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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 22, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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i was a thousand dollars a night in tokyo and short on funds, a dollar a night for not showing anything, if somebody wants me wants to watch music to heck with it. >> that is it, we will see you back here next time. ♪. liz: president trump campaign announcing a welcome home rally for the president outside of fort lauderdale next week the house is heading to impeachment. jonathan calls at the narrowest in the history of the country, no smoking gun e-mail, no smoking gun documents, the president says he wants to set a trial, joe biden, hunter biden, adam schiff the whistleblower to testify. we will break it down including the hole in the democrat case, we have more news on the russian probe and the latest on a former fbi lawyer reportedly under criminal investigation after allegedly admitting after being confronted by justice department
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inspector general horowitz's team that had information to an e-mail doctor from another fbi official, after-the-fact to justify renewing a fisa warrant to client carter page. the trump campaign advisor never found wrongdoing by the malibu report. the fbi lawyer found to have said anti-trump text messages, we have them and he worked on the hillary clinton a male investigation in the russian probe. plus senate judiciary chair launches a probe into joe biden, hunter biden in the conflict of the ukrain ukraine gas committee met. the caucuses too much away, the democrats banking on impeachment but no front runner. the race in chaos. protesters disrupt campaign event for joe biden and elizabeth warren as trump is beating the democrats and their own house. also a new gallup poll finding that joe biden elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are less
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popular with voters than george w. bush, barack obama and even john edwards and reedy giuliani. now warning liberal states, stop blocking ice for criminal illegals at your courthouses. the u.s. citizens were murdered as a result. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. liz: welcome to the show, you're watching fox business network. let's start in washington to get the latest at the white house. reporter: senior white house official says they're not sure the house is going to impeach president donald trump, that official pointed to polls showing declining support for impeachment especially in an election year, the white house is preparing. the lawyers preparing for the
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house judiciary committee to write the articles of impeachment papers in the white house wants his lawyers to participate and call witnesses just as bill clinton impeachment happened, that includes calling representative adam schiff as a witness to ask him about his status with the whistleblower. the president expressing his frustration. >> what whistleblower, i don't think there is, i consider to be a fake whistleblower. because what he wrote did not correspond to what i said. reporter: president donald trump on fox and friends this morning saying that the central figure of the house went easy on a central figure to the impeachment inquiry and that is the former ambassador to the ukraine and the reason, because she was a woman. >> she's an obama person, i said why are you being so kind, she's a woman we have to be nice, she is very tough, i heard bad
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things, by the way when i was talking to president zelensky, it's on the phone you can read it, he did not like her, he brought up her name and did not like her at all. reporter: also today on usmca i the deputy prime minister of canada confirms they have not been contacted to renegotiate the deal, changes nancy pelosi would require negotiations, the canadian say they are in close contact with democrats as well as robert lighthizer as they are pushing for a ratification vote to be scheduled and also today back on twitter and grantee, national security advisor john bolton saying that he was blocked or limited from getting back into his twitter account because the white house would not release access to that account. bolton says maybe they're concerned about what he has to say. liz: thank you for the update. i appreciate it. the house is racing towards impeachment, law professor legal expert calls it the narrowest basic for impeachment in the history of the country. the shortest investigation,
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underdeveloped record, no smoking gun e-mail or document. let's bring in fox news contributor of the wall street journal editorial board. the president wants a trial with joe biden, hunter biden, and the whistleblower and adam schiff. >> it means they don't have the republican votes in the senate to dismiss is out of hand. but i'm not sure he's wrong about that. in the senate senate the president would have for to bring -- particular if you talk with hunter biden. >> the democrats are planning for articles of impeachment, obstruction of congress and abuse of power per but the white house wanted a court to rule on executive privilege, that's not obstruction. the democrats are fearing they're going to lose momentum if they don't get it done now and it will hit the 2020 race. >> i think this is about investigation but it was never
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designed to be a good investigation. there's a reason they put him in charge of this. this is all theater in their already pushing for the vote, i think they will impeach because i think she will break arms to do it, to leave the democrats as far and tease him and not follow through, i think there would be a lot of recrimination in the party. >> let's get to the voters what they're telling the polls, nearly seven out of ten to the trump phone call was wrong and only a slim majority think he should be removed from office. more voters say he should not be removed and emerson university from growing voter opposition to impeachment, 45% oppose it, 53% of voters in the swing state of wisconsin oppose impeachment. the president won the state by 23000 votes. the democrats needed to win in 2020 and we have another new hill harris poll, 46% of voters think the news coverage of the impeachment inquiry biased
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against president. >> surprise surprise. this is the problem that the democrats have, this impeachment is brought to you by the same people for two years told us donald trump was a russian agent. the american people are not stupid, they know as things go on they may not know what's going to come out. but now people are losing interest they see is a sham. liz: viewers are tuning out. >> you know they leaked everything that's going to come out and there's no smoking gun. >> 12 million, that is less then a seinfeld episode and less than "game of thrones". >> i don't think they were ever missing anything. >> we are heading into thanksgiving week, here is republican michael turner of ohio summing up what happened, see if you can follow this. >> taylor said they had heard it for mor morrison and sondland, sondland testified he heard it from no one on the planet.
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vindman and morrison have direct testimony of the phone call with the president of the united states, beyond that they only had contact with sondland and sondland indicated he had contact with no one on the plane. liz: that is what they're bringing impeachment on. watch this, watch the democrat witnesses say we did not hear or see any evidence of quid pro quo or bribery. >> either of you have evidence of quid pro quo? >> no ma'am. >> i did not. >> any evidence of bribery? >> no ma'am. >> no ma'am. >> not that i can recall. >> he said i want nothing, i want no quid pro quo. >> you testify you had no direct knowledge of any nefarious motivation to withhold aid to ukraine correct? >> correct. >> to your knowledge you testified there was no strings attached to the aid correct?
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>> page 184 of your deposition. >> i know such knowledge be mucky testified what you knew president trump was skeptical of foreign assistance generally, he highlighted that in his questioning and skeptical of the corruption environment in ukraine, is accurate? >> we had heard that, that was the impression at the state permit. correct. >> in the age was released to ukraine, is that correct as well? >> yes. >> the past year ukraine was not the only country to have aid with help is that correct? >> correct. >> in the past year was it with help from pakistan questioning. >> yes, sir. >> this striking the president on hearsay which is not allowed on any criminal for. >> what i see, the strong policy dispute between career officers and the president. i think that happens a lot.
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i think they think they're superior to the president. i endorse their stronger ukrainian policy but the president has a right to set that. >> fiona hill testified anybody talking about ukraine and the narrative is a fiction, we get the dnc and all of that, but by the way fiona hill wrote a washington post saying against military aid to ukraine. but the broader contention which he is missing is this, the ukrainian court in late 2018 did say that yes, two ukrainian officials did meddle in the 2016 election in favor of hillary. and who worked for the campaign opposition research team in the steel dossier, told the house yes, a ukrainian legislator with diffusion. >> absolutely, she is complaining two things, one is the server story that no one believes.
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also nobody believes that ukrainians did not favor hillary clinton in some ways, there's a lot of evidence. >> it was applicable story to the effect a year ago so it's not quite true. this is all coming against the backdrop of the fisa report and we will learn a lot about with the crew people have done or did not do and what they're capable of doing. >> you'll be on with us to talk about it. >> have a great weekend. let's get you updated on your money, the market up, down for the week though. gerri willis joins us from the stock exchange. >> it was a good day for stocks, the dow ended up 109-point than the nasdaq up 14, but for the week, the dow snapping a four-week winning streak. meanwhile, we have adam neumann the figh founder wework will not his $1.7 billion exit package but the pros call a golden parachute, they want to reel in
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the rescue deal of $9.5 billion to make it less and it looks like you will get less money. let me tell you who's getting less money, the 2400 employees at wework that were laid off this week. meanwhile tesla shares have been tanking after last night's unveiling of elon musk futuristic cyberpunk truck. that's what he calls it. it's getting mixed reviews after a demonstration mishap in which the truck has bulletproof windows and shattered by a metal ball. the shares were down about 6%. liz: good to see you. just ahead more news in the russia probe, updated on a former fbi lawyer reportedly now maybe under criminal investigation for allegedly admitting after he was confronted by federal investigators that yes he doctored, he made a change to an e-mail as in effect to justify a fisa warrant card page. the former trump campaign advisor clear of any wrongdoing by the mueller report, we have
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and now get $250 off when you buy a new samsung phone during xfinity mobile beyond black friday. plus, you can save up to $400 a year. click, call or visit a store today. >> they were spying on my campaign something that has never been in the history of the country paid this wasn't over the attempt of the presidency,
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they tried to overthrow the presidency, this is a disgrace. i'm not surprised to see it, it is just starting to come out, this is nothing you will see over the next couple of weeks. these people are sick. >> personally i think it goes all the way. >> that was president trump weighing in on spying of a 2016 election campaign, president barack obama may be an honor. the former fbi lawyer under criminal investigation after allegedly admitting to federal investigators that yes he did send own information to the bottom of an e-mail from another fbi official after-the-fact to justify renewing a fisa warrant to spy on trump campaign carter page. he was cleared of any wrongdoing by the mueller report. let's bring in former fbi assistant. >> i am shocked, i guess maybe i should be beyond shocked, i never thought that anybody from the fbi would give a fake to the
6:18 pm
fisa court. i never thought in fbi agent would falsify an fbi report to indicate that general flynn has lied in the fbi, this is really serious stuff, we have to get to the bottom of this, there needs to be cleansing and is not an indictment of the fbi, it's an indictment of these people that have bias and acting like rogue agents. i wonder what academy they went to, don't they know this is wrong? >> the fisa port is powerful, the checks and balances are fbi officials and nsa officials refused to do like spy on foreign government. >> john dorman is looking into what happened. i want to get to this, this fbi lawyer found to have sent into trump tech messages after the election, the crazies have one finally, when he was asked if
6:19 pm
use good to continue to work at the government, i am so stressed about what i could've done differently. let me ask you, how did peter, lisa and this fbi lawyer all biased against trump and pro-hillary get to work on the hillary clinton e-mail investigation and the russia probe? how did that happen. >> as comey wanted to control it, he did not give it to an fbi field office where he should've with watergate were all grand by field agents. we talked about that in the past. he brought people in, he did what they wanted them to do and get control and we end up with a fake investigation of hillary clinton. now we see all the other falsifications that indicate staff in general and especially in carter page especially and it's kind of disturbing because what we value is trust. that's the most important thing that wework with, fbi in our commander and executives trust and they violated that trust and i hope they are held accountable some way for that. >> former deputy attorney general rod rosenstein had already testified, i think this
6:20 pm
happened last year, correct me if i'm wrong, rod rosenstein had testified that a fisa warrant renewal that he signed off on did not match public reports about it. watch this. >> no fbi personnel briefed me on it, the process with a fisa application and renewal come up to the fbi chain of command and sworn under oath by crew federal agent. >> you signed it. >> all expend the process. >> did you thoroughly review it? >> let me explain. >> i'm out of time. >> the times has expired. >> we sit down with the team of attorneys with the department of justice to review that and provide everything for what isn't it and i review that in some detail and i tell you the information public does not matter my understanding of the one i signed. >> i think it's appropriate to let the inspector general complete the investigation. >> we know there was a lot of
6:21 pm
leaks, here is the thing there is into trump bias from the fbi officials, these officials are leaking peter found that he wanted to sit on the hillary e-mails with anthony weiner laptop until after the election, they were setting the narrative in the media. >> i think what you have to understand, this appears to be conspiratorial. it does not appear to be the active peter strzok, it's a consensus actions of peter strzok, mccabe and kobe. they had to be the idea that no matter what is justified to do it if we could do it in a way to attack the president of the united states and maybe even a new election. i think there's conspiracy issues and i hope durham is looking at that, i think sooner or later some of these agents are going to say i need to tell
6:22 pm
the truth so the whole story comes upright i really hope that happens and i believe it will. >> thank you so much. we are going to stay on the story with what happened with the russia probe an upcoming segment later on the show. secretary of state henry kinzinger meeting with chinese president jean jumping in the leader calling on u.s. and china to seek common ground and can henry help their debate coming up? ♪ for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays local. shop small and watch it add up. small business saturday by american express is november 30th. most people think of verizon as a reliable phone company.
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for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays local. shop small and watch it add up. small business saturday by american express is november 30th. liz: welcome back. we are awaiting a decision from president trump on whether he will sign the hong kong human rights bill supporting pro-democracy protesters in hong kong that does have sanctions against chinese individuals if they commit human rights abuses. jonathan hunt is in hong kong with mark. >> liz, it was a passive and
6:27 pm
surprising omission from the president that he feels in a really tough spot over the hong kong human rights and democracy act, wanting to support democracy on the one hand but also wanting to piece china in the middle of these tough trade talks. listen to the president. >> we have to stand with hong kong but i'm also standing with president xi jinping, he's a friend of mine an incredible guy, we have to stand but i'd like to see them work it out. we have to see them working out. but i stand with hong kong and i stand with read him and all the things that we want to do but were in the process of making the largest trade deal in history. >> protesters have made it perfectly clear all week that they really want to see the president's signature on that act, but beijing has said it will be furious if he does sign it. they say exactly the thing thing in hong kong, the president
6:28 pm
would be making a mistake to sign the human rights act. >> hong kong people will be driven more toward relying on mainland china. >> district cancel elections due to take place on sunday, and leading pro-democracy activists told us today it is time for protesters and all of those who support them to make a mark at the ballot box. >> it is time to have the protest to express our anger to the crackdown. >> all 31000 members of hong kong ryan police force will be on duty on sunday. it will be a tense election day. liz: thank you so much. chinese president jean jumping says he does want to work out an additional trade deal with the u.s., he met with the former secretary of state henry kinzinger in beijing. we have the hong kong human rights bill headed to the
6:29 pm
president in this the second bill would ban the export of teargas, pepper spray, rubber bullets and stun guns to the hong kong police. let's bring in the next expert in geopolitics. he has heritage foundation and foreign-policy expert lieutenant colonel, thank you so much for joining us, your assessment on all of this customer. >> number one, the bill is vetoproof, this will happen, the u.s. really cannot practice linkage. if you give him this will give on that. we have too many areas were competing with the chinese and if we try to link them together, the chinese will -- the chinese will have to live with this, it is something in their own making. the chinese government needs to reaffirm one country into systems, if they did that, a lot of this would subside, the government of hong kong has to make sure there from the people hong kong not to do the bidding
6:30 pm
of beijing and the writers and protesters in the street, they have to acknowledge and accept a confession of reconciliation process pre-people confess what they did wrong and please are held accountable and then we move on. all three sites need to come to this moving forward in the united states is not going to break that logjam. they have to do that. >> let's move on to what happened in iran disturbing development upwards of 200 demonstrators may have been killed. we don't know the number, more than a thousand arrested and iran against dictatorship using bullets and snipers to attack the protesters. your assessment of mike pompeo calling on iranians to send videos documenting human rights abuses. >> transparency is the most important instrument, that's important in situations like hong kong and venezuela alone. let the world see, and the people can be held accountable for that. you can say whatever you want about president trump, but he has given around a really bad day. this is on top of everything
6:31 pm
else that has happened protesting lebanon against ironic and iraq against iran. the most serious protests we seen an ironic since the revolution. because of the pressure in the administration has pushed this regime in a really tight spot. >> to your point ron is trying to blame the rest, but they are blowing iran's money on terrorist. there overflowing with people wounded in the protest, they block the internet isolating the nation. i'm looking numbers one out of seven jobs, and one out of five in the next five years. the jobless rates are skyrocketing and iran. >> is actually claiming that that these protest are in some way engineered by the hard-liners in order to
6:32 pm
displease the government and move around even further to the right to correct an even more. if that is true, they really messed up because they do not have a way to deal with the unrest. but it's very similar in hong kong. the government seems unable to deal with this and on the other hand, there is not a place for the demonstrators to go, they will not over throw the regime. how does this end, but from a u.s. perspective, this is exactly what we want to do, keep the pressure on the remaining government even if they never come to the table for another deal, cutting off their money limits their ability to do bad things and distracts them and less of a destabilizing force and that is good for us. >> to your point, around exports of oil have plummeted to half a million barrels a day down from 2 million last year, your assessment of iran reportedly holding major different drills and exercises as the u.s. military moves to her moves. your reaction.
6:33 pm
>> the iranians are trying to do anything they can to look tough and distract from the spray they tried other things but this is been a pattern of iranian behavior going back to when they shut down the u.s. drones. they will look for ways. but they cannot close the streets. they cannot do that. they can do something here or there that is provocative but they don't have assisting capability to do that in the economy is in shambles and they cannot afford a conflict. there are reports that the iranians would try to do some external things, attack israel, saudi arabia or ships to distract pressure but that would be a disastrous attempt on their point under part. they would not get very far. and that won't distract the internal revolt of the country. liz: how about come to the table and negotiate with the president.
6:34 pm
>> they want to hope he doesn't get reelected and another guy comes in. but this is the point where korea and north korea are linked, were sending the signal to iranians, don't get expected, we need to stay tough on the north koreans. also to send the right message to the iranian. >> great to see you, thank you for your service to our country. coming up, the iowa caucuses to month away, the democrats banking on impeachment and still have no front runner, the race is in chaos and now this, protesters disrupted campaign events for joe biden and elizabeth warren, president trump is beating the democrats and their own house, we will tell you what it is in the border, the tripper ministration warning liberal states stop blocking ice from making arrest from criminal illegals at your courthouses there, the attorney general william barr revealing that u.s. citizens were murdered after some of these people were let go. that story coming up. ♪ fidelity has zero commissions for online u.s. equity trades and etfs, plus zero minimums to open a brokerage account.
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by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. liz: the 2020 democrats blitzing
6:39 pm
through south carolina to new hampshire, a new gallup poll shows joe biden, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, are less popular with voters than george w bush, mitt romney, even john edwards and rudy giuliani when they ran, peter ducey is in greenville south carolina with the race there. >> four months joe biden has been very polite about the political possibility of democratic primary rivals, that ended today when he was asked about patrick's decision to get into the race late because apparently unconvinced that biden has a win against trump and him. >> they show me the other day he went down to morehouse and he had all these hundreds of seats and no one showed up. i like him, he's a good guy,
6:40 pm
he's a solid guy but this is not about deciding who is ready on day one tonight this country and demonstrate they could and number two who in fact can be commander-in-chief. >> the other democrat might be michael bloomberg putting tens of millions of dollars on tv ads in the firm advertising analytics is estimating its art in the most any candidate has ever spent for a single week of tv time. more than $31 million. that's on top of 100 million he's putting towards inter-trump digital at even though bloomberg is not a candidate yet. he is getting on ballots and on tv in case he becomes one. but president trump whose campaign and the rnc have been stockpiling reelection cash for years does not seem too concerned. >> i know him pretty well, he finished very weak and new york,
6:41 pm
he starts with telling you what you can drink, what you can do, i don't see it. >> joe biden was in south carolina for retail politics today. michael bloomberg has not been. on any of the early states buried on the next few weeks will be the ultimate test of political norms, do democrats voting in the primary and caucus prefer a democrat who is very well known that they see on tv or a democrat that is very well known who poses with them for a selfie speed but great to see a parade that i will caucus is two months away from the democrat speaking on impeachment but they have no front runner. the race is in chaos, protesters distracted elizabeth warren and the biting campaign event in atlanta, african-american protester shattered down elizabeth warren because she wants to cut funding for charter schools. watch this. >> history will not go on.
6:42 pm
>> south carolina and rights activist for wood joe biden over president obama's deportation policies, watch this. [inaudible] >> we should vote for trump, you should go for trump. >> look who is here, cio don, voters are not liking the democrat front runners. >> i was just going to say, thank you for running that from joe biden, it's the first thing he ever said that i agree with, you should vote for trump. >> it is interesting that family separation under obama, he said vote for donald trump. i want to talk to about president obama saying chill out
6:43 pm
about purity test when msnbc debate moderators pushed the test like getting rid of trump in the first 12 minutes on impeachment, 0 time on kitchen table issues like jobs, growth in trade. >> the problem with the contenders is not the purity test. it's intelligence test, they are passing the purity test, they're not passing intelligence test. they are taking positions that are so stupid that the voters can see right through what kind of intelligence do think voters have, if you elizabeth warren and you say the tax plan and i just going to ask millionaires and billionaires to pay 2 cents on per dollar, that is not like two pennies, how stupid do you think we are, 2 cents per dollar, the median household income in this country right now is about $50000, give or take, 2 cents on every one of those
6:44 pm
dollars is $1000 a year. that you think you will take out of the pockets of the middle-class to pay for free college and debt forgiveness and medicare for all and all the things elizabeth warren want to do and she thinks you are dumb enough to where she said i'll just take 2 cents from you, no people are not that stupid, only democratic candidate are that stupid. >> in terms of the economy still growing ahead, let's show the viewer what else is happening, we also have the healthcare plan, let me back up, president trump is pushing forward on things like hospital costs, transparency, healthcare cost, expenditure and getting small businesses in the associations across state lines, on and on and on, he is doing this while the democrats are railing against capitalism and with government hit paid by us. >> what trump wants cut away all
6:45 pm
the political lingo, he wants unfettered people, he wants people to be able to choose their own healthcare, having pricing transparency to make a smart choice, he wants people to be able to frak for oil and get it into permitted pipelines that will make america the world's largest oil producer which is happening under the trump administration. but democrats want to do, they said, unfettered government but that means better people. because all government can do is fetter people. all i do is pass laws telling you what you cannot do. you cannot send your kid to a charter school, you cannot frak, you cannot see the prices of surgeries and prescription drugs, that is not the way america is supposed to work. >> thank you for coming in. i appreciate it. >> let's take a back deck to washington, d.c., lou dobbs is
6:46 pm
there with a preview of his show. >> thank you very much. tonight among our guests, fcc chairman and white house press secretary stephanie grisham, a big week for the white house and for the entire nation's capital. judicial watch as competent in dean chain from the heritage foundation investigative reporter sarah carter and opinion editor charlie, just to name a few, all at the top of the hour, please join us. liz: busy show. thank you so much great to see you. more on the fbi lawyer, now reportedly under criminal investigation for doctoring in e-mail from another fbi official to justify renewing fis a warrant to spy on trump campaign advisor carter page, we are more on the bias coming up. ♪ when you shop small you help support your community -
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liz: back to the story, the former fbi lawyer under criminal investigation after allegedly admitting he did alter another fbi official e-mail and his own information to the bottom of the e-mail after the fact in order to justify renewing fisa warrant to do surveillance on trump campaign advisor carter page. the mueller report cleared him
6:51 pm
of any wrongdoing. an fox news contributor, ken starr, great to have you on. your assessment of this ? >> it is too soon to tell, but i must say, i think the nation has long known that there is something fundamentally wrong with the faisal warrant, its provenance, how did this happen, we are starting to get to the bottom of how it happened. i'm more interested in the original of phis application but one piece at a time, my goodness, thank goodness there are checks and balances and accountability that is finally coming to bear. >> the fbi lawyer sent into trump text messages saying things like after the election, the crazies have one, i'm so stressed about what they could've done differently, lisa page, andrew mccain circulating into trump walls including trump
6:52 pm
possibly among the major threat to the security of the country, these guys worked on the russia probe including e-mail probe, i want to get to this, the founders of fusion gps, out with a new book, for the first time admitting in the new book that the steel dossier was flawed. that basically details remain suddenly unconfirmed now appear. >> my reaction it's about time, and i think again it needs to be accountability whether criminal charges, i'm not one to say let's indict everyone, alan and i agreed we over criminalize our activity, our government and so forth and we have now created a culture of impeachment to switch subjects for a second period i think it's absolutely outrageous that a senior person, anyone no
6:53 pm
matter how humble her task, a senior and fbi could be so openly partisan when they have taken a solemn oath to support and defend the constitution of the united states and what they became were flawless actors. thank goodness were figuring this out getting to the bottom. liz: thank you so much for coming on come back soon. up next trump administration warning liberal states, stop blocking ice to make criminal arrest that u.s. courthouses, the u.s. attorney general sent a letter to the state saying what happened resulted with the murder of u.s. citizens, the story next. not magenta! not magenta. i'm not going back to the store. magenta! cartridges are so... (buzzer) (vo) the epson ecotank.
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liz: ronald patillo, a former i.c.e. acting director. your response to washington and oregon to stop blocking i.c.e. in courthouses there. >> these judges in washington and oregon took an ea d an oatho protect the constitution and protect the citizens. they are putting their own community at danger and danger
6:58 pm
to the officers who have to make these arrests outside of the courtroom settings. liz: putting i am grants communities in danger, too. attorney general william barr sent a letter to the chief justices. he cite the case of a 15-year-old boy who was the victim of a brutal murder. the teen was also murdered in a washington state park. local officials there ignored an i.c.e. detainer. what's going on here? >> this is lawlessness. this ways happens when they protect criminals. that's why i.c.e. is there. it's a core function they perform to keep us safe. >> i want to get your take on something we asked brandon judd.
6:59 pm
elizabeth warren says the border crisis is as trump-made crisis. more than a quarter million people murdered in the last 10 years in mexico. 261,000 there. your take? >> the border needs to be protected. we need personnel and infrastructure. the infrastructure that exists at the border, people like elizabeth warren need to back stop's progress our agency has made. that requires legislation and this president has done more than any other to get mexico to engage on this problem. lots of problems still in mexico, but they are helping us at the border. liz: she wants to use our tax dollars to take down the you wall. >> a swamp along with the
7:00 pm
services that go along with it will keep us safer. liz: lou dobbs next on fox business. have a good weekend. [♪] lou: good evening, everybody. the radical dimms and the 59 days of impeachment inquiry as far aso -- farce that they conducted failed to put forward a plausible pretext to overthrow the president. the president's approval numbers are on the rise despite those 59 days. support for impeachment on the decline, and the democrats are fortunate to have the thanksgiving recess with which to recover and regroup. but those 59 days of absurdist political theater have awakened


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