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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 27, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EST

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[♪] lou: good evening, everybody, the radical dimms should have all the evidence they require to quietly conclude their disastrous impeachment inquiry is a sham and it is over. tv audiences are declining, hearings are just abysmal. the polls show the ever greater open significance to their impeachment charade, ever greater support for president trump that the radical dimms are trying to keep their farcical impeachment scheme on life
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support. they want to move the investigation to the house judiciary committee. but they can't find any witnesses to support their charges. president trump using the annual presidential pardon of turkeys, this year named bread and butter, to mock the party of hate and the national left-wing media. president trump: thankfully bread and butter have been specially raised by the jacksons to remain calm under any conditions. it will be helpful because they already received subpoenas to apeer in adam schiff's basement thursday. the democrats are accusing me of being too some of the soft on turkey. unlike previous witnesses, you and i actually met.
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very unusual. lou: nadler and schiff both with credibility problems. nadler writing to the president claims he's committed to a fair process. president trump remains committed to delivering results. making america great. record-high stock markets, rebuilt u.s. military military securing the border. and remaining steadfast in his demands that china end its longstanding trade practices. for the latest we turn to edward lawrence in washington. >> lou, u.s. strayed sources confirm they had a primary level phone call between the head of the two trade teams. this is the second call in as many weeks.
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the chinese commerce min stwri released a statement about the call. they discussed how to deliver each others core concerns. president weighed in on this today. >> i have a very good relationship with president xi. we are in the final throes of a very important deal. one of the most important deals in trade ever. it's going very well. reporter: trade sources say the two side will remain in constant contact at the deputy level to get that phase one deal down on paper. if that deal happened former fed chairman allen greenspan says it will be an economic boom for both countries. the commerce secretary wilbur ross will have more power to ban any u.s. company from getting
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supplies from huawei and zte, and could her apply to almost any other company in any country in the world. lou: joining us, dr. michael pillsbury. mike, great to have you with us. we are now the president is in the final throes of phase one and its conclusions. how do you interpret that? >> i focus particularly on the president's word throes. the final throes. it's not easy. it's not arm wrestling. the chinese have been tough negotiators. this is in the president's book, "art of the deal." they have this in chinese. a lot of them can quote from it. his focus on xi jinping. xi jinping is a little bit like the president's deals with various people he profiles in
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the book. so they are nervous. and they have been fighting quite hard. they are a very powerful country in many ways. but the president may get the best of this in the near term. whether the enforcement mechanism can be set up and work. we won't know that for several months. that will be the real test. one thing donald j. trump warns about in his book warns about. he says never settle for a letter of intent. always get every detail wrapped up and signed. lou: nothing seems to be in text here. maybe there is. but it's certainly no part of the phase one seems to be papered as the expression goes. so where are we? the president making it clear that it may take some time, certainly beyond the new year, to get this phase one deal done.
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is that your view as well? >> no. the first phase could happen quite rapidly. it depend on xi jinping himself. there was a complex text 1. >> 50 pages or more -- 150 pages or more. the hardliners actually threatened xi jinping that he better not give away their predatory model because they depend on it. they invoke xi jinping's father who was one of the biggest reformers of all. and xi should stick with his father's approach, a more free market economy. we have a struggle going on in beijing that i think president trump knows about. we could have a signed deal in a
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couple weeks or another impasse where the hardliners can block progress again. lou: hardliners blocking progress from the chinese size, and fear of chinese reprisal blocking the president's signature of the hong kong human rights legislation passed by the senate and the house? >> i think it's fear on our side china will not implement its legally minding agreement. there has to be a mechanism set up with an office in beijing where american companies can file complaints and there is action taken on them. that's one of the most important things. i am less worried about hong kong and other factors than the hardliners saying no, this is a violation of sovereignty. they throw in steve bannon.
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they say these people want to bring china to it's ins and destroy it. lou: hell, mike, you know chinese admirals and generals and the people's liberation army and navy who want to destroy the united states. so to hell with their nonsense. this is pretext. they are trying to play us for damn fools. >> i don't think they are going to succeed. lou: i don't think we should act as though they are not animated in their attempts to do so. china is suffering so much from the tariffs, the technology measures. the measure to block them from buying companies in silicon valley. the hardliners will have some
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say this is a tougher president than we thought we were dealing with. lou: the very idea that the enforcement mechanism would be in beijing when they steal our intellectual property and when they force transfer of technology when they prop is they won't do so. when they reneged on every damn agreement they made not only from the world trade organization entry of china, but to hong kong and the 97 agreement as well. at some point we have to ask ourselves, which agreement that they reached with any western power have they ever honored? >> i think what the president is trying to do is set up a mechanism by which there will be legal consequences or tariffs. lou: if they have to be adjudicated or mediated within beijing, that's not very help
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new, is it? >> there will ba an office in washington, d.c. as well in case they have complaint they can bring it to our attention. i don't think we steal anywhere near what they steal from us. i don't think he's intimidated by these hardliners in china. that's why he said serve types recently the deal is not going to be 50-50 or equality. criticized president xi last week. he wants us to have a much bigger victory to make up for the sins and theft and pillages of our country. that's what he's focusing on very clearly. lou: he made that very clear. the question is whether the chinese have the sophistication to comprehend what that truly means and whether they think that they can continue to cast
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their position into the most insulting architecture imaginable. >> it's why i think mortar rivers -- raising the tariffs between now and december 15 is an option for the president to consider. if the chinese back out again he has no choice but to raise the tariffs higher. lou: this looks to me -- the process is opaque, so i'm speaking without knowledge of what is already negotiated. but this seems like a very difficult way in which to reach a conclusion with an intransigent. and frankly, hardly trustworthy counter-party in all this. you get the last word. >> one of the things they have done is make concessions outside of trade talks. out of the blue they announced they will buy up to $2 billion
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of american chicken and poultry and eggs. they happen to love this kind of dish called chicken feet in china. it wasn't even a concession in the trade talks. this is a terrible thing think have been doing. theyed a a ban on our chicken and eggs. but this concession could come fast with the hardliners stepping in. it takes nerves of steel for the president to do this. lou: it does. and a great sense of humor. the idea they would in another lane offer to buy chicken -- instead of chicken feet, it's something all together different. this is just stunning stuff. we also know that over the course of three years of this presidency. that the chinese have offered
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most recently three weeks ago not to steal anymore u.s. technology and intellectual property. they made that promise 22 times over the course of the past three years. at some point it becomes tiresome, doesn't it? >> and the number is much higher if you count the number of times he made the promise to barack obama. lou: we'll keep it in a period of enlightenment and illumination the past three years. michael pillsbury. nerves of steel and a certain sense of wit. our president has both of them. >> absolutely. i can't say i perceive the same being reciprocated beijing ping. michael pillsbury, always good to talk with you. thanks. coming up here next.
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president trump says he's protecting future presidents. we'll tell you what he's doing and how he's doing it. robert ray joins us here tonight. the president of mexico refuses to take hard line stance against the cartels. former state department advisor christian whiton with is next. stay with us.
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lou: the mexican president obrador says he will never accept the designation of mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations if america has the temerity to do so. he said it could cause mexico to invoke the same designation on mayor can crime organizations. he has ties to the burisma atlantic council.
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virks sco is the second intel committee staffer with ties to the atlantic council, other is robert ager. they announced a partnership with burisma the day before president trump was inaugurated. serving on the burisma board at the time one hunter biden. joining us, christian whiton. good to have you with us. let's start with, what in the world is going on with lopez obrador saying he would not accept a designation by the united states of the cartels as terrorist organizations? >> it's important to remember that amlo is a big-time left winger. and has this policy all hugs not
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bullets he's use on the cartels. as you can imagine the cartels are not reacting to hugs not bullets in the way you would hope. they are taking advantage of it. lou: the cartel is using bullets on the people he wants to hug. i think there is a risk in his strategy. >> it's just not working. the fact is mexico has a recurring problem. previously the policy of use more aggression toward cartels has deficiencies as well. but throwing in the towel and raising the white flag is not the way to approach this. we need to see this basic insurgency. this has a cross from law enforcement over to insurgency. that's why it makes so much sense toss designate them as terrorist groups.
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if he would fight this as a war i think he would have better results than just hugging these guys. lou: they have a war and the cartels are winning the war. the cartels control 80% of mexico right now, and they have a president foolish enough to say they would not want the united states to designate -- call them a name like terrorists? what in the world would you say they are if not terrorists? >> it seems pretty self-effort. the united states has a lot of the leverage here. i think president trump has tried and succeed in having a good relationship with lopez obrador. drastic alally we can shut the border if we want to. and we could crank up the warnings to discourage tourists from going to mexico.
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lou: 70,000 overdose deaths in this country. methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, heroin win fentanyl from china crossing the border everybody year killing 70,000 americans. and i cannot begin to understand why the united states congress, the united states senate have not taken this up along with the president who has already spoken directly and with outrage against those cartels. the senate and the house seem paralyzed perhaps with fear. >> you have the house announcing today it will be holding the next impeachment sham hearing december 4. that's the day our president goes abroad again. he will be in london for the 70th anniversary of nato. every single time our president has traveled abroad,
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congressional democrats out to undermine -- sought to undermine him. it used to be that when a president was abroad they would not criticize him. lou: they are hurting america, they are refusing to do anything whether it's a trade agreement with canada and mexico. this democratic party has shown itself to be a loathesome political organization. it's a party of hate that's absolutely irredeemable. i just have no hope for them whatsoever. this president is historic, achieving all that he has without a partner on capitol hill in the house of representatives. incredible. christian, thanks so much.
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you get the last word, partner. >> it's an interesting exercise to see if you can go to the electorate accomplishing nothing. that's what this house has accomplished. i think voters will punish them, we'll see in less than a year. lou: the president inviting the trial in the senate. i think that adam schiff may enjoy his opportunity to be cross-examined. christian whiton, thanks. appreciate it. we would like to hear your comments on this. a programming note, acting customs and border protection commissioner mark morgan, gordon chang and robert jeffress. doug wead has a new important book and he says president trump
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should be ranked as one of america's greatest presidents. he joins us to talk about his new book, inside the trump white house. a billion dollar jewel heist in germany caught on camera. this is one of the most amazing, amazing thefts in history. we'll have that and much more when we return. stay with us.
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lou: joining us tonight, independent counsel for the whitewater investigation, robert ray. and jerrold nadler takes it up for the radical dimms next week. >> next tuesday. lou: without any list of witnesses that have knowledge of any actions on the part of the administration. it looks like a desperation play
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just to try to continue what has been a failed effort so far to subvert the president soot last time we checked in with jerry nadler he was busy in connection with witnesses relative to the mueller investigation. now we have a complete turn around, a complete switch of the playbook. now the playbook is ukraine. >> and it's been a disaster for the radical dimms, just as robert mueller was a disaster for the dimms. all of the nonsense about collusion. and the next thing we see robert mueller before the radical dimms and he barely seemed to be able to articulate his findings or any knowledge of really what he was talking about. he was a disaster. >> i think much of what you are likely to hear before the judiciary committee will be process arguments about the fact the administration for various
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reasons has asserted privilege. and the administration in their view has stonewalled the investigation. but that's not really an argument that carries much water. it's not an argument that was particularly persuasive even during the nixon impeachment proceedings. the american people i think have baked that into the equation to say this is political. >> do you know any attorneys who think what the judiciary and intel committee has done to this point has moved the needle and had any influence on the american people other than the polls we see with the american people supporting the president and opposing impeachment. >> 81% of democrats are fixed in favor of impeachment. 81% are again. the whole point of impeachment from the time of alexander
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hamilton is it would require a by part and support in congress. that needle has not moved. it will not be bipartisan. lou: if it's not bipartisan and significant in that result, there is no purpose to this. the leadership of the democratic party -- >> is going to pay a political price for doing it, i would think. the argument that's persuasive is how can you justify that action was in the country's best interest? >> are you surprised that nancy pelosi has not had the judgment to call an end to this, quietly exit the stage with impeachment and move on? >> i think she did several months ago. i think she buckled under pressure of the progressive wing of the democratic party if she didn't do this, she ran the risk
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in 2020 of potentially losing the speakership. lou: their newest entry, michael bloomberg saying he's running against donald trump, and he wants to do great things for the economy as if president trump has not already done that. >> newsflash the stock market is above 28,000 and the lowest unemployment in our history. bloomberg has to get the nomination first. lou: he has to be on an apology tour. >> which is a requirement that the identity politics and the democratic party require. lou: absolutely. check this out. a jewel heist in germany. two thieves breaking into the
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dresden museum breaking open the jewelry case with an axe, stealing $1 billion worth of jewels. the police found the getaway car torched in an underground garage. they fear the thieves may break the pieces up in order to sell them. i think that's a reasonable fear as well. the historic trump presidency, doug wead wrote the book on it. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: the "daily caller" publish an op-ed from an you be named trump official slamming the book by anonymous. he said it would be honorable to carry out the agenda of the president and honorable to resign on principle. our next guest has a book out here on the amazon best seller list than the so-called anonymous book. a man not anonymous. doug wead, advisor to two presidents.
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author of the new best seller inside trump's white house. it's out today. doug, congratulations on the book. we recommend it to you highly. how much fun was this to write. >> it was so much fun. it's fun for me to even tell you. when they finally approved it and i walk in the oval office. he doesn't even say hello or shake my hand. i walk in the oval office and he has these papers. he says this is my private correspondence with kim jong-un. they tell me not to let you see it. you can't cop why it and you can't -- you can't copy it, but you can read it. lou: the origins of his motivation to be president, your thoughts about that. and what you reveal in the book.
4:40 am
>> this was fascinating for me. at one point we went round and around. i got all the kid to tell me their versions. it was nothing like what bill o'riley said happened at the right house correspondents dinner. but he finally at one point we were talking about business. he said, you know, you buy a business that's poorly run. and then you sell it after you made it better. you never buy a business that's well run because you will lose money, he said. i ran for president after two terrible presidents. so he's thinking bush and obama, i'm going to follow them, it's time to run. lou: he has a point, these were two of the worst presidents i
4:41 am
think in this nation's history. the truth is, this country was in terrible shape when the president was elected. i don't think there are many men or women, i don't think anyone could have done a better job than he has stepping in and doing all that he could against all odds. your thoughts? >> it's remarkable. i think he's a great president. you measure presidents based on the economy, how they handle war, and peace. on their intelligence, on their communication skills. there are 120 others. when it comes to communication, he's transformational. when it comes to intelligence, he could see what the greatest economists in the world couldn't see. they were unanimous. he was right and they were wrong. >> one of the things that irritates the dickens out of me is to talk about whether he's
4:42 am
giving jerome powell a deserved tongue lashing because he doesn't have a sense of markets and he raises interest rates, and people said he had god instincts as if it was instinctual. he has great judgment, great intellect. it's stunning to see the people who do not want to acknowledge the innate capacity of the man and his judgment. and war and peace. that's what a historian looks for. it's been 40 years since we have had a president who hasn't started a war. they all invaded somebody. not him. peace and prosperity is the ideal historic all fo -- historically for a president.
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lou: bringing home troops is a difficult challenge in these times. your access to the president, how much did you have in what form? >> he allowed me to interview anybody i wanted. all the cabinet, i interviewed the hostages. i started with the family, and i couldn't get out of the family. they are so interesting. noup interviewed jarrod extensivey, i did. they are utterly fascinating. and he -- the night of the election he thought he was going to lose early and they said what are you going to do? >> he said i am going to go out on fifth avenue and say i did my best. i'm a patriot. then tomorrow i'm going to get on a plane and go to ireland and play golf. then a few hours later they said
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you are going to win. ivanka was trying to get him away from the tv. i was watching the young ladies crying because clinton was losing. he said look at that, imagine how they feel. the story is different than i expected. lou: we recommend such stories to you in this best seller by doug wead. inside trump's white house, giving you great access. lou: he and i get along pretty good. you and i get along pretty good. another record-setting day on wall street. the major indexes hitting record highs. the dow gaining 55 points. if you are counting such things, it's a 4th record close. the nasdaq 25th record close
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of the year. i think we can add this to the greatest president's record on the market. president trump tonight touting his booming economy. president trump: the stock market just hit another all-time in history high meaning 401ks have jumped. everybody is getting rich. and i'm working my ass off, that i can tell you. lou: we'll be right back with sebastian gorka. no extra charge for the laugh. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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today the * their crimes are being revealed and their sinister plans are failing at a level nobody thought, even me, possible. the radical democrats are trying to overturn the last election because they know that they cannot win the next election. it's very simple. lou: joining us tonight,
4:50 am
sebastian gorka, author, former strategist to the president. and his new book is the war for america's soul. let's start with the fact president obama would fight to stop bernie sanders from becoming the nominee. that's quite a development. >> not only that, he still refuses to endorse his former vice president which is quite embarrassing for joe biden. if you add that to the figures we have seen that even independents are more anti-impeachment than pro impeachment. if you look at the fact that we have democrat congresswomen saying you know what, this impeachment not a good idea. traps we should have some kind of censure. this party is in a mess, it's in trouble. this isn't the democrat party of your father or grandfather.
4:51 am
the scoop jackson democrats, the jfk democrats, they have been excised and replaced by extremists like ocasio-cortez. lou: michael bloomberg has joined the race and he's running he thinks against donald trump. but he has a primary to go through and he's buying it. by the way, why not? he has president obama acknowledging he would do whatever is necessary to stop bernie sanders. the democratic party has a bad recent record about you integrity in selecting their nominee. >> what an indictment of the current slate of nominees. a man who wasted $100 million on other democrat candidates thinks they are such a bunch of losers that he needs to step in.
4:52 am
it doesn't matter how much money you have. money can't buy you love. hillary clinton sent $1.4 billion on her campaign. he outspent us 2-1 and donald trump won. lou: and will win begin the looks like going away. the bloomberg union asking the company to take back the decision not to investigate michael bloomberg. they feel compromised by mike saying he would not investigate through his media company any of the other democrats, just i guess president trump. outrageous statement for bloomberg to make. >> all it does is reinforces everything the president has said about the fake news industrial complex. this is a media ogre who says we are going to simply focus on the
4:53 am
presidents not the guy who created our company. that's the definition of fake news. lou: the president is also right about the radical dimms pursuing the impeachment quieshy, going to the judiciary committee with their so-called inquiry next week. and jarrod nadler can't even find witnesses. they scheduled a hearing with just scholars and some such. >> i think it's more of the same. we listened to weeks of testimony from so-called star witnesses who said they had a feeling, a presumption that something was illegitimate or illegal. you can't charge somebody with somebody else's presumption. we are going to see more circus and theater. all of this impeachment was
4:54 am
about one thing. donald trump committed a crime. and they will never forgive him for it. >> we talk about forgive him, they don't like him. they can't get over it. the american people, poll after poll showing they don't care what the radical di dimm daffods can get over or not. the president said he's work hard web's an historic president, he's accomplishing more than any other president in three years' time and the democrats are doing nothing but trying to overthrow the president. >> it's un-american. steve bannon popularized the nullification process. this is not just nullifying
4:55 am
2016. this is about stealing the next election. the impeachment of the president is the second greatest power capitol hill has next to declaring war. if he gets a second term, he will be the most successful president since worl world war d that's just a statement of fact. lou: i think light now he's already the greatest president. if you look at any other president and what they are able to accomplish, it's extraordinary. sebastian gorka, thanks for being us. we any comments doug? yeah. only pay for what you need with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need with liberty mutual. con liberty mutual solo pagas lo que necesitas. only pay for what you need... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: president trump's prethanksgiving homecoming rally florida. moments ago the president blasted the radical dimms and their lust for impeachment. president trump: you remember the mueller deal? they had nothing. two years they spent $45 million dollars. the real cost is many times that number. now the same maniacs are pushing the deranged impeachment. think of this. impeachment. lou: imagine.
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that's it for us tonight. mark morgan, gordon chang, pastor robert jeffress among our guests tomorrow. it is 5 a.m. back to back storms threatening thanksgiving and it could be a travel nightmare if you didn't leave yet why today may be worst time travel even without the winter weather plus shoppers getting ready for their biggest day of the year. >> i'm ready medicare for all taking a bite out of elizabeth juan poll number plus company that is taking on 2020 democrats for punishing success and american dream. >> and many of us have probably missed out on that dream job opportunity at one point right? but what man turned his failure into a successful business? with an inspirational story wednesday november 27th fbn amy starts right now.


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