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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  November 21, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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you need another revenue stream if they keep prices down because they can't really keep going with the good prices unless they find another way. david: thanks for joining we appreciate it now. david: 2020 hopeful liz warren sounding the alarm accusing facebook ceo mark zuckerberg of cozying up to the president at a newly-revealed private meeting, why she says what he did at the white house adds up to corrupt, imagine that. this is bulls & bears thanks for joining us everybody i'm david asman joining me on the panel we have jonathan hoenig, christina partsinevelos, and liz peek and gary b. smith from florida. so the previously undisclosed meeting between the president, zuckerberg and facebook board member named peter tiel reportedly taking place last month when zuckerberg was in washington testifying before congress about-face about
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facebook, amid anti-trust scrutiny facebook is going on a charm offense with republican lawmakers and now, mark zuckerberg and one of facebook's board members, a major trump donor had a secret dinner with trump. this is corruption, plain and simple. this is how the government keeps working for corporations and the wealthy and the well-connected it's no wonder the companies like facebook have been allowed to consolidate economic and political power without any real accountability. jonathan does she have a point? >> david for elizabeth warren, billionaires are corrupt, everything about them is corrupt they steal, they cheat, they exploit and despite the fact these two men are tremendous businessmen, you'd think it's in the presidents interest to meet with potential businessmen. elizabeth warren wouldn't stoop to having dinner with them it's such hipocracy david. president obama met with tech
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executives in secret in 2014 and elizabeth warren herself met with jamie dimon. he's a billionaire too back in 2017 but just the animosity and the anger she brings towards men like these, these successful entrepreneurs, it just is to what real american values are all about. >> i don't think you answered the question and that was whether it was corruption and we can't weigh in because we're not legal counsel, but let me finish you're going to use president obama as a precedent and then you're saying warren met with jamie dimon. is she president? no. we don't know what happened during those meetings. what about tim apple? i mean, tim cook the fact he asked for 15 exemptions when it comes to the tariffs he got 10 of them after meeting with president trump of course we are not discounting the strength of what these men and women have accomplished in their careers and their companies but at the same time, they're lobbying for the benefit of their companies, there's no doubt about that and
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i think that you're just gleaning right over that. >> wait a minute are they lobbying or are they informing? isn't it important? >> informing. >> informing the president, talking about business issues, trade issues, things that he needs to know about. i think this is pre post usually stupid. we're not supposed to have meetings between business leader s and the government leaders that goes on all the time. the fact that it wasn't made public, my guess is mark zuckerberg would face criticism within his own organization if in fact this had been revealed as it's described but we talked yesterday with tim cook meeting with president trump how beneficial is that for shareholders of apple, employees et cetera. this is i think just a completely idiotic argument. >> well you know, i guess the opposite of christina's point, i think it would be neglect of duties. let's think of a billionaire, hold on, who has billions of
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followers. he would want to meet with them. that's the president of china. david: christina? >> president x is a billionaire with billions of followers, zuckerberg has actually more followers than there were chinese. you would want the president to meet with that person to be, i don't understand, in any way, shape, or form how it's corruption. >> i never said that it's corrupt and i'm not questioning the meeting. well i'm questioning the content of the meeting. that's the argument. >> how could we even question the content of the meeting, look i'm sure, let's a scribe zuckerberg with evil motives. i'm sure he's log lobbying. that's what any governor would do, leader of a foreign country that's when you're meeting with the president. david: jonas? >> and zuckerberg isn't corrupt because he's a billionaire, it's because of corruption, he's
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immoral because he is a billionaire. that's elizabeth warren's whole beef and billionaires are by definition corrupt and christina i think your point is well on. the real corruption comes when government gets in bed with business when they pick winners and losers and that we've seen time and time under both presidents but the fact the president wants to have dinner with a successful business person and you call that corrupt >> by the way he hasn't done anything particularly beneficial for facebook, that's just ridiculous. by the way when president trump met with the head of various unions including the uaw, was that corruption, because my guess is they were pursuing their own interest too. this is just as i say, this is part of doing business and being an informed head of state. i mean, i really don't understand how you can, by the way, obama did try to run the united states without ever really spending much time with business leaders and it didn't really serve the country very well. >> jonathan you said it perfectly at the end but we'll move on with a statement from facebook responding to this entire thing.
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the statement is and i quote, as is normal for a ceo of a major u.s. company, mark accepted an invitation to have dinner with the president and the first lady at the white house. so do we think that they are pretty much saying nothing which you are all alluding to that they just met? >> well look, of course they didn't meet, zuckerberg is there for a reason, just like tim cook is there for a reason. >> so we're all on the same page. >> but the fact is slightly against jonathan's point is it corrupt when presidents get involved with specific companies or businesses? no, because that's what presidents do. they have to. look we're going to talk about the u.s. mca trade agreement. you could make the argument that that's corrupt because it favors some businesses over other businesses. that's what the president has to do. >> gary we'll go back and roll the tape of you going on and on and how terrible it was under president obama. we can roll that tape if you
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want. >> but wait a second yes, i agree. but wait a second that was a government-run thing. this is the government being involved with private industries i'm not saying that it's just the fact of the matter. david: let me just chime in. i've got to chime in in favor of the employees of these companies it is the responsibility of the president of the united states to take issue, with anything that could effect the employees when there are thousands if not millions. i mean, think of all of the residual employees in apple for example. now is elizabeth warren going to scream that he's doing something corrupt by meeting with tim cook and talking to tim kukin private when it might effect the jobs of millions of americans? i mean, this whole idea that her idea, i believe, that anything that the president does with the business community is corrupt. i don't think it would matter who it was with, right? >> actually, yeah, you're spot on with that. they're using any opportunity the president meeting with somebody behind closed doors and
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not revealing it to attack, yes, so to your point, yes. >> billionaires are the worst of the worst. >> regardless, but jonathan the point you made before i really agree with the fact that if they start to actually change their policies to appease just a few billionaires because there's money coming in, and changing it , then yes. >> this is big tech and what we know from all of the congressional hearings about facebook and google most public officials don't know anything about big tech. they don't know how it works or what the participants look like and we're on the cusp of this big rollout of 5g around the world. the president has really made a strong case that the united states should be a leader in that. what is a better idea than sitting down with people that might know something about it. >> one thing they do know about facebook is it skews very far to the left. whenever there is a conservative within the organization they scream about how they are surrounded by leftists. i think that it's a good thing that the president is trying to air out the leftward tendencies. >> i have to make one point.
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i think with all due respect, christina, i think that it's almost laughable when we say that it's corrupt when a president favors -- >> i didn't say it's corrupt. >> you did say that. roll the tape please. >> i didn't say that. >> from now on you will have said it. >> you're putting words in my mouth. >> no i'm not. you said it was corrupt. david: accept what everybody is saying right now. >> here is my point. we didn't call obama corrupt when he bailed out and president bush when he bailed out the auto industry. wrong-headed as jonathan and i would agree yes. stupid yes, corrupt you can't say that. david: we got to move on. today was the final day of public impeachment hearings before the house intel committee so what did americans learn from it all? we'll be asking chad pergram live from capitol hill, chad is next and raring to go, folks.
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>> that's unfair. >> it's not fair to interrupt the witnesses as you have done. >> you're the only person that has unlimited time. you have absolutely unlimited time and the only one that has abused that power. david: the only one with a gavel that he could make noise with, tensions running high as you could see as impeachment hearings continued into their fifth and final day of public testimony before recess congress drilling two key additional witnesses and fox news senior capitol hill producer chad pergram joining us now. chad, support for impeachment, according to the most recent polls is dropping now, and in some cases, reversing in terms of independents who are much more against impeachment than they were a couple of weeks ago. does this have any effect on nancy pelosi or other democrats? >> reporter: well nancy pelosi has to be very careful to make
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sure that if they do forge ahead that they have the votes. she's very good at counting the votes and we can kind of take our cues from where she is. she knows where her caucus is and also if they can make the case to the voters. she has a lot of talent there and you might not agree with her politically but she's pretty good at that. now that said as we head into this week and a half period here it's going to be very critical over thans giving. people eating stuffing and turkey and pumpkin pie. i mean, probably having some arguments at the table frankly here. where this goes, there's probably not great polling that comes out over the thanksgiving poll holiday but this is a central debate at the dinner table for thanksgiving and then members on both sides have to be very careful understanding where they are when they need to come back. i always talk about the 31 democrats who represents the districts that president trump won in 2016, where are they on this, and for that matter, there are some republicans out there who are vulnerable too. the risk for them is could they
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be perceived as being overzealous when they're in districts that are swing districts, david. >> chad, liz peek here. i've heard rumors or speculation veering on one end that nancy pelosi was going to string this out and more hearings and more testimony and it elongates the process and on the other side maybe she was going to pack it up and call for the house. do you a scribe to either of those theories or what do you think happens? >> this reminds me of the conversation had in late 1998 there was chatter here at the capitol they may try to censure president clinton. it's not an official way to discipline the president not in a constitution that that is an official form of discipline one of three formal modes of discipline in the house between reprimand and that's why that gets battered around up here. we haven't heard anything definitive on that. that said, democrats seem to be
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hedging their bets just a bit as to what happens next, and at the beginning of the segment we said this was the last formal open public hearings. we don't know if the intelligence committee could do more, or do they take time and write their report and send it over to the judiciary committee, which could either have open hearings or could they actually write the articles of impeachment and the reason democrats might be hedging their bets here is can they get the testimony of john bolton. there's that lawsuit out there, and could that come forward some time in the next two or three weeks, do democrats want to keep their powder dry and if they get to bolton as a key witness, maybe then they go to the judiciary or maybe have bolton come into the judiciary committee frankly. >> chad, gary smith. i want to propose a theory on why the poll numbers are going more and more for non- impeachment. i think the average person in the heartland quite honestly finds these hearings tedious.
5:17 pm
you can't binge watch it like most people are used to. it's more boring than the game of thrones and now going into the thanksgiving break, all momentum if there was any momentum is going to completely fizzle. people are now tired of this because we're used to watching all the episodes in one night and moving on. that's why i think it's changing , but i'm interested in your opinion. >> well, you know, i had a moment of this on monday night. i was trying to watch the washington capitols and the anaheim ducks. hear me out on this. i'm a big hockey fan and i was trying to prep for the hearing on tuesday morning and they dumped two more transcripts on us from witnessed closed door deposition almost 400 pages and i had to rifle through that and i'm like i don't have time as a journalist to go through this, but here is the problem. if journalists are having trouble keeping up understanding whose who and everybody else, it's really a problem for the
5:18 pm
public to distill and fillet this every night and then make an opinion. that is a challenge for the public and that's the problem for democrats because this is a very complicated story with foreign names and capitols. it really is -- david: even democrats. we had democrat congressman kild ey on on a different program and even he said people care more about deer hunting than what's going on in washington. >> game of thrones is complicated but fans are cring ing a little bit but chad another thing we need to talk about house speaker nancy pelosi saying even if everyone agrees or agreed on the u.s. mca today, there still isn't enough time to ratify and you've got robert lighthizer, the trade representative who met with the speakers today so what are you hearing about this progress if i can even say that at this point? >> part of it is the idea that once they submit the finalized deal and its not been finalized to congress a 30-45 day clock
5:19 pm
depending on how you calibrate it starts to run, so guess what? they are out until the second or third of december, you also have christmas so why would you want to submit it and start that clock running in december when you're not able to maximize the time because congress isn't going to be here. maybe it's better to take another week or two, get it set, and then submit it maybe in mid- to-late december and vote on it in early january. that would help them with that time clock. david: chad if only for the sake of your own sanity i'm glad they are finally on a break on this situation. thank you very much chad for joining us. appreciate it. charles schwab meanwhile is looking to buy td ameritrade but here at fox business we continue to be invested in you so how will this new story impact your wallet? we have more details coming next ♪ limu emu & doug hour 36 in the stakeout. as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need.
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david: fox business' own maria bartiromo breaking the news this morning, charles schwab expected to buy td ameritrade for $26 billion. while we are still waiting for confirmation for the companies look at this combined assets worth $5 trillion have really boosted these stocks as you can see today, but the question for consumers out there, is this a good or a bad thing for the consumers, what do you think christina? >> what we're seeing so far is the massive disruption in the industry the fact they've removed all of the fees. i'll admit i have a td ameritrade account and i have traded more once the fees are gone but what does this mean for consumers once you have the industry that consolidates you can't actually add to that specifically but they highlight ed etf's and how schwab has been trying to put their own to get td ameritrade on board, the platform accessible for average retail investors could be a way for them to push this forward and compete with the likes of blackrock and really start to see --
5:24 pm
david: so you think it would be good for consumers? >> it would be good for the company. >> david how much better honestly can it get? there's never been a better time to be an investor. i can remember myself paying $40 a trade back in the 1980s at schwab and of course the research that you got was old and dusty and all of that. >> hey! i was an analyst. but that's what investing was like back in the 1990s an some of the tools that's what these discount brokerages offer. i just hope that we could get some sort of deregulation in healthcare. i mean, can you imagine maybe mri's would be for free the same way stock commissions are for free right now. >> you know, people jonathan brings up a good point but in answer to your question, it can get actually can get a lot better. most people fear, i know there will be talk out there to say we're going to have a monopolyly there will be one trading
5:25 pm
company that will rule everything. actually it almost works the opposite as industries consolidate at least at the beginning, we see the economies of scale, we see new innovative platforms rolled out. we don't know what we know yet but this is a good thing we're going to see great things. i also use ameritrade i guess like christina does, and i remember still trading on the touch tone phone you thought that was innovative, so i think it could get there. >> and i think there's no question this is good for consumers basically you've gotten rid of commissions and as christina pointed out that means trading is virtually free, and also i think that there's a different relationship between your advise or which is now called an advisor as opposed to your broker because they are basically betting fees off your assets and over time that will go up probably but right now they too are very low so there's no big people used to charge their, accuse their brokers of churning their accounts for
5:26 pm
commissions and that's kind of gone. david: and do you know what changed everything folks is this the cell phone. everybody has at their fingertips something you used to have to pay analysts for providing you with so we've got more competition and information an it's good for everybody out there. well ten candidates taking the stage for the fifth democrat debate, what issues really resonated with voters, lee carter as the pulse of the people is joining us right after this. with sofi, get your credit cards right by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. get a no-fee personal loan thlook at all this ink no more bit comes big ink tanks. lots of ink. no more cartridges. incredible amount of ink. the epson ecotank. just fill and chill.
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>> i don't agree with the wealth tax the way that elizabeth warren puts it but i agree that we need to raise the estate tax. we need to tax capital gains as ordinary income and strategies will increase revenue but here is the challenge. we as democrats need to fight for a just taxation system but as i travel around the country we democrats also have to talk about how to grow wealth as well david: corey booker getting praised today for calling out elizabeth warren's war on wealth , at last nights debate his campaign announcing it raised over half a million dollars in just nine hours, after last nights event. ms. clancy and leigh carter joining us so you conducted a survey last night during key parts of the debate as it was happening. how did warren's wealth tax comments go over with the people >> so the democrats love elizabeth warren's wealth tax and i find it fascinating because we spend so much time talking about the wealth tax it's impossible. it's not going to pay for things
5:31 pm
how are the wealthy going to do this and calculate it. we're all getting down in the details and the bottom line is seven in 10 americans wanted to tax the wealthy and so what the republicans need to do, create e strategy that's going to resonate with voters and they don't need to pick it apart because it doesn't work, you have to take a look at how they react and it's most important to look at the blue and yellow line , blue being democrats and yellow being independents. >> when you make it really big, when you make the top of one- tenth of 1% big, pitch inchances the thing that's one thing that democrats care about, independents care about and. people understand across this country, our government is working better and better for the billionaire, for the rich and the well connected and worse and worse for everyone else. >> so you can see there, democrats gave this a b plus and it's one of the highlights of the night for those folks they really like this idea of taxing
5:32 pm
the wealthy. the whole notion this is an economy that's working for billion billionaires the well connected and not everyone else is resonating. david: what is an f plus? >> [laughter] david: i didn't know there was an f plus there. >> gary here a quick question though. you said the democrats favor the wealth tax and you said the republicans need to kind of shift and come up with an alternative. do you think most of the democrats that you polled with are aware that the wealthy are taxed the most? that they pay the top 1% is paid like at 90% of the taxes in this country? how much more do they want to get taxed? >> i hear you i get it but did you see elizabeth warren announced selling a coffee mug with billionaire tears like cry me a river? people feel that way and they feel like oh, poor you. you can't afford just $0.02 more she's got a message and it's resonating rather than us pulling it apart what we need to do is play the picture of something better and we
5:33 pm
shouldn't be reacting to her and one of the things i always say is when you're reacting you're not acting, and we need to be the one setting the pace. >> it's liz: couldn't we react by quoting corey booker saying okay let's not take money away from people, let's give more money to people and let's help them earn it and help their education, make them succeed, et cetera. i mean, isn't that the message that republicans really are pushing and should be pushing, it's working right now, and, i mean, really stunned that all these radical ideas, socialistic ideas are emerging in a time when in fact the economy is working for everybody, so i don't know, when you see that kind of idea come out, does that resonator not? >> yes, exactly what you're talking about. talk about what you're for, not what you're against, that's what works for the american people by and large. it's interesting because bernie sanders did come out last night and he started talking about things people shouldn't be doing and that's just railing on donald trump and that's something up until now we've heard most of the candidates
5:34 pm
their whole rallying cry has been we're not donald trump. we're going to run against donald trump. we're fighting for the soul of america, and all of this bashing of the president rather than talking about what they're for. elizabeth warren does a really good job talking about what she's for. everybody else is talking about donald trump and i think one of the segments last night from bernie sanders talks about just that. >> oh, and i thought we would play that segment but i had a specific question about joe biden. he seems to have done quite well in the polls, yet he did voice his opinion on violence against women and there was a few laughters because he used the word like punch punch punch. what did you see in terms of the results for that? >> the thing about joe biden is he is not getting anybody excited but a lot of people are just okay with him. obviously he had gaf moments and they were pretty painful. but he did what he needed to do. he survived the debate. debates are not his forum, he's much better one on one but i don't think he's got the momentum behind him.
5:35 pm
i think he is the front runner because of his name, because he's more moderate and i think it is really anyones game. i do think elizabeth warren is the one to watch. mayor pete hegseth a very good night last night and bernie continues to resonate. >> leigh, on that point bernie sanders mentioned this needs to be more than just beating trump. you have some, you show us what that looked like? >> yeah, absolutely so here is a segment take a look at how democrats reacted to bernie sanders talking about how they've got to be more than just talking about donald trump. >> we have a president whose not only a pathological liar, he is likely the most corrupt president in the modern history of america, but we cannot simply be consumed by donald trump, because if we are, do you know what? we'll lose the election. >> so you can see here democrat s gave that an a, independents a c, republicans an f. what's most important though to note, democrats love this message, independents though, when he talked about bashing
5:36 pm
donald trump, the dial lines went down and that shows me that the democrat the independents are still behind the president. good news for him, bad news for democrats. >> yeah i was really surprised to see that but it definitely did respond that way right? >> there's no question about it >> but liz it's like so they won't bash donald trump but billionaires are right behind, i mean, billionaires are easy game easy targets i don't know, what happened to this country? even the democrats back in the 1980s they used to look up to successful people and bill gates was lying in the 1980s for the innovations and it just seems to be this idea now among democrats of cutting down the tall and taking people with a history of success and cutting them down to size to make them like everyone else. >> so what's so interesting about this and i really try to understand this and get curious like what is going behind this because i don't understand i want to succeed. i love to have the opportunity to have that kind of wealth, but here is the problem. people think it's unfair. they think it's about luck. they think it's just like why do they get so much and i get so
5:37 pm
little. why am i struggling to make ends meet when they get to fly in private jets it seems so unfair. i shouldn't have to pay more than they do. they should take care of everything and then we've got this whole notion of entitlement s and other things that sound good on paper without realizing what's going on underneath it so i think we've got a challenge here in what people really their expectations are but the big idea the one that's resonating the most is this seems unfair, and that's the thing that we need to address is how we create opportunities for all. >> if you think that running a successful company is all luck, go back and look at the results of the that was a 1990s burnout and facebook. mark zuckerberg isn't lucky. david: we thank you very much for coming, leigh, please come back and see us again. >> i would love to thanks so much. david: fox business alert president trump and the first lady just leaving the white house moments ago. they are now at joint base andrews where they will leave for dover air force base. this is for a dignified transfer of the remains of two american
5:38 pm
soldiers who were just killed in afghanistan. a very sober event there, remains will be returned home to the u.s.. well amid corruption probes, uaw 's president gary jones officially stepping down. what does this mean for the unions and for the auto industry we'll be asking the car coach lauren fix, she's next. driverless cars, or trips to mars. no commission. delivery drones, or the latest phones. no commission. no matter what you trade, at fidelity you'll pay no commission for online u.s. equity trades. only one thing's more exciting than getting a lexus... ahhhh! giving one. the lexus december to rembember sales event lease the 2020 nx 300 for $329 a month for 27 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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david: the uaw officials confirming a story we brought to you yesterday. uaw president gary jones resign ing from his position as he faces mounting corruption charges. also yesterday was a racketeering lawsuit alleging that fiat chrysler was paying off union officials get better contract terms from the uaw. all of this coming as a new report showing that unions are losing thousands of members and millions of dollars in dues. let's bring in automotive analyst lauren fix is with us,
5:42 pm
good to see you, lauren so this could be the beginning of the end for the uaw? >> well certainly not going to help them. i mean look there's no oversight apparently, there's money being spent millions of dollars changing hands. people are buying ferraris and pools and where is the money going from all of these members paying to get support? they are supposed to get training and that training money is going into someone's pocket that's a problem and why they are losing members and also why manufactures are building plants on right to work states. >> lauren i feel so bad for these workers. >> i do too. >> you mentioned the corruption i know the union members are actually paying increased dues at the same time. what is the attitude among the rank-and-file when they see the type of corruption at the highest level in the union? >> i really feel bad for them too. they pay money in so they can get support and they're not getting support and it causes people not to want to be a member of the union when there's a union vote at a shop that might need a union to support them. they aren't going to get that support because they say they are just going to take our money
5:43 pm
they do need the training sometimes retraining if a plant shuts down and that's really what the money is supposed to be for, not meant to line someone's pocket so i feel bad for these people. >> it's funny david, you started o utility with just the beginning of the end just facts i'll ask lauren for her opinion. union membership as far as percentage of the population was 20% in 1983 and now it's 10% and the lowest density as they call it since 1932. lauren are union members starting to feel that slowly but surely, unions are going the way of the buggy whip and eventually everyone is going to be on their own? >> well i don't know about on their own. a lot of manufactures are realizing if you're a union to work with our employees give them the benefits they need and the healthcare support, and you're seeing a lot of retirement accounts, you want to take care of your employees or you're not in business, so also right to work states you're starting to see that as well moving the plants down south and
5:44 pm
sadly a lot of the manufacturing has gone to new mexico. they are building cars there probably more than they are in detroit. >> lauren, when we talk about u.s. mca, and the fact that labor has not been totally on board with this do you hear much about that because my impression is democrats are stalling on this. does the union really, do unions have a big objection and i think the uaw is particularly involved in this to the terms of the u.s. mca, do you know? >> i know the u.s. mca will really help everybody but it seems like the uaw thinks they have more political power and clout than they used to have and not having the reduction of members you don't have as much cloud and pull and they still have a pack in washington i promise you they are still pushing but i think one of the things really important to note if you're paying in on this you need the support you're not getting it and if u.s. mca passes which we absolutely need to have this passed as soon as possible you'll see a big growth in our economy and that's important. >> lauren i want to ask you as well about tesla, later tonight
5:45 pm
they are officially unveiling their electric semi truck. some people think this could be a major disruption in the industry. what are you hearing and what do you think about the prospects of an electric semi truck from tesla? >> well this is a cyber truck so this is a pickup truck they want to go after f-150 sales coming in around $50,000. i'll be watching i won't be there live however everybody is trying to get into the truck market. ford has been the number one selling f series truck for over 40 years and believe me toyota has tried, honda tried, gm and ram have tried very hard to be number one. it's very hard to beat ford and what they are offering so if you come with an electric track, ford is offering an electric truck coming up in 2021, general motors is so he's going to have to offer a lot and have pay load , towing capacity and not having experience in the truck market even if you hire people from those companies i think it has a challenge. he seems to think he can get these out by late 2021 or 2022.
5:46 pm
i don't know, the problem with tesla is their build quality is far from what you're seeing in some of the other manufactures, and if he starts to build a truck and the panels are spacing what i've seen in some of the other vehicles and the paint quality they are never going to be able to make it in that marketplace. >> lauren really quickly for our retail investors i'm thinking ford could possibly lose market share because the price points going to be pretty much at the higher end much like those ford trucks and they are like you said, the leader when it comes to the trucks. you don't think that could hurt them? >> i don't think it hurts that much. ram is in the mix, even nissan has the truck. everybody has something in the mix. the problem is it's hard to beat the leader if you're blazing a trail, everyone that's following will always be following, and ford has the raptor, everyone they make with a weight lift with a 450-horsepower truck, they've got full three quarter one ton trucks and if tesla comes out with a half ton truck it still doesn't fill that whole market segment ford does. they go up to class 5 and 6
5:47 pm
series those are the bigger trucks you see like work trucks where the money is. david: we're all following you and what you say about this, because nobody knows more about cars than you do. lauren good to see you thank you very much appreciate it. before we head to break let's see what's coming up on evening edit tonight with elizabeth macdonald. what do you have for us? >> liz: we have a top border guy on the 2020 democrat trying to regain footing trying to blame president trump for the border crisis and how she wants to spend your tax dollars to take down the border wall plus more on the forgettable boring lightweight talking points 2020 debate we'll show you the questions from debate moderators acting like anything but moderators and bring you this whopper that they did not ask about at the debate. no questions about how democrats now want a big middle class tax hike that will hit millions of households and democrat-leading states and weave got that plus the 2020 democrat who says yes i'm all for it. that's coming up. david: i'm getting the
5:48 pm
suspicion you didn't think much of the debate last night am i right on that? >> liz: i could go on but i won't. you have to get back to your show. david: great to see you we'll be watching thank you very much. a shocking new survey revealing more millennials are preparing for a life of renting. the impact of our housing market on all these renters that's coming next. whether you're out here on lte.
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it's time sleep numbermate sleep360 smart bed.on the you can adjust your comfort on both sides - your sleep number setting. can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. so you can really promise better sleep. not promise. prove. and now during the ultimate sleep number event, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all smart beds. ends saturday david: sales of previously- owned houses rising 1.9% in october, amid lower mortgage rates and a shortage of properties for sale, but more and more millennials say they are never going to own a home. a new survey showing nationally 12.3% of millennial renters say they plan to always rented their entire life up from 10.7% just a year ago, so what impact will all this have on the housing market and the economy moving forward? >> i've got the most interesting thing about the
5:52 pm
millennial study was that 28% of those people said that they weren't doing it, they weren't interested in buying a house because they thought it was economically risky so that is a huge change from the past 50-100 years where we all thought that was the starter investment that was absolutely guaranteed to put you on the map. david: absolutely. >> i also want to say one other thing. i am convinced this is a driver for the 2020 economy the mortgage rates have come down we're seeing all of a sudden home sales begin to pick up, permits which no one has reported on we're at a 12-year high last month that is huge. that tells us it's about to happen. i think this is going to be a very big plus next year. >> i feel like cry me a river every headline blaming millennials for all of their problems like bumble bee, the tuna company going under because millennials don't eat tuna and housing we don't buy homes so i'm an elder millennial. there are several reasons -- david: elder millennial. >> it's because people think i'm in my 20s but i'm not but you have those that enter the workforce later after the
5:53 pm
recession of 2009 saddled with debt starting their lives later not married no kids so i fall under that category, and then you have the fact that yes, used to think it was a great investment for a home but clearly in 2009 that proved us wrong and last but not least all these boxes it's such a shame but i live in an urban city do you know how expensive it is to buy even a one bedroom? >> here is what's going to change though. >> i'm going to get rich. no, no, no just like it used to be when i was growing up when david was growing up, people didn't think of their homes as an investment that grew. you thought of it as a home. why? because that's where you raised your family. when you get married just like my older daughter did a few years ago and have kids, you will start to think of a home as different. now millennials do. david: you point me out i have to jump in because i've actually always had apartment thes except i have one vacation home now, but i used to see it as an investment so i think some
5:54 pm
people our age do see it as an investment. >> no, no, no, i don't think most people did and i think when you have kids you will start to see a home. i want roots for my kids. i want to know where they go to school. millennials are raised on the netflix, the binge watching the airbnb. home will be different. >> it's okay to rent. this whole notion about homeownership really started if you think about it with bill clinton and barney frank and the whole idea everyone needs to own a home and a lot has to do exactly what christina is alluding to the terrible global financial crisis and a lot of the millennials being kind of shell shocked when it comes to putting down that kind of money but one thing that has changed is now government is right in the center of residential real estate in this country. david: it always has been. that's what the deduction of interest rates is all about. it's encouragement from 60 years ago to get more people to buy homes. >> although not at this expense
5:55 pm
back in 1981 government owned about 7% of residential mortgage s and they now own 50% of residential mortgages that distorts the market. david: we got to go gang but this is an exciting topic we'll bring it up again. meanwhile bad news for coldplay fans you might not get to hear their newest album live on a stage near you until they can offer more environmentally beneficial concerts. we've got details of this coming next. i'm a regular in my neighborhood. i'm a regular at my local coffee shop and my local barber shop. when you shop small you help support your community - from after school programs to the arts! so become a regular, more regularly. because for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays in the community.
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how did you know? mom...that was taken at the farm. it was in this small little village. in connemara? right! connemara it is. honestly, we went there- oh, oh look at that! look at that. but shouldn't somebody this is be listening?pression. so. let's talk. we're built for hearing what's important to you, one to one. edward jones. it's time for investing to feel individual. david: british rock band coldplay, releasing 8 new studio album tomorrow, their lead singer chris martin announcing the group is delaying their tour for a year or two until they figure out how to make their
5:59 pm
concerts carbon neutral. are you upset? >> this is an interesting take. saying future tours need to be sustainable, especially people throw stuff on stage, like straws. in jordan, and london they will sense proceeds to protect the environment. >> that would be a better approach, have your tour, sell and put money toward causes you represent. they go by horseback i can't imagine. >> when you grow up -- >> oh. david: woe, man. >> you know why they are canceling, same reason duval patrick is counseling his town hall. david: what is that. >> no one showing up. >> i wonder if environmentalists
6:00 pm
would be happier, honestly if they were dead, no meat, no planes, no cars, more concerts what kind of a life is that. >> wow. david: i do like coldplay, we'll see you next time that does it for "bulls and bears." elizabeth: headline from today, impeachment hearing, hill testifying it is a fictional narrative that ukraine conducting a campaign against their country, but did you fiona hill have her story straight? is she missing the mark. we dig into reports that ukraine officials did try to help hillary clinton's campaign, while undermining trump campai campaign. this as ukraine chief prosecutor, his probe into burisma. and s


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