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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  December 3, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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outrageous. lou: that's it for us tonight. tomorrow night our guests will include matt gaetz and michael pillsbury and corey lewandowski. listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. trish: our first lady under attack for everything from wearing pants to her choice in christmas decor. it's a double standard in which the left gets to determine what is fashionable, what is appropriate, and ways moral. it's about time someone called them out. good evening. tonight the media is showing its clause and its target anything trump, including his wife. cnn is morphing melania trump's decision to wear pants that she's part of the resistance. >> you think there is a message
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in slacks and trousers. >> i think there is a certain way donald trump prefers women dress in a more feminine way. i think he's an old-fashioned man and i think he tends toward more feminine gash. trish: somehow when melania trump wears pants, she is doing so to annoy her husband. how sexist and ridiculous. pants are in fashion right now. melania trump and any other woman has the right to wear them without the media questioning them. sucking a woman must be at odds with her husband if she wears pants. >> i like the way they look. and i also like to wear dresses. to read so much inyou even down to an outfit choice is ridiculous.
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it's not just the pants. remember how they flipped out when she wore heels on the plane before change into sneakers in and how about their reaction to her christmas decorations. "the washington post" went on and on about how sod it was she was wearing a coat. the "new york times" devoted paragraphs to the possible meaning of it. contrast the constant criticism melania trump gets with the adulation the media shows michelle obama. >> first laid yesterday michelle obama will leave behind a legacy. >> stunning. >> inspired so many women for her initiative and also with her style. >> on her first day as first lady, a fashion star maker. trish: i guarantee you michelle
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obama never had to experience anything quite like this. high school kids. middle school kids booing the first lady. it's just not right. i'm not saying that we need to love her choices in fashion or her christmas decor. i get that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. but why is it the leftist media is always assuming the worst here, weather it be cranberry trees were overanalyzing her decision to wear pants. she is her own person, she is entitled to respect as a woman, respect as a mother, and respect as an advocate for young people, and importantly, respect for the office she holds as first lady of the united states of america. position, i should say she
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holds. you may not like her husband's politics, i get. there is no reason to not like her. to not like the fact that she is first lady and who she is as a person. it's not who we are. we are not, i hope, that mean spirited. joining me right now, presidential historian doug wead. i know you spent a lot of time with the first laid yesterday. you have a brand-new book, inside trump's white house. how does she take all this criticism? >> she is amazing. the louder they boo her, the better she looks. because she is so dwraition as you know, and so refined. and she doesn't panic. i think they were a bit surprised when they saw how calmly she reacted almost as if she was ready for it and expected it. first ladies have gone through this if they are conservative.
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pat nixon was accused of being an alcoholic. her daughter julie had to write a book to tell the truth. kitty kelsey said she had an affair with are you chaired nixon. trish: conservative women are unfairly targeted by the left. and the my yeah is controlled by the left so it makes it that much harder for any first lady who doesn't subscribe to their viewpoint. >> historic ait appears that way. and with the tremendous vitriol against donald trump, they want to isolate him. my book is full of pictures of melania and donald holding
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hands. when the mueller report came down, he wanted melania right there with him in their private suite where they could go over it line by line. it's not at all the way the media portrays it. trish: you think of what happened with tulsi gabbard and hillary clinton, because use is not seen as in sync with the left, they went after use. but when hillary clinton wore the white suit it was fabulous and represented the future for women. but you look at melania trump. she hasn't done anything other than being married to a guy they don't like to bring it on. >> and it's so ferocious. but the wonderful thing is the pictures will endure.
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when historians come back from the distant future and see this beautiful and wonderful and poised gracious person, they are going to say what is going on here. so she knows what she is doing. she has had that experience. that's why she had so much poise when they booed her. she knows how to act in front of a camera. she kept going. trish: the liberal media loves accusing president trump of being anti-semitic. soot entire idea of anti-semitism is to put jews outside of us. that's what donald trump does. trish: why isn't the media condemning linda sarsour for this. >> for this support of statewide
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israel. trish: liberal lunacy. if you are white, you can identify as black. if you are a man, why not be a woman. let your liberal feeling guide you. so says the largest he college in england. first the media loves to paint far left 202 some candidate pete buttigieg as some sort of centrist. a new video shows him pitching free healthcare for illegals in spanish. free healthcare for illegals. open borders. abolishing i.c.e. it seems innocent to liberals. i will explain the real dangers after this. >> raise your hand if your
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that video in mexico. it goes black because he can't continue to keep that shot up. but you hear the bullets being fired. bullets raining through the streets of mexico leaving 23 dead, including four police officers. who do we allow in and how? it's a question that will determine our economic future as well as the future safety of all of our citizens. people who cannot afford to shield themselves. it will affect them for years to come. the poor and middle class the democrats are pledging to protect. the question of who should come, when they should come, and what they should be given when they arrive is a question democrats already have their answer to. >> raise your hand if you think it should be a civil offense rather than a crime to cross the border without documentation.
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can we keep the hands up so we can see them? >> new tonight, pete buttigieg, democratic candidate for president is piling on in spanish. hear him? this video telling a small town mayor offering free healthcare to any illegal who wants to come here. >> raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. trish: how times have changed. so much for the way dimms used to feel. >> mexico must do its share because the day when america could be the welfare system for mexico is gone. we simply can't afford it. the people who should be here are those who come legally at this time. we have got to for the time being enforce our borders.
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reporter: that was senator dianne feinstein from 1993. she was right back then, by the way. if we want the uptick in crime from european countries, is it not fair to ask why? why take on so much when it's unclear an economy or population or culture can support it. you take germany whose crime rates have generally decreased since the 990s. at the same prime hundreds of thousands of refugees began entering the country. countries like sweden and increasingly france are seeing a rise in populist conservatism because of the change in their dem imraf is. the native french people and the swedes are questioning how their system can support so much welfare. here at home we need to ask
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ourselves the same thing. i am for immigration. i believe we should always be open to accepting people who want to work hard and live the american dream. but people who feel entitled. that's not the american way. there is much at stake. we can either stand united as a country that cherishes freedom and safety and economic prosperity by working across the aisle to engage in meaningful immigration reform or we can succumb to the demand of the left. and the demand of migrants who believe like the leftists and socialist politicians aiming to remake the united states of america into the image they see fit, that somehow we owe them. the u.s. doesn't owe anyone anything. we owe ourselves something.
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we must first consider our own. in doing so we can and we will and we should welcome others. but only with the understanding that they are coming here to help make us better, to make themselves better and contribute however they can. the american dream cannot be extinguished by a rabid element on the left looking to suppress the masses to lift themselves. joining us, tennessee congressman mark green. congressman, good to have you back. it keeps striking me as though they want all of these people coming here because there is this hope that somehow maybe they will vote for them eventually? is this politically drive snn i get altruism. but the reality is you can't be that altruistic when you have to protect the population that's here right now.
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>> it's about a political advantage to them. if it was about helping, we would close the border and protect american lives. we would close the border and protect the social services for those poor in america. in our own country. in my district the wait for social services has expanded considerably because they are being overrun by people who came to the country illegally. if they care about the americans waiting in line or americans addicted to opiates coming across our southern border or people getting killed by members of ms-13 pouring across the southern border. those are the ones we are fighting for. >> it doesn't seem that hard. they make it sound as if somehow you are being racist tore anti-immigrants if you say hey, we ought to have some borders. we ought to be vigilant about making sure we are bringing people here who can contribute
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to the overall economic welfare of the united states of america. somehow that's wrong? >> that's their response to everything. they can't pitch an argument so they start calling people names. any conservative principle, you want to protect the southern border, you are a racist. you want to fight islamic terrorism, you are a racist. that's their modus operandi. americans are sitting there saying, i'm not a racist. i just would like to make sure we are not bringing islamic extremists into the country and that we are bringing people up through the border who will be able to contribute in a meaningful way and not be a drag on communities. >> you think of the problem with our southern border and the migrants who are latino. they are the ones paying a heavy
11:20 pm
price. 2/3 of the women who make that trek, that's by doctors without borders who gave us that statistic. if you care, let's fix our southern border so that motivator for them to make that trek is gone. trish: liberals endorsing feeling over facts. remember the woman who was born genetically white but pretending to be black? england's largest college union says go for it. you can identify as whatever you want. the liberal media loves to accuse president trump of being anti-semitic. >> the entire idea toition put jews outside the body politics and outside the definition of
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big ink tanks. lots of ink. print about... this many pages. the epson ecotank. just fill and chill. trish: . we are awaiting the results of the i.g.'s report. there are reports that the a.g. barr isn't happy with the
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report. another party spied on another party's campaign. didn't they owe it to him maybe to confront him with that information? and what exactly were they basing any of this on anyway? the so-called dossier written by a spy who called up his buddies in russia for some dirt. didn't the fbi owe it to the american people to verify that stuff before running out to secure warrants? apparently not the case. people like brennan and clapper. they thought they knew better. >> do you still believe the president could be a russian asset? >> i think it's possible. i think that's why we started our investigation. i'm anxious to see that director mueller can prove that. >> do you believe he's a russian
11:27 pm
asset? >> that's wait seems to me. >> what mr. trump did was to betray the cia and the fbi and the american public. he's giving aid and comfort to the enemy. trish: wow. those guys are all wrong. with all this in mind it's important to clarify there is a big difference between durham and the investigation. mean while the many critical to consider that the consequences of the i.g. report versus the durham investigation could be quite different. an i.g. cannot indict anyone whereas the central moss prosecutor can via a criminal probe. so why would horowitz not have the whole story? good to see you, sir? >> good to be with you.
11:28 pm
we know what this is. let me couch this by saying we have no idea. this is a report in "the washington post." there have been reports on cnn. this is as low-level attorney at the fbi who falsified some documents. to me it's a red flag for the attorney at the fbi to be falsifying documents for a fisa warrant. is there not the smoking gun so to speak that the democrats woud like to see in this report. >> gregg jarrett lays it out in his book "witch hunt." you have bad actors like peter strzok and lisa page who are actively using their positions to suppress the overwhelming i have of hillary clinton's misuse of classified emails.
11:29 pm
at the same time they knew the steele dossier was phoning and using it to lawn of an investigation. leaked that to the press. now, when you put those actions side by side with their con step prayer was email traffic and text messages between the two of them. they are dripping with venom and disdain for donald trump and for his supporters. for the inspector general to say one does haven't anything to do with the other, i'm sorry, that doesn't pass the smell test. i haven't seen what's in the report. my chief of staff used to run an aircraft carrier. he said he learned that the first reports are always wrong. so let's wait and see what comes out. but if the inspector general does white wash this, it will do
11:30 pm
enormous damage. trish: you have got your colleagues at the house intel committee voting tonight on their impeachment report. your committee, the judiciary committee i understand is going to take over now. possibly drafting up to articles. in terms of this vote tonight. i can't say i'm surprised. this was adam schiff's report. this has been his crusade from the beginning. what's your reaction to it? >> i think they have a huge problem. they are a lot like the proverbial dog that caught the car. if you are going to make it momentous decision of impeachment which is the nullification of a national election. you better have a case that's compelling to an overwhelming majority of people, they are
11:31 pm
gradually losing support. they have done that in a very, very boy as the procedure where schiff has been vetoing republican witnesses. and i'm sorry, in a free nation, the prosecutor doesn't get to choose what witnesses the defendant calls. but that's what's been going on there. jerry nadler has a big question to abc. is he going to open this up and respect due process rights including the right to confront your accuser and call the witnesses you want to call? if he continues this farce, he will get the vote in the house, that's ordained. but it's not going to wash in the senate. it will open a new can of worms because it involves the bide be scandal as well as the whistleblower scandal. we know who the whistleblower is. this person was a protege of joe
11:32 pm
bidens and has close ties to the whole cabal. and he deliberately concealed his relationship to schiff and schiff's office which he's required to difficult you will have knowledge in a whistleblower form. they are going to have a big can of worse they have to open now. and i think it will reflect all the worse on them for having suppressed that information in the house. trish: how did the far left 2020 candidate stand up against the socialist candidates in by going further left. >> to be the last american president-elected by the electoral college. trish: elizabeth warren says vote for me. i will change the whole electoral college system. you won't have to worry about that anymore if i'm president. as if they are six unaffordable
11:33 pm
and you be paid for massive government programs weren't enough. now she can get rid of the electoral college. you are white but want to be black. you are a man and want to be a woman. maybe you are like the former naacp chapter president and she wished she were black even though she was born white. there is also ms. warren who believes she is native american. all of this is perfectly okay according to england's largest college union. if you feel it, you should be it. my next guest can't believe any of this.
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male anchor: update on the cat who captured our hearts. female anchor: how often should you clean your fridge? stay tuned to find out. male anchor: ...this year's most buzzed about premieres... female anchor: makes it red-carpet official with... male anchor: 50 5-star products you can buy online right now male anchor: tributes pouring in from fans... female anchor: her hot new album is just one of the things we talked about. male anchor: beats the odds at the box office to become a rare non-franchise hit. [anchor voices ramp up together becoming indiscernible] you can provide the help and hope that survivors need. trish: staffers and lectures in
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a campus union. it declares that everyone should be able to self-identify, whether that means you believe or feel like you are black, disabled, lbgtq, female, whatever. write there is no consensus on what constituents constitute anette nuk group, and membership is something that is self-defined. wow. there you go. if you think about it. think about it for a second. if you can declare what you think you are, and everyone just need to accept that you are what you think you are, then doesn't this effectively get rid of the whole idea of special groups? maybe this could actually be the end of identity politics? the left is going so far left it's becoming right. getting rid of labels all together. anyone can identify as female,
11:39 pm
black, hispanic, transgender. why do we need those labels to begin with. joining me, deneen borelli. if someone happens to be male feels like a white male, i should say, more like a black female, this particular group says he need to be recognized as a black female. as a black female, what do you think of that? >> trish, i'm a unicorn. didn't you get the memo? i totally flipped. i changed. oh, my gosh. i tell you, the liberal thinking now is so off the charts. forget biology and science. forget reality. you mention dolazov. they are family basically outed her.
11:40 pm
then elizabeth warren is the poster child for doing the same thing for herself-serving needs saying she was native american. it's crazy. trish: i guess what troiks me about this is they are so into labels and so about courting minority groups and they are so about giving special treatment to minority groups. if you suddenly say anybody can be a minority group, it's how you feel on that particular day, do the minority groups get to enjoy the same kind of benefit that the left wants to afford them? >> yes, well, ask the left that. i think they were being preplexed. what happened to individualism and if you happen to be an american, you are an american first. let me tell you this. i'm a former high school track star. i ran four events at every meet.
11:41 pm
if there was a biological dude that wanted to run as a female and take away my opportunities and chances to be a state champion i would have been outraged. trish: that's a god point. i think sometimes people don't think through the consequences of all of this. and there are young women pursuing their athletic paths that just are physically didn't than a man who thinks he's a woman then wants to pursue that same athletic path. he will have an advantage, deneen. who is the one that loses out? it's the young woman. >> that works hard and trains to try to be at the top of the school, top of the list. that's what happened. trish: you can't just be anything you want to be. there is kind of just some
11:42 pm
governing laws of physics. >> there you go. trish: i am glad we cleared that up for them. if rachel had just hung on a little bit longer. it might have worked out. deneen, good to see you. forget elizabeth warren's unpassable, unaffordable, unpaid for massive government handout plans. she decided to do something she doesn't have the power to do. >> my goal is to be elected and be the last american president to be elected by the electoral college. (brakes screeching) okay. so, today you're going to leave your phone with a guy named flip. (ding) but it's more than your phone, it's your business, your customer data, your sales figures. and who can forget, those happy hour selfies? not flip. (honking, gasping)
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>> news tonight at kamala hair is is out of the race for president. somehow no one found her believable enough. and the in-fighting amongst her team members wasn't good. that leaves 15 candidates remaining. 15, you have got a lot of candidates there. they are all in a bad spot. a very bad spot. you have got elizabeth warren pledge to remake our entire economy and political system. >> my goal is to get elected and
11:47 pm
to be the last american president-elected by the electoral college. >> then they have got their new white knight, mike bloomberg unaware of the atrocities that china is committing every single day. >> joining ping is not a particular day -- xi jinping is not a dictator. he has a constituency to answer to. trish: xi is not a dictator? come on, mike. you have got to do some current events review. joe biden is out there biting his wife's fingers. >> when they talk to the president of the united states,. trish: no wonder obama doesn't want to endorse anyone.
11:48 pm
how will they ever be president with a rag tag group like this. good to see you both. cabot. it's like they can't get out of their own way. >> they are clearly running to the left. the problem is, eventually they are going to be a general election. one of these candidates is going to come out and wish they had not run so far left. president trump is sitting there saying bring it on. joining pingxi jinping is not a? he's trying to say you have got to keep the people happy. but they have ways of dealing with that in china.
11:49 pm
if you start to say anything against the government, they trot you out to a cam where they brainwash you so you cop out saying nice things about the government. if that ain't a dictator, i don't know what is. >> you can't make up what we are hearing from these democratic candidates. it's elizabeth warren and joe biden. what they have become professionals at is making absurd and unrealistic promises. not only are they out of touch with the american people, but they are out of touch with the entire world. they have no idea what's going on when it comes to china and some of the other places. as a former miss america contestant you may advise they need pageant training in the democratic party and joe biden could use a little bit of etiquette. trish: i would also recommend a little bit of history.
11:50 pm
elizabeth warren is talking about undoing a system that worked perfectly well for this country. we are by anyone's definition the most prosperous per capita country overall in the world. with a group of people enjoying a very good lifestyle here in the united states of america. and i think we have our political system and capitalism to thank for that. she wants to get rid of both. she wants to get rid of capitalism and the electoral college. >> i'm glad the founding fathers in their wisdom could foresee a candidate like elizabeth warren trying to come in. if you abolish the electoral college candidates will spend spend all their times in cities and populist states and ignore all of middle america because there are fewer votes there. the electoral college makes sure
11:51 pm
candidates keep in mind the independent -- the interests of all states. they are trying to win an election. there is a framework in the constitution, i think elizabeth warren will find out it's unconstitutional to do what she is proposing. trish: not everybody is from new york city, l.a. or chicago. we have people from small places, from rural places from all across america. the electoral college matters because it -- and those people and their votes and their views madison matter. >> cabot is right. this protects every single american whether they are from here in ohio or new york city. they feel that they are able to be represented. going back to what i said earlier about the fact they make these absurd unrealistic
11:52 pm
promises. you hear her talking about eliminating the electoral college. it's not a simple process to amended the constitution of the united states. they will find that out quickly if they were to be elected which won't happen in 2020 and hopefully not any time after that with these far left policies. >> they are doing this to themselves. madison, cabot. thank you so much. kennedy joins us now with a sneak peek at what's coming up on her show at the top of the hour. kennedy: we are jamming in the studio with gibson. we haven't lost our mind just like kamala has lost the big race. she is not going to be president. she topped out. we are left with mayor pete. trish: we may not be done with her yet. kennedy: we are talk about
11:53 pm
macron sitting there trying to play the french tough guy with the president. we think is is a half-wit scheme to go to impeach. trish: i love your accent. where is the liberal media on calling out known antisemite and women's march leader linda sarsour. the epson ecotank. no more buying cartridges. look at all this ink it comes with. big ink tanks. lots of ink. no more cartridges. incredible amount of ink. the epson ecotank. just fill and chill. skip to the good part with alka-seltzer plus. now with 25% more concentrated power. nothing works faster for powerful cold relief. oh, what a relief it is! so fast!
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how the president is an anti- sun. nationalism goes hand-in-hand with anti-semitism. the entire ideas and anti-semitism is to put jews outside the body of politics. outside the definition of us. and that's what donald trump does. this tale of kind of anti-semitic on tents seems to follow him everywhere. people keep accusing him of being an anti- somatic. and there might be fire whether smoke is. you know i guess if the media just says it enough, they hope, that americans will believe it? of course they completely totally leave out the fact that his son-in-law, his own daughter ivanka, his grandchildren are all jewish. or, perhaps that he has been a bigger friend to israel than any other president in history even
11:58 pm
moving the embassy, the american embassy to jerusalem. >> for over 20 years, every previous american presidents has exercised the laws waiver. refusing to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. >> so again the less that he's anti-semitic when there is an abundant proof of anti- semitism that is alive and well unfortunately, within the very top echelons. and figureheads of the democratic party, right? >> that is built on the idea that the jews. kennedy:
11:59 pm
>> in this country that it says it's okay for us to push allegiance of a foreign country. kennedy: so how is it that the media just ignores these women's comments? while going after the president. i mean i'm just asking because you know what, doesn't quite seem right. i guess much like the rest of the world these days, nothing quite seems right. that does it for us here tonight, we have a big show coming up for you again tomorrow. tomorrow night and debbie were pointing joined by republicans, were going to be talking again about what the latest chapter in this impeachment saga really is. i think the congressman will have a thing or two to say about that. good night from new york, kennedy begins right now.
12:00 am
♪. kennedy: zero democrats, the dems, they say they have the president cornered. that he committed impeachable offenses and needs to get kicked right out of the oval office. but what if chevy schiff is full of bull chef and the president comes out on top? how do you like that now adam? earlier today intelligence was a least 300 page report on impeachment and from the way it reads president trump is worse than al capone. essentially they claim that he has committed the following client crimes. bribery, torsion, bribery of justice. abuse of power, and just today adam schiff said the president needs to pay now so he doesn't do


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