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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 1, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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and others. every weekday on fox news right hear from six to nine eastern every morning, mornings with maria. i hope you will go to church, everybody. ♪ >> good sunday morning. mike emanuel in for maria bartiromo. on "sunday morning futures", mark cuban shares on a who i would bet on to win the democratic nomination. the white house facing new deadlines in the impeachment proceedings this week as the house intelligence committee prepares its report on the ukraine hearings. alan dershowitz on what americans should expect in the weeks ahead. for the first time since the impeachment process began, house democrats invite president trump to take part. new reaction from a republican on the judiciary committee. plus insight from a former democratic senator. who played a role in the clinton
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impeachment trial. all that and more as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures". mike: foxx news learned that the house intelligence will report on the investigation into the president trump's dealings with ukraine. it is expected to submit the report to the house judiciary committee this week. as the judiciary panel invites president trump to the first impeachment inquiry hearing wednesday. the white house has not responded publicly. the hearing schedule shows the committee drafting the reports on the findings on monday, voting on it tuesday. the house judiciary committee will use the report to consider formal charges in wednesday's hearing. as the inquiry enters a new phase, the house giving the president friday whether his
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counsel will participate in the proceeds and whether the republicans which is have counterwitnesses. your guest serves on that committee. arizona republican congressman andy biggs, chair of the hughes freedom caucus. >> good to be with you, mike. >> the first line, when president trump is asked to tell fared nadler the head of your committee whether they will participate in the committee process what are the expect tanks on that front? >> i would be hard-pressed to say he would answer by deadline artificially set by mr. nadler. we're not even sure who the panel will be yet. it will will be a bunch of law professor types. we don't have the intel report. this whole thing has been illegitimate process for now why legitimatize it with the president's counsel appearing on wednesday. mike: the house will vote on it
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is report on wednesday, send it on to judiciary on thursday. how heated will it get on the committee you serve? >> a bunch of brawlers on the judiciary committee. it should get pretty hot under the collar as we go along. i don't think things have been done the way they have been done in the past, mike so it causes some rancor and, it should be pretty much more feisty i would say than the intel committee was. mike: interesting. on wednesday your committee will hold the first impeachment hearing. sounds like historical context of impeachment featuring scholars and experts. what will be your approach? >> well since, ranking member collins has asked that we have a fair dispersement of guests, these are law professor types. they will come in. they will harange us about why we should impeach and we're going to be able to bring in one person at this point. so it is really not fair odds.
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hopefully he will broaden it out and we get a broad perspective so we go that way. there will be a lot of questions asked and a lot of speeches given in my committee. >> i want to play a clip from your colleague hakeem jeffries from "fox news sunday." >> we don't work for this president or any president. we work for the american people. we have a constitutional responsibility to serve on the check and balance on potentially out of control executive branch. that is not the democratic party playbook. that was the james madison playbook. founders didn't want a king, they didn't want a dictator, they didn't want a monarch. they want ad democracy. mike: congressman, your reaction to the clip? >> i get along with mr. jeffries. i would say he is all wrong about impeachment here. the deal is this, when james madison and the founders were debating impeachment, they put that into the constitution and debate in the constitutional convention is very clear.
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they put that in there, if you have an executive that is so dangerous to this country you need to remove him immediately. that is why they put in high crimes, misdemeanors, bribery and treason. those are very unique, very emergency type situations. if this is an emergency type situation, why have the democrats trying for three plus years to remove this president? it just does not ring true when i hear somebody say, well we didn't run to be impeaching a president or we're not in it with a preconceived notion. the reality is, it has been cooked in for three years on the democrats to try to remove this president. that is antithetical to the very reasons why you have impeachment. mike: you've been back in your district there in arizona. do you expect some moderate democrats will come back telling leadership they got hammered by their constituents back home who do not want impeachment? >> i do. in the 31 swing districts right
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now that have democrats in those seats that could go back to the republicans i think they have got to be looking at polling data i've seen shows support by independents, leave out the democrats, leave out the republicans, by independents is softening on impeachment. that makes it very different cut for those people who want to get reelected to come back in the 31 seats. mike: there is the issue of justice department inspector general report on surveillance of the trillion campaign in 2016. that is due in eight days. are you expecting any bombshells in it? >> i kind of think it will be pretty hard-hitting. i think we'll see a lot of misconduct on the part of senior leaders in the fbi, doj with regard to obtaining fisa warrant. failure to have exculpatory evidence. i think you will see some props with the affidavits submitted to the court in support of those fisa warn they were trying to
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get. the question will be, will the durham team, will mr. attorney general barr's team bring indictments and prosecute any of these people for misconduct. mike: "the new york times" reported while the fbi was careless and unprofessional pursuing the carter page wiretap there was no criminal wrongdoing. should folks hold off to read the entire report, sir? >> absolutely right. i find it interesting that "the new york times" got a leaked version or claims they have a leaked version and already trying to spin it. this is a normal process from the left, get something out to try to leak it, spin it, create a narrative before the actual document or hearing takes place. mike: we know the inspector general is due before the senate judiciary committee. would you like to see him on the house side as well? >> i would. i would anticipate we would at some point just as we did in the last report that he issued. mike: congressman andy biggs from the great state of arizona look forward to seeing you back on the hill with a huge week for the impeachment probe.
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thank you for your time. >> thank you, mike. mike: ahead a democratic perspective on the impeachment inquiry from a long-time former congressman, senator, and governor. does the house have enough of an argument against president trump? trump? i will be brilliant. be the diamond you are. find dazzling deals on diamonds and more at the zales cyber monday sale. get 30-50% off everything, plus extended black friday specials, including this stunning 7-carat diamond bracelet. exclusively at zales, the diamond store.
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♪you can be a master don't wait for luck♪ ♪dedicate yourself and you can find yourself♪ ♪standin in the hall of fame ♪yea ♪and the world's gonna know your name, yea♪ mike: the house judiciary committee is set to pick up impeachment hearings on wednesday though not entirely clear who it will call in the process to testify. the house intelligence committee already heard 30 hours of testimony from 12 different witnesses in in the span of about two weeks. did all that produce enough fact evidence to bring articles of impeachment against president trump? my next guest took part in the impeachment trial as junior democratic senator from indiana. evan bayh joins me now. he served as indiana senator for 12 years and the state's governor for eight.
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good to see you. >> good morning. mike: in your view did adam schiff make the successful the case for impeachment? >> as you discussed with your last guest the language in the constitution is ambiguous. depends what standard you apply. bill clinton lying under a b a sexual affair under oath this conduct is more serious than that. if you apply nixon he authorized break-ins, hush-money payments tried to get the cia to stop a investigation by the fbi, nixon's conduct is more serious. that is ultimately in the eye of the beholder. ultimately a political test. we have an election coming up so i suspect the ultimate answers to your question will be provided by the american people. mike: do you expect some moderate democrats, you're from the midwest, they may come back from thanksgiving break, telling leadership their voters don't want impeachment? >> probably some. look, i think, the right-wing of
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the republican party is going to vote against impeachment no matter what. the left-wing of the democratic party no matter what. those folks in middle, get the facts out, see what happened but what we want the government to do focus on things that matter in their daily lives, keeping the economy growing, cost of health care, educating their children. those sorts of things. my guess a fair number of moderates out there, if you put some truth serum in there, look, try to reach a deal. if the president will agree to make all witnesses available, secretary of state, chief of staff, tell us what happened, get the facts out there under oath and house would agree to issue a report finding what the truth was, not impeach the president, let voters decide, my guess what a lot of moderates in their hearts would like to see. mike: president trump face as deadline late sunday afternoon to decide whether he has attorneys participate in the house judiciary process. do you expect he will send his attorneys or stay away, and
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hammer the process? >> the latter. my guess he will decide to kind of continue to drag things out here a little bit and not participate in the process because he might think that in some way legitimizes it. mike: as someone who has been through impeachment before with president clinton how ugly do you expect things to get in the next few months? >> well, pretty ugly. this is a political brawl. again what american people, get the facts out, let the "truth be told." it is probably in the president's best interest, i will participate, i will make all my witnesses available if you will agree to let the voters decide next fall, issue a report, don't impeach me. there is the middle ground. will they seize that middle ground? probably not. president probably will be impeached. senate will almost surely acquit him, and voters will have the final say anyway. a lot of america will conclude in january or february this, is political food fight. enough already. let's get on with trying to govern the country.
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mike: are you expecting republican senators, making the case, by the time it gets to senate, months away from the presidential election therefore the voters should decide whether president trump stays or goes. >> i think they will ultimately say the language in the constitution is ambiguous. this is ultimately for the congress to define what is impeachment offense and congress represents the american public. i think republicans in the senate will make exactly that case. we have an election in a few months, let the public decide. democrats counterargument should be fine, let's let the public decide, so let's get all the facts out so the public can make an informed decision. mike: assuming house democrats have the vote to impeach when it get to the senate, senators running for president will need to be in the senate chamber. is that big advantage to non-senators joe biden and pete buttigieg? >> logistically it will be some advantage for sure. folks in iowa expect you to be there. same thing with the folks in
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new hampshire. i think it will help at the margin those candidates currently in the united states senate but i don't think it's a decisive advantage bus there is political advertising. i think folks in both state are sophisticated enough to know why the senators can't be there. mike: you're an indiana guy, what do you make of the mayor pete phenomenon at this part of the campaign. >> he is a smart individual. he is a young. viewed as ultimately an outsider. criticized from being a small midwestern town. a lot of people say hey that is food. he is not part of the washington swamp. he balance ad city budget, run things, make things happen unlike congress which is gridlocked. he has appeal to midwestern folks which are standing him in good stead. the real question how will he way over time. i think he may wear better than a lot of expect. mike: "washington post" writing the presidential campaign has produced confusion rather than
10:17 pm
clarity, quote, more than in some past campaign democratic voters appear torn between heart and head. many are looking for a candidate who will inspire them by being somewhat risk-averse. the conflicting impulses may seem why the race shifts and shifts again of the question what and whom it will take to beat trump still lies at the center of it all. your thoughts, sir? >> i think dan put his finger on the dynamic. democratic primary voters want two things. they tend to screw a little bit left. they look for people that will have policy answers that address the challenges they face in their daily lives. that is number one. number two, they want someone who can win in the fall. those things are somewhat in conflict with one another. this will take a while to play itself out. you will have a candidate or two from the left. elizabeth warren an bernie sanders. you will have at least one candidate from the center. mayor pete or joe biden. possibly a michael bloomberg. ultimately the field will be
10:18 pm
winnowed unfortunately those who continue to raise money, continue to run in a long term slog it out campaign. clearly there is an appetite for a moderate votes. i think that's good. mike: some in your party like former president obama warned democrats about going too far left. did they create an opening for a moderate like michael bloomberg? >> i think that opening was already there because there an appetite. people here appeals to free college, free health care, or at least "medicare for all" if you're not really going to have to pay for it, just the rich folks pay for it, better social security benefits, even though the social security system is acutarily unsound. maybe i should take a second look at this. that is where moderates have a chance to say look, we can give somewhat you want. we represent evolutionary change which is achievable as opposed to revolutionary change which will allow the president to get
10:19 pm
reelected. i think president was speaking to that balance that you have to have to have to actual govern and win. that will appeal to voters being mike bloomberg, joe biden, mayor pete. there is a space for a candidate like that. mike: we'll have to leave it there. former senator evan bayh, great state of indiana. thanks for your time, sir. >> good morning. mike: as we look ahead to next week's release of the justice department report on trump campaign surveillance, what will we learn and what precedent will it set for federal law enforcement going forward? attorney alan dershowit (vo) the flock blindly falls into formation. flying south for the winter. they never stray from their predetermined path. but this season, a more thrilling journey is calling.
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so you can really promise better sleep. not promise... prove. don't miss the final days to save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus free premium delivery & setup when you add a base. ends cyber monday. >> after two weeks of public impeachment hearings, 12 witnesses nearly 30 hours of testimony, both republicans and democrats are claiming victory. who has the edge moving forward after a week where congress had to explain what it has been doing over the thanks giving weekend holiday. alan dershowitz, author of the book guild at this by accusation. thank you thank you. >> i think these hearings
10:24 pm
demonstrate beyond any doubt. that these criteria have not been met. they're all about policies, do you agree or disagree with how president handled ukraine. those are reasonable bees sees deciding who to vote for but nothing i've seen during these weeks of the impeachment testimony, has moved the ball at all toward impeachment. if he is impeached it will be partisan. >> it has been the process that the republicans are really complaining about. the fact that devin nunez can't yield his time to somebody else or the fact that the republicans can't call their own witnesses without checking with adam schiff. what is your reaction to the process? >> it is very, very unfair. i mean the impeachment process is quasi-criminal in nature and the person being accused is supposed to have rights comparable to the rights of somebody being accused of a crime. the constitution talks about high crimes and misdemeanors yet the process is screwed and one-sided and partisan. it was alexander hamilton said quite clearly we do not want a
10:25 pm
partisan process where impeach turns on who has the most votes. that is what is going on. >> lindsey graham has been on this program saying it is dead on arrival in the senate unless we interview the whistle-blower. they're tiptoeing around the whistleblower. what do you think about that? should the whistleblower come out to explain these charges? >> he will or she will, eventually we don't know who it is. there is no doubt this can't go forward to the senate without a full opportunity to cross-examine all of the relevant witnesses and republicans will be able to subpoena the whistleblower. we have to balance the right of the whistleblower against retaliation against the right of the person to produce witness. >> let me ask about the upcoming ig report. we're expecting the i.g. report out december 9th. we've been following the story for three years. our audience knows exactly what happened, that donald trump was framed in 2016. what are you expecting from the john durham now criminal investigation? >> we're getting for the first
10:26 pm
time non-partisan, objective reports. both by the inspector general and by the u.s. attorney in connecticut and the american public is craving an objective analysis rather than the partisan analyses we've been getting. so i think we'll get some very useful information that will allow the american public to decide who is at fault. what i don't want is to see weaponnizing the criminal justice system. i don't want to see the democrats weaponizing. i don't want to see the republicans weaponizing it. reserve the criminal justice system for real crimes, not political sense. >> you've been under attack coordination, friendship, working with jeffrey epstein. you were his lawyer? >> i was his lawyer. i was o.j. simpson's lawyer. i was clause von bulo we he's lawyer. that is what people that
10:27 pm
represent i'm being accused by woman with no evidence who has a history of making false accusations against bill clinton, al gore, tipper gore. if a person like me can be accused how does any decent man protect themselves against being falsely accused? and once you've been falsely accused, how do you defend yourself? that is why i wrote this book not only for me, if you it happened to me, it can happen to anybody. your son, your grandson. your father, your brother. >> the book is guilt by accusation. you throw it out there and you're guilty? >> look, 92nd street y had me speak for every year last 25 years, suddenly black balled my. you have been accused. no matter whether you're guilty or innocent, we don't want trouble. if you have been accused today in america you are guilty, there is nothing you can do. i have emails, manuscript she admits she never met me. yet that is not enough.
10:28 pm
i have her lawyer on tape saying she is wrong, simply wrong. it would be impossible for you to have sex with her. that is not enough. i have a report by the former head of the fbi saying i was completely innocent. that's not enough. an accusation trumps all of that. >> all right. we will leave it there. you've got your work cut out for you, alan. what will you do about it? >> i am fighting back. i will not allow false accusations to cancel my 55 year career. i am fighting back because i have nothing to hide, period. i have done nothing wrong. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you. mike: maria, professor dershowitz, thank you very much. fascinating discussion. this weekend's terror attack in london renewing concerns about uk prime minister boris johnson going after the british justice system over the early release of the ex-con behind the london bridge terror attack. chris whiten has a previous
10:29 pm
view. here is howard kurtz on the latest on "mediabuzz." >> an msnbc host says the republican party under donald trump has become a racial cult. isn't that as divisive anything the president ever said? plus "newsweek" fires a reporter for writing about trump's thanksgiving before we all learned he wept on the secret mission to afghanistan. is that fair? that and much more coming up on that and much more coming up on "mediabuzz." that and much more coming up on "mediabuzz." i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. only one thing's more exciting than getting a lexus... ahhhh! giving one. the lexus december to rembember sales event lease the 2020 nx 300 for $329 a month for 27 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. for $329 a month for 27 months. could you email me the part great about geicon, tim.
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♪. mike: british police continue to investigate the deadly london bridge terror attack. isis has claimed responsibility. the focus now shifts to the attacker, a convicted terrorist released from prison early. something uk prime minister boris johnson says should not have happened. let's bring in christian whiton, former advisor in the trump and george w. bush administrations. >> good to be here. mike: how alarming that the suspect is a convicted terrorist released early from prison? >> it is pretty bad. it is not an attack we have to comb over social media to determine if someone is radical or islamist. this person looking back at the crimes, this is important, tried to blow up the london stock exchange and had plans and wanted to blow up the u.s. embassy in britain. it was locked away but catch-and-release set out. this is not a good sign europe
10:34 pm
is getting any better handling islammism. they are not helpful fighting islammism in the middle east. not helpful fighting iran, key exporter of islamic terrorism. they let the guy out with an ankle bracelet if that would stop anything. mike: do you expect the uk government led by boris johnson to react and tighten things up? >> conservatives got earned britain for some time, this was promulgated under conservatives. he is new on the job. almost focused exclusive oy out of necessity on brexit. it noise the really his fault. the labour party which is in very radical stage right now led by jeremy corbyn is doing him a lot of favors blaming victims, terrorism like this is the result of uk foreign policy which has ad times opposed islamists. i think he will come out okay. mike: is this old mentality treating terrorists like ordinary criminals? is europe way too politically correct about the terror issue? >> that is exactly true.
10:35 pm
we saw it on the continent, particularly in france, netherlands, sweden. they tried to obscure the islamist roots of a lot of these terrorists. we think the uk should do better. i think it will do better under johnson as hope fully gets an election mandate in december in couple weeks. hopefully as he gets through brexit. but it's a key turning point as i mentioned. europe, nato, eu, including the uk is working against us on iran sanctions. those are ostensibly about nuclear issues, not terrorists this continent lost its way, it hasn't found its way in the 21st century how to defend civilization. mike: is this attack isis trying to show how dangerous after the u.s. took out its leader al-baghdadi? >> i'm not sure there was any communications between the remnants of isis in irsyria and iraq and this guy, this islamist in london. we'll see as it comes out.
10:36 pm
isis has been defeated as a military force but remains something i guess you can sign up to or they can claim credit for. so, yeah, this is still an ideology. whether al qaeda or isis dealing with or iranian regime we have to be wary of. political correctness, hugging these guys, letting them out, catch-and-release is not the answer. mike: briefly what are your concerns from an american perspective at this stage? >> my concern europe will be continue to be worthless on this stuff. we give them a whole lot of intelligence to track these guys down but it they will go the political correct route or can't see radical islammism or terrorist, one of many things that the nato and eu are not relevant to the world today. mike: christian, former state department senior advisor. thanks so much for your time. >> thanks, mike. mike: up next a wide-ranging interview with mark cuban. attacks on elizabeth warren and the wealthy and michael bloomberg and what is at stake in next year's presidential election as we look ahead on
10:37 pm
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♪. mike: one billionaire not in the 2020 race for president has a lot of thoughts about the two that are in it. mark cuban recently sat down with maria bartiromo to talk about the big year ahead in politics. they started off with one front-runner's plans to raise taxes on the rich. maria: elizabeth warren is out with a new ad. she is basically targeting the wealthiest americans, putting on screen this guy went to jail. this guy was paid $70 million. how do you think that's going to play out to the populace in terms of this ad she is out now with on tv, attacking rich? >> she is playing to the base obviously. it is very trumpian. you pick a section of people your base has no problem casting aspersions at. they will not turn on her because she is picking on billionaires. and so it is smart from one
10:41 pm
perspective but i don't think it plays with america. maria: you don't think elizabeth warren will ultimately the nominee, do you? >> all things placed right now i bet on joe biden and i think he would do the best job. maria: what about his performance recently? a lot of people saying he has lost the oomph? >> i don't agree with that. at his age, donald trump near the same age, put them in a situation where they're in competitive debate environment they will not be as strong. put them in a situation where he makes the presentation, or controls the presentation or governing, who would be the best president i think he would be great. maria: how important are issues around biden with ukraine? his son hunter biden went on air force two plane with him and came home with one billion dollar investment in china. >> i don't know all the details. maria: what about ukraine and burisma? >> i don't know all the details. if he done something illegal have the department of justice or bill barr press charges, to
10:42 pm
have him connected. you can't connect the impeachment trial in ukraine to connect with hunter biden. they're trying to do that. it divert what happened on the call f somebody did something illegal. i don't care if joe biden, his son, if it is me, donald trump, whoever it is if you did something illegal you should be investigated and let the justice system take its course. maria: what about what happened in 2016 a cabal of people and fbi agents and cia agents who tried to frame donald trump? hillary clinton paying for the dossier? >> again, you know, lots of people say that is not the case. a lot of people say it is the case but what i do know is the department of justice feels there is something illegal happened, investigate it. investigate it. right? bring them in. do what lawyers are supposed to do. let's find out the truth. maria: don't you think that the democrat party has gone way too much to the left? when you look at these proposals, it is no longer a moderate situation. you had tim ryan trying to become president. he didn't get past go because he
10:43 pm
is moderate. >> right. maria: joe biden, all those people trying to knock him down because they are not progressive enough. what about michael bloomberg? will he get past go? >> michael is one of the few that has done something. he had impact on gun control, saw what happened in the virginia, elections there he had impact on. impact on wellness what he has done with sugar taxes. michael might not think he can win but can be an influencer and power broker when it comes to the convention. if it were up to me i would get rid of all political parties. i don't think they serve any purpose. particularly now, we have become so partisan. with a open primary with a lot of candidates have to go to extremes to get to the most attention. that is not good for this country. maria: people saying michael bloomberg is buying the election. he gave democrats $110 million last year, so they would win the majority in the house. they did. time steyer is giving hundreds of millions --
10:44 pm
>> did it work for tom steyer? maria: it hasn't. >> it is not a question of money. this is battle of ideas. this is a battle for the soul of america. we're so divided. we're no longer the united states of america. this is who can reunite the united states so we don't have to go to thanks giving dinner be wary of what we're talking about. we don't have to question, what do i say to somebody, can we even discuss politics? that is the hard part. we're going into the, a year from now, having a big election. people are afraid to talk politics with the person standing next to him or at the dinner table. that is the challenge. the candidate i want to see coming out of the democratic party, you know, independent, or libertarian, where they come from, is some one who can unite us. make us the united states of america. maria: mark, you were going to run for president at one point. what happened? any thoughts today? >> my family voted it down. they would have voted yes i would have done it.
10:45 pm
as i mentioned earlier we need to reunite our states. we're no longer the united states. people are afraid to talk to each other. maria: do you think president trump gets reelected given the field we're looking at? >> i don't know. i don't think it was slam-dunk. when i was asked three months ago i would have said yes. we'll see what happens with the impeachment hearings. we'll see what happens with the democratic primaries but today i don't know. maria: the economy has done well. you have got wages up. growth up. unemployment at 50-year low. >> yep. maria: do you think that is going to drive voters? what would you say about the economy right now? you have got investments in 200 businesses. what do you think? >> i i think two companies are doing well. smallest companies are killed by tariffs. "shark tank" companies went out of business asking for exemptions from the tariffs. that is a problem. impacting voters, people vote based on the pocketbook, dinner
10:46 pm
table issues. i think this is different. there is so many divisive partisanship we're broaching this, we'll approach this election completely differently. maria: i know you supported hillary clinton in the last he can election. now she said the other day she is getting a lot of pressure to run again. she said, many, many, three manies or four manies, people are encouraging her to one. i assume you're not one of those many? >> i'm not encouraging to run, one many is too many. maria: was it, you didn't like donald trump. you went with hillary. >> i wasn't a huge hillary fan at the time either. i thought she would do a better job than donald would. maria: you're middle of road, want the truth, you're independent. >> i'm independent. maria: what are issues you think americans will vote on in one year? >> leadership. someone who brings people together. like or dislike donald trump, he plays to his base. you know you have the deplorables and then ignorables
10:47 pm
people not his base. maria: that's good. >> i think we need somebody who doesn't ignore anybody, doesn't find anybody deplorable, recognizes if we're in a situation where people can't sit at the dinner table to talk about the election because they're afraid they might upset uncle bobby or aunt susie. that is a problem. that takes leadership to resolve. some can come in, stop talking like that. that is what we need. mike: maria, with mark cuban. good stuff. thanks. joe biden launching a bus tour in iowa, touting poll numbers. in iowa, touting poll numbers. el be brilliant. be the diamond you are. find dazzling deals on diamonds and more at the zales cyber monday sale. get 30-50% off everything, plus extended black friday specials, including this stunning 7-carat diamond bracelet. exclusively at zales, the diamond store. in connemara. right! connemara it is! there's one gift the whole family can share
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♪. >> i'm known fairly widely. and the national polling data, particularly those states show me in very good shape. doesn't mean that lasts. it just means we're already known, number one. and number two, you saw what the amount of money being spent by the other billionaire in the race and so far it's, sort of been, well, we'll see. mike: presidential candidate joe biden responding to mayor pete buttigieg's early success in iowa as the former vice president kicks off his bus
10:52 pm
tour in the hawkeye state. let's kick off our political panel. brad blakeman, and joel rubin. gentlemen, welcome. >> morning. >> morning. mike: joe biden on the eight-day "no malarkey" bus tour in iowa. will that trump up enthusiasm for him? >> i think it will. democrat enthusiasm is very high and strong. joe biden will try to capitalize on the message that he is the one that can defeat donald trump that is a unifying message for democrats. he can get into the details about health care and economy and how to fight for america abroad as well. but at the end of the day he will pitch that he is the one in the general election who can galvanize voters. he has a strong record to lean on in that instance. i think that will resonate well. mike: brad, biden is someone democratic voters comfortable with but not passion about is
10:53 pm
that your read and is malarkey something out of the 1950s? >> that is the 1920s. that is when the term became fashionable. nobody knows what it is. it dates joe biden. that is the enthusiasm gap for someone in life public decades. walmart black friday in waterloo, iowa had bigger crowds than joe biden that is the way it is. mike: elizabeth warren dropped from 28 to 14 in the "qunnipiac poll" and 19 to 14 in the cnn poll. she says she doesn't do polls. that must be alarming to some on her team, right? >> not a good day when polls are going down. she is experiencing now damage from her health care positioning which has been shifting abit from the base. ultimately the base really needs to be committed to the individual and in love with that candidate. that is going to help ben bernanke as well, going
10:54 pm
forward. joe biden can point to health care which is issue that really tripped up elizabeth warren. saying i'm the guy who got through the affordable care act, i know how to get this right and create a more comprehensive message. it is true people are not rallying at public rallies the same way they are for other candidates like pete or elizabeth warren, but that doesn't mean enthusiasm isn't high. he is consistently poll at the top. mike: brad, the warren plan for health care and did the price of it blow up her campaign? >> no doubt, sticker shot, $42 trillion. democrats say billionaires, but there are not enough billionaires to pay for all the free stuff. health care, free education. voters, it is sinking in. those numbers are just unimaginable. they can't believe those numbers. and quite frankly, they understand that the middle class will get hit with a tax on socialist programs. it is soundly being rejected. >> mike, if i can add, i think
10:55 pm
americans do want quality health care. they have seen this administration strip it away, offer no new all tentatives, cut medicare. we have seen people kicked off health care with nothing to show for donald trump's plans. >> that is called obamacare. obamacare is broken and was supposed to be fixed. you guys didn't do it. >> in 2018, in 2018, democrats got 10 million more votes in house races running on health care. mike: it has been buzz about the possibility of four different candidates winning first four states, buttigieg iowa, warren new hampshire, biden south carolina and sanders nevada. joel, would that be good for democrats or chaos? >> well, a little of both. definitely a lot of chaos and the question of a brokered convention looms out there but when we have such a diverse, engaged field it impacts voters. democrats are getting out to many new voters. their reach is long and extensive this will only build for a stronger general election turnout. certainly in the near term. there are no party bosses behind
10:56 pm
the scenes pulling strings. it is chaotic, absolutely. mike: brad, if there is no momentum in that scenario, does that create an opportunity for michael bloomberg on super tuesday march 3rd? >> it could ordinarily planting your flag in south carolina would be a death knell. if scenario plays out in places like iowa, nevada, new hampshire. where there are different winners, yes, michael bloomberg isn't late to the race. he has a lot of money. the question will he get on the debate stage? because he has to show ground swell of support, not only in donations but also in polling. mike: cautioned not to predict that mayor pete will definitely win iowa. iowans could change the their mind. we'll let them decide. a fascinating discussion, gentlemen, thank you very much for your time. have a wonderful day. >> thanks, mike. mike: does it for "sunday morning futures." i'm mike emanuel in for bauer water. it is pleasure being here this morning. maria is back on
10:57 pm
"mornings with maria" from 6:00 to 9:00 eastern on fox business. i'm back on capitol hill for a wild week of impeachment proceedings. "mediabuzz" with howie kurtz is up next. have a wonderful day.
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[♪] lou: good evening, everybody. the swamp mostly clear tonight of radical dimms who have previously focused on just overthrowing the president the last two months. congress at home. the president took the time to slam the dems and tout his successes sab calling out house speaker nancy pelosi or slow walking a major trade deal that would benefit millions of americans, canadians and members cans. he also told the american people to enjoy the stock market. all three major stock index


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