wildest dreams who would have thought you have a jury that is looking not at roger stone, he is guilty but wait. we can't follow what is going oyou talk about first day of deliberations, you have a note, jury said to judge, if stone did not say the name randy when he testified, because he didn't, he
12:46 am
said i'm not telling you who it is, i'll give you hints but he never said the name, his lawyers said the name after the fact in a letter, it that enough to be a lie? i dare say, judge jax -- judge thomas penfieljudgejackson said. it is not enough. you have the other note which is equally as what is tboaing on g, wait. each count it just one thing we have to figure out but you gave us two, are you telling us that lie is mr. stone did not say i have more than one source? or is lie he said rahn randy wht was jer jerome, and jury was lie
12:47 am
woe. >> how do they resolve this. >> this is day one, what are you expecting? >> it is so difficult to read tea leaves, even old school of watch jury when they come out, if their heads are down a conviction, if they smile it is an acquittal, who the hell knows? they are off to a fascinating start, anyone who questions our system of justice, this case at least so far, is really should make everyone proud, have you jurors who are paying attention that mr. stone is in factory -- fact presumed innocent. they don't know his state of mind. then government has not proven corrupt intent if they don't know his states of mind, government has not given his intent to lie.
12:48 am
and you want to make an issue of "the godfather," and. you may very well see roger stone walk out and maybe if not walk out with a an acquittal bua hung jury. kennedy: after today that could be possible, all more reason to pay attention to this trial and president's fortunes that you randy. love your insight. >> topical storm is next. imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs. now you can, with! no more lugging your clubs through the airport or risk having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. sending your own clubs ahead with makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination. with just a few clicks or a phone call, we'll pick up and deliver your clubs on-time, guaranteed, for as low as $39.99.
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sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, now only $1,799. ends sunday.
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kennedy: a florida gator fan was arrested for attempted murder after firing a gun at his friend while watching saturday's game, he is off to jail, but he gets to meet gator players. >> ask for an autograph, this don't topical storm. let's start and stay in florida. taco bell, prices are a steal. would you look at this. he broke into a taco bell, made himself from tacos, why run from the cops when you can run from the chalupa, hurry in there i have to go. well fed felon took off with 500
12:53 am
in cash, most spend on bepto bis -- as police are asking for public help finding the burrito bandit, believed to be hiding somewhere that no one in florida would go, like a dolphin 's gam, they are taco bell of football, they are only good if you are high. >> let's head to england. very well. traffic was flying this week. this yahoo! goes by the name of jet, he got his name in guinness book of world record for fastet flight in a jet suit, 80, jet man not to be confused with a jet fan who didn't make guinness
12:54 am
book but still drinks plenty of guinness because, 2 and 8. he made his jet suit from scratch. over 2 million people have -- so hard, being me, thanks for having how i am. i am well, being pampered and famous. 2 million people watched video of airborne who celebrated his big day, by doing somebody more dangerous than a jetpack. a perk of flying you can get on to bathroom real 50 quick. and the gorditas. >> a call from chino, has been cited for several moving violations this not a reinof village people. -- reunion of village people, the cop did serve time in navy,
12:55 am
he was celebrating his last day at don lugo high. he busted a move. in only sean mcva sean spicer ce like that he would still in in the competition. >> topic 4. >> we reach point in week where we give viewers a penny for their thoughts, we're overpaying tenfold. but this is your mail, wally, you are such a nut. pine nut, peanut, green pest nu. >> kennedy nation is so attract but i am entertained.
12:56 am
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