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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 17, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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everybody. ♪. maria: good sunday morning everyone thank you for joining us maria bartiromo coming up straight ahead. exclusively right here on sunday morning features. on capitol hill congressman john ratcliffe one of the gop stars on the intel committee overseeing public impeachment inquiry hearings, he is life telling us about last weekend to look ahead of the second week of hearings on the hill and whether the testimony we've heard so far will move the ball forward on the democrats impeachment. latebreaking developer friday night, what will happen when the hearings and, house judiciary committee doug collins on that and whether it's possible adam
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schiff could be sworn in as a witness. how will all this play out to the race in the white house, jeff is here one of two democrats who voted to oppose the impeachment inquiry. the investigation impact on 2020, all that and a lot more as we look ahead on sunday morning features. ♪ in the public hearing in the impeachment inquiry will continue this upcoming week with eight officials are scheduled to testify. including u.s. ambassador to the european union gordon sondland whose name is come up so far. they heard testimony from william taylor and george kent, the dippy assistant secretary of state for europe and eastern europe. neither could answer this key question from john macklin. >> in this impeachment hearing
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today for treason or bribery and other high crimes, where is the impeachable offensive not call her either of you here today to assert there was an impeachable offense? >> shouted out, anyone and raining right now ratcliff how intel homeland security and also former federal prosecutor. it's always a pleasure to see you. thank you for being here. >> good to be with you. >> i want to look ahead but look back what is your take away from what you heard this past week? >> let's summarize, we heard from three witnesses this week, none of those three witnesses have met or spoken with president trump in the last year, none of them were on the july 25: question, none of them have firsthand information of the call of course and as you display, none of them are aware of any criminal activity or impeachable offense, if you only
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get one chance to make a first impression, the impression of the american people, what is this about and why are we here. what is congress wasting their time with on another effort to from the president for something else he did not do. maria: some of these testimonies have been leaked and some have been out in the public view but others not, what is the process in terms of getting certain things out and others not? >> the process is whatever adam schiff decides, the process will be that they -- think of it this way, if you're accused of a crime, you show up in the person who has accused you of the crime is in charge of the trial and he decides what witnesses are going to be called, the order they will be called, how much they'll be allowed to testify, who will be allowed to ask questions, that's what republicans are dealing with and i think the american people see that.
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we find out everything what the rules are going to be, the rules change every day, the testimony changes, the crimes that the president allegedly is accused of changes. just in the past week, we went from this was all about the quid pro quo to about extortion to bribery. so we don't know what the crimes are going to be in the other thing that was important came up this week, regardless of what they say of crime and what it ultimately is, there is no victim for the crime, the alleged victim, the president of the ukraine said there is no pressure, no conditions, no demands, nothing improper, it was a good call, i was happy with the call. so you have no crime and no victim. that's the worst impeachment trial ever. >> especially since the whistleblower first brought up these allegations in nancy pelosi and colleagues wanted to talk with the whistleblower, we have a letter that nancy pelosi wrote the speaker to her colleagues saying the
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administration needs to stop blocking the whistleblower from disclosing to congress a serious possible fleet enter breach from the president and now adam schiff says he does not want to speak to the whistleblower. in what we keep getting are parading through one ambassador or diplomat after another who does not know the president and doesn't know what either president thinks about what happened and were not hearing from the most important witnesses. the most important is the whistleblower, adam schiff two met with her was support and hunter biden whose testimony became indispensable this week when we learn it was not a sham as chairmanship shed to be asking questions about that, we found out the obama state department was concerned about hunter biden's role on marie's mom, we heard from marie yovanovitch and mr. kent who
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thought it presented a conflict of interest. republicans are asking questions about that were gobbled down and again, this is headed summarily, the democrats want to send this to the senate without testimony from the most important witnesses. >> i think this is an interesting point you bring up, that did come out last week that the obama administration was prepping ambassador marie yovanovitch when she was going to be there in the testimony room and they needed her to understand the specifics on hunter biden on the breeze will board. >> think about that, what her testimony was, there are thousands of companies in ukraine and in preparation with the obama biden state department briefed her on one company marie'withepstein around the moe
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company who is being investigated and the prosecutor who is investigating that was fired just hours after joe biden demand he be fired. the president has every right to take care that our laws are faithfully executed in the hunter biden contract with a case of corruption and totally appropriate for us to be looking at that relationship we ought to have that testimony in the impeachment trial that relates to questions about investigations. maria: the question becomes where is this all going, and this upcoming week you have a more witnesses coming down to testify and yet there is a strong belief out there that your colleagues on the left are railroaded this through and tried to get as much done as possible before thanksgiving and
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perhaps could beat the ig report, that is coming out which you look at the origins of the russian probe, that will come out as well. then we get to do wha respondent lindsey graham told me last week on the program to impeachment inquiry headed to the senate. watch this. >> i think it's important to find out what really did happen regarding the firing of the prosecutor and what was a conflict of interest to hunter biden had but back to the whistleblower. it is impossible to bring this case forward in my view fairly without us knowing who the whistleblower is and having a chance to cross-examine them about any bu by system i have. if they don't call the whistleblower this thing is dead on arrival on the senate. maria: dead on arrival on the senate what does that mean. in terms of the whole process. >> it means this is a waste of time. i think the democrats know that. you have democrats on the house intelligence committee which is
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now the house impeachment committee that already voted to impeach the president, they have made up their mind and this is dead on arrival without fairly looking at the most important witnesses and they don't want the whistleblower to come in because it is not been discovered that chairmanships office core needed for that person to become the whistleblower and the other thing chairmanship has not done, he has not read the inspector general's transcript, the first one because it will tell you what the inspector general knew and did not do about the relationship between adam schiff and the was a barbie enter based on what adam schiff did or did not reveal to the inspector general. so this is such an unfair process and i think everyone sees the republicans are dealing
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with an inquiry where we have not just one but two hands tied behind our backs and despite that, the democrats are still losing. in a case where we talk about impeaching the president, it should be clear, egregious and bipartisan. it is none of those things. maria: stay with us, because i want to ask you about connecting the dots to the origins of the russian probe. coming up we understand from william barr that the ig report is a menace and we want to take a look at that as well as talk about the transcript she would like released because i know we need to be able to bring that up and questioning the upcoming week. follow me on twitter at maria bartiromo and on instagram. bartiromo and on instagram. stay with us bartiromo and on instagram. stay with us ♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun
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he's been asked top questions in this impeachment inquiry last week, congressman forget to the ig report, i want to get your thoughts on what will hear from the ig report which is scheduled for early december. but one thing that i noticed this past week, are you guys not under oath in congress in that room? adam schiff, you said you want adam schiff to come down and testify under oath. does that mean what we hear from adam schiff needs public hearings he is not under oath he can say whatever he wants? >> yet he is not sworn in as a witness as we preside over these hearings or he presides over these hearings. much of what he he is saying to the american people is not true. i know it's not true and we know it is not true. we would like him to testify, i think congressman collins is going to ask for that when the house intelligence committee sent a report to the judiciary
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committee and i doubt that chairman nadler is going to allow that. i don't think they will allow that, they should and i think that's unfortunate. it's another reason why this will be dead on arrival in the senate including adam schiff will not be testifying. >> i'm going to speak with doug collins in just a few minutes and ask him about that pre-but it struck me because i guess that's what he can say we have not seen the whistleblower, we don't know who the whistleblower is and then a couple weeks later we found out my staff did meet with the was a blur. he could say what he wants because is not under oath. i just want to make that clear. the ig report, when do you expect it, you been studying the origins of the russian probe for three years have done a great job in terms of exposing the wrongdoing that took place in 2016, what should we expect from this report? >> i do think it's going to be the first week of december and bill barr said it's imminent and
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i would love it if it came out sumer because the early report the democrats are racing to get to the impeachment as quickly as possible and it's why we have eight witnesses and five hearings this week and were not doing any of the work because they know the inspector general report is likely to be damning about the origins of the 2016 investigation into the trump campaign and the role that the obama biden officials played in that. we know this, the report is supposedly 500 pages, it does not take in inspector general 500 pages to say everything was done correctly and properly. and i cannot tell you everything that is in there but what i can tell you that i know the inspector general is going to have to find that there were things that were done wrong and there is exculpatory information that was not provided. i think it is going to be an indictment of adam schiff who has written his own pfizer
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rebuttal memo if you remember general 2018 how the republicans criticize people like peter strzok and lisa page and andy mccabe and bruce or who have done nothing wrong. i think the ig report is going to find that there were problems in the pfizer application process and they don't want that to come out until after they impeach the president. we have a letter from adam schiff to to give a ne devon an, we will all of these hearings specifically to be only about the ukraine phone call, we don't want anything about hunter biden and anything with debunked interference in the 2016 election. debunked. when i look at what is happening, you have an investigation at the highest level of our law enforcement which is the attorney general investigating 2016 election and
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interference by the fbi and cia. you have john durham's criminal investigation. i ask you what exactly is debunked about 2016 interference which is what adam schiff drugs? he's not under oath to write this letter either. >> he is not. and it's not debunked and i think the ig report is going to validate at the time chairman nunez buys a memo that highlighted the abuses, i tell you this, i can't tell you what the exculpatory information is but there was some. and i tell you it was not timely delivered to the fisa court during the dependency of those fisa applications and i'll promise you that the inspector general report is going to address that. maria: we think we know that, our audience knows that because we've had george papadopoulos on in your colleague saying that there was an informant who went
6:19 pm
to george papadopoulos and said it's great that russia has easy modes and it's good for trump in george papadopoulos answers and says that trees and i would never do something like that and the guy was wired and it was an informant talking to him and that transcript should be one piece of evidence were expecting in the ig report. that's what you're referring to aren't you? >> i believe that will be addressed by the inspector general and whether that was timely delivered to the fisa court and assuming all of that is true and will the report speak for itself, you probably see a shifting democratic narrative saying it did not make any difference. there are genuine questions -- >> there are legitimate questions of those of us who have seen the classified documents about the origins of the 2016 investigation, it is unraveling and that's why they are rushing to impeach the
6:20 pm
president, they fail to impeach him for being a russian agent because it was a joke, they failed to impeach him word shopping justice because it was a joke. in this hoax based on a phone call with the president of the ukraine who says i'm not a victim, nothing happened is also hoax. >> were gonna talk with jeff andrew from new jersey he was one of two who voted against the impeachment inquiry, real quick before you go, do expect this vote for impeachment in december? what are you expecting in terms when the house will impeach president trump. >> nancy pelosi in adam schiff racing to get this done and that's where we have five impeachment hearings this week with eight different witnesses and they are recent o'clock, they want to get this done before information that comes out the damages the obama biden administration and the efforts to frame donald trump come out in the ig report or from john durham criminal investigation
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first welcome back. three implements that they block military aid to ukraine. in exchange for the bidens. now as we look ahead to the second week of public hearings, joining me in another exclusive interview a lawmaker involved in the next steps of the impeachment process, house judiciary committee georgia congressman doug collins. great to see you today pretty thank you so much for joining us. a lot of fireworks in this last
6:25 pm
week of hearings, what was your take away? >> my biggest take away, we are through another week and nothing has changed about the civil fact that nothing -- the president did nothing wrong, there is nothing in the transcript, no pressure on either side of the ukrainian prime minister who said he was not pressure. we still no holding up of money that they did not even know was held it. and they got the money. we saw john radcliffe, there was something to debunked, adam schiff's credibility debunked. we saw arguments from the democrats such as hearsay is really good evidence and sometimes the best of it. and then the wonderful mr. saud well who said if you remove and abbasid or it's in plain and impeachable defense. what we saw last week was a completely first-hand response from the democrat to president they have hated. we saw them controlling the narrative to such a way because they know they are not winning so they have to put out what they want. but then again i saw chairman
6:26 pm
and the rules that we passed a week or so ago confirm one thing, this is what was on the judiciary committee, they do not have anything else they wanted to bring a donor to workday, one of the councils who is the democratic party to ask questions. this is another process where they want stop just off members to ask instead of members of congress. these are the rules they set up because they want the narrative to be so tailored and so constructed to their one argument that they don't care. they hate this president so much that they do not care about process and roles. the worst part, they don't care about justice. they know they have nothing to another making it up and pulling to figure out what's best to sell to the american people. maria: you make a good point, they were staffed with your to ask questions but not the same as when one of your colleagues a newly elected member of congress tried to ask a question. let's watch this.
6:27 pm
>> the chairwoman will stay her point of order. >> will determine continue to prohibit witnesses from answering a public question as you've done in closed hearings -- >> that is not a proper point of order we will suspend. >> the gentleman is not recognized. i do want to respond -- the gentleman is not recognized -- the general and is organized. maria: that's ended like shifts rules or the highway. you also want transcripts to be released, what is so important about getting the other transcript that you want to see released before you ask questions of the new witnesses next week? >> two things, number one at transco she just talked about that you can add to the narrative, yesterday late they released the margin transcript which can be used in following up on testimony we have heard
6:28 pm
before and transcripts released before they he said he was actually on the call and there was nothing improper and he incorporated any input that mr. goodman had into this. there are some things that need to be able to ask questions. i want to go back to your clip, what it shows, adam schiff is an incompetent, a point of order cannot be ignored by a chairman. they can rule against the point of order but he has to be her ae the court of order. and to say that he is not recognized, this is a train were on the track and i'm sorry republicans you're trying to lay on the tracks, i'm not going to have it because i only have one purpose in mind is to impeach the president and you're not going to get my way. i don't care what the rules say. most people -- when the senate looks at this and the american people, they see a runaway chairman who has no idea what he is doing when it comes to actually carrying out a fair and honest procedure. maria: very close to the time that were supposed to hear from
6:29 pm
michael horowitz, the inspector general expecting ig report soon and i know you have a deadline for certain reauthorization's of fisa, the fisa court, can you tell us what is happening there and what you're expecting for. >> the ig report, hopefully we will see around the first week of december may be about the same time judiciary committee gets adam schiff to peter and corey document. but the other thing was set alight and it'll be mostly what were hearing now probably nonclassified with good insight to the american people and what was actually happy with the problems in the fisa court. we are seen that coming up quickly. it's also interesting that this next week almost a year of doing nothing in our committee basically wasting time on russian mueller in all things we cannot do. we are now going to have a markup on fisa read off three station that are expiring at the end of the year.
6:30 pm
and we brought it up, why would we want to do it before the report comes up because this would be recommendation that we can act upon in the report so were working right now to say why are you brushing this when he had no interest when you could've been doing all year. return to do a short-term reauthorization to make sure the intelligence committee can do what they need to do both concerning and things like that. but we want to get into urban not just reauthorizing or passover opportunity to look at what mr. horowitz has found. even to the american people trust that this fisa court in the process of the d.o.j. actually using a properly against american citizens. we've seen that did not happen. maria: real quick, after until the impeachment goes to the judiciary, you're the ranking member, what are you going to do, tell me what that looks like when you get the impeachment inquiry and judiciary. >> the intel part of this was fast, way to get to judiciary. they really seem what can happen
6:31 pm
when escrow questions in the judiciary committee. they did take it from the committee one time. they cannot take it this time. it's going to be a fast process. but the american people need to stand up and demand there is actual hearings in our committee with the first and foremost being adam schiff. if he writes the report and send it to the judiciary, he needs to come and have the courage of conviction to stand before committee, answer all questions including the president. when he gets to judiciary, this is the first time the president name will have input into the system. if anybody thinks this is referred to the president so far, what it gives judiciary, this is our only opportunity. in a chairman natalie does not have the ability or the cooperation or the willingness himself to actually call real witnesses to discuss this before our committee before we go on impeachment than the americans can see the sham of his in real readiness through with the president. maria: takes me that you have 15
6:32 pm
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maria: the impeachment inquiry what was named during friday's public hearing when former ambassador marie yovanovitch accused him of pushing false allegations against her that led
6:36 pm
to ouster. i want to come to john solomon, he's been at the center of all of this great reporting for three years. it is great to see you. your takeaways on the impeachment. >> i think there's three things to evaluate, on his theatrics, to his process, three substance. then we do this in reverse order. on substance, the democrats have yet to bring a single witness who has identified impeachable crime or even has first-hand knowledge of a quid pro quo. but the republicans have drawn significant evidence substantial evidence of concern that the state department witnesses and these people were obama, biden workers and they had about the inference of the ukraine ambassador back in 2016 brittany and i think the republicans have scored on substance prion process, the two did a great job describing the unfair setting. i have not been washington and seen the orders were not recognized with the accuser
6:37 pm
knocking to call their own witnesses. i'll process the democrats have a chance of losing the american public because lack of fairness. and on theatrics, the democrats got one moment on friday when they were able to read the president's tweet and not distracted or allow their media to distract from the substance of the hearing. he said i did see my counterpart criticizing the president and yeah i had concerns about hunter biden, they do not cover that because they have their theatrical moment. maria: good point on that. i want you to connect the dots to the origin on the russian pro. which he reported on so well. and we reported on so deeply on this program. william barr, the ag said the ig report is imminent and the attorney general spoke on friday night to the federal society. listen to what he said. >> the fact of the matter is, in waging a scorched-earth, no holds barred war of resistance,
6:38 pm
against this ministration, it is the left that is engaged in the systematic shredding of norms and undermining the rule of law. maria: it feels like this investigation is deep and broad, your take away from connecting the dots of the origins of the russian probe to what were hearing now in ukraine. do you think will see a possibility for those people trying to put their finger on the scale? >> i do. i think the first accountability comes with ig report and the public shaming of conduct that ring contrary to the fisa court rules and then there will be a decision to face criminal actions and probably be indicted per we have to wash the two-step process, and remember the fisa report is only limited to the fbi in the justice department, durham is going much deeper into the intelligence committee and another aspect he can look for help. the circle people that are going to get scrutinized is going to widen after the ig report,
6:39 pm
ukraine and russia are forever interlinked only scandals in the course the american policy. the most important part, there is irrefutable evidence. that ukrainian officials tried to interfere in the election. ambassador marie yovanovitch testified in her counterpart wrote that. they ruled that they tried to wrongly influence and three they ukrainian embassy in washington said on the record this past spring, yes the democratic operative came to us and tried to get us to give dirt on donald trump to influence a 2016 election. those are three things that cannot be reputed. maria: you mentioned owen a, when you look at my timeline, of michael flynn, and august of 2019 flynn needs donald trump a month later, september 2015 he is awarded an office of
6:40 pm
assessment contract $245,000 and stephan was an informant to the u.s. government from what we understand. what can we tell us about him and how much money did he make from the office of net assessments. explain what owen a is and how much he was paid. >> is supposed to be given the classified of the net strategy facing this country. over the last decade according to the inspector general who really review the office has gotten away from that and done a lot more think tank, he is one of those guys. he got a million dollars from the pentagon think tank from 2010 to 2016 and it showed that he did not account for his money properly pretty did not account for trouble, he did not do things a call for in his work. why is output, there are currently ongoing investigations in congress and inside government agencies.
6:41 pm
whether ona function as a clearinghouse, meaning you send academics, everyone is not intimidated by an academic and actually doing intelligence work in the process. i know there are defense lawyers looking at weapons, ona tasks and for him to get involved in general flynn, i know there are people looking at to see whether the 2016 contract if you work for the fbi. we need to wait and see what those answers are. but that will be an area for further investigation. >> is unlike he was being paid to do reports on china and on russia but in fact he made one to $2 million by being an informant and entrapping people from the trump campaign, george papadopoulos, he met paige, michael flynn, is that what you surmise? >> there may have been some prepayments from the fbi, that has never been answered.
6:42 pm
but their people currently looking investigating trying to determine if the payments of ona were a soft spy operation. we will have to wait until we get the facts but i think that's a very important question for the american people. maria: before you go, you have obviously been reporting incredibly on the story for three years now and you're doing the same on ukraine. now you are being attacked, we talked earlier there have been thousands of stories written about you just in the last couple of weeks trying to poke holes in your reporting. you say you are fighting back. >> i am. every fact and every one of the columns that he wrote from the hill is by the lawyers and to this day, every fact remains and public confirm. adam schiff's own witnesses confirm all three of the narratives of my columns. yes the state department embassy in cab were pressuring ukrainian authorities to drop certain cases. yes there were some concerns about hunter biden in the conflict of interest at burisma. and there were interest that
6:43 pm
ukrainian officials returned to stick their fingers in the 2016 election and all three of my stories are accurate. unfortunately those who attack them or engaging in unethical undemocratic and dishonest reporting where they don't look at the facts and my stories and say trust us, they are wrong. people should look at the facts. though it's back stand to testify. maria: will you turn around it to them? >> i am in consultation with lawyers right now about bringing targeted legal action. not because i want to make money but i want to correct the public record for the american people and i want them to see that my facts can stand up in the court of law. maria: let me ask you this, how far up the ladder do you believe this entrapment went in the obama ministration ? >> most counterintelligence investigations are always brief to the president. i would love to see president obama be released anything having to do with russia going back to the summer of 2015. i believe that the most and print time for him to look at. it's impossible that john brennan did not know about the key activities. and it's obviously that the
6:44 pm
attorney general would have to know working with the fbi. former senior officials and the names we've been talking about. we keep talking about all those but there's another layer that has escaped scrutiny and questioning and hopefully after the ig report comes out will get those answers. maria: great to see you. thank you so drivers just wont put their phones down. we need a solution. introducing... smartdogs. the first dogs trained to train humans. stopping drivers from: liking. selfie-ing. and whatever this is. available to the public... never. smartdogs are not the answer. but geico has a simple tip. turn on "do not disturb while driving" mode. brought to you by geico. like very high triglycerides, can be tough. you diet. exercise. but if you're also taking fish oil supplements, you should know, they are not fda-approved, they may have saturated fat and
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maria: and other exclusive as we look ahead to week two of the inquiry hearings of the house. new jersey congressman jeff andrew, one of two democrats to vote against launching the impeachment investigation and republican congressman from new york. it is great to see both. think it's much for joining us. >> it is great to be with you. let me kick it off with you, you have latebreaking news, you were at work late last night and this weekend with depositions, what can you tell us about that? >> there was a lot of coverage for the open hearing of tran11 on friday but once that was done
6:48 pm
even though we thought we were in the new open public part of this impeachment inquiry, we went back into the skit in the basement of the united states capital for tumor depositions and on friday it was david holmes who is an assistant for ambassador taylor and saturday, yesterday we were there for several hours for mark sandy a dedicated crew staff for the office of management and budget under budget of why there was a hold on aid to ukraine. his answer was one that i don't believe there should be another open hearing until the transcript is released because it's going to change some of the answers that would be given by lieutenant colonel vindman tuesday morning. let's release all the remaining transcripts including mark sandy, david holmes because mark sandy answer that he gave yesterday made for a very bad day and for those who are pushing the impeachment. >> you say what you heard
6:49 pm
yesterday is going to blow away the adam schiff narrative? >> yeah, they had the quid pro quo narrative and that reached the dead in and then they changed excursion last sunday and during the week they changed to the bribery and stopped using quid pro quo and extortion. so there was a hole in the facts, we are to have the whole but this is a deeper bigger hole because this is mark sandy who is a political appointee and a career employee who has been in the government for decades and his answer was candid, genuine, believable and he asked why there was a hold on to ukraine and it does not fit the narrative of adam schiff. >> you want these transcript were free ask questions or going to the public hearings next week. congressman, you've had such courage and leadership since you took the job in congress. you are also one of two who have
6:50 pm
voted against the inquiry to begin with, why? >> i just think we keep going down this road, keep spending more time in many of us came to congress because we really wanted to accomplish goals and work on issues such as healthcare, work on issues dealing with prescription drugs, election security of the debt, deficit, the list goes on and i speak on and on about all the things that we need to do. and i just don't think we are hearing anything you and wrote quickly, we must understand the importance and the level of what impeachment is. hundreds of years of history, no one has ever been convicted of impeachment. and that is the point, will have an election next year let's have the election, let's fight through the election, republicans and democrats and whoever else does. but this is going to get us nowhere, we've spent millions of dollars in my opinion, tons of money, tons of times, pulling
6:51 pm
the nation apart, this is not been a good thing. and now all sorts of technical issues, most americans don't even understand some of these technical issues and they just don't know really what to think. maria: stay right there we'll be right back with peyton, what are we doing here? brad, welcome to peytonville. what's this for? song inspiration. i started in my garage, but nationwide protects so much i had to expand. nationwide helps protect everything you see in here, brad. every family, every business, every dream. see mrs. hoffman? nationwide protects her home and car, but also her dream of retiring to become a yoga instructor. oh, they have backstories. of course they do. here, i got more to show you. keep up, now. a little hustle. ♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun
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6:54 pm
i am back with congressman jeff van drew. you were just saying why you voted against the impeachment inquiry, does that mean you are poised to vote no on impeachment and weren't expecting an impeachment vote sometime in december, how will you vote. >> i would imagine i'll be voting no. i always have -- if there's something new or something we have not heard or something that really rises to the level of
6:55 pm
treason or high crime, that would be different. but we do not see that. we sa see little different variations, hearsay, discussions, somebody heard something that some of the lsat. impeachment as you know, our founding fathers had vigorous debate of whether they would even allow impeachment in the constitution. you don't disenfranchise voters. millions upon millions of voters. voters choose their leaders and america. >> are you hearing from some your colleagues in the state that president trump won that they may also vote no. are you hearing concern amongst your colleagues or are you alone wolf and all of this? >> i don't know how other folks will go. in all honesty, originally i thought there was going to be a few more print not that it matters if i'm wrong. i do what i believe is right. but there is some discussion among some of them quietly, privately of concern, certainly.
6:56 pm
what i'm hearing in the street with most people, they are tired, worn out, bored and they really want to move on. unless there's something amazing, we know the end game. maria: and we heard from lindsey graham, there was a tweet that john brennan put out, really hating on president trump once again. he has been quite negative on president trump for three years. he was among those who said he colluded. what your reaction to that and where this goes next? >> we will see where the durham investigation goes, but john brennan may be reading the tweet to himself in the mirror come the end of this investigation. i know that he is involved in the lot of nefarious activities, not just toward the end of his time in his position in the obama administration but since the way he has monetized his
6:57 pm
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lou: good evening, the radical dimms' impeachment extravaganza rolls on. but unfortunately for schiff and the dimms they are more promotion than production. three star witnesses up, three abysmal performances. if this is schiff's trial run, he's done. the factors of the schiff impeachment turkey keep propping this mess up but they should bring the curtain down on it all. today they trotted out the former ambassador to


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