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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 26, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EST

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[♪] lou: good evening, everybody. the swamp mostly clear tonight of radical dimms who have previously focused on just overthrowing the president the last two months. the president took the time to slam the dimms and tout his successes. and they criticize nancy pelosi for slow walking a major trade deal that would help americans, canadians and mexicans. today another record-breaking performance. all three major stock indexes at
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new record highs. the president highlighting his support for the men and women of our military. the navy director richard spencer and alex an determine vineman. president trump: we spent $2.5 trillion on rebuilding our armed forces. you let sergeant bergdahl go, you let others go, including a young gentleman, a person who president obama let go who stole tremendous amounts of classified information. and you let that person go. so when you have a system that allows sergeant bergdahl to go, and you probably had 5 to 6
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people killed. nobody knows the number because he left. and he gets a slap on the wrist if that. then you have a system where the warriors get put in jail for 25 years. i will stick up for the warriors. lou: the american people understand he's work for them. the president's approval numbers are on the rise, and support to impeach him falling significantly. the radical left are running into head winds, obstacles, every time they try to tear down this president. they make him only increasingly stronger. the dimms have vastly overplayed their hand in their attempt to remove him from office. adam schiff, once the poster boy of anti-obstructionism is now
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the prime emblem of hypocrisy and failure. this is schiff as he refuses to commit to testifying if called in a senate impeachment trial. >> president trump said you should be compelled to testify. would you be willing to do so in the house judiciary committee and the senate. >> there is nothing for me to testify about. if the president or his allies in the senate persist in this, it means they are not serious about what they are doing. lou: what a change of tune. if the president asserts executive privilege to keep witnesses from participating in schiff's impeachment circus, president trump then is obstructing justice, in schiff's word. but if schiff were to be called as a witness it would be because he says the republicans aren't serious. can anyone be more hypocritical
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than the intel chair? it looks like voters are on to shady schiff. certainly republicans and independents are. independent support for impeachment has fallen nearly 7 points. even schiff seems to be fully cognizant his impeachment dreams are dwindling by the day. >> do you think president trump should be impeached? >> i want to discuss this with my constituents and colleagues before i make a final judgment on it. but i certainly think the evidence produced overwhelmingly shows serious misconduct by the president. but i want to hear more from my constituents and more from my colleagues. lou: house republicans have fought schiff and the radical dimms throughout. one of the gop leaders and leading that fight, congressman mark meadows, member of the house oversight committee, and
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member of the freedom caucus, in washington, d.c., at his post, while some of the radical dimms are certainly not congressman, these polls for the president's approval rising and the independents voicing their strong opposition to impeachment, these are significant trajectories for both. >> they are. the american people are very smart. people across -- all across america will sit down at their thanksgiving table this week, and they will say am i better off, did the president fulfill his promises, and do we see this for what it really is, which is a partisan political operation designed to take down the president of the united states, and ultimately they are seeing there are no facts to base this. when anyone spoke to the president, they got a consistent
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message saying he didn't want anything, and he didn't get anything from ukraine, but we are supposed to impeach a president who has been delivering not only once, twice, but time after time. the american people are smart. lou: they are smart, and the republicans are united. with your leadership and that of kevin mccarthy and jim jordan, the list goes on, mike turner, this has been extraordinary to watch you all stand shoulder to shoulder and fight for this president. i think nancy pelosi and adam schiff are among those who are stunned at what has happened because of your unity and forceful defense of the president. >> it's about time is all i can say. so many times the gop has not necessarily been unified in standing behind this president. but let me tell you what we are seeing. you mentioned some of the key players. there are a lot of people who
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have donei done yes oman's workt this done. we have seen it over and over again. everything the president does the democrats are going to push back and say wait just a minute, we can't have this, because we might lose in 2020. i'm here to tell you not only are they going to lose in 2020, but this president will continue to deliver over and over again. that's his promise to the american people and he's dead serious about doing that. lou: there doesn't seem to be any initiative on the part of nancy pelosi or the party on capitol hill for the american people. this has been a constant drum beat of impeach, impeach,
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impeach. it's just astonishing because of the closed feedback loop, the national left-wing media, the puppets of the american party refuse to bring critical judgment to the hypocrisy and the it new lack of -- the pitiful lack of performance for the american people. >> chair man schiff and his democrat colleagues continue to get down in a scif in that bunker in the capitol. they are writing the report tonight. they are actually writing the report on the impeachment of this president when they haven't even released half of the depositions, and a couple of them would be beneficial to the president. lou: you and others have written a letter to the head of the
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house oversight committee demanding maloney end this nonsense. yet the schedule is for it to move on to judiciary and for the farce to go on. what do you think happens next? >> well, obviously we did send that letter, ranking member jim jordan and i along with our republican colleagues sent the letter saying let's get serious about the things that matter most to the american people. let's talk about how we fight back on opioid addictions and abuses there. let's make sure we do proper oversight to make sure our roads and bridges and prescription drug prices are both addressed. they are going to file a report with judiciary the week we get back from thanksgiving. they are going to give it, and the judiciary committee, the democrats are going, oh, my goodness, we have never seen anything this bad. they are going to hold a vote
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and put forth and change the polls and make sure the american people agree with them. it's not going to happen. this dog isn't hunting. we'll start to see more and more evidence come out in support of the president, not against him. lou: congressman mark meadows, good to see you. an obama-appointed judge rejecting the trump administration claims of immunity for close aides. today's ruling in response to the house judiciary lawsuits subpoena the president's former white house lawyer don mcghan. he can testify but he may invoke executive privilege. the justice department to appeal the decision. the defense chief firing the
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navy secretary, marks percent says he dismissed navy secretary richard spencer because he violated the chain of command. president trump ordered the navy to halt its review of eddie gallagher's actions in 2017 as he posed next to a dead isis fighter. the instead spencer went behind is per's back and -- is per rsh's back that would have cut a deal with the white house that would have let the process go on and on. spencer is fired and the violation of the chain of command is complete. president trump gained support from a voting bloc that has the
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dimms worried. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: a record-setting day again
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on wall street. the 13th record so far this year. the s & p's 24th record close. volume on the big board 3.5 billion shares. crude oil you have, gold lost half a percent as did silver. much of the activity in the market driven by big mergers, lvnh buying tiffany's for $15 million. and swiss drug maker novartis will buy the medicines company for $8 billion. listen to my reports three times
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a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. persecuting rudy. federal prosecutors in manhattan and the fbi issuing subpoenas on president trump's attorney rudy giuliani look at his consulting work. the "wall street journal" reporting it's part of an investigation into money laundering and campaign finance violations. rudy giuliani says no investigators have contacted him. lindsey graham says he's not going to give joe biden a fast just because they are friends. last week graham asked for documents on biden's conversations with then ukranian president poroshenko about the firing of top prosecutor, viktor
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shokin. joining us, john hole man who has led the way on the -- john solomon who has led the wait on reporting everything from spygate to biden-gate. let's start with the attacks on you personally. john has been attacked from the left certainly. i don't know of another reporter who sources his work as rigorously and comprehensively as you do. you are an example for every working versus gay stiff journalist in the one d. ' working investigator in the country. >> i think the most important
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thing. i think people who look at my stories is documented. the most interesting dynamic is most of adam schiff's witnesses confirm my reporting when you get into the details. i'm confident the american people will trust my reporting on russia and ukraine that will stand the test of time. lou: lieutenant colonel vindman, you know, basically attacking you from the witness chair. fiona hill attacking you from the witness chair. >> right. lou: what would be the motivation? the things they said were demon extraably untrue.
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i challenged which one is not true, here is the backup. i think what you saw the last couple weeks are an entrenched bureaucracy chased that someone challenged them. we are set up to raise the challenge, and the appearance of a conflict of interest with joe biden and hunter biden and the embassy matters, those are legitimate matters. lou: you and i, sean hannity for on a list bid marie yovanovich, the u.s. ambassador to the ukraine. i didn't hear a question on that hearing. >> it didn't come up during the hearings. it did come up in the depositions.
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and there does appear there was an acknowledgment there was an operation under way. i wrote an article. there rrp documents that if we leased would change the tenor of this debate. there are some good legal questions that need to be answered about that. lou: there are questions about why there has not been an investigation of hunter biden and joe biden where you have -- and the president himself has pointed this out. you have video of joe biden bragging about quote ur -- quote-unquote, quid pro quo. and he's the one being attacked to me an absolutely benign phone
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call with zelensky. >> there is a lot of projection going on when you see democrats criticizing president trump for what their own guy did. when vice president biden intervened it was at at moment when the investigation was accelerating. they were raiding hunter biden boss' home. whether the vice president did it for good or bad reasons, he created the' appearance of a conflict of interest. lou: the suggestion from fiona hill on the witness chair that republicans blamed the ukrainians and not russians. devin nunes had to throw down the report that one doesn't preclude the other.
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ukrainians along with russians tried to interfere with our elections. that is the false narrative to which she did not refer. >> some of the interesting tactics was to overstate what republicans would say and knock count old straw man. say something we didn't say and knock it down. the fact they are laid out shows some ukrainian interference as well as russian interference. lou: i believe there is one other question the house should be taking up. that is why president barack obama did not order an immediate response to that intervention that was agreed upon among at least four of our intelligence agencies. don't you think that would be an interesting question for them to
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resolve that? >> i think there are a lot of interesting foreign policy questions that these bureaucrats we saw on the witness stand that were party to and supportive of. '. they are grateful what president trump has done and they weren't sow grateful for what barack obama had done for them. lou: or not done. john solomon. great to have you with us. voters in hong kong have spoken and done so with record power. spoken for democracy. the no democracy group taking control of 17 out of 18 district councils and 3/4 of the total council seats. turnout, 71%. main line china and state media ignored the results focusing on calls for law and order and
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blaming foreign forces for interfering and for the overwhelming vote for democracy in hong kong. we would like to hear your thoughts, share your comments. follow me on twitter. follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. dr. michael pillsbury, robert ray and former state department advisor. christian whiton. michael bloomberg is on the campaign trail. we'll take up the numbers because that seems to be the favorite thing to do with the left. we'll take it up with michael goodwin and mark simone when we return just so very quickly. please stay with us.
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lou: not only do the democrats want to impeach this historic president of ours. no one has accomplished as much as he has in the first three years of his presidency. the media research center reports msnbc, cnn, covered, nbc, aired 92% of schiff's sham hearings. 26% of ken starr's presentation back in 1998 when his target was a democrat. trump's support continues to grow. a recent her on poll find trump's approval rating among black likely voters is almost
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35%. the trump am pain says it's not surprised because of rising paychecks and lower unemployment. bloomberg is in the race and spending big. he put $35 million in a week on television ads. his first campaign in a coffee shop in virginia. 25 folks showed up. i'll bet you don't want to figure that out on a voter to million dollar ratio. bloomberg's media company says it won't be doing in-depth investigations of bloomberg or any other candidates. joining us, michael goodwin. wor radio host, mark simone. thanks for being here. mark, let me start with you.
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bloomberg won't be investigating anyone but trump? >> you should only investigate your political rivals. you have to do something. he's an absurd guy. he's brilliant. but in real life it was michael bloomberg. now it's mike. whenever he runs for office he's mike bloomberg. in the first poster he's wearing khakis and a work shirt as if he just was mowing the lawn. lot * he apologized for any song you tonight comments about women and apologized for stop and frisk. >> it was the most effective crime fighting tool. it got illegal guns off the streets. lou: we have been looking at this possibility for a long
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time. tom steyer has an even more wealthier rival for the democratic nomination. he's got to be crying. >> less debate time presumably. you have to get donors. >> i'm serious about that. >> a brilliant beginning reading his statement to the people. >> if you are talking about $31 million and 25 people show up. you get down to bill deblasio -- >> it's the poor man's michael bloomberg getting in late. he gets two people to show up to his first event. no one knows why duval patrick is running. >> it remains curious to me that
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nobody is running away with the democratic nomination. lou: buttigieg is winning in iowa. >> it's like the flavor of the month to see if anybody can stick. once you get to that front-runner spot, you get more scrutiny from your opponents as well as some of the media. i think it's far from settled who their candidate will be. >> it's the weakest field yet. -- not any of the candidates have won a debate. lou: the obvious question is where you have got four or five winners of primaries and you have a brokered convention. >> her name is hillary.
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lou: i don't know. you could spread a lot of those billions around if your name is bloomberg. did you think it was unfair of bernie sanders to suggest bloomberg was trying to buy the u.s. government? >> it's for sale. >> that's exactly what he's trying to do. lou: i wonder how they will distribute the money. >> hunter biden will get a piece. but bloomberg is like steyer. what an impressive man until you hear him talk. there is nothing coming out of his mouth. lou: there is plenty of fire power, the problem is it's all directed at donald trump. i wonder what the democrats -- how they will react to this. he's buying their party. >> steyer tried to take credit for the whole impeachment drive.
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bloomberg is trying to spread the money around different states, different ideas. lou: and crush all the other candidates. we'll be right back with much more.
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lou: a recent "washington post" article showing how part radical left has gone, claiming former president obama requires actually a conservative.
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assistant editor david s werks rtlig writes, barack obama, conservative. the former president's pragmatic approach to multiple policies throughout his presidency alines him closer to a classical conservative. congressman devin nunes says he will file a lawsuit against cnn and the daily beast over an alleged fake news story. the outlets claim he met with viktor shokin trying to dig up dirt on vice president biden and his son hunter. he plans to sue them in federal court right after thanksgiving. congressman lee zeldin has been part of the leadership and the strongest voice fighting for this president and fighting
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against this absurd impeachment farce of adam schiff's and nancy pelosi. congressman, great to have you with us. let's start first with the numbers moving in the president's direction. your reaction? >> the american public has been able to get the 97% of the story. adam schiff's cocktail was to cherry pick and outright lie. members of the media gleefully played along with the spin on reality. they weren't able to get the truth. but what happens over the course of the open hearings. even though adam schiff won't bring in all the different republican witnesses who should have been called in. when you hear from people like kurt volker come testify and tim mormorrison come in and testify,
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and they didn't have to do anything to get the hold on aid lifted. to hear ambassador taylor testify tim morrison told him that sondland told more on that the president told sondland. they didn't realize they were being sold second, third, fourth hand information from adam schiff. i think the american people are smarter than adam schiff gives them credit for. lou: the president, all of those folks, rinos if you will, particularly in the republican party who advise him not to be -- using twitter. the man is talking directly to the american people and amplifying his defense' himself and his direct access to the
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people. to watch you guys, the republican leadership stand up shoulder to shoulder and fight for this president. i have to tell you, i think that was a critical and historic moment to see you do that. i think it will pay, assuming you maintain the unity you demonstrated the past two months. it will pay big dividends in 2020. >> we have facts on our side. nancy pelosi has thrown away her majority. that gavel she is holding in her hands she'll be holding over from january, 2021 if she keeps this up. this is calling for the president's impeachment since he got elected. if they want to keep the majority, they need to pass usmca, to lower the cost of prescription drugs working with this president as opposed to against it.
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for all those house democrats and the 31 districts donald trump won in 2016. it's been nice serving with you but you will have to leave now because you are note fulfilling the promises you made to voters when they put you in office in the 2018 election. voters who are smarter than the democrats give them credit for are going to throw them out of office and turn that gavel over and put people in office come january, 2021 who want to work with the president to move our country forward. lou where michael bloomberg throwing his hat in the ring for the democratic nomination. will that hurt republicans or will that hurt democrats? who loses the biggest here. >> i think that the democrats are going to nominate someone else. i don't think that they are going to nominate michael
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bloomberg. maybe he knows something. his experts know something i am not seeing. as you get into the early primary states, i think you will see other people rising and coming in first. michael bloomberg's strategy seems to be one skipping early states that we'll see last time that strategy was tried out. it wasn't successful. you get momentum from winning new hampshire, and south carolina. maybe there is a contested convention at the end of the day. but even then one point out in that "washington post" story, calling barack obama a conservative. that's how far left this party has gone. they are not going to nominate somebody like michael bloomberg because it's a former republican. i'm not seeing it. >> you are seeing everything else, and refreshate it. congressman lee zeldin. glad to have you on. thank you very much.
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congressman lee zeldin with a strong voice standing up for the president and for the country. president trump honoring the hero dog injured, wounded chasing former isis leader baghdad abu bakr al-baghdadi. he's so brilliant and so smart. but they did a fantastic job. conan did a fantastic job. lou: up next, is a former defense department staffer the author of the "anonymous" book that purportedly details the trump white house? - yo scott. - hey! - i'm headin out man you want a ride?
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- no, i got my car but i actually really need to go to the bathroom. - oh, you know what? i was just in there the line is like ten people long. - you know, i think i'll just... - dude are you okay? - you wouldn't believe what i was just thinking, i am definitely buzzed. - yeah. - i think i will take this and i will take that ride home. - smart man! - did you see how that dog was looking at me?
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[♪] lou: a former aide to defense secretary james mattis is refusing to confirm or deny whether he's the anonymous trump official who wrote the book "a
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warning." snodgrass and ousted navy secretary richard spencer were both mattis guys. it looks like mattis was the biggest problem in many ways to the trump administration. joining us is tom fitton. let's start with the first of all the federal judge jackson ruling mcghan must testify before congress, the former attorney to the president. is that going to stand? >> i don't know. it may stand for a few days before the appeals court gets a chance at it. of course, the supreme court could ultimately decide. but on first glance, it's a 120-page decision.
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it's a real assault on the presidency in the sense the congress can willy-nilly bring in the president's closest you aides and advisors to find out what happened in the oval office. lou: you don't have an opinion on whether an appellate court will overthrow it? >> you never know. i think it's a crapshoot. lou: you are the one at the table every day. i'm just asking the questions. i'm stunned at what i watch these federal district court judges do. >> i see judges give foia requests to left-wing groups in minutes where we have been begging for them for years. the judiciary is extremely politicized in the age of trump. the president had prerogatives under the constitution. to say it's lawless to take
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advantage of the constitutional protections of the president against congress is not the appropriate ruling. we'll see what happens. lou: let's go to one i think may have surprised people on the pleasant side. the supreme court agreeing to suspend the production of 8 years of the president's income taxes. that's a positive outcome i don't think the left thought would occur. >> thank think the supreme court put a stop to that at least temporarily. the president has been attacked in ways no other president has been attacked. imagine you as a private citizen that congress wanted all your tax returns because they didn't like your policies. that's what's going on here. it could be you, american voter. and this is par for the voars
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for the democrats. i'm old enough to remember how the obama game weaponized the irs to destroy the tea party movement so they could get re-elected. they are doing the same with trump, targeting his private irs files. lou: the department of commercial hiring non-u.s. citizens. that's extraordinary. >> prohibited by federal law. you have the census bureau putting out the possibility of hiring foreigners to create the census. we asked for the records, and they said what do you mean? we asked again and again and again. it was a bureaucratic back and forth rather than just responding to our request. the american people deserve to know whether the census is going to be run according to law or if they are going to have census takers who aren't american
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citizens. the way they were talking, it looked like they were considering hiring an illegal alien to do it as well. lou: it may be ironic to use the tired expression to see if that had that citizenship on the census to see non-u.s. citizens collating that. we can have foreign nationals ask americans whether they are foreign nationals. lou: thanks so much. we appreciate it. ark meadows on
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the show earlier tonight blasted the radical dimms for their obstructionism. >> everything that the president does the democrats will push back and say wait just a minute, we can't have this. because we might lose in 2020. i'm here to tell you tonight not only are they going to lose in 2020. but this president is going to deliver overren over again and -- over and over again because that's his promise to the american people. and he's dead serious about it. lou: tomorrow, robert ray, and
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michael pillsbury. thank you for being with us tonight. see you tomorrow. good night frommmmm >> it is 5 a.m. here are your top story a this hour good news for your money. all three major averages set to open a the record highs this morning after a record-breaking day on wall street. yesterday, thanks to optimism on china trade deal and more positive trade news breaking overnight. we're going to bring it to you in this disney plus subscribers to out of this world number as one of the top shows that throws major netflix hit and leaked script. rocks the bounce house and one of the worst storms in history sweeping the u.s. just in time for thanksgiving. what you need to know about possible disruption this tuesday november 26th, f


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