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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 20, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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and we need a consensus to stop china stealing american technology. lou: tomorrow we have fred fruits and pastor robert jeffress. trish: more conjecture, more interpretation, more bias, more speculation and still no hard evidence as democrats attempt to undo the will of the american people. i am trish regan. i think, i believe win suspect. this is what democrats hope to impeach a freely elected president of the united states on, speculation? i think? i believe? before you attempt to displanting a system of government, i would suggest, adam schiff, you have a little more to go on than this. >> that was my presumption. again, i made the presumption. that was my belief.
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that was my presumption. i assumed. i came to the conclusion. apparently so. trish: why exactly do we even care what these people think or suspect when we have seen the transcripts? not to mention that ambassador sondland admitted that he never heard the president say he wanted anything at all from ukraine. which basically totally blows out his whole thesis he gave us in the open where he says the following. >> was there a quid pro quo? the answer is question. >> the democrats were all excited about that one. but you know what? sondland meant he thought there was a quid pro quo. because the president it turns out actually had never said this to him. he never asked him to secure anything from ukraine from president zelensky. this is sondland's belief. a belief that's hard for anyone
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to take seriously given how much it has changed since nancy pelosi's decision to launch hearings was initiated. let's take a walk down memory lane. sondland told lawmakers there was no quid pro quo. then he goes out and amends his testimony to say there was quid pro quo, he just didn't remember everything first time around. but today, memory was failing. >> i cannot remember the precise details. i don't remember. >> i honestly honestly don't remember. i don't remember. i just don't remember. >> i personally can't rib. >> i don't remember. >> i don't remember. trish: fine, he doesn't remember. but for someone who doesn't remember stuff, isn't it a little bit peculiar while at first there was no quid pro quo, now he wants everyone to believe
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him when he said the quid pro quo was just so darn obvious. >> everyone was in the loop. it was no secret, everyone was informed via email on july 9 days before the presidential call. as i communicated to the team wind told president zelensky in advance that assurances to run a fully transparent investigation and turn over every stone were necessary in his call with president trump. trish: everyone was in the loop except apparently the president of the united states because he never said to president zelensky or anyone else. he never said i will give you $400 million if you deliver the goods on bind. that was never said. given what we know at this stage, that didn't happen.
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you might think that's what the president wanted if you were sondland. you might have assumed it was maybe easier to release funding if there was something in it for the president. but that's all assumptions. what the deep state assumes is not relevant here. we are dealing in facts and facts only. let's talk about those facts as we know them, and they are number one, hunter bind was making a large amount of money in an industry he knew nothing about for a company with a sketchy reputation being investigated by a sketchy prosecutor. joe biden got the government to fire the prosecutor. there were rumors ukraine had knowledge of any manipulation by democrats and/or russian.
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zelensky ran on an anti-corruption platform. and president trump is against giving foreign aid to anyone including ukraine. president trump asked zelensky for assistance figure out what the heck went down in 2016. zell offered help to coordinate with giuliani and connect the dots with biden. the president basically said sure, great. he never said let's be very clear, if you don't, you are not getting the $400 million. there was no quid pro quo, at least that we have seen in the transcripts so far. even the vice president pence's aide who was on that july 25 call with pence complained she was concerned. don't forget, her boss, lieutenant general keith kellogg, national security
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advisor to the president was also on that call. he said i heard nothing wrong or i am proirp on the call. he goes on to say miss williams never reported any personal or professional concerns to me, her direct supervisor regarding the call. she never reported any personal or professional concerns to any member of the vice president's staff. there is a big leap here. a giant leap that somehow the deep state and democrats are trying to make. granted the united states puts conditions on all countries that we give aid to all the time. what do you think international aid is. if they knew about 2016, we would want to know what they know. this is important. there is no evidence that that was a condition that was being
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applied. so that wraps we stand tonight. the democrats are out there trying to toy on the well of public opinion on innuendo, biases, and assumptions. this is a very bad idea. a very bad idea. coming up, we have here to react, man who says the so-called whistleblower is a fake partisan hack. he ought to know. he's a former cia whistleblower himself. if there is one thing we know for sure in these impeachment hearings in was no quid pro quo. >> either of you have any evidence of quid pro quo. >> no, ma'am. >> i did not. >> any evidence of bribery? >> no, ma'am. >> no. not that i can raleigh said i want nothing. i tbhoont quid pro quo. trish: a guest who says the real
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quid pro quo was the clinton foundation. new numbers tonight show the clinton foundation has been bleeding cash. can you guess when it all started? how about starting back when clinton lost the election in 2016. the numbers coming up. reuters retracting this story, the u.s. has the world highest rate of the children in detention. it turns out the study was con dmuctd 2015 under president obama. but according to them it's president trump who first put children in cages. we'll talk about how wrong they are. >> if we were going to put little children in cages -- >> children in cages. >> i little girls just in cages. >> there are some things that should not be up to politics, and putting kids in cages is one of them. with liberty mutual.
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candidate, then a russian agent, the russians sharing hillary's emails with him. >> trump laundered russian money through real estate deals. trump was blackmailed by russia through his financial exposure with deutsche bank. trump had a diabolical plan to build a trump power in moscow. a long list of charges, all false. trish: it's crazy stuff. if conservatives were saying these things about a democrat president, people would go kind of nuts. the left would go nuts. it wouldn't even happen. because these things are so out there. you wouldn't waste taxpayer money investigating them. yet what are we doing? we are in the latest attempt to derail the president of the united states to reverse the will of the american voters.
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he wanted to fight corruption in the ukraine and that's seen as an attempt to bribe a country. where does it end? while we are at it, why on earth don't the dimms want to knowy how and why there was some kind after quid pro quo with hillary clinton and her foundation or joe biden and his son. you ought to be willing to let it go exactly where it takes you. why would a democrat be off bounds. i want to welcome back to the show, "john. you have got democrats hell bent on trying to take the president down, trying to poison public opinion against him. his approval ratings have shown
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that his approval rating is actually going up. so this is a bit of a charade as you have said. but nonetheless, they keep going back at it. they keep coming up with wierld and wilder stuff. would the right ever be able to get away with this? >> no. the right would be mocked if they were trying to get away with it. when i joined the characteristics a win went through the characteristics a's aa's -- i went through the cia's analytic training. they teach you to follow the evidence. i subjected myself to the torture of watching this hearing all day today. i kept asking myself the question the cia taught us to ask at the end of whatever product we were writing. the question is, so what? what's the point?
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what does it matter? we have heard 25 different people say quid pro quo. so what? one thing we forget is it was barack obama who withheld the sale of javelin missiles to ukraine. no one accused him of being a russian stooge. so, so what after all these hours brand-new hours of hearings that have proven nothing. trish: you just lay out the fact which i just did. it would take you a giant leap to get to some kind of assumption the president was trying to deliberately manipulate this. unless you have a record of him specifically saying presidentyou are not going to get the -- president zelensky, you are not going to get the $400 million unless you deliver the goods. joe and hunter biden were up to some corrupt stuff, there is
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evidence at least the son was, by the way, americans ought to know that. but we don't have any of that. so people are making assumptions, and they are making these leaps. i find it hugely troubling democrats are willing to say americans' votes don't count because we know the real story. we are able to interpret it. >> you are right. the democrats are still stunned by 2016. they just can't accept the fact in the system of government we have, you have to win the electoral college. and they still just can't accept it. remember it was well over 100 democrats had already signed on to impeachment before anybody ever heard of ukraine or any accusations were made and before anybody knew what quid pro quo meant. they made up their mind. trish: there are reports that the fbi wants to interview
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whistleblower again. any idea what that might be about? >> to tell you the truth, i think the story is why hasn't the fbi already interviewed the whistleblower? the attorney for this so-called whistleblower has always been very, very close to both the cia and fbi. he donates money every two years to the local democratic party in montgomery county, maryland. i actually looked this up. it seems to me the first thing he would want to do if he had evidence of a crime being committed was to go directly to the fbi. not to adam schiff on the q.t. so what we have is the fbi saying we want to talk to your client. if a crime has been committed, why didn't you talk to the client weeks ago when he first went public? trish: good point as always, john. coming up.
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democrats love blaming president trump for putting kid in cages'. >> if we are going to put little children in cages. >> he puts children in cages. >> children in cages. >> little girls just in cages. >> there are some things that should not be up to politics, and putting kid in damages is one of them. trish: reuters is retracting the story titled "u.s. has world's highest rate of children in detention. the study was conducted in 2015 under president obama who had the kid in cages. you will see the numbers for yourself. there is no quid pro quo. >> either of you have evidence of quid pro quo? >> no, ma'am. >> no, i did not. >> any evidence of bribery. >> no, ma'am. >> not that i can recall. >> no, they did not. >> he said i want nothing. i want no quid pro quo.
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trish: new numbers show the clinton foundation might have been up to some quid pro quo. they have been bleeding cash ever since hillary clinton lost the election. tomi lahren says this is proof of real quid pro quo. first the deep state come prove miced by a report of you have s. agencies being on china's payroll. we have the shocking story next. n of people and technology, so you can work with us the way you want. now with zero commissions on online stock, etf and options trades. part of our mission to make investing more accessible for all. and we're the only firm with a satisfaction guarantee. which is why our zero is better. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential. trish: a senate report finds foreign-born researchers work foimplet s. agencies were secretly on china's payroll signing side agreements to send sensitive information to china known as the thousand talent plan it's an orchestrated effort by beijing designed buy off
8:25 pm
chinese born government wrork workers here in america and elsewhere throughout the world. there were 10,000 chinese conducting research for american energy alone. and the concern is china is paying them on the side for their secrets. senator rob port man says chain a wins tbieps. china is manipulating its foreign nationals who we have given the opportunity of being here, buying them off, and in turn compromising all of us. it's about time we do something about it. joining me former deputy national security advisor, mr. steven yates. this is unbelievable to me. you have thousands of people,
8:26 pm
foreign nationals right here in our country work for our government that are selling the secrets to the chinese. why .we have foreign nationals from china work in our government? >> there are several things going on that are deeply troubling. this is something i personally have seen throughout my career. i am one of the rare people in government who speaks chinese and have worked on this subject the past three decades. even when i went to university, it came as a shock to some that universities closed to sensitive military posts. there would be a preponderance of chinese going through those universities. and they have gone from universities to farming out these harvesters of sensitive information. they are use our freedom and natural openness against us answer our government has gotten too big for anyone to have any idea of who is doing what with whom. that 10,000 people of can
8:27 pm
disappear into the abyss. trish: into places like the fbi and the department of energy. you have got effectively all of them right here in our deep state department of commerce, state department, the national institutes of health. how much a security risk is this? >> it's major risk and always has been. there is a challenge of seemingly innocent datessa getting agree gate at a --ing a re gate at a scale we can't imagine. how many chinese-born translate translators. we have got a lot of catching up to do. trish: the university system to blame it all.
8:28 pm
somebody comes from china, they are able to pay. they seem qualified, suddenly they are in the engineering program. do we need to be looking at that in terms of our admittance of all these foreign students? >> we do. there are a lot of people out there who say you will be racially profiling. my response is the communist party of china is not an ethnicity. if there is anyone with verifiable ties with the government of the china'. trish: the university says it's tougher saying you want people from all sort of world. you will have more intellectual diversity. a state university where u.s. taxpayers are subsidizing or any university getting federal funding. that money should be going to secure the education of americans first and foremost.
8:29 pm
but when it comes to the government stuff. this is bizarre to me. it is, steven. people are not looking twice at this. this might be a security risk. it might not be the best idea to have chinese nationals whose loyal is one would think would be more ablind china's than us in these sensitive positions. given this report and the bipartisanship which is important. if some of it going to change? >> i think it is. i think the images americans and others have seen out of hong kong. the things they have seen with the florida manipulation of the' nba and technology disputes. they seem' to be the true nature of china. this is not a friend or a partner. this is one of the most brutal, evil mafia on the planet. chinese people are wonderful,
8:30 pm
and the culture. there is a lot of them. trish: there are a lot of them who have been oppressed and hurt. so i'm glad this report is getting some attention. thank you for devoting so much time and so many years looking at this. coming up next. reuters retracting this story saying america has the world's highest rate of children in detention because well apparently the numbers pertain to 2015 under president obama. nobody wants to say anything bad about president obama. but we'll show you the numbers so you can see them yourself. >> if we were going to put little children in cages. >> children in cages. >> little girls just in cages. >> there are some things that should not be up to politics and putting kids in cages is one of them.
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trish: new tonight. an illegal immigrant arrested in a deadly oregon crash who fled to mexico after authorities released him because they chose not to honor the hold request from i.c.e. this happens over and over again. monday night we told you about the illegal migrant who hit and killed the husband and father of three. he had already been arrested for dui prior to the killing. but i.c.e. couldn't detain him. sanctuary city and state policies are killing our country as the left creeps trying convince americans somehow it's inhumane to enforce our border. >> president trump continues his un-american, inhumane and highly unpopular immigration policies. ian humane policies that are not reflective of our values as
8:36 pm
americans. >> this administration will less be remembered as one that was ruthless and inhumane. trish: they want to us think it's inhumane to enforce our borders. it's inhumane not to enforce our borders. every night we are talking about new americans that died as a result of sanctuary policies. so i ask when does it stop? when does the left learn that every single country has borders and every single country should enforce them. joining me now, republican, congressman babin. >> it's unbelievable. they talk about inhumane treatment. the inhumane treatment is the treatment that these voting american citizens and legal immigrants are getting in these
8:37 pm
sanctuary counties, cities and whole states. and they ought to run these elected politicians that do these kinds of things and obstruct the police departments and county sheriff's offices not to honor the detainers. the victims are piling up. i don't understand how this can continue to happen in the united states of america. trish: they are deliberately -- they have got their talking points. they are saying borders are bad. allegedly. anywhere you go in the world, there are borders. if you don't have borders, you don't have a country. you don't have a system where you can help the people within the border. n if you say we are going to have open borders. you want to come here? go for it. what happens to the united states of america. >> our sovereignty and national security and everything else,
8:38 pm
everything goes down the tubes if we continue on the path we are on. it just continues to go. we cannot get the democrats to work across the aisle to get rid of the loopholes to secure this border. we hear the presidential candidates in the democratic party continuously say they want free medical treatment for these illegals, sanctuary policies are just. and want to legalize undocumented crossing of our borders. i think we are up to 140 billion a year costing the american taxpayer in this country to medicate, incarcerate and educate a lot of these folks coming in here illegally. i believe in legal immigration. but the hypocrisy of these democrats is unbelievable. trish: this is a shame. this is the one place where they could have come to some kind of agreement on.
8:39 pm
the democrats used to be all for borders when it served their purpose. now, you know they just want to fight president trump on anything and everything. i want to get your reaction on the story that came out earlier today and was just retract bid reuters. the headlines, u.s. has world's highest rate of children in detention, u.n. study. they retracted it because it turns out the story was done in 2015. do they not want to admit that was the level that handed president obama? >> well, you know what? i think bernie sanders just trotted that thing out begin just recently, maybe knowingly. i don't know, i'm not trying to get in his head. but 100,000 children detained, it turns out it was during the obama administration. so the hypocrisy is just -- it's
8:40 pm
just completely baffling to see these types of things. trish: we are watching the president's approval rating go up as this whole impeachment things unfolded. what did that tell you? >> that tells me that everything -- i tried to watch on television last night. i went to sleep after 15 minutes. i heard one of my democrat colleagues talk about how the president is hanging himself. no, the president didn't have these considerations. these witnesses, most of them didn't witness a thing. everything is hearsay. it's a kangaroo court. the president is unable to call his own witnesses. the witnesses are coached by chairman schiff. i think the american people are tuning out and they are fed up with this witch hunt. and they are ready to get on with doing the things that are so important. are the approval ratings going
8:41 pm
up for the president? we need to maintain our economy, secure our borders, pass usmca and do all the things they are supposed to be doing for the american people. we are spending our capital, time and pressure on this type of thing. trish: impeachment witnesses saying there is no quid pro quo. >> do either of you have evidence of quid pro quo. >> no, ma'am. >> i did not. >> any evidence of bribery? >> month, ma'am. >> not that i can recall. >> know no, they did not. >> he said i want nothing, i want no quid pro quo. trish: the clinton foundation is bleeding cash right now. can you guess when it started happening? how about since hillary clinton lost the election in 2015. tomi lahren says this is prove of a real quid pro quo. (vo) the moth without hope, struggles in the spider's web.
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thought he *. trish: an explosive report on the clinton foundation to tell you about tonight. the quote charity is bleeding cash according to the tax documents. the foundation lost $17 million. $31 million in the last year.
8:46 pm
they are losing half of what they make, a charity. spending half of what it takes in on expenses. last time i checked, a good charity aims to keep expenses below 25% and a really good charity 10%. but when you are spending more than half of the money you raise on expenses, that should make your donors a little suspicious. but the question has always been, is this a charity? for years the rap on that foundation was it was pay-to-play. when hillary clinton was expected to be the president of the united states, countries, oligarchs, millionaires, billionaires, they were all willing to pay through the nose. the foundation took in $160 million. meanwhile, when she was secretary of state to the united
8:47 pm
states of america, the foundation brought in a whopping square of a billion dollars. you can't tell me there wasn't some kind of quid pro quo going on there. perhaps hunter biefden was take to take a page out of the clinton book. joining me right now is brad blakeman and foxnation host and author tomi lahren. >> it's exciting when we get to talk about hillary clinton. one who will never go away. we should be exposing her controversies. this is. trish: peter schweizer reported on this in his book "clinton cash." she was making a ton when she was secretary of state. she made $116 million when she was running for president. the donors are not lining up
8:48 pm
anymore. what does that tell you? >> it tells you there was pay-to-play action going on, and she was putting the office and the start department up for sale it's obvious now that she doesn't have the pull, she would like to. the minute she jumps back in the race she might have it again. but there are questions about uranium one. she says it went to hate ian helping people around the world. but how did you get that money and what was it doing for those who donated. trish: the conspiracy theories abound about president trump, the manchurian candidate, an agent of russia and blah, blah, blah. we invested a lot of taxpayer money investigating all that. but nobody has take and hard look at what hillary clinton and
8:49 pm
her husband were doing when you think about the amount of money in speeches and the amount of money pouring into the foundation. what's your sense of what really is going on. >> the clintons are not a political dynasty. they are a political crime family. if you go back to the birth of the clinton foundation, it happened when clinton was still president. bill clinton is out, hillary serves. hears what happened next. hillary became a u.s. senator from new york. two 2001 to 2009 as a public official and bill was playing off her service. 2009 to 2013 she is secretary of state. bill clinton is the collector. he's the guy who goes around collecting the cash and hillary goes out --
8:50 pm
trish: there is an interesting assortment of people there from all over the world. and it's like a stamp of approval. if you have got money and cash you can immediately get on the stage on the same platform with the clintons. in some ways people are trying to buy this status. >> they absolutely were. the speaking money. bill and hillary might be great speakers. but the money they were raking in as gone way, way down from the millions to hundreds of thousands because she lost answer election. but it truly is a charity that's helping the world. you would think those same donors would be just as excited. where are the donors. if this is all to help the world. natural disasters haven't stopped but hillary's influence and relevance declined sharply.
8:51 pm
>> if it was a well-run charity would you think people would be lined up willing and able to donate. brad, that's not the case. so you say it wasn't a charity. it never was a charity, it never will be a charity. >> bill clinton was the bagman for hillary when she as you a senator and secretary of state. follow the money and look at the growth of their empire. trish: do you think hunter bind was ever sitting back watching this saying, they figured it out. they figured out how to make politics play and perhaps that is part of his reasoning what went into what he managed to pull off in ukraine. >> if you look at hunter bind and compare that to the clinton regime. he's very jv to take a word from
8:52 pm
president obama. at least he had a job. on you brought up the expenses. that's the important part. did anyone have an issue with how much money they were spending on travel? trish: they were huge expenses even when they were making $250 million. they were huge at $160 million. the expense ratio always caught my eyes. i think of real charities where dollar for dollar goats to the charity. 50% are higher. this is out of whack. brad, tomi, i am being told we are out of time. kennedy is joining was a sneak peek on what's coming up on her show at the top of the hour. kennedy: .
8:53 pm
exciting night, trish. we are playing donkey derby. we know the democrats are sucking the oxygen out of the room and eric swalwell is no longer there to expel the oxygen. it gets very competitive on game night on the kennedalia show. trish: freedom isn't free. (people talking) for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays local. shop small and watch it add up. small business saturday by american express is november 30th.
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shop small and watch it add up. small business saturday by american express is november 30th. trish: welcome back. as we watch the horrific scenes from hong kong, freedom or death is their motto, i was proud to be in my home state of new hampshire last night, motto is live free or die, i was there to help celebrate the first amendment. i was honored to talk about importance of freedom of speech, freedom of press. for the school of communication. one that most recently donald trump keynoted. i followed a interesting keynote. i was most honored to have the chance to celebrate a real whistleblower. someone who stood up for
8:58 pm
veterans for patients, the late dr. william ed exposed horrible conditions at new hampshire veteran's hospital, where he worked in conjunction with the press, with journalists to ensure these conditions were known, as a result, the shoddy conditions at the hospital were exposed, veterans have him to thank, thank you to your hole whole family and union leader news paper who sponsored this annual, vin ther event in new h. i'll just mention, thank you to my daughter. elizabeth, my 9-year-old for being there with me, joining me on stage last night. thank you to the great country. for giving us the freedom of speech. as i said last night, never take
8:59 pm
that for granted. our freedom to disagree however challenges it feels at times, is truly our greatest asset. diversity of thought. honest debate. and most personally, respect for all sides. a willingness to listen. that is what gives us freedom. and we should never forget that. i want to thank you all for watching again. here tonight. back with you tomorrow night. for more. we'll have another terrific lineup. as we continue to watch the charade out of dc, tomorrow night. chief of staff for vice president pence, mr. mark short. kennedy begins now. ♪
9:00 pm
kennedy: bomb, democrats call it bombshell of bombshells. and republicans and presidents are like. [ laughter ] , no. the president critics claim, today star went was u.s. ambassador to the eu sondland. he is a president trump appointee and a republican. before he testified shifty adam shifschiff took a couple of pot shots at el presidente. watch. >> secretary of state


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