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tv   Maria Bartiromos Wall Street  FOX Business  November 23, 2019 1:30am-2:00am EST

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you say this person shouldn't have been in this country. then why are they here? >> 100% preventable. and you are absolutely right. there is no reason for these things to be happening. as you know, we are not doing a thing in washington, d.c. the president is acting unilaterally because the congress refuses to be interested or take up the discussion about border security, and so these tragedies, and they abound, they will continue to happen. the president is doing everything he can on his own. but he's getting no help from congress. we are focused on other things in washington, d.c. right now. >> the trump administration is delivering a pretty dire warning to liberal states out there moving to bar i.c.e. from courthouses. attorney general bill barr, acting homeland security secretary warning state supreme courts in washington and oregon, that moving to stop i.c.e. from
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making arrests will create a level of what they call quote unacceptable risk. letting immigrants convicted of violent crimes loose in the communities. that won't be tolerated. so i will ask you what do you think the fallout could be. do they have a legal ground to stand on because that affects the rest of society. >> it does. i think they do have a legal ground. of course, we'll have to see what the courts think about it. immigration i am forcement is the purview of the federal government. but there is no reason for the local government to be letting convicted felons out into the streets among their population, their innocent population. and i would say this. if the courts don't adjudicate it correctly, i hope the citizens of those communities who are sick of the insecurity of knowing who is on the streets and knowing we are releasing
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convicted dangerous convicted felons on the treats that they will have enough of that very quickly and they will elect new leadership. that's what is definitely needed. trish: democrats want everybody to think it's inhumane to have everybody have borders and say to people, you can't come in. isn't it inhumane to not do that? it's poor treatment of the american citizens who are here right now to say we are going to out up to every tom, dick and harry criminal who wants to come here. >> if you look at montgomery county maryland, just south of where i live. the sanctuary community policy has led to all kind of almost an unprecedented level of either rapes or sexual assault by immigrant aliens that should not be here. and of course they are releasing them into the community. and i don't know how long the community wants to put up with
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that. our laws are to protect the american citizens. that's why we have laws in this country. trish: if you want to become an american citizen, do it the right way. >> that's what we are asking. that's all we are asking. just obey our laws as we have to. trish: president trump taking on the liberal media's misreporting of his routine medical exam. president trump: on the way back i'm hearing rumors i am in the hospital. then i am hearing rumors i had chest pains and a massive heart attack. my wife said darling are you okay? i said okay from what? trish: hyperbole, anyone? >> explosive. >> explosive. >> remarkable. >> truly remarkable. >> bombshell stunning. >> she wanted to move someplace warm. but he wanted snow for the holidays.
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ñ??w i want some more what's he doin? please sir. i want some more more? he has asked for... thank you well he did say please yes he did and, thank you (all boys): thank you, thank you, thank you.
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>> one bombshell after another. >> here are some of the fireworks from today's explosive testimony. >> i can't emphasize how explosive this is. >> the case for impeachment has never been so explosive and riveting. >> stunning testimony. trish: stunning, bombshell. wow. you can see the mainstream media and the dems were hoping for some solid proof of quid pro quo. that's what the schiff show is supposed to deliver. but instead here is the reality. this is what they got. >> i just asked him an open-ended question. what do you want from ukraine? i said i want nothing. i want no quid pro quo. tell zelensky to do the right
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thing. trish: they are now accusing president trump of somehow tainting the jury pool by hosting republicans for lunch at the white house. can you imagine that's their spin to bring down the president. how dare he do his job. here is what it tells us. we now know that they are officially scared because news of the criminal charge and the fisa probe out tonight and poll numbers showing president trump's increasing approval ratings since impeachment hearings gained kaight that independents are souring on his whole impeachment thing, it's clear they are not going to get what they hoped for or what they predicted. now in total desperation, richard blumenthal is accusing donald trump of this. >> his agenda is pretty clear, he's trying to you taint the
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jury pool and they should be above it. trish: somehow blumenthal is convinced the congress are vote for articles of impeachment and the president is trying to convince republican senators to vote for him. last i checked, the president is the president of the united states. and as president you meet with members of your own party. how is it okay for adam schiff to put on this schiff show, coaching witness, having his team meet with the whistleblower and lying about it on national television. joining me, kelly, good to see you. come on. i guess blumenthal is convinced the house is going to vote for articles of impeachment. what does this tell you that they are making wild accusations
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trying to say he's tainting the jury pool by doing this job? is that an indication of how'd terrified they are? >> this is all the same thing. it's the same story. it's been going on since the president got elected. we had 2 1/2 years of ther of the mueller investigation that was promised by the mainstream media to be explosive, to be a bombshell and tie the president and name him as a russian agent, and none of that happened. so what happens is you see the moving of the goal post. if you look at when the president's call was on ukraine the day before was the day mueller testified publicly. that bombed. so then the deep state has to go to work, right? it has got to go to work and find another media narrative to accomplish their end goal of impeachment. what we saw this week was an utter fail. it was boring. there is no smoking gun.
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unlike water gait scandal or the bill clinton impeachment where you had tapes and a blue dress. here you have presumptions assumptions. innuendo. trish: they are all interpretations thinking we think he wanted. there is no factual information to back them up. i find it extremely disturbing that they are willing to effectively take away the rights of 63 million people who voted for president trump and to somehow negate all that because they don't like him. >> it's absolutely disgusting what is going on. the american people are smart. if we look at the ratings. first day of this impeachment trial was the highest. since then it has gone down the hill. it's nothing but a partisan witch hunt. they have no evidence. these are unelected bureaucrats. they have policy differences
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with the president. and wee elected the president to go into washington, d.c. and shake things up and that's what he's doing. trish: as the media gloms on to this blumenthal stuff. how many reports did we see questioning the president's health a few short days ago. >> i think he's someone who has some neurological issues which no one has ever really addressed. look at what happened, you see them going for earn unannounced visit on a saturday to walter reed to get things done that could have easily been done at the white house. trish: the president telling "fox and friends" he's totally fine. president trump: on the way back i'm hearing rumors i'm in the hospital, then i'm hearing rumors i am having chest pains and i had a massive heart attack. after we certified with medical people, we had three medical people call them up and say it's
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not true, they went with it anyway. trish: dr. marc siegel says it's nuts, and i are responsible for doctors to be speculating on the president's health. off course he's under stress and under pressure. the way a doctor is supposed to look at things, we are like judges assembling facts. it's a disgrace to look at the idea he just visits walter reed. >> when is someone going to say enough. this media crossed a line into total absurdity and i are absure responsibland i areresponsibili. >> when another hillary clinton literally fell down at a 9/11 ceremony and people started wondering what was hillary clinton's health. it's off limits. that's a question we should not ask. we should respect her.
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republicans are going totally out of line questioning her health. but with this president, who is -- he's got endurance and energy, he just took a 14-hour day trip to texas and back. there is know signs of his health fading. he went to get a physical, came back. provided the doctor's report. he has been more transparent than he needs to be yet the mainstream media still won't believe him. trish: coming you have next, more evidence of what the media likes to call a conspiracy theory. >> the president isn't telling the truth. these allegations against joe biden and hunter bind he's repeating. >> it was confirmation of expire theories. soot claims against joe biden have been revealed at outright lies. trish: not quite.
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trish: republicans are asking important questions surrounding the biden's rape with ukraine.
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senator lindsey graham is -- the bidens relationship with ukraine. nor lindsey graham is investigating. we know there was something going on, some kind of pay-to-play. but is there more to the story than that. what kind of influence did ukraine really carry with the administration and how much did the annoy when done there are chart taken entirely different course. >> promoting u.s. policy in ukraine. >> if it's totally against u.s. policy goals that's a mistake. >> i worked to cord name s. policy. >> the official u.s. policy toward ukraine. >> the policy was about fighting
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corruption. >> also responsible for causing u.s. policy for all of western europe. trish: to be clear, everyone in the deep state. the president sets policy on the international stage. not bureaucrats. for the record, this president has done a lot more for ukraine than any other president. as one emerging market investor told me, ukraine is in better financial stipulate now. joining me now, south carolina congressman ralph norman. how annoyed do you think some people were or are that are in the deep state that suddenly confronted their life's work being turned upside down because this president-elected by the american people has a different set of goals for people on the
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international stage. >> this past week was not good for democrats. the witness were witnesses to nothing. for this to happen again is unbelievable. now to the tomorrow inquired pro question is what joe biden and his son did. that's wait uncovered. what's -- wait uncovered. -- what it uncovered. the bombshell is the light that's been shed on hunter biden. if any of us were accused of getting $80,000 every 30 days, getting the government to give us loans to the tune of $130 million. they don't dispute it, they just go and hide. trish: the $130 million was being route to a subsidiary in the caymans.
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he's sending his profits through a subsidiary in the caymans, that's when you say, son, we have to have a talk. but the vice president aloud his son to do this. people around the vice president at the time were afraid to tell him, hey, joe, this doesn't look good. >> joe biden knows this. he has gotten by with it for too long. this is taxpayer money he's robbing the coffers and putting in his son's pocket. trish: you know, there is a lot of questions here. lindsey graham is opening this investigation rightly so. but i suspect if people wanted to go to town on all this, there might be more there. you think about the influence that ukraine was trying to court with the administration. if you wanted to dig deep, i think it's not just joe and
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hunter biden. i think you would want to look into the clinton foundation as well. >> this opens the door. that's why senator graham once the justice department report is out december 9, he will start calling witnesses, he will get the whistleblower up there so president trump can have his people. he can investigate adam schiff. let adam schiff who has been the judge, jury and executioner, let him get on the stand and answer questions. he's been picking the group he wanted on. trish, it's a sham. the polls are not being kind to the democrats who are trying to as you say, take the 63 million americans who voted for president trump and put him in office. with 11.5 months to go before we can pick, it will be iting what they do from here on out. i doubt they want senator
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graham, if they pass impeachment in the house which they have got the votes to do, if they want their people try to face what lindsey graham, he will have an in department investigation on all these people. the numbers don't show that the american people have the appetite for it. >> certainly not. it sets a horrible precedent. good to see you. thank you very much. coming up next, john bolton tweeted several times fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. including your interest rate right by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right with sofi. check your rate in two minutes or less.
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we have a lot more coming up next week. this story is just getting started. [ cow moos ] >> a montana cowboy inherits a barren patch of prairie. >> this place isn't big enough to starve to death on. >> but beneath the parched soil, he finds prehistoric treasure. >> this is one of the most important discoveries in this century. >> i've got a year to try to see if i can survive with our ranch and selling dinosaur fossils. this is a jaw bone to a tyrannosaurus rex that i found. >> will this cowpoke's strange inheritance lead him to boom... >> whoo! >> [ laughs ] >> ...or bust? >> lightning doesn't strike the same place very often. [ chuckles ] maybe never. ♪


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