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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  November 22, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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discount. i think you could look at a name like nordstrom here. charles: they really had a robust conference call. maybe that's the name. scott, rob, you guys are the best. i appreciate it. all right, the dow is up near the highs of the session, up over 100 points. into the most exciting hour of trading. liz claman, over to you. liz: happy friday. we are about to check e-cigarette stocks because the meeting at the white house has just ended and let the scare tactics begin. here's the breaking news. a massive debate over the safety of e-cigarettes and vaping continuing, just ending at this hour. right now, we are learning that one e-cigarette company told the president a flavor ban would lead to 100,000 lost jobs. at this hour, has the president bought that? he just finished meeting with the executives of juul, altria, rj reynolds along with the campaign for tobacco-free kids and the american lung association, among others. and also just hitting the wires, the president is saying the
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minimum age he feels should be the new requirement for all cigarette purchases when it comes to e-cigarettes is different than what it is now. we will take you straight to the white house to tell you what he's saying and we will check on the e-cigarette stocks. we have wall street powering higher after chinese president xi jinping said he does want to do a phase one trade deal with the united states, but as you look at today's uptick in stocks, it probably won't be enough to extend the multi-week win streak for the bulls. the dow jones industrials, nice move, up 112 points. the s&p better by 6. the nasdaq higher by 8. millions and counting have already seen this all day long. the armored glass on elon musk's new all-electric cyber truck failing at a very public way, shattering. but why didn't tesla just use this super glass that i stomped all over in its cybertruck windows? what is it? yeah, that's me, stomping on glass. i will tell you who makes it and
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we will check the stock of the company that makes it. and the unveiled sale, not the only problem for elon musk. coming up, a fox business exclusive with the ceo of bullinger motor, who is hoping to beat tesla to your driveway with its own all electric pickup, whose creation this guy funded with his tesla stock holdings. what a story. the bullinger b-1 and its creator are here. plus a new note in taylor swift's musical drama. inside this week's crypto crash. and charlie breaks it on a possible collapse of the wework founder's golden parachute. stay tuned for that. we are less than an hour to the closing bell. let's start "the claman countdown." liz: breaking news. we need to get to chinese telecom giant zte and the stock chart here. it is hitting session lows right now. this in a blow to chinese
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telecom equipment makers, huawei and zte. the fcc, federal communications commission, voted 5-0 to designate both these names as national security risks. zte is dropping nearly 3% and what we are seeing here is that u.s. rural carriers or anybody in the u.s., for that matter, will no longer be able to tap u.s. funds to buy zte and huawei's less expensive equipment, of which many are already using. the fcc also voted to propose requiring those carriers to remove and replace equipment from the chinese companies that they already have built into their existing network. this is going to be a nightmare. let's stick with telecoms. at & t, start with that, is going to start taking preorders for its first 5g mobile phone. the samsung galaxy note 10 and 5g on cyber monday. the company will sell the phone for as low as $350 if certain
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conditions apply. we do have at & t better by half a percent here for the stock. it's off the highs of the session. so we are watching that and let's zip over to zoom video communications. this stock is zooming higher by nearly 5% after guggenheim initiated coverage with a buy and a price target of $90. they cite growth and pricing for its customers. zoom went public in april at $36 a share. it has been a huge smash hit. it's up 8% over just the past month. let me flip it to luckin coffee. luckin out right now as key bank raises its price target to $32 from $24, saying the chinese chain has managed to raise prices without losing customers. the stock is at $29 and change. all right. to the white house. the feed has just begun of president trump's meeting that just ended with e-cigarette leaders and health leaders who are very concerned about the
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recent deaths and america's youth. let's listen in. >> -- caused by the flavors of e-cigarettes among our youth. >> you think you have a solution? >> i think we do have a solution. i think in september, the solution you posed is an extraordinarily powerful step in the right direction. >> mr. president, thank you for having me here. i'm became ceo of juul -- liz: we are hearing the preamble where the participants are speaking to the president. when the president begins speaking we will take him. blake burman is standing by. he was inside this event. i started to see a bunch of headlines and they are quite newsworthy here. reporter: i was inside the cabinet room for about 55 minutes, just a little while ago, and what you are witness there on the left-hand side of your screen was a fascinating and incredibly consequential policy discussion in which the president of the united states was moderating what many believe is the infancy of a public
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health crisis being the epidemic that this country is seeing of youth e-cigarette use, and especially flavored vaping products. let me try to paint a picture of what you're looking at. screen left, president trump has all the stake holders in the room. you are looking at the hhs secretary, alex azar. right side of the screen, mitt romney. there's a back story there but let's keep it on vaping. next to the president, as romney has been an advocate for getting flavored vaping products off of store shelves. and around the table in the cabinet room, all the stake holders. american cancer society, american lung association, for example, then you have the ceos of some of the biggest companies or at least the top executives. juul, and the vaping association, the lobbyists or at least some of their representatives who were arguing before the president. you have all of these competing voices in the room, trying to
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state their case as you've got a public health debate and also a big business debate. president trump seemed very concerned and i stress this, seemed very concerned about what we're seeing in the country right now, which is the youth usage of flavored vaping products and there was a general consensus in the room of that has to stop, that children should not get their hands on flavored vaping products, and that the age limit should be raised to 21 for any sort of nicotine products. the president endorsed that. but the president was also concerned that if you were to get rid of flavored vaping products, meaning adults couldn't use them, no matter what age you are in this country can't use them, then that could lead to a counterfeit problem, as in if american companies are not manufacturing this, well then, might mexico step in or china step in. i bring up those two countries because those are two countries that the president specifically said counterfeit products could
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come into the u.s. from those two countries. so what you're about to watch right now is the president moderating this debate and a lot of times going around the room with all sorts of varying opinions here, and asking simply what is your solution. obviously, the solution from njoy was different from the solution from juul, the solution from the e-cigarette vaping company was different than the solution from the american cancer society, which was different from the solution of the vaping industry and at times, this got very heated. it was a stripped and serious policy discussion. i will leave you with this before you dip in, if you choose to do so. back on september 11th, the president came out in the oval office, seated next to his wife, the first lady, and hhs secretary alex azar and said the administration's position would be to ban flavored vaping products.
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since then, that has not happened. the white house says this is not a delay. the president is taking in all the information but i also have been told that there has been polling that has been presented to this white house that shows that if there is a ban on flavored vaping products, that could have consequences for the president in 2020. to be clear, that was not discussed in this very meeting right here. there are also concerns once the president came out with that statement on september 11th that there were conservative voices, conservative allies of the president who were concerned what this could mean for business. as you listen in to this argument right here, fascinating to see mitt romney on the side of president trump, all the different voices in the room for an incredibly dynamic and consequential policy discussion. liz: what we are going to do, you are absolutely right, there's a lot of preamble here. this went 57 minutes. and the real give-and-take and discussion starts to happen in just a couple minutes. so what we are going to do is
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take it when there's a lot of give-and-take between the president and the people there. so i do just want to say one thing. we are talking about the flavored cigarettes. you are absolutely right, juul's ceo is saying the company made the right decision to restrict access to flavored cigarettes, yet you have njoy, another company saying the flavor ban would lead to 100,000 lost jobs. we had a guy from charlie's chocolates and here's what he said about that specific issue. listen. >> one way that we can control the youth vaping population is by digital age verification technology, raising the age limit from 18 to 21, removing the sale of nicotine vaping products from convenience stores and replacing them only available at vapor shops. liz: digital age verification. it appears right now that the
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age of who can buy these things is very crucial. blake, thank you very much. stand by. again, i want to let our viewers know that as we watch the stocks, very interesting, we have one moving lower, one higher. phillip morris and the altria group have a big involvement and a huge stake in e-cigarettes, particularly juul. we will go when the real give-and-take begins. in the meantime, we want to check the dow jones industrials. we are up 106 points right now. we do have green on the screen for the s&p and the nasdaq. we are coming right back with the one, the only floor show and the real competitor to the new tesla cyber trucks. the epson ecotank. no more buying cartridges.
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liz: to bitcoin and of course, cryptocurrency but before we get to that, even with today's gains, the markets are vaporizing their multi-week winning streak. right now the dow is on pace to snap what was a for ur-week win streak while the s&p, they had a six-week winning streak for the s&p 500, the nasdaq, a seven-week stretch of gains, all red for the week. let's flip oifit over to th ten-year treasury yield, on pace for its second straight weekly decline, standing at 1.77%. what about your portfolio? goldman sachs says it sees a quote, baby bear market coming for bonds in 2020. why? because goldman says the federal reserve is finished cutting rates after the three that we have already seen this year. on the other hand, goldman is actually anticipating growth stabilization and an upside for riskier consumer cyclical stocks in the new year. goldman.
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is the risk worth the reward when investing in cyclical stocks, in particular? let's get to the floor show traders. mark sebastian, in a quick sort of snapshot, how do you view cyclical stocks? explain to our viewers what they are. >> cyclical stocks are ones that are going to grow with the economy and soften when the economy is weaker, but i like cyclical stocks that are cyclical with stable rates, so you know, in terms of goldman, rate baby bear, i don't know that rates are going to spike or we will see a big jump in the ten-year yield, but i think the whole idea of bonds getting stronger and stronger like we saw in '17 and '18, you know, the back half of '19 for sure, is over. so what you want are names that are going to be more stable and going to do well when rates are stable, names like banks, some utilities, those things could be really powerful with rates stabilizing here. liz: tim anderson, do you agree? we are looking at the 30-year,
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2.22% so still above the ten-year yield. >> look, i think rates on the ten-year could go from 1.77% up almost a full point to 2.75%, and that could be actually very healthy for the market and it would be indicative of a stronger economy. and certainly that would be supportive of cyclical stocks performing a little bit which you would expect if the economy built some steam going forward. another positive might be that the amount of rates that are in negative territory in europe and around the globe has gone down from $18 trillion to about $12 trillion since the lows in august, and to get those rates out of negative territory around the globe, if our rates went higher, would be a very positive development. liz: i agree. you've got to understand that rates on yields going higher, it's not the worst thing in the world. great to see you. thank you very much. have a great weekend.
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to crypto. after a nightmarish week for bitcoin bulls and cryptocurrency fans, who knew the worst was yet to come this morning. a head line out of china in the early hours blew down bitcoin prices which plummeted to a six-month low of $6,929 per coin. bitcoin right now, back above $7,000 at $7,335 but the damage was done when news came out that china's central bank had launched a fresh crackdown on all virtual currencies. of course, chinese leader xi jinping had triggered the ugly week tuesday when he labeled cryptos quote, unregistered securities that facilitate fraud and ponzi schemes. then of course, the u.s. government pounced, saying that it will now strictly enforce what's called the travel rule on all crypto transactions. are we looking at the death knell for crypto or just growing pains for an emerging payment system? we bring in a guy who would know. nolan bowerley.
3:19 pm
you guys are all over everything crypto. the peoples bank of china, out of the headquarters, said we're cracking down. obviously put aside the fact that china is trying to put out its own yuan coin which would be a digital version, but should bitcoin investors turn tail? >> no. this is not the first time china has done this. we have been covering china singing from this songbook for a number of years. in 2017, in fact, they began the year shutting down all crypto trades and transactions in the country, and all that turned into was the volume just exploding around the world and leading to the largest sort of loom in crypto we have ever seen. so china has done this before. you are completely correct, they do have their own interests and they do have their own coin to push. what's going on with bitcoin would not allow them to do that very well. certainly, they are against it. you mentioned the travel rule. i mean, this has been going on for quite awhile. they have always operated under money services businesses rules. the travel rule has sort of brought that threshold down but in a certain sense, for a lot of
3:20 pm
people in bitcoin, complying with these rules was never a problem. it was always a kind of okay boomer, we are going to do it, we are going to follow these rules but what you have to understand it it's important -- liz: how many times has my 15-year-old sthad aid that to m. >> they aren't actually catching anyone money laundering with these laws, they aren't catching terrorism financing. they are saying they are but they aren't. so they put all these rules in place, capturing your mother's maiden name and dog's name. liz: that's what bothers people who are fans of cryptocurrency, the anonymity aspect of it is very attractive to them. >> not just the anonymity. you are building a system where you can't actually steal someone's information. that's the difference. when they create all these compliance enforcement regimes, they are actually creating the actual target that people are going to take to steal your information, to steal the stuff they can use to then steal your identity. liz: there are a lot out there. we just showed xrp, we showed lightcoin and bitcoin. let's just be fair. bitcoin is still doubled its
3:21 pm
price from the beginning of the year where it had started around $3,000. >> bitcoin absolutely is sort of the alpha and omega of this industry. a lot of this stuff is experimenting but bitcoin works, serves its purpose. you can transact with it. it has a robust security network. it has brought certain fundamentals to the internet that didn't exist before, time and the ability to move money across these borders that didn't exist before. you are able to key sign everything with a cryptographic key which is a really important feature to add digital signatures directly into a connected world. liz: will you come back? there's a lot of crypto news. >> absolutely. liz: nolan bowerley of coin desk. up next, is adam neumann's golden parachute collapsing at wework? who might that benefit? charlie is about to break that story next on "the claman countdown." i'm a regular in my neighborhood. i'm a regular at my local coffee shop and my local barber shop.
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3:24 pm saves you time and money. but a company develops a way by tto actually attack, what drew me to capital allocation in health sciences was the potential to help many people through investments that help fund medical innovation. my team and i often choose to invest at the very early stages of human trials. investing lets me use everything i've learned as a doctor to help make a positive impact. so that's why i go beyond the numbers. liz: after months of turmoil,
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shared work space company wework is desperately trying to get back on track but will its major backer, softbank, have to poke a hole in former ceo adam neumann's golden parachute in order to save the entire company? charlie gasparino is ready to break the news. >> he looks like john legere's younger brother. liz: the hair. >> there are clearly people inside softbank that would like to reduce this golden parachute. remember, the golden parachute, just so you know, is not quite just handing him money. he gets to sell into a tender offer. we understand that tender offer is going to happen imminently. here's what we know. there is not going to be any change to the current agreement as of now. that neumann has not agreed to that, softbank knows that they have a signed, sealed and delivered agreement. it wols be veuld also be hard t separate him out from the bigger tender which allows some of the
3:26 pm
employees to own stock, allows investors to own stock, to participate and get some of their money back out of this thing. so he's probably going to be okay with this. i mean, i don't know if it will add up to $1.7 billion. there's a lot of talk that he has to pay some of it back, like a chunk of it has to go back because he has loans outstanding to softbank, so some of that's going to go back and pull off those loans. from what i understand, we are getting this from legal experts and people close to the situation. legal experts are saying it's going to be -- we talked to john coffey today. it's very difficult to unwind this thing. clearly people at softbank are feeling the heat. they just had massive layoffs. the bonds of wework, you should know, are trading at levels where this thing is going out of business. i'm not saying they are. they are trading at 70 cents on the dollar. that's -- my producer has been monitoring this. this is like levels that it's going to bankruptcy. that doesn't mean it will. i'm just telling you, that's where the bonds are trading. that said, okay, okay, you don't
3:27 pm
want to give him the money, cut the deal. we understand neumann has no plans to give any of that back. we understand that softbank -- liz: voluntarily. >> i've asked, i have been checking around, they believe they have a signed, sealed agreement that this thing is going to happen. and the deal could come any day now, like monday, tuesday, whatever. like it's imminent that they are going to do this tender offer where the people will sell into it. part of the reason, it's hard to separate him out. he's not the only employee that's benefiting here. the other part is just legally, i am telling you, it's very difficult. they have signed a deal. to get back on that, you know, to say no, can we change it, they would have to get him to agree. liz: he doesn't have to agree. >> that's what i hear. he's not. the other thing i hear is that they know that. so the reports they want to give -- they want him to give some of it back, you know, i would love to meet jennifer aniston tomorrow.
3:28 pm
it's not happening. just so you know. liz: but you have me, charlie. >> i know. but i'm just saying -- liz: why does he need her? right? >> i'm just telling you, there are certain things i would love in life. liz: sure. >> to win the lottery so i wouldn't have to work here anymore. that's not happening. don't think this is -- liz: i would keep working here. >> would you? liz: yes. >> i would just write. i would just write columns and tweet. tweet at my haters on twitter. liz: i would just -- >> on a beach somewhere. that's where we are right now. this deal is happening imminently, meaning the tender. he's going to sell his stock, he's going to pay them back, from what i understand, unless something dramatically happens in the next few hours. they could want, they could want all they want for him to not participate in this tender offer but he is. liz: charlie -- >> maybe he will get embarrassed. i kind of don't think so. do you think? liz: no.
3:29 pm
>> something tells me he's not going to be embarrassed. liz: good to see you, charlie. thank you very much. tesla's next hurdle, yeah, there's already a hurdle when it comes to the pickup truck. closing bell ringing in 31 minutes. dow is up 106. elon musk's cyber truck may have hit a hitch. but the big reveal did not go off without a hitch. now a new all electric truck is hoping to hit paybirth befodirte truck ever rolls off the assembly line. we will introduce you and show you the bullinger truck and the ceo behind it who used his tesla stock holdings to fund his driving dream of an all-electric pickup. it's a fox business exclusive when "the claman countdown" comes right back.
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♪ gerri: i'm gerri willis with today's fox business brief. the maker of jiff surging intratoday despite a second guidance cut of the year. the cfo highlighting the performance of his snack unit calming morning nerves. shares one of the big winners on the s&p this hour. take a look. and [ inaudible ] going bullish for the first time ever, upgrading the ride hailing shares to buy, citing improved valuation and fundamentals. uber shares are up 1.1%.
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lyft is down. and disney feeling the magic into the close. a red-hot $100 million forecast for "frozen 2" opening weekend blowing away investors. the santa monica based toy maker [ inaudible ] to the princess sequel saying more toys will be coming over the next year and a half. up next, the automaker who sold his entire tesla stake to help pitch a fight with elon musk. liz goes inside the latest ev road race next on "the claman countdown." it's been reported that there's a cyberattack on business every 39 seconds. ouch. i don't even want to think about it. comcast business has a solution. we go beyond fast with a cloud-based security system
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oh, [ bleep ]. well, maybe that was a little too hard. liz: ah, yeah. that was not apparently supposed to happen. i'm cynical. i think it was maybe staged but the viral video heard round the world has at this hour now been seen millions and millions of times as the so-called armor glass shattered. we at "the claman countdown" thought why didn't elon and tesla use this stuff? this is me at the consumer electronics show a couple of years ago, putting down a piece of what's called gorilla glass, then jumping all over it in my high heeled boots with the stiletto heels. just about every year at ces i continued to test gorilla glass made by corning that nearly every smartphone and laptop maker uses so the screens don't crack. gorilla glass as we said, it's a corning company.
3:39 pm
maybe tesla's stock would be just a bit higher if they had used gorilla glass. tesla is down nearly 6%. corning up 1.5%. let's get to wall street overall. wall street is panning the fumistfum futuristic appearance of the cyber truck but the road rivalry is heating up as bollinger motors unveiled its b-2 pickup at the l.a. auto show and with its electric offroad truck it's priced at a cool $125,000. fresh from the l.a. auto show in a fox business exclusive, the company's namesake ceo, robert bollinger. this is so ironic. what an ironic twist. you funded your company in part by using your tesla shares? >> yep. yep, i bought into tesla very early on and it made me a lot of money. at one point i said let's cash it in and put it into the company. so yeah. definitely. liz: little did you know or maybe you did, that you would go head-to-head and you might just
3:40 pm
beat elon musk and tesla, right, to the pickup truck rolling off the assembly line. tell us about some of the specs here. >> the bollinger b-2 is a truck that we created from the ground up. it's all electric, all wheel drive, 50/50 weight distribution, 120 kilowatt hour pack. it's got a 15 inch ground clearance which can go up to 20 inches. elon mentioned something about his truck having 16. we go up to 20. want to throw that out there. it's a brother to the bollinger b-1 which is the same truck from the nose through the c pillar so it also has 120 watt, kilowatt hour pack. it has great storage capabilities, it's green, obviously and is a class 3 truck, the world's only all electric class 3 truck. it can hold like 5,000 pounds, it will self-level. it's got it all basically. love the trucks. liz: i guess i just have to ask you, you outpaced the cyber
3:41 pm
truck when it comes to the payload. you can carry 5,000 pounds of payload whereas elon's tesla cyber truck is at 3500 pounds of payload but they have 14,000 pounds of towing. isn't that the whole point of a pickup truck is the towing capability? >> well, i use my pickup truck now which is not mine, it's a gm product, but anyway, i use that for millions of things and sometimes towing. so it's a matter of which is your priority. so that's true, our truck has amazing offroad capability so that's a big part of our world, even in a pickup truck. so the b-1 and b-2 both go offroad and beat anything that's out there, anything i see that's being developed. it's more about capacity. liz: tell us about the pass-through specifically in your bollinger. >> right. so with the way we engineer to the truck, what's so great about electric, you can create an all new architecture for your vehicle. so we have developed our trucks from the ground up and with
3:42 pm
that, we are able to have a huge front space, lockable front storageache a g erau youon't have an engine on the other side. so it's like why don't we just pop a hole through there and -- now the b-2 has 16 feet between tailgates close. you can carry 16 boards internally inside the truck, anything else, skis, you can sleep two people head-to-head or feet-to-feet in there. you can do a lot with that space. that's what's so great about electric, you can just kind of reinvent the game. that's what we did from the ground up with our trucks. liz: you know, as i looked at the front of your truck, i began to think wait a minute, maybe it's not elon musk and tesla that should be threatened. it might even be, say, mercedes or -- i mean, if you compare the front of your truck to a mercedes truck, specifically also the jeep, we put these up on the screen, lots of similarities there. who should be most worried?
3:43 pm
>> well, we have a goal to make our trucks and to be different from the very beginning whiay back, in 2015. we have done a lot in four years. but way back then i was like i know everything's going to go electric and we want to not compete against the ford f-150 when it goes electric. we knew that was going to happen. we knew there would be a tesla pickup one day. our whole thing is let's do something different, something no one else is going to do, and own that segment. so everyone who comes along, at any point with electric, it's great for the industry, great for the world, great for us. it means more vendors, more capacity, more battery manufacturing in the u.s., so bring it on. i love it. what everyone else is doing, i love it. we are different and we are great at what we do. so i just hope everyone follows through and makes these vehicles. liz: can you tell us right here and now that they will roll off the assembly line early 2021? >> yes. that's our plan. yes. liz: okay. because elon and gm are late
3:44 pm
2021. >> yeah. yeah. great. liz: you have to bring one right outside our studios in new york city. deal? >> definitely. we will do a road trip out there. liz: robert bollinger, thank you very much. good luck to you. coming up, has taylor swift finally calmed down? with the closing bell ringing in 16 minutes and the dow losing just a bit of steam, we are still up 89 points, the megastar set to perform her hits at the american music awards, but is she over her fight with her record label and its private equity backer? the latest on this musical drama ahead. and you heard of pumpkin spice lattes. how about a five spice chinese pumpkin doughnut or an orange meso pecan doughnut? the man who makes arguably the best doughnuts in new york city bounced back from a near-death experience. richard eng of black label doughnuts shares how one night changed his life and his business forever.
3:45 pm
his sweet comeback story. you've got to hear it this weekend. folks, you can download it from apple podcasts, google podcasts, fox news and yes, alexa, get it on your alexa and hang out in your house and listen to this amazing story. it's called everyone talks to liz. "the claman countdown" coming right back. imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs. now you can, with! no more lugging your clubs through the airport or risk having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. sending your own clubs ahead with makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination. with just a few clicks or a phone call, we'll pick up and deliver your clubs on-time, guaranteed, for as low as $39.99. saves you time and money. make it simple. make it ship sticks.
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3:49 pm
foreshadows the trouble to come with record label big machine years later. the reigning queen of pop's battle with her former label's current owner, mega-manager scooter braun, potentially comes to a head this weekend as the world waits to see if she will perform any of her old songs during her performance at the american music awards. braun now apparently begging the singer-songwriter for a swift resolution to their five-month long battle over the ownership rights to her musical catalog recorded during her 11 years with big machine. braun, you may know the name, manages justin bieber and ariana grande among others, revealed in the last 24 hours or so that he and his family have received death threats from fans of the songstress due to this musical face-off. so far, apparently no response yet from taylor to braun's plea. really? it's come to this, that we have to endure threats over a business deal? connell: crazy story in a lot of
3:50 pm
ways. i sing that song when melissa walks in every day about this time. all right. happy friday, liz. coming up top of the hour on "after the bell" we will talk tech, among other things, with jeremy owens from market watch. one of those stories is about sasha baron cohen. he says i'm only an actor and comedian, but, and then he went on to really give it to social media companies, especially facebook, for allowing as he sees it hate speech. we will talk about that topic and then get into a bunch of others. the news out of hong kong today, this fascinating meeting that got contentious on vaping at the white house. all that and more, top of the hour. liz: look forward to that. happy friday. thank you very much. all right. ten minutes to go before the closing bell rings. today's "countdown" closer says she thinks puppies could mean big profits for your portfolio. more like puppy stocks. we will unveil this theory when "the claman countdown" comes right back.
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♪. liz: six minutes before we hear that closing bell. look at the screen. we're not close. even though we're seeing a gain of 86 points. we would have needed triple-digit gains for the dow jones industrials to give us a green end to this week. at the moment, same with s&p and nasdaq. no win streaks will continue today. let's get to gerri willis right now. she is live on the floor of the new york stock exchange for some of this week's biggest movers. gerri? >> liz, we are ending on a dow note. we have dow weekly winners. unitedhealth and pfizer. health care the biggest sector this week. why? one of the traders on the floor of the exchange telling me a research note from a well-known outfit called stevens saying no way elizabeth warren health care plan will become law. that put a bit especially on
3:55 pm
managed care stocks. unitedhealth ending up 2% and disney doing very well. up 2.7%. they are stilling tales of disney plus. price target hikes from rosenblatt and bernstein. those account hacks, nobody cares. dow weekly losers, this was a sad story. down 8%. weak earnings and 2019 full year sales forecast, same-store sales growth. very weak guidance there. more time for investments. they pledged $11 billion over three years to upgrade that will take a while to pay off. 3m down. industrial sector down for the week. s&p 500 for a second. target flying high, up 12%. they had fantastic earnings this week. a double beat. they raised full-year profit outlook, strong same-store sales growth. service, cloud company, may or may not know them. joined the s&p 500 this week. loser's kohl's, down almost 20%.
3:56 pm
down over 20%. a double earnings miss. slashed profit outlook for the year. slow same-store sales growth. very painful indeed. bio med also down on a new study stents are no better than drugs. liz: gerri, thank you very much. we're up 94 point. i will make a statement, i'm sure it is all true, we love our pets n america we spend a fortune on our felines. in france your pup is welcome at all restaurant. there has to be a trade here. that is exactly what our "countdown" closer says she has a trade. pair your love of pets and love of profits together for even better relationship. let's bring in gerber kawasaki fran lye. it is huge industries is it not, pet care? >> it is. it is growing rapidly over the
3:57 pm
last five years. pet square globally will pass $269 billion by 2025. those are astounding numbers. i know first-hand my 90-pound golden retriever i make sure he gets all the care he needs. i love him so much. connell: the percent soak is so eetis you're picking this one. what does it have over other names in this space. >> companion pets and livestock t integrates all animals. incomes all animals. my dog utilizes some of their vaccinations or it is personal story. liz: it really had a nice year. i'm wondering if we buy too high here? >> when we invest we invest for the future. we see where the pet industry is planning to grow, how rapidly it
3:58 pm
is growing, if you plan for the long run, i don't necessarily think it is too expensive to buy at this point. connell: big news there, they acquired znl labs. this morning the announcement came. >> we're excited about that. we'll have to dig a little deeper. that is an acquisition for them. could be a nice compliment to their business. liz: it is coming a powerhouse. i find your big ulta beauty interesting. not exactly a pet store company, but there is a twist here, is it not? >> yes. we like affordable beauty, what alta has been doing in this industry, digitalizing beauty, how we consume and buy these products. so when we're thinking about the future, what companies could possibly withhold recession or a recessionary period, we think ulta could be a good play. i will always need to use eyeliner but maybe i'm not buying 25-dollar eyeliner. i'm buying 10 to 15-dollar eyeliner. i think ulta is a great spot to
3:59 pm
capitalize on this market. connell: the dow is up triple digits. we are not enough to see the dow turn positive for the week. final pick home depot. big news this week, rather. >> if we think about the long term, once again, they're taking a lot of money investing it in the company to digitalize their platform. how people are spending where retail is going. they're doing a lot to focus on the future which we like. so once again home depot will be a pick we hold for a long period of time. connell: listen. a pullback is a buying opportunity in some of these cases. >> absolutely. connell: great to see you. thank you very much. >> thank you so much. connell: france seen lai, gerber kawasaki. all right, folks themultiwinni e screen. liz: 20 seconds left before the bell rings. sweat dow up 114.
4:00 pm
the s&p up 7. [closing bell rings] nasdaq up 14. next week we have great shows planned for you. i will see you on the claman county downthen. until then have a great weekend. time for "after the bell." connell: we wrap up a volatile week on wall street. all three major averages ending the day in the green on trade optimism. that is what we're going with today. melissa: right. connell: worries about trade. melissa: no, trade optimism. connell: yeah. president trump came out earlier said a deal with china potentially is close. the dow settling higher by 107 point. up as many as 132 points earlier in the session. i'm connell mcshane. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." the s&p 500, nasdaq also ending in positive territory. all three major averages in the red for the week though. more on big market movers. here is what is new at this hour. a reputation up in flames. the whiteou


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