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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 18, 2019 4:00am-5:01am EST

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lou: good evening, the radical dimms' impeachment extravaganza rolls on. but unfortunately for schiff and the dimms they are more promotion than production. three star witnesses up, three abysmal performances. if this is schiff's trial run, he's done. the factors of the schiff impeachment turkey keep propping this mess up but they should bring the curtain down on it all. today they trotted out the former ambassador to ukraine,
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marie yovanovich, but she farred no better than the two that proceed her. how bad is this turkey? none of the diplomatic witnesses have met or talked with president trump. when asked in the hearing room, nobody of the thee could think of a single thing president trump has ever said or done that would justify an impeachment by congress. not one thing. but all three freely shared their feeling and emotions and western perfectly happy to share hearsay. adam schiff knows he has nothing at all. but that is why he's simply stopping republicans from asking questions like he did congresswoman elise stefanik. >> i know you had a few quick questions for the ambassador.
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yield to you -- >> the gentlemen woman will suspend. >> what's the interruption for? >> you were not recognized. >> i just recognized. >> you are not allowed to yield time. >> ranking members yield time. >> that is not accurate. >> ambassador yovanovich i want to thank you for being here today. >> you are not recognized. >> this is the fifth time you interrupted duly elected members of congress. lou: schiff having a tough time shutting down his weeks of hearings and demonstrating he has no desire whatsoever to be transparent or fair or in any way approach due process for president trump. the president took notice today. president trump: i have been
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watching today. for the first time i started watching. it's really sad when you see people not allowed to ask questions. nobody has ever had such horrible due process. there was no due process. i think it's considered a joke all over washington and all over the world. the republicans are given no due process. we are not allowed to do anything. the american public understands it. lou: the american people more than understand it. how concerned are americans about the radical dimms and their dramatic impeachment political theater. the answer seems to be not at all. the stock market, a very good barometer soaring to all-time record highs. the dow breaking the 28,000 level for the first time in history. we'll have more on this
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record-setting market despite the radical dimms and their farce in washington later in the broadcast. turning back to the dimms impeachment charade, house republicans on the intel committee are doing their best to hang up the witnesses and lay out a defense of the president. the sham impeachment process that the radical dimms concocted wouldn't exist if there were a single element of doubt that would ultimately -- that this would ultimately work in the senate. the failure of the senate republicans to vigorously defend president trump in fact is enabling the democrats to carry out this impeachment charade. if they understood that the senate was rock solid for the president, not even the schiff-led dimms could carry out this circus, this joke, this
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farce. kevin corke in washington tonight with the story. kevin, good to see you. reporter: the president agreed to meet with ukraine's president without preconditions. we learned by way of a transcript. you and i talked about that first call. today we learned about the previous phone call between the two leaders. in that transcript we saw the president took the april 21 call while on board air force one. it predated the conversation on july 25 which according to adam schiff sparked the house impeachment inquiry. more testimony including the former ambassador to ukraine, marie yovanovich who across knowledged she wasn't on the call in question. she said the president, not president obama supplied ukraine with lethal aid to suppress russian aggression.
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but the president's tweet sparked a furor. >> everywhere marie yovanovich went turned back. she started out in somalia, how did that go? then fast forward to ukraine. it's a u.s. president's absolute right to appoint ambassadors. but the tweet caused howls in the halls of congress with the democrats accusing the president of witness camperring and intimidation. yovanovich said she felt threatened by the president. the president said he was defending himself. president trump: i have the right to speak, i have freedom of speech just like other people do. but they have taken away the republicans' rights. reporter: we are look ahead to next week. more impeachment testimony
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including kurt volker and fiona hill. it should make for an interesting week in washington. >> a commercially successful week if it's any indication from all the news networks covering this radical theater. kevin corke, great to see you. today's testimony from ambassador yovanovich leaving even the radical dimms wondering why in the world was she there. chairman schiff trying desperately to portray the removal of ambassador yovanovich as a nefarious act by president trump. but even the ambassador, it took less than five minutes for schiff to undercut his own argument. >> some have argued that the president has the ability to nominate or remove any ambassador he wants. they serve at the pleasure of the president. and that is true.
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lou: that was true. what was your point again, adam schiff? it's clear this latest episode of the impeachment debacle will blunder on. ranging member devin nunes showed how little ambassador yovanovich knew about any events the dimms claim were relevant let alone somewhat impeachable. >> were you involved in the july 25 trump-zelensky foreign call or preparations for the caught? >> no, i was not. >> were you involved in the deliberations about the military sales to ukraine as the trump administration reviewed president zelensky's commit to the corruption reform. >> no, i was not. >> were you involved in the pence-zelensky meetings on september 1. >> no, i was not. >> did you ever talk to
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president trump in 2019. >> no, i have not. >> mick mulvaney. >> no, i have not. >> thank you, ambassador. not exactly sure what the ambassador is doing here today. lou: there were many people anywhere in that hearing room. earlier we received confirmation that the dimms are using the term bribery instead of quid pro quo if you would like to mark that in your program as schiff moves into one swamp pool after another. it resonated better with focus groups. the radical dimms are testing this nonsense with focus group. republican chris stuart's questioning cut through their newly researched contrived messaging. >> do you have any information regarding the president of the
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united states accepting any bribes? >> no. >> do you have any information regarding any criminal activity that the president of the united states has been involved with at all? >> no. >> no? lou: no. no. no. the order of the day and the week with after five hours of testimony from the former ambassador, republicans had enough of the dimms' nonsense. >> i have indulged you with extra time. if you my indulgence is wearing out. >> our indulgence wore out with you a long time ago, mr. chairman, i will tell you that. >> i am about to gavel you down. lou: joining us is congressman scott perry. congressman, good to have you with us.
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these radical dimms are treating the american people as if they were dumber than dirt. running focus groups, they can see americans see what fools these experts are being led by adam schiff of all people. >> that's exactly right. we were wondering the same thing. what is the ambassador doing there except to be used as a tool for the sympathy for their argument. she had no conversations with the president, she wasn't present regarding the setup of the caught. she was completely out of the country and disengaged a month or two prior. so what was the point of her even being in -- this an impeachment inquiry. so what was the relevance of her being there. unfortunately it was just 5 1/2 hours wasted of her life and all of america's life trying to
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figure out what the relevance was. one thing we found the out and she validated is that burisma, even though we are not allowed to talk about that right now, and hunter biden's involvement with it was brought up under the obama administration. so much so that they coached her about it for her confirmation hearing in the senate. it was important for them to talk about but heaven forbid we should talk about it in these proceedings as an issue of concern for the american people and this president. lou: adam schiff is not concerned about the american people. he's running a game, trying to, on every one. but the scam he's running isn't work. let's go your colleague john ratcliffe. >> out of thousands of companies in the ukraine the only one you recall the obama-biden state
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department preparing you to answer questions about is the one where the vice president's son was on the board, is that fair? >> yesw. >> he tiftdified i raised hide concerns that hunter biden'sing position as a board member couldn't create the impression of conflict of interest. >> yes. >> was it a legitimate concern? >> sit could raise the appearance of a conflict of interest. >> it could raise the appearance of a conflict of interest. they spent enough time coaching her on this, so it was important enough for the last administration. but when the current president is interested in investigating the appearance of conflict of interest, that's out of bounds and apparently it's impeachable. lou: it's clear after the first three witnesses they produced
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this week for their star power in this inaugural of their impeachment theatrical production. it's clear not one had direct knowledge of anything, knew nothing firsthand, and frankly, this is -- they led with the strength -- this is only going to get further disastrous for the dimms. this is truly a disaster. >> well, meanwhile, lou, the economy is soaring, but how much better could it be if we were looking at the usmca or funding the government past next week when the continuing resolution runs out. dealing with structure, things that matter in people's lives. this has bent focus for this last year and literally three years now. so that's unfortunate for all the american people who think they are paying their taxes so their representatives are work on something in washington they want to see improve their life.
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lou: i know one thing. the american people are not being fooled by this. they know the record of these democrats who took control of the house this year. they have done nothing. there are suggestions nancy pelosi will consider it after these hearings are finished. they reached a level of preposterous ignorance that i can't even imagine what their internal polling is saying to them. >> i think they are going to keep going. we have more of this scheduled next week. and as you probably also know, i just came up from the scif. while they are talking about transparency and having these hearings in public, we are auditioning another witness in secret to see what that person knows and we'll probably bring him out at some other time in
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the future. >> my guess is the hearings from becoming bipartisan. the republicans would be foolish to deny the radical dimms their hearings that would make them look like complete idiots. >> obviously we want to be out there doing our job, making sure even though the president's counsel can't be present and even though we can't call witnesses and we are being muzzled by adam schiff, we are trying our best to tell the other side of the story. adam schiff cherry picks little parts of the testimony to look the president look bad. lou: congressman scott perry. wall street earning the week with another round of record highs. do investors seem concerned about adam schiff, nancy pelosi and the radical dimms?
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the dow above 28,000 for its first time ever. the 11th record close of the year. the s & p 500 you have 24 points. the nasdaq up 62 points. the 16th record close of the year. volume on the big board. the s & p and the nasdaq up just about a percent. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next, the president of brazil sharing a somewhat cozy relationship with president trump but opening his doors to china. dr. michael pillsbury joins us tonight. we'll take that up and much more. was marie yovanovich caught hiding something in her
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powered by our gig-speed network. because beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected. to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. >> policies change but not for
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those seeking to do the work of protecting tour nation, the work you have done for decades. lou: perhaps without realizing it, congresswoman val demmings did a good job of laying out what they are trying to do in that hearing room. the dimms believe the deep state have the right and responsibility to carry out the orthodoxed policies no matter who is in office. marie yovanovich denied pressuring the ukrainian prosecutor from investigating certain groups. >> i want to reiterate that the allegation that i disaccept night a do not prosecute list
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was as fabrication. the former ukrainian prosecutor acknowledged the list never existed. lou: not quite. as investigative journalist john solomon and the "new york times" both reported. poroshenko denies he deny that allegation. he says it was based on a bad translation and yovanovich did pressure him not to prosecute those sacktivists. joining me, robert wray. this -- rather than characterize it myself, let me defer to you. what are we watching here? >> that's a big tangled web.
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to keep it simple for the moment, the best way to describe it is there is a power struggle and policy dispute going on between the administration and the state department about who is running the show here. the democrats are falling right into that trap which i think most americans pretty clearly understand that this -- if left to its own devices is a food fight and it has very little to do with what i thought they were supposed to be about. this is an impeachment inquiry. not scene oversight hearing. i don't know how we got so far off the track. lou: wherever we are with the implicit guidance of the speaker of the house, in already, the question becomes what is the point of this now that he has moved so far afield. >> every day i take another tour
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through the federal criminal code to read the statutes when we have the next flavor of the month. idea it was attempted bribery. today they want to talk about with itness tampering. before that it was collusion, before that it was obstruction of justice regarding the firing of jim comey. there doesn't seem to be any end or length to which the democrats will go to attempt the impeachment pin the tail on the donkey. impeachment in search of a crime instead of laying out clearly before the american people what the ask choice is about, what the purpose of this impeachment inquiry is. lou: does it not seem a shame that we don't have one required, one institution that's held in such high esteem or public regard that he or she would that kind of gravitas and integrity
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are larger institutions could stand up to the radical dimms, the democratic party and say this is awful and it has no place in american society. and that we watched a president publicly flayed against the wishes of the american people with an election 12 months away. how dare you treat a president as wrongly as he has been treated. >> you are on to something. why are we not able on a bipartisan basis to act in the best interest of the country. who can we look to to be able to say stop. and i don't know. it doesn't look like it's going to happen in the house of representatives. my hope is the united states
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senate in a speedy way can dispose of this through a motion to dismiss. whether that happens or not, i don't know. lou: we know how it looks it's not good. stay with us. much more ahead. ♪music and (bus sndfx)
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♪(sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me)♪ ♪a little respect [♪] president trump: a main victory in our mission to deliver great healthcare at a price you can afford. we are requiring price transparency in healthcare forcing companies to compete for your business. lou: the president taking care of business, unveiling his wide-ranging proposal requiring hospitals and insurers to give consumers more direct information about the cost of healthcare. by make those prices public. president trump argues hospitals will be forced to compete for patients and not forced to serve
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their bottom line solely. two radical dimms under investigation. the house ethics committee looking into conduct by rashida tlaib and hastings. reportedly tlaib used campaign money to pay her bills. and hastings allegedly having. >> relationship with an aide. rajer stone was convicted today of lying to congress. he faces 60 years in prison. >> that's a terrible conviction rate. i have known roger for 50 years. he worked for me a couple times. he walked himself into this thing.
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the bottom line is he was a trump advisor. when trump became president, he's not in the game. and he gave his enemies -- lou: would you give him a pardon. >> i would not recommend it. lou: jeff sessions reportedly running for u.s. senate in alabama. that didn't work out too well. he seems to be working to win favor with the president. >> he's saying good things about the president. i think he will have a tough reelection, and even if he gets re-elected it won't be the same as when he was there. he was a good senator and he was supportive of the president. whoever wins the primary we have to support and make sure we get rid of jones.
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lou: we have the president tweeting on roger stones' conviction. this is what the president said. so now they convict roger stone -- that's not one. so they now convict roger stone of lying and want to jail him for many years to come. what about crooked hillary, comey, strzok, mccabe, shifty schiff, ohr, steele. didn't they lie? a double standard like never before seen in the history of our country. >> let's start bringing charges against them. that's the bottom line. that's one of the things the justice department ought to be doing. looking hard and fast at these people if they lie to congress and lie under oath. lou: th the impeachment farce that's going on.
4:35 am
they end the game? >> i think to a certain extent we are trying to play by the rules. i think it only thing we dock is get into a guerrilla fight with them to make sure the american people know what a farce it is. every member is equal. because he sits in the chairman's role he doesn't treat anybody like an equal. lou: he's not being democratic. >> walk out and see what kind of chaos. you lose nothing if they are not going to let you be a part of it. the one woman on the committee, they wouldn't let her talk. she is a fabulous member, worked for the state department. lou: up next, red storm rising, china moving to expand its economic footprint in brazil. what happened there?
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and what security concerns over huawei and zte mean for a prospective trade deal with china. we are told they are close. dr. michael pillsbury after this quick break. stay with us.
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lou: the brazilian president says he wants to incorporate more chinese capital into his
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country to finance a number of infrastructure projects. he posted president xi for a summit in brazil. he says he sees brazil-china cooperation with great enthusiasm. earlier this year chinese telecom giant huawei announced planed to build an $800 million plant in brazil. joining us, michael pillsbury. great to have you with us. here goes huawei and zte and 5g all over the world it seems while we cluck about the national security threat that both pose. >> it is a long-term nightmare.
4:41 am
i think the chinese are going to pull ahead in a now of areas. people here in america who have been relaxed about the china challenge will be in for a surprise the next five years or more. the chinese are slowly plodding along pulling ahead of us. our allies and partners, we have to put a question mark next to brazil's name. as you know, his rhetoric was anti-china. but the chinese did you a favor for him. while the left wing around the world criticized brazil for the amazon fires, you know what the chinese said? they said it's fake news. it's fabricated. brazil is doing nothing wrong. lou: what about the united states?
4:42 am
this president and the brazilian president get along famously. >> i think we have been slow on the bilateral trade deal with brazil. i don't know the reason for that. what i see is a president of the united states who is seen around the world pass beleaguered by adam schiff and the impeachment claims. we don't have a brazil trade deal happening. lou: you are laying out metrics. we are getting behind on 5g, and we are behind on allies. and -- >> the pentagon has already mentioned in an interview by mike brown last week that the chinese are ahead of us in hypersonic weapons test. that means your missile gets
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there before the next side is even ready. lou: there is some good news that we understand we'll be at least capable in the next year. now all we have to do is pretend that we don't have to worry about that and of course we do. how about aircraft now? airbus seems to be charge ahead of boeing. boeing's management suddenly it's not a firing offense to create a mess like boeing has on its hands as if there is no cause and effect between leadership and product failure. that's an absurdity. wall street is not paying attention. the board of boeing is not paying attention. the sec and the faa are not paying attention. what the hell are we doing here? >> the president attracted a lot of voters with the idea of
4:44 am
competitiveness and make america great again. but when you see the president' interview. when asked his greatest regret web said personnel. a lot of books came out how president trump never assembled a team of his own people to try to make america great again. i hate to say deep state. lou: you can use it because it's absolutely true. >> we are seeing in the schiff hearings how powerful the career diplomats are. they have their own concept of ukraine policy. and what the president wants they declare as illegal. i think you see that in this china competitiveness area as well. lou: is the president doing enough on hong kong at the time he's trying to land a deal with china? >> i think he has done a clever
4:45 am
thing to separate the two issues and hold the hong kong authorities responsible for living up to the british agreement in '84 without overpromising. he hasn't turned a blind eye, either. but his main focus has been trade. what kudlow and wilbur ross have said is correct, they were close to a wonderful phase one. lou: a really wonderful phase one now as the attorney general of the united states says zte and huawei are national security threats, and part of that assessment on the part of the attorney general is based on the conduct and the policies of the people's republic of china. it's an unsettling series of statements emflating commerce secretary as well as larry kudlow, the president's man in the white house. it's deeply troubling.
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and i hope that they were listening to some of the metrics you just expressed as we assess where you are headed with the chinese. let's continue the conversation. come back as soon as you can. tomorrow on. michael pillsbury, great to see you. violence on the gridiron. the cleveland brown's defensive end miles garrett earning an indefinite suspension with hitting rudolf with his own helmet. garrett ripped off rudolf's helmet and used is as a weapon. two suspend for their roles in the ensuing brawl. quite a donnybrook. up next, a new chapter in the left's war on christmas.
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we'll take it up with pastor robert jeffress. we'll be right back.
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[♪] lou: john brennan has reared his ugly head, warning the president today in a tweet he writes in
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part, may your downfall be swift, your penalty onerous and your legacy condemned by all. it is really truly amazing ignorance on the part of brennan. unbelievable. amazon ramping up a war on christmas. the tech giants touting a new children's book. the first christmas by thomas williams as its number one new release in children's christian holiday fiction. it their rates the birth of jesus christ as it's recounted in the gospels without any i am bell i shallment at all. pastor of the first baptist church in dallas.
4:52 am
great american and good friend. good to have you with us. what in the world is amazon doing. >> nobody should be surprised that jeff bezos and his amazon "washington post" empire can't tell the difference between fact and fiction. lou: that's a good line. >> regardless of what amazon has done, the fact is there is a mountain of evidence to prove the birth of jesus is not fake news, it's real news and good news to those who believe. we still divide you history ac and bc on the birth of christ. lou: it's stunning stuff that we would do that.
4:53 am
the president conditioning foreign aid on religious freedom. what are your thoughts about the president's consideration of that change in foreign policy? >> look, i was honored to be with him at the u.n. when he gave his historic first ever speech in the u.n. on religious liberty. it's right we ought to condition foreign aid on governments doing something in is nothing wrong with quid pro quo. people in america think it's nuts that we would shovel billions of dollars in foreign aid to a country without requiring something. president trump has the right and responsibility to require countries to receive aid to do something whether it's protect religious liberty or investigation corruption in their own elections. >> the president celebrating judicious mile seens this d
4:54 am
judicial milestones this week.i. in three years of president trump and 8 years of obama and bush, president trump an extraordinary performance. your reaction? >> he had confirmed 158 judges. he says he will have more than 200 in a couple of months. he will have appointed 25% of the judiciary. that is staggering. no president has done that. this will and legacy of this president for a generation to come. we saw a week ago why this is so important. one single judge ordered by president trump who don't want to participate in assisted suicide or abortions. president trump is putting an end to that. lou: we'll have to see what
4:55 am
happens with the two judges who ruled against him. they have some explaining to do. robert jeffress. good to see you. we are coming right back.
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santiago: i felt accomplished after i got my diploma. it made me feel that i could take on whatever challenges life throws at you. vo: find free adult education classes near you at [♪] lou: president trump as you might expect today having a belly full of adam schiff's impeachment circus and his
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refusal to let republicans really even speak during today's yovanovich hearing. president trump: i thought it was a disgrace. when we have great republican representatives, people elected by the people, and they are not allowed to even ask a question or make a statement. we are not allowed to have witnesses. we are not allowed to have legal counsel, white house counsel. it's a disgrace and an embarrassment to our nation. lou: kurt volker and fiona hill will be castifying on capitol hill next week -- will be testifying on capitol hill next week. we would like to recommend the new christmas book, the title is "the first christmas." available online and in stores everywhere. we hope you have a great weekend.
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we'll see you monday. until then, good night from new york. [♪]


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