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tv   Scandalous Chappaquiddick  FOX Business  November 28, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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>> no one gave a damn about mary jo. i did. >> mary jo can never rest >> previously on scandalous chappaquiddick. >> they decided to have a reunion they reported seeing her car in the water. >> what have you done? my fellow citizens. >> everything he said which was nothing did he use
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presidential privilege. >> and to make a determination of the circumstances of the death of mary jo and then ground rules were set. >> there are just so many questions. ♪ ♪ april 291974 months after the death of mary jo testimony was released to the public as a lawyers began to pour over the material. >> i find there is probable
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cause he operated his motor vehicle negligently on the way and that subsequent operation contributed to the death of mary jo. he is found negligent. >> and then his own interpretation of what happened that night. >> one of the things the judge pointed out is he believed the story that they were going back but she left her hotel key in person the cabin that's not what you do when you head back to your hotel and that doesn't fit into the story. >> he also did not agree with kennedy story. >> he claimed he went off the bridge about 11:00 o'clock but then he went down the road but it turns out he was familiar
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with chappaquiddick and the dirt roads and the bridge. >> meanwhile the judge said he was negligent no further action was taken. >> the own statement was to issue the indictment the judge said there was no evidence of a crime. >> he did not recommend anything to the da. >> he took a blow he was incoherent for a long time. he had a massive hematoma on his brain that lasted for all while he was in bad shape and i saw him after the accident. >> outrage was angry at what
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happened. >> after being questioned even after all of the basic questions unanswered critics quickly looked at the legal system. >> there was a saying in massachusetts in the halls of justice the only justice are in the halls and this is a classic example. >> the political and legal culture in the state that allowed kennedy to basically have that have responsibility looking at the inquest essentially he was not telling the truth he was lying about his role and still despite the inquest finding did not serve any time smack that intense political battle even from judge boyle. >> when this record was made public, that day judge boyle
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retired his position. he had to walk away from the whole thing. and i think partly it was out of shame and also he could not have done otherwise. >> now kennedy was free to set his sights on the election and maybe an even higher office. >>. >> and no injuries. >> ♪
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>> senator kennedy was reelected in the fall of 1970 in the halls of the capital of washington. >> no longer seen as teflon guy everybody knows. >> not only did his aspirational for president was challenge now challenge for the senate leadership position now robert byrd was doing work for various members he had enough senators that told kennedy they would vote for him but when the vote came down after the chappaquiddick
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shadow he was out. it was a setback he felt diminished. >> and other devastating setback also greatly impacted him the death of his beloved father joseph. >> joseph kennedy the family patriarch who believed as a second generation irish-american just off the boat that he would build the greatest political dynasty this country ever had and putting a family member into the white house. >> after chappaquiddick he suffered a debilitating stroke confining him to a wheelchair for the rest of his life after the murder of his son john and robert joseph had to witness a last surviving son threat in the dynasty. >> after one son after another was killed first jack then
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bobby then chappaquiddick then the last hope was lost they were quickly disgraced he had nothing to live for and he took that to his grave. >>'s father death october 69 had taken a great toll. >> he stopped eating his father finally died is that i killed my father spirit despite the personal turmoil he was still exploring a possible into the white house in 1972 but as his ambitions to focus so too would questions about chappaquiddick and secretly from the president of the united states. >> nixon's reputation for being pretty tough counterpunch if you will challenge him for the presidency everything is on the table including chappaquiddick.
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>> is counterpunching evidently - - was evident in the hall for years that they feared that kennedy run. >> the nixon white house was very interested in this case because it was always assumed that teddy would run against nixon for the reelection. >> now we know from these documents and interviews that they were obsessed with chappaquiddick they saw this as a silver bullet to and kennedy's political career so they were investigating the incident. >> nixon was going to run against him and 72 and so find out what he could to be
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incriminating that would help him to undermine to stop nixon >> eventually ted realized the question surrounding chappaquiddick as his approval rating hovered at 60 percent and 1972 would not be his year. when nixon won he was doing pretty well and 72 with his diplomatic success. but given that value is probably not a good idea to run this yea year.
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>> little did they know their own scandal would explode those that were arrested at the dnc headquarters at the watergate hotel. >> june 171-9725 members breaking into the dnc headquarters in washington dc watergate hotel during the summer and fall of 72 as a scandal broke across the country there was no connection between the break-in or the president nixon was soundly reelected beating mcgovern in a landslide. the election had one of the lowest turnouts in history. >> if the american left had figure for that call for progress to brand name the
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people as opposed to say that little-known senator george mcgovern to be the nominee with that legacy of chappaquiddick with all of the assets 1972 could've been a very different election. >> the direction of the united states would have been very different. >> that because kennedy was sidelined by his own behavior he wasn't there and no other candidate stepped forward could galvanize the traditional democrats to bring them together so nixon won in a landslide. >> the second term continued with the reporting from bob
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woodward from the washington post brought the scandal right to the doors of the white house. >> people have to know whether their president is a crook. i'm not a crook. i have earned everything i have done. >> in addition to his involvement congressional committees one member asked the question was massachusetts senator kennedy. >> by that time he knows the power of washington so he is behind the scene starting the impeachment process he is the one who still has ties to the justice department from his brother robert so he is the driving force. so he plays a major role he
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wants to take out nixon and he can do that. >> without revelation secretly recording hours of conversations it is soon exposed he ordered the cia to halt the investigation of the watergate break-in with a near certain prospect of impeachment with obstruction of justice nixon sought no way out. >> therefore i shall resign the presidency effective noon tomorrow. president ford will be sworn in at that hour in his office the next day the 38th president of the united states gerald ford address the country. >> my fellow americans along national nightmare is over nixon's resignation lined him up for potential white house run but as one american
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political scandal in the rearview mere another one made its way back into the spotlight. ♪ the power of investigative reporting played a role with nixon now with the election on the horizon others were digging deep. >> the people of massachusetts there was a lot of questions they could not answer. >> on the fifth anniversary the boston globe we investigated the accident in a two-month long investigation to spotlight to find nearly 100 discrepancies of ted kennedy's testimony with new
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revelations. >> they felt they had an obligation to get all sides. >> since that interview the first time he had answered questions from the press about chappaquiddick. >> heat claimed exhaustion that led him not to report the accident while dismissing any allegations of a cover-up he described his behavior as inexcusable. >> he did make repeated effort to save her life what he didn't do was report the accident he didn't do that he admitted he didn't do that there was no cover-up. kennedy on his way back and he didn't report the accident he had a statutory obligation to
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report that immediately if he did mary jo might have been saved and the crux of the whole matter. >> it also questioned major parts of kennedy's story including the timeline of the accident. >> i think there are lots of problems of the story first that he left at 1115 he was asked at the inquest how do you know when this happened? he swears to that under testimony it was 1115 because he remembers seeing in the valley the clock after the accident or when he came back. >> he was under oath when he said this but later the boston globe checked that model and there was no clock on the dashboard. >> that shows a scandal that will haunt him the rest of the life. >> it had an impact the
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scandal he hoped they would forget was on the front page. >> now this is one of the reasons in 76 he does not run for president it is too soon after the event and he realizes that so he departs the field and a former peanut farmer from georgia and the fact that jimmy carter want a democrat won that year really democrat won that year really angered ted democrat won that year really angered ted (people talking) for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays local. shop small and watch it add up. small business saturday by american express is november 30th. now you can, with! no more lugging your clubs through the airport or risk having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. sending your own clubs ahead
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television interviews over the weekend to blast prosecutors in new york as the investigations move closer to the oval office. i am robert gray. now back to scandalous. ♪ >> ♪ the price of opec oil was a big factor of the rise of inflation and experts agree it will become bigger in the future. by 1979 united states was hit
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with the second energy crisis. decreased output doubled the price of crude oil within months. coupled with inflation and memories of the crisis five years earlier created long lines at the gas pumps. >> the federal government is stockpiling millions of gasoline's rationing coupons with economic problems kennedy began to blame carter. >> he thought he was not doing enough to tackle the problem of stagnation with low unemployment and inflation to make as carter's popularity began to decline rumors of the kennedy challenger picked up speed. >> one week ago the answer was still no but then it became i will check with my family now it is up to maybe if the economy stays in trouble he will run. >> since chappaquiddick he spent a decade of a respectful reputation in the senate.
1:29 pm
>> almost every measure a hard-working senato senator, serious, and a leader of the congressional wing of the democratic party. >> he had an incredible track record. >> and by 198012 years later he had done a lot of things for massachusetts. >> as the fall of 79 dragged on, kennedy had secretly made a decision much to the delight of political pundits he was finally going to run for president. >> senator kennedy has established his priorities over and over to recognize the needs of the american people and their aspirations and those candidates running to the presidency now he is most able to lead and inspir inspire. >> he knew he had a supportive faiths in massachusetts he wanted to increase popularity
1:30 pm
on the national stage. he arranged for an hour-long special called kennedy on that - - called teddy on cbs. expecting questions on chappaquiddick he questioned his own conduct that night. >> surprisingly it was a different moment. >> he came across in the interview not being able to answer the basic question. >> why do you want to be president? >> well, when i made the announcement the reasons i would run is i had a great believe in this country. >> it was like the united states chamber of commerce
1:31 pm
type of answer more natural resources than any nation of the world the educated population, greatest technology and the greatest capacity for innovation and the greatest capacity for innovation answer the question and was bubbling around all over the place and that nailed him. >> inside and outside it was seen as a disaster for the senator he wasn't exactly asking tough questions he was hoping to have a baseline but what the interview proved is he had no rationale for running. >> he completely froze. he came across as incompetent.
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if you run for president you have to have a reason and he cannot provide one he lost a good chunk of the electorate with that answer
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>> despite the negative reviews he move forward. >> the democrats wanted to end the carter presidency did not go well for them and here is a candidate who is viable and has the money and attractive and a great name. >> it was a big deal obviously he was a lot more mature and smoother. >> but as he made his case to president carter the scandal remain fresh on the minds of the voters. >> can the man show himself as a strong replacement to be perceived as weak also? ten years have passed but few americans have forgotten chappaquiddick. >> in those early days to make
1:38 pm
headlines were also gripped by rapidly changing stories and leaks iranians will take control the us embassy holding more than 60 american citizens hostage. >> i am ordering we discontinue purchasing of any oil from iran for delivery to this country. >> carter had a foreign policy at the same time he was facing his own party back home. >> kennedy was saying carter was too conservative probably the most conservative democrat since cleveland. >> he says the president is in a very good leader coming to the economy although kennedy did not know that these criticisms of carter would split the democratic party. >> he couldn't let his own political position blind him from the events because carter
1:39 pm
had a number of financial and political resources. >> and then the iowa caucuses. >> the democrats are in a shoot out kennedy is campaigning hard with this crew of professionals. >> then as the primary season approached kennedy's popularity was in decline most responded the lack of enthusiasm and a chappaquiddick. >> he had an east coast following in the media but they would forget there was a lot of people that did not forget and that he never told the truth about it. that was always in the electorate. >> despite being the early
1:40 pm
favorite he lost the iowa caucu caucus. >> he was beat in the iowa caucuses of jimmy carter who just two weeks before had an embargo the state's chief crop and you knew that right there was not going well his luck did not turn around for the new hampshire primary. >> candidate losing new hampshire has gone on to win the presidency carter is the winner we have 77 percent reporting he has 50 percent to kennedy 37 percent. >> by march even more damaging reminders of chappaquiddick a frustrated kennedy began to see his chances dwindle while continuing. >> there was a black cloud. >> especially running for president he blamed the voters for having misgivings whether or not he could be trusted.
1:41 pm
>> that was a tragic automobile accident that's a good deal of difference whether there are questions if you could perform but i have worked in the public life 17 year. >> there is a lot of politics talk today how you would be as a politician when people say they don't trust you. >> they had that problem with clinton so that isn't new but they are not dumb like the family and the story in the politics but they never trusted him. >> and with that was needed for the nomination. >> kennedy would only when
1:42 pm
nine. >> why didn't democrats turned to kennedy? they came close that was the margin where kennedy was and where he needed to be to become the nominee and the likely president in 1980 was that margin of trusted as much as voters liked it the affection for the kennedy story could only go so far because they could not trust him they were willing to hand over the reins of power spending many pundits would argue chappaquiddick was a role but not everyone agrees. >> i don't remember it being a major issue in the campaign but the simple fact was that the campaign in 1980 never got traction. >> in the summer of 80 it was clear that it was an obstacle he cannot overcome. >> there was a hopeless atmosphere to the whole operation and then when they got to the convention it was a foregone conclusion he would not get the nomination.
1:43 pm
>> after a last ditch effort to take the nomination at the convention he knew he couldn't overtake carter. >> to be overwhelmed by the carter camp and then put back into the white house. >> they have an impressive victory this evening i am a realist and i know what this means. i have called president carter and congratulated him. the nomination is over my name will not be placed in the nomination that the efforts for the democratic principles must and will continue. >> that the convention to capture the nation's attention with any thought would be a lead instead he had the most passionate speech.
1:44 pm
>> for all of those whose cares are concerned the work goes on the cause and doers with the hope still lives and it shall never die to make it received extraordinary review. >> president carter wins the nomination but senator kennedy spoke to the heart of this party and i would suggest more than that senator kennedy transcended to speak to the heart of the american people. >> a defining moment in his career but at the time but also left many to wonder what might have been. >> he had given that speech too late if he gave that with the roger mudd interview, he may be in the white house. that was a clear and concise stated political goal where he
1:45 pm
wanted to take the country it was a beautifully written speech and well delivered by kennedy and it reminded people of his potential for greatness and that is the great tragedy of kennedy he had the potential to be a great president he had it all their but he blew through his own personal and moral elk. >> after the convention he helped carter to be reagan now they saw a completely different man. >> kennedy in many ways was more charming and likable and was a better campaigner for carter than himself. >> while it was not enough to land the nomination may have been enough to give reagan the opening. >> that 1980 presidential race came down to the final two weeks and carter at that point was so damaged by kennedy that caused one - - cost the party
1:46 pm
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500 miles away from 1600 savini avenue chappaquiddick
1:50 pm
still was dealing with the aftermath of the accident a decade earlier the tourist spot of the bridge hoping to catch a glimpse of the place that change the political landscape of the united states wherever. >> one more reason for people to come to see the place where that was the beginning of the end of that dynasty. >> so many people were cutting out pieces of it i saw a piece of it add a cash register in florida and i said how do you know? it was the scandal the legacy of a summer destination that quickly and permanently changed. >> it was relatively quiet. the people that were there for the summer came every summer. it didn't grow up a lot but chappaquiddick was a
1:51 pm
destinatio destination. >> it was more widely known than any other that i could think of. >> many residents of arthur's been one --dash martha's vineyard eventually die down. >> on the 20th anniversary of that fatal accident a number of theories what really happened hit the headline. >> people were still asking questions with more books coming out. >> featured an interview with kennedy's cousin who. >> we probably wouldn't know as much if joey had not had a crisis of conscience to make featured in the book senatorial privilege and extensive telling of the scandal to cover the case 20 years earlier.
1:52 pm
>> eventually he sat down to reveal the story of course it contradicted much that was going around at that time. >> critics questioned whether it actually took place fox news was granted access and as it indicates kennedy told them in those immediate hours after kenny proposed a cocktail that makes him look the sole driver freeing the senator of any wrongdoing. >> there was speculation he wanted to blame the accident and whether that really is true to what extent that was plotted i'm not sure but spent the best selling books claims brought fresh scrutiny to the
1:53 pm
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20 years after the accident lingering questions still burned. the former grin jerry leslie, despite being sworn to chrissy, he decided he couldn't keep quiet any longer. 1989 he gave numerous interviews. it all raised more questions about the night of the accident. >> after all this time the foreman of the grand jury in the scandal said there was a cover-up. >> he made several never heard claims starting with the clandestine meeting. >> there was a nonmarket car. walter still gets out of the passenger side, opened the back door motions to get income i get in and they said
1:58 pm
no it was simple motor vehicle accident, it'll all be forgotten, don't get involved, don't worry about it. somebody had gotten to them to try to get me to it stop pushing for the grand jury perhaps to be involved. >> wheeling continued that every attempt to seek justice was aborted. >> we had wanted to bring in members and we were told by district attorney that we could not subpoena them. >> he could withhold information and access and that seem to be the likely reason the grand jury was dissolved without any impact. leland was convinced the kennedy family influence was a factor the way that tragedy on martha's vineyard was investigated. >> he's aspiring to be a president and we've got a
1:59 pm
situation that may be they were having an affair, maybe they were just friends, whatever, but an accident happens. how can we make him look good >> i think we have a right to ask what really happened. next time on the finale of scandalous chappaquiddick. >> it was impossible to go anywhere and not have it hanging over him. he thought if he devoted his life to good work that somehow they would be able to redeem themselves. >> this is one major progression after another. it remains something he never fully explained.
2:00 pm
>> if there's ever a story that doesn't. [inaudible] it's chappaquiddick


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