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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 21, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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e-commerce. amazon is going to do well too. [closing bell rings] i think walmart is the better buy. liz: paul detreich, fairfax global markets. thank you very much. the stocks are slightly down. that will do it for the "claman countdown." connell: one of those days trade uncertainty weighing on wall street. stocks across the board, all three major averages in negative territory. hong kong, the human rights bill made its way to president trump's desk. a deal that could fuel more doubt between president trump and trade. we'll talk about that. the dow settling lower by 55 points. in the red in a third day in a row. after all the up days this is the longest losing streak in three months. there you go. melissa: there you go. connell: i'm connell mcshane. melissa: i'm melissa francis. the s&p 500 ending in negative territory for the third day in a row. nasdaq also in the red. investors digesting another hit
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to retail after macy's posted stronger than expected third quarter results that missed on third quarter sales. three heavyweights expected to release numbers. we'll bring you the numbers just as soon as they hit and impact on your money tomorrow. first, here is what is new at this hour. at the white house president trump is about to award the national medal of the arts, national humanities medal for the first time since taking office. among the recipient, actor jon voight, author james patterson, and country singer allison krauss. we'll bring you any breaking headlines from the president. plus on capitol hill the marathon public impeachment hearing continue. meantime president trump is meeting with the biggest ceos in the country. the commander-in-chief's new request from tim cook. and netflix suffering a worldwide outage. the current status and the latest response from the
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streaming giant. if you thought you were watching netflix tonight, you better tune in. connell: we have fox business team coverage of all our top stories with edward lawrence on capitol hill. he will have the latest on trade. kristina partsinevelos and jackie deangelis both in our newsroom here in new york but edward, we start with you. what is the latest? reporter: the ball is in the administration's court. that is what house speaker nancy pelosi told me on the future of usmca. there needs to be more protections in the agreement, not just inside papers. there may need to be more negotiations with canada and mexico before this is all said and done. for that reason the house speaker says, as well as the all the committees that have to sign off on the deal there may not be a vote on usmca this year. listen. >> i'm not even sure if we came to an agreement today that it would be enough time to finish. but, just depend on how much agreement we come to. reporter: there was no agreement
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that was made today. the house, after the house votes on it. the senate will have to take up usmca. now today house minority leader kevin mccarthy tied the usmca to the impeachment process saying the house speaker was on a path to said what she said last month. then they started these impeachment hearings. the house minority leader said the vote got delayed because of those impeachment proceedings. there is growing pressure from the freshman democrats in the house to get a vote on usmca. the house speaker said she told those democrats that the legislative process takes time. and because there may need to be renegotiations with canada and mexico, again that vote may not happen this year. back to you. connell: edward lawrence on capitol hill. melissa: stepping up the pressure, president trump is expected to sign the hong kong human rights and democracy act into law as the escalating violence is threatening to turn the global business hub in something that looks more like a war zone.
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fox news's jonathan hunt is in hong kong with the details. jonathan? reporter: the students at the polytechnic university here have all along said they are desperate to see president trump's signature on the human rights and democracy act. they have painted their pleas for help on buildings on campus. they have arranged safety helmets in the shape of the international sign, sos. and they have honk the stars and stripes as an indication they're looking for the u.s. to do more. even though they are grateful for the language of senators like marco rubio who tweeted after the house passed the bill already unanimously approved by the senate, quote, over the last 24 hours by a cumulative vote of 517-1, the united states congress has made it clear that america is going to #stand with hong kong. a few dozen studentsed meantime remain holed up on the campus determined to avoid arrest,
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looking to get out any way they can. >> trying to run out from the sewage system. they tried to go out by roof or climbing out and jump down from the building, trying to go up from rope and trying to find someone to take them out. so, they're looking for different way. reporter: the chinese government already condemned the hong kong human rights and democracy act saying that the u.s. administration should stop, quote interfering in china's internal affairs. connell: we're joined with more on this by jack hough barron's associate editor. begin with jonathan's last point. they may not be happy with the president if he signs the human rights bill. any impact on the china trade talks? >> it could slow things for sure and the question many of your viewers might have, with will that mean for investors, economy
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here in the u.s.? i honestly don't think it will mean that much. i don't think china trade is the driving narrative of this stock market. we've had a 10-year narrative of positive but lackluster growth here, very low interest rates. decent growth from corporate america. a really strong corporate sector here. we return now to positive earnings growth. this is the last quarter of very weak growth. connell: right. >> i think investors look ahead to next year, saying companies in the u.s. will grow up. stock market will continue to move higher. we would love to see a trade deal, but i don't think that is a necessary condition for the economy and the markets. connell: could still go up even without that. we'll bring you back on another story later on in the hour. jack hough. melissa: the fight against misinformation. facebook is weighing steps to curb targeted political ads, this according to "the wall street journal" just one day after google announced a similar approach on its platform. let's go to kristina partsinevelos for more. >> right now as we speak
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facebook has the least restrictive political advertising rules but like you mentioned this new "wall street journal" report is showing maybe facebook is starting to crack. they're considering right now at this point increasing the minimum number of people targeted in political ads from 100 to a few thousand. the thinking behind such a change would stop the spread of fake news which kind of tends to happen when you're targeting smaller audiences. a lot of large social media companies though are weighing in, like you mentioned. you got google and google which operates youtube. just announced a ban on political advertisers from targeting consumers based on their political affiliations. kind of like in the middle. you have twitter, not too long ago, also announced an entire ban on all political ads. so if you're comparing all three, big technology, versus political advertisers, you have got twitter complete ban, google partial ban, considering
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changes. zuckerberg met with the president for a secret dinner in october. maybe things are changing. social media companies are definitely weighing in on free speech. melissa: very interesting. everybody is talking about netflix suffering this big streaming outage earlier today. what is the latest on on that. >> there was a little panic from people around the globe. i tried to reach out to the company getting confirmmation because yes, there were outages on their streaming platform. twitter, it was just a few hours. twitter immediately said they fixed the situation. they put out a tweet from the account, saying they're sorry. they apologized. they didn't provide any details what the issue was. they apologized for the inconvenience. if you look how the stock did throughout the day, this news came out, investors pretty much shrugged it off. look at that. climbed up over 2%. closing higher today. this comes at a period when netflix is facing steep, steep competition. disney plus launching their streaming platform, apple tv,
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yet netflix seems to be resilient? melissa: put out the new season of "the crown." that is fabulous. kristina. thank you. connell: only thing i was thinking about honestly. forging a new wall street behemoth. charles schwab buying td amarried trade for $26 billion. jackie deangelis with more reporting on it. jackie. >> those are nice closing prices if you owned either of those companies. this proposed merger, we've been waiting all day to hear companies confirm it is actually happening. we still don't have the confirmation just yet. investors are loving the news. the combined entity would be five trillion dollars of company. schwab ceo. walter bet tinger would run the new company. schwab was the disruptor, the one that flipped the tables in
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terms of the industry taking commissions down to zero. a lot of people were worried that would mean less revenue for schwab. but schwab's new client accounts they jumped 31% in october. coincidentally the company announced commissions going to zero but at the same time a lot of others had to follow suit. so you have industry buzz right now. who will be next? is it interactive brokers? would it be evident trade? a lot of companies out there to look at at this point. what is interesting also to note is that you put the two companies together, this new schwab-td ameritrade you're competing in a much bigger playing field here. you're competing with big players like vanguard and even blackrock. connell: is that just the size of the deal? people start to think about regulatory hurdles on deals like this. are we hearing anything about that? >> that is a great point, connell. "barron's" put out a great piece not long ago, bringing up the idea you're creating a new breed of brokerage firm here.
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regulators could look at this with scrutiny even though wall street seems to love it. more to look at in this day and age in the financial crisis. something to watch out for. connell: thank you, jackie deangelis. melissa: taking aim at facebook. elizabeth warren slamming mark zuckerberg for secret meeting with president trump. what is really up with this new odd couple? more on the president and the zuck coming up. connell: odd couple. a game divided. major league baseball has a controversial new plan that could leave small town teams without a team to root for, minor league team. one congressman is fighting back on that coming up. melissa: brand new ride rolling into the silicon valley. it is shaking up the auto industry. what elon musk is calling tesla's best product yet. ♪. vitis.
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at your local xfinity store today. connell: to washington now. republican impeachment hearings enter ad fifth day. president trump meeting with a number of republican senators on this day, including two of his biggest critics of his own party, at the white house. blake burman with the latest on all this. reporter: hi, there, connell. there were a series of meetings over here at the white house as the impeachment proceedings
4:16 pm
continued up on capitol hill. i was told earlier today there was a meeting involved white house counsel pat, jared kushner and group of senators as they talk a way forward with impeachment. lindsay graham said he was a part of that meeting. after he told reporters up on capitol hill, the idea of the senate squashing potential articles of impeachment from the house is not going to happen. this is what he said in part. the idea that you would dismiss the trial before they presented the cases is a nonstarter. you're not going to get a motion to dismiss. as you mentioned the president also had lunch today with a different group of republican senators. you see one there. susan collins of maine. she is one of eight senators to come here along with mitt romney. you mentioned a couple who normally don't see eye-to-eye in some cases with president. susan collins gave a readout what she said, part of the discussion was on prescription
4:17 pm
drugs prices and vaping. impeachment was a small portion of the meeting between the president and senators. speaking of vaping, connell. tomorrow, by the way there will be a meeting at the white house between president trump and stakeholders in the e-cigarette industry. you will remember back in september the trump administration said it was throwing its support behind a ban on flavored vaping products. however, since then there has been some pushback from some of the president's allies. it remains to be seen what the president what his position is on that topic. potentially clarity tomorrow as there will be that e-cigarette meeting over here at the white house. connell: we'll look for that tomorrow. blake burman on the north lawn for us. melissa: joining forces in the fight for 5g. president trump turning to apple's tim cook to secure the high-tech future. critics say the unlikely pair could face a rocky road ahead. are they right? plus targeting shoppers. why security experts are sounding the alarm, how you can
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♪. melissa: unlikely pair. following his tour of apple's manufacturing plant in austin, president trump asking ceo tim cook if the tech giant could get involved in building 5g wireless networks right here in the u.s. joining us bill mcgurn from "the wall street journal." bill, 5g, is that generally an apple's wheelhouse? >> no, i don't think so. i think what the president was just saying is, we need a 5g network. apple is a quality company. he would like to get a quality american company. it is not really something apple does. they have some effect on the market because the, the owners of the network would want iphones to be part of it. melissa: yeah. >> they're generally not at the center of those. melissa: the other key thing to understand about the statement, two of them see eye-to-eye on
4:23 pm
the idea, using chinese infrastructure, any components from china or from huawei, is a security threat and tim cook appreciates that. so he would be talking to him about, hey, buddy, listen, can you please get the ball rolling on 5g here in the u.s. so we can be ahead of the curve? we can do it ourselves. we don't have to depend on anyone from the outside, what do you think? >> i think that is exactly right. that is what separate this is from other talk about bringing back american manufacturing. there is a lot of concerns about chinese involvement, especially huawei in the 5g network. could that give them espionage capabilities and so forth. melissa: yeah. that is not just, you know, some random conspiracy theory. people in the tech world believe that. tim cook believes it's a threat. >> right. melissa: speaking of odd couples, mark zuckerberg, along with peter thiel reportedly met president trump at the white house in october during the facebook executives most
4:24 pm
recent trip in washington a meeting that elizabeth warren is blasting. quote i won't cozy up to facebook when i'm president. time to root out corruption in washington. until we do we won't make any progress on any of the issues mats to us. and i've got a plan for that. that strikes terror in my heart. take away money from everyone on the planet and keep it for herself. >> i think hunter biden, ukrainian energy first. this is part of her war on billionaires, to kind of do the flip trump populism. i will be the one in the party that will go after rich and successful people. melissa: yeah. meanwhile, i mean along those exact same lines, elizabeth warren making yet another declaration during the democratic debate. take a listen to this. >> .1 of 1% i say pay two cents more, they will pay 3.2%,
4:25 pm
america. i'm tired of freeloading billionaires. i think it's time that we ask those at the very top to pay more. melissa: so the freeloading billionaire, she is tired of them. that's okay, if she becomes president they're all going to leave the country. >> right. but what is interesting, usually it is left to those of us at the "wall street journal" editorial page to defend of roll of billionaires in the economy. what is interesting about elizabeth warren is, she seems to be alienating a lot of very wealthy people more or less on her side. melissa: right. >> it was bill gates talking about, i don't think he regards himself as a freeloader, given the amount of taxes that he pays and so forth. this is just for theater and i think it's a bad assumption that democrats make working people want to punish people who are successful. years ago there was a story about george mcgovern. he proposed a tax to tax every dollar after $100,000. one of his allies, michael harrington went down to the garment district to sell.
4:26 pm
that a lot of people instead of saying that is great, if i make more than $100,000 you guys will start taking it from me? i think it's a very sad place to get where you're not even pretending it will really help working people. you're just saying we'll punish you for your success. melissa: what you said was brilliant, you said working people don't want to punish rich people. she appeals to people who aren't working want handouts. you're exactly right. bill mcgurn, brilliant as always. >> thanks, melissa. connell: news coming in with a "fox business alert." new round of retail heavyweights, gerri willis out with results after the bell. what are we seeing? >> connell, good news after the bell. let's start with gap. a double beat for gap stores. versus expectations of 51 cents a share. revenue higher, 4 billion versus
4:27 pm
3.96 billion. shares are higher that you can see but one wrinkle here. old navy which is their high flying brand, comp store sales of stores open a year or more down 4%. the company saying this after-hours, i am quoting, we're not pleased with third quarter results and are focused on aggressively addressing operational issues hindering performances of our brand. interesting indeed. they talked about spinning out old navy as you remember. nordstrom built a fancy pants store on 57th street everyone is excited about. strong results 81 cents per share, versus expectations of 64 cents a share. revenue 3.67 billion. very good indeed. online sales grew 7%. you have to love that they don't expect tariffs to be material for the year. stock up handily, 10.4%. good news for nordstrom, good news for gap.
4:28 pm
although gap issuing a mea culpa of a hours. back to you. connell: that is big move for nordstrom. melissa. melissa: what does it say about the state of the consumer. jack hough is back. they say gap is future, old navy is the store they're building out, that is where it is at, that is down 4%. look at strength in nordstrom's. >> gap you remember issued terrible guidance earlier in the month. they beat themselves up to begin with. they exceeded the lowered expectations. nordstrom's seems to be coping niecely. your question what it means for the consumer? this is important. what investors see across retail this year, next year, they will see thousands of stores close. entire chains they have known their whole lives fold. they're seeing that already. people must think it must be a terrible environment for consumer spending. not at all the consumer spending is quite good right now. this is simple problem.
4:29 pm
far too many stores in america. far too much selling space. some of the chains haven't adjusted to present day realities. there will be a real separation. you saw a big jump in target. target is a perfect example after company that adapted well and gaining market share where other chains are losing. >> it is really true. nordstrom, target made themselves fantastic on line. for shoppers, you can come in, drop stuff off, return it. they completely adjusted toed new world order. others are left in the dust. gap has been missing with all of their brands for a while. like you said, they have a huge physical footprint that is a deadly combination. >> a lot, some mall space too. some stores are freestanding. a lot of mall exposure. this country might have three times the number of malls it really needs. malls in a markets are doing fine. go into the b and c market, you have malls never should have
4:30 pm
been built in the 1980s in this country. there will be a reckoning. melissa: they will be bulldozed. jack, thank you. connell: some favorite hometown baseball teams might soon be gone for good. some major players, presidential candidate bernie sanders are sounding the alarm over a new plan from major league baseball. melissa: an alarming trend in hollywood is threatening the industry's bottom line in a major way. there is one lucky exception. all the details coming up. connell: if you were hoping to see coldplay on tour you're outof luck. melissa: why? connell: the frontman chris martin revealed in interview, decided to put plans for a new album on hold until they determine how their concerts can be more environmentally friendly. melissa: stop it. connell: you didn't let me finish. how did you know i would say that. see if their conscience can be more environmentally efficient end? melissa: why don't they donate money from the concert to global
4:31 pm
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4:35 pm
the senator along with 100 members plus of the house, are opposed to plan, have written a letter talking about their opposition. one of those who signed the letter, democratic congresswoman chrissie houlihan from pennsylvania. good to see you again, congresswoman. why, i know you have in your state, not necessarily your district a few teams. erie is a place, williamsport state college, why are you opposed to move to get rid of some of these teams? >> thank thank you for having m. here is something we have in common. the essence of the nation, love of baseball. we have a team the fighting phils in our community, reading, the community. part of their growing up was to drive halfway between my house and my mother's house where we
4:36 pm
went to the frederick keys games, had a nice family experience affordablably and helped the community there. connell: my first job in broadcasting 21 years ago was radio play-by-play person for a minor league team in the new york penn league in pittsfield, massachusetts. that is one of the leagues where they will lose a lot of teams. i get it. teams in states like pennsylvania, upstate new york, you know, vermont, and other places in the country, are center of the town, right? people go, they have fun. >> absolutely. >> they build memories. probably become lifelong baseball fans. the question on the economic one, the people that are proposing this plan would say listen, we have too many players in the minor league. can't pay them enough. can't train them well. conditions are not the best. if we have fewer teams, fewer players, we can improve the conditions. to that you say what to the economic argument you're making me? >> obviously economic arguments are important.
4:37 pm
we're just asking mlb to look at this again hard and implications for those community like reading pennsylvania, for the families that enjoy the sport. what it means for local businesses around it. we're asks them to take a look. importantly more than 100 of us in the house of representatives at the time of great division bih birpartisanly hi to look at this. connell: you're lucky reading is not on the less. so many are. i was in pennsylvania a few weeks ago, spoke about the swing state economy. since then i want to squeeze in a question on one other top i can before i let you go today. there are impeachment hearings taking place on capitol hill. they may be over. >> they are. connell: at least the ones, unless somebody else is called, looks like they're over as of today. a democrat from a swing district. not president trump won last time around but republicans won many times in the past, have you made up your mind articles
4:38 pm
impeachment presented in house will you vote to impeach the president? >> from here i will go to the train station, head back to my community. i will bring back testimony and documents from the hearings ongoing today and parts of this week as well. i haven't had a chance to look and read through all of them. i'm very disturbed by what we did hear, pieces and parts of it though our national security was at risk in exchange for what appears to be an opportunity to, to have a different election result in 2020. connell: fair to say you're leaning towards impeachment if it is on the table? >> fair to say what i have heard so far. it is alarming. i will be spending this next time, couple hours doing my homework. i would encourage my community and nation to do homework as well. listen with open ears and open mind to understand what happened. connell: we'll check back with you on that and other subjects. thanks for coming on. good to talk a little bit of baseball. congresswoman. >> thank you very much. enjoy the weekend. melissa: your wallets will thank you for this. the cheapest time to fly this
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4:43 pm
is sandwiched right between thanksgiving and christmas. this is according to fare compare. joining us now, bret larsen, "fox news headlines 24/7" anchor. i understand you and i are going to paris this weekend? >> we will go. 500 bucks round-trip. melissa: wow. >> that's pretty trip. that makes sense. the busiest travel day of the year coming up next week. the day before thanksgiving. if you have to fly on holidays, the best day to fly, not in the deal zone, the best day to fly is the actual holiday. you fly on thanksgiving t will be a little cheaper. if you're looking to get away for a little while, between the holidays. have a better excuse why you're not coming for christmas, you could go, if you look around, i went through the deals. deal zone actually suggests to go through fair compare place. don't go directly to the airline unless you're committed to a airline, you want the miles for status or something like that. then obviously you're going to go. look at some of these trips.
4:44 pm
melissa: wow. >> $117 richmond to boston. i saw one, hello cleveland. melissa: 347 if you go on thanksgiving. look at that, kansas city to san diego. >> ridiculous. >> who would pay $1000? >> $1000 to fly to san diego non-stop. san diego beautiful this time of year but not -- melissa: it is true. if you have a family and stuff, time between christmas and thanksgiving is a nightmare. everything at school is happening. you're totally busy. so if you can travel then i can see why it would be great and cheap. >> absolutely. melissa: ask you about black friday shopping while shopping for deals. experts are warning of fake websites, fake products and fake apps ready and waiting to snag shoppers this holiday season. how do you know it's a scam? >> this is always, always a good time to remind people about things like this. this is the time of year when you were going to get bombarded with these scam emails. they look legit. they come from the mall.
4:45 pm
they come from macy's. come from the store i like to go to. don't fall for it. if you haven't signed up for something don't fall for it. check for the padlock when you go to a secured site. it will be green with a little padlock. it will be https, so you know it's a secure connection. don't go to the coffee shop, to shop on unsecured wi-fi network. that is another way hackers get at you. if you have a banking card account, credit card account, make sure you have two factor authentication. they send a code to the phone. melissa: that somebody is doing it. most important story. "frozen 2" hitting theaters nationwide tonight, amid a cooling of interest in movie reboots, with the exception of most superhero franchises. i would tell you i currently have two sets of tickets to "frozen 2" on two different days. >> not surprised. melissa: you have to go twice with the whole family. people are fired up about this
4:46 pm
one, reboots not so popular. what is your prediction for frozen 2? >> it will be huge at the box office. this will be a billion dollar one which i think is the sixth one. they're doing really well. reboots are not doing well. my opinion here on this it is fatigue. reboot fatigue. how many freakin' terminator movies do we need? all the other ones didn't happen. this starts where we left off on the first one. that is very confusing. do want to point out the halloween reboot, it was fantastic if you like the original movie from 1978. that one killed it, pun intended. made $255 million, several times more it cost to make it. all the reboots are not doing well. people are tired of it. melissa: do you want to come with us to "frozen 2"?
4:47 pm
>> that's great. i will wait for my nieces and nephews. don't they have a remix of "let it go." melissa: i would assume. connell. a little politics. still knot formally in the race. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg filed the paperwork. looks like he is going to run. bring in from "bulls & bears," planning to join melissa at "frozen 2", david asman. he is running right? >> it looks less promising than it did a month ago. remember a month ago everybody was saying biden was finished at a candidate, would never be the nominee? looking more and more like elizabeth warren and other up and comers are beginning to fade out a little bit. joe biden people are willing to dismiss his gaffs and everything, maybe he will be the nominee after all. that is the main reason why bloomberg wanted to get in. he thought there wasn't going to be a moderate.
4:48 pm
democratic party would be run by left-wingers. going to take the party into the socialist sphere. that would be no good for the country or democrats. now as biden, begins not to surge again, but at least come back, it make as less compelling case for bloomberg to get in. connell: wonder for moderates whether they want him to get in now. what if he hurts biden? he is the reason warren is the nominee or something. >> having said all that. he is doing the paper filing. it looks like he is getting in more and more getting involved in texas and everything. another question, what happens to his news division? how does "bloomberg news" report on what their namesake is doing in the political arena? there is talk about will he sell the news division if he gets in? there is some major changes in his life will, obviously running for president is a major change. i don't know. it is looking more like it. but there are less reasons for him to get in. connell: real quick, can tell you from personal experience,
4:49 pm
bloomberg radio had a local news division when he ran for more, when he ran for mayor as bloomberg radio reporter. its is a much bigger deal. >> was only supposed to be in two terms. connell: he had kinds of disclaimers. what is happening at "bulls & bears"? >> pollster lee carter, she is a favorite, how real time people dealt with the wealth tax proposal. there was a dust-up between cory booker and elizabeth warren whether that was a good idea. car coach, lauren fix is on the uaw. they're going through a lot. the question whether the union can survive, what happens to the industry if the uaw doesn't survive. connell: david asman, "bulls & bears." melissa: the electric future. tesla high-tech plans for its newest ride. leaving u.s. automakers on edge. ditch the degree. how a booming industry is luring
4:50 pm
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kind of lackluster. eh, still working out some kinks. who they playing? the brads. worst team in the league. of course. melissa: the industry is on the rise literally with no four year degree requirement the aviation industry is booming for aircraft mechanics as college costs aris ing and americans struggle to afford a traditional degree. fox business is on the ground in duluth, minnesota with more. grady? >> reporter: well we're actually about 10 feet from the ground right now, inside something you don't see every day, a completely gutted airbus 320. this is a commercial plane and you see these guys working back here. what they're doing is installing the part of the plane that has your flight attend attendant call button, air conditioning and reading light and putting it altogether after taking it all apart and they are all airline mechanics certified by the faa. want to bring in ryan whose with
4:55 pm
aar. this is a company that once you're trained as an airline mechanic, you can work for your whole career essentially but you're having trouble getting people in here. >> we are and a lot of it is just the shear need driven by high records of retirements in the industry as well as just growing demand globally for commercial aviation. >> reporter: so the reason we're here at duluth international airport in particular is because this airport has a college with its own hanger here and training the next generation of aircraft mechanics and they don't need a four year degree. they can finish in 18 months, and then be certified to do all of this work, and on top of that it's about $16,000 a year which might seem like a lot but then, your company will pay almost all of that. >> absolutely lake superior college is an eagle pathway partner school and that means that we've partnered with them and as a part of that partnership, we are able to pay $15,000 down on tuition as we go
4:56 pm
through their faa certified program. >> reporter: thanks ryan and quickly i want to head out of the plane to show you where we are. this is a massive hanger. that's a big commercial jet and there are three others the same size here and they need a lot of people to work on these planes. melissa? melissa: wow very cool, thank you. connell: that was a cool story and the futuristic model of an american staple, tesla, is said to unveil its electric pick-up truck tonight at los angeles, starting prices rumored to be under 50 grand,'s automotive editor and we haven't seen it yet but the question will be once we do see it, whose the target audience? people driving around in a ford f-150 pickup truck and if so will they be interested in electric from tesla? >> that's probably not who it's targeted out. this is outlandishly designed, and musk describes it as a futuristic armored personnel carrier and we're talking about
4:57 pm
an upscale lifestyle truck that's going to be targeting the high end of the pickup segment but that's where the companies make their money, they don't make them on the fleet trucks they sell hundreds of thousands of. they make them on those $80,000 luxury trucks so this could steal a few sales and really where the automakers need to be concerned is in the technology. this might be a crazy looking truck but it's easy enough to put a body on or even license it to another auto maker, the ceo of fiat chrysler a couple weeks ago suggested they could license tesla's electric technology in the future which would give them a head start. connell: the other auto companies you mentioned chrysler but the others have plans for their own versions at some point to go electric, gm or somebody? have they not started that yet? >> general motors ceo mary barr a confirmed they will be selling one at the end of 2021 about the time ford is expected to have one on the
4:58 pm
market as well, and they show prototypes of a regular f-150 with an electric drivetrain but the real question is their technology as good as where teslas is going to be whenever this goes on sale which is at least two years i would expect based on their previous instruction. connell: we have the great jeff flock out in la so i think on tomorrow's program we'll get a look at the tesla pick-up. now other automotive news, while you're here interesting story about uber. starting to rollout ad displays on top of its cars in atlanta. it's an alternative revenue source i guess, and take a look at the uber stock price up by 5% so this idea that you're an uber driver you can have ads on your car. that makes sense. >> some idea they had in new york on the taxis years ago they have employee think inside the vehicle as well. you've got a captive audience in the vehicle, an audience when driving by them like a billboard and it makes a lot of sense. unfortunately you won't have those slick, black uber cars,
4:59 pm
maybe they will cost more because they won't have the advertisements but for the regular uber this does make sense. connell: and an incentive to be a driver to some degree. i saw drivers can make $40 for the first 20 hours of driving each week, extra $10 for these additional hours, so they get the ads on the car it's another way to make a few dollars if you want to be an uber driver now is the time to do it. new revenue source. so anyway, we'll see that and we'll see this, are you excited about the tesla thing to see this? >> i can't wait to see it. i saw a photo a couple minutes ago that was released on the internet. connell: oh, no. that's illegal. >> it's bizarre as it has been described. melissa: is it really? >> i can't even describe what this thing looks like. connell: oh. melissa: that looks like a hummer. connell: crazy if true. we'll see if it's true tonight. thanks we'll see you tomorrow on the show too. melissa: i like the idea of uber drivers having the ads, because you need another revenue stream
5:00 pm
if they keep prices down because they can't really keep going with the good prices unless they find another way. david: thanks for joining we appreciate it now. david: 2020 hopeful liz warren sounding the alarm accusing facebook ceo mark zuckerberg of cozying up to the president at a newly-revealed private meeting, why she says what he did at the white house adds up to corrupt, imagine that. this is bulls & bears thanks for joining us everybody i'm david asman joining me on the panel we have jonathan hoenig, christina partsinevelos, and liz peek and gary b. smith from florida. so the previously undisclosed meeting between the president, zuckerberg and facebook board member named peter tiel reportedly taking place last month when zuckerberg was in washington testifying before congress about-face


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