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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 21, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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and not his politics, you have to day notice. it's the policies of president trump that's dropping these numbers down. liz: thank you so much for having us in your homes. thanks for watching. lou dobbs is next. [♪] lou: good evening, everybody, radical dimms and their so call impeachment inquiry is now conclusive whether or not they have the good sense to end that farce now. adam schiff and the intelligence committee as it's called have assaulted president trump for 58 days and appear to have wrapped up what they term public hearings. the radical dimms producing witnesses, some who actually
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stood up for the president. some sillier than gordon sondland and none sillier than fiona hill. today's witnesses offered more of the same hearsay, more of the impressions and suppositions we heard aplenty in previous days of public hearings. the dimms have done their worst trying to couple with something, anything to realize their fantasy of overthrowing the president of the united states. you republicans on the tonight he for their part have been simply outstanding. the party standing together, defending the president as never before, lays waste to the democrats and their folly. devin nunes played out the radical dimms' losing legacy. >> it's not president trump who got caught, it's the democrats
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who got caught. they got caught falsely claiming they had more than circumstantial evidence that trump colluded with russians to hack the 2016 election. they got caught orchestrating this entire farce with the whistleblower and lying about their secret meetings with him. they got caught defending the false allegations of the steele dossier paid for by them. they got caught breaking their promise that impeachment would only go forward with bipartisan support because of how damaging it is to the american people. they got caught running a sham impeachment process featuring secret depositions, hidden transcripts, and unending flood
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of democrat leaks to the media. they got caught trying to obtain nude photos of president trump from russian pranksters pretending to be ukrainians. and they got caught covering up for alexander chulupa who collude to ukrainian officials to smear the trump campaign by improperly redacting her name from transcripts and refusing to let americans hear her testimony as a witness in these proceedings. that's the democrats' pitiful legacy in recent years. they got caught. lou: they got caught. today we saw the radical dimms drag out their final set of contradictory witnesses.
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in his opening statement diplomat david holmes claims he could hear president trump talking to the european union ambassador gordon sondland about ukrainian investigation as he talked to the president. but apparently his hearing was extremely selective. >> it was not on speaker phone. i could hear the president's voice through the earpiece of the phone. i heard the president asked so he's going to do the investigation. the ambassador sondland replied he's going to do it. then it progressed to assisting a rapper jailed in sweden and i could only hear ambassador sondland's side of the conversation. lou: fiona hill was apparently concerned about ukraine security and stability if it didn't get american aid.
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and she blamed republicans for a fictional story about ukrainian interference in the 2016 election. headlines read fiona hill blasts alternative narrative on ukraine. in an op-ed hill made the argument against providing ukraine with lethal military aid which was the ultimate policy of the obama administration as russia invaded ukraine and crimea. not only invaded crimea, but took crimea without so much as a whisper of protest from president obama or for that matter, fiona hill. perhaps hill forgot last year a ukrainian court ruled two
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ukrainian officials middled in the 2016 american election, leaking a ledger to former campaign chair paul manafort. congressman jim jordan clearly laid out more facts to dispute hill's claim. >> we all know russia meddled in the election. but that's not to say ukraine' can't try to interfere. mr. poroshenko said the vast majority of the ukrainian politicians wants hillary clinton to win. is that on the same level as russia? we never alleged that, but it still happened. through * house republicans on the committee remained unified. each of schiff's witnesses haven't witnesses anything and republicans made that clear to the american people. they have been unified and much
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to the credit of their minority leader kevin mccarthy. joining us, house minority leader, kevin mccarthy. great to have you with us. let's start by looking at what is happening today. get your impressions as we are wrapping up the public hearing phase before the intel committee. >> one thing i see, we have gone through this for two weeks now. the more that is shown is seen in the polls itself, that it's dropping. i wonder if the democrats will even have the votes to move impeachment. two things he have learned the most. ukraine is safer today than they were under the obama administration. and secondly, no matter who you ask, the president released the aid with no conditions on it. nobody can tell you differently no matter how set this is by adam schiff. i know he wants to impeach this
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president so bad that he will continue to lie. if you watch how he closed this hearing, this is a man who knows the american people know his lies and know they are losing. there is no way he would bang the gavel that hard if he didn't know he was losing. lou: the white house communications director said they rely on their own presumptions within assumptions and opinions. they have no direct knowledge of why u.s. aid was temporarily withheld. she is exactly right. it's the theme of this entire radical dim -- dimm exercise of
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their emotions in a wheelbarrow they carry to capitol hill. >> this hearing you wonder, what did schiff do in the basement all that time auditioning these witnesses? none of them have any direct evidence. it's all how they feel. this is the man who said he had proof beyond circumstantial. he lied and said he didn't know hot whistleblower was. now -- and he stopped people from naming names because he said they would name it whistleblower. how would he know that if he didn't know who the whistleblower was? lou: there was a moment when i think we learned more than we were supposed to. the house republicans, i'm told you all want the senate republicans to do more here and get engaged on this issue of the
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impeachment inquiry or whatever the working name is of this farce. what do you want the senate to do? >> one thing i will tell you today. after watching these two weeks of hearings. i don't know if it's going to get to the senate. the public has seen how many times adam schiff has lied. they know from the beginning this is the on thing the democrats wanted to do. remember on the night we were sworn in and you watched the freshmen go to their parties after hours. what did they tell you they wanted to accomplish? they wanted to impeach the president. the chairman of the majority, you know the platform he ran on? he would be be -- would be the t person for impeachment. how many times the democrats voted for impeachment before the mueller report was out. they are afraid of facing this
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president at the ballot box. they know they will lose so they will do anything and make up things and bring people in and audition them who have never met him. lou: they floated the idea of just censure instead of impeachment today. look at these polls show the president moving higher today preto now, post whatever this has been, this farce. he looks stronger than ever. the democrats look worse than ever, and for crying out loud the president's foreign policy couldn't have been more timely or well founded than to provide lethal weapons to the ukrainians and give them his support, by the democrats by the way did not. they refused to do so. and the previous president refused to do so. it is astonishing.
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and today to hear the woman who argued ro -- argued against ai. >> when the russians came in obama gave them blankets. president trump gave them javelins that allow them to be protected. those audition witnesses adam schiff got to pick. we never got our witnesses to come forward. we never got a fair shake or due process. and they are still moving, their own witnesses tell you ukraine is safer today than because of president trump because of president obama. lou: i want to congratulate you, the republican conference standing taller and shoulder to shoulder in a way i have not seen them before in my career.
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congratulations to you and the rest of the leadership. >> i want to thank all the republicans on the intel committee. they have worked so well together. and all the things that have not been done in congress because of this impeachment. this president is work so hard to give us the strongest economy we have had in 50 years. lou: congressman kevin mccarthy, thank you. up next, china wants more trade talks. but will the united states take them you have on that? they want these talks to take place in beijing. national security expert fred flights joins us after these quick words. the dimms' failed impeachment inquiry puts a comments their pockets books as republicans swim in cash.
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ambassador taylor related 13 different conversations he had wet aid was groas frozen and september 11 when it was released, never once mentioning this call. july 19, sondland told taylor about the list. july 20. tells day slower. july 28 morrison tells taylor what happens on the trump-zelensky call. august 21, morrison talks to taylor. september 1 morrison tells taylor what he told more on. morrison tells day slower what sondland told trump and sondland tells taylor what trump tells sondland. nowhere is there a holmes tells
7:19 pm
taylor what the president of the united states tells sondland. lou: there you are. break more fundraising records. new ferks c records show the rnc, the republican national committee raising 23 million dollars, zero debt. the dnc raising less than $9 million and they have $7 million in debt. a new poll shows impeachment of the president doesn't resonate with voters in a key battleground state. the marquette law school poll shows 53% of registered voters in the state of wisconsin says president trump should not be impeached, compared to 40% who say he should. that same poll find president trump leading all of the top
7:20 pm
2020 democrats in wisconsin. i think that's a fairly good sign for the president, don't you? joining us tonight, former reagan political director and political strategist, ed rollins. >> wisconsin is the state trump won last time had not been won since reagan in 1984. one of the toughest states for us. for us to do as well as we are it tells me other states that are key are going to be okay. lou: the president is not hesitating to get back on the campaign trail. let's talk about this impeachment inquiry. i can't imagine it could have gone worse for the democrats than what they have done. these witnesses have been just terrible. >> the bottom line is there is
7:21 pm
no crime. there is no bribery. no treason. then the republicans like jim jordan and others rose to the occasion. i have a judge in new york who said to me she has never seen a better cross-examination by anybody than jim jordan. i said for a guy who was a world class wrestler is pretty darn smart, too. lou: as i said to kevin mccarthy, and i mean it absolutely, i have never seen the republicans so united and standing up for you the president. it took a while, but this is impressive. if they can maintain this level of unity and energy object behalf of the president and this country, they will win going away in 2020. >> i felt the same way. i thought if we had the same energy in the last we recollection they wouldn't have had the 218 votes plus.
7:22 pm
lou: i got a kick out of kevin mccarthy and other republicans want to see senate republicans get engaged in this and defend the president and dig in and investigate what is going on. >> they should. the reality is lindsey graham is the chairman of the judiciary committee until next year. and he likes to get in front of cameras and talk. he needs to be leading the charge. er time nader raises an issue, he ought to be slamming him every day saying there is no evidence. lou: there is evidence the republicans have some pretty good prospects for 2020. >> for all of this, it's stay on course and do the things that we need to be doing. lou: senator graham says the
7:23 pm
fisa abuse report will be released monday, december 9. the department of justice inspector general michael horowitz said there will be one report with few redactions. horowitz will then testify before senator grahams judiciary committee on december 11. share your comments and follow me on twitter @loudobbs and follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. tomorrow night we'll be coming to you from washington, d.c. white house press secretary stephanie stephanie grisham among our guests. and a jirks t pai. a fascinating book from gregory zuckerman object the man who took over the markets.
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lou: congressman calling for the radical dimmses, he called it an outright subversion. i have seen hatred for political reasons. specifically at a ball field? virginia. and i have seen hatred in war. i know hatred blinds people. i have been in warp and i studied war. and coups create division. it's time for this phase of the
7:29 pm
publicly announced and proclaimed democrat coup to send. lou: end it won't because we now know who the radical dimms are and their nature and on and on it goes. let's look at some of the top news stories of the day. netanyahu indicted. he faces another election, it will be the third in a year. netanyahu says the indictments are an attempt at a coup. china wants more trade talks and wants them in beijing. robert lighthizer says he will only travel to china if xi promises to end theft of technology and forced tech transfers.
7:30 pm
the chinese foreign minister warning of retaliation if the president signed ask the bill siding with the protesters in hong kong. chinese say they will take rest liewpt revenge, and all consequences will be borne by the united states. fred, good to see you. before we get into fiona hill and the rest, your reaction to the rhetoric of the chinese, even as they are inviting the united states to beijing for more trade talks. >> well, beijing does not want the president to sign this big in hong kong. but i think they realize it will happen. the administration has tried to
7:31 pm
support the people of hong kong without -- without an tag nighing beijing and making the problem worse. but they have to do something. lou: to the credit of the house and the senate. i am told some members -- and i'm not going -- our sources tell us a number of members of the administration at the cabinet level tried to talk two senators into voting against the legislation. don't you agree it would be very poor service to the president for that person to have done that? >> there was a time when we were hoping we could put the genie back in the battle and get both sides to abide by the 1997
7:32 pm
treaty. lou: who are the both sides. >> the people of hong kong and the chinese government. lou: that's long gone as you say. the fact is this country has to stand up for its values, its ideals, and this president is just the one to do it. anyone in his administration who would counsel a courser than has the -- a course other than that -- here is a woman who wrote in 2015 a brookings institute op-ed, want to keep the united states, prevent the united states present giving lethal weapons to ukraine. and then standing -- actually sitting in that hearing room today criticizing the president because he did give lethal
7:33 pm
weapons to the crane jr.ans, did step up to the ukrainians. fiona hill? she was quite something, don't you think? >> city know fiona hill, i traveled on air force one with fiona hill. she wasn't partisan to me. though she previously worked for the brookings institution. she was supposed to be a fact witness, but she wasn't a fact witness. she lectured the republicans and accusing republicans that they don't bleach russia meddled in the 2016 election. but there is something interesting she said on lethal aid to ukraine. she said the obama administration, the president for political reasons didn't provide the aid. so where is the whistleblower from the obama years complaining
7:34 pm
that president obama didn't listen to the bureaucracy. that's what's going on with president trump. lou: one thing adam schiff and his radical dimm friends ben't. the bureaucracy and the arrogance of them. and i'm not talking about the political appointees. we are talking about foreign service officers. who do they think they are? who the hell do they think the interagency is, and i mean, i think the american people right now -- they have been served notice, you have a government not in the control of the people you elect. >> alexander vindman testified he was upset the president didn't follow the talking point on crane rrp from the
7:35 pm
interagency. the president makes foreign policy. he can use talking points from vindman and fiona hill if he wants to. but at the end of the day's the policymaker, and the policy is whatever he makes it to be. lou: it's awesome, arrogant bureaucrats, foreign service officers behaving as they do. wait atbrears their testimony, many of them. it looks like at least half their time is spent spying on one another, and the other half gossiping about one another and their spearers. it's truly an astonishing sperk cal what adam schiff has provided us. don't you think? >> i do. and i think the hearings were a big flop. i talked to some of my relative in pence strain yeah saying we don't know what this is about, get it off tv.
7:36 pm
and if you have watched schiff's summary, he didn't talk about the president. he attacked the republicans. i think schiff is losing it. i think schiff knows this impeachment circus is costing the democrats and will help the president. lou: we are coming back with much more. stay with us. i wanted more from my copd medicine that's why i've got the power of 1, 2, 3 medicines with trelegy.
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lou: congressman mike turner took aim at career diplomat david holmes' interest in protecting ukraine. >> in your testimony you said that sondland said he loves your ass and said he will do anything that you want. mr. holmes, that information had nothing whatsoever to do with the subject matter of any of these hearings. it was even he can dotal, extraneous. your statement that your interest on protecting ukraine are very dubious when you embarrass president zelensky by making those statements he didn't have to make. who cares that ambassador sondland said that. you embarrassed zelensky. you know he got asked this question in his own country. and people are hearing that statement. it's totally dubious. lou: congressman turner make an important point and doing so
7:41 pm
with considerable passion as you notice. and rightly so. facebook considering new ways to limit narrowly targeted political ads on their platform. facebook. you have got to love them. no you don't. the change would prevent political campaigns from targeting any more than a few thousand people. google says it will no longer allow highly targeted political ads on their platform. platform. advertisers will no longer be able to target ads based on their search history. turning now to something i think is very important is this book. joining us tonight is greg zuckerman, wall street journal senior writer and author of the "new york times" best seller,
7:42 pm
the man who solved the market." congratulations on a terrific book, a terrific read. i have to say i recommend it highly. it's about life, it's about a fascinating company, its founders and a good part of the market today that we live with. how big is it? a third? >> 30% of all trading is done by computers developed by humans. these guys have beaten the market. they are up 66% a year. they are pioneers of the algorithmic thinking. it's something they were doing in the 80s out in long island when nobody heard about this
7:43 pm
approach. lou: stony brook playing a role. .an innovator. jim simon a code breaker during the cold war, a brilliant mathematician. and some of the most star crossed stories as well within this. it's a great study in human nature, a great tale. how did you decide you had to know jim simon and what he had done. >> if you are a writer about finance like i am and i focus on investors. there is no one more impressive. people talk about warren buffet. but this guy beat them. plus he does it in a different way with mathematics and
7:44 pm
science. he's the pie neefer near not just for investing but everything going on in silicon valley. the paradox behind this, they weren't business guys, they didn't go to wall street but they conquered the market. lou: they are creating immense wealth. is there success getting greater or moderated. >> if anything it add to it. they are up 66 trend since 1988. lou: how much since. >> a year on average 66%. it's almost hard to believe. way find fascinating is he hires all kinds of people. he has liberals within right wing, centrists, people who don't believe in capitalism. they all work together. i would like to think in some
7:45 pm
ways we can learn from how they work together successfully. lou: maybe we should start by resolving he's a mathematical genius. also the twists and turns. i was going to bring up robert mercer here. the influence he had on the trump campaign, his support for donald trump in the early days. it's striking. unintended consequences that flow throughout your brilliant tale. >> they were out in long island trying to beat the market. but they made so much money, billions and billions, they started using that money, some like jim simon on the left and bob mercer on right. it all came from unintended consequences of beating the market, you change the world.
7:46 pm
lou: changing the world they stillv are obviously, and there is a great fear about quant and life being driven by algorithms. >> someone like bob mercer would say there is danger, but there is as much danger for us making emotional decisions. he said the best decisions are made when you set emotion aside and defer to computers. when it comes to the market and investing we are too often prone to making dumb mistakes on greed, fear, creating rules in a system you kind of deal with those issues better. and the proof is in the pudding in terms of their return. lou: do you think most readers come away from your book thinking happy ending, or more
7:47 pm
assured about the future or a little trouble. >> i think they come away with an appreciation for this approach. the best companies today use models that adjust. that's what they do. where in the halls of government, white house, federal reserve they are winging it to some extent. there is some argument that somebody like bob mercer use the scientific approach, that could be one lesson that could be drawn. lou: the other is the could be assistant search over the course of the past half century, nearly a century for predictiveness and predict built. there is a lot of reassurance and it's a hell of a story. are americans losing their faith in religion? we'll take it up with pastor robert jeffress. i will explain why i just swore right after this quick break.
7:48 pm
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[♪] lou: pew research finds most americans say religion is losing influence in our daily lives. the pew survey finds 78% of
7:52 pm
people believe religion is becoming less influential, 42% of those people believe the decline of religion is a bad thing. that's a scary number in itself. joining us to sort through all this, pastor robert jeffress. pastor of the first baptist church of dallas. 42% out of 78 think it's a bad thing. that's hard to figure. >> this hole poll showed americans' schizophrenic feeling about faith and politics. a lodge majority lamented the fact that we were moving away from our judeo-christian foundation. but two-thirds of these americans said they didn't think you should mix faith with politics. if you don't mix faith with
7:53 pm
politics is there any reason you should expect religion to have an impact on society? the reason we have this 70-year slide in religious influence in our country the last 70 years is christians sat on the sidelines and didn't get involved. we saw a turn around in 2016, and i think you will see it again in 2020. >> one of the most exciting developments, religion and religious people are being welcomed in the puck square. i don't hear -- in the public square. i don't hear the argument should there be faith or religion in the public square. i am not suggesting there is sun numberrity. but there -- i am not saying there is unanimity. but there is less objection and less noise. >> i think it is. part of this has to do with the
7:54 pm
courts and the judges we are putting into place because of president trump's policy. within the next two months we'll have 220 federal judges appointed. that will be 25% of the judiciary. it has been a judicial war against christianity the past 70 years. i think that will be one of president trump's most lasting legacies. lou: to think that religion and politics, you mentioned schizophrenic. i love the way it's going. pew, i understand the poll, i understand the division, i guess. but i truly get a different sense when i talk to folks. and i think i have got a pretty good set of anecdotal samples to draw from. i think the country feels much
7:55 pm
better about itself than these polls reflect. i am talking about beyond this pew poll. approval ratings up. poor people believe, have faith in and confidence in this economy. it's a good time. >> it's going the right direction. these are indicators of what we are seeing. lou, 99% of evangelical republicans opposed impeachment. this is the most pro christian, pro ridge, life president we have ever seen. lou: stay with us. we are coming right back with more. it may not be as good as the pastor. but pretty good.
7:56 pm
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8:00 pm
american people through this nightmare one more time. he said they had proof uncircumstantial. and he would fight to bring the whistleblower forward. lou: we are coming from washington tomorrow. good night from new york. [♪] trish: democrats are deliberately misleading the american public. they cannot stop peddling these damning, damaging conspiracy theories. the democrats are single handedly dividing our country with false narratives and fake news. i'm trish regan. as americans we cannot, should not, will not allow this to happen to our country. we have known their intentions from the beginning. who could forget, right? >> i rise today, mr. speaker to call for the impeachment of the president of the united states
8:01 pm
of america. >> we'll


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