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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 15, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EST

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[♪] lou: good evening, everybody. the day after the radical dimms' impeachment extravaganza went public and at the same time went nowhere. the dimms today did their best to spin up glowing interpretations of what was the first public hearing centered strictly on their star witnesses who flamed out in spectacular fashion. no amount of revision and fantasy from the left-wing media or the party of hate can mitigate or eliminate the flimsy showing that all but collapsed in its first day after public rollout. all of it built on two
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diplomats, william taylor and george kent who under time questioning by congressman john ratcliffe couldn't name a single impeachable offense they believed to have been committed by president of the united states. neither diplomat has spoken to the president. neither dip that had anything to -- neither di diplomat had anything to say other than what others had to say. tomorrow we'll hear from the former ambassador to you've crane marie yovanovich. the dimms can hardly do worse on the second day than they did on the first. return to white house correspondent kevin corke. reporter: good to be with you. the president sets the foreign policy for this country, not the diplomats on the ground. today he didn't say a lot.
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in fact he didn't answer any questions before he made his way to louisiana. but he did allow white house officials to act in his stead. among them kelly and conway, she had plenty to say and a chance to handicap tomorrow's proceedings. >> we learned that the democrats had no case against the president. this was a real court of law and not adam schiff's kangaroo court. objections would have been flying from any reasonable attorney. to say hey we've just discovered staffer of mine overheard a conversation the a staffer was having about the president in a restaurant. reporter: democrats as you pointed out remain convinced the president's conduct in that conversation with ukraine's president amounts to high crimes
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and misdemeanors. so for them it's full steam ahead. tomorrow wee continue with the impeachment inquiry. marie yovanovich will be back on the hill. keep' and watch for volker and sondland. the president's legal team filed a petition with the supreme court seek something overturn a second circuit decision that would allow the new york district attorney to get years of the president's taxes. all this is happening as we get ready for another rally in louisiana. lou: kevin corke from washington. the radical left today trying their dandersest to sell their -- their darnedest to spin yesterday's impeachment' inquiry as a dud.
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in her news conference she said the president committed an act of bribery. do you see the goal post moving and the allegations rising? yes, we do. the left wings national media is trying to rescue the dimms and their brand-new narrative. >> that phone call. this was a bomb shell. >> what did you make of the bomb shell. >> dem shell testimony. >> bribery, attempted bribery. >> it was an attempted bribe. >> they have more than they had against richard nixon to impeach him. lou: amazing. as usual the left wing national media refuses to calm lip observe the facts laid d to calmly observe the fact laid out. jim jordan cut through the heart
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of a narrative spun by ambassador bill taylor's claim that he had a supposedly clear understanding of a so-called quid pro quo. >> ambassador taylor rawlts that mr. morrison told mr. taylor that i told will morrison that it conveyed this message in' presidentr vice president pence's visit to kiev. and this is where you tell me you got your clear understanding. lou: the media tried to change the he script with more hearsay saying a second american official overheard a phone call about investigations about president trump and ambassador sondland. an anonymous person was briefed on what that official says he or she overheard. when it comes to naming an
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impeachable offense committed by the president. the radical dimms are left with absolutely nothing. as congressman jordan pointed out yesterday, these were their star witnesses. here is congressman john vapt cliff. >> in this impeachment hearing today where we impeach presidents for treason or bribery or high crimes. where is the impeachable offense in that call? are either of you here to assert there was an impeachable oh nerns that call. show it out. anyone? lou: president trump having some fun with that line of questioning, beating in part the silence quote would be the end of a case run by normal people of, but not shifty. joining us tonight, congressman andy biggs. member of the house judiciary committee. co-chair of the border security
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caucus. congressman, always good to have you with us. let's start with your op-ed you said the, around must appear and testify. what did you see that doesn't seem to be mandated right now? i haven't seen anything approaching credible testimony based on direct evidence. >> there is no credible testimony. here is what's interesting. there is no direct evidence except for one thing. and that's the transcript between president trump and president zelensky which exonerates president trump fully. but i think what intrigues me about the whistleblower is mr. schiff saying initially that he had no contact, his staff had no contact. then it comes out in the "new york times," yes, he did have contact, his staff had contact. before then he wanted the
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whistleblower to testify. now that the whistleblower testifying would turn him into a witness where he had to testify, his staffed would have to testify, now he's irrelevant. i think i want the whistleblower more than anything so we can get mr. schiff to testify, because he would have to testify then to rebut what the whistleblower is going to say about him. i think it's fascinating that mr. schiff has backed so far away from bringing the whistleblower in. lou: kevin mccarthy points out, adam schiff is a liar. he has absolutely no credibility. your thoughts? >> he's exactly right. this is the same guy who said we had clear evidence of russian collusion and mueller said there is no evidence. then schiff said there is clear evidence. this guy doesn't tell the truth. he prevaricates on everything and hedges on everything, and the reality is that's one of the
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reasons i want the whistleblower to testify. it would compel him to defend himself against what the whistleblower says. let's get schiff up there and put him under oath and make him testify. lou: what do you think it odds are schiff will ever testify? >> nil. lou: tomorrow we have marie yovanovich, the former ambassador to ukraine appearing. these were the star witnesses. i can't imagine starting your hearing with everyone sceptical and cynical about schiff and his nonsense as everyone is, and then to put those two diplomats in front of cameras and microphones for all the world. it was a disaster. >> yes, it was. i will tell you, lou, i felt like afte -- after 15 minutes.
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anybody who had not had their mind made up already were turning off the television it was tedious, it was boring, it was bad process. the democrats are so confused about what they are trying to allege the president did, it's obtuse. they can't convey what they are trying to get at. that's why nancy pelosi is coming out with a new narrative. lou: narrative number twoils attempted bribery. good lord. it's pathetic to watch this go on. as i think it president correctly observed. in any other circumstance this would be shut down right now. it's just a disaster for the dems. i'm not lamenting that. i'm cheering as loudly, a hallelujah chorus in the wings of that's hearing room for the
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intelligence committee. it's a disaster, and i just can't imagine why they would even pursue it. >> you have know, in -- you have know, in any rational forum they would start back pedaling and look for a graceful way out. these people are going full throttle over the cliff. i think they may have trouble getting the votes. after that dud yesterday and what's going to happen tomorrow. i would suspect if you are a democrat, first term democrat in one of those 30 districts that strum won, you are proper -- that trump one, you are probably saying we don't have anything. i would suspect they are looking for a way to get out of this. lou: normally i give you the last word. but i want to end with these words from congressman jeff andrew of new jersey. this was his conclusion, and i suspect the conclusion of many
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watching that hearing unfold. he said this. it is hearsay. it's really difficult dealing with this because it's he said-she said. it's pure hearsay. congressman, great to have you with us. thanks very much. congressman andy biggs. developments that may set back the u.s.-chinese trade negotiations. new trade deal is now -- well, it's questionable to begin with, and certainly now as the chinese demand the united states drop tariffs as a condition precedent to any trade agreement. and today turn yoan bar declaring zte and huawei to be threats to the thanks stall security. the southern general strongly
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supporting the fcc's plans to prohibit purchases from huawei and zte. they spend $8 billion to 9 billion a year. the attorney general wrote we should not signal that huawei or zte are anything on thered than a threat to our own security. their practices demonstrate huawei and zte cannot be trusted. last june the president lifted a ban against huawei. sources close to commerce secretary wilbur ross tell us the secretary is in broad agreement with the attorney general's assessment and has told his leadership team at the commerce department to evaluate waivers and he valuations of the
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so-called enemies list accordingly. we'll have much more with national security expert fred fleitz. they are at loggerheads to determine the prospects for huawei and zte. we'll take that up. a majors financial windfall for the trump campaign in the face of the radical dimms impeachment farce. we are coming back after these quick words.
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lou: another record-setting performance object wall street. stocks moving higher. the s & p up 3 marking its 21strd close of the year. the 101 str record close under president trump. the dow today lost 2. the nasdaq fell 3. vol 3.3 billion shares. and the pension fund for federal workers will start tracking china listed companies in an effort to curtail the flow of
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capital to chinese companies. the decision is encountering stiff bipartisan opposition. senators including marco rubio calling the decision foolish and promising consequences. former senator and attorney general jeff sessions is desperately trying to earn president trump's approval. he dug himself a big hole to do that. he started out with a maga hat. that's not a bad start, in his most recent campaign ad. he says he's going to work for the president's endorsement and claims the president won't have a better supporter of his agenda in the senate. i wonder what he told him when he was made attorney general. the 2020 trump cap pain using the dim's sham impeachment
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extravaganza to haul in a lot of cash. the same amount raised two weeks ago when nancy pelosi's partisan impeachment process vote occurred. joining us tonight, fox political analyst the savant himself, ed rollins. let's start with this effort to hang their hats on the part of the radical dimms on two diplomats who had never seen anything or heard anything themselves. but they heard it from -- you talk about crazy to put them in front of that hearing. >> they were the lead witnesses. they thought they were the most credible people they interviewed behind closed doors. i think the most important thing they said was the president had the right to fire the
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ambassador. and at the end of the day they said nothing that hurt him. they gave a good definition of corruption in the country and i learned more about ukraine than i wanted to. lou: i personally want to learn a lot more about the ukraine. i want to know what the bidens and the obama administration was doing. i want every detail possible. and i want to know why nothing happened. the obama administration did nothing when vladimir putin reached in and scooped up crimea. >> you will get no more information from the group coming next week. lou: that's going to break my heart. >> we'll have a new definition of bribery. they are accusing the president of bribery. i suppose bribery is what nancy pelosi did when she was getting the final vote from her members,
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swapping things. lou: it's a pathetic game they are playing acting like the fools they are corroborating every base contention about their motives. there is nothing for them to focus on. and it's pathetic. let's go back to one of my favorite people. i mentioned the bidens. he's leading in some polls. he persists. what's going to happen here? duval patrick, the former governor of massachusetts is in the race. >> the bottom line is biden will be the frontrunner until people actually get to vote for him. that starts in iowa. he never does well with voters. he does better with polls. at the end of the date first two polls, are got roots. you have got to have people in the streets and organization. lou: is duval patrick a spoiler?
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he made it clear he talked with president obama. >> he was obama's candidate a year ago. but his wife had cancer. but i don't think he will be a viable candidate long term unless the former president decide he's his candidate. lou: is he a threat or not to the field? >> i really don't know. my sense is he has an interesting story. and lot of things he has to answer for. lou: when ed rollins says he doesn't know, i have to take a minute and collect myself. >> i think what i do know is donald trump will be our nominee and will be strong than any democrat. lou: thanks so much. new numbers show border apprehensions continue to go down, but the number of deadly drugs seized at the border continue to rise. 45,000 people apprehended last
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month. down 25% from a year ago. mark morgan says the agency seized 47,000 pound of drugs. he noted 75% of illegal immigrant family members who entered this year were released into the united states without claismg asylum or asserting a credible fear. they were simply let go by the border patrol. will andrew mccabe escape prosecution? we take that up after this quick break.
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lou: a hearing today in the department of justice case against former director andrew mccabe has been put off until next february.
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suggests mccabe could escape prosecution perhaps overcharges of misleading investigators after the doj decide no longer shield documents about the former deputy director from public release. the george w. bush after he pointed judge presiding over the case said i don't care what you decide to do with mccabe, this is not a hard case. no quid pro quo. ukraine's foreign minister said he never saw a direct shrink between the delay -- direct link between the call' and the military aid. he said he met with ambassador sondland and no connection was ever brought up but the ambassador. joining us, congressman matt gaetz. i have to ask you, i saw absolutely nothing, nothing the
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transcript. nothing in the testimony of these two so-called star witnesses. how much longer will the democrats keep up this nonsensical ex traf -- extravag. >> why they are not focused only reducing prescription drug prices or drug problems in our neighborhoods. after seeing the two star witness, it's no wonder that schiff kept them locked in the basement. they never met the president, they had no direct knowledge of the phone call. even mr. taylor when he met with the ukrainians there was no mention of conditional with the aid. the president did nothing wrong.
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i don't think you will see polling change as a consequence of these hearings. democrats have to ask themselves how much longer will their leadership put their membership through this ridiculous charade. lou: tomorrow the former ambassador marie yovanovich, ambassador to ukraine, will it be more of the same? >> yes. i watched the first two hours of the testimony yesterday and it evolved into how to make ukraine great gain. greats again. and so if the yovanovich testimony presents as a policy disagreement, as a circumstance where there simply was a rejection of a disruptive and different pattern the president wanted too take our country
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down, it's not impeachable and it's not that interesting. lou: agreed. we can't have an evening without alexandria ocasio-cortez who admitted this is all about stopping president trump before americans can re-elect him. this is aoc at her finest, if you would listen. >> at the end of the day we have to be able to come together as a caucus and it is this ukrainian allegation that brings the caucus together, then we have to run with however we unify the house. we also need to move quite quickly because we are talking about the potential compromise of the 2020 election. this isn't about something that has occurred, but it's preventing a potentially disastrous sout -- outcome next.
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>> you have to love the honesty. she came forward and said what al green said many months ago. if you don't impeach donald trump, he will get re-elected. if you don't remove him, the american people are going to send our america first president right back to the white house. for alex to say ukraine unifies us, so let's go forward with it. it seems to deny any analysis of the facts. this is all over their embarrassment over the russia hoax. they were so let down by mueller's testimony. they talked about impeaching bill barr and judge kavanaugh. now it's the crane rrp sequel to the russia -- the ukraine sequel to the russia hoax.
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lou: there is no small irony that radical dimms are the ones after talk about russian meddling in our elections are the ones who are really messing with our elections, demanding the american people be denied the right to re-elect this president by attempting to overthrow him with just a little over 11 months remaining before the elections of 2020. >> when you look at the promises they made voters. we'll have a great time on the campaign trail showing how they abandoned those promises. they were afflicted by the trump derangement syndrome. there is $200 million in military lethal aid to ukraine that the democrats won't bring to the floor because they are busy trying to use the ukraine to smear the president.
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they are depriving them of lethal aid so they can grandstand about lethal aid. lou: stalling the usmca trade agreement. nancy pelosi just can't be bothered right now. she has far more trivial things to consider. congressman always great to see you. we would like to hear your thoughts on this and much more. share your comments. follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. we'll be talking with michael pillsbury and pastor robert jeffress tomorrow. and we'll take up the masked singer in the next segment. william barr making also a clear determination about the threat posed by china and two of its
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biggest telecoms. national security expert fred fleitz with us after these quick words. we'll be right back.
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lou: secretary-general met with president trump and secretary of state pompeo in the oval office. the secretary yearn thanked president trump for his commitment to nato.
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some allies haven't immediate the 2% gdp guidelines including italy, canada, turkey and france. french president m macron called nato brain dead. or was it france? i'm getting confused on that one. what in the world do you think ma cronthink -- ma crown is up o calling nato brain dead when he has the. >> i think m macron is a joke. there is more spending by nato members because of president trump's commitment. but they were disrespecting us. when they treat us like a
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doormat, they undermine credibility on the world stage. lou: he's got them causing up a lot more money. this keeps moving higher every year. let's turn to huawei zte. the attorney general making it clear that he agrees with the assessment at least according to our sources that he agrees with the assessment of the attorney general, they are a national security threat to the united states. there could be no basis for waivers. there could be no basis for them, end of story. >> barr said huawei and zte have been violating sanctions. they have been engaged in bank fraud and stealing intellectual property from t-mobile. if we are going to use these
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companies to you build a 5g network. these companies are obviously not trustworthy. we know they are too close to chinese intelligence. >> and that is precisely what the attorney general today said in his letter. and everyone is so eager to use huawei and zte technology, particularly in the rural networks who are cash strapped. more so than in urban areas. but the fact is, if they are enemies of the united states, they are enemies of the united states. and the attorney general made it clear that in his assessment he was also including the conduct and practices of the people's republic itself. >> what's interesting. a few years ago both companies were before a house intelligence committee panel. zte was asked about their relationship with the chinese government.
4:43 am
the representative wouldn't answer. they do exactly what chinese intelligence tells them to do. lou: we may have been looking at an official of a chinese company who didn't want to lie. no problem for the huawei cfos. let's turn to what we are watching here with the whistleblower. you have been at the heart of national security operations for many years. this whistleblower, everyone keeps use the expression, is he in your judgment, yes or no, a whistleblower or what would you call this person who based on hearsay and second behind knowledge brought to the attention of a house intel chair, his preferences for the way the president should act. >> i might add, i'm not going to name him.
4:44 am
you and i know who he is. let me be clear. i do care about the rather loose way in which adam schiff and others are referring to this person as a whistleblower. >> he's a political operative. there is no doubt about that. this is someone who collaborated with schiff and his staff. lou: he's a what? >> political operative. he's not a whistleblower. i was so appalled when adam schiff said he did not know who this person is. for us to believe that, we have to believe schiff decided to launch an impeachment effort based on someone he knew little about, did not meet with and didn't know the identity of. we also know schiff did not tell the truth about the whistleblower when he said the whistleblower hadn't come to the
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intelligence committee and he had. lou: he had certain knowledge and evidence that the president had excluded with russians which an exhaustive special counsel investigation for 2 1/2 years revealed had not occurred. so there is no question about his veracity. he has none. >> it's on the internet, it's in the news. schiff obviously knows who this is. >> if a person does not know how who this person is with every outlet seemingly on the web having used it. it would be somewhat surprising. fred, always great to have you with us. we look forward to talking to you again soon. good to see you. turns out it was part of a popular television show on fox called the masked singer, using masked popular celebrities singing songs. then the judges have to guess
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who is under the mask. earlier today on "the five" my good friend greg gutfeld had a little fun with the segment and with me. >> last night on the masked singer, co-hosted and made this guess about the fox. >> the possibility this could be a fox personality, nobody mentioned lou dobbs. oh, my gosh. >> lou dobbs is too important to do that show. i think the masked singer is inside a lou dobbs costume every night. a lamborghini. lou: greg was doing well until then. all that laughter kind of hurts. we'll have more on the dishonesty on adam schiff and
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his contact with the whistleblower. a judicial victory for president trump. jason chaffetz joins us after the break. carolyn: a diagnosis does not define me.
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lou: another appellate court
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flip by president trump. steven minash icon firmed. the court has seven judges chosen by republican presidents, six by democrats. house minority leader kevin mccarthy accused adam schiff of lying about his knowledge of the so-called whistleblower's identity. >> adam schiff riter personally met with the whistleblower or knows the whistleblower. which he denies. can you say it plainly. do you think he's lying? >> yes. and i don't think it's the first time he lied to us either. lou: now that's direct. jason chaffetz and fox business contributor, kevin mccarthy saying it straight up. i love the yes, he's a liar.
4:52 am
>> the clarity i think everybody agrees with. i think the democrats not, too. i have an op-ed that goes through what adam schiff thinks we the people should actually believe. there is no way, think about it. they started impeachment on president of the united states based on this predicate of a whistleblower and telephone call. the telephone call has been released. they are hiding him. adam schiff initially said donald trump and the administration. they will try to bury him and hide him. now they try to pretend, we don't even know his name. >> they really are in this quagmire. the dimms. this thing is a mess from a-z. pelosi, can she get out of it expeditiously? >> earlier in 2019 she said we
4:53 am
should not get into this quagmire unless there was broad bipartisan support. i think aoc and the far radical left pushed nancy pelosi in a place she didn't want to go. she looks like a moderate in this thing. that's how far left this thing has gone. by the way, there may be bipartisan support for these hearings because the democrats look so stupid and awful that the republicans are probably going to support it from here on because they are winning every day. piece people open their mouths. >> i think the president is stronger politically today than he has ever been. i think the democrats demonstrated in that hearing that they don't know what they are doing. they don't have a case. i think that was ex emilyified in the past hearing adam schiff did. and that leads to people like kevin mccarthy who doesn't want to do this lightly but goes
4:54 am
out and says yes. adam schiff lied. and he lied repeatedly in committee and to the american people. to suggest he doesn't know the identity of the whistleblower, are you kidding me? lou: it's stunning stuff. we are watching the republican conference come together. solid vote. >> refreshing. >> all but unprecedented in our lifetimes. but also we are seeing something happen with kevin mccarthy, the minority leader looks stronger right now and nancy pelosi the speaker. that is a shift that shows how much he's groaght unity of his conference. >> i give a lot of credit to devin anyone's, jim jordan, the people on the intel committee which represent the full spectrum of politicians in the republican side of the aisle right down the line.
4:55 am
they have done -- lou: lee zeldin has come a long way from a guy who was reserved. didn't want to ruffle feathers and it's good to see him assert himself and to do so with strength and passion. >> he's at every one of these closed door hearings. but that's what happens. you listen to the facts and go back. a guy like lee zeldin will give an anonymous take. lou: look where jason chaffetz is at. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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lou: house minority leader kevin mccarthy calling adam schiff straightforwardly a liar. and the sham impeachment process goes on tomorrow. congressman andy biggs talks about schiff's struggle with the truth. >> this guy said we have clear evidence of russian collusion. mueller said there is no evidence. this guy doesn't tell the truth. he prevaricates on everything, he hedges on everything. and the reality is that's one of the reasons i want the, -- i wt the whistleblower to testify. lou already tomorrow dr. robert
5:00 am
pillsbury and pastor robert jeffress. see you tomorrow evening right here. thanks so much. good night from new lauren: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. president trump touting the booming stock market and economy and democrats rally against wall street. the president reminding voters in louisiana last night their 401-k balances are through the roof and he's right. we've got the numbers to prove it. cheryl: it is old versus new when it comes to retail. how one hot young company may be in trouble while an a old school favorite is hitting it out of the park. lauren: a new report reveals that diamonds are a girl's best friend and a new trend that's shaking up holiday shopping and we'll take a look at the season's must-have toys. it's friday, november 145th


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