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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 21, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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wealthy in america fre freeloadg off of everyone's har hard work. that is not an america that i want to live in. kennedy: thank you. we start with a question, how on earth is joe biden still considered the frontrunner in the democratic race? after a subpar debate. democratic voters have to be asking themselves, is sleepy joe really our be best nominee, he s been considered the man to beat, he is just beating himself, last night he had several moments you almost fell sorry for him. >> no man has a right to raise the hand to a woman in anger
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other than in self-defense. we have to just change the culture, period. >> keep punching at it, and punching at it. it will be a big -- >> i really mean it. that obama coalition. i am part of, that i come out of the black community in terms of my support, three former chairs of the black caucus, only african-american woman elected to u.s. senate, whole range of people. >> no, no. >> true. >> the other one is here. >> the first, i said the first. african-american. kennedy: i said the first, the first, sometimes it sounds like only. but that is not the case, he stammered and several cases he seems confused, joe? >> next president of united states -- do two things defeat donald trump, that snoib one. that is number one, and number two make -- be able to go to states like
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georgia. and north carolina and the other places get a senate majority. kennedy: oh, i think you are have to do them at same time. and yet, joe, still at top of the poll, why is it? after debate, former obama chief campaign strategist, sums it up. >> i would not say he was a house of fire in any of the debates that we've been to. and yet he comes kind of bumps along, mr. magooing his way through this. and you keep worrying he will hit a wall. but he is moving forward. kennedy: mighty mo, mr. magoo, what is joe doing to counter claim that he is too old for this doing something old fashion, launching, i'm not making it up, a quote, no mallarky bus tour. that language really speaks to the kids. might we suggest biden 2020, the
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pat cat's pajamaa or biden 2020, thbee's knees and he likes to sniff your knees too or biden 2020, he is no pig in a poke that might be fun in iowa or, where are my glasses? so far sleepy joe has been able to get by on his legacy alone. but, when is biden going to slide? participant el arrived -- party panel has arrived. we have a other of panic attack. robby suave. >> leslie marshall here from the west coast, and daniel -- i just lined on your shoulder, hello. daniel turner. so, how did joe do? he needs a big debate performance. >> he needs something to break out. this is an unscientific measure,
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audience enthusiasm, applause, he cannot have that, and donations, they are lackluster. i question -- i know he is front runner in the poll but i question in the hearts and minds of democrat voters, they don't applaud they don't give. kennedy: that is a good point. i wonder how purpose it is to be atop national polls, what type of a barometer that is when the early primary states north so kind to joe biden's campaign. >> some people say, national polls don't look. kennedy: polls srmolls. >> right. >> and same could be said about iowa and new hampshir new hamps. iowa and new hampshire are not the typical example of a cross section of america any longer. >> i think it is so annoying when we hyper focus on a few early states every 4 years in it
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does not make sense. what about wyoming? where is there love? they don't have an interesting group of voters there? >> i -- >> and jumping on horse state. >> i think one reason that joe is leading, the pak still is democrat want first and foremost for trump to be one-term they look at their options, who could appeal to republicans who are unhappy with what happened to their party, don't like the president, who could win back. kennedy: and mocked for his gaffes and record. >> trump was mocked when he came out, a lot in past have been mocked and successful, george w. bush in debates again john kerry, polls show he won all 3 debates, and hillary clinton won all 3 debates, neither one of them bekim president. i don't know how much debates now do it for anyone. kennedy: i don't think that joe biden. you come to a final presidential
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debate, i don't think that joe biden will do as well as john kerry or hillary clinton did. >> maybe nothing matters. kennedy: i love it. yes, woo. >> you know -- >> we're all going to die. >> we watch these. kennedy: no malarky. >> okay, boomer. >> a statement coach tour. >> we watch these, you know a eye -- what didd he say, every second, what happened? it changes very little from one debate to the next. people who want to beat trump have a good reason to back biden. kennedy: do you think he could do better? he has to retool his fundraising apparatus if he can going to compete with bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and pete buttigieg. he has that problem. then he also got to get as renails message. >> -- resonating message. >> he as th as by the way, peopy
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laugh, he said i came out of the black community, he was clear about what he meant, he is still leading you know. way ahead. >> nothing matters. >> i saw my fellow democrats like who is more black up there. joe biden the white guy has the biggest numbers among african-americans. kennedy: i think they rely on early polls, and that has become a talking point that almost an urban myth. >> it is not like black people are only voting for a black candidate, that is something that people in media would think. kennedy: why isn't cory booker doing better. >> for that the reason, black people are looking for someone they like. kennedy: booker had a good line for joe biden's marijuana policy. >> -- i thought you were high when you came up with this policy, that will be challenge
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reaching to young people, the malarky tour is not help nul. kennedy: what is malarky, people think like mar might. that bitter stuff that australian spread on toast. >> that is what i thought it was. >> that is gluten free. >> my australians will tell you different. >> you watch the sopranos, malay is no bs. kennedy: vegemite and marmite are the same thing. >> moo -- no malarkey. like horse crap? >> no bs. >> there you go. >> shoot from the hip. >> not an age thing. >> a -- what? >> hs. horse crap. not malarky. >> versus bs. >> believe it or not, no
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malarkey shoot from the hip type of guy. trump is guy the way is very appealing to the blue collar worker in america. >> they all say they are doing, that saying i'm the straight talking one, it is unconvincing if you say i'm the straight talking one. kennedy: i am on the straight talk express. >> or they call it something new,. kennedy: no malarkey. >> does not matter. >> no fuss budgets here. old fuss an fellers right. >> joy was not only day dreaming democrat on debate stage, the other presidential hopefuls seemed scared to take risk, push their arguments or do anything interesting. mayor pete skate through scrutiny. a lot of candidates locked horns over health care, and some
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forgotten like klobuchar and cory booker trying to push through. >> we're going to want medicare for all. >> and you senator, sanders bring you? >> thank you. i wrote the damn bill. >> my first senate race, i call everyone i knew, i said what is still all-time senator record, i raised 17,000 from ex-boyfriends. >> spending his own money fights climate change. my opinion. >> thank you. no problem. >> climate, approaching point of no return. the fact that we have to act on health care, kids learning active shooter drills before they learn to read, they will be awaiting the next president. wealth tax is cumbe cumbersome. >> can i tell you what we can do with that 2 2 cent wealth tax. >> and raise wages of every
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child care worker and preschoolteacher in america and cancel student loan debt for 95 first of the folks who got it. kennedy: and shy wants to fun hd medicare for all with that. it will not work. with me now, to crown winners, losers, tom bevan is back. who won? >> now body. i don't think there was a clear winner. i would not say a love fest. kennedy: no one watched so the viewer. >> not a lovest in, but not -- fest, it was something of that. you mentioned pete buttigieg, everyone thought he would get scrutiny now he is in top tier leading in iowa and all that. did not happen, he they barely laid a gov on him, elizabeth warren got roughed up in last debate. people thought shy would hav hed
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have to answer, bernie sanders was bernie sanders, and amy klobuchar had a great couple of jokes. kennedy: but she also tills those on the campaign trail. >> only real clash was tulsi gabbard and kamala harris over foreign policy, beyond that i don't think that anyone won or anyone lost, they did not have any car crashes 4678 but you know overall it was the just a snooze. kennedy: why wouldn't they go after mayor pete? amy klobuchar kind of did, after well everyone. debate stage. what is this like being a woman running for president, he is like what do you think it is like bee being a gay guy? wambach off. >> you are not going to attack mayor pete on that. kennedy: i don't want her to play the victim. >> when someone reaches a top
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have you too bring them down. punch up and you know make argument of why you are better, mayor pete it is experience, he is the mayor of a not a huge town in indiana. kennedy: he did have a good come back, he said combined washington experience -- the stage is 100 years and look where this country is. >> and you mention joe biden, he said i have more experience than everyone up here, i am not sure that is a winning argument in this day and age. kennedy: now, about what does he have to show for it other thaexhausting. >> everyone has a piece of the pie. and those folks don't seem to be
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migrating, they are all about the same size. kennedy: what does this process end? if they all pretty much have their lane and their slice, some slices are smaller than others, how long does this go on? do they continue to wound each another if this is a protracted primary process. >> i think it will be for that the reason, they have plenty of money, joe biden has least amount of money out of top 4 candidates, they have money to go further. kennedy: what about kamala harris? >> what is that. kennedy: kamala harris. >> voters gave her a look, they done like what they saw, she within down the polls, i think that there is fluidity you could have a amy klobuchar or something, other pete, we're 2 1/2 months from vote he is leading in iowa, expectations for him are high. kennedy: can he sustain that for 10 weeks or, do you think there is going to be another person
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who over takes him? >> i think me might have peaked 5too soon, it will be tough to stay on top for 10 weeks. if he does not win iowa then suddenly story is how he lost iowa whereas klobuchar or cory booker if they get 15% and finish third they could frame it size a comeback story, on the -- frame it as a comeback story, they are on the rise, andpite pete would bpete buttigieg woulg his wounds coming in second. kennedy: this changes of day, it is so face yeah -- fascinating,, tom bevan. >> you bet. kennedy: did republicans beat back the invading hordes with. >> and major development in the push to legalize marijuana, federally, the landmark congressal vol comes up stay here. imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs.
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russia probe. wrongly surveilled carter page. in latest development in investigation, by horowitz according to senator graham the horowitz report should be wrapping up soon, it is juickier tha--than a georgia peach, theye some trump administration officials were up to shady business in ukraine. quid pro quo right clarice? who knows. is it enough to surge the president, joining me. candidate for california's 50 district. darredarreldarrell issa welcome. >> thank you. >> thank you for bringing up fact there is a lot of dirt that
9:21 pm
has not been turned over in an effective way before 2016, one would think only president trump executing on his foreign policy responsibility that should be talked about. kennedy: what do you think the significant is of this revelation that an fbi employee admit the under questioning, that they did alter a document. >> well, it could mean and does mean that michael oh horowitz is doing his job, looking to whether there was wrong doing. kennedy: is that fisa warrant application do you think? >> it appears to be either premise of or excuse of that spying on president. horowitz as ig does not have criminal capability, he. in likely to be more criminal referrals.
9:22 pm
kennedy: he referred andy mccabe for criminal prosecution. but let's talk a little bit about impeachment and how this plays into the whole thing, the president's team is going to look at this revelation, and say, see, i told you they were out to get me from the beginning. a lot of republicans have been saying that ukraine was very active in trying to undermine trump candac candidacy in 2016,. hill testifying on capitol hill that say conspiracy theory, what do you make of her testimony. >> you have to know fiona hill, she a russia expert in 2015 believed we should throw ukraine under the bus because lethal weapons if they were delivered to ukraine, could upset the russians, put us into a war, hurrahed vice was -- her advice was don't defend ukraine. this is something who has an
9:23 pm
interesting russian bent, russia is bad or so bad you can't defend ukraine. the fact, we need to get on the truth, one thing i learned in my years on oversight is you follow the facts where they lead. the fact is that russians meddles with our election, and that after tens of millions of dollar mueller found that president and his people were not involved in russia meddling. whether ukraine did more or not, ukraine is third most corrupt country by our own state department. kennedy: that is what fiona hill was saying, that her case in 2015 of don't give them guns, you can't trust them with the guns, they are so corrupt. for republicans who say, this president has a right to ask for a corruption investigation, because they are so corrupt, doesn't that bolster that argument? >> i think you make a good point, let me make a similar
9:24 pm
point. is the president -- president trump and vice president pence, and the others, are they above the law? if not, then we're investigating, you are seeing that every day with adam schiff coming up with his investigati investigation. but if in fact as it appears to happen because of vice president bragged about it vice president interfered in ukraine to get his son off of the hook if his son got a million dollars on a board for not knowing anything but being his son, then, should should be vife investigated or e the bidens above the law but president is not? people who care out there should be saying, i don't like this investigation of the president. i don't like it done as impeachment but i appreciate that no one is above the law, but you have to believe that the president did one thing right when he si sene message that noe is above the law this corrupt
9:25 pm
country if they get money that congress appropriated for them they would have to show at least an interest in chinain in in c p thereforin act. kennedy: interesting they say that burisma and thed b bidens,u cannot investigate one without the other. i think there was a level of inappropriateness here, if you look to say who had worse week, i would say rudy guliani. >> rudy is a very i confident g, who tried to right thing outside of the united states that is always difficult. it was not a good week for rudy. i would say, at end of the week they had a mixed bag, most of the people it was people who
9:26 pm
were not on the call, did not hear everything, giving you an opinion. and idea that russia expert said that ukraine is too corrupt to defend from russia that pales in the question, have you a history and background in eastern europe, i have looked at it for decade, either we stand against the russia ans and deal with those people whether they are prefer or not that will stan with us or. we 3 away all -- we throw away all of the years of cold war, all we did to try to liberate europe to mike i make it fry, ts no question you are theory against russia -- there is no question you are either against russia an willing to work with partners even they are flawed or you are letting computer input russia back together. kennedy: and my family, those are people who should talk to. you know, they are those who
9:27 pm
remind us we can't forget, a very recent history here. and i don't trust russia, i trust you thank you very much dairm issa. darrell issa. >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: coming up, the walls seem to be closing in on prince andrew. coming up next and smoke 'em if you got them. because america is getting good, stay right here. congress really democratized wall street... i wanted to have a firm that wanted to get everybody in. because people couldn't access wall street. we wanted to be agents of change. for the better. ♪
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9:32 pm
mitch's republican majority senate. cocaine mitch and china people don't like weed, two thirds of american support weetd weed legalization, including a half f republicans, why can't congress receive the will of the puff-puff people. robby, you know we have seen some cannabis banking legislation, this is first something passed a committee, saying let us reschedule marijuana to actually study it and give it to veterans. >> and let it go back to the states. this is what federal government does, they should not be involved and states should decide. kennedy: congress has to get federal government out of the way. you can't -- >> great they do that. like you said, a lot of republicans support this, young people do, i think there is a growing appreciation of just how much time, money energy we have spend over last decade.
9:33 pm
fighting a war to keep this out of people's hands and losing it wasting money, that something republicans can and should be able to appreciate, it would be great if donald trump could count this as a win. kennedy: fantastic. great for him. kennedy: that is rail all he needs -- so practical but, mind boggling that 2017, last year we have of these statistics, 599, 282 people were locked up for possession of marijuana, not selling, not giving it to junior high kids. that i is -- malarkey. >> may i say, since you mention malarkey, cory booker wrong about joe biden, joe biden wants what you want. kennedy: no he does not. >> yes he does. kennedy: no, he does not want to reschedule. >> he's to change from schedule 1 to schedule 2, decriminalize
9:34 pm
it is federal level and states to decide. kennedy: high talked about -- he talked about decriminalization, but he said he cannot see where marijuana is legal. >> i am not a huge marijuana proponent or opponent. i have a concern, same team that are trying to legalized marijuana are trying to ban vaping, i don't understand one hand let's legalize this but other hand. >> the same party saying that. >> yeah gavin newsom is -- >> california has done a horrible job with their thanksgivinlegalcannabis markete
9:35 pm
growing it like crazy because they can. >> jump to something you said, why -- this is a win. it will get stuck in the graveyard, senate majority leader is in charge of with his shovel. i believe that republicans would i think believe this would give credit to democrats, they don't want to put a win in democratic column. kennedy: oh, lik odomcrat odom.h >> they show, cocaine mitch should. >> there is a 5% tax, that goes to combating the affects of war on drug. >> look we in kentucky, if i am cocaine mitch we're not going to legalize it in other states. kennedy: thomas massey, authored
9:36 pm
hemp bill. >> does not address what cory booker was talking about last night, unless you get rid of mandatory minimums, you have people. kennedy: queen elizabeth liked prince andrew's interview with the bbc so much, she fired him. rejecting prince's claim he voluntarily stepping from his public duties and we learned his scheduled trip to bahrain was canceled tonight, amid rumors that fbi would like to speak with him in coming days about all things epstein. is bring prince andrew the biggt royal pain in the keister or does mehgan markle still have championship belt. >> what are his duties anyway appearing at things, who cares, every time we talk about the royals. >> that is right you don't like the crown. >> i don't mind it historically, but we're in 1500s, every time, what would the queen think, who
9:37 pm
cares. kennedy: the queen is alive and well. we want her to be happy, we don't want her to worry about the future of the monarchy. >> the brits love her. >> they do. >> i don't want a queen but i want them to' a queen. kennedy: they have a 89. queen. >> my best friend lives in london we argue about it i'm like why, they said we're comfortable with that, we like that without her we would fall apart. kennedy: he has been a great queen, and they knows that charles will suck wiener balls. >> i am surprised that they lit the interview be done, and they did not prep him for it. with so many prep staff. kennedy: they would have prepared him. >> news networks are shuffling their coverage, not this one but others to get a favorable interview with kate middleton not covering purpos important s. kennedy: i have not called kate middleton names for months,
9:38 pm
preparation for interview. >> prince andrew should have begun the interview by saying jeffrey epstein didn't kill himself. kennedy: that would be great, and then pulled answerri an -- c swalwell and say, well, let me tell you why i consider. >> the royal gas. >> you just pleased person on twitter with format jokes. kennedy: -- more of the fart jokes. kennedy: you want to over throw. >> no, i did not say that. kennedy: what is she going to do. >> he has -- taking away from his duties, he still has tons of money. he won't get his 300,000 salary. kennedy: he still gets something from queen's private purse, when is maxwell in this?
9:39 pm
>> i don't know. >> what bothers me, my prediction you will not see andrew walking away in cuffs, he could have possibly done something illegal and disgusting. kennedy: he was not behaving like a believable innocent person. >> that ohr fib horrible for th, as a mom seeing your son engage in disgusting behavior. kennedy: i like. you know andrew is the queen's favorite. >> i'm the favorite. >> i hate myself. >> he is just like, what have i didn't? look at all of this, you know divorces, and you know, un-american and family -- an american and family, and brothers knol not talking to her either. kennedy: talk about original fergie. thank you all. >> it has been -- what a way to
9:40 pm
punctuate the week. and your new hair cut, fantastic. >> so new. >> fire hydrant. kennedy: coming up millennials have it so tough these days, now a report they will never have enough money to buy a home, but we're here to help, scotty martin and financial advice you all need, next. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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♪ our house in the middle of our street ♪ kennedy: madness, more than a decade since housing crises in america, very much feeling. but manifesting itself in interesting new ways, a survey fines 12% of millennials to expect to always rent their home, up from 2% last year.
9:45 pm
it is chief investment officer at kings asset management. fox news contributor. scotscotty martin is here. >> you know there are funny things in millennial generation we can talk about on tv, number one, they are largest generation by population now. they surpassed the baby boomers, they are two-thirds of the american workforce, the 2 the 2t is interesting, those of people who you would think would be next homeowners, if the housing market. >> you said you have been bearish on housing, why? and you also say not necessary to own your home. and for a lot of people, if they don't have a down payment, and they are worried about monthly payments, that is business depressing if everyone else tells you you have to own real
9:46 pm
estate. >> yeah, i have been bearish on housing because, i like furry animals and i think we -- you knew that, it shows in some housing numbers. in both you know new home starts and existing home sales as well as some demographic information that breaks down, also given fact that housing prices, they have not recovers some, have, since the crash in 08, i think is happening, meliss millenniale struggling to make ends meet on papaychecks, they see overtime e investment in real estate our folks our folks older got a return othat return is not there any more. kennedy: it is. depends on where you are. if you are putting now money down on your mortgage you will go underwater quickly that happened to a lot of subtreatmensubprimemortgages in.
9:47 pm
>> they did in -- >> there is a glut, cheaper homes. >> there was. my wife is probably watching, i have to be careful, one is, we own a home in chicago, it is a money pit, homeownership to me is what it was cracked up to be years ago. kennedy: i blame jussie smollett. >> i do blame jussie smollett, he got attacked outside his home, i don't know if it was because of the house, but that is something to think about if you are a millennial, they are into experiences and vacations, you come home and dump cash to windows and floors, i will take the vacation. kennedy: flooring does not make the uthe instagram shot. >> i got dates with flooring but now i'm striking out. kennedy: scot scotty martin, yor wife is watching. >> i blew it.
9:48 pm
kennedy: go buy her another home. >> thank you. kennedy: topical storm is next. great presentation, tim. could you email me the part about geico making it easy to switch and save hundreds? oh yeah, sure. um. you don't know my name, do you? (laughs nervously) of course i know your name.
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9:52 pm
white house complex, it is a crazy story but it is so nice to see hillary again, lock her up. >> topical storm, number one in walmart they are having a huge veil on venison. -- huge sale on venison. this fellow ran who an ohio walmart, this never would have happened if they still sold rifles, those days are gun, only time you see a hundreder in walmart is when joe biden's son is buying diapers for his new little bastard. >> whatever. he did better on his dna than elizabeth warren did. trespassing is a crime. and cops decided that buck stops
9:53 pm
here. the if deer found guilty he will be sent to where all criminals in ohio go, to the cincinnati bengals. >> flying coach can be stressful, some passengers have it made in the shade. look at these two. yeah they go the to a fight over window shade, one closing other opening. and the better far part of an h. we know it is not spirit, they don't have window shades. they are boarded up. we can tell you that window warriors got into a fight, resulted in dozens of punches thrown and kicked and all sorts of bull crap, witnesses were shocked but it was nice to see someone kicking on the plane beside the kid sitting behind you. where is that tranquilizer dart when you need one, one man was arrested, he is pleading not guilty, it an open and shut case. yeah. yeah.
9:54 pm
yeah. topic three. whoever has majority of window shade, they are the one that gets to decide whether up or down, if you it 10%, you don't decide. a florida man was arrested this week for punching a little being league umpire in the face for blowing a call. >> 22-year-old ramos was at his nephew's little league game when he decided to hit with for the cycle, cops say that ramos confronted the ump after the game and it turned into a brawl, now before the judge. guy for attacking ump at little league game, we should find out how much money he bet on the game this one little league game where not everyone got a trophy, but one guy became a tw trophy e
9:55 pm
behind bars, very romantic, the ump dropped changes after the perp apologized, they have since taken a trip to the bahamas together. i want to my way, this serve couple watching democrat debate last night, shut it off, turn it on, shut it off, turn it on, i'll punch you so hard your teeth will fallout like joe biden. topic 4. viewers have spoken, a lot of you don't speak pirate hooker, allow me to translate this is view are mail. >> your show is worth less and unwatchable, go away. puff daddy, new york knicks called they wanted their hoops back. and your ears are really dangle. i don't know what that is.
9:56 pm
that was me. our bruno said, awful show, a loud mouth nasty know nothing human scum, you take that back or sean han hannity will hurt y. >> and hitler's ass barnicles i have gone my entire life without that image, thank you for that. you are out of control, i'll be right back. lease the 2020 rx 350 all wheel drive for $419 a month for 27 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> thanks for watching the show tonight, you made my week. you can follow me. so much to look forward to. i'm not telling you about it, bye. bs is next. [♪] lou: good evening, everybody, radical dimms and their so call impeachment inquiry is now conclusive whether or not they have the good sense to end that farce now. adam schiff and the intelligence committee as it's called have assaulted president trump for 58 days and appear to have wrapped up what they term public hearings. the radical dimms producing witnesses, some who actually stood up for the president.


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