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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 21, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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would be happier, honestly if they were dead, no meat, no planes, no cars, more concerts what kind of a life is that. >> wow. david: i do like coldplay, we'll see you next time that does it for "bulls and bears." elizabeth: headline from today, impeachment hearing, hill testifying it is a fictional narrative that ukraine conducting a campaign against their country, but did you fiona hill have her story straight? is she missing the mark. we dig into reports that ukraine officials did try to help hillary clinton's campaign, while undermining trump campai campaign. this as ukraine chief prosecutor, his probe into burisma. and still no smoking gun, no
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e-mails, no document to support bribery. to forgettable light weight talking points, debate, now lowest rated debate, weakest viewership, we'll show you the softball questions from the moderators -- how democrat debate could possibly mislead leaders -- voters, and watch dog report on alleged obama administration surveillance abuse on trump campaign will be out in two weeks. >> and grassley and johnson, top republican senators' watchdog for intelligence community to look to potentially massive leaks by the media for the russia probe. were government officials trying to swings narrative against trump. >> more on clinton foundation bleeding money.
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what about those potential quid pro quo? >> a top border guy on 2020 democrat trying to regain footing and try to blame president trump for border crisis she wants to spend your tax do you ar -- dollars to take down the border wall, thank you for joining us, the "evening edit" starts right now. i am elizabeth macdonald. >> we have breaking information coming in reports that republican representative will herd of texas signaling today. he will vote no on trump's impeachment, he has not seen quote, compelling overwhelmingly clear and unambiguous evidence of an impeachable offense. this after two weeks of hearings. he says nothing showing that president trump committed bribery or extortion.
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we'll get an update on the hearing with edward lawrence in dc . >> i think you will hear a lot of republicans with that same opinion, on capitol hill, two key with businesses for democrat -- key witnesses for democrats, tral t -- central campaign, fioa hill testified, it became clear that meeting at white house with ukraine president was predicated on an corruption announcement. and u.s. wants to see ukraine as an adversary. >> russia's interest to delegitimize our presidency, the goal of the russians whoever became the president by trying to tip their hand on one side of the scale under a cloud. reporter: she warns that russia is already trying to influence the next election, david holmes who works in embassy in ukraine
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claims. about status of investigation to company connected to hunter biden during a july phone call. >> my clear impression, that security hole was likely -- hold was likely set by president either to the disat fashion with okay, youianukrainians or incree to do so. reporter: republicans poked holes on ambassador testimony yesterday. republicans try to do the same today, questioning how well holmes remembered the conversation, at one point he said he could no longer hear the president. and liz, one more thing, late word that "washington post" report that president trump signed a continuing resolution
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to keep government open, through december 20. just one month. you know there are 8 days on house's official calendar, they will have to try to work something out. elizabeth: they only average 3 days a week of work there. >> thank you. elizabeth: checking voters poll showing voter support for impeachment dropping and president's approval rating up since october, the emerson university poll, 45% oppose impeachment. that is as of last month, and a market law school -- market law school poll, 53% oppose impeachment. and abc, poll 7 out of 10 voters say trump was wrong on ukraine, other polls show not an
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impeachable offense. jim trustee, great to see you, what is your reaction. >> polls are reflecting reality that is nuanced, murky opinion opinion-based facts that are going on for days, any testimony brought forward is stuff of a closed-door oversight hearing. it is detailed nuance, full of academic opinions, not really the stuff that captivates a country. we never had a impeachment based on such murky information, basee where you have solid understandable facts, question is whether they should pursue it, here we can't even get to bedrock of admissible evidence. elizabeth: fiona hill said today, ukraine did not conduct a campaign against their country, that is -- let's back up,u
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attorney durham is looking to criminal probe in beginning of russia probe, and looking into ukraine. department of justice statement, from september says that ukraine not members of government, have volunteered information to mr. durham, politico reports that ukraine effort to sabotage trump backfired. reporting ukrainian government officials tried to help hillary clinton, and under fin underminy publicly questioning his fitness for office. and -- suggested that ukraine investigating matter, and they helped clinton allies research damaging information on trump, and help advance narrative that campaign was connected to russia. your reaction? why is fiona hill no not acknowledging that. >> you packed a lot in there, welcome to the world of diplomacy. they play a nerdy game of
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throwns to get someone in trouble. they are inte intelligence and l spoken but they are in a community conceit of thinking they are inde indepenceible exp. it is a different world we're tapping into. they are more than happy to give their world opinions they think are indepinsible. not the stuff of typical courtroom. elizabeth: staying on ukraine narrative. chalupa worked as a consultant for the dnc, and representative nunes saying that democrats redact wha chalupa name out of e
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transcript. looking into embezzlement where hunter biden was a board member, none of the witnesses have delivered hard evidence. >> either of you have any evidence of quid pro quo. >> no, ma'am. >> i did not. >> no, ma'am. >> not that i can crawl. >> norecall.>> he said i' nothio quid pro quo. >> you testified you had now direct knowledge of -- to with holwithhold aid on ukraine there correct. >> you testified there were no strings attached to the aid, correct? >> yes no such knowledge. >> testified that what you knew
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that president trump was skeptical of the environment in ukraine. >> we heard that, that was general impression at the state department. reporter: aid was released to ukraine. >> yes, i read that. >> in past year, ukraine was not only country to have aid with held, correct in. >> correct. >> in past year was aid withheld from pakistan. >> yes, sir. elizabeth: all i hear, i same, i gather, i presume, personal belief, federal hearsay rule, wents cannot testify about what they heard from somebody outside of the courtroom. i don't know how they wrap it together to articles of impeachment. >> well, this is a bottom line, it is different from a criminal process, including have you witnesses sitting next to each other or reading i've other's testimony as we go through the
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process. i think at end of the day, to your first question, flagging interest of the public, but in beltway and political quarters, people look at this, th the or k blot test. you have a guy that does closing arguments about every 3 hours and runs out to hau to the halle statements of guilt. when he is supposed to be the judge. elizabeth: to the media. >> right. they have seen enough process to different trusteidistrust is orp their minds. elizabeth: we'll see you in a little bit. get your thoughts over alleged
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obama abuses. jim will be back. next up, furious china now demanding that president trump veto new legislation supporting hong kong protestors. henry kissinger warns that this economic fight with china could explode to a hot war, we'll debate that. >> we bring you forgettable lightweight talking points donate, msesnbc moderators missg this. we have 2020 democrat who supportses that story coming up. investment opportunities firsthand, like biotech. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price invest with confidence.
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elizabeth: welcome back more than 5,000 arrests made, at the democracy protests in hong kong. jonathan hunt in hong kong with more. reporter: good morning, from hodge kong. students at polytechnic university have said they wanted to see president trump signature on the hong kong human rights and democracy act, they have
6:17 pm
painted their pleas for help on buildings on campus, arranged safety helmet in shape of the international sos sign. even they are grateful for language of senators like marco rubio, who tweeted after house passed bill already approved by senate quote, over the last 24 hours, by acom au.s. congress mt clear america is going to stand with hong kong. a few dozen students remain holed up on campus, determined to avoid arrests and looking to get out anyway they can. >> they try running out from sewage system or by some roof or climbing out and jumping down from the building, and trying to go up from rope and trying to find someone to take them out. they are looking for government
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-- different ways. reporter: chinese government condemned the hong kong human rights and democracy act, saying that u.s. administration should stop interfering in china's internal affairs. elizabeth: thank you. >> china inviting u.s. negotiators to trouble for another round of trade talks, december 15 date for more tariffs is fast approaching, as beijing threa threatened washinn more severe counter measures. we take it up with robert charles thank you for joining ut. how could the hong kong protests legislation there affect the trade deal? >> start by saying that president, president trump is doing the right thing to sign the hong kong hume ca human rigd
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democracy bill. those people were born to freedom, they have every right to rights in that bill. that bill allows to us sanction. the chinese are afraid, they are afraid this love of freedom, will spread, they don't want a thousand tiananmen squares, they want the trade bill to come to pass, they don't want the dramatic increase in tariffs. and i think that last thing people don't know or forget that 58% of all finance that goes into china and out of china comes through hong kong, that is a very important number. the chinese have an answer, the answer is grant human rights to people that deserve them, and had them in hong kong, get forward with trade bill and your own economy will come up. elizabeth: we had split criticism of for and against the hong kong legislation bill in terms of weakening the trade deal, to your point. we had people saying on the show
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it would strengthen the president's hand, make him stronger in dealing with china. >> i think that does. but i think that these are segregated issues in some way, chinese try to keep them -- believe you can suppress human rights thing go forward with a more grand trade deal, that is not really where we come outsides americans, we have a moral compass, we are not stepping away from freedom and human rights that folks of hong kong have and had, which have been torn back from them, trade deal is a separate issue, the chinese want that deal, we should help them get it. elizabeth: former ais a stan -- backing up. former top diplomat. henry kishep. >> kissinger says that trade fight could tip over to a hot we're. >> i think what secretary
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kissinger is saying, is that it is time for china and russia and united states to sit down together and bridge dow bridge n number of nuclear missiles that we have that would be right version of a new inftreaty. but i think this is about standing our ground morally and helping pipe of hon people of ho stand up to chinese communism and understanding that economic freedom inou encourages politicl freedom. elizabeth: a chinese national that worked in monsanto, iindicted. hire is the story. thousands of individuals working for aprill potentially china inr u.s. government agents including energy department, taking our intellectual property and shipping back to chinese
6:22 pm
military. that has been a story. >> is strong. this economic espyion a espionad national security threat is very real, china is very aggressive in that regard, they have been so on university campuses and private sector we need to be aware. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. elizabeth: coming up justice department watch dog report. now out, update on that and this -- top republican senator chuck grassley and ron johnson now want the was watch dog for intelligence community to look into damning text-messaging from
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elizabeth: to fifth democrat presidential debate, moderated by ms nbc in "washington post." the lo lowest rated so far, petr doocy here. reporter: it within off the rails. >> only black american woman elected to u.s. senate, whole range of people. >> not true. >> the other one is here. >> i said the first. reporter: not what he said we asked senator harris when she was thinking? >> there are two black women who have been elected in history of united states senate on senate,
6:28 pm
imone of those women. reporter: joe biden insists he is a front-runner because of his lead in national polls, he believes he has maintained despite off of field destruction concerning hunter biden, whose business dealings are front and center at impeachment proceedings and now in the middle of a paer in at thi a --t in arkansas. >> that is a private matter i have no comment. you are a good man, classy. reporter: two months ago today, first time i asked joe biden about his son, hunter, whose maim i name is at center of the impeachment hearing, angry told me to ask the right question. the way he sees things that was not it. today. liz. elizabeth: peter doocy thank
6:29 pm
you. >> we're talking it forgettable light weight talking point. the debate, and "washington post" moderated it, ratings in as lowest rated this cycle, viewers turning out, viewership cut 2/3 since summer, no questions, nothing about how democrat including elizabeth warren want a big middle class tax hike and increase in social security payroll taxes that would hit millions of households in democrat leaning states those who make at least 250,000. we wring in christian tate your reaction? >> you know, last night big winner of that debate was donald trump, joe biden was a gaffe machine. pete buttigieg failed to impress. and elizabeth warren were pushing unlimited government. trump has a lot to run on ahead of next year like the strong economy. but i think that best thing he has going for him are the democrats, this is just such a does of a primary field.
6:30 pm
if trump is smart he will talk constantly for the next year about how extreme the democrats have become, this is now party of high taxes, flagrant socialism and medicare for all, and same candidates that, want to let in as many immigrants, illegal anding wel legal that it track to bankrupt the country. >> also most like the debates are misleading the voters, there is no question, virtually nothing. immigration, hong kong. you know it is -- maybe the debates are why there is no frontrunner, they are not talking about the issues. >> right. elizabeth: look at economy under trump, campaign said that his policy lead to highest participation rate in the country that we've seen in a long time, half century lows in unemployment. increasing ownership, be revenue
6:31 pm
up 50% versus last year, 82% of middle class household got a tax cut, i don't know how they can run against this. >> they can't, that is why democrats turn to politics of envy, trying to outdo i've other with these ridiculous promises of free stuff, these big government programs, and then have you journalist and debate moderators who are not pushing for answer on how they would pay for it elizabeth warren would way for her big government program with a wealth tax that would only bring in 2.75 trillion that would not cover three years of current deficits, let alone a green new deal and medicare for all. elizabeth: elizabeth warren said he wants irs auditor to bring in 2. 3 trillion in i do more odd -- in doing more audits of americans, to pay for her takeover the healthcare, she
6:32 pm
said she would not inact until year 3 of the presidency. by the way, you are guilty before proven innocent with the irs, elizabeth warren wants to do that. and last night moderators were focused about questions on getting rid of president trump. >> you said you seen enough to convict president and remove him from office, you and 4 of your colleagues on this stage, may soon have to take that vote. will you try to convince your republican colleagues of the senate, to vote the same way? >> senator klobuchar, you have said you support the typ impeact but you want to wait for a senate trial to hear evidence and make a decision about convincing the president. -- convicting the president, after bombshell testimony of ambassador sondland today, has that view changed? would you support a potential criminal investigation to president trump after he leaves office even if you thought it might further inflame the country division? elizabeth: so.
6:33 pm
this may be why polls show that voters saying, they are not tuning in to the hearings, they say, you know, they are coming -- changing their minds, in certainly. more people say we don't support typimpeachment. how can a debate mad rat moderak questions like that and not questions about the issues that americans. >> it is crazy. elizabeth: by the way they are leading questions. >> you are right, these people have trump i di derangement syn, the left wingers are very obsessed with donald trump, but the working class americans sitting at home, they were watching the candidates and file so alienated by the directed that party has gone in, quite terrified by the democrat plan for the country, there is no
6:34 pm
moderate right now that is poised to take on donald trump on the issues. it was supposed to be joe biden, but he doesn't even know what state he is in half the time, and mu mum mumbles and forget hs words,. elizabeth: christian tate thank you. the dnc less than 9 million in cash on hand, 7 million in debt, trump campaign, rnc 300 million raises, 160 million cash on hand, thank you so much christian. >> thank you. elizabeth: a top border guy. a 2020 democrat trying to regain footing. blaming president for the border crisis. we'll explain. >> why one watch dog said that donations to the clinton foundation now drying up. just like the clinton's influence. story next. ghborhood.
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elizabeth: we have a date for release of doj inspector general horowitz report. >> december the 9, you will get the report. >> the 9th that is locked. >> that is locked. >> okay. >> that is a monday. elizabeth: okay, two days after that. come out, report coming out the inspector general horowitz testifies on december 11 before the senator gram senate judiciary committee. we bring back former federal prosecutor jim trustee. >> durham is the guy to watch, i think the durham probe is more likely to lead to criminal charges if either will. but it possible that there is
6:40 pm
overlap, that horowitz report has language that suggests there is criminality, i think there is a lot of room for wrong doing, things that will deserve condemnation but not rise to level of a crime. elizabeth: we'll see. we have more news from senator graham on hunter biden front, he wants to see any transcript of phone calls that president obama had with the president of ukraine at the time he was vice president. let's listen. >> i want to know are there any transcripts or read out between the vice president and president of ukraine in february after the raid on the gas company president's house. after this raid, hunter biden kicks in, his business partner meeting with john kerry and vice president biden on three occasions makes' phone call to
6:41 pm
president of ukraine, he goes over in march, they fire the guy, this is the same man that ambassador wanted investigated in 2015. elizabeth: your reacted? >> well, a couple things, ukraine just feel like ethical quicksand, if you go near it something goes wrong. i think this is astonishing people va a willful disconnect with the biden situation, i was a prosecutor for 27 years. and knowing that ukrainian prime minister said no, i was not pressures or bribed that would be a hard sell, if anyone said i have a vide videotape of a sittg vice president, that said, i made a threat to shut down. and my son is making 50 k a month working there that would raise an a eye brow. this a sad moment that half country refuses to consider what was going on with joe biden and
6:42 pm
hunter biden, but they look into opinion testimony about the phone call with zelensky. elizabeth: let's go to this story. top republicans senators ron johns "jobsjohnson and chuck gry demand they look into the text and e-mails for former fbi official peter strzok, his texts indicate massive leaks to media from quote, sister agencies leaks like mad, scorned and worried after trump won they kick into over drive, remember government officials trying to turn narrative against trump. >> there is smoke, durham will find out how much fire is beneath it, you see a culture in high reaches, high places at fbi that the comeys, mccabes and strzoks. there is this group think that because they are so self righteous in their concerns about incoming potential
6:43 pm
president trump or then sitting president trump, they will create new rule, think about comey with a special. to leak things from the fbi to "new york times," that the same mental tie that is infectioning strzok and pain page, they thinf their job is media manipulation rather than law enforce am. elizabeth: and strzok last night, was accused by office of professional responsibility at justice department with sitting on the hillary clinton e-mails on wiener's laptop until after the election. that is big stuff, thank you, jim. >> thank you. elizabeth: coming up, clinton foundation and the case of all those donations, now drying up. as fast as clinton's influence. details. and debate ahead. with sofi, get your credit cards right by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right so you can save big.
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6:48 pm
fascinating new book. greg zuckerman is with us, we talk about god tonight with pastor robert jeffers, how about that, i hope you will join us. elizabeth: sounds great, you cover everything, now god, lou. i'll be watching. elizabeth: last week hillary clinton told bbc radio. i think all of the time about what kind of president i would have been and what i think it would have meant to the country and world, i say never, neff, na say never, i -- never say never, i tell you, i'm under pressure from many people. think about it. now that to clinton foundation. loselosing money. >> clinton foundation raised 10% of what it did in 2009 first
6:49 pm
year in hillary clinton of secretary of state, and international numbers are worse, all that money has dried up, the clinton foundations have a hard time ain a raising money, they t have power access to sell. and that i think is the primary evidence for what the clinton enterprise was about. elizabeth: joining me now, fox news contributor deneen borelli. they went from raising hundreds of millions annually. to now bleeding money, losses. >> well thank goodness for peter's tireless work on this topic. you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand this controlled experiment. when bill -- former president bill clinton was able to command huge speaking fees and hillary clinton the secretary of state, their foundation brought in average over 250 million dollars annually.
6:50 pm
in 2018, i think they brought in 30 million. this was about political influence, the big time donors individuals corporations, and countries, giving money to their so-called mission to help people. that was about political inblew -- inflew en and power to get to club clinton, but, where is that accountability on this? elizabeth: it has been losing money for 3 years straight. you know, talk about quid pro quo. the associated press back in 2016, said reported 85 out of 154 people from private interest that hillary clinton had phone conversations with while secretary of state donated to clinton foundation, that is a da lot of money. >> it was a revolving door but
6:51 pm
will we know, we can't even get to the bottom of the e-mails that were delated, all other things that happened under hillary clinton a watch, this does come down to account dill bil-- accountability, look at numbers, from how much they were bringing in to how much they of losing to date, they don't have the power they used to, this is telling based to donations they lost. elizabeth: quid pro quo that is not being covered much by media, peter schweizer in his book, he turned up e-mail sho showing how clinton foundation intervened to arrange a meeting between hillary clinton and crown prince of bahrain, bahrain was a big donor to clinton foundation, and a chicago commente commodity tr, donated and got a top job on arms control panel, that is quid pro quo, he had no experience
6:52 pm
this. >> sure, you are right. and will we ever get to the bottom? will we know? unfortunately, you have democrats who go after president trump with their terms of quid pro quo, they don't see evidence or facts of that happening. but with the hillary clinton, campaign and bill clinton there is a lot of things that need to be looked at. elizabeth: we have clinton foundation coming back with a statement to us. pushing back against media reports. implying that the foundations are struggling, their tax document show their fully funded by donation, they say they are in good shape. >> what else would they say? this comes down to clintons, and would rive -- we ever know what was going on who was involved in the revolving door to get influence and power from the
6:53 pm
clinton. elizabeth: deneen great to see you. >> thank you. elizabeth: next up, a top border guy on 2020 democrat trying to regain footing, trying to blame president trump for border crisis and how she wants to spend your tax dollars to tear down the border wall. we'll explain, coming up. does your broker offer more than just free trades? fidelity has zero commissions for online u.s. equity trades and etfs, plus zero minimums to open a brokerage account. with value like this, there are zero reasons to invest anywhere else. fidelity. ..
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[♪] liz: with senator elizabeth warren at the debate last night who tried to blame president trump for the crisis at the border. brandon judd. so it's trump's fault? >> i patrol the border. i put on a uniform. i go out there day to day to see what happens. i can personally tell you it's not trump's fault. but i can tell you hard left right rick makes my job more difficult. when we talk about open borders, we are inviting people to come across our borders illegally. it's not president trump's fault. liz: she said nothing about mexican drug cartels make
6:58 pm
billions of dollars through drugs and human trafficking. the nurpds along the border in mexico. disappearances in mexico. the number presumed dead. >> you can't throw out facts to individuals that only care about themselves. they are looking out for their own political futures rather than the well-being of the american public. when we look at border security are we have to understand that if we do not enforce the laws the way the laws were written, we are essentially making money for the criminal cartels. we are emboldening them and giving them the tools they need to smuggle their opioids into the united states that kills our children. it's these types of things. when you point out facts, they revert back to political rhetoric. that will never work if we want
6:59 pm
to secure the border. liz: warren says she wants to use taxpayer dollars to take down the border wall. and saying democrats lynn season toughize more illegal border crossing. and jeh johnson said this back in july. chain link barriers, partitions, cages, whatever you want to call them were not invented in january 2017. president obama used them. >> we are seeing scene exponential drop in illegal immigration and the opioid the cartels are able to get across. when you have people like jeh johnson, an honest individual who will stand up for ways right and not his politics, you have
7:00 pm
to day notice. it's the policies of president trump that's dropping these numbers down. liz: thank you so much for having us in your homes. thanks for watching. lou dobbs is next. [♪] lou: good evening, everybody, radical dimms and their so call impeachment inquiry is now conclusive whether or not they have the good sense to end that farce now. adam schiff and the intelligence committee as it's called have assaulted president trump for 58 days and appear to have wrapped up what they term public hearings. the radical dimms producing witnesses, some who actually stood up for the president.


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