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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 21, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EST

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kennedy: bomb, democrats call it bombshell of bombshells. and republicans and presidents are like. [ laughter ] , no. the president critics claim, today star went was u.s. ambassador to the eu sondland. he is a president trump appointee and a republican. before he testified shifty adam shifschiff took a couple of pot shots at el presidente. watch. >> secretary of state pompeo. as well as the vice president.
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we can see why secretary pompeo and president trump have made such a concerted and across the board effort to obstruct this investigation and this impeachment inquiry. i will just say this, they do so at their own peril. kennedy: oh, gordo, ranking republican devin nunes had a different strategy, it was bizarre. instead of going after democrats, he went after ambassador sondland, who as i mentioned is the republican's witness. you can see the confusion in son'sondland son's, face. >> you are here today to be smeared. you will make it through it. and i appreciate your service to this country, i am sorry you have had to go through this. kennedy: oh, finally sondland himself got to speak, he is the guy who supposed to support the
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president's claim of no quid pro quo. instead he aid this -- what a day. >> i know that members of this committee frame these complicated issues in form of a simple question. was there a quid pro quo. as i testified previously, with regard to the requested white house call and the white house meeting, the answer is yes. >> no. there it is, quid pro quo. the democrats hol holy grail, os it. >> according to president, nope. >> just a quick comment on what is going on in terms of testimony with ambassador sondland. and i just noticed one thing i would say, that means all over. i want nothing. i said it twice. kennedy: nothing! so. here we are again, another day of testimony, democrat, saying
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will sink trump presidency and republicans claim will exxon 8 him. -- exonerate him, so what in the wide world of sports is going on,. we bring in party panel but first live to capital of the great nation, with new york congressman, lee zeldin, welcome back, sir. >> god tgood to be back. kennedy: what did you make of ambassador son sop' sondland a . >> probably with using words like presumption or resume or assume or guess, as ambassador sondland said he was guessing there was a quid pro quo linking aid to ukraine with investigations, that we'll ask follow-up questions. now i would encourage your viewer check out congressman turners questions of ambassador sondland. ambassador sondland, as you pointed out had a conversation
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directly with the president, president pointed out in the clip. the president told ambassador sondland no quid pro quo, he does not want anything from ukraine. yet, ambassador sondland comes here to capitol hill tod today and said he guesses that there was a link between aid and investigations. so we ask him follow-up question, he admits that there is snow on there is no one on ts planet, not president trump or rudy guliani or toi toil him ths a -- told him there was a link, he could from the produce any evidence to support that presumption. kennedy: he is a fan of the president, you are a fan of the president 4678 yo. you are both fans, but it feels like a lot of republicans turned to ambassador today. when will did that happen? just a matter of getting out facts, when they ambassador sondland gave his deposition, he did not mention this after
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reviewing his transcript, and time went by he submitted an in his testimony he said he presumed there was a link. then today, he stated that it -- it was a link, he said he was guessing there was a link, for a republicans it is not about smearing ambassador sondland, it is about figuring out. kennedy: devin nunes said that. tell me about. >> >> the goal was to get out facts. and congressman turner is one of many who got out the rest of the story which was a main goal with regards to that one point. kennedy: there were a lot of points made. problem is that republicans and democrats are playing two different games. so, the democrats are playing volleyball, and republicans playing baseball. and you can't keep score for seemtai --
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for both. it is difficult. as a person who consumes politics as entertainment, i was impressed by your colleague from the empire state, tell me about her? >> alise has been putting a ton of prep to 5 minute rounds of questioning, hearing after hearing. she has shown up ready to make the most of that time that she has. if he had her way, she would have had additional time. but way schiff has structured -- it is word, the first 45 minute round, nunes can yield to a staffer but not a member of congress, that is a little bit bizarre, we would like to see alise and other members have an opportunity to participate in larger 45 minute round of questioning, but she has been a fantastic job, getting important
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facts out, it is good. she is getting beaten up. back home, i think she has a bigger target on her back because she is a strong woman in the republican water, there are a lot of people. >> that makes her more interesting. enough you you old white guys. >> she is not deterred by it have a backbone. she is dedicated a ton of time toward trying to recruit more women, republicans, more veterans more minorities,. kennedy: lovely. >> a great thing for people. kennedy: really so -- really, quickly who do you think has been more effective, lease or jordan? >> don't make me pick. >> pick. >> they are two different styles, they have been great. you know really they had moments up and down the committee roster, to get important fact, but you know elise and jim have
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been fantastic. kennedy: which one did better. >> we have baseball and volleyball, neither of us give us opportunity to judge them. kennedy: all right, someone z has to be tom brady here, congressman zeldin thank you. >> two tom bradies doing fantastic. kennedy: no gisele, sad. >> rudy guliani was busy defending himself from accusations he was a ring leader, starred when republican appointed council caster who was questioning sondlanding is suggested that guliani had his own. >> we walk through your communication with rudy guliani, they are not a lot, are in guliani had business interest in ukraine. >> now i know he did. >> messrs. parnas and brew man.
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>> a lot of new names i have learned. >> so many new names, who knew being an ambassador would mean taking notes and remembering things. afterward rudy guliani hit back saying: >> don't hold your breath rude i. sosondland said, pence and pompo and mulvaney, were all well aware of president's push to get ukraine to announce an investigation into the bidens. when are we going to hear from these officials this would be interesting, let's meet our party panel, finally. we have attorney, republican
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strategist alexander wilkes, and juan williams, and host of the part of the problem podcast. dave smith. welcome. >> thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: about what is up with sondland, he isism came imf imf- implicating in people you like. >> i think rudy guliani has complicated matters with his involvement in the testimony that has been put out, that said, i think that short of this reaching the president in a direct way, in a smoking gun kind of way, this is just not going to be what the democrats hope for. impeachment is a political process, if you go after the president of the united states, you need to have him dead on with no other you know
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complications, i think that these other characters add some complexity to it, making this more difficult to know. kennedy: was sondland more problematic for republicans than other witnesses who testified. >> i don't think there is a question, he a republican, not an ordinary republican, he gave a mill you millennium bucks. kennedy: i wish i had that mon money. >> me got an ambassadorship, that is pretty good. kennedy: caroline kennedy business right there. >> i think it was hard, you think about him. this is a guy who you can't qualify, you can't categorize as a never-trumper. never-trumper, nobody has been talking about direct conversations with the president, and he said yeah, i talked to president like 20 times about this. kennedy: but he could not remember that, i guess it was 20, i don't know.
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>> i took away from this, what you were picking up, i start to see that there now separation on the republican side, people may be willing to throw rudy guliani under the bus. kennedy: absolutely, no doubt that rudy has the biggest target on his back after this week. and that was clear from the conservative counselor was who questioning sondland, does this matter. >> in bigger picture. kennedy: grand scheme. >> that is we never in history of country impeached and removed a president. idea they say we'll impeach and remove donald trump, this unprecedented act, when the scandal he wanted them to look into biden, it is unclear he ever said you get the meeting if you look into biden or only get foreign aid. at best for democrats this is a wink and a nod, this is what i want, scandal, big picture, obama funded al qaeda and syria,
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george w. bush instituted children, and bill clinton starved iraqi children to death. and -- shipped coke to country. kennedy: who likes to party. >> while fighting a war drugs. kennedy: a lot of people are conflicted. >> i'm saying to make this a scandal, is absurd. kennedy: looking at historical context it not as big as the iran contra affair. >> nothing close. >> made oliver north a star. >> barack obama. this is what about is way worse. >> wait. did you impeach a president for having oral sex in oval office. >> yes that was stupid. >> i'm not a republican. >> think about what public can absorb. kennedy: while wearing a blue dress have you the last say.
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>> not that blue dress. >> it is easy to understand sex in oval office and lying under oath, i don't think that this is trickling down in american psyche in the way that democrats were hoping. kennedy: the trickle is problematic for democrats, you have to have a giant boller to take out a -- boulder to take out a president, they don't at-this-point, in my mind president may have been inappropriate and over stepped boundaries. but it is almost like high is spihe is spitballing. >> it is an attempted quid pro quo. kennedy: they got the white house meeting. >> the system works. kennedy: what are we upset about? >> abuse of power by president of united states. kennedy: yes, it was
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inappropriate. >> it was beyond inappropriate, using your dollars and our foreign aid to get dirt on his political opponent. kennedy: he did not get it. >> how about a scandal in ukraine sides with neo-nazis to have an illegal regime change in 2014 that was barack obama, there was a scab da scandal in e why do we care more about this than that. if investigating is interference than hillary clinton and dems interfere. >> oh, stop. >> what do you min mean oh, sto. kennedy: if you don't like this, you can't like that. >> he was working for fbi. >> an american company. kennedy: he and fbi. >> fbi was interested because he had in in. kennedy: i'm sorry, you have have first word in next round. which will be donkey derby, panel will return to play, that
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it is game night, all right. >> first up, while country is distractioned with this impeachment circus, house of representative vote to extend the freakin 'patriot act. thomas is next. nationwide helps you invest for your future, brad. so you can plan for retirement and save for college. oh, that explains this. the nationwide dome. state-of-the-art venue. 80-yard screen. fantasy sports lounge. climate controlled seats. sushi bar. club level pool. really? lastly... retractable roof. whoa. are you kidding me? peytonville showed no mercy. go peytons. (pop) kind of lackluster. eh, still working out some kinks. who they playing? the brads. worst team in the league. of course.
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plus 0% interest for 24 months on all smart beds. ends saturday kennedy: well, democrat scream impeach, over presidential abuse of power, hypocrite voted overwhelming 3 on a spending bill with a secret provision to re,00reauthorize the patriot ac. it sprouts new balls and sucks up 4 amendment violating information on innocent americans like you. they have been caught, chatter that program would go away. but cowardly democrats tucked it in a critical spending bill, hoping no one would notice, they did, it is weird, house freedom caucus, and house progressive caucus are natural enemies.
12:21 am
think dogs and cats in bathes and fighting in same small tub but they are only ones paying attention, fighting to put this one to sleep for good, edward snowden would be rolling in his grave but he is giggling, they are too happy to give his administration even more abuse able opaque and unrepenting power. justin amash tweeted: when democrat signs i. >> trump and g.o.p. neither party is looking out for you that is why i'm an independent that is what this country is supposed to be rooted in not hyper partisan hypocrisy. started out at empathy, if the parties are not looking out for you, why do you still vote for
12:22 am
them? or they are spying on you and stealing your money, what a country, that is the memo. kennedy: it year nsa temporarily suspended this mass data collected program, they don't know how to operate it without violating america's rights, why the hell does congress want them to restart it, here with me now, kentucky republican congressman, thomas is back. >> you are real whistleblower here, i have not seen anything in news report this yet. you are the first. i have been trying to blow the whistle thiso this democrat have been complaining abuse of power. they just gave the president power to spy on every american
12:23 am
without a warrant in a bill that funds everything from president is doing. like the cr does not cut any of money from the executive branch. >> that is weird. you know they are so opposed to every program. and you know this -- president i know there are parts you like about him, but he is a big government, big spending president. and that means whatever this bill has in it they will spend if on president's program. >> they have authorized and funded everything he is doing,. they have these hearings, simultaneously complaining about what he is doing, this is ridiculous. the other thing less then 24 hours to read this, because they didn't want you to report on it until it was passed. they snuck it through, pelosi has a 72 hour rule but she got 230 democrats to suspend that 72 hour rule. all of the ruling to rush it
12:24 am
cr through. this continuing resolution. kennedy: how is it going to do in senate. >> well, it will probably being through the senate and president will sign it but this is not a solution, here is what it does. i have seen this play call 4 times. they punted ball until december 20. what they do then is they come in in a closed room with us, say, okay, now we have the really big omnibus, if you vote for this you can go home for christmas, if you don't, and it fails we'll make you stay here are in christmas and new years, i have been in a closed room they start chanting vote, vote, and people run-up and vote for something they have not read. kennedy: that sno that is no wao legislate, that is like a bon bondage chamber -- i think. >> like a stockholm syndrome, with hostages are excite the to
12:25 am
vote for their own doom, or doom for american people, they set up a christmas crisis, december 20, wait for it, it is coming but they will have an omnibus, who knows what they hide in, that my staff helped me find patriot act in this bill, on page 25. kennedy: it was buried, you had if on twitter and instragram you highlight the portion. this st what you people do, you hate freedom so much you are willing to recompromise american's basic 40mm rights. >> and democrats have been complaining about this. whole time that republicans were in the majority. this is another thing they did, that i want to put it in a spending bill, no democrat ever apologized for spending too much, democrat can go home say look to spend the money keep government from shutting down i had to vote to you know they
12:26 am
won't say it, i have to vote to violate your 4 amendment right. kennedy: they don't care, you only person in congress to vote against this prevision. that -- provision that told people of hong kong, we got your back, we're not going to advance any military campaign against mainland china but we feel you. it passed you are such a contrarian. >> about 420 to 1 that bill, thathat's had shan i santion onu don't mul pull a gun unless youe ready to shoot, when you start escalating things with china, do you, in this case sanctions, i have never voted for a sanction. in so, i was not about to start here, this is fake. this is congress acting like that i want to do something, but they are not really going to do anything. kennedy: getting sassy with
12:27 am
matthew, thank you, sir. >> thank you. kennedy: very good. >> coming up how much do you really know about the army of democrat running for president? the panel, they are gearing up to play dan donkey derby, you can play along. grab a cocktail, fill up your tumbler that is next. i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy, and my lack of impulse control, is about to become your problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof! whoof! so get allstate where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. sorry! he's a baby! it'son the sleep numberate sleep360 smart bed. can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable.
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and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. including your interest rate right by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right with sofi. check your rate in two minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. kennedy: heats fights, political arguments, sounds like my thanksgiving dinner table, that is next week. i'm talking about democratic debate, 10 whacka dos fling mud, food, other substances at each other, you learn more about them if you stay here, kennedy staff dug up amazing be o obscure facn the candidate, i am testing the
12:32 am
panel's knowledge, time for donkey derby. they are our high-end graphics, welcome back party panel. i will ask them a series of multiple choice questions, to true details of democratic helpful, are you ready. >> ready. kennedy: which candidate said she reads recipes to relax? klobuchar? kamala harris or elizabeth warren? who is it? who reads recipes to relax. show. no one got it. it was kamala harris. i read recipes then i throw children in prison. >> i thought it was elizabeth warren shy pu she put out that
12:33 am
cookbook. >> powwow. >> eat my salad with a comb. >> all right. kennedy: ready? >> which of following candidate does not speak spanish? pete buttigieg. cory booker. or huellia julian castro? they are writing. and delighting who does not speak espanol, bueno. juan and alex you have a point a piece, castro is not a native spanish speaker, his mother was punished for speaking espanol at school, and spoke englishal ho home. all right. question three. which candidate grew up playing dungeons and dragons? kamala harris, amy klobuchar or andrew yang?
12:34 am
you got it right. juan is up by one. >> can you ask the next one about war crimes, i am great with those. kennedy: he grew up playing dand d, yang, part of the yang gang. question 4. which candidate used to work at a cattle ranch? tom steyer, amy klobuchar or pete buttigieg? it is a close game. you are all correct. juan. tom steyer spent summers hiking in the adirondacks and working on a cattle ranch in nevada. he still wealth shames people. what a hypocrite.
12:35 am
ready? feeling good, strong, ramma llama ding dong. which candidate celebrity donors include? john stamos is it bernie sanders, elizabeth warren or mayor pete. answer is mayor pete. all of these people as fans. his list of celebrity donors extensive, jennifera kno anisto, mandy give me more. >> and which toil hillary told y clinton that her 2016 campaign lacked joy, tulsi gabbard, joe biden or duvall patrick?
12:36 am
dave said biden. alex said tulsi, david and juan gets it right. he told "vanity fair," i never got a sense there was joy in her campaign. >> he makes a good point but what tulsi says was better, queen of war mongering. >> have you an issue. >> yes, i am anti-war. >> no with her. >> or hillary. kennedy: which has a daughter who is a stand up comedian, chuckles mcgill cuty tom steyer or amy ha-ha klobuchar or elizabeth warren, she tickles the ribs? you are all wrong. it was amy klobuchar her 24-year-old daughter, graduated
12:37 am
from yale, and works for a new york te city councilman and does stand up comedy how fun. here is question 8, which candidate said he loved donald trump in 16, steyer, booker or yang? you all have yang, you are wrong, cory booker, let me told you i loved donald trump, i don't' to answer his hate with hate, i will answer with love, i love him, i know his kids, thank yothankyou, corey. which candidate was barack obama -- has barack obama accused of plagiarizing? joe biden, kamala harris or
12:38 am
duvall patrick? barack obama accused of blaming plagiarizing which candidate? >> wait. kennedy: dave, a rewrite. you all go the to right. they are close friends. in 2008. >> the just words thing, right. the speech? i might be wrong. kennedy: you all got that right? correct? mm-hmm. >> no, good for you. >> dave up 4, alex 3, juan you have 6, you are running away with this, this is a 3 point question. last question, which candidate failed barrack bar exam on theit attempt, joe biden, kamala harris or elizabeth warren. very tough.
12:39 am
i go take the bar exam and i drink a beer. kennedy: no one, juan williams, the democrat takes the crown. good job, you have 8. and you get -- >> what -- who? >> that is a great question, kamala harris, she said, i told her it is not a measure of your capacity, not how many people you throw in prison for no reason. you are amazing thank you. >> great job, juan. >> thank you. kennedy: juan is not the loneliest number. remember, jussie smollett? he beat himself up he is now suing the city of chicago, wait until you hear why, that is next. we call it the mother standard of care.
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kennedy: jussie smollett story is so crazy you can't make it up. he failed a lawsuit accusing chicago police of malicious prosecution. and they sued smollett, looking for reimbursement of the money. so is jussie smollett headed for a payday or spend winter beating himself up over this too. party panel returned, they are that good. alexander you are the lawyer, attorneyesque at table. break it down. does jussie smollett have a case. >> no, i think he is trying to deflect away from the up up cre- incredibly poor behavior, he
12:45 am
furthers himself from the professional victim he is, city of chicago has every right to seek reimbursement for the expenses incurred. this for every false claim made it goes against future victims, harms their ability to come forward, and it is a incredible drain on resources of chicago police deputy wh department who have bigger fish to fry than jussie smollett, his claim is baseless. >> shbaseless. kennedy: he is not suing the prosecutor, who dropped all charges, and since apologized, said, i should not have done that. that will never happen again. he is not suing her. >> he got a deal from her, he is trying to get hes his money bac. kennedy: how could it be mel --
12:46 am
malicious prosecution. >> he said police. kennedy: they were pissed, they spent a lot a a lot of time. >> i think they were acting inspect of the prosecutor, who gave away the store, he had to o pay -- pay 10,000, i agree, if he was start, he would move on, this just digs the hole deeper. kennedy: i don't think that anyone looks at this and says you know, we is really standing his ground there was no quid pro quo. >> he is like -- >> he is suing the brothering too. >> in addition to what you said, not just he like wasted the resources, from police department, in the murder capital of the country. a particularly heinous place. he smeared trump supporters in a nasty way, to try to make it out like the narrative is that trump
12:47 am
supporters are these like violent bigots who hate gays and blacks, it st -- i'm not a guy. kennedy: they were parked outside. >> whole story but the entitlement to do this this milan area actor - -- millon mie actor does this horrific thing, and gets his job back. kennedy: there is an investigation going , he could face more charges. >> he did not get his job back, they canceled the show. >> i thought. kennedy: no. >> oh,. kennedy: i think they just said oh,well cut our losses. that was fin. i think that bottom line, jussie smollett will probably be working in las vegas in a magic mike action. fingers crossed. >> is he good looking. kennedy: i have not seen him without a shirt ogood be, he has
12:48 am
the intro -- brothers who were training him. >> everyone needs to be a victim in our culture to have a cause, and some kind of you know thing to put their hat oand you know, i think he was trying to you know take himself out. kennedy: we have to take ourselves out, thank you, topical storm is next. great presentation, tim. could you email me the part about geico making it easy to switch and save hundreds? oh yeah, sure. um. you don't know my name, do you? (laughs nervously) of course i know your name. i just get you mixed up with the other guy. what's his name? what's your name? switch to geico®. you could save 15% or more on car insurance. could you just tell me? i want this to be over. the doctor's office might mejust for a shot.o
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kennedy: american medical association calls for a ban on all vaping and e-cig devices, only time you will see a cloud of smoke in public is when elizabeth warren i is sending a campaign message, medicare for all, poof. topic one. we begin in florida. a convenient store the items are flying off shelves. he is in a bad mood, because the clerk would not sell him beer, i don't see why. he figured if he could not get trashed, at least the store could, he went full mil miley c.
12:53 am
so did the cops, he was in the slammer, he would not be so angry if he could find the girl who let him slammer. there a town called hollywood, florida, they don't have a map of stars homes, but have you get a map of star's nursing homes, great. this is where burt reynolds -- god rest his soul. topic two. to biggest little state in the world, rhode island check in on hottest topical storm storm of seen the, deer runs into stuff. this fellow smashed a window, wow. he was upset they would not sell him beer. police believe that was a teenage deer. that makes sense, this is kind of inconsiderate shenanigans the bratty teen would pull, they found tai toilet paper aabout.
12:54 am
>> rhode island police have yet to find the teen terror, he was last seen vaping with his friends and lighting a bag of flaming dog poop to fire, it sounds like swalwell was doing a interview in here. >> taco bell now selling chicken tenders. covered in crunchy tortilla chips and fried just like your brain, after you get done smoking fried joint, it comes in a box with dipping sauce or a taco, because you deserve the finer thins in the life. if you are in market for fried chicken chow, they are on sale now for a limit the thiel time,t
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fair, because they are only in your body for a limited thyme. time. >> a leudz ma louisiana man wasd after telling cops that devil plants missio meth on him, i hat they never charged devil, 27-year-old okay hey, that is from, lynn -- franklin he told s he met satan himself, after seeing his picture, i believe ginger. if you google hell, every story is about watching the type of peacimpeachment hearing, talking about must fleetv. hollywood, florida. home of the progra perpwalk of .
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mail thursday. darrell issa, i have tom bev in, and robby unveiling a new hair cut tomorrow, maybe i'm >> the following is a paid advertisement from time life. these are the country hits we remember, played on jukeboxes across america. >> ♪ and when we get behind closed doors ♪ >> ♪ i am a lineman for the county ♪ and i drive the main roads ♪ >> ♪ and she believes in me ♪ ♪ i'll never know just what she sees in me ♪ >> from glen campbell to kenny rogers. from patsy cline to george jones.


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