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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 16, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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york. [♪] trish: another total for the history books. hearsay, conjecture, opinions. now we hear democrats are leading focus groups to determine which term causes americans more concern, bribery or quid pro quo. i'm trish regan. adam schiff in typical form shouting down and out the other side when and wherever he could. >> chairman. >> i have a point of order. >> the gentleman is not recognized. >> i have a point of order. >> point of order. >> the gentleman is not recognized. >> point of ordinary i shall.
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there are four transcripts that have not been released. >> the gentleman is not recognized. >> mr. chairman i have a point of order. >> the chairwoman is not recognized. >> you are not recognized. trish: not recognized. not recognized. this is his m.o. this is what he does primarily because he can't hear the other side. he doesn't want to hear the other side and he can't allow another viewpoints because these hearings are his last great hope to undo a presidency that he has been trying to undo since election night 2016. adam schiff and company are trying to prove that president withheld money from ukraine to force ukraine to deliver the goods on hunter bind's $83,000 a
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month gig on the dubious board on a company and industry he knew nothing about. we have the memos of the transcripts plural. but also the initial call. one in which president trump calls to congrat zelensky on his win. does the president tell him he needs to deliver on the bidens or else in either call? no. absolutely not. which is why he says read the transcripts. the actual words no longer matter to democrats. why let the truth get in the way of a good story and peninsula laition office gossip. that's what they are after. that's what they are after. apparently if you are listening to these guys, they think that hearsay is more valuable than any firsthand account.
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>> so it's interesting and curious we are talking about hearsay evidence. the american people needs to be reminded that countless people have been convicted on hearsay. hearsay can be much better evidence than direct. trish: what? hearsay can be much better evidence than direct? i mean this guy needs help. he needs to go to school or take a journalism course. hearsay is not what you base things on. you base things on truth and direct information. hearsay is like a bad game of telephone. and this is what they are trying to convince people of. the democrats' star witness today, marie yovanovich, is being portrayed as holier than
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thou. i'm sure she is a dedicated and nice person. but if she is so much above reproach and so concerned about corruption in ukraine. why didn't she address the issue of burisma with joe biden himself? she said today it never came up. >> i have never met hunter bind nor have i had any direct or indirect questions with him. though i have met former very much bind many times over the course our time in government service. neither he or the previous administration raised the issue of burisma or hunter bide within me. trish: nor did she raise the issue of burisma or hunter biden with them. the democrats argument which has nothing to do with anything they are alleging over this quid pro
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quo. is that the president when he refers to marie yovanovich as the quote woman, that was being sexist. because he called her the woman. i am pretty sure he called her the woman because he probably wasn't quite sure how to pro nowrns yovanovich. but it's a difficult name so he calls her the woman because there are probably not that's women leading those diplomatic efforts. but as long as we are on the topic of sexism. let's look at adam schiff's treatment of elise stefanik. >> that is not a proper point of order. >> yield to you, mountains heman fan i can. >> thank you for being here today. >> the gentleman will suspend. you are not recognized.
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mr. nunes -- >> i just recognized house house resolutions 660 you are not allowed to yield time. >> ranking members yielded time. >> that's not accurate. >> that is accurate. this is the fifth time you have interrupted members -- duly elected members of congress. >> the congresswoman will suspend. trish: she was susceptible to getting fired like any other department head when a new boss comes in. last time i checked, it's the president of the united states that is supposed to call the shots on policy and not his employees. that's tonight's intel for you. we have a lot coming up. republican congressman ralph norman. also tonight, the law defined it. but in the nfl all you get is a suspension.
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the browns' myles garrett attacking nathan rudolf with his own helmet. we'll be asking if garrett should be facing criminal charges. far left presidential candidate bernie sanders who is in the top three of many polls, says if he's elected he will put socialist aoc in an important white house role. he said millennials were the first generation to protest. >> this new generation is very profound and very strong and very brave because they are willing to go to the streets. how about that. like previous generations just assumed that the government
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states would do just about anything within his power to please the president of the united states if he could? >> you know, if he could. i am sure there are limits. and i'm sure there are a lot of discussions in the ukrainian government about all of this. yeah, we are an important relationship on the security side and on the political side. trish: he kept trying to lead her to say president zelensky wrote do whatever trump wanted including conjuring stuff up about joe biden if president trump wanted because the u.s. is so important to ukraine. you can see how she resisted that. this was an example of them trying to lead the witness. none of this would be permissible in a courtroom. but this is one big circus and
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theatrical display. a giant schiff show. joining me, house be committee member. what's on your reaction. >> it's a kangaroo court. to watch this as you said in your monologue, for congressman quigley to say hearsay is in some instances better than direct evidence. to hear them lead the witness and trying to put words in the mouth, to shut down elise stefanik, i don't think they wanted a female questioning another female. for schiff to keep interrupting. each side has less than 60 minutes. schiff like he has done every since he has been in charge and running this sham of a show has done everything, and it hasn't
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turned out like he thought. >> we are hearing a lot of reports that a lot of democrats are frustrated by this. you have got a guy who was a giant russian conspiracy theorist. he insisted he had proof that donald trump conspired together with the russians to steal the election from hillary clinton. that was his m.o. all along. that didn't pan out. millions of dollars later, mueller proved there was nothing going on there. so now. in this schiff-controlled courtroom so to speak, where once again, there is no there there. >> trish, he's not only trying to impeach the president.
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he's trying to impeach the conservative movement. he's trying to shut down all conservatives. he thinks the american people are stupid. as you mentioned from day one. it's like the guacamole. the mueller report didn't go like he thought. the collusion, the obstruction of justice. each of the witnesses have not turned out like he thought. he tried to do it in secret. he lied about the testimony, the transcript before the president released it. so it hadn't gone the way he wanted it to. irony of doing polling on what sounds better to the public, how shameful is that? trish: we can confirm there has been some not just polling, but focus groups where you get a bunch of people together in a room and say what do you think of this? what do you think when you hear bribery and quid pro quo? they made a decision to change
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the language away from quid pro quo of because bribery sound scarier, that sounds better. we are -- we are getting caught up in this. the post gave adam schiff four pinocchios because he wouldn't tell the truth about the so-called whistleblower meeting with his staff beforehand. they think it will sound scarier if they say bribery as opposed to quid pro quo. what does that tell you about the state of the dems. >> they are in disarray and it's on full display. on quid pro quo the word is ms. pelosi and adam schiff didn't think it american people understood it or could pronounce it.
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but the whole thing is a farce. i think the american people see through it. it's time to fight this group and i'm glad president is doing it. trish: this is something that disturbs me. is this just the way they are going to play going forward if you don't like the results of an election. you don't like the fact that 63 million people voted for president trump. so you make a concerted effort to undo that and maim and harm him significantly in the press. so you can cast some doubt into voters' minds? >> that's what they are doing. with an election less than 12 months away. they want to take the voice of the american people away from us. and it's not going to work. the good news is -- and they do all the polling and focus groups they want. but when i listen to ms.ian
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vimp, i shotd ms. yovanovich, i thought why is she there? she had nothing to add. trish: hang congressman, hear -- congressman, hearsay is more believable and directs testimony. >> you can be convicted of speeding if someone thought they saw you speeding. trish: coming up, bernie sanders is saying if elected he will put several socialists aoc in a very important white house role. we are going to have fun with this. maybe she could be head of the environmental protection agency because when we aoc said people should rethink having kids if they want to combat climate change?
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>> it does lead young people to have a legitimate question. should -- is it okay to still have children. trish: this needs to stop. get out of her own way. we'll discuss what kind of horrifying role she could have in the white house. liberal policies literally harming people. a third seattle area murder tied to the city's sanctuary city policy. tommy laren says they have blood on their hands. rashida tlaib is a free bird. remember this? >> she said, i am her dream manifested. i'm they are free bird. so why would i come back and be caged. trish: apparently she is a free bird who needed a lot of campaign cash to pay off personal debt. so much so that she faces a
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>> when your son is 15 and said mom, look you won. i say bullies don't win. we are going to go in there and impeach the [bleep]. trish: a proud member of the squad, a woman who made it her mission to unseat the president of the united states as you just heard complete with bleeped out profanity is being investigated by the democratic controlled ethics committee. according to newly obtained texts and email messages she was you bugging staffers for loans for personal expenditures,
8:25 pm
childcare. in one such email she writes she was struggling financially and sinking. let me quote here. i was thinking the campaign could loan me money, but ryan said the committee could actually pay me. i was thinking of a one-time payment of 5k. in another email she writes i am not going to make it through the campaign without a stipend. i'm requesting $2,000 per two weeks. it's going toward much-needed expenses like car maintenance and child care. do you think the campaign can still pay me a stipend until the general? trying to get out of debt. so i feel for her. she was up against it. however, it does not mean that you turn to your campaign for a personal handout. it does not mean you turn to
8:26 pm
your campaign to get out of debt. it's not allowed. what's wrong with these politicians. take some responsibility, some personal responsibility why don't you. now it's up to the ethics committee to figure out whether these expenses were legitimate or not. joining me now, foxnation host kat timpf angie and so-called well. this is a lot of money. we are talking about $28,000 she got during election for personal stuff, then $17,500 after the election. >> that's the issue. er technically allowed to accept some money while you are campaigning. the issue is this money she received after the election before she got her house seat.
8:27 pm
that's not allowed. i'm not a lawyer. i have seen a lot of them on tv. but i'm not one of them myself. if it is up to the committee to investigate, i'm glad it is getting investigated. but if she received the money after i don't see how that can possibly be legal. >> you said in your intro, take some personal responsibility. democrats and personal responsibility doesn't go together. you think about a member of the squad, you said you are not a lawyer. she happens to be a lawyer. she took a break from being a lawyer to run for office. if she were to say i done know the rules, i don't know the law, i don't believe her. she is one of the most self righteous members of congress there is. she thinks president trump should obey the laws and i agree, but she should as well.
8:28 pm
she thinks president trump should be punished for whatever he does, she should as well. don't apologize as if you are sorry that you got caught. but let me take the full weight of the punishment. trish: there is a set of rules out there. they think it doesn't pertain to them. >> they use their oppression or marginalization as an excuse why they are owed something. she said i'm a single mother of two. i have been through tough times myself in life where i struggle financially. i never said that meant somehow that rules don't apply to me. they still do. trish: it doesn't mean that there should be a whole shift in the entire economy. i look at her and some of these socialists. aoc had a big problems in terms of campaign finance. her chief of staff was funneling
8:29 pm
more than a million dollars to private companies he incorporated. then you have i will than so march who basically used $3,500 to pay for her own personal travel out of state as well as do her tax returns. she eventually paid back the money. what is it that they think they can do this. >> it seems the members of the squad are the corrupt squad. they need to examine their own selves and look in the mirror. they are not obeying the laws and following the rules. they are doing things that are much worse than what is being done by others. trish: any system that turned to socialism as eventually become incredibly corrupt. i feel like the danger right now for our country is that kind of stuff could play out again,
8:30 pm
whether it's rashida tlaib to think it was okay to take $17,500. >> she knew it wasn't okay. trish: nicolas maduro knows it's not okay to be siphoning some of money and putting it in spain. this is an important time for the country as you look at these far-left socialists, elizabeth warren want to go tax people 100%. >> unbelievable. i don't understand how socialism sound attractive to anyone. this money i work hard to make, i don't know how to spend it myself. maybe the government should spend it for me. how is that -- people yeah, that sounds great. but some people do. and this is altruistic, it's
8:31 pm
not. people are literally dead because of it. nobody talks about that. trish: they are trying to reinvent human nature. rashida tlaib $17,500. people as much as we like to think we can be altruistic, we have basic motivations and they are often very selfish. what you try and do is create a system within a market economy that plays to the business of those selfish instincts while restraining them and find a way for that to work for the common good of society. >> the squad is attention seeking and we see what they are doing behind closed doors. they are taking us for granted. >> don't take it for granted. trish: the law defines it as an assault. but in the nfl all you get is a
8:32 pm
suspension. myles garrett brutally attack mason rudolf with his own helmet. far left presidential candidate bernie sanders is saying if he's elected he will put fellow socialist aoc quote in a very important white house role. like the secretary of labor? remember when aoc talked about unemployment and said it was so low because people have two jobs? >> everything is fine, right? unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs. trish: former trump state department christian lang discusses all of this. that's next. (alexa) added to band shopping list.
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>> the leader of the united states congress. our ideas are resonating all over this country. if i'm in the white house she'll play a very, very important role. no question. trish: that sounds like to me, that sounds like desperation. bernie sanders in a last-minute hail mary attempt to pull ahead of elizabeth warren and joe biden is dangling the prospect of 28-year-old alexandria ocasio-cortez in the white house. we are trying to think of what he could possibly mean. she couldn't be vice president because you need to be 35 years old to be vice president. but imagine what would happen if he tapped her to be his treasury secretary. >> once you get to the tippy top
8:38 pm
stop your 10 millionth dollar, sometimes you see tax rates as high as 60% to 70%. capitalism has not sales existed in the world and will not always exist in the world. trish: imagine what our foreign policy would look like for a person who refuses to denounce socialist dictator nicolas maduro in venezuela. >> i think this is a complex issue. i think this is important to approach carefully. i'm concerned about u.s. interventionism in venezuela and i oppose it. trish: how about the head' homeland security? >> i think abolishing i.c.e. is a call to action on several levels. one is the literal
8:39 pm
interpretation. i don't nawnl resume rights. trish: whatever it is, i can'ting promise you it won't be good to have aoc or bernie sanders in the white house. it would be for sure a disaster. i don't think it's ever happened. but nonetheless, a disaster. joining me, former state department advisor christian whiton. can you imagine, about where or elizabeth warren. she is out in front? elizabeth warren, aoc with socialism that has become so popular. what would that do to us? >> this is bernie setting it now. but who interesting is this? he didn't go out and say i'm going to talk to chuck schumer,
8:40 pm
the democratic leader in the senate about who is going to be in my cabinet. it just shows the degree to which the trio, the quad, is the leader of the democratic party. if you look at who is driving the agenda, clearly it's not the moderate that were elected to flip in orange county and places like that. trish: one of the things she admitted to in part because she is perhaps not so seasoned and that's why she keeps making blunders. but she fully admits they have to impeach him, because if they don't impeach him, imagine if he wins again in 2020.
8:41 pm
you have nancy pelosi saying no, this is not about trying to do anything for 2020. this is about doing what's right for the constitution. it's very sad, very somber. she goes out there and says exactly what it is which is about trying to skin the president for 2020. >> we saw this among the belief by the democrats reflected by aoc. the bureaucrats are the ones who are in charge. it's an attempt to weaken the presidency, it's a long cherished socialist goal to make america undecisive, unable to win wars and unable to move decisively in crises. what executive skill does this
8:42 pm
person have? you are not just setting policy when you are in the cabinet. you are typically managing the bureaucracy of more than a million people. to have someone obsessed with race. aoc says i don't know about this, it had 10 males and most of them are white. you can't do that type of racism when you are running an executive branch agency. this is such a disaster. trish: you mentioned something about the bureaucrats. what's your sense of it. who do you charge here. the american people who elect the president of the united states. the president of the united states sets the tone for policy on the world stage. isn't that what needs to happen as opposed to the state department and the bureaucrats and everybody who has been a
8:43 pm
career lifer at the cia saying we don't like this new guy, we don't like these policies. we'll double down and try to get them out. >> there are a lot of people at the state department, 90% votes democratic. out in the field they are dedicated patriots who will do their duty no matter who is president. but you get the snakes back at headquarters. if they don't like what the president is doing, they can resign. they should go somewhere else. and you know that colonel who, you know, lieutenant colonel vindman said i was afraid the president might be undermining foreign policy. completely impossible to do because the president sets foreign policy. this is an attempt to weaken the presidency and weaken our democracy. trish: coming up, the cleveland
8:44 pm
browns myles garrett attacking mason rudolf with his own helmet. should he mace criminal charges? liberal policy literally harming people. >> it's a call to across on several levels. >> replacing i.c.e. with something that reflects our morality. >> we examine i.c.e. and its role. trish: a third seattle area murder tied to the city's sanctuary city policy. ♪ ♪ diamonds shine like me. they're strong. they're brilliant. i am a diamond. find beautiful diamond styles
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[♪] president trump: first we are finalizing the rule that will compel hospitals to publish prices publicly online for everyone to see and could compare so you can go online and compare the hospitals and the doctors and prices. i assume get res resumes on docs and see who you like. second we are putting forward a proposed rule to require health insurance providers to disclose their pricing information to consumers. we are giving american families control of their healthcare
8:49 pm
decisions and the freedom to choose that care. trish: president trump pushing forward his executive -- execution, i should say, of his plan for more transparency. today's new rule comes on the heels of the executive order he signed in june to give the american people more information about the costs of their medical care. so the white house says the system will make prices public. hospitals will face pressure to compete for patients which should cause prices to drop. the rule is set to go in effect january 1, 2021. the devastating policies of some liberal cities in focus after news that an illegal immigrants with a rap sheet of horrible crimes including drug possession
8:50 pm
and domestic violence is accused of killing a seattle residents. a legal immigrant to this country. people are asking, what if we had just deported him after say the first crime. maybe then this american would still be alive. joining me right now, foxnation host tomi lahren. what if we deported him? >> one american or one illegal immigrant killed at the hand an illegal immigrant is one too many. the sanctuary policies are doing this. the fact that some democrats are advocating for them, especially in california people know the kate steinle story, but that's happening over and over again. you have the democrats pushing the criminal illegal immigrants
8:51 pm
over the american people. and it's absolutely disgusting. trish: why are they doing that? >> it's hard to guess their motivations. i went on a ride along with our immigration and customs enforcement people here in los angeles a few weeks ago. i'll tell you this, the effort they have to go through to detain and deport these criminal aliens. they have to go to great length because of sanctuary city and sanctuary policies. they used to be able to take criminal aliens and process and deport them. now they have to go on a scavenger hunt to find these people. they reoffend in the communities they come from. no one is safe with these policies. trish: robert davi was on the show from california and he made the point. and i think he's on to
8:52 pm
something. basically there is an effort to change the makeup, if you would, of the united states of america. the more people you can keep from brianing in, you have the possibility much like california which used to be a red state of choosing additional states, places like texas that are red that they would like to make blue. do you think that's part of the thinking here? >> 100%. i absolutely think not just because of the time i spent with border agents and i.c.e. agents. if you look at the makeup of california it's easy to see. then we have ongoing voter fraud. illegal immigrants are able to get driver's licenses and put on the voter roles automatically. they have to opt out to be taken off the voter roles through voter fraud or if democrats get
8:53 pm
elected, through amnesty and voting rights. trish: you look at the policies liberals try to put in place. you have got a lot of them out there in your neck of the woods. some of these cities like seattle or san francisco, new york as well. cities that are really changing because of homeless problems. because of i call it the free to pee rule. sadly in san francisco it's been decriminalized. you can urinate anywhere in public where you see fit, and no one will do anything about it. you can solicit sex from prostitutes on the streets of san francisco and no one is going to do anything about it. you can block traffic or put your truck in the middle of the sidewalk and nobody is going to do anything about it. i would think if you are in government, if you devote yourself to that and become the
8:54 pm
mayor of one of these sanctuary cities, you would want to actually have policies in place that would help the community, help keep that community clean, help keep that community safe. and they are doing anything but. >> you would think they would wants to make their communities and cities cleaner. but it's the opposite. if they solve the problem they don't get the funding. it's strategic they don't want to fix the problem. just look like they are fixing the problem and look like they care. we have a homeless epidemic in the state of california and other places as well. but we have a few night number of resources. if we can't take care of the people we already have, how do americans think we'll provide for 10 to 20 million illegal immigrants? at some point we are going have to face reality. we cannot take anymore.
8:55 pm
trish: coming up, cleveland browns myles garrett attacking bare i knew about the tremors. but when i started seeing things,
8:56 pm
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at stitch fix we don't just see your size or style. we see you. stitch fix. personal styling for everybody. >> myles garrett. >> is he winging a helmet? >> yeah, there'll be some i nexts coming out of this.
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>> there may be some suspensions -- >> that's right. >> oh, gosh. that's one of the worst things i've ever seen on a professional sports field. trish: awful. just awful. disgusting behavior, shocking brawl during last night's thursday night football game. star defensive lineman myles garrett ripping off the helmet of steelers' quarterback mason rudolph which got garrett an indefinite suspension by the league in addition to the suspensions of multiple players that were involved in this terrible, terrible altercation. the steelers and the browns' organizations were fined $250,000 each, garrett's fine is yet to be announced. i'm sorry, a fine? suspension? i think he deserves a little more than that. just saying. and the entire world thought. anyway, we've got a bigger big week coming up. make sure you tune in monday.
9:00 pm
2020 senior adviser for trump, and south dakota senator mike rounds. we've got more of the schiff show, a total schiff show, coming up next week v. a great [ cow moos ] >> a montana cowboy inherits a barren patch of prairie. >> this place isn't big enough to starve to death on. >> but beneath the parched soil, he finds prehistoric treasure. >> this is one of the most important discoveries in this century. >> i've got a year to try to see if i can survive with our ranch and selling dinosaur fossils. this is a jaw bone to a tyrannosaurus rex that i found. >> will this cowpoke's strange inheritance lead him to boom... >> whoo! >> [ laughs ] >> ...or bust? >> lightning doesn't strike the same place very often. [ chuckles ] maybe never. ♪


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