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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 19, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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eastern time, every night. rights here on fbn, a grand show is about to begin, kennedy starting right now. kennedy: one and only david asman thank you. >> democrat say they have president right where they want him. and he is cornered like a raccoon in a trash can. but republicans say that the impeachment is a bunch of bologna and president has done nothing wrong, is it the end of trump administration or a big fat waste of time, today's hearing began with colonel vin vindman and jennifer williams, they were both on the phone call with the president of ukraine. each did not like what they heard, you guys. >> i found july 25 phone call unusual, in contrast to other presidential calls i observed it
9:01 pm
involved discussion of what appeared to be a political matter. >> i heard was inappropriate, i reported my concerns to mr. eisenberg. it system proper for president of u.s. to demand a foreign government investigate a u.s. citizen. kennedy: democrat pushed lieutenant colonel vindman to shoot down the g.o.p. claim that biden was up to no good in ukraine. >> you heard the president's voice on the call. >> i didn't. >> you heard him raise that technology againssubject.>> i d. >> i want to ask when you heard him say that what is first thought that within through your mind? >> i could not believe what i was hearing. probably an element of shock, that maybe in certain regards my worse fire o "fire and fury" fie
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policy was playing out. this could have implication for u.s. national security. kennedy: republican try a different ta taque but shift was like. talk to the hand. >> what agency was this individual from? >> if i could interject here. we don't want on use these -- >> it our time. >> we need to protect the whistleblower, if the went as a good faith belief this may reveal the identity of the whistleblower, that is not the purpose that we're here for, i want to advise the witness accordingly. >> lieutenant col als col colonn you testified do you not know who the whistleblower was. >> i do not know who the whistleblower is. >> how is it possible for you to name these people, and out the
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whistleblower? >> per the advice of my council, i have been advised to not answer specific questions about the community. kennedy: you didn't talk to the whistleblower, just name the people you talked to. jim jordan, also was not buying what schiff was selling. >> mr. chairman, i don't see how this is outing the whistleblower. the went has testified in dep sigdz hdeposition he does not ko the whistleblower circumstance you have said, even though no one believes you, you said you don't know who the whistleblower circumstance how is this outing the whistleblower? >> jordan, this is your time for questioning, you can use it anyway you like. kennedy: great. make look like an ass hat. did testimony from vindman and williams do any damage to the president's claim that his call with the ukraine president was perfect. meeting tonight's party panel it
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tuesday. we have katy pavlich. a new house. fox news contributor, host of richard fowler show, richard fowler, and host of fox nation. it is only jones that chews on our bone, lawrence bones, i don't know what that means. >> i like that. kennedy: you are from texas, and you know how to party. >> we like the now house. kennedy: is is great, wild get kick the out in a few days, so sad, like living in a hoff el aa penthouse. >> did adam vi vindman do the democrat dirty work today. >> he di debunked a couple of
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talking points and arguments that democrats have been making, that for example full context of phone call was not released from white house, he said no it was all there they left burisma out, that was in there he said that the call was put into a secure system, because they were afraid of leaks that something that white house has been using to justify putting it in secure system locked away. from everyone else. and final i think hig i think hd was expose -- final thing he did, he talked to whistleblower and against shows schiff is being dishonest, who said he does not who know that person is. he may be was a leaker rather than som hero witness. kennedy: several republicans that made that implication that vindman is a leaker, he is like a sive and unlike a bucket. what do you make? >> i don't think that there is any evidence that vi vindman isa
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leaker. we have someone who serves in u.s. military who was then attached by president of white house. number wo we saw republicans atk him from the fact he was in ukraine and he worked in white house, and july 25, the president engaged in a phone call. kennedy: he did engage in a phone call. that is the one bombshell that we figured out. after 10 hours of inconsequential pishposh . >> they indicate that call was problematic. kennedy: i don't disagree it was unusual or inappropriate. >> the call of the not perfect. kennedy: today was us held hostage by an investigation that is going nowhere. it going nowhere.
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american voters are going to look at this, say, wait we sent people to washington to change things, there are things that still are not working, immigration. infrastructure. i don't know necessarily agree. >> -- i will give you that, but i push back, we -- there is more information to be had tomorrow we hear from ambassador. kennedy: there better be, come back tomorrow night you tell me what happened that different from today. >> to be honest. ambassador to eu.k eu has no affiliation with ukraine. >> like hunter biden and burisma. kennedy: no business. >> i am glad you brought up hunter biden and burisma in volcker testimony he indicates that bidens did nothing wrong. kennedy: then have him say that under rogue. under oath. >> to get in here, i appreciate the lieutenant coo lute lieuten, but that is not proper defense,
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it was clear he had a vendetta, he was the not included in some meetings,. kennedy: not invited on some trips. >> not invited to trip, no reason to impeach the president, that is lame. kennedy: i excluded. i have been the fat kid, it not fun. >> it sucks. >> it is okay you don't have to shame me, but i have been left out does not mean that i feel that president some be impeached. >> other witnesses say, we may have found things that are problematic but they did not feel they needed to go through special channeling or talk to lawyers. >> there was so much hair splitting it was not technical and not important. >> it was petty. kennedy: that is what i'm looking for, something technical that needs this type and hostagery to explain. >> they know who the whistleblower is. kennedy: you were -- with 24, --
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it was 2004, yes, but it -- >> the whistleblower identity here kennedy. >> did not go back to army. that is not true, i went back that day, theeel-good mushy moments republicans and democrat do, they have no place in this setting. >> aircraft agresetting. >> i agree, we could have a cup of coffee and talk about it but are clean talk about whistleblower. kennedy: we can't. >> republicans bring up we need to know who whistleblower is. but we heard from -- witnesses today, were actually individuals that on the phone call. kennedy: okay. >> they express how problematic that phone call was. kennedy: the last -- >> whistleblower according to adam schiff is reason he is drags country through an impeachment inquiry, he deserve to know who they are, what their alsogation-- allegations are. kennedy: i don't need to know who it is but the person has to
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answer for charges he brought up, and thrusting this to national conver conversation, it behind closed-doors are in writing, i don't have a problem with that, but this right now, so, oh, the sank -- santa money. >> there no fact to this. >> no fact. >> that is not feelings, facts not feelings. >> get to the bottom of it. >> only fact we know that donald trump sent his personal attorney ukraine too dig up dirt on joe biden. kennedy: thank you for that, get ready for the spike. trump personal attorney, rudy guliani, throwed under the bus
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burisma and 2016. >> are watching america's mayor set up as fall guy, and gabe gain, i don't have a problem with that, i don't think that guliani has any place. as we've seen, they have jobs, and they are all are religated
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according to expertise, rudy guliani does not have any business directing our policy there, i do think he will take the hit on this it shows so far that president often times with people who are closest to him is a horrible judge of character. >> there are two parts, i have then. >> timing here is important. rudy guliani has not handled this well. it has been sloppy and messy. if you look at when he did this it was a time when president trump could not trust anyone around him, he had people leaking information left and right, he sent someone he trust to look into ukraine, which by the way, no one likes to talk about, in 2016, during 2016
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election, ukrainian american and dnc who to ukraine embassy is washington d.c. to dig up information and dirt on donald trump on behalf of the dnc and hillary clinton. kennedy: i did not like it when dnc did it is steel dossier who was working okay christopher steel working for u.s. government. he -- he had more of a codified job title than rudy guliani, and that was okay, none of this is okay. but no one has learned that, what will force politician to learn you can't go over there to get this. >> i have a huge problem with rudy guliani going over there at this time president had a secretary of state to utilize, and a di department of justice. >> -- but they are not. >> i did not interrupt you let me 99, her 99 finish. in -- let me finish. in call that president had, he
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indicts rudy guliani. does not have a top-secret clearance. kennedy: if is is classified why did he read it. >> president declassified it. kennedy: then it is not classified. >> at the time it was, he gave to rudy guliani. kennedy: this is a problem transferring classified information. >> you are going to hillary clinton fine, republican -- >> i did not say anything. >> republican harp to hillary clinton server for months, they refuse to deal with fact their president is engaging in same type of business. >> that look. president trump should have sent secretary of state or department of the justice, we has done that, for example with bill barr to go to italy or australia through the diplomatic channels to find out what is go on, left attacks him for that. >> my first argument. as -- defense attorney. kennedy: dow deutsche banc alex. brow>> we could have a problem.
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>> fee have -- sphwhrer out of >> defense attorney job to do the defense, he should is not have used state department, using resources getting -- >> even the -- by the way, they didn't withhold -- people have to stop talking about we endangered ukraine. ukraine got more aid under president trump than urge presidenunderpresident obama. it has to stop. in terms of ukraine is the gateway, and without us there, there would be no them. >> foreign policy back. kennedy: oh, i love the 80s,. all right, panel has so much more, wild get into a -- we'll get into a lot, democrat on debate stage tomorrow night, but on campaign trail, they are avoiding impeachment talk like
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trumpet monday song, this week's winner was marie. you have a trumpet in the mail, a euphemism. the dc dumpster fire is being avoided by every major presidential contendor and also cory booker. there was a fundraising dinner in las vegas, not one of them brought up type o impeachment we they promised voters free stuff, party insiders are worried that impeachment gambit is a losing on the campaign trail. 6 democrat senators will be forced to stop campaigning, if the trial reaches senate. it probably will, joe biden will be a major focal point because of hunter biden's dealings in ukraine. you natural gas expert. more of a natural gas expert than eric swalwell. any small talk.
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party panel returned. katy, richard and lawrence. richard, why would you want to focus on an issue that is just a road map for other people to take you out of the job you want? >> i to be honest, i think you will hear democrat do tomorrow. kennedy: i want to be president but not very long. >> that is not -- i think if you hear. >> that logic. >> you talk with speaker pelosi or any other democrat, they will tell you house can handle impeachment by themselves, they don't need the candidates to weigh in on it,. kennedy: that is all washington is focused on on. >> there are no primary in washington. kennedy: all of the -- >> you know who will not be at iowa senators in the si senate f
9:22 pm
impeachment goes to senate in january, be careful when you look for, elizabeth warren and klobuchar are banking on going in with momentum, you have to be at impeachment trial. kennedy: elizabeth warren is in fight of her life, it is such a heated race between joe biden, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, she and bernie have to make face time with voters otherwise it is two man race between biden and mice my -- myy boyfriend mayor pete. >> they are not, if they want to win, and have a blood bath and fight for issues they say they care about. they care about this issue, they wonder why their candidates
9:23 pm
won't bring it up, they say, they are against the corruption, these democrats don't want to win, only way to win to take out joe biden. kennedy: why wouldn't you bring up hunter biden. >> we're having a very spirit the primary in iowa, pete buttigieg is in lead. i think you hear from -- >> you don't want to wound joe biden who is ahead nationally. >> we don't want to wound any of our candidates. kennedy: i'm sorry i thought that democrats were party of winners, richard. >> we are, all our candidates are winners, they have stickers and trophies. >> to prevent him from running first time, obama campaign brought is up as something they were concerned about, joe biden go the upset about it if elizabeth warren wants to win, she runs a campaign on antirun -- antiru anticorruption.
9:24 pm
she went, well, it would be -- then she backtracked a little bit. kennedy: joe biden had no problem, going after her for her lack of funding for medicare for all, that is politics, that is not dirt that's is competition. >> tomorrow's ge debate will be ideas. >> oh, gosh. kennedy: show people you are hungry to win. >> let me tell you in kentucky reason that republican governor lost is because of healthcare, he thought people should not have access to health care. kennedy: i heard he wanted old people to die. >> same thing. kennedy: he can't door-to-door. >> i heard he threw them off cliffs. >> come on you guys free mattress, they are like -- >> bottom line is, in 2016, there was a blood bath between republicans, the best we had, we fought i've other. >> you got donald trump.
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kennedy: jeffrey epstein did not kill himself, but he is dead, rotting in hell, he should take his child rapist friends with him, even if it just means they rot in prison. the guards were indicted on charges of conspiracy and falsifying records, even though epstein was dangling dead 15 feet away from them, they could not be bothered to peep the pedo who it ties with everyone from
9:30 pm
british crown to u.s. president see, a lot of people wanted to permanently silence epstein, it seems a coincidence to have a red carpet rolled out and a pair of blind eyes turned by the keystone cops, they are investigating the team, and bureau of prison admitted there could be a criminal enterprise involved in th death, powerful people wanted epstein dead, and the guards were looking up ikea on-line. true criminal enterprise here are the men who to whom epstein passed teenage girls around like human batons and women who served to assist, with once innocent young women who were systemically preyed i up upon ad
9:31 pm
destroyed. prince andrew is plagued by the secret he is doing a pis poor job of constraining. and maxwell allegedly sexual assaulted victims before passing the girls to jif jeff, yet she s free, getting animal style fries at in-n-out, when she should be caged like the animal she is. and the supplies e epstein with over a thousand girls, they all knew, and epstein saw them as nothing more than temporary re-- resent calls they must pay, until then, jeffrey epstein it burn his tongue on hitler's ass barnicles in hell, that is the memo.
9:32 pm
♪ senate judiciary committee, quizzed them today on how epstein of able to kill himself. >> christmas owne or or mant, dl and epstein, name these thrin 3t don't hang themselves. kennedy: will we get answers? panel is back. so, some people see this size a maynomain -- minor victory, but people who helped perpetrate the crimes they are still out there and so are the victims. >> senator sens kennedy has been looking at a lot of memes, there
9:33 pm
was a lot of innocent victims here, they have not seen their day in court, they thought they had him after hig he was the arrested, here we are now with no answers about what happened. we have not seen evidence of the island after they searched. they deserve answers, there are a lot of questions, it is unexclusible they could not face him in court. kennedy: one person who sat for a interview, prince andrew caught up in this, rightly so, if you were associated with a child rapist, father of two daughters, you sure as hell would do what you could to distance yourself from a monster, but he is like, i don't regret our friendship. >> a lot of contact. kennedy: a lot of back and forth. and do you think that interview was an admission of guilt. >> this is a cabal of truption
9:34 pm
corruption, across the country. kennedy: deal in southern district of florida awful. david: awful. >> and young women got hurt. truth is these women will never get their justice. kennedy: almost worst for them. >> all of his cospan spoi cocop- >> it the fact he is dead. >> no american believes these 2o pricprison guards are reason epn is dead. kennedy: people who run federal bureaucracies don't say things like that. >> they don't say bottom line, you are property of the state, it is your job to keep prisoner olive to goalive. >> you had one job. kennedy: right.
9:35 pm
it a small boat. >> all notions it was overtime, they signed up, either you do the shift or not, we still need more answers, but who was he connected to, we think we know. right, he was not able to testify, we get some type of plea deal, to figure out all people who were connected could i don't think we'll ever really know. kennedy: you have to ask who wanted jeffrey e epstein silenc, who was willing to kill or die for that. >> these guards are a scapegoat for a larger conspiracy, they pled not guilty, they pay point to the person. >> there is. kennedy: none makes sense. >> it does not add up. kennedy: it would cause such a come mogul arcommotion for somel
9:36 pm
ourselves identify a bed, and they have such contism for co ct for people who hurt children, you bet your ass, if you were charged -- that was your duty. >> the peopl people are not buy. kennedy: sequel to frozen comes out friday, swalwell, he ran out of gas, he had plenty that tank last night on msnbc. >> the president used taxpayer dollar ask ukraine to help -- >> in election. kennedy: [laughter] he shot down the accusations. the smeller is the feller. hardball producers floated in an
9:37 pm
alternate theory that sound was made by a coffee cup slid across the desk, hang on. here there -- there is no fart noise. it is time to turn the other cheek. >> io congratulate him for natural body practices. >> everyone does it. >> everyone does it. >> must be the tea, man. >> it was -- wait -- sliding my cup across the desk. >> the funny part. >> how about some more beans. >> come on. everyone does it. >> i thought it was -- wow. >> did you see chris matthews' face before it happened, you think it was him. >> yes.
9:38 pm
[ farting noisy ] >> richard? >> sit -- another activity. >> do you think that lbj was. >> >> contributing to global warming. kennedy: that is right, they sat there for a half hour. it was like. a butt pie that i burnt. >> let it go. >> right. >> richard? >> i refuse -- >> what did you have for dinner. >> have a not eaten yet. the one that smemen smelt it de. kennedy: the one that heard it didn't turd it. >> you made that up. >> not i said the cat. >> was it distracting watching swalwell today the hearing. >> you can keep it together.
9:39 pm
>> so serious. >> -- ukraine, like. president. >> you know sh he was clinch eastwood the whole time. [ farting noises. .[]richard. >> we have to fumigate. >> the entire table, thank you so much. >> thank you, kennedy, katy, richard and lawrence, a beautiful night, and it brings us closer together. >> yes, it does. >> you know that. >> >> excuse me, a gas mask. >> coming up byrne ber bernie sd elizabeth warren, they are. spreading overseas. why that could dise stro destroe
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kennedy: bernie sanders and elizabeth warren want to eat the rich. now our neighbors across the pond want to join them in the cannibalistic feast, they are targeting super rich totation power from trump 2.0. spokesman mcdonald laid out labor party plans in london today. taking an aim at billionaires saying no one needs or deserves to have that much money, it obscene, and obscene they buy access and tax breaks to boris johnson's which o conservative . >> and bernie and liz want to fill the coffers with bezos billions. joining me, mattie dupler, what
9:45 pm
is going on in great britain? who is infixin infectioning who. >> don't you miss days of old. left says that we'll we'll confiscation cannot enough, wealth is immoral. interesting you see analogue on other side of pond and here in united states, the math won't work, that is why we have these arguments, i looked at the u.k., how many billionaires are in u.k. if wealth is so immoral and will solve the economic problems, 151 billionaires in 2019, labor party says that 151 people hold the key to economic prosperity in britain, i would not see that as a serious economic plan, but, this is what the labor party has considered to be template for how they will try to take power.
9:46 pm
>> that assault they got -- that is all they have, the crude class warfare, in end, economically it does not work, we've seen it in europe, and in france with super tax, and scandanavia as well, not until they learned lessons of the free market economy and allowing people to realize their dreams, unencumbered with fewer regulations. >> it is amazing you have so many democrat here who have said for years, we need to be more like europe, with more tax system like europe and spend like europe, now you have the europeans being like democrat of united states, arguing not. >> taxing but about moral imperative to have a tax structure that takes things away from people that have earned them. interesting thing about u.k., this hangs under aus -- auspice
9:47 pm
of bri brexit. british economy has survived all of the twists and turns of brexit tally, right now. ftse 250, did better last month than most for economic indiceses in world, and pound is strong. for labor party to say we hava malaise that will be solved by tacking heck out of 151 people, this is a very su not good political plan. >> it should not be just state economic autonomy you talk about great britain versus the eu, it should also be about individual empowerment, but somehow successa now a dirty word,
9:48 pm
mattie thank you so much. >> thank you. >> she always breaks it down. >> topical storm is next. with sofi, get your credit cards right by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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kennedy: official in toms river new jersey are planning to trap a group of wild turk wh turkey e
9:52 pm
overrun the town. the nice thing about the new jersey turkeys is they are all dark meat because of the spray tans. >> in north carolina, a cafe is brining in extra doe. customers were shocked. good news for the deer, it was not hurt when it broke the glass, but the fl the guy in fl- we're happy to report no one of hurt. police say that animal fled the scene after encountering a
9:53 pm
strange odor in the kitchen, swalwell was in there begin. someone give him whistleblower protection. he has had enough whistle berries. >> topic two, they are call beans, california one of the most health conscious states but some cannot stop eating garbage, this is what happens when your local popeye's runs out of chicken sandwiches, he was forced to eat trash. it is healthier than popeye's, the male bear caught on camera out sitoutside of san franciscol are shocked that police are assuming the bear bear's gende. the bear ran off. nice to see someone in california running for no reason. beside kamala harris.
9:54 pm
at least this bear was -- cop. topic three. pabst blue ribbon is now selling 99 case beer. selling in 15 state, the state of depression, state of consititution, statcouldn't con. oh,well. nice to see joe namath again. if you of looking to turn your next party to hi hipster hell h, they are sold where ever the
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pbrs are sold. the most overrated beer ever. topic 4. a man in florida, criminal plan went belly up. i love florida. 41-year-old martin skelly, weighs 380 delicate pounds, he was living large when cops busted him forever allegedly possessing a hypodermic nee nee. me withicops found a bag of metd in his belly button, he denied own the that meth, that is not my belly button. the story has a mayor hole in it -- major hole in it, if you will. they slapped him with additional charges, for stashing meth in an iny. bail set for 9,000 dollars if he
9:56 pm
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richard fowler, he was a great sport. tomorrow night, marc lotter, they are back in act with you good night. [♪] lou: good evening, there are many winners as a result of the democratic party's sedition and outrageous effort to overthrow the president. those winners are all republicans led by president trump. the losers are the venal and ludicrous house democrats led by adam schiff who are now responsible for 56 straight days of presidential impeachment theater. and it has become theater of the absurd. the dimms' play is not the thing. it's farce. the curtain went up in public for the first time last week,


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