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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  November 25, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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thing. we are getting fatigued with it all. it's a great time to be an american. thanksgiving this week, christmas next month, hanukkah. we will end on a happy note. thank you both very much. kristina partsinevelos is in for liz claman. kristina: it's a good time to be in america. i love it. charles: hosting the 3:00 p.m. hour. kristina: to be talking to you. charles: absolutely. kristina: thank you, charles. have a good day. all right. history in the crosshairs as wall street and the s&p 500, nasdaq zero in on new record closes. their ninth this month alone. as optimism that a u.s./china phase one trade deal may be getting closer to the finish line. the dow needs just 161 points today to join that party. you can see it on the screen now. it's 142 points, really not that far off. s&p 500 up almost 19 points. the nasdaq up 102 points. all of this comes on the day that billionaire businessman and former new york city mayor mike
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bloomberg hits the campaign trail for the very first time. he just walked out onstage in norfolk, virginia. we will tell you how he's spending his first day as an official 2020 democratic candidate. getting crowded. a very busy day at the white house as the president meets with the prime minister of bulgaria but his comments on the usmca trade deal is what's making headlines, saying house speaker nancy pelosi is incapable of moving the deal with mexico and can ka doorada . we have carla hill exclusively to tell us if she expects to see the usmca get a vote later on this year. meanwhile, tesla making the most of its auto glass fail. we love this video. got to keep playing it. as potential customers slap down a hundred bucks to get their orders in for a cyber truck, what you are seeing right now. but the company that is powering the ev race is here in our studios. we have a fox business exclusive with the blink charging company
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ceo. we are less than an hour away to the closing bell. i'm kristina partsinevelos in for liz claman. let's start "the claman countdown." kristina: it's got to be manic merger monday. more than $60 billion worth h hitting the tape today including one that was in the works last week, td ameritrade shares are higher after bigger rival charles schwab agreed to buy it in a $26 billion all-stock deal by combining the industry leaders, schwab expects to reap as much as $4 billion in financial benefits. you also have tiffany trading higher after it agreed to a sweetened offer from french luxury house lvmh, owner of louis vuitton, for $16.2 billion. the deal works out to about 7.5%
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premium to tiffany's close on friday. and drug developer medicines company, shares hit a record high today. right now you are seeing it trading up about 15 bucks, 22.3%. definitely higher today. last but not least, swiss drug maker novartis buying the company for $9.7 billion as it attempts to break into the cardiovascular medicine business. i said last but not least but of course we have more. ebay is selling its ticketing unit stub hub for $4 billion in an all cash deal to ticket reseller via go go. the deal comes nearly a year after the e-commerce company came under pressure from activist investors to sell off some of its businesses. so 2020, we keep talking about it, all the democrats, could this be the battle of the billionaires? after weeks of speculation, one of the wealthiest men in the world has entered the presidential race. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg. bloomberg holding his first
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campaign event right now. you can see it on the screen. he's speaking at this very hour. with just ten weeks to go before voting begins, is it too late? too little, too late? we'll see. to fox business's hillary vaughn, who is following all the action. she joins us now in d.c. with the very very latest. hillary? take us through it. reporter: 2020 democrats are flooding early states like iowa and new hampshire, but the newest man in the race, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg, is flooding tv screens outside of early states instead. just two days into his campaign, bloomberg has already spent more on tv ads than any other candidate in the race except for the other billionaire running, tom steyer. spending over $30 million to place ads in 100 media markets with 60-second spots spread out in cities like new york, los angeles, houston and miami. bloomberg's first stop on the campaign trail, just a few miles south of here. norfolk, virginia. he did a coffee meet and greet,
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now he's talking to the press explaining why he decided to make norfolk his first stop. he says he helped democrats take back the majority in state offices in virginia and he plans to do the same thing across the country, and that's part of his plan, his strategy to defeat president donald trump. but bloomberg has other questions that have been raised by his candidacy, including his media empire, bloomberg news, that faces an ethical dilemma how to cover the boss. bloomberg's news editor in chief told employees that there will be new ground rules. bloomberg as a candidate and other 2020 democrats will get special treatment, no investigative reporting about any of them, but not the same rules for the republican in the race, president donald trump. the editor in chief explaining why there are these different rules for different people in the race. they say president trump is the president and so he is expected to be subjected to scrutiny
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while they are going to stay away from the other democrats in the race. kristina: i just want to reiterate, you said $30 million on tv ads and he just entered the race? reporter: $30 million, two days into the race. kristina: look at that. let's see what money can buy, right? thank you. hillary vaughn, thank you very much. we've got an early gift to the bulls this week as the s&p 500 and nasdaq hit record highs today. perhaps you can call it the santa claus rally, starting a little bit early this year as the calendar moves towards a seasonally strong time for stocks. historical data shows december is the best month for the s&p 500, up about 1.6%. but you got to keep in mind christmas eve last year, we saw stocks plunge, i remember, i was on the new york stock exchange floor, it was chaos. let's actually go to the floor show right now and talk to those trade traders, get a sense what you're expecting. scott redler, phil flynn and
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luke ribari. thank you all for joining me. scott, i want to start with you. this continuous expansion we are seeing, these highs we keep hitting, we got 161 points we need to beat so we can see the dow hit a new high, is it a time you would recommend for people to get in, or is it a moment of caution for you? >> it all depends on the time frame. as a trader, we are trying to stay with the trend, trying to stay with the rally. every few weeks, the rally takes a different form. if you look today, you see the small caps for the first time in a year breaking over a key level. i think traders are focusing on getting above, the iwm last week, maybe adding today, getting a little alpha there. a few weeks before that it was mega-cap tech. a few weeks before that, the dow led. every few weeks we are getting a type of flavor but the trend is strong, the s&p, as long as it's above the eight-day it's very strong and at this point, i think traders are going to use that 3100 level to stay
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involved. if all of a sudden some volatility hits, maybe they tighten it up but as of now, with thanksgiving coming up, historically a strong period, we are trying to stay with the rally. kristina: phil, you just had scott say trends are strong at the moment. seems relatively optimistic. is there anything that you could see in the global market, say macro? we have pro-democratic forces that are doing a little better in hong kong but is there anything else you are concerned about that could change the pace for oil, could change the pace for markets as a whole? >> i believe in santa claus. i believe santa's here and i think he's going to come and i think there's really nothing that i'm worried about that i can foresee right now, at least until the end of the year. so no, i think the santa claus rally is on, i think it will be exceptional. you look at all the consumers right now. they are the strongest they have been in many years. you have low gasoline prices. you have starts that are doing fantastic and a lot of people are getting excited for this black friday holiday. now, yeah, could the u.s./china trade talks blow up, could there
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be some kind of disaster, but you mentioned merger mania today, for example. all that activity in the marketplace to me seems to suggest there's value in the marketplace and that's why i think santa claus is coming to town. kristina: you have two guys, scott and phil, relatively optimistic for this trend to continue. is there anything that changes your mindset? even the vix is at 11. we had jay powell say we are a long way from neutral but it doesn't seem like that. what do you think? >> yeah. bah, humbug is what i will say. kristina: we need another voice. go ahead. >> well, i mean, about 500 points ago in the market, i said there's no need to be fully invested. that was probably 500 points on the dow. but i still believe that. i look at all the risk around the world, i look at the impeachment, i look at the china deal and i just want to say this again, there is no deal. there is an outline and they have changed that before.
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so there is no deal with china. the market's going up on earnings that were thought to be very low. a lot of companies met or beat a little bit, then the market went up. but technology is still leading us. look at the fang stocks, look at stocks like nvidia and amd. look at all the risks around the world. china, hong kong, syria, russia, impeachment, brexit and the vix as you mentioned being around 11, this is starting to get to levels where it usually bounces from here or doesn't go much lower, so you still want to be invested in quality companies, but to me, this is still not the time to go all in. kristina: what do you mean by quality? what do you mean by quality? >> i will give you stocks i have invested in. amd, nvidia, google, stocks that have a lot of cash on hand, especially stocks like google that have a powerful position, or some stocks that pay good dividends, also look at microsoft, but these are the stocks that are leading the entire market up. those are the things you want to
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be invested in, not too many high flyers. i would stay away from some of the other stuff that's moving on momentum like tesla. it's not a time to be in it right now. kristina: unfortunately, we have to leave it there. i feel like we get really dragged down on which stocks to own right now, especially going into this santa claus rally. santa is coming, right? thank you, scott, phil and luke. appreciate your help, guys. all right. intel among the dow 30 leaders after inking a deal with media tech, plans to bring 5g to a new generation of pcs by 2021. that's just around the corner. it's the chip maker behind some of the biggest names in gaming helping to fuel the nasdaq and s&p higher into the close. nvidia surging on an upgrade to overweight by morgan stanley. the brokerage putting its chips on a comeback for nvidia's gaming market come 2020. shares right now are higher. we will go more into that after the break.
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the mercedes-benz winter event. whoa. he was pretty good this year.
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kristina: a fox business alert right now. beyond meat blazing into the close. shares seeing a volume spike moments ago after reuters reported that its closest plant-based protein rival, impossible foods, is seeking to double its current $2 billion valuation with new funding. beyond meat getting a halo effect right now, currently up about 1%. you can see on the screen. the fake meat maker's market cap sitting just below 4.8 billion. the company's value tripling since its may ipo. switching gears completely.
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moments ago, president trump making headlines on the usmca during a white house meeting at the white house with bulgarian prime minister, calling out nancy pelosi for not having the deal signed, sealed and delivered on his desk by now. we've got blake burman outside the white house right now. we keep talking about this and the fact it's just not getting signed. what are you feeling based off of being right there at the white house? reporter: look, the white house is trying to put all of this pressure not only on democrats but specifically nancy pelosi to move the usmca forward, to get that vote on to the house floor, because the white house feels, it has felt for awhile that if it were to get to that point, there would be enough votes. the question is, will nancy pelosi and democrats allow it to come to the floor which would give the president a signature trade deal victory. as we heard from the president just a little while ago, meeting with his counterpart from
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bulgaria, let's just leave it there. the president also had a different target. we heard him talk pelosi, pelosi, pelosi, but the president contended today as well he thinks the afl-cio has an interest in this one. listen here to the president. >> she hasn't wanted to do it because i understand a couple of the unions, afl-cio, they are asking her to hold it for awhile because maybe it makes trump look bad although i get a lot of votes out of the afl-cio. reporter: the afl-cio did meet with nancy pelosi up on the hill last week to discuss a way forward. today, though, when the president was talking about pelosi, he said should this not get to the floor at any point soon, then it is possible that canada and mexico could potentially pull out of the deal. that was the president's contention here. watch. >> a lot of time is being wasted but you're going to have mexico
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and canada pull it pretty soon, and if they do, it's her fault. not mine. we gave you a great deal. it's her fault. reporter: the white house has been hoping that the usmca could get put to the floor for a vote first in october, then they said november, now they are saying the end of the year but the timing on this is very clearly fluid. nancy pelosi suggested last week that this might not get done this year. kristina: what we don't want to hear. thank you, blake burman. appreciate it. let's turn to the big board right now. the dow near session highs, nearly in record territory, up 153, almost 154 points. you got uber hitting a stop sign in london after the city stripped it of its operating license this morning for the second time in two years. the london transport regulators saying the ride hailing giant was not fit and proper, and put passenger safety at risk. uber says it will fight the ruling. it was lower this morning, now you can see it's also down about
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1.5%. up next, tesla's armored glass fails in its cyber truck debut but orders for the electric pickup helping pick up the pieces. meanwhile, one company is helping to power the ev race. we will introduce you to the blink charging company. the ceo will be here for an exclusive with "the claman countdown." look at that on your screen right now. that's coming up after the commercial break. (people talking) for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays local. shop small and watch it add up. small business saturday by american express is november 30th. thlook at all this ink no more bit comes big ink tanks. lots of ink. no more cartridges. incredible amount of ink. the epson ecotank. just fill and chill.
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for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays local. shop small and watch it add up. small business saturday by american express is november 30th. kristina: good news for investors. the dow at session highs right now and the s&p 500, look at that, the nasdaq all racing for record closes. you can see that we need to hit 151 points, the dow up 164. so we are keeping this trend going. the santa claus like phil said earlier, santa claus has come early, i guess. the car industry is more electrified than ever before. you've got elon musk's tweet proving just that, after the
3:23 pm
tesla ceo tweeted that tesla's new cyber truck has reached 200,000 preorders. taking a look at those shares right now of tesla, we can see that it has been climbing higher despite the fallback last week when we saw the crashing of the glass armored windows that weren't supposed to crash, that tesla's stock did definitely skid on friday and this video is just phenomenal which is why all media outlets seem to play it over and over again. but he did say he was going to fix the car in posts. they weren't expecting that. they had a sledge hammer, too. it makes for great tv. i think of it like a trapezoid on wheels. some people compare it to art. great tweets online. i encourage you to check that out. with over one million electric vehicles in the united states, that means there's a need for even more places to charge up. our next guest is the largest owner and operator of ev stations with over 15,000 across the country. joining us now on fox business as an exclusive is blink charging company's ceo michael fargas. thank you for joining us. let's talk about blink, and the
3:24 pm
fact you have tesla, you have a lot of other players in the market, you have quite a few, over 15,000. so what is -- explain for those that don't have an electric vehicle how this differentiates itself from the rest. >> this charges much faster than our competitors' products. also we own and operate the hardware which separates us from the other manufacturers. they look for upgrade cycles. we look to make sure the hardware will work in the ground for many many years. kristina: what kind of partnerships are you forming with a lot -- like where are you putting them, for example? >> all over the place. even within a block from here, we have different parking garage operators, ace parking, icon parking, we deal with all the parking garage operators. that's where most of the cars are. that's where we put our charging stations. kristina: what about retailers like walmart, for example? >> we have walmart locations, walgreens, kohl's, kroger's. we are pretty much everywhere you can think of. kristina: how long have you been doing had? >> we now started our 11th year. kristina: okay. 11th year. based off the trajectory of your
3:25 pm
company and the fact you have grown quite a bit, where do you want to take blink next, especially as the ev market starts to grow and hopefully more and more consumers shift their preferences to electric vehicles? >> we plan to be wherever you are parking your car. it's that simple. kristina: does that mean you will downsize that? that's quite big. >> that's actually a wall unit, the little gray box. that's a pedestal for when you don't have a wall to mount it on. it's a small footprint for a charging station, especially as powerful as it is. kristina: what about the efficiency to keep electricity costs down for a home that has an electric vehicle, i take your product, how does that work? again, i'm coming from the point of view where i don't really understand much the entire industry. >> this is a commercial charging station. this will be a multi-family residential facility, this will be in retail locations. kristina: not homes, then? >> multi-family. not single family homes. we have a different product you can buy on amazon for a single family home. you could set those to plug at
3:26 pm
off-peak hours. you could charge a car at the most economical price. kristina: the president of general motors wrote an op-ed recently talking about some of the issues that will stop people from shifting to, you know, it becoming the next big trend, ev. he said it had to do with the driving range because they can't go that far on one battery. the cost, because right now some of them are expensive despite that $39,000 cyber truck we are seeing from tesla, and the infrastructure. what do you say to those points? >> battery prices have come down roughly 80% in the last six years. we are looking at prices coming down even more so. so in regards to range, you can add more batteries for less cost to the car, so you can increase the range. charging infrastructure is the hole we are filling. kristina: what about the regulators and just putting -- it still seems to be a major issue. i know i'm honing in on this but the infrastructure is always the topic of conversation. people don't want to drive through the desert or wherever because they are scared their car will run out and all of a sudden, they can't charge it.
3:27 pm
>> cars' ranges are increasing. tesla is coming out with a 500 mile truck. i have a tesla that drives over 300 miles. you really don't need as much range as you think you do. the human body needs to rest during those times. kristina: let's actually bring up your company. blink, the stock. we just saw it on the screen. talk about it again just in terms of the strength of the company. you are talking about you want to have full saturation across the market, so is there anything that we should know about your company, anything you want to share, just in regards to those that are looking to possibly be investors out there? >> yes. there's no question about it, the future of mobility is electric. we are filling that hole. if you look at companies for the last hundred years, the most valuable ones have typically been those that fuel the transportation system of their areas, whether it's in the u.s., europe, anywhere in the world. what we are doing is taking over for the fuel companies. kristina: i just have one last quick question just in regards to pushing people to buy an electric vehicle. do you think it's going to be more about price or more up to the government to be providing
3:28 pm
subsidies? >> i think it's more about product. in the past we have had compliance product, cars that go about 100 miles or less. now we have beautiful cars that drive long distances, that have autonomy in all these unbelievable functionality and features. i think the cars will sell themselves. kristina: thank you so much for joining us. it was really interesting. i'm sorry, i don't know as much as you do about the details of that. we have markets charging to record closes. you can see the dow up 169 points. look at that. we will, if it keeps this pace, be at a record close. the s&p 500 up 21 points and the nasdaq up 107 points. market's getting an early boost from news that the phase one trade deal with china is inching closer to the finish line. former u.s. trade representative ambassador carla hill is here exclusively to tell us what needs to happen next to put pen to paper and what she thinks of the president's latest comments on the usmca trade deal. "the claman countdown" is coming right back.
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3:33 pm
ambassador carla hill. she served as a member of president bush's senior cabinet or as u.s. trade representative. thank you so much for joining us right now. let's actually dive right into just the current situation. you have some that say progresses being made between china and the united states, but it kind of seems to be the same story again and again. it's like we're going full circle. what do you think? >> i think we don't know. kristina: good answer. >> that's exactly it. we are looking for a mini deal but there are problems in reaching that. china wants us to reduce tariffs. we are focused on enforcement and so we'll see. the global times, as you mentioned, this morning said they were close. but that kind of reporting has been out before. we have been close many times before. kristina: i liked your answer. we don't know. what about the fact that china
3:34 pm
separately announcing they will add tighter regulations when it comes to intellectual property rights which is often the unanswered problem in a lot of these trade deals? this seems to be kind of an olive branch. do you think so? >> i think it's a step in the right direction. it's in china's interests, toometoo. it's a win-win. china should enforce its intellectual property rules carefully. it issued more patents last year than any other country in the world. what we are asking of it is we ask them to move toward market economy, is actually in their interest. it will generate growth. let's hope we can achieve a deal. kristina: we have december 15th, that is just around the corner, and this could be something that would derail markets to a certain extent. we are seeing the dow right now up 168 points. it could hit a record close today. what do you think will happen with this deadline looming? it doesn't seem like the president is going to be stopping the tariffs from going
3:35 pm
forward at this point. >> if you know that -- kristina: i don't know. i'm guessing. again, i know nothing. i'm going to take the words out of your mouth and say the exact same thing, i don't know. obviously this is all just speculation which is what we have been doing for months on end. but with your thoughts and your expertise in the trade world, do you think it's the right move for the united states to go forward with december 15th? let me rephrase it that way, then. >> well, yes, i think the uncertainty caused by the lack of a deal is unfortunate and it is affecting markets around the globe. so i would like to see us not only move through the first segment, the mini deal, but the second and third if it takes it. let's get peace and then we will get prosperity. kristina: i like that. let's get peace. speaking of just moving forward, usmca, that's another big topical trade deal right now. you have the president just earlier today talk about pulling out, if there's no vote that happens, and putting the blame on nancy pelosi.
3:36 pm
what are your thoughts regarding the progress of the usmca and the dangers that could come from pulling out of nafta? >> i know that the mexican congress has sent to our congress a letter saying that they have just passed a budget deal and with an ample coverage of labor enforcement. i think the uncertainty again, to have the president say on one day he's going to pull out of it and on another day, it's the best agreement that's ever been negotiated, is a problem. would you want to invest if you didn't know what the rules were going to be? i don't think so. that's having an effect both of our economies, indeed, the global economy. kristina: ambassador, our own reporter blake burman, who is at the white house right now, is telling us that the issue with the progress with this deal going forward has to do with labor, that they can't seem to agree on that. have you looked at the details and could weigh in on why that's such a roadblock?
3:37 pm
>> the real issue is enforcement of labor. kristina: okay. >> it isn't that they haven't agreed on the terms, as i understand it. but can we rely upon mexico to enforce those provisions. and we have asked them to increase the amount of their resources going into enforcement and review, and they say they have. so we have to get comfortable, we have to have a way of looking at it and getting back with them if it doesn't work. kristina: i have a really simple question. do you feel like there's a major difference between the current nafta deal that we have and the new usmca? >> yes. i think that there are -- that the original north american free trade agreement needed to be updated. the new agreement does do that. this agreement, the new agreement, has tougher rules of origin. i think that's going to be a hard swallow for small and medium sized businesses that constitute 90% of our exporters,
3:38 pm
not in terms of value but in terms of numbers. so there are some changes. things that i would not have recommended to the president. but better to have an agreement than no agreement at all. kristina: thank you so much for your insight. we really appreciate it. ambassador carla hill. >> thank you. kristina: thank you. let's move on to the big board right now. you can see the dow up 168 points. up next, charlie breaks it on the state of the state's case against t-mobile and sprint tie-up as one ag cuts the cord on his opposition. don't forget to catch me, kristina partsinevelos and david asman on the rest of the "bulls & bears" crew tonight and every night this week at 5:00 p.m. eastern time right here on fox business. "the claman countdown" is coming up right after the break. does your broker offer more than just free trades? fidelity has zero commissions for online u.s. equity trades and etfs, plus zero minimums to open a brokerage account.
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kristina: as the trial for the state ag's lawsuit against the $26 billion sprint/t-mobile case resumes, today they persuaded texas ag ken paxton and nevada state ag aaron ford to drop out. but will that help them in settling with the two biggest opponents, new york and california? of course, we got to go to our man charlie gasparino, who is joining us now with the very, very latest. >> we should point out my producer did break it today that nevada was on the list to be picked off. the news just crossed the wire now that the state ag in nevada is now supporting the tri sprint/t-mobile deal. that brings us to a little more than a dozen state ags that's supporting this. still, state ags are largely democrats, thus you will see the bulk of state ags still are against this deal because they think it's bad for consumers, whether or not the numbers point
3:43 pm
that out. we don't have to litigate that here. here's what we do know. we do know that sprint and t-mobile, listen, their whole game plan is to pick off enough of these guys so when it comes down to like hours before this thing goes to court on december 9th, they go to california and new york, the two main litigants, to stop the merger and say listen, we got all these people lining up on our side, you have an uphill battle in court, let's do a deal. what we understand is that john legere and the people running t-mobile and the combined company right now which has the fcc approval, has doj approval but does face this existential threat from state ags in federal court, they are discussing a way to go to the state ags, the two lead state ag plaintiffs, go to them and say let's do a deal and from what we understand, it will be days before the 9th.
3:44 pm
i think the 9th falls on a monday. look for that weekend, the weekend of the 7th, 8th, look for that weekend to be a lot of lawyers sending around memos to each other. that's what i hear, there's a good chance they are going to reach out for a possible settlement. now, we -- kristina: what about the possible settlement? what do you think could be in there for new york given they are dropping out like flies? colorado last month, nevada, texas? >> remember, somewhere, but the bulk are not. 12 are and you know, what's 12 minus 50? i don't know. 51, when you consider district of columbia. a majority haven't. i think, they are very committed -- listen, this is a big political story. every liberal -- every liberal telecom expert says this is a bad deal for consumers, because it reduces the number of telecom carriers, thus it could hurt wireless prices for average people. i don't believe the numbers really show that, just so you know.
3:45 pm
sprint was going out of business anyway, just so you know. they were not in very good shape. they were not involved in the price wars. a stronger sprint/t-mobile can reduce prices. so that's the theory that the other side has. but what could they do? listen, new york and california are two big union states. maybe protecting jobs. these are not union shops so maybe they enter into something that involves the unions, i don't know. there's other consumer give-backs they can engage in. there's a whole thing with dish, creating a fourth wireless carrier from assets that they are unloading. maybe there is something to do with that where they get a deal where it's cheaper. listen, there's wiggle room here. don't get me wrong. they gave up a lot to do the deal, to get justice department approval. there's more wiggle room. look for the wiggle room to be presented to the state ags, namely california and new york, on the eve of the trial. i will just say this. there is only so much you can push this before they say
3:46 pm
listen, we are going to court and we will roll the dice in court and if you kill the deal, you kill the deal. but that's where we are right now. kristina: i have one quick question. keep it short. sprint. we talked about it, already failing, stock's less than six bucks. if this deal doesn't go through, think it's still dead in the water eventually over the next coming year? >> if this deal does not -- kristina: if this merger doesn't happen, what's going to happen to sprint? >> oh, they have a rough time. you know, they are going to -- already t-mobile is talking about renegotiating the price of the deal that they paid too much for sprint, because its finances aren't as good as it whaas when they first started this thing. i don't see them as being a competitive threat in the long run. i tell you, if they don't do this deal, the bottom line is this. dhou how do we really compete on 5g when you have weakened carriers? one of the things that allows sprint to maybe survive in the future and keep jobs and maybe develop better 5g technology is the fact they are with a bigger,
3:47 pm
better company. kristina: thank you. charlie gasparino. as always, on "the claman countdown." let's check the big boards. the dow just up 162 points. we need 161. there you go. it's at that record high. hopefully we can keep that until the close. up next, elsa and olaf freezing the competition at the box office as icebergs may lurk ahead for one giant in the streaming wars. jackie deangelis has it live from the floor of the new york stock exchange when "the claman countdown" comes right back. ( ♪ ) sure, the content's easy. but then you have to connect, download, edit, reformat, output, save, send, upload... still uploading... and maybe eventually post. this isn't working. introducing samsung business video solutions. with the galaxy note10, you can shoot, edit and post thumb-stopping videos, all from one device. samsung business solutions.
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kristina: disney's "frozen 2" thawing out the box office in a big way. the nordic princess sequel blowing in $127 million in its
3:51 pm
u.s. opening, bringing worldwide sales totals to $350 million. that's setting a new global opening weekend record for animated films. you can see it on the screen right there. i have not seen it but disney's latest box office haul creating market magic for shares right now. up a little less than a percent, trading at $149.26. as we head into the final minutes of the trading day, disney's streaming rival netflix also heating up. you can see shares up 1.4%. shares are melting away the new icicles of doubt by coming from one major name on the street. let's go to jackie deangelis live on the floor of the new york stock exchange with more on netflix. reporter: good afternoon. yeah, it appears the stock is defying gravity a little after wells fargo downgraded netflix, basically saying the cost of netflix to get new subscribers is going to be more expensive than wall street realizes. they downgraded the stock to underperform, $265 price target. you can see it's trading at a
3:52 pm
little bit more than $315 there. what's interesting here is that wells fargo says yeah, possible netflix could turn a profit but they've got to take these drastic measures to be able to do it and of course, that's not very encouraging. netflix shares have had a bit of a rough time, down 12% in the last six months but then rebounding a little bit in the last month alone. this is after disney launched, it wasn't necessarily as painful for subscriber growth as investors were thinking that it would be. but remember, if you're watching the services that are out there, apple put its service out there as well. there is just so much competition. netflix was one of the first movers but it's hard to hold on to that lead. kristina: we have less than eight minutes to the close right now and it looks like we could finish on another record for the dow. it's up 174 points. given all the traders around you on the floor right now, how is the optimism, what are they saying, especially going into december and santa claus rally
3:53 pm
that's supposed to happen, what are they telling you? reporter: well, nobody is looking too far out. right now, it's moving day by day. today, you don't have any negative headlines. as a matter of fact, you've got some positive merger news, you're not really hearing anything about china that's on the negative side, so investors right now are looking at the momentum to the upside but you know, part of it is also the algorithms and momentum of the market so when you start to move up like this and you break that 28,000 level, you look to break the next record, it's certainly possible with the dow up 173 points but it's a mixture of factors and traders will tell you that doesn't mean it can't turn the other way tomorrow. kristina: i think you hit it on the head by saying no news right now is a positive. the times have changed. thank you very much, jackie deangelis, appreciate it. we have the closing bell ringing in less -- yes, less than seven minutes right now. our "countdown" closer says there's a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving and has some picks that will have you diversify your portfolio as --
3:54 pm
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♪. kristina: we're seeing a trifecta with stocks. dow, s&p, nasdaq on verge of new record closes. the dow spiking with session highs. three minutes to go with the closing bell. s&p 500 up 22 points. nasdaq up almost 111 points. that we'll go straight to jordan kimmel who is on set right now. we'll talk about the rally. the fact we keep hitting highs. are you optimistic, do you think now is scary time to give in given the new highs? >> it is great to be here with new highs, long term you always have to be bullish. in my entire career. there has only been a couple times when there has been nothing to worry about. that is when everyone has their
3:58 pm
chips pushed in when everything starts to after develop. this is clearly a bull market. you have to make hay while the sun is shining but keep it quality. this is not the time to start buying, someone gives you a tip at thanks giving party type of time. kristina: what would you suggest if you brought up quality? >> i have the model, kristina, always looks at value, growth momentum combine them. everything i buy has increasing revenues and increasing margins but we took it to another step we look at corporate governance in very important way. transparency of operations. everyone knows the consumer is in a good place right now. but there is a lot of bad consumer companies. i'm very selective. i'm bringing couple names like logitech. everyone looks at mouse on a computer it is logic tech. mastercard is another company in the portfolio. kristina: just to challenge you,
3:59 pm
now, how relevant is that when people use laptops? >> corporate communication thing. not only, that people park about egaming. kristina: logic tech make most of them? into they make most of them. what i also believe in is not buy, hold and forget. everything you do, you have to make sure, are the revenues increasing this year. are the margins increasing this year? so i keep my portfolio fresh with healthy names, and you can go to sleep think whatever you buy today is good 20 years from now. kristina: what would you stay away from? >> anything with a lot of sexy story and high valuation. kristina: beyond meat? >> beyond meat's a joke. below that you have to be profitable. there has to be margins. so beyond meat is you know, story we wouldn't even go close to. but i think it's a matter right now of having the best company
4:00 pm
to find. kristina: stay away from sexy stories. drop the confetti though. >> thank you. kristina: record for dow, s&p 500. that will do it for the "claman countdown". kristina partsinevelos is out. melissa francis. melissa: new records on wall street. all three major averages ending the day in the green on renewed hope for u.s. china trade deal. always one way or the other. the dow ending up. ashley: i'm work here is done, i'm not connell mcshane. i'm bely webster. this is "after the bell." s&p 500 at 24th record this year. ho-hum, nasdaq leading major averages. finishing with the


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