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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 27, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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lou: that does it for us tonight. we thank you for joining us. we highly recommend presidential historian doug wead's new book, "inside trump's white house." [♪] trish: tonight our first amendment is under attack. our freedom of speech is increasingly vulnerable in a political environment that encourages hate and shame. it's our obligation to protect freedom. i'm trish regan. we have allowed the left to shut down and out the other side. i get it. it's easy to take freedom for granted. but tonight as we couple on the thanksgiving holiday. i want you to think about who we are at americans and who we want to be as americans. you see this?
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brave students fight for democracy in hong kong. the poor go without food and water in the socialist dictatorship of venezuela. and journalists get murdered in russia. it's critical we take a good hard look at what our own country is doing to suppress speech and suppress ideas. the left's attempt to suppress freedom of speech and ideas, and to label strum voters as a cult for daring to support the president of the united states of america or to attack someone just for wearing a red hat. it's clear the left is willing to go after the very poor who are we are. they are attack our first amendment. and it is our obligation to protect it. never be ashamed. never be ashamed of who you are and what you believe.
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as an american you have every right to wear that red hat. you have every right to put a trump sign in your yard and share your views in a fair, compassionate and respectful way. if the leftist mob shuts you down then the leftist mob wins. america stands for freedom. we are a diverse nation. our strength has always been our freedom of speech. our diversity of thought. i was recently in bogota, colombia for an interview with vice president mike pence. i was struck by what a young woman we worked with told us. thee said' two of her friends were journalists and they were murdered because they dared to go against the powers that be. in russia, there is no sitar
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than what vladimir putin wants you to believe. journalists, members of the opposition are gunned down, lunltsed down. in china we see the effects of government-controlled speech every day. secretary pompeo confirming algorithms embed in computered programs. if you speak out against the government in china, big brother throws you in jail. or the government terrorize and brainwashes you into what the chinese state government wants you to believe. there is no ability to voice a different opinion. and in china you are not allowed on an open internet. and you are being watched at all times. i recently hosted an anchor from the news station run by the communist party in china. there was one problem. she is the host of a primetime
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english language television program overseen by the ccp, the chinese communist party. i don't speak for anyone but myself as the host of a fox business show. but my guest is part of the ccp. >> i have to get it straight. i am not a member of the communist party of china. for the record, a chinese citizen is not entitled to voice scene opinion unless you are a member of the communist party. the director of alibaba unless he's a member of the communist party. i guess in an effort to be first or be called journalists, they are less concerned with getting the story right and more
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concerned their tweets are retweeted. so we get a messed up interpretation of reality sometimes. don't we. >> explosive. >> explosive. >> truly remarkable. >> bombshell. >> bombshell. >> riveting. >> the bombshell that wasn't. adam schiff is already back away from his schiff show. not uncertain he wants to move forward with impeachment. impeachment won't happen. if it doesn't, good. the truth will come out at trail in the senate. i care deeply about the health of our country. i have voted for both parties over the years. i points that out just to mention how and why i look at everything through an economic lens. i like to have debates. right now there is no room for
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debates. the left is trying to shut down anyone and everyone who doesn't agree with them. they say the president is hitler or racist. when that fails they accuse his supporters of being in a cult. >> i am referring to the trump's organization, and followership as a destructive cult where people are being fed propaganda and they are not being encouraged to think for themselves. >> increasingly president trump's support seems cultish. it's all about him. it's not about the standards of politics. most generally they don't end well. trish: steve bannon put it best. >> it's so insulting. it's insulting to hard working men and women who are the backbone of the trump movement. it's a working class and middle
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class movement. they didn't feel they had a voice for the permanent class. and dan rather is going to call them a cult? they want to return america to its former greatness and they see president trump as the person to do that. trish: it wasn't always like this. i grew up in a small state, new hampshire. every year we would have something big going on. you would see the heated reports going on in coffee shops. i was 7 years old and walter mondale came to speak in my parents driveway. the heel neighborhood was there and i recorded the whole thing and shared it with my class the next day. and i got in a debate with my neighbor who was a reagan
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supporters. and we were still friends. i point this out because we were friends. our neighbors. politician did not and should not ever define who you are. in a normal environment, an environment that celebrates freedom of speech, you should be able to shout it from the rooftop no matter who you are supporting and still be respected. something changed in 2016. our freedom to think differently changed. how did we get to the point where putting up a sign for the republican nominee was viewed as hate speech on college campuses? that's where we are tonight. it's exactly what our enemies
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want. divide and conquer. vladimir putin is a great man who we should never underestimate. has taken our very strength, our freedom of speech, our first amendment, and he's attempting to use it against us to divide us, to weaken us, to encourage hate, to encourage shame, to encourage division. think about how ashamed people were to admit they voted for donald trump. the polls right up until the end were predicting a hillary clinton victory. pollsters had no idea donald trump could win because your country had become so disrespectful that people were ashamed to admit who they voted for so they lied. their speech was shut down. putin got what he wanted. he wanted to divide us. >> you get out and you create a crowd. and you push back on them.
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and you tell them they are not welcome. >> when they go low, we kick them. that's what this new democratic party is about. trish: putin said he's a fan of "the art of war" that probably every good oligarch has a copy of. there is a section of that book that reads delay entering the field of battle until all the other players have become exhausted fighting amongst themselves. then go in full strength and pick up the pieces. we are certainly fighting. are we exhausted yet? the russians, the chinese, the iranians, they are all seeding this division. the more we try and suppress one side by shaming people for their beliefs the more successful our enemies are in their endeavor. the silencing of one side is the
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greatest threat to our rub. our -- our republic. we must be fearless in voicing opinions while showing respect for all sides. i'm so thankful this thanksgiving for our first amendment. it's the foundation of who we are. it is our freedom, it's is our country. that's tonight's intel. coming up next. geraldo rivera who says modern liberals have become' the monster they used to protest against. another staffer of adam schiff's is connected to the whistleblower. >> what have not spoken directly with the whistleblower. we would like to. trish: coming up, we have sketchy details. also back by popular demand, the first contestant i'm going to
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>> a cultive personality. >> cultish personality. >> it's a cult. >> it's frightening to hear a cult. >> what can you call someone who says clearly racist thinks? >> this morning it's mr. president. >> the president of the united states is a racist. >> he is a racist. trish: the left is deliberately trying to shame people for believing in president trump's policies. those policies are actually working. our stock market is reaching record highs and unemployment is at record lows. if you can't beat him on policy you try to beat him on receipt writing? the champion of free speech
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himself, geraldo rivera. what happened to the left? this is a group of people that i said as a kid, i remember having civilized conversations with politics and you can't have them anymore. how come? >> i will give you my personal evolution from my long hair days as a radical street lawyer where the universities were the center of free speech and they have become the opposite of that. there was a youth summit on oap soids in baltimore. the first lady graciously agreed to appear. it's one of the causes she adopted along with kids be their best. she had the christmas tree at the white house yesterday. she has done so many things. campaigning against family separations at the southern border. she walked on stage for theout summit for the oap side crisis
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and -- the opioid crisis and she was booed. i can't imagine the disrespect and utter lack of manners that represents. she has agreed to appear to give a speech to the young people to rally them against opioid accuse and she gets booed. if the situation was a bit different and it was first lady michelle obama walking on the stage what a national scandal it would be. it's absolutely appalling to me how the two side are so entrenched, how free speech now has become something like reverse. it's like the right believes in everyone having the right to have their say and the left says it's my way or the highway. it's intolerant, it's anti-american and i think it's very, very destructive.
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trish: you look at universities. good point. universities, that's the one place where you should actually have the ability to experiment with different kinds of thinking and to try and think about something from somebody else's point of view. those have become the most hostile places of all. i think my view on this is vladimir putin and anybody else who doesn't like us is taking our greatest strength, our core, our ability to voice freely our ideas. and they are turning that against us, geraldo. >> universities should be where young people get to experiment with all different kinds of things. that was in my generation back in the stoneage. the young people were rebelling against restrictions and rebelling against group think and rebelling against the establishment. experimenting with new ideas and
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they were wearing long hair, they were experimenting with politics of the left or the right or center. they were trying to show the richness, experience the richness of the world. now if you don't toe the line, if you are not a hard-line progressive you have to keep your mouth shut. in berkeley where the tbree speech movement started in the 60s. a couple days ago ann coulter was booed and people were punching each other trying keep them from going into the auditorium. conservative speakers have decide not to make speeches or comedy acts inside the universities because the students are so intolerant.
8:21 pm
a lot of it has to do with hatred directed at the 45th president. here is the first lady. she has -- how come melania trump, one of the most gorgeous first ladies in history is not on the covers of any fashion magazine? trish: thams thanks soo -- thanks so much. the gender wars apparently claiming their final victim. the baltimore museum of art deciding to add only artwork created by women next year. really? you voted. find out which politically correct tory is wing.
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democrats want to get rid of i.c.e. >> abolishing i.c.e. is a call to action on several levels. >> replacing i.c.e. with something that reflects our morality. trish: maryland county is set to release murderers and rapists into our society. next, the man who took on congress is here to react to another immigration setback. tom homan is next. >> mr. homan, i'm not calling on you. >> of course not. >> have you ever head a deceased child in your arms? >> yes, i held a 5-year-old boy in my arms. for you to sit there and insult my integrity. this has to be fixed. no one wants tv pictures. driverless cars,
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trish: more violent criminals roaming free as sanctuary cities turn them loose. we tell you about them on the show every night, whether it be the vietnam vet who was senselessly killed in a hit-and-run. the 19-year-old who was allegedly strangled by an illegal in north carolina. a father and husband killed driving his tractor home. killed by a drunk illegal who had previously been charged on drunk driving and let go thanks to a sanctuary policy. the sanctuary policies have resulted in countless deaths. violence is spreading at the u.s.-mexico border. we know of the brutal killing of a mormon family.
8:28 pm
the drug cartels continue to enter our country. the vice president telling us the u.s. is ready to do of what we need to do. >> president trump wanted to make it clear if they need our support combating violence in their country, that we are prepared to help them in any appropriate way. >> the president has reportedly appointed jared kushner to see it through. joining me, a man who devoted his life's work to this issue. former acting i.c.e. director, tom homan. i want to say thanks to you for all your hard work. i know you don't give up. >> they are not going the shut me up. let me say something. thank you for the opening monologue. that was moving and i hope a lot of people listen to that.
8:29 pm
great opening monologue, trish. you showed some clips saying i don't care about dying children. i have been fighting sanctuary cities for years, and this representative garcia, he created a sanctuary policy that releases criminals from cook county. sanctuary cities is a fight i'm in. i'll be in it until we win it in the supreme court. >> i guess what i don't get is how it's been so twisted. that's why they are shutting down free speech. everything is so twisted. but they have taken this -- what should be pretty simple. just let's get some immigration reform and figure out who is in this country. let people in who want to be americans and work hard. the bad guys, let's do everything we can to keep them out. the idea that innocent americans
8:30 pm
die and nobody seems to care about them but we are caring about illegals, that's kind of messed up. >> the world is upsit down. those who knowingly and intentionally violate our laws are the victims now. those who enforce law are the bad guys. sanctuary cities protect immigrant communities, but they don't. when you release a criminal alien from jail he's likely to reoffend in the community in which he lives. how did the sanctuary policy protect maryland county's immigrant community? it doesn't. trish: they say they are protecting immigrants. but i talk to a lot of people who have recently up grated to this country that live in some of these communities. they don't like it because they don't feel safe. if your country cannot provide
8:31 pm
you with a sense of safety and security. forget about opportunities. you just don't even have the basics. >> you don't. even though they violate the law coming into this country. once they get here, the majority of the law-abiding they want to take care of their families. the last thing they want is somebody convicted 20 times driving in their neighborhood. there is example after example. the immigrant community are the ones -- ms-13, they attack the immigrant community because they think they are afraid to report crimes to the police. so up grant communities are paying the prize for sanctuary communities. i will never give up the fight, trish. and we appreciate what you are doing. trish: the pc insanity award are back. we have the third and final
8:32 pm
contestant. you know the game uno. they decided to ditch red and blue card to keep thanksgiving politic free. thanks for solving that problem for us. find out which politically correct story is the most repulsive to you. first, president trump was right. president trump: why isn't germany, france, the european union,j why aren't they paying? why is it always the united states, the sucker. trish: a shocking report showing just how much taxpayer money we are doling out to foreign countries and how little our so-called allies are pitching in. we are even giving money to our enemy. we are on it next. (chime)
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trish: $40 billion is how much we are spending on foreign aid just in the last year. we give money to rich countries like austria. why does austria need our taxpayer hard earned dollars? and we give money to countries who don't like us very much. russia, $160 million. china. u.s. taxpayer funds every year. this is like socialism on a client scale. the i.s. is taking care of everybody else. could americans use that money? joining me right now, bartle,
8:38 pm
you agree with me, right? >> i think you are making good points. i have seen it in the soviet union, asia, the middle east. the difference between trade and investment and aid which is effectively welfare. trish: why are we giving some wealthy countries welfare. if there is money to spare, maybe that could go towards the wall or education. maybe there is a lot of things you can do with it here in the u.s. that might be better for americans. >> $40 million is immense. there is a good argument that we shouldn't spend a penny on non-military aid until doctor waiting times at the va are down
8:39 pm
to 20 minutes. until there is a baseball diamond for every inner city middle school. we have real needs at home. but that said, guide aid properly targeted can advance our interest. trish: i'm not an isolationist saying we should get out of protecting ourselves worldwide. if i were president trump and i imagine he's doing this right now. he made a platform out of this, i would take a nice red pen and go through that list and look at where we are spending money. we have been going through it. you have got nigeria getting a ton of money, i guess in part because they figure natural resources, when want to have stability in these regions. but it's questionable. a billion dollars to afghanistan. $1.1 billion to iraq, why?
8:40 pm
>> we are trying to get -- in theory we should be trying to get something back from it. we sent a businessman to washington. maybe he will shake this up. a businessman should look at these things in terms of investment. return on investment. and the other thing is any of these things which are all in a sense a deal. it's good for both sides. so it's got to be good for them. frequent are you aid traditionally is far more corrupting in numerous ways than it's good for the recipients. and is it any good for us? what are we getting out of this? trish: i would like to see the private sector step up. why does the u.s. taxpayer who is bare live getting by in many cases have to shoulder that burden. >> there is no greater earn gin of end prieps in than investing
8:41 pm
in the american economy. and there is nothing better for the rest of the world than a strong and prosperous u.s. so we don't need the government doing this for us. in the aid world investment finance is as respectable debate. much, much this just seems like corporate we will fair. trish: we are giving $2 million to austria. >> a lot of madness. >> but we sent a businessman to washington. and this is on his radar. we are lucky to have somebody hope sees the america first prism. it's a new way to look at it. trish: another staffer of adam schiff is connected to the whistleblower. details next.
8:42 pm
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trish: i want to get to a
8:46 pm
developing story. just when you thought the deep state couldn't get any deep, we have reports linking adam schiff's team to the energy company in ukraine and burisma. two of adam schiff's team members worked at the atlantic council according to breitbart which breitbart receives is funded by burisma. a couple of the schiff team members worked at a think tank and the company funded bid burisma. and one of schiff team members worked at the national security council. as soon as schiff's team member went to capitol hill from the
8:47 pm
nsc. somehow that report from the whistleblower got filed. brad blakeman, good to see you. let's dissect this. the select council, breitbart is saying this is funded in part bid burisma, the ukrainian company. do you have foreign companies that are deliberately funding think tanks so they can effectively get their points of view across in washington, d.c.? >> no doubt. that's part of the swamp. washington which an insaidous place where it's very incestuous. it's a circle that never ends. i will say we are complicit. our enemies know that. our democracy and laws allow them to do this through 501c4s. they don't have to displease
8:48 pm
donors. shame on us because we allow this to occur. trish: burisma and hunt are bind and ukraine. it turns out two schiff staffers allegedly worked for a think tank supported by burisma. >> that's why they want to keep the whistleblower you be disclosed. what we need to do is have it cop out when it's appropriate to cop out because it has an effect on the proceedings. trish: one of schiff's staffers used to work at the nsc, and worked at the nsc with the alleged whistleblower. so they are buddies at the nsc. then that guy who is at the nsc, the friend of the whistleblower, goes over to work for adam schiff, and sure enough, shortly thereafter, the whistleblower's
8:49 pm
complaint gets filed. it was a perfect looking complaint as though somebody with a legal background looked it over. adam schiff on national television saying we did not have any contact with the whistleblower. he then had to amended that. his team said indeed we did. it seems as though the whistleblower were good friends with aadam schiff team member. what's going on. >> we have a whistleblower who we know is as professional civil servant within the bureaucracy of the intelligence community. you tell me this person does not know the protocol of being whistleblower. going to the i.g. within their own department. that whistleblower goes where? goes up to the hill to adam schiff's office to his buddies. you just pointed out the relationship. this is not like kevin bay on six steps removed. this one step removed.
8:50 pm
you worked with these people before, it was premeditated and preplanned. what is happening in the house will be exposed in the senate if it goes to trial. if the democrats are smart they will shut this thing down. trish: i think they are back pedals. they don't want it to come out. this is an orchestrated move. they thought they were going to do the president a ton of damage. you look at the polling, it shows independents, they don't like it. how is it that america sees through it? >> america is a lot smarter than the people in washington give us credit for. i live within the beltway, if you believed everything they believed in the beltway, we would be in real trouble. outside the beltway in the heartland of america people get it. they have common sense, they are astute, they are smart and they can look through this. what they are seeing is the
8:51 pm
president getting railroaded. it is a witch hunt. eventually americans have the last say. >> impeachment is moving to the judiciary hearings next week. >> if you don't like adam schiff out there, usual certainly not going to like jerry nadler. trish: he's looking like the quarterback of the football team compared to jerry had in letter. >> she can't let the inmates runt asylum. trish: she said it needs to be bipartisan. >> adam schiff said we got him this time. before the complaint comes out? she gets ahead of they are skis and announced the inquiry.
8:52 pm
they have the vote. but what she should have done was tell adam schiff to slow down. she was burned by him on the russia investigation. trish: they were going to go forward with the impeachment hearings, then says i have got a transcript for you. >> the president didn't release one transcript, he released two. the president of the ukraine said i didn't ask for a quid pro quo. trish: we can look at it and read the actual word. that's what's troublesome about all of this. when you think about the health of our institutions. i said all along, i think putin is get weighing wanted with all this division and the undermining of our institutions of our government, of our faith and belief in government.
8:53 pm
but they were out gunned for him by the very beginning. >> they started the day he was elected. here's what's next. if they impeach the president, the senate will save the day, they will acquit the president. but in doing so, they will expose the democrats. it's a trial. it's not secret in a basement in a scif somewhere. this will be laid out chapter and verse. if that's what the democrats want, that's what they will get. trish: brad, good to see you. who will be the winner of our p.c. insanity award? or will it be uno ditching red and blue cards to say apolitical. we have a thanksgiving message
8:54 pm
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trish: welcome back. some crazy stories making headlines this week. students at browns, pushing to abolish all prisons in america. then there is this. baltimore museum of art announces in 2020, they will only accept art work created by women. >> then this story, you have to pick which is the most insane. popular card game uno is going politics-free, removing red and blue cards to keep thanksgiving politics-free. all bonkers, we asked you do
8:59 pm
twitter. which deserved our pc insanity award, the ivy league kids trying to abolish prisons. they want to get rid of jails that is nuts. we get ready to gather for thanksgiving. i want to give you a look into my life, i share with my children. what they are most thankful for this year. >> i'm thankful for moving to my newtown. and having like such good friends here. they are really friendly. i am thankful for that. >> i'm thankful for my family, and my new puppy. >> i'm thankful for my family, and my puppy. trish: i'm thankful for all of you guys. for my wonderful husband james,
9:00 pm
and for this great country. let's protect our freedom, i wish all of you a wonderful thanksgiving. kennedy begins now. kennedy: it has been a big year for legal cannabis, more voters realize that benefits ou outweih the negatives. next year states like florida and new jersey could go green, but federal level, i different story. what it will take for washington to get onboard? to reschedule marijuana? let's look. state of cannabis is a mixed dime bag, 33 states and dc have some form of legal medicinal marijuana, 11 are fully recreational, since 2013. the year after colorado and


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