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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 20, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> gee, i wonder. david: politic its have invaded everything. >> you bust out monopoly game, they will talk about wealth tax. david: then we'll have a socialism game. that is it for "bulls and bears" see you next time. elizabeth: president trump tearing into nancy pelosi, adam schiff, the bidens and media while touring the apple plant in texas with the ceo tim cook. this after high drama on capitol hill, another zig-zag, round of impeachment hearings, frustrating and confusing, today's star witness, son land started -- sondland started off saying that top official tied the quid pro quo to bidenned then it never fell apartment a lot of confusing stuff. debate, how can democrat tie all
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this together? into coh co-- coherent articlesf impeachment. >> and trump campaign planning to fly a banner outside of the tonight 2020 democrat debate, for all to see, saying that democrat socialist policies will destroy jobs, what the msnbc moderators will likely not ask the democrats, and we have former reagan an economic adviser art laffer on out of control liberal college campuses two people arrested after his lecture in new yor network new t down. >> can colleges allows
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censorship of free speech? >> we have more problem with fired fbi official strzok. new information surfacing all of the justice department, indicates that strzok buried hillary clinton e-mail probe because of his pro-hillary and anti-trump bias. and is it obstruction of justice? the "evening edit" starts right now. >> you are looking at a shot of president trump boarding air force one, preparing to fly back to washington after touring the apple plant in austin, texas with tim cook. after impeachment hearing on hill today, president trump
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commented on while touring the texas some o manufacturing facin texas. >> he asked me, what should he do? i said, i want nothing, i repeated it, i want nothing, i want no quid pro quo, tell the president as you know of ukraine, to do the right them. it is a hoax. it a disgrace, an embarrassment to our country. >> we get to edward lawrence in washington. reporter: this second day of public impeachment hearings today, second part, happening right now, but earlier. u.s. ambassador to ei, sondland testified he believed that there was a quid pro quo for a visit to white house by ukraine president. democrat powpsed odemocrat poun. >> you testified that white
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house meeting that president trump zelensky -- president zelensky wanted, that was very important to president zelensky was it not. >> absolutely. >> you testified that, that meeting was condition was a quid pro quo for what president wanted these two investigations is that right. >> correct. >> that everyone knew it. >> correct. reporter: ambassador would not go as far as saying, he had a conversation with the president about quid pro quo, he said president trump told him directly that he just wants ukrainian president to do the right thing, sondland testified that president specifically said, he does not want a quid pro quo, republicans pressing him on that point, asking if military aid was held up for a corrupt shucorruption announcemn burisma. >> when did that happen. >> never did. >> neff did. they got the call, july 25, they got meeting, in new york on
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september 25. they got money september 11. when did the meeting happen? >> neff did. >> you don't know who was in the meals? meeting. >> when meeting are you referring to. >> the meeting that never happened, who was in it. >> reporter: democrat say there is enough assumption. elizabeth: a very thin read of an peac impeachment article. here is what is going on. 7 out of 10. say trump and zelensky phone call was wrong. let's bridge in former whitewater independent counsel
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robert ray with me. >> we don't bring impeachment proceedings based on presumptions or assumptions. at the end of the day are we're seriously going to impeach a president on an alleged link between invest tbeag i investige and a desired meeting at the white house, this is bottom line of this testimony. with regard to meeting at white house. as much as democrats want to make it a big deal, adam schiff himself signals, before the two weeks started they are view they don't have on to establish elements of a bribery case, resorting to common law bribery
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principleses under the constitution. constitution. >> first of all, wrong. meeting itself does not constitute the unnecessary element. sort answer, there is no pointly bribery there. it took them or ever in day to get to this. he could only presume and say what was likely to happen, that is not enough. elizabeth: we're looking at this. >> they say that of day. elizabeth: not with prism of someone who is a democrat or republican, just clinically, do they have the goods? doesn't look like they do. hearings are not changing the voters' minds, watch thi this.
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>> either of you have any evidence of quid pro quo? >> no, ma'am. >> i did not. >> with respect to his concern about something improper. specifically at no point did he come to you say, i heard something i thought was improper and a crime. >> sir, i have no recollection of him doing that. >> all things. >> no, sir. elizabeth: you wonder how democrat can wrap it up and deliver coherent articles of impeachment. look at what ukraine leaders have said there was no pressure from president trump. keep that screen up. is your reaction? >> if there is no pressure,
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there no bases to believe that extortion was committed, they also tried on it was a sense of an illegal foreign campaign contribution. but we heard today that is not what was talked with, all that was talked about was not the investigations but merely a public announcement, a press conference, they press statement, about the willingness to conduct an investigation, which ambassador son land sondld was to make sure that president was able to fix their position so president of okay, yo ukraint he did what he said he would do as a result of his election. elizabeth: at least 4 -- let me back up. your reaction to speaker nancy pelosi. attacking the legitimacy of 2020 election.
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her dear colleague letter: >> how -- that is a stunning statement, how is president trump jeopardizing the integrity? >> as jim jordan said was there ever a press announcement that ukraine would commence an investigation? no, any evidence that ukrainians commend an investigation, no. did they get the meeting with the president, yes was foreign aid released, yes. and as things stan now, the investigation of the bidens' conduct is before the sitting u.s. tapper in distric attorneyf connecticut, durham, a career professional who will determine whether or not there is any there, there with regard to bidens and burisma, i don't understand how that could be under mining the 2020 election,
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unless you are prepared to say that president at candidate enjoys immunity for any investigation or prosecution while they are a candidate. that is a notion most fair minded americans to and should reject. elizabeth: robert ray thank you. >> thank you. >> good to see you. elizabeth: bumpy ride for stocks over stalemate on trade deal with china, that now may last into next year. jackie deangeles joining us from the floor of the new york stock exchange with more. reporter: red in the market, dow down 112, and nasdaq down 43, s&p 500 down 11. negativity coming in after reuters respect indicates that -- report indicates that a phase one deal with china may be delayed until next year. interesting news from fed, in-- fed officials don't see a need for further rate cuts this year, that would be three cuts.
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also a good day for retail, shares of target with a 14% pop, a double beat, 17 cents ahead of estimates and raised 2019 profit guidance. and digital sales up 31%, a company that keeps pace with peers like walmart and amazon. and lowe's beat expectations on earnings by 6 cents, guidance raised for 2019. watch ther are for thursday, mas nordstrom, the gap, friday, footlocker. elizabeth: coming up former reagan economic adviser art laffer. two people were arrested after his lecture at university in new york state was shut down by protesters. can colleges allow the censorship of free speech?
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kills jobs banner. reporter: 10 -- candidates will take the stage at tyler perry studio here. there is a full size white house on the lot. there will be 10 people who hope to call white house home in 2020. until tonight top tier candidates have not changed biden between elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. now there is a 4th candidate topping poll, mayor pete buttigieg. is frontrunner in iowa, leading latest new hampshire poll, 25% of likely democratic voter say that pete is their pick for president with biden and warren tied for second with 15%. and bernie sanders trailing in third. sanders may be falling in early state polls but he is flooded
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with state donation reaching 4 million individual donations, and sanders make a point to meet up with pop stars as part of as a debate prep in detroit, met with cardi b and ariana grande who tweeted and e endorsed her support, today joe biden's 77 birthday, he is 40 years older than mayor pete but one year younger than bernie sanders. >> we know that viewership ratings are plunging for the debates about cut in ca half sie summer. joel griffith is here, 60% of a poll are not watching it is boring, debate moderators don't ask pointed questions, they say
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the same stuff. >> as one of few to watch the entire three thundershowers 3 he play-off, i concur, i took notes, copious notes, a recur we have, as far as how are they paying for the proposals. elizabeth: true, but this first. turmoil in race, "washington post" said no clear front-runner possibly until summer. that means trump will bury them eeven democrat senators. say, we're not going to endorse any candidate right now. >> we still see more candidates entering, bloomberg. elizabeth: they see a weakness, right. >> there seems to be a void, patrick from massachusetts. competing with elizabeth warren from east coast. there is still room. because a lot of the plans they
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have not been fleshed out there are a lot of unanswered questions and concern about radical proposal. elizabeth: trump campaign is flying a banner in the skies over debate, democrat socialism kills jobs. where is the debate on jobs in the economy. trump can point to this jobless rate, at or below in 30 states, than national average, consumer confidence still strong, high-tech capital spending booming, joel? >> if you zone in on the swing states across midwest that includes pennsylvania, unemployment is 20-year lows and 50 year lows in some of those states, median household income is record high, but there it has been increasing for last 4 years, my home state ohio,
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median household income since 2016 is up 5,wil 5,000 dollars. elizabeth: that is just crumbs to nancy pelosi. >> maybe to her. >> we want to look at facts, you need economic growth to pay for what democrats are proposing. bernie sanders, elizabeth warren talking about doubling triples federal debt as it is now, obama already doubled it. don't you think that u.s. households would like to have that money in their own pockets. how can they say to american people, tonight, again and again, we're going to increase government spending, but there is no accountability. >> a lot of people are not asking those questions, they hear the promises, yang talk
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about a thousand a month or free health care or college, but people don't ask how do we pay for it, too many assume you can just tax or plunder the rich. they are not always looking at numbers, for this people should pay close attention, you can't get all money you need for programs from just the wealthy. elizabeth: and the collapse of the economy. the big bombshell you will not hear msnbc moderators ask. 54% do not like warren and sanders single payer plan. >> i think we're all right to be frustrated with obamacare and government decisions that made healthcare more expensive and reduced our options, the way to solve them is not nationalize health care, our choices would be constricted but costs we
6:23 pm
can't afford it, hairphag herite foundation released a study you would need 21% payroll tax across board. if you are a typical family that gets insurance from an. employer, your disposable income will be reduced by 10,000 dollars a year, adjusting for fact you he no longer pay for. >> they want to take the. >> senator sanders. >> let me be clear, you look at their medicare for all it would outlaw private health insurance and put all of us in government plan. elizabeth: it is fake brands, i say put everyone politician in the v.a. see how they like it after work for running a
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business for a year, joel thank you. >> thank you. elizabeth: we have former reagan economic advisory or art laffer. school's student government reacted, they banned college republicans from campus. can colleges shut down debates? allow for censorship of free ship, they operate on your nickel, that story coming up. ins firsthand, like biotech. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price invest with confidence. this is the epson no more buying cartridges.. big ink tanks. lots of ink. print about... this many pages. the epson ecotank.
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maybe you could free zoltar? thanks, lady. taxi! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ elizabeth: a video of protestor at binghamton university, talking about free speech as
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they shut down free speech. art laffer was shut down about two minutes, he walked on stage, and walked out. two people were arrested and electture canceled. he did not get to speak but he can speak now. >> how are you. elizabeth: walk us through. >> i went to give a talk, i went to podium, a man came out with a bullhorn, reading a script from his phone, on top of table, then others then people were yelling, i was fine. i did not feel personally threatened but police grabbed them, and they came to me, said you have to get out of here now before something happens. they lead me out. elizabeth: okay, that says a lot, you had to be escorted out, bobby walker chair of new york
6:30 pm
tate federation of college republicans, said in a statement, anty of wa antifa wa. >> i have no idea. >> here is the thing. what is happening on the college campuses shutting down free speech? should americans be concerned? this is censorship of free speech at a state school that is funded by our tax dollars, universities don't have to pay a lot of taxes. >> yes, this is something we should be concerned about. that true had. this has been around for a long time, i remember vietnam riots and stuff like that we had the snow ball riots at yale in 1959, been riots all of th the time. it is common thing but it should still be stopped, people who be allowed to speak, these people had a room next to mine they could have had their own talk, and they had time too ask me
6:31 pm
questions. i was talking about economics, this is not wild crazy stuff. elizabeth: we're not at war. like in vietnam, no draft, here is the thing. >> no. elizabeth: what were you going to talk to them about? maybe bu, they issued a statement expressing disappointment supporting free speech. maybe bu, set it right by making you a gues a guest lecture. you and fred smith. talking about taxes. so, what were you going to talk to them about? >> compare 11 state that have introduce income tax since 1960, and compare to other 39 states, and they decline in of other economic metric. and i was going to look at highest income tax rate states
6:32 pm
and compare with 9 zero earned income tax rate states, and difference in performance over last 50 years, zero income tax states beat the bejeebers out of highest, i was going to there through some policies of this administration, how they work tax bill and how it has gone and our economic performance accelerating, immediately, and we're now performing way better than the rest of the world, these policies work, i would go through that. and a common one, i lecture at universities all of the time, i have never had any disturbance before, i never thought i was the target. if i am hoppes honest, i don't i was target. the young republicans had a situation over weekend where young people were passing
6:33 pm
outposters, and the group came in broke their tables it was violent. but, there was no violence today me. elizabeth: this is ridiculous, i think collect colleges should s, they operate on our nickel. >> they should. elizabeth: you were talking about taxes, that is not incendiary stuff to be shut down. >> we will have a little 80-year-old they wanted, would love to have sat down with them, and make their lives better, how they could really rise above this because, individual initiative is the dream in america, they could prosper just like all of the rest of a society, they should not pretend they are the vehicles victims, y should be making something out of themselves, i wish i could have communicate with them. elizabeth: art laffer thank you.
6:34 pm
>> great. elizabeth: i would attend. >> thank you. >> next time we talk about economics. elizabeth: i won't protest. >> come back, more problem with fired fbi official peter strzok, problem more problem than previously realized, new questions over strzok just buried, sat on hillary clinton e-mail probe because of anti-trump and pro-clinton bias. potential b obstruction of justice. the story next. every american wants their dollars to work as hard as they do. however, since 2000, the buying power of the dollar has dropped by over 31% - that means the dollar is only worth about 68¢ now compared to 2000. had you owned gold, your value would have increased over 400% and owning gold is easy... with rosland capital - a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals.
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elizabeth: updated on hong kong, standoff still going on. we have global markets taking hits after china said it is ready for worse case scenario after u.s. senate voted for
6:39 pm
legislation supporting pro democracy protestors in long hong kong. >> a former worker at britain coconsulate in hodge hong kong - >> good evening. hour-by-hour number of students still holed up on campus diminishes, we watched as paramedics brought students out one by one. down the steps of the entrance to campus, they were dehydrated, hungry and exhausted. knowing they will be arrested, minute they are taken off-campus, but knowing too they really have nowhere e else to go
6:40 pm
given hong kong riot police laid siege to the university, inside of campus, the signs of battle are everywhere. in particular we notice hundreds of molotav cocktails strewn around campus ready to be used. time was on side of the hong kong authorities they waited it out, now students have no choice, but to give up this particular fight. they are though encouraged in their by action of u.s. senate, passing hong kong human rights and democracy act unanimously.
6:41 pm
>> people of hong kong see what is coming. the response by the authority under pressure from beijing. vie. >> the administration and the president himself should voice their support for the protesters in hong kong. which would send an important message to the chinese communist party not to get involved or anyway escalate the situation. reporter: chinese government has condemned that passage of the act, saying it does nothing more than encourage what they call, anti-china radicals. >> for his reaction, bring in retired brigadier general spalding, general? >> i think they convened. chinese communist party said, they will do same thing to hong
6:42 pm
kong they did to mainland after 10 -- massacre. they will ice national security as a weapon against the people of hong kong to fake awa to takr liberties, they have spoken, i think that vice president pence. elizabeth: thank you for up that date. let's go to iran. reports there that iran used snipers who shot to crowds of protesters from rooftops, in one case a helicopter, amnesty international saying 106 protesters in 21 cities killed. maybe as many as 200.
6:43 pm
and president rouhani blaming foreigners. it is stunning that protesters are being shot and killed. >> yes, of course, the regime is the same, a totalitarian regime. protests are different in case of hong kong, free people realizing they will the lows theilose theirfreedom. in iran it is increasing price will fuel that brought them into the streets. economically they are not in a good position, i would expect these protest to be quickly dealt with with the tyrannical regime of tehran. >> thank you, sir, come back soon? thank you. elizabeth, next up more problem with strzok. new questions over whether peter strzok buried, sat on hillary e-mail probe and officially obstruct justice, congressman john mcclintock said he did,
6:44 pm
he told us that last night on our show, that story coming up.
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elizabeth: lou dobbs is joining us with a preview of his show. >> thank you, vice president pence's chief of staff, mark short will join us to talk about
6:48 pm
whether the ambassador sondland forgot something about the meeting between the vice president and himself, it was too late, he misstated his facts. secretary of navy richard spencer about threat posed by communist china. congressman scott perry, and ed rollins with us and derrick scissors on the people's republic of china and why they are a rising national security threat, back to you. elizabeth: a busy show, i'll be watching. >> we have new problem for pete strzok, former fbi agent accused of anti-trump, pro-hillary bias, he oversaw fbi probe to hillary's use of a personal e-mail server while she was secretary of state.
6:49 pm
justice department angry that strzok may have buried the hillary probe. >> my concern is he obstructed justice by threb rattily burying a very important investigation to hillary clinton's misuse, negligent handling of most classified material we have in possession of government by placing it on a unsecured server in her home. elizabeth: what do you think, john? did he obstruct justice. >> there a problem with the case, irk ropy for me is that strzok used his open personal devices for fbi information while he is investigating the use of personal devices for sensitive information. it makes no sense. >> here is the other thing, we read office of professional responsibility lotter to strzok, he is trying to get reinstated said he committed dereliction of
6:50 pm
supervisor responsibility, and sat on e-mail for months, thousands of everybody mailing covering hillary time as secretary of state, to to, nothing was done until another case agent in new york said, to cold federal prosecutor, he was scared and paranoid, someone was not acting appropriately. >> you know i that think that speaks to agents when fbi, what the agent in new york was complaining about, there are so many qualified stilled agents. why it was run out of headquarters be a half mile down the road there are a thoughts agents that are betweened for these kind investigations. >> the sake accusation has been made about fbi handling of the russia probe. the other thing, strzok is quoted as saying in his
6:51 pm
response. it was misplaced to think that the e-mail should be treated with more urgency, these team could get to the e-mail after the election, that strzok is quoted that e-mails were wot a tickinnot aticking terrorist ti. what is your reaction is that report? >> again. evidence is evidence. you don't sit on evidence until this convenient for you, you act on it, in a timely manner, most important thing is swift justice. what we want to do get this information in hands of prosecuters, where it belongs. the time table is now. not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow. elizabeth: okay. so we're looking at the text-messages, trump never will become president, right, right, no. >> -- is astonishing.
6:52 pm
we don't know -- we're you know getting deeper into story. we -- john your reaction to doj, ig report on obama surveillance abuse of president trump campaign. elizabeth: do you expect criminal referrals? >> i would be surprised if there is not some criminality reported in that report, the fact, agency across board remain unbias in work they do, strzok is not the example of typical agent, he is the ope exception of work of med women of the fbi, there could be consequences from this report. >> john thank you so much, sir. next up, we go to california. it is increases, people in the pay area, customers, forced massive power outages, this is happening in san francisco bay area. all in a bid to stop more
6:53 pm
wildfire from sparking, here is california, we take you there, next. blatch.
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are you .
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(groans) hmph... (food grunting menacingly) when the food you love doesn't love you back, stay smooth and fight heartburn fast with tums smoothies. ♪ tum tum-tum tum tums liz: the bay area around san francisco getting hit with blackouts. the former chair of the california republican party. 10 counties, blackouts.
6:57 pm
>> our biggest industry is agriculture and they can't get water to them. now tech is saying if you can't get us electricity we have to go. that's how bad it is. liz: pg & e thought it was not ready for the california wild fires *. this is the new normal for california? >> they deferred maintenance for 20 years and that caught up with them. the other thing is the overgrowth, pg & ex-needs to come to environmentalists. they argued for you 10-12 feet away for trees, the environmentalists wanted 4. it turns out trees grow, branches grow. liz: pg & e is a highly
6:58 pm
regulated captive utility. gavin newsom is saying pg & e is bad add taking $700,000 in donations from them. hospitals and doctors and patients are seeing their ventilators and heart monitors during blackouts? >> each one of these loses several billion of economic activity. so it's hurting the state economy. the problem with pg & e internally from the people i speak to say this leadership isn't going to dig us out of this hole, they got us into this hole. they need people to come from from outside to set us on the right track. liz: i want to go to
6:59 pm
los angeles. the poll of voters there say l.a. county, the majority of county voters say that l.a. is blowing money for fixing the homelessness crisis, just wasting the money. your reaction to that? >> they have institutionalized this. remember ronald reagan said government doesn't fix problems, they institutionalize them. you don't get the funding unless you have the constituents you are actually helping. they don't me industry cu -- any lionize -- san francisco, they lionized the homeless. liz: homeless people need help. but case and abject failure. >> 2020 people running for
7:00 pm
president democrats think california is the gold standard. liz: thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a good evening. [♪] lou: good evening, everybody. this is day 57 of the hellish impeachment farce produced by adam schiff and the radical difficulties. 57 days since the radical dimms started this latest effort to overthrow president trump. with each passing day the party of 8 looks worse, fares worse and still they press on, bound by their fury and hate. ambassador to the european union gordon sondland, the special guest of the radical dimms today. he testified before the house intelligence committee longer than any single witness so far.


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