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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 18, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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to this guy. when is donald trump going to get his first term back? lou: thanks for being with us. wilbur ross among our guests tomorrow night. good night from new york. trish: it just won't stop how democrats recognizing the futility of their hearings, they are trying another tactic. they are launching another investigation into whether the president lied to robert mueller. impeachment hearings are fizzling out, so they are trying to get creative. but it's the same old thing. they are like a bunch of has-been executives that keep trying to institute the same old game plan to reinvigorate its business. it's like we are witnessing the
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fil days of eastman kodak. and wondering why no one wanted to buy film in the digital age. good evening, i'm trish regan. another day, another investigation. the giant schiff show isn't quite work out as intended. and we all know there is only one game in town for these guys, right? >> we are going to do it [bleep] right now. >> bullies don't win, baby, they don't, we are going to go in there and [bleep]. >> i will fight every day nell's impeached. impeach 45. trish: the hearings were supposed to galvanize the public
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against president trump insuring a democrat victory in 2020. according to reuters. 67% have tiewrnd out. here is representative andrews talking to maria bartiromo. >> there is some discussion among some of them quietly, privately of concern. concerns certainly. what i'm hearing out in the street with most people is they are kind of tired, they are kind of worn out and they want to move on unless there is something new and amazing. we know the end game here. trish: momentum is not on the democrats' side. all the more reason for president trump not to testify even in writing as nancy pelosi has asked. he need not legitimize this process nor provide them with
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more eyeballs on the television screen. because remember, this is all for what? to undo the will of the voter based on hearsay and gossip and how deep state people interpret things? we saw the transcripts plural, both of them. so to go from i would like you to do me a favor because we have been through some stuff here in the united states to somehow the president was withholding nearly $400 million in aid is a gigantic leap. and you mean to tell me you would impeach a president over that gigantic leap? as the left attempts to sell this idea. it's clear they don't know where to begin. they are hiring consultants to try to figure out which words to use. they tried quid pro quo first. >> that is a this for that. a quid pro quo.
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>> the president was directing the quid pro quo. >> the crime is with the quid it's something for something. >> quid pro quo. trish: and they realized somehow that didn't quite resonate the way they wanted. so days later we hear this. >> bribery. >> extortion or bribery. >> bribery. >> either he committed extortion and bribery of a foreign official or he committed attempted extortion and bribery. trish: newly released testimony shows tim morrison believed and i quote nothing improper occurred during the trump-zelensky phone call. americans know a political hack job when they see it. they know this is designed to weaken the opponent, the president in 2020.
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nonetheless, impeachment. that's serious stuff. really serious stuff. it's only happened three times in history. in each of those times we saw some decent bipartisanship, unlike now. wouldn't it be nice if democrats showed respect for the process and respect for americans voters themselves? or at least some desire for self-preservation. trying reinvent themselves? don't go the wade of eastman kodak? snow showekodak -- . senator, when does it stop? >> they put themselves in a tough position. even though they were talking about impeachment, they are discover be it won't be that easy, and what they have not found is an impeachable offense.
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they worked their way through a number of different words. but they will go to high crimes and mifds. the president -- high crimes and misdemeanors. i think you hit it on the head when you said what they are trying do is work toward the 2020 election cycle. and what they are trying to do is keep this president busy to fend off his attacks. remember there is nothing they can do about the fact that our tax policies are working. there is nothing they can do about the fact the regulatory relief that 13 rules and regs are being taken out for every one created. they can't hardly say they don't like it publicly. trish: it's the impeachment to nowhere.
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if they were to vote for articles of impeachment and it goes to you guys in the senate, what happens there? they don't have the votes. they don't have what they need. i suspect once again it will wear thin if you would on the american people. >> it's tiger for them. the american people understand we have real issues in this country. what they would like to see us do is our job. we are in the middle of a continuing resolution. we haven't made a deal to fund government for the rest of the year. that's costing billions of dollars a month. we are not on the new contracts. we have things in the department of defense. we have to be able to fund the protection of this country. we are making changes with the defense appropriations bills, both of which improve our military after years of not
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having appropriate fund. trish: do you think some democrats have grown weary of this, not just because of what they heard from their constituents. but also because, if you are elizabeth warren or bernie sanders or one of their supporters you are saying wow, they could be listening to an impeachment trial in the senate instead out there campaigning. is that going to affect them? >> i would suspect that has more than crossed their mind. in the senate we control the time frame. if the majority leader decides this is one thing we have to take our time and work our way through and allow the president to be able to share his side of the story as well. this president has not had his fair shot in the house. but the president should have his day in court as well. so if they are going to try to push this issue, if they ever got it out of the house and brought it to the senate, i
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think people would understand there has to be fairness to this process which is not happening in the house today. trish: tonight, everyone, he can't stand for "the national anthem." now he can't even show up for his own workout sessions. former nfl quarterback colin kaepernick is still complaining about it. >> i have been denied for three years. we have nothing to hide. we are waiting for the new owners and roger goodell. trish: former' super bowl champion burgess owens is here. you want to know how you know when democrats have officially lost their minds? it's when even former president obama is -- hang on there,
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democrats. stop trying to burn the house down to create your socialist paradise. a horrifying report that says nearly 80,000 daca resuch cents have an arrest record including violent or sexual offenses. coming up next the former i.c.e. director known for taking on congress is here. >> i'm not calling on you, sir. this is my time. >> have you ever held a deceased child in our arms. >> yes, and for you to insult my integrity and my love for my country. i have got a stack of dead bodies here. no one wants he see these pictures. trish: former acting i.c.e. trish: former acting i.c.e. directorororor imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs. now you can, with!
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daca status. nearly 80,000. think about that. you are talking about 10% of the daca population. it's massive. i ask how can that be? how on earth can that be? why can't we figure out whether someone has a rap sheet before welcoming them into this country. all of this coming to light as the supreme court tonight midst of hearing the daca case. another sad story concerning an illegal taking the life an american citizen. a 31-year-old illegal alien from guatemala hit and killed a 59-year-old husband and father of three in upstate new york. he was taking his tractor to be washed when this man who was driving under the influence of alcohol crashed into him and then fled the scene.
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here's the part that's so frustrating. this man had already been arrested for driving under the influence. but due to sanctuary policies, rather than turn him over to i.c.e. they let him walk. joining me right now with more, former acting i.c.e. director, tom homan. tom, good to see you again. let's start with this particular case. i know how frustrating it was for you. i know how frustrating it is for anybody at i.c.e. when there is somebody who committed a previous crime and they get to walk because of sanctuary policies, how does that make you feel? >> it's frustrating. every crime committed by an illegal alien is a preventable crime. we have. a local law enforcement was arrested for a crime, i.c.e. note need them that they wanted him and they failed to contact him. this father is dead because they
11:17 pm
chose politics over public safety. the sheriff's department made a clear decision not to call i.c.e., and this father is dead. this happens over and over again. it's time the american people stand up and say enough is enough. you can't move fast enough. >> let's talk about daca for a moment. government data shows roughly 10% of those who received daca status, tom, they have rap sheets like serious crimes many of them. how is it we are giving some privileged status to people who don't deserve it frankly because they violated our trust? >> because of the way the law was written, there are so many various loopholes. the left has been pushing daca as the population of valedictorians and young children that came to the
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country through no fault of their own. some did. some of these young adults in daca are college students and they are contributing and they aren't criminals. but many of them come by themselves as an adult. they never stepped a foot on a college campus or high school in the united states. they took an online course and all of a sudden they are in even education program it's the way the system was set up where multiple misdemeanors are allowed. it's another example of congress not fixing wait needs to fix. trish: what needs to be done, can it be done? i know you are all for having a system that makes it easier to bring the best and the brightest here to this country, immigration has always been part of our history.
11:19 pm
and will be part of our future. but don't we need to do it in a way we know who is here and we don't have people coming here who have mile-long rap sheets? >> you are correct. i am testifying on the hill tomorrow. it will be the same thing. it will be pushing a false narrative by the democratic leadership. they won't ask me about one substantive policy how to fix this. this is against the administration, the men and women who work for i.c.e. and border patrol. nothing gets fixed. trish: we just saw that clip of you, and tom i give you credit. you can feel the frustration coming through the screen. you are saying people aren't interested in fixing it and they should be. everybody is saying we need immigration reform left and
11:20 pm
right yet they won't do it. >> that's why i'm going. they want to attack you and call you a bigot. i won't shut up. in 34 years, i have seen some terrible things. and i am not going to sit there under out and let -- under oath and let a member of congress lie about my president or the border patrol. i'm going to speak up. they can hit the gavel as many times as they want. this is about transparency. i won't be bullied away. i will go because i have dedicated myself to the men and women who serve and to educate the american people on what is truly happening with illegal immigration. it's not a victimless crime. people are dying every day. let's fix this. trish: good luck tomorrow. we'll be watching. coming up. you want to know how you know when democrats have officially lost their minds?
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here is the proof. even former president obama saying wait a minute democrats, you are even getting too liberal for me. and he invented obamacare. lara trump is here. he can't stand for "the national anthem" and now he can't even go to his own workout session. my next guest thinks colin kaepernick just needs to go away. burgess owens is here and he's driverless cars, or trips to mars. no commission. delivery drones, or the latest phones. no commission. no matter what you trade, at fidelity you'll pay no commission for online u.s. equity trades.
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we have nothing to hide. we are waiting for 32 owners, 32 teams, roger goodell. trish: that's former nfl quarterback colin kaepernick talking to the media after his workout. he was offered to do a workout in front of 25 team scouts. but he refused to sign the liability waiver and made a last-minute venue change opting to go to a high school. so he could have the media present. even jay-z was reportedly disappointed with how kaepernick handled this. this guy is not interested in football. he's not interested in that.
11:27 pm
he's just interested in making a political statement. he proved it with his kneeling fiasco. joining me, super bowl champion, burgess owens. what do you make of this guy, kaepernick? >> he doesn't care about anybody else but himself. he has been waiting for three years. one thing about elitists, and this is the way they all are. their greatest present to us is their presence. he could care less about the people suffering the last three years. kaepernick has not done anything about the unemployment problem in the black community, about the way the left has been attack our black babies, he has done nothing for three years but talk about himself and enrich himself.
11:28 pm
he's not in a position to tell us much of anything. i think america is so happy he has gone away. trish: maybe for good now. if you haven't been playing for three years, it's kind of hard to jump back in anyway. >> three years is forever in the nfl, think about anything you care about intensely, you will do anything it takes to make sure you can do it after. but he wants to be a martyr. trish: forget the whole football thing, just go out and do it. if you want to be a political activist, be an activist. trying to combine the two, that's where it starts to get a little odd. bur just, i know you care about this country. i want to congratulate with you
11:29 pm
you, i understand you are announcing a run for a congressional seat in utah's 4th district. >> it's my mission has been for our kids. i realized four months ago no mat wear we do for the kid in utah, if the leftists maintain their control, they will continue to abuse and discard our kids. we need to get our house back. the left has gone nuts. they have shown us who we truly are. i think we can unify our country by getting back to the basics. berke t. washington, education, god, industry and family. if we get back to that we can
11:30 pm
get republicans and democrats talking together. our enemy is not each other, it's socialists and marxists who hate everything i just mentioned. trish: burgess owens, thank you so much. cnn loves being an unreliable source on its reliable source show. dan rather is accusing donald trump supporters of being in a cult. you want to know how you know when democrats have jumped the shark and totally lost their minds? even president obama is saying hold on, guys, you are getting too liberal for me. lara trump will join us next. lara trump will join us next. >> we have
11:31 pm
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could you just tell me? i want this to be over. trish: want to know how you really know when the democrats have jumped the shark in even former president obama is warning them they have gotten too crazy for their own good. obama is warning them. he was the closest thing we ever had to a socialist. so when he's saying the left lost it, you know they have. >> even though they are bold in vision, we also have to be flood reality. we don't have to completely tear down a system and remake it and i think it's important for us not to lose sight of that.
11:36 pm
trish: americans know we would not be the wealthiest country in the world if the system didn't sort of kind of work. you can tweak it. you can make things better. and certainly we are looking at that now with low unemployment, a record stock market. but start all over again? these people don't get. they are double down. >> universal childcare for every baby age 0-5. cancel student loan debt for 95% of the folks who got it. >> every every american $1,000 a month. >> free. >> free. >> free. trish: the one guy who had a shot at talking some sense into the left is falling victim to their liberalness.
11:37 pm
he's apologizing for stop and frisk which he implemented as mayor of new york city to help keep our streets safe. so much for mike bloomberg telling it like it is. tonight the dems are left with no one. the only person standing up for capitalism and law and order is president trump. the father-in-law of my next guest. lara trump. >> thanks for having me. trish: i watch this. and i think what kind of you are ream upside down d what kind of surreal world have we woken up to. >> he's not woke enough for them. the way they are portraying him is like he was the president 50 years ago. he was our last president and we thought his policies were extreme at the time. he's saying guys, i'm trying to
11:38 pm
save your party. maybe you should listen to me. america thinks you have totally lost it. they are not listening. they are all in on this crazy radical left after he general today. trish: it's happening at a time when our economy is doing real well. i credit your father-in-law, the president with the policies that helps ignite them. we are looking at record low unemployment, minorities, the women, the stock market doing well, all of these things are really good. so how do you possibly think it's going to work to sit there and say we need to completely scrap what we are doing when things are good. >> there is an old adage if it ain't broke, don't fix it. everything is work for people in this country. i think that is evidenced by the fact the democrats are scared
11:39 pm
out of our minds. here we are, the on thing they can do is try and impeach them. who among their candidates do they think the american people are taking seriously it's a clown show. it's a joke. i have together in average american can relate to. when the average american looks at the future for their kids, i don't think they want to change that. i don't think they want to go to a policy that says i want to take all that away from you. here we are, that's why they are doing this nonsensical impeachment coup they have going on. trish: they are launching another investigation to see if maybe he lied to robert mueller. come on, guys. at some point the little boy who cried wolf. how does the president deal with
11:40 pm
this, i wonder? he's a human being like anyone else. we just keep having all the stuff thrown at you constantly like, you know, how does he manage that? >> i think something that people forget about web's from queens, he grew up and fighter and he loves a good fight. but he decided to run for president not because he needed this job or because he was going to have a big book deal like presidents do when they leave office. he will probably leave office poorer than when he went in which most presidents if any i don't think can say that. but he did it because he loves this country. really he's seeing why he has to stay for four more years. the swamp is being drained by donald j. trump and they don't like sit one bit. but he's been fighting tooth and nail for the american people. and despite the fact they have this circus going on in
11:41 pm
washington, d.c. whether it was the mueller investigation or trying to block brett kavanaugh from becoming a spreemg court justice or the ukrainian hoax going on. it doesn't matter because the president every single day is making changes. congress is doing nothing for the people of this country. trish: it's amazing how much he has gone the accomplished in the face of all this. i know you are traveling the country. what do you hear when you go outside of this new york city bubble. >> people are supportive of this president and it shocks me every single day when it happens. i think that people are being even quieter now that as we lead up to 2020 with their support for donald trump. they made it so hard to be a trump supporter. the media vilifies anybody that supports our president.
11:42 pm
it seems like lunacy to say that. the number of people that come up when number my home state of florida, minnesota, ohio. i am going to oregon tomorrow, arizona. people across this country couple and they whisper it, but they say we love this president, tell him to keep fighting. i think we'll see a landslide victory for donald j. trump. trish: congratulations on your new baby. coming up, cnn loves bringing in unreliable source on its media showed called "reliable source." former news anchor dan rather is accusing trump supporters of being a cult. i haven't seen someone bomb an interview quite like this one. prince andrew on why he stayed
11:43 pm
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>> increasingly president trump's support seems cultish. it's all about him. it's not about the policies and standards of politics. they don't end well. trish: my goodness, a cult. i guess dan has always had a flare for the dramatic. just because someone doesn't agree with you it doesn't make them part of a cult. dan rather is the man who was let go for his rather shoddy reporting at cbs is saying president trump does not stand for policy. maybe it's too complicated for him to understand. but i would say this is a president who has done a heck of a lot policy-wise. look at the economic policy. i will say this independent of any bias. putting on my sort of business
11:48 pm
chops, given my career in economic and business journalists. this economic policy has been some of the best we have seen in this country since jfk when he cut taxes. it doesn't need to be partisan. and when ronald reagan cut taxes. president trump made it a policy mission to ignite our economic engine, and that he has. dow 28,000, thank you very much. lowest you be employment rate in decades and the lowest for minorities. that's some policy. joining me right now. former nevada state chair', amy tarkanian. and robin biro. for him to say the president has no policies.
11:49 pm
your thoughts? >> i would say two can play at that game. we can go back to the obama administration when you could buy a prayer obama candles that were similar to the saints in the catholic church. you could buy posters where his face was engulfed in an even gel i can glow. there was -- an angelic glow. you are spot on where the president was elected because he put americans first. he made american citizens a top priority plain and simple. his policies are work and he's polling through with his campaign promises. and people appreciate that he's fighting for us. trish: it's disenginous for dan
11:50 pm
other to say he has no policies. another. he does and they are working whether you like the or not. >> and as amy said he delivered on his campaign promises. just like amy said, i lived through this in 2008. you remember we talked about drinking the obama kool-aid. that's a direct reference to jim jones and the people's temple. we were also accused of being a cult back then. i have lived through this, trish. it's on both sides. trish: it's wrong to label the other side as a cult just because they think differently than you. we should be all about intellectual and political diversity. what bothers me so much about the environment we are in, far as the left, it feels as though
11:51 pm
those on the left are trying to squash anybody on the right and dehumanize them that makes them substandard and they are either not smart or deplorable as hillary clinton would say. how big a problem is that in your view? >> it's been a problem. if dan rather thanked taken a slightly different intellectual approach. if he cite the five different criteria from the american psychological association that indicates people are in a cult, the group suppresses scepticism, i might have understood it not just something bombastic or rhetoric based. but he didn't. trish: another topic in the news with the media bias. abc news chose not to follow through on the investigation it had been making into jeffrey epstein. we have seen the tape of the
11:52 pm
anchor amy robach expressing her frustration because she said they had everything and they didn't want to move forward with the story. she blamed the palace. the palace is nervous because prince andrew went out and did an interview with the british media and let's just say it didn't go so well. take a peek. >> but you were staying at the house of a convicted sex offender. sight was a convenient place to stay. my judgment was probably colored by my tendency to be too honorable. >> do you regret the friendship with epstein? >> still not. he has quite obviously conducted himself in a manner unbecome, yes. >> unbecome, he was a sex
11:53 pm
offender. >> i'm sorry, i was being polite. trish: kevin mccarthy is trying to get some answers from abc news. he sent a letter saying why didn't you move forward with this. but prince andrew has to do a little damage control and amy, at this point. >> i think he's far beyond damage control. i think he's in hot water. it's no secret there were a number of very high ranking officials there. there were politicians, there were hollywood elites that were part of this. pedophile ring that we are firing out. even a few seconds ago fox news issues out august an epstein accuser said he had a seat on the' jet with mattresses on the
11:54 pm
floor made of foam. abc did not go through with putting the story out there is very concerning because then you have people even like george stephanopoulos who works for abc who supposedly was one of the gentlemen in question at one of epstein's events. why are they covering up for all of these people? your monday morning shows -- and he worked for bill clinton. it seems they are all trying to cover up for their buddies. on the monday morning shows you didn't have one mention on abc, nbc or cbs of this scandal. only fox news. trish: i have learned not to trust some of those big network news organizations. it's good to see both of you, robin and amy. kennedy joins us to talk about what's coming up on her show. kennedy: we have twin backdrops.
11:55 pm
it's going to be an enormous show tonight. in fact the pete buttigieg is saying i think's fantastic. we'll discuss why he has been the person to surge at this point in the democrat field. and we'll talk about vaping. vaping for a lot of people is fun and it gets them off cigarettes. if it gets people to stop smoking i am not opposed to it. kat timpf loves to vape and i love kat timpf. so therefore, i love vaping. trish: doesn't pete look like he's 12? >> they love youth. he's i'm jfk but jf gay. trish: i will see you at 9:00.
11:56 pm
trish: i will see you at 9:00. coming up, my final thoughts. trish: i will see you at 9:00. coming up, my final thoughts. (people talking) for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays local. shop small and watch it add up. small business saturday by american express is november 30th. (vo) thewith every attempt, strto free itself,pider's web. it only becomes more entangled. unaware that an exhilarating escape is just within reach. defy the laws of human nature. at the season of audi sales event. now you can, with! no more lugging your clubs through the airport or risk having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. sending your own clubs ahead
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12:00 am
up there in new hampshire. it reminds me of so much we take for granted, our first amendment is one of the most important things we have, don't forget that tomorrow, new hampshire, i'll see you then. kennedy: hey, mayor pete on hot streak, now, he is the frontrunner, one of the most important states in the entire primary season. can his surge last? yes. and can some new scandal threaten to send him back down to cellar dwellers. lit kalan lif -- political anale offers a mile alternative to crazy socialists, his nonstop campaigning appears to be paying ouch. mayor pete has jumped into quite a lead with 25%. that is a 16


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