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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 21, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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uncircumstantial. and he would fight to bring the whistleblower forward. lou: we are coming from washington tomorrow. good night from new york. [♪] trish: democrats are deliberately misleading the american public. they cannot stop peddling these damning, damaging conspiracy theories. the democrats are single handedly dividing our country with false narratives and fake news. i'm trish regan. as americans we cannot, should not, will not allow this to happen to our country. we have known their intentions from the beginning. who could forget, right? >> i rise today, mr. speaker to call for the impeachment of the president of the united states of america. >> we'll fight every day until
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he is impeached. impeach 45. trish: they didn't win, and it has become a whole bunch of bitter, sour grapes. more than that, it's dangerous for our country because it's fueling all this division. they cannot be happy the economy is doing well and 401ks are way up. they can't be happy. unemployment rates are in an all-time historic low. the best rate it's been in decades. they can't be happy with high wages. they can't be happy with any of it. they are not happy with it. you want to know why? our country's economic success totally undercuts their fund amount am belief in big government. a republican with no political experience a washington outsider knows how to fix our economy
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better than them. think what they are doing. instead of using this opportunity to work with the president and work with republicans on capitol hill to create meaningful policy reforms, all they do is spew hate. >> when some with you says when they go low, we go high. no. no. when they go low, we kick them. >> you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant. in a department store. in a gasoline station. you get out and you create a crowd. and you push back on them. and you tell them they are not welcome. trish: it boo they ares me every -- it bothers me every time i see that. what's happening is they are singeing our country into an abusiness of hate. there is a -- into an abyss of
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hate. there is total disdain for the right. that's at odds with the free democratic society we have and have always been. you can't wear a red hat? and americans are afraid to put trump bumper stickers on their cars. the democrats lied so much to the american people they fueled an unacceptable level of discourse. what, they call trump a russian agent, the manchurian candidate? adam schiff, his team, remember they met with the so-called alleged whistleblower before the guy even filed his claim. then what happened? adam schiff lied about it. >> we have not spoken directly with the whistleblower. he has concerns he has not been advised as the law requires by the inspector general or the director of intelligence how
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he's to communicate with congress. trish: what a light, right? then he parades a bunch of deep state types in where despite his attempt to coach witnesses, the reality is all he's got is a bunch of super imposed speculation, conjecture, bias surrounding what the deep state thought the president wanted from ukraine. >> did the president tell you personally about preconditions for anything. >> no. >> no one on this planet told you that donald trump was tying this aid to the investigations? if your answer is yes, then the chairman is wrong and the headline on cnn is wrong. no one on this planet told you president trump was tying aid to investigations, yes or no. >> yes. >>ed the presidential said no -- the president said no quid pro
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quo. i want the zelensky to do the right thing, do what he ran on. is that correct. >> that's correct. trish: we are left with conspiracy theories and lies being peddled as facts. it's only speculation they are going on here. speculation is being used to fuel division and encourage a americans to doubt the president. somehow if you dare to question the left, then you must be what, a moron? >> to deny that the president did not do something yong at this point it is a political -- it's mental. you can look at all the mountain of evidence and say nothing is wrong. the president didn't do anything wrong. he's just rooting out corruption. you have got a problem. trish: i'm a pretty smart
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person, and i will better, too. and as smart, informed people, we don't appreciate cnn or any of the others to tell us what to think. let's talk facts. donald trump never asked for anything return to the nearly $400 million to ukraine. which ukraine got. donald trump enacted policy that fueled our economy. the left doesn't like trump and will stop at nothing to damage him. and in their view, they fear he cannot be beaten in a normal election process. all right, newsflash for you. that's not the american way. what you are doing right now is not the american way. the american way is to fight it out fair and square at the ballot box. to win there with american voters. but too bad for the dems.
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americans are pretty smart. you know a new gallup poll shows the president's approval rating has moved higher during this impeachment circus. it ticked up 2 points higher. his disapproval numbers have actually fallen. that's because americans see through this charade. americans are invested in the future. they are invested in a president that promises a better future. every day americans can cut through the noise. nonetheless, if we confront all this division, as neighbors turn on their neighbors, there is one guy laughing all the way to the bank. that's vl sarks d. vladimir putin -- that's vlad. vladimir putin knows how to ask ask outsource. they are degree his bidding,
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making sure division is alive and well in the united states of america. and in doing so, putin undercuts our position on the world stage. fiona hill got something right today. sock i said from the beginning. >> this is exactly what the russian government was hoping for. as they seed misinformation, they seed doubt. they have everyone questioning the legitimacy of a presidential candidate whether it be president trump or president putin. they would pit one party against the other and pit one side of the electorate against the other. trish: you know the expression, divide and conquer? putin and our enemies including china, they want us in a divided state. they are turning our greatest gift which is to freely voice our opinions, and using against us to create chaos and
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discourse. it's up to every single one of us to not give in. the next time your friend or neighbor tells you to take that red hat off, remind them of this behavior, adam schiff's behavior. the democrats total lack of tolerance. it has vladimir putin winning. we can't allow that. that's tonight's intel. i have a lot more coming up for you tonight. next, republican congressman mo brookes is here. he will be reacting to all of it. he says the whole thing is a democrat charade. the liberal media loves calling any story about joe and hunter biden a right-wing conspiracy theory. >> the president isn't telling the truth. the allegations against joe biden and hunter biden that he's repeating. >> his claims against joe biden have not just been debunked,
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they have been revealed as outright lies. trish: a new report that an investment firm linked to hunter biden received $130 million in bailout loans and shuffled it to the canaan islands while his d cayman islands while his father was very much of the united states. >> i'm tired of free loading billionaires. i think it's time we ask business at the very top to pay more. >> she can call me anything she wants. she's a phoney. she is worth $18 million. but she does nothing to make it. trish: what jobs has elizabeth warren ever created. >> i believe in markets.
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makes sense, like to fiona hill's point on how putin wants us divide, he claims to play along. but he's putin's biggest pawn. alabama congressman mo brooks, good to have you sheer. i look at the conspiracy theories. devin nunes had a good point yesterday. he kicked through them all starting with the agent of russia. if we actually spend 2 1/2 years and many millions of taxpayer dollars investigating all that. conspiracy theories that we are wasting time investigating, you know, i don't see people doing that on the other side. what exactly is going on? >> the democrats are doing their utmost to divert attention of the american people from the major challenges we face as a
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nation. we want the elections to be open borders, or do you want border security. do you want a balanced budget or huge deficits and accumulated debt that threaten us with national insolvency and bankruptcy. do you favor free enterprise or socialism. do you want your medicine to be socialized. the attention of the american voter has been on russian collusion to help the democrats capture the house in 2018. now they are substituting russian collusion with this ukrainian myth has has no substance to it. it hopes of diverting the people attention from the challenges we face as a nation. msnbc, cnn, "washington post" and the "new york times" have
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seekingly made a trade of being the allies of deception and enemies of truth. it's make it difficult for american voters to figure out what the true facts are and what the law is as we wade through this impeachment mess that the democrats foisted upon the american people. trish: they are assuming a lot. they are assuming that the president must have been pulling something behind the scenes. must have been saying once you deliver the goods on bind, i'm not going to give you the $100 million. why is it they are trying to spin all this? they are making these leaps. by the way, in a sort of kangaroo courtroom that goes nowhere. there is not enough votes in the senate. i think people have seen through all their efforts. they wouldn't be sable to get to first base in the senate. why are they doing it? is it all to hurt him at the
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balance slot box? >> as alexandria ocasio-cortez and a number of democrats publicly stated in candid moments. this is not about impeaching donald trump and removing him from office. rather it's about using taxpayer dollars to help fund and you opposition research effort that in turn the democrats believe will help them in the 2020 elections. setting aside for the moment whether it's illegal for the democrats to abuse taxpayer money for political campaign purposes in this regard, the key is the mainstream news media is backing them up by continuing to spread this message that is a very deceptive message. the plain fact of the matter is, president trump has not committed a high crime, misdemeanor, bribery or treason.
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if you look at those words as they were intended by the people who wrote them at the constitutional convention. notwithstanding that, the democrats and the mainstream news media continue to push forward this propaganda. on the other hand they don't want the message to be about ho how long the economy is. trish: quickly before i let you go. the date is coming up. we heard from lindsey graham. december 9 is the date horowitz's report will be released. and he -- any sense of what we'll see? >> at this point i hope that we'll see a report that will help divulge the truth about what has been going on with fisa. time will tell whether that's going to happen. but i hope the senate will call hunter bind as a witness and employ rules of evidence like we
8:20 pm
have in a judiciary that helps a judge and jury sift through evidence to reach a conclusion where rue moyer, hearsay and rank opinions are not admitted because they are not credible. trish: massive protests in iran. the same country. iran blocking its citizens' internet access. but crickets from the squad. the same people who support venezuela and maduro. >> i'm tired of free loading billionaires. i think it's time we ask people at the top to pay more. >> she is a phoney. she is a liar. she is worth $18 million. but she does nothing to make it. how much money have she and her husband give town charity the
8:21 pm
last couple years? trish: the liberal media loves calling any story about joe and hunter biden a right wing conspiracy theory. >> the president isn't telling the truth. the allegations against joe biden and hunter bind that he's repeating. >> it's a conspiracy theory. >> the claims against joe biden have not just been debunked, they have been revealed as outright lies. trish: that's an outright lie. we have a new report to tell you about. an investment fund linked to hunter biden received $130 million in bailout loans and it all went to the cayman islands. plus zero minimums to open a brokerage account.
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indicates hunter biden may have been on the take for a whole lot more than $83,000 a month for the ukrainian energy company. an investment firm according to the washington examiner secured $130,000 in loans courtesy of u.s. taxpayers. while his father was vice president of the united states. and there is more. the process was routed through a subsidiary in the cayman islands. just for the record. when you are routing your profits through a subsidiary in the cayman islands. that's not a good thing. it's especially not a good thing if you were the son of the vice president of the america. i would expect you had something
8:27 pm
to hide. like hide your income from the i.r.s. only 177 people or institutions were approved to partake in this loan thing. the firm investing in hunter biden being one of the lucky ones. he and his co-founder started the firm at the exact same time they got the feds' loan. the left keeps saying that's a conspiracy theory, it's been debunked. nothing tonight about biden, ukraine, other than the fact he had an $83,000 a month for a job. according to my international sources. the company had a sketchy reputation. and he had no experience in the industry. now $130 million in taxpayer
8:28 pm
money he was shuffling through the cayman islands, and i think it looks sketchy. >> we can't forget his chinese dealing where he flew on air force 2 with his father and came back with $1.5 million. this is $130 million in federal backed loans. the way these loans are structured, it shows if it doesn't work out, the borrower has no risk and the federal government will reassume the depreciated assets. if your father is the vice president of the united states, you get free money to work with. it mate work. but if it doesn't, we the taxpayers pay the off. he's simultaneously sitting on the board of a company in ukraine and he knows nothing
8:29 pm
about natural gas or oil development while managing money for a state-run bank in china, our greatest enemy. this is pay-to-play and this is why donald trump won. the fact that the media is ignoring it -- trish: calling it out saying it's been debunked and these are lies. msnbc, rachel maddow saying it was somehow one big lie that he was making money improperly off burisma. i think there is a little bit of a conflict there. you don't know anything about the energy industry. you are make boat loads of money. more than anybody would make on any normal board. >> imagine if donald trump -- jr. got money from the housing
8:30 pm
industry. they would have hearings and toast money and trying to impeachment. our taxpayer dollars got the biden family rich and made us be a pseudo merchant bank for a corrupt crime family that wants to become the highest office in the land. this does matter. this is the kind of insider dealings that happens too often in washington, d.c. this is the type of anxiety donald trump pointed out appropriately in 2016. now joe biden is getting a free pass. isn't it amazing how bernie sanders and other democrats refuse to go after joe biden on this type of corruption? they are standing 8 feet away from him last night. they could have turned to limb and say you are the reason i think washington, d.c. is broken. but they treat him so
8:31 pm
delicately. trish: you can't look like you are condoning it. it's low-hanging fruit. bernie could go after him on this. kamala harris has gone after him on the race situation. she would have had more credibility going after him southern finance stuff. >> this new story we quickly swept under the rugby the media. his company was around for 3 months and he gets approved for these loans. are you kidding me? one would probably safely assume he created the company for the sole purpose of getting subsidized taxpayer loans. >> charlie, i covered this in 2009, the government wanted to get all this sub prime junk out of the market place. nobody would touch it it was
8:32 pm
like a hot potato. they came up with this vehicle by which the federal government wawg was going to looks financial institutions and players this money. it was sort of like, you have got to take that because that was win-win if it didn't go well. they would buy it back. it's interesting only 177 players got to partake. the company had only been around for 3 months gets to partake in that deal, that sweetheart deal. >> noting to mention the domicile in the kayman islands. if the vice president's son was using the tax loopholes they like to criticize. taking advantage of us the taxpayer while sitting on the board of burisma and selling us out to the chinese. trish: democrats want to abolish i.c.e. and decriminalize our
8:33 pm
border. >> it's a call to action on several levels. >> replacing i.c.e. with something that reflects our morality. >> we reexamine i.c.e. and its role. trish: all this as texas border patrol alerts "trish regan primetime" that there is more evidence of illegals crossing our border wearing u.s. california he will-style camo gear so they can fade into the background. . with the right combination of people and technology, so you can work with us the way you want. now with zero commissions on online stock, etf and options trades. part of our mission to make investing more accessible for all. and we're the only firm with a satisfaction guarantee. which is why our zero is better. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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8:38 pm
illegally. this news comes to us as we have another tragic death to tell you about. this one in philadelphia where a drunk illegal migrant drove into and dragged and ultimately killed a vietnam veteran. the illegal had 7-8 drinks at a local bar. yet the democrats continue to blast president trump for wanting a safer country with stronger borders. who side are they on. >> president trump continues his un-american, inhumane and highly unpopular immigration policies. >> this administration will be remembered as one that is ruthless. >> it's not reflective of our values. >> i will stand with the 11 million undocumented up grants in this country. >> we need to stop this man made
8:39 pm
crisis at the border. trump is the one who has created this crisis. trish: it's okay i guess that illegals are here killing americans. three deaths that we reported on this week alone. three american deaths, all hit-and-runs by drunk dryers, drunk illegal migrants. none of that needed to happen. joining me, the author of double crossfire, anthony tata. it's just -- it doesn't have to be that hard. you are either here illegally or you are not. and we can do a lot to have meaningful immigration reform. we can. but it doesn't change the fact that you are here legally or not. if you are here illegally, you have got to get out. why can't they see that. >> you can't do much when democrats are focused on this fake impeachment scam. last night they are arguing
8:40 pm
about tearing down the wall that exists and has been recently built, close to 400-some miles constructed by the president. so all of these people on the stage last night and everybody who opposes this tightening up of security along the border should go to the family of guinebegun -- of gunny jackson d tell them why they support illegal immigration and the 550 sanctuary cities that we have, and why they support all of the things that contribute to illegal immigration and sustaining these people in here illegally. it's a travesty when we lose war heroes like jackson to a drunken illegal immigrant that should have been south of the border. and the policy that we have now, we have 1,200 people waiting to
8:41 pm
see if they can achieve asylum. it's a great policy the president put in place. a lot of these people come here thinking they are going to see a cross like the folks you showed in the video and be okay and be able to run about the country freely. but now that we are stopping them in greater numbers than we have before and making them day in mexico to file for asylum, we are starting to get our hands on it a little bit. but even the usmca is, you know, with pelosi not moving on that. everybody focused on the democratic side trying to undo the election of 2016, that's something that would help mexico. it helps this region that we are in, and from a trade perspective, and they just don't care. what they want is to oppose everything about the president. trish: it's disheartening as an
8:42 pm
american, as a until to see. i have never seen it this bad. i will go back to my open commentary there. vladimir putin is get weighing wants. he has the main real media and democrats eating out of his hands, creating turmoil that is so negative for our country. and taking us off of things that need to happen like immigration reform. this is one they should be able to agree on. >> you would think. i thought it was pulled out very well by the republican side in the hearing today that, you know, what the russians want, what putin want, is a divided country, and they are agnostic about who is in charge, whether it's trump or whoever. the democrats are stepping into that trap putin layered for them. they continue to drive the wedge, and the country has never been more divide.
8:43 pm
nothing is getting done. our national security is at risk, and it's because the left refuses to address the real problems and tries to undo the 2016 election. >> we have massive protests going on in iran. the country out there shouting death to america. it's the same country the democrats want to make a deal with. iran block its citizens' internet access, restricting speech, restricting access to information. yet what do you know? nothing. total crickets from the squad. the same women supporting nicolas maduro in venezuela. where is the condemnation? why is it the squad always seems to be rooting for the bad guys?
8:44 pm
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trish: why are so many democrats seemingly on the side of the bad guys? you have seen the massive violent protests in iran.
8:48 pm
they turned off the internet there for five days, restricting speech, restricting the flow of information, and yet crickets from ilhan omar, aoc and company. you would think they would want to stand up for the people. these are the same women who support a socialist dictator necessity venezuela who effectively starved his people. they are mad eva morales was ousted in bolivia, a socialist dictator. they blame it u.s. or all of it. they seem to be so blind by hate for president trump they are willing to side with any oppressive dictator over the united states. the radicals are united by what is not american. and ways not american must somehow be good. the bottom line is ilhan omar
8:49 pm
and her likes are motivated. my next guest says their so-called i am peer y'allist agenda is not just anti-trump but anti-american. the founder of the only american-run all iraq investment fund. ari, you are saying as a dem some pretty aggressive stuff. you are annoyed with omar and the squad. you say they are blind by shade for american policies. explain. >> i'm interested in a strong american foreign policy. i am interested in a foreign policy that protects american interests and american national security first and foremost. i don't care even if someone like president trump with whom i disagree on everything. he spoke such. whatever his motives are, he
8:50 pm
spoke up about iran. my party, the party fdr, the party of truman and jack kennedy, fought the cold war, fought world war ii it's been 105 hours the is latchic regime in iran cut off the internet and created a wall around the people. it took bernie sanders a couple days to late to make an announcement. ilhan omar hasn't said a thing. aoc hasn't said a thing. someone who goes to syria and meets with the butcher of gag baghdad. she refused to say whether assad is a war criminal. that's disgusting. i want a party that stands up for liberty and american values.
8:51 pm
and a liberal, liberals with capital l, stand up for freedom, help the iranian people and voice our support for people getting shot on the streets with live ammunition by thugs of khomeini and the irgc and suleiman. trish: that's not an easy position to take these days as a member of the democratic party. it seems they are so anti-trump, and bartle, i'm get your thoughts on this. they are united in the hate for trump, that sudden by all the bad guys in the world seem like they are great because if they can say trump's sanctions are making life miserable for iran or venezuela. then they are united in this hate against trump. >> these are the same people so upset that the austere religious
8:52 pm
scholar abu bakr al-baghdadi wasn't treated so nicely in his tunnel. all around the world we have major foreign policy advances to our credit. near this country we have the spectacle of american politicians cheerleading these bloodstained anti-american gangsters. it's not nearly as crazy as it looks. whether we are talking about the mere partisan cynicism of your pelosis and shifs, or the genuine socialism of the sanders and the ao krrkss and i will than oh mars and so on. they all have one bogeyman and one threat, that's american strength, american freedom and america's market-based prosperity which is embodied in this very american president, donald trump. trish: i thought fiona hill had
8:53 pm
some good comments in that testimony when she said vladimir putin is getting what he wants. he wanted to create i could and it -- wanted to create this chaos and it would have some affect on foreign policy. the members of the squad and the democratic party not standing up for human rights on the world stage, is that what he wanted? >> when it comes down to donald trump's foreign policy. i could sit here and criticize the man for days and days at a time. but this segment isn't about that. it's about my party. i want people who's hearts are in the right place to come out and make at least make a public gesture. at least do not support publicly a thug like nicolas maduro. do not come out -- when trump a couple years ago on this network
8:54 pm
on fox news said we have bloond our hands just like russia. how disgusting was that? if i'm going to criticize trump for his appeasement of kim jong-un. i cannot do that without saying we have to stand up against the islamic regime in iran. trish: why don't they? >> i think it's a litmus test. with the far left and the far isolationist right there is a litmus test, whatever america does foreign policy i-wise must be bad. if we are supporting the protesters in venezuela, that must be bad. if america is supporting the lebanese against hezbollah, that must be bad. what's th alternative? america has been a force for good, be it trump, obama, bush.
8:55 pm
a force for good. putin's russia, the communist regime in china. you wait and see if those guys are doing it, how much blood they will have on their hands. america has been a force for good and we should stand up to it. trish: kennedy is coming up at the top of the hour. kennedy: we have been riveted by the conversation but we are going to work in a slightly different direction. we are going to talk about the potential for legal can business in this country and the rescheduling of such a thing unthinkable in couple months ago. but we'll see if they can puff puff pass the legislation. and it's also hate mail thursday. trish: elizabeth warren calling billionaire job creators free
8:56 pm
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(people talking) for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays local. shop small and watch it add up. small business saturday by american express is november 30th. >> top of 1%, pay two centss more, i am tired of freeloading billionaires, i think it's time we ask those at the very top to pay more. trish: she is tired of the wealthy in america fre freeloadg
9:00 pm
off of everyone's har hard work. that is not an america that i want to live in. kennedy: thank you. we start with a question, how on earth is joe biden still considered the frontrunner in the democratic race? after a subpar debate. democratic voters have to be asking themselves, is sleepy joe really our be best nominee, he s been considered the man to beat, he is just beating himself, last night he had several moments you almost fell sorry for him. >> no man has a right to raise the hand to a woman in


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