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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 26, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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here comes the closing bell. wall street making it rain. [closing bell rings] new records for the dow, the s&p and nasdaq. that is another 52-week high for the russell 2000, small and mid-caps. what a day. that bill do it for the claman countydown. connell: new highs for wall street. all three major averages ending in the green. new closing highs for the second day in a row on u.s. china trade optimism today. the 100th record close under president trump. ashley: i'm ashley webster in for connell mcshane. this is "after the bell." s&p 500 and nasdaq also closing in record territory. why not? by the way this is the s&p's 25th record of the year, nasdaq's 20th. you get the theme. more on big market movers.
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first here is what is new at this hour. ♪. melissa: florida homecoming. president trump just departing the white house, making his way to the sunshine state ahead of a rally tonight. the commander-in-chief will campaign in the key battleground state, announcing he will officially move his residency to palm beach from manhattan. that sounds pretty good to me. we're breaking down the key difference in the president's campaign strategy the second time around. back on the campaign trail, michael bloomberg is speaking to reporters in phoenix. we're monitoring the former new york city mayor's remarks. we'll bring you any breaking headlines. brutal weather threatening 100 million americans. how storms are expected to impact thanksgiving travel as you get ready to hit the road or the skies for the holiday weekend. ashley: look forward to that. fox business team coverage from
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with washington to wall street. gerri willis live from the new york stock exchange. blake burman from the white house with trade. gerri, you first. >> traders can't believe this continues to move higher. the dow up 54-point as you said. second straight record close. 14th this year, that you're seeing for the dow. we were led by disney, proctor and merck. s&p 500 hits all-time high. up almost seven points. led by retailer best buy. nasdaq also hitting an all-time high. talk about retailers for just a second here. really great day for best buy and for dick's sporting goods. dick's sporting goods reporting better-than-expected earnings but also same-store sales the highest in six years, think about that. retailing, xrt was up 5% this quarter. up today as well. you see the stocks on fire. who was questioning the american consumer? i don't know but looks like they're doing very well indeed.
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back to you guys. ashley: they are indeed, gerri, thank you very much. the question is, will psyche of the consumer remain strong? why not? gary kaltbaum, kaltbaum capital management president, fox news contributor, good afternoon or evening. there is nothing to indicate the consumer slowing down. as we head into the holiday season should be a lot of optimism, right? >> with markets at new high, jobs, 3.6% unemployment, i suspect we'll have a good holiday. tells you good retailers will do well. when i see what happened with target the last week, best buy today, circuit city is ge. best buy lives. dicks sporting goods strong but sports authority is gone. do the right thing, do well, good products, good prices, good service you last a long time. that is what we're seeing here. ashley: very good, gary, record
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numbers online is where the battle is. can retailers, survival of the fittest, right to compete with amazon? >> absolutely. look a lot of retailers have online. walmart has done so well because they bought the jet. they're online business is gargantuan also. it's a combination of both. bricks and mortar here to say to a certain extent. ashley: gary, stay right there. melissa: in the the final throes, the word president trump used to say how close the u.s. and china are to finalizing a phase one trade deal. blake burman from the white house. blake. reporter: president trump, first lady, their son left white house to the thanksgiving break to head to andrews air force base and to florida after that. we had a good idea what the president potentially faces when we gets back from the thanksgiving break. house committee jerry nadler, impeachment hear national that committee will take place one
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week from tomorrow, december 4th. that is important because that is the committee that could eventually recommend articles of impeachment on which the full house would vote. no reaction from the president as he left the white house though we briefly heard from him today regarding a possible trade deal with china. the president was asked this morning about the election results in hong kong. he expressed support for both hong kong and china's president xi xinping while also tying in the potential trade deal. listen. >> we're with them. i have a very good relationship as you know with president xi. we're in the final throws of a very important deal. i guess you could say one of themost important deals in trade ever. it is going very well. but at the same time we want to see it go well in hong kong. i think it will. i think president xi can make that happen. reporter: president trump also expected to sign a bill that passed nearly unanimously up on capitol hill last week, relating
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to hong kong. a bill which supports pro-democracy protesters in hong kong. however the bill has been at the white house a handful of days now. presidential pen has not yet hit paper. we're not exactly sure why. the white house will not say when that will happen. though they do say that the president is expected to sign it. we still await that. melissa? melissa: blake, thank you. the force is with disney plus. the streaming service averaging nearly one million new subscribers a day according to data from topia. that is not all. "the mandalorian" is topping stranger things as the most downloaded show. according to paralytics. shares of disney hitting an all-time high today. gary, what do you think about that? >> i think they're doing everything well. my god daughters were dressed up as elsa this weekend. melissa: yeah.
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>> think about it. one million subscribers every day. every person in the united states will subscribed to disney plus. that is how crazy it is. good on them. they're doing things right at this juncture. i said disney is one of the greatest brand names of all. bob iger doesn't mcenough money for what he has done over the last 10 years there. melissa: it is true on that point. i remember on the show we announced the deal that iger bought the "star wars" franchise. there were so many people who said at the time he overpaid. now it has driven revenue on every platform. they keep thinking of new ways to bring it out and, the new ways are fresh. people love it. it is not like the retread of, fourth installment of some movie, right? >> they put in a "star wars" land here over at disney world in one of the theme parks. melissa: yeah. >> lines are gargantuan. they know what the heck they're doing. and, good on them.
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great, great company. melissa: all right. ashley: move on does elon musk know the heck what he is doing? battle of the toughest pickup truck, tesla's cyber truck, ford f-150 will face up in a epic tug-of-war rematch. you see the first one shows musk's car towing up the f-150 up a hill. the ford says, wait a minute. that is not so, we need to put apples to apples. maybe that was rear wheel drive truck. they couldn't control that. they will have a rematch. gary what do you think of all this? if nothing else we're talking about it and it is free publicity. melissa: again. >> i'm starting to believe when they threw the steel ball at window they knew it would break and we would be talking about them. that is compliment this guy is p.t. barnum times 10 because he is out front and sender. now this. he is happy as heck the video is out there. i think it has been looked at several billion times. i don't know what ford will do.
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i think ford will sell a million of those things this year. looks like if the numbers are true, they're already up a couple hundred thousand deposits on whatever that thing is. it looks like mad max movie. ashley: really does. >> elon musks well-done. ashley: or p.t. barnum. gary, thanks as always for joining us. appreciate it. melissa: a sophisticated strategy. president trump's new florida home could help his standing in the battleground state. is this part of his 2020 plan? we'll talk to james freeman of "the wall street journal" next. ashley: plus a loss of immeasurable value. that is what they're calling it. details on what experts call the most devastating heist in history. maybe more than a billion dollars of jewels gone. melissa: can i have some of them? probably not. president trump hosted the annual turkey pardon. we'll tell you which turkey was spared from the thanksgiving
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and now get $250 off when you buy a new samsung phone during xfinity mobile beyond black friday. plus, you can save up to $400 a year. click, call or visit a store today. melissa: president trump and the first family just boarding air force one, about to depart for his new home state of florida, for a rally tonight. the president's re-election campaign is working to secure
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support from the key battleground state amid the impeachment probe. here is james freeman from "the wall street journal." so james, it struck me, this is a very sophisticated, this is a sign of how much more sophisticated president trump's campaign has become. they sat back, thought about the fact, okay, candidates generally win the home state. he is not going to win new york. >> good call. melissa: so if we could tip the scales in any way in florida, florida is such a big deal, here is an easy way to kind of try and put a thoughtful way, to put a little more pressure on the florida scale. what are your thoughts? >> yeah, florida obviously with the 29 electoral votes is must-win state in recent presidential elections n republicans it was a bright spot in 2018. they lost a lot of congressional seats nationwide. but in florida, two big wins in the senate and governors races. as new resident, president trump
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refugees from high-taxed new york finding sunnier climbs down south. melissa: he says he is moving because the tax situation is so much better, he is like, yeah it is a lot better down there, so it makes one of his big points. he is going down for a rally tonight. the rally to feed his eagan foe is always the complaint but the truth it is a sophisticated way to get people come out to give you personal information to show they're on your side. those are all people, you have this tremendous database and ground game. there is a lot more than meets the eye there in the campaign than people think. let me ask you about andrew cuomo under fire. receives thousands of pieces hate mail from disgruntled new yorkers failing to make a deal with amazon for the almost second headquarters. this is according to emails obtained by "the new york post." what do you think? >> a lot of unhappy new yorkers who were writing in were blaming
4:16 pm
the governor who did the deal with amazon, basically getting played by aoc. once congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez came out against the deal, others opposed it as well. amazon eventually decided it wasn't worth the trouble. this is related lesson to the story we were talking about. like so many other people, president trump fleeing high-taxed new york. what mr. cuomo had to do to get the amazon deal was promise three billion dollars of incentives. if you have a low-tax, a pro--business, market-friendly environment you don't need to create the incentive packages which then become a target for people like aoc, not much fun for amazon as they're looking to move into their new neighborhood. melissa: the answer was not that amazon should pay more taxes. that all of us should pay less like amazon. >> yes. melissa: more unhappy new yorkers. new york city lawyers for the department of transportation are
4:17 pm
telling fedex to remove the delivery robots, also known as same day bots from the streets after a few were spotted in lower manhattan. they say it's a safety issue. if you can't stay out of the way of a robot like that, that is natural election at work, my friend. >> we do have, not moving very fast. we have a theme after place pretty hostile to innovation to, business, you mentioned, the safety issue. this is not based on data. this is fear at the mayor's office. the mayor also fears that these robots will take away people's jobs. he may have noticed this is essentially the greatest job market ever. melissa: yeah. >> we see technology and the use of robotics increasing as we see companies, that can't find workers with still open positions. so. melissa: i love this i could watch the video all day long. >> yeah. why not give it a try? why not allow the experiments to
4:18 pm
go forward? melissa: absolutely. james freeman, thank you very much. >> thanks, melissa. ashley: natural election indeed. melissa: well, i hear what you're saying. one of the best movies ever, plains, trains, and automobiles. no matter what your plans for thanksgiving, dream weather could throw them into disarray. what you need to know before hitting the road. we say this every year but what you need to know. a massive fire moving california resident away from home during the holiday. we're live on the ground later this hour. driverless cars,
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we spoke up and it made all the difference. ask your parkinson's specialist about nuplazid. ashley: consuming more than 4,000-acres. the cave of fire in santa barbara county exploding overnight as more than 5000 people are under mandatory evacuation orders. fox news's jeff paul is in california with the very latest. jeff. reporter: what started as just a two to five-acre fire burning in the mountains north of santa
4:23 pm
barbara has quickly grown to thousands of acres in just a matter of hours and it is still growing. >> the cave fire is burning under some of the toughest firefighting conditions anywhere in the world. we're at the end of the dry season. so the fuels are some of the driest that we have. reporter: what is being called the cave fire right now has zero containment. it has charred more than 4200-acres. it burned through the night in the los padres national forest fueled by very dry conditions and strong winds. crews are using bulldozers, shovels to dig containment lines around the perimeter to hope the fire doesn't spread further. neighboring fire agencies are pitching in to stop the fire sending this crews, fire engines and helicopters and aircraft for water drops. >> it has been the quite firefight. winds moving upslope, down slope, across the slope.
4:24 pm
firefighters are engaging in structure defense. being pushed out, come back around getting back on the structures. reporter: this is the map of the area currently under evacuation orders. you can see where the fire started. the orange highlighted area is the mandatory evacuation zone. the areas in yellow are spots under evacuation. warning 5 500 people have been evacuated. temperatures are dropping, possibly rain tonight. somewhat relieving news. so far no injuries and no homes destroyed. back to you. ashley: that is good news. jeff paul in los angeles. appreciate it. melissa: preparing for price hikes. comcast, the nation's largest cable provider is looking to increase rates for basic cable and internet according to several trade outlets. this as the company prepares for its streaming future. comcast blaming the rising costs of network programing for the
4:25 pm
increase and as more customers cut the cord, the price hikes are set to go into effect on december 18th. ashley: how about this? gearing up, one of america's favorite holidays. how to handle double storms threatening travel plans for americans from coast to coast. we'll bring you the very latest on the weather next. melissa: vying for the titles national thanksgiving turkey. we'll tell you what happens to the lucky winner after the presidential pardon coming up. what about the other guy? ashley: we'll get into that. now you can have your biscuit and keep it too. in time for the holidays, red lobster rolling out ugly sweater, decorated with seafood and snowflakes. with a pocket for biscuits. the kangaroo style pouch is so the biscuits can stay warm. that is genius.
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may your holidays glow bright and all your dreams take flight. lease the c 300 sedan for just $399 a month at the mercedes-benz winter event. hurry in today. >> to the courageous people of iraq who refuse to stay silent after 40 years of abuse by the ruling regime, i say simply this. the united states hears you, we support you and we will continue to stand with you in your struggle for a brighter future for your people and for your great nation. melissa: secretary of state mike pompeo standing firm after a threat from iran's revolutionary guard, warning tehran will
4:30 pm
throw, quote, destroy the u.s. and its allies accusing the foreign leaders of instigating the violent protests that have erupted after the country's massive hike in fuel prices. walid phares, fox news foreign affairs analyst. this story is really fascinating to me. first of all, we hear the protests are going on in more than 100 cities but it is difficult to get news out. what do you think it is like on the ground now? >> well, it is in the cities where it is more important, it is across ethnic lines. you have the persians in the center, the turk consist, kurds of iran, arabs and other communities, all rioting. also you have a very large segment of young peoples boys, girls, and men that is scary to iranian regime which prompts them to accuse everybody on the planet, obviously the great
4:31 pm
satan, us, united states, as being behind this. melissa: when you look at the price hikes and inflation that the people have endured, fuel prices are up as much as 300%. red meat, poultry, 57%. the cost of dairy and eggs, 57% year-over-year. vegetables 47%. why are they seeing this inflation? >> because there are, they are aware of sanctions on one hand. everybody has consensus sanctions we imposed on our allies, basically weakened the central government ability to continue to fund whatever they were funding. there is something else. the failure of the iran regime economy. they have been funding these wars and military efforts in four countries, buying all these miss sells. not the price of the missiles is very heavy, every effort they are doing, we hear it in the slogans that these iranians are chanting. do not go to gaza and lebanon. give fused and bread here.
4:32 pm
that is what they're saying. melissa: no, it is so interesting too, the argument before with the iran nuclear deal this idea if you let more products into the country, if you let more money into the country. it will westernize. coca-cola will change hearts and minds of the people. that will change sort of how they look at their government. instead, nothing reached the people during the agreement. you know, it was exactly the opposite. >> yeah. melissa: now with the sanctions back and forth from us, it seems like the heat is turning up even further? >> i investigated this for many years since my book in 2014. after that, these are, ideas that academia, america, europe have been producing because academia has been supporting the iran deal for a variety of reasons. that led to catastrophic signing of the agreement that the administration, that the obama administration has implemented which led to the situation that we see right now. most of the $150 billion are not
4:33 pm
going to reach the middle class and lower class. most of the income coming from european companies and before that american companies hoped to deal with iran will not reach civil society or minority that is in control of the islamic republic. melissa: what do you think happens from here because it doesn't always end with regime change. look at venezuela. different places where we've seen this erupt. it doesn't end the same way. what do you think? what will happen here? >> it may not end with the first cycle of uprising but there is always a final cycle. we've seen it in europe during the 19th century. the first revolution in france was not the final one. they kept encountering this until 1848 or so what we see right now is the regional uprising. it is not just happening in iran. we know that. it is happening in beirut and happening in baghdad. could happen again in yemen. there is a general rise because of social media, and because as
4:34 pm
we realize the youth are involved in it, minorities are involve in it. at one point, maybe not this wave, there will be a final wave cominging to the regimes at one point. melissa: walid, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. ashley: 100 million americans are on alert. two major storms threatening to disrupt travel plans over the thanksgiving holiday. oh joy. fox team coverage, adam klotz in the weather center and grady trimble at o'hare international airport in chicago. let's begin with adam and all that great news, adam. >> unfortunately i'm tracking a couple of rounds of wintry weather moving across the country next couple days. one is falling in portions of colorado. this is big snow maker in the region this. is one of several systems that moved through the exact same area. no surprise here, we have a lot of winter storm watches and warnings from the plains to the upper midwest. all the way back across the west coast. we could talk about snow in some places two to three feet,
4:35 pm
widespread up to three feet. everything out in front of the frontal boundary you're paying attention to, a lot warmer, thunderstorms, unfortunately strong winds. wind advisories from texas across the midwest. some winds getting up to hurricane strength. we could talk about downed power lines. this will be issue of travel from today into next couple days. here is the future radar. several systems moving. one lifting to the upper midwest. one firing across the west with other areas. we're looking at so much snowe. we're talking about rounds of weather systems. in the initial round what will be rain on eastern side of the country. that makes it to new york. that brings win with it. if you're thinking about the parade on thursday. winds could be issue with this one. winds gusting up to 20 or 30 miles an hour with the balloons in macy's that could be a issue. wind gusts up to 34 miles an hour. that will be just close enough
4:36 pm
to what we need to see for those, for those balloons not even make it. so that will be a game time decision. 48 degrees and sunny here in new york city. the parade will be beautiful but will we see the balloons. we'll have to wait to see that morning. ashley: right the wind is the problem. adam, thank you very much. grady trimble at hoe -- o'hare airport. no snow there. it is one of the busiest airports in the country and but some workers are staging a protest, grady. reporter: subcontracting airline catering employees. they bring the food and drinks for the flight to get them ready. they were picketing here and 16 other airports across the country, calling for better pay and health care. they say that is what they want but at least one airline says if they meet those demands, or companies that pay those workers that meet those demands, your ticket prices for your planes will go up. all of that aside, today is one
4:37 pm
of the record travel days in the 12-day thanksgiving holiday travel period. almost 32 million people are expected to get on a plane during that 12-day period. that would be a record. it would be up 3.7% compared to the same time period last year. so to meet demand, airlines are offering more flights and more seats because there are 93,000 more passengers getting on planes every single day during this busy time of year. as far as those protests go though, there were no major disruptions here or any other major airports they were picketing today. the weather was really the problem. adam talked about it. here at o'hare we're seeing rain right now. a quick look at the departures board. no major issues but just some delays. in denver i saw they had at least 37 cancellations. that area is getting walloped. you know how the ripple effect begins. it is only getting started. tomorrow is busy this time of
4:38 pm
year. ashley: grady, thank you very much. hopefully you don't have to get out there. it is tough to travel, fly. what do you do if you have to? what is the best advice? roger dow american travel association ceo and president joins us now. roger, we say the same thing every year. let me ask you the question, when is the absolute worst time to travel? obviously a lot of people travel tomorrow. what time should i avoid? >> you should avoid tomorrow, wednesday. kest woes 2:00, east coast 5:00. it will be a mess. record travel. ashley: on way back i always know sunday is terrible. same story, right? >> sunday is going to be real challenge. of course adam's weather report doesn't help things. so we have and handful going on. ashley: leave very early in the morning. don't leave at all, let everyone come to you, probably the best advice. melissa: i like that. >> no question about it. it will be something. ashley: it is.
4:39 pm
what if the flight is delayed, obviously you wait around or do you? in the severe weather episodes sometimes you're just stuck right? >> my recommendation stay wit, the flights are so full, if you don't get on the flight you're scheduled on, chances of another flight will be very, very hard. stick with it even though it is delayed. it will be worth it when you get there. ashley: i assume airports are ready for this, not weather, massive people coming through. there is extra staff. tsa lines long as you can imagine? i imagine it is not great? >> lines will be long and, it is almost what we call amateur week because a lot of people are not frequent travelers in those lines. it will make it a little slower. all hands on deck at the airport. i talked to several airport directors. they're all working this weekend. ashley: god bless them for that. i want to talk about this time next year. everyone traveling will have to have quote a real i.d. apparently 99 americans don't
4:40 pm
have a real eye die. what is a real i.d.? >> real i.d. is something homeland security passed years ago that you must have october 1st of next year. it says, i.d. that has a little star in the upper right-hand corner of your driver's license. if you check your driver's license, if you don't have a star in upper right-hand corner, you are almost 100 million americans don't have real i.d. you won't get on plane october 1st. that will be a big issue. ashley: that is a big issue. warned almost a year ahead of time. roger appreciate it. >> thank you. melissa: i didn't realize all i.d.s hadn't switched over. make sure you have that thing in the upper right-hand corner. ashley: yep. melissa: potential warning signs for 2020. we are breaking down new polls from key battleground states, ahead of president trump's florida rally tonight. that's next. (vo) the moth without hope, struggles in the spider's web.
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4:45 pm
lettuce harvested from salinas, california. don't even vegetables. it is too dangerous. stick to candy. ashley: a florida homecoming we can say for sure now. president trump in the air right now heading to florida for a big rally, an important battleground state. let's bring in the deputy communications director for the 2020 campaign. i know you're crazy busy, erin. thanks for joining us. what are the main themes tonight? he usually covers a lot of ground. what are you expecting to be the main theme? >> we expect to hear more of president trump's promises made, promises kept, when it comes to putting america first. president trump has delivered a record economy. much jobs an opportunity. building the wall, when it comes to america standing in the world, we're better than ever before. he should expect to hear president trump speak about all of that this evening at his homecoming rally. ashley: in broward county if i remember right back in 2016 the president lost to hillary
4:46 pm
clinton almost two thirds to 1/3. how can he turn that around? how did that happen? why didn't his message get through? >> when it comes to florida as a whole we see a state that is very strongly supporting president trump. this is now his home state. these are his fellow neighbors here in florida and this is an economy booming because of president trump. so we see a strong supporter in governor desantis here, who is very tim r similar to president trump and his policies. floridians are flourishing under that. we expect a hold florida in 2020 and expand our percentages of vote here, to win the state again for president trump. ashley: he will probably touch on impeachment effort going on now for nearly 18 months in various forms. polls are showing perhaps, certainly middle america is kind of wearing thin on this. 53% of florida voters in a poll there, as you can see, 53%
4:47 pm
oppose impeaching the president. 42% support that impeachment. but bottom line here, the longer this goes on, do you think the president is gaining more ground, perhaps more sympathy? >> well, the longer that this goes on the 70 plus hours of free broadcast air that the democrats got for their impeachment hoax hearings, the more americans get to see this for what it is. this is a hoax. this is a witch-hunt. this is what democrats have said before president trump was inaugurated. they didn't believe the results of 2016. they are trying to overturn those results. bad news for the democrats. not only is president trump winning but so is america. you mentioned that in florida opposition is high. we have seen that with independents in a recent emerson poll, in the last month, opposition to the impeachment hoax has grown by 11%. we're seeing it across the country. so the more democrats go to try to impeach this president, not only are they making the
4:48 pm
president stronger, but they're bringing more supporters into the campaign. we raised $15 million in three day thanks to nancy pelosi. keep it up, democrats, you're making it easier for us to win again in 2020. ashley: quickly, erin, michael bloomberg in the race on democrat side. someone very familiar with donald trump and vice versa. do you think we'll hear about that tonight you think? >> i think president trump will talk about a number of socialist democrat opponents on the other side. doesn't matter who wins on that side of the primary field. they all stand for the same thing. open borders. free healthcare for illegal immigrants. taking care of tax cut that helped the economy boom. adding more regulation. it's a great contrast. we'll see it. doesn't matter who the democrat is. president trump will win again in 2020. ashley: you're there on the ground erin, expecting a big crowd tonight? >> we expect a packed arena inside. for those supporters who can't make it inside of the we have a
4:49 pm
big jumbotron on the outside to enjoy the festivities. ashley: thank you, erin, from the trump campaign. thank you very much. >> silentsing journalists. a union for reporters for the bloomberg industry group is demanding that the company remove the ban of coverage of 2020 democrats following bloomberg's presidential announcement. what does this mean for the media giant? who better to ask -- >> very own media giant. melissa: my own media giant. what do you think? >> i think this is horrible. this is journalism for god sakes. mike bloomberg knows that. he can't silence journnailists in one of the most important elections in my lifetime. he will allow them to talk about all the candidates after the democrats have the nominee, up until that point you don't have a word about problems democrats might be having? meanwhile you will be spreading bloomberg airwaves with stuff about trump, most of which is very negative based on the past?
4:50 pm
that is ridiculous. they said, the group of journalists in bloomberg journalists should not only be allowed but encouraged to cover every single candidate in the most important election in history. both left-wing journalists, right-wing journalists, judd legham used to work for hillary clinton campaign, we think progress, left-wing blog, you can't declare the biggest story of next 12 months off limits. brent bozell says this decision make as mockery of journalism. i think he has to change his mind on this. melissa: there are those who think his run is really isn't a run, the idea to get around how much money he can spend either against trump or for democrats in general. >> right. melissa: if he is also saying that he is not allowing bloomberg to attack democrats, it gives more fuel to that fire, that all he is doing by getting in is trying to help anyone running against president trump. --
4:51 pm
>> may be. that is kind of a conspiracy theory but the bottom line is, he is ruining his reputation as a journalist. melissa: yeah. >> he prides himself being a journalist. you can't silence half of the debate on anything. melissa: no. what is coming up on your fantastic program, my friend? >> have you ever heard of a guy named lou dobbs. melissa: of course. >> lou dobbs will be on. he will talk about a host of things, trade, politics. maybe we'll ask him about bloomberg. you can't ms. lou at 5:00. melissa: can't wait to see it, david. see you at the top of the hour. >> absolutely. ashley: good stuff. irrepressible lou dobbs. he is amazing. both lou and i worked in yuma, arizona. we share war stories. not at the same time. we both worked in that market. targeting priceless treasures. police are searching for thieves who stole hundreds of diamonds from the reknowned green vault museum in germany. not very subtle. they used a sledgehammer. the fate of bread and butter in
4:52 pm
the white house. did they both get a pardon or just one. we'll tell you next. >> i wish issue a pardon to a pair of very handsome birds, butter and his alternate, bread. bread and butter have been specially raised by the jacksons to remain calm under any condition. which will be very important because they have already received subpoenas to appear in adam schiff's basement on thursday. oh. [applause] hundreds of people have. it seems that the democrats are accusing me of being too soft on turkey. but bread and butter i should note unlike previous witnesses, you and i have actually met. 1 in 5 people you meet wear dentures.
4:53 pm
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4:57 pm
now released from what's been called the devastating jewelry heist in history. they been following the developing story in new york. >> some say this is the biggest art press sense world war ii, the pieces could be worth more than $1 billion. stolen items include three priceless sets of diamonds including brilliant cut stones which log to an 18th century collection, the collection of what became the museum was augustine's in 1723, it has been a tourism magnet 101724. the minister said this is a better day for the cultural heritage, there is material worth and intangible cultural worth which is impossible to estimate. our experts are the biggest worry that the thieves had no chance of selling the pieces because are so recognizable in the great worry they will take
4:58 pm
up the diamonds and tried to sell them separately. the director says art collections is appealing to the scenes and not to break the collections into pieces. supposedly the thieves set fire near the museum and deactivated the alarm and the heist started at dawn and with the power outage the area stayed in darkness. there was a surveillance camera on a separate power source that capture the images you are looking at of the two men breaking into residents royal palace. the police set up roadblocks all around the city in an attempt to present the suspect from leaving. there is one sliver of a silverlining, just a sliver but one of the museum's most famous and precious treasures the green diamond is currently on loan in new york to the metropolitan museum of art so it's obviously not taken. >> i'm going to go see it right away. thank you.
4:59 pm
>> the winner is, i know you're on the edge of your seat. butter received a potential winning the 72nd national thanksgiving turkey title, the winning turkey by the way wayne and 47 pounds, it was raised by butterball turkey farmer on a farm in clinton north carolina but fear not, the bread was also spared, both turkeys get to spend the rest of their lives in a place called gobbles rest with the other appeasing turkeys and that is on the campus and they can live a gold old life running around and enjoying themselves without having to worry. >> about thanksgiving. >> impeachment, something like that.
5:00 pm
i was concerned when we watched those, how could you possibly pick one and then send the other one off. >> you cannot do that. it's too much. >> although it looks a little more comfortable today than he did with the killer dog yesterday. >> there you go. i like conan but i don't know about the president. that doesn't for us, i will let you finish it. >> both embarrasses up next. >> the wealth tax has been across a number of countries and france the last time and it does not work. when i was mayor i raise taxes dramatically in particular the wealthy and it turned out very well. david: 2020 democrat mike bloomberg wrapping up his second campaign event, this one in phoenix, arizona addressing elizabeth warren wealth taxes you heard. the rivals worn and bernie sanders they're down their attacks on his billionaire status, staffers at his own media company are resulting against him. quite a situation. this is "bulls & b


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