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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 13, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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after the 55 million in taxes. we have to take care of each other. >> so great to see all of you. that is going to do it for "bulls & bears". we always thank you for joining us. ♪ >> even the washington post calling this week a flurry of policymaking that has dazzled official in washington. historic trade deal with china, a revised nasa 2.0. in nearly 740 billion-dollar defense spending bill that establishes a new space force and a potential victory that the supreme court in the spring and president trump can stop to big banks from disclosing his financial records to congress. tonight a wake-up call to democrats here in the radical far left identity victim politics is great britain worse
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johnson and his conservative landslide win has a democrats nervous about a potential landslide loss in 2020, british voters delivering a smashing defeat for laborers who ran as a democrat socialist and the british people voted for capitalism for freedom, sovereignty and a mandate to get out of the eu and global stock reacted positively to this. socialism losing in america, we have the update and the data the blue-collar working-class voters who do not believe the hard left that capitalism oppresses the working class. they are switching allegiances to the republican party. impeachment, now backfiring, not moving public opinion and showing democrats failing to prove their case. nervous, vulnerable house democrats now counting legislative winds, not talking impeachment back home.
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tonight the debate, nancy pelosi reveals the push to get rid of president trump starting three years ago. without any high crimes and misdemeanors proven. any bipartisan senate push is the reigning and to report on the secret fisa report the center of the abuses by the obama administration spying on the trump campaign. we have even more details. this as james comey and his credibility problems getting worse, we have the latest and also a growing number of critics say this is a massive media scandal for cnn, msnbc and more. it reveals that much of what the media authoritatively claims for two years was complete the falls. thank you for joining us, i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" is right now ♪ ♪. liz: you are watching the fox
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business network. we have every angle covered on the historic victory for conservatives and great britain in the dealmaking this week and mid impeachment. let's get to the breaking news and out first with the stories on the china trade you, edward lawrence at the white house with more. reporter: this still expected to be signed the first week of january, u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer said this is the first step in rebalancing the trade relationship with china. he adds this is a structural change that the u.s. has been asking for from the chinese and the chinese say the deal is in nine chapters it gives more protection for intellectual property rights and technology transfer, buying food and agriculture products, expanded access to financial mortgage, transparency with currency. the trade representative said there's a tiered resolution system for disputes and the president saying this will set up the economy for some time to come. >> that will be a great deal of her and it's going to lead to the opening of china which is
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something that is incredible because that's a whole uncut market of 1.5 billion people. >> he adds that china wants to start ngoz negotiating immediat. part of the reason why tariffs and he kept when he 5% on $250 billion in chinese goods while reducing tariffs on some imports, the u.s. trade representative said $120 billion of imports, the tears will be at 7.5%. >> is a phenomenal deal in the tariffs will remain, the 25% on $250 billion will be used as a negotiating table for the phase two deal. which they would like to start immediately and that's okay with me. will wait until after the election but they'd like to start sooner than that. >> for the long term it's intellectual property protection that will help companies. there are important enforceable
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commitments and trade secrets, trademarks and patents and online infringement. when the phase two deal they will tackle cyber intrusion and state subsidies of companies and protecting the transfer of data online. >> great to see you. thanks for your reporting. forced on johnson ending the victory since 1987. the smashing defeat for socialism. they voted for capitalism, freedom and the mandate to get out of the eu. ashley is in london with more. >> force johnson took a big hit with the candidate and his conservative party won a staggering majority. he can now push through the brexit plan with ease in the uk will be out of the eu by the january 31 deadline. speaking outside his home, he thanked non-conservatives for giving him their vote. >> i went to speak those
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directly who made it possible and to those who voted for us for the first time and those whose pencils may have wavered over the ballot and heard the voices of their parents and their grandparents whispering anxiously in their ears. i say thank you for the trust you placed in us and in me. >> it's been a humiliating defeat but the labor party he won just 203 seats. that's the lowest number since 1935. his extreme socialist agenda that included nationalizing utilities, tax sites for businesses and the wealthy public spending has been rejected. president trump was quick to congratulate worse johnson on his victory and the prospect of a new transit trade deal saying, this still has the potential to be far bigger and lucrative than any deal that could've been made with the eeo. celebrate boris.
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his pro-business manifesto giving a boost to the market today, london gaining 100 points in the pound of one point hit in a 19 month high. >> that was actually reporting from london. let's get right to donald, your take on what happened in great britain? >> oh my god there's so many dimensions to its wonderfulness. on the one hand, you can look at boris johnson and take a presidential and take on what he looks like, trump plus alcohol. he's a fantastic leader who is unified this country facing incredibly divisive issue. the brexit under brexit referendum did not create a mandate, it was too close to call, this man through his leadership is unwavering moral clarity has created a mandate. not only a mandate for brexit, to overthrow the neo- marxist, post-martyn, anti-semitic
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socialist agenda of jeremy corbin, good riddance nice job or. >> reception chicken little said basically the big macro issues a brexit with the china trade you would mean we could see another recession and ruin trump's election but it's turned around. nasa 2.0. uc global growth could go higher in commodity start to pop up in the tenure deal but the washington post and other media is saying about the china trade deal, the president got played, nothing on paper, china will break promises. >> trump could walk on water in the washington post with that he does not know how to swim. can we be a student of recent history, go back a year ago may were trump was threatening the tariffs but they had not been put in place.
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china came to trump and said we will buy 200 billion per year more of u.s. stuff if you don't put the tariffs. he put them on to we collect from china $63 billion a year in cash that goes to the u.s. treasury. they are coming back and under today's deal they agreed to buy $200 billion worth of american stuff. you can say why didn't trump make the deal a year ago may. because he thought the tariff in place which is 63 billion. it's fantastic. what did he give away, he agreed not to put new tariffs on. that's not taking back tariffs, it's just not putting on new tariffs. he ripped off the chinese, it's a fantastic deal. congratulations mr. president. >> i want to get back to your point of the british people voted for capitalism and jobs and growth, how is that in the president trade deal going to play with a working and middle-class voters here?
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>> i think historically britain has always been ahead of the u.s. in terms of politics. so margaret thatcher was a precursor to reagan. even during the global financial crisis, that started in britain, quantitative easing started in britain and came here, there are laboratory where we try things first. it's very encouraging for me too see the landslide for johnson thinking we had 11 months for election in 2020. >> you made the point that the president is basically out boxing them. i think your argument is this,. >> he won in 2016 by michigan, wisconsin, ohio, pennsylvania, these states are ground zero, the last zone for china taking over the world in the global middle class. he has to go back in 2020 as a trade war president who will
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finish the war, fighting for those people and they will send him back to washington to finish the war that he started in with today's deal which he is now visibly winning. it's even tested plank for his platform. >> when you look at the map in england, is familiar to 2020 democrats. it looks like the island read in the seo blue with the labor party is now reduced -- the democrats here are running on incoherent policies of taking your health insurance away and raising taxes. that actively alienates voters in the battleground states who have high rates of coverage because their labor union workers. >> i think when it comes down to it, the far left in both countries is smaller than it seems in all amplified by the mainstream media which is for some reason captured by the etiology. so the left has a huge megaphone
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but the majority of people who have to work and live and strive and suffer and try to make in the world, they know the principles do not work and they reject that. it's the elite to dominate the media in the academy who keep promoting the stuff and make it seem bigger than it is. it's a big fake. >> great to see you. have a great weekend. the markets posing in the green, gerri willow street is now with the new york stock exchange. >> markets closing higher across-the-board and higher for the week as well. the nasdaq and s&p notching new record highs at the close. despite china and president trump confirming that the trade-in was in place and new tariffs are off the table, markets are not rallied as much as investors might of hope. the s&p flat and the nasdaq up 17. trade sensitive technology sector was a big winner of the day in microsoft and apple
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notching new all-time highs. all jumping to the new high as well. >> great to see. next up impeachment backfiring, not moving public opinion. democrats failing to prove their case. now this, nervous, vulnerable house democrats trying to tell victories talk impeachment backhoe has we have one for more than a year policy matters most to voters in america wants action. that story coming up. ♪ let's be honest,
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[ dramatic music ]ing ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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>> house democrats move the needle, for impeachment today. fox news in washington with more. reporter: next wednesday and thursday we are expecting members to vote on impeachment on the house floor and if party line told president trump will be impeached next week, that's just in the house of representatives. the house judiciary committee
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reading for just a few minutes and voted along party lines 23 f impeachment out of the committee into the full house floor. the two articles abuse of power for the president's involvement during the quid pro quo with the president of ukraine and obstruction of congress for the white house refusal to honor subpoenas put forth by congress. >> the third time in a little over a century and a half the house judiciary committee has voted articles of impeachment against president for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. >> republicans argue today's vote was based solely on politics. >> the founding father and the fathers of this country warned against single party impeachment and had a very specific reason for warning us against that. they said it would be bitterly divisive perhaps irreparably divisive for the country. >> the president in the oval office gave his take on impeachment moving to the full house floor. >> your trivializing impeachment
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when i tell you what, someday there will be a democrat president and there will be a republican house and i suspect they will remember it. >> we will watch closely, 31 democrats from districts in the president one in 2016 to see if their votes have any effect on reelection in the fall and also next week will work toward keeping the government opening that up. this is a pressing issue of funding runs out midnight saturday december 21st today the government shutdown lasted for several weeks many on both sides of the aisle hoping it does not come to that but next week will be a busy week with impeachment and trying to keep the government open. >> thank you for your reporting. >> let's get try next guest, house oversight, darrell, now in a house race in california, your reaction, lots of media analysts reporting its back firing on democrats. it is backfiring for more than
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anything else that they have been trying to impeach a president on a number of charges in each time those charges fell, they found a new one. so now they came up with the ultimate, almost the ultimate, defined in the president carried 15 clubs in his bag were golfing. but just short of that high crime are these two, the use of power and i say it that way because clearly a president who cannot say would you stop corruption, would you cooperate with our military, would you do whatever it is to a foreign leader if he cannot use that power with impunity, we will have diminished the presidency. the second one is worse, the second one is which lots of presidents and specifically during the years of my chairman schiff, president obama refused
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to give us information in one case, the gunrunning to the drug cartel in mexico, the president not only refused but claimed it was privileged information later shown to be untrue. if we had used this standard rather than going to court and getting a judge to give us information, if we use the standard that the simple denial or attempt to deny was impeachable, eric holder, the irs commissioner, hillary clinton, and president obama would've been impeached and removed from office. this is not a standard, the resistance to our lawful subpoenas which i believe strongly. it will backfire on democrats. >> even cnn reporting that democrats have been misleading in this procedure. cnn said the president is correct when he tweeted that democrat veronica escobar and sheila misquoted him in the
6:22 pm
ukraine call and the president said i would like you to do us a favor because our country has been through a lot in the democrats left out the word us, i want to get onto this, republican doug collins of georgia called out the democrats on their claim that this is a solemn sober process. let's watch this. >> don't give me the solomon entity about impeaching a president, you been wanting to do that for a long time, take it and rejoice. go at it. this is what you want. >> your reaction? >> your hearing it from a ranking member and ordained minister and military officer who quite frankly is saying it just right. this was an impeachment looking for a charge, they found the weakest possible charges and ultimately the president is right, the senate is going to have to reject offhand any suggestion that these charges are valid or we will diminish the ability of any president to
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perform and we cannot do that and you will find that the house is going to pay a price but the senate is going to reject this and do themselves proud including many democrats i predict a home several democrats who cannot stomach this abuse of the impeachment process. >> house speaker policy admits democrats have been pushed impeachment for two and half years when there was no crime or misdemeanor proven back then. watch this. >> one of the biggest criticisms has been the speed at which the house democrats are moving. seriously. [laughter] >> it's been going on for 22 months. , two and half years actually. >> the presidents crime in november of 16 when he was elected in the ultimate, he was not supposed to win, hillary clinton was supposed to win and if you think about it, even
6:24 pm
during his inaugural, the practice made it clear they will never work with this president and that's where you'll find the american people say work with the man or don't claim that you're somehow doing your duty. elijah cummings famously fall on the day that we also did legislation together. they got a do that and they're not doing that. >> there's no bribery charge in the article of impeachment, watch nancy pelosi being adamant about bribery. >> quid pro quo, bribery and that is in the constitution attached to the impeachment proceeding. >> but now nancy pelosi says don't believe anything i say. [inaudible question. >> i myself am not a lawyer, sometimes i act like one, not as
6:25 pm
often as act as a doctor, i practice medicine on the side to. >> "the evening edit" has been first out of the impeachment timeline. we have been reporting for a long time for month-to-month about the push to alta president trump, watch cnn routinely behind and cnn reporting what we been reporting about what her reaction. watch this. >> earlier this morning, we were talking about the polling and what we were pointing to independent voters and if you looking at those independent voters the polls do not look good for the democrats. >> wait a second washington post, the washington post did an average of a dozen poles of battleground voters, the majority do not want impeachment, on the show we been reporting the polling for months of what is going on. what is going on with the other media in the reporting on the story? >> one of the things that the
6:26 pm
mainstream media likes is to be right, they don't want to be right early on because removing an agenda of what is undeniable the way it is now that is turning the democrats because of not doing their constitutional job, at the end of the day they want to say we told you it was hurting them. >> where does this in-depth, final work. >> the american people are going to vote, president trump will be reelected and we will win more seats in the fall because of the overuse of the impeachment clause. >> congressman, great to see you. good luck with your recess. the polls and the rating show america tuning out, it seems like the feeling like it's boring, leaving democrats jerry nadler, he thinks it's boring too, voters are not the only ones are watching, house judiciary democrats caught watching a golf match on tv on his laptop during the tuesday hearing, we at "the evening theo
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liz: memo to the media, please stop comparing the clinton to the accusations against president trump, clinton and nixon impeachment is far worse. the hearsay against president trump. let's bring in my next guest, great to see you. your reaction to this question. >> i think it is just absurd to try to compare this impeachment to richard nixon or bill clinton. richard nixon covered up a felony violation of the law by his subordinate, actual burglaries, bill clinton committed felonies by lying under oath, he committed perjury.
6:32 pm
you'll note in this impeachment, there is no allegation of any violation of any law by the president and the abuse of power claim is based on democratic criticism of how he handled diplomatic relationships with ukraine. >> the nixon article of impeachment, article one breaking into dnc headquarters, obstructing an investigation into the bacon, secret payoff of substantial sums of money to influence potential witnesses and those involved in misusing the cia. i covered the irs for two decades and testified twice about irs reform i done a lot of work about political audits, nixon was charged with using the irs to go after the tax secret on the tax returns and investigate the enemies. your reaction to that? >> think about how serious and what a threat that was to the public within a president
6:33 pm
engaging in that behavior. nothing like that happen here. and in fact to was it who misuse the irs most recently, the obama ministration when they went afteafter the conservative organization pray this is the 20th impeachment in american history and i have to say it's a weakest case for impeachment that's ever been filed by the house of representatives. >> nixon was charged with using the fbi and secret service to spy on political enemies, under the obama ministration the obama administration tried to seize the phone records of associated press reporter, fox news reporter, as for the clinton impeachment he was charged with repeatedly commute committing p, lying to a jury to stop the public biden about his affair with monica lewinsky who was seven years older than his daughter chelsea. your reaction to that?
6:34 pm
>> concentrate on the nixon claims that he was using the fbi to spy on his political opponent. we just got an ig report of the fbi launching a spying operation on the trump campaign and the id says that the fbi misled the fisa court, omitted to tell them about exculpatory information and failed to tell the court about the lack of credibility about their informant which is basically illegal spying. >> thank you for joining us. good to see you. great insights. a big wake-up call to democrats here in the radical far left in government identity victim politics as conservative leader borst johnson landslide when demolishing the democrat socialist. this got the democrats here
6:35 pm
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ask your doctor how prolia® can help strengthen your bones. liz: lou dobbs joins us with a preview of what is coming up on his show. >> tonight we have the latest on the phase i deal, it could be historic, china's trade deal with the united states breaking new ground. we will get many of the details, doctor michael pillsbury joins us, the head of the center for chinese strategy at the hudson institute. one of the advisors on trade and china. also tonight, investigative reporter fox contributor john solomon will be talking about spy gate and what we can expect the next few months unfolding. and former fbi joint terrorism tax forced terrorism steve rogers joins us on the wave of violence that had a number of cities and or countries.
6:40 pm
in doug weed and robert jeffers join us and we hope you will be with us at the top of the hour. >> next up we will get in to how the intercept glenn greenwald is saying this is a media scandal happening with fbi abuse of the fisa court. he is saying when you watch msnbc and cnn they have as commentators, people acting like reporters form fbi officials and intelligence officials and it's like they like their own legacy and he says the american people have been misled for water than two years. >> i would say he is more right, it is more than two years and they been misled for a number of years with fake news as president trump has branded it. and he's right about what the world are we doing, we have a corrupt fbi leadership, a corrupt justice department leadership under president obama, then there transferred to the left-wing media to continue
6:41 pm
to peddle the lack of principles in their deep state values. i could not agree more. it's outrageous. >> we will be watching your show. great to see lou dobbs. >> a big wake-up call to democrats here in the radical far left, big government identity picked hi victim polits and boris johnson's victory, democrats are they worried or nervous about a landslide loss in 2020, let's bring in julian. >> do you think there nervous ? >> i think they should be nervous. you have the far left policies that are so far on the french then outplay moderate electorate. i think democrats run the risk. >> we have been reporting this for over a year, the democrats cannot go into 2020 empty-handed. they have 0 no big policy victories that clinton had with
6:42 pm
welfare reform during his impeachment. look at this data, blue-collar voters now do not believe the hard left that capitalism oppresses the working people were talking bernie sanders. the number of districts that are manufacturing, heavy manager under manufacturing districts, i think democrats ran the majority in like 15 of the 20, then it flip 2016, now republicans run them, that's a wake-up call. >> i think what we see is a trump economic policies like the regulation, and tax reform, it is lifting everyone up and if you look at the people on the margin, with unemployment and labor force participation, it is great and these are working-class americans and their very smart to see through
6:43 pm
the democratic agenda saying will tax the rich, they recognize that the middle class is going to pay for this and particularly with environmental stuff that will have the poorest americans are harder. >> right now no democrat debate on job in growing the economy. china's trade does not the 2.0, they said this, trump is outsmarting the democrats and the battleground states, he is seen as a trade wartime president so it's kind of interesting. >> we've seen progress on that this week that's been promising. it's a risky strategy for sure but it looks like it'll pan out in the china quid pro quo phase one is important and one important thing to pay attention is how we enforce it. we know you cannot take the chinese government. >> they are complaining that the democrats are working with the trader. even joe biden's campaign slamming the hard left saying look at the socialist catastrophic of great britain and look what happens when you move so far left to. >> i think alexandra causey or cortez is the face of the democratic party, she is to first left. >> great to see you.
6:44 pm
coming out, the secret fisa court that the obama administration abused to do an unprecedented investigation of a presidential campaign, to trigger the mueller probe, the bipartisan senate push with republicans and democrats, now they want to reform it, that story is next. ♪ ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪
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liz: the secret fisa court that the obama administration is accused of abusing to do an unprecedented investigation of an opposition presidential campaign that triggered the mueller probe. news coming in, a new bipartisan senate push to reform it. let's bring in former federal prosecutor katie. great to see you. we have lindsey graham, and chris coons now staying reformist. >> absolutely, i think all americans need to be concerned with the ease in which these warrants were obtained. this is not just about president trump is about the privacy of all american people. liz: it's great to have a politicized police force going after a presidential campaign. >> james comey's credibility problems, he went on tv trying to argue that the dossier was
6:49 pm
not a critical part of the probe. >> my recollection was, it was part of a broader mosaic of facts laid before the by the judge to obtain a fisa warrant. >> a lot more than the dossier in the five applications. [crowd boos] there was additional material to believe he was an agent of a foreign power and the dossier was part of that but was not all of it or critical part of it. >> he is totally wrong, according to the d.o.j. ig. here is michael horowitz testifying he is wrong. >> the hurricane team obtained information from his primary sub source in january 2017, to raise significant questions about the reliability of the steel reporting. this is particularly noteworthy because the fisa application relied entirely on information from the primary sub sources reporting to support the
6:50 pm
allegation that paige was coordinating with the russian government on 2016 u.s. presidential election activity. >> carter page was never charged with anything, his own source told the fbi he was lying about what he was saying in the dossier, your reaction? >> it's disappointing to see it so easy to obtain the warrants even based on verified information. but that's a problem with the standard of the court, many times warrants are obtain based on unverified hearsay and things of that sort and there's not going to be consequences for that even though an ordinary person it seems like you're not reporting qualified information, there should be something that happens. it's a standard is low. >> a constitutional violation. by the time he had gone on tv, the fbi knew this ~ ca file was democrat back researched the heater president trump in the
6:51 pm
clinton campaign was getting the dossier and using it in the fbi did not cooperate, it says it was exaggerating it and the other thing coming in, the obama justice department twice decided not to give a heads up to the trump campaign about russian interference. your reaction to that? >> i think the system has a lot of failures that need to be addressed. quite wrinkly we know what mr. comey said is not truthful based on what the report has come forth with. >> but the thing is, he leaked the file anyway to triggered the mueller probe knowing all the problems. >> exactly, i think that's where you could probably come up closer to a violation of the law. with the warrant your standard is so low you will not get there. he said i believe there is additional information, i don't think that's everything we had. they could argue that both ways but when you know for sure is been debunked, at that point when you are pushing false information think you could
6:52 pm
cross the line into a criminal violation potentially. >> take you for joining us. have a good weekend. next up a growing number of media critics say the fbi and abuse of the fisa court is a major media scandal for cnn and msnbc and more, they reveal so much of what media authoritatively claims in more than two years was completely false. the story is next. ♪ nities firsthand, like biotech. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price invest with confidence.
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liz: media critics including glenn greenwald saying the fbi abuses in spying on the trump campaign is a major media scandal for cnn, msnbc and others because it revealed so many of what media claimed for two years was false. my next guest, trump 2020 campaign strategic analyst. those who question the anti-trump steele dossier, called devin nunes a liar without any context or reporting. the watchdog role failed every there. >> it's no wonder the americans trust in media is at an-time low. their hatred for donald trump
6:57 pm
has trumped their journalistic integrity. and we see it every day. even just this week. cnn refused to play lindsey graham's opening comments at the i.g. report hearing. they only took it when the i.g. started testifying, yet they did every moment of the impeachment hearings. liz: greenwald says cnn and msnbc have forker obama intelligence officials shaped with their own legacy. the "new york times" and "washington post" fell for it. i was at the "wall street journal." i was a trained report they are. we were told if you get emotionally connected to a story, you are supposed to be taken off the story. >> the networks are hiring
6:58 pm
people who feature prominently in this misinformation campaign against donald trump. whether it's brennan or andrew mccabe. they are celebrating these people who are at the heart of this as being non-partisan, non-biased commentators. while i respect their service to the country and you cross that line, you are no longer offering objective commentary, you are peddling disinformation. liz: greenwald says the reports of fisa warrants were not based on the steele dossier. the i.g. report is showing devin nunes was pretty much right. and cnn contributor, andrew mccabe, he knew the problems. why didn't you report the problems on cnn? >> they should be looking at
6:59 pm
that hiring and the role that person is playing in this overall campaign. we have seen this time and time again with the media going with their prebaked narrative. they will do whatever it takes to make that the reality. ebb if the news and the facts don't lead that way. they are no different than the fbi agents who held the facts back to keep their investigations going. the media is doing the same thing. liz: if the president ran through the red light with the ukraine issue, then he should be called out on it. we questioned whether the facts are there to support impeachment. how do you see this going forward with how the media is handling the issues of the president? >> they are ignoring so many of the basic tenets of reporting. this is the first impeachment in
7:00 pm
modern history that is done strictly on a partisan basis. liz: do you dobbs next. have a good weekend. lou: good evening, everybody. president trump entered this week as a target of the rabid radical dimms seeking his overthrow. and he is this week as the author of two historic trade agreements that add considerable weight and luster to his historic list of achievements and successes over the fires few years of his presidency. president trump's monumental success overwhelming those radical dimms as they ask december -- they desperately carry on with their


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