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tv   Barrons Roundtable  FOX Business  December 14, 2019 1:00am-1:31am EST

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punish itself. lou: monday acting dhs secretary chad wolf. and judicial watch's tom fitton. thanks for being with us. have a good night. gregg: democrats desperate to impeach the duly elected president of the united states inching closer to their goal. the dem-controlled house judiciary committee sphroaght to approve two articles of impeachment. but all their efforts are destined to implode once this charade moves to the u.s. senate. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell telling fox's sean hannity this. >> the case is so dash weak coming over from the house. we also how it's going to end. there is no chance the president
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is going to be removed from office. my hope is there won't be a single republican who votes for either of these articles of impeachment. gregg: the president coming out swinging against those seek his impeachment. president trump: we are deal with a lot of corrupt people. there was knowing done wrong. to use the power of impeachment on this nonsense is an embarrassment to this country. gregg: the implications of all of this threatening to impact our politics for years to come. lawmakers warning impeaching presidents could become the new normal. joining me, "turning point usa"'s charlie kirk and madison
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giosotto. are democrats doing what jonathan turley warned when he testified last week? you are sending a new standard that any perceived slight will be an impeachable offense. anything frivolous could be labeled abuse of power. >> if you look at what the founding fathers put into the constitution what impeachment was suppose to be for. it's suppose to be an emergency measure. especially not when you are this close to an election. the potential ramifications which the democrats are pushing forward. it's reckless, it's historic and it's wrong. the president did nothing wrong here. what's the crime? obstruction of congress, really? you look at the federalist papers. the founding fathers always
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arced the tension is worthy of impeachment. that's whatting this is about. they want this president gone from office by any means necessary. they made a promise is to their base. now they are in a catch-22. if they do it they will suffer polite schoolly. if they don't, they will suffer from the base. the liberal media is covering for them. gregg: nobody ever accused barack obama of an impeachable offense when he evoked executive privilege in the fast and furious case. but trump does the same thing and it's an impeachable offense. madison, the other hypocrisy in this is two decade ago jerry nadler saying you can't impeach until it's bipartisan. pelosi said the same thing. adam schiff said the same thing when i was running for his house
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seat a couple decade ago. the hypocrisy just wreaks, doesn't it? >> the democrats had their mind made up long before the impeachment hearings and long before these votes. they had their minds made up in 2016 when donald trump meet hillary clinton in the election. our seeing is a relentless attack by the corrupt, by the political elite in washington against our president. what the congressmen are doing doesn't represent what the goals and wants are of the american people. our president is fighting tooth and nail to win back the government and drain the swamp so it's sad when we see congress people elected by us that are protecting illegal aliens and fighting for their rights.
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gregg: americans are not behind this. the needle went down during the impeachment hearings. independents by a very large margin. 55-36 are against impeachment of the president is now beating democratic candidates in the key swing states. this is backfiring potentially, isn't it? >> you can see it happening so quickly. it's been inverted. at the beginning of an impeachment fight there is more support for it than even after all these witnesses and the testimony and the circus that the democrats have made congress become the last couple weeks. the president is only growing stronger because of it. it's not just impeachment fight. your books have been so excellent. you have been doing the job the media should have been doing. it's the taxpayer funded mueller
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hoax that president trump survived and came on top of. it was the deep state spying and fisa abuse. and the spirit he continues to have and the optimism and the result he has been able to deliveries extraordinary. you can see the democrats are getting out of any storm of discipline and they are going after personal attacks because they cannot believe president trump is stronger today than he was the day was inaugurated. it's remarkable. >> house speaker nancy pelosi caught on camera admitting that the democrats' goal has been impeachment for 2 1/2 years. here it is. >> one of the biggest criticisms of the process has been the speed at which the mouse democrats are moving. seriously. >> it's been going on for 22 months, 2 1/2 years, actually. gregg: there it is plain and clear, madison.
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they have been doing this since the president raised his right hand and was sworn in. >> this is no surprise. you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. so many of them explicitly said they wanted to get him out of office. they wanted to impeach him, now we are seeing them try to do that. he came out on top when it came to the russian hoax. and he will come out on top on this, too. they will continue to try and try all the way through 2024 when he leaves office. but he accomplished incredible things against amazing adversity. he's a fighter for the people. he didn't take this job because it's ease yesterday. he's here to fight for the american people. gregg: nancy pelosi's remark should surprise no one because her colleague representative al green has been saying we have to impeach him because we can't
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beat him in the election. now al green is saying if this impeachment doesn't work, we'll do it with something else. 's thank you both for being with us. appreciate it. remember when the purported purveyors of truth and facts pumped up the credibility of the phoney steele dossier? the allegations in this christopher steele dossier are stunning. >> the dossier in fact is far from bogus. ian creasingly it's the accurate dossier. increasingly it's the damning dossier it's the doesier that will hang around the neck of the trump administration. gregg: increasingly it's a lie. as we found out this week. so where are the retractions and the apologies from the liberal media after the inspector general said this. soot controls fire hurricane team obtained information from steele's primary sub source that raised questions weather
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reliability of the reporting. this is noteworthy because the fisa application relied entirely from information from the primary sub sources reporting to support the allegation that page was coordinating with the russian government. gregg: former fbi target in trump's 2016 campaign advisor, george papadopoulos is here to react. also tonight, viewer discretion individuals. shocking video showing a 14-year-old being brutally beating on board a school bus for allegedly wearing a maga hat. that is appalling. we'll play the full attack. but first is cnn really admitting that trump won? >> donald trump in a way has already won. how much did we hear about hunter biden?
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gregg: is hunter biden the new hillary clinton steam scarn today? >> it's a little hard to believe that burisma hired lunltser find resolve their international i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy, and my lack of impulse control,
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gregg: a new op-ed warning democrats that hunter bind is the new hillary clinton seem scandal. chase wright writes in new york magazine, clinton's use of a privates email server is an eerily similar spree cursor. it was a small error born of neglect and trump turned it into a scandal insisting she hot to be imprisoned over them. the writer says the same thing is happening now and will doom joe biden's presidential bid. the mainstream media is piling on claiming the biden-burisma scandal is merely a republican talking points. >> how much did we hear about
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hunter biden over and over again about hunter biden. that's what the republicans are talking about constantly. it will be a challenge for us as journalists to decide how much to follow along with this. how to report the biden-burisma story. i don't know. maybe just tell the truth. maybe dig up facts and verify them. joining me now, the media research center's bret bozell. facts like to that the prosecutor was fired at the demand of joe biden is on record saying he was fired because his investigators were closing in on burisma and hunter biden. that might be a tidbit of fact that jeffrey toobin and others shut report. >> what he really is asking, if
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the media should be covering this. they are upset the republicans are bringing this up. they are having to cover the republicans live. when it has been up to them, they haven't said a thing. whatever happens to this notion of investigative journalism? the idea you would write this piece and dismiss it as an appearance. why not do something interesting. do you realize everyone talk about this, why don't they just ask hunter biden. how is it hunter bind that you went with your dad on a plane and left with a $50,000 a month contract. the republicans are all asking this question. what did you do? why isn't jeffrey toobin and cnn and the "new yorker," why aren't they asking hunter biden, what did you do?
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how were you qualified? if you can't answer that, it's clearly, no one thinking clearly or honestly is going to deny that the only reason burisma got this guy on the payroll at $50,000 a month is because his last name was biden. all you have to do is have hunter biden show how that's wrong. gregg: i will give credit to the "washington post" who published a story on july 22 after having interviewed the fired prosecutor. and he laid it out, i got fired by joe biden because my investigators were investigating burisma which employed hunter biden. how much of the sleaze associated with hunter biden's gifter operations, how much
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will that taint joe biden. >> it depends who is going to talk about it. is donald trump going to talk about it? if he does someone will want to impeach him. i think fox should do more investigative reporting on its own. no one has shown any interest. look at china. china is a bigger story than the ukraine. look at what peter schweizer is coming out with. the real money is in china. go back to the ukraine. clearly, clearly, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that in that phone call that donald trump did not ask for political favors. if you don't believe him, investigate it. why isn't anyone reporting any investigation on this? maybe it's because they don't have anything. gregg: the bias and hatred of
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the mainstream media has absolutely blinded them to the responsibility as journalists. and i wrote an entire chapter in my book "witch hunt" about this, 54 pages filled with reporters and their stories for 2 1/2 years who got it wrong. is it no wonder, brent, that most americans don't trust the media? they have squandered their credibility, which is their only currency. >> look at cnn's audience. it's a worldwide network and it can't get 750,000 people in the united states of america. its credibility has collapsed. if they are not going to report the news or investigate any story, if they are not going to tell the truth, it should collapse. i am note saying it gleefully. it's a sad day in journalism
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when this happens. gregg: the liberal media made it their job to push an officially chris dead -- officially discredited dossier. >> increasingly it's the accurate dossier. the dossier that will large around the neck of the trump administration. gregg: former fbi target and trump 2016 campaign advisor, george papadopoulos is here. he says he's look at his legal options. also horrific video of a 14-year-old being brutally beaten for allegedly wearing a maga hat. coming up, we'll play more of that vicious attack. but should president trump trust the so-called journalists who
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will moderate his 2020 debates? >> is the president thinking of stepping down? >> no, and i think that's a ridiculous question. >> pardon me ma'am. president trump: that's enough. >> mr. president, are you a racist? gregg: new reports president trump may skip out on the 2020 debates. debates. with people likikikikik debates. with people likikikikik i can't believe it. that sophie opened up a wormhole through time? (speaking japanese) where am i? (woman speaking french) are you crazy/nuts? cyclist: pip! pip! (woman speaking french) i'm here, look at me. it's completely your fault. (man speaking french) ok? it's me. it's my fault? no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. (pterodactyl screech) believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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gregg: welcome back. new reports president may want to skip the 2020 presidential debate stage. all together leaving the eventual democratic nominee out in the cold. the "new york times" is saying the president is totally fed up with the non-profit commission that puts on these debates. he's wary of who the moderators
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could be. who could blame him when this is the typical bias from the liberal media. >> today was an unpresidential day even by our very unpresidential standard. >> what can you call someone who says clearly racist things? this morning the answer is mr. president. >> they are all corrupt. the whole trump team is corrupt. that's the bottom line. >> president trump is back in the u.s. doing dumb things in important places. >> objectively, donald trump is on track to be the worst president in modern times and perhaps ever. gregg: joining me,, gianno caldwell. given the media is so virulently
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anti-trump, would you blame him for saying i am not going to do this. think of what happened with the lester holt when he moderated the debates. 2/3 of the media coverage of this president is negative. that's two times that of george w. bush and barack obama and bill clinton. i think he should be a bit alarmed. but there is an important thing to mention here. this president has an unpress differented accomplishments in his first few years in office. i think that's something the american people need to hear unfiltered through the media. at this point you have so much to be proud of that he can talk about. the democrats probably would hope he wouldn't show up. gregg: debates used to matter.
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1960 the kennedy-nixon debates. historians say that tipped the balance in favor of kennedy. but with the explosion of 24-hour news. do debates really matter now? >> i think thumb realizes the debates have become less relevant, and he knows he doesn't need to do one in 2020. if you are questioning that, look at his twitter following. he sees that as a direct line to the people that he needs to reach if he wants to win again. he's not conventional and the media needs trump more than trump needs the media. gregg: gianno, sometimes the debates will give an incumbent president a disadvantage by giving credibility to your opponent. i remember back in 1972, nixon
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refused to debate mcgovern. and of course nixon won in a landslide. so there is that as expect of it. >> i think when we are talking about something the democrats haven't been able to accomplish, providing for americans. setting up an economy that's red hot and delivering on this promises. the president hat just about everybody rally. the first step act, thousands of individuals released from jail. i think at this particular points i can understand the credibility conversation. but more importantly for those folks who may not follow him on twitter and may only seat media reports, they need to see how real and authentic and what he has accomplished. at this point i don't care what the democrats are offering, they haven't been offering much of anything. only failed promises.
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you gave me an opportunity four years ago, this ways i delivered for you. >> every single democrat who qualified for next week's primary debate is threatening to boy could it. a union at the university how it's expected to take place is on strike. the democrats claim supporting that strike means they don't have to show up. what do you have think about that. >> i think they are realizing americans are sick of these debates. if you look at the viewership of the most recent debate compared to september. the viewership is cut in half. they know people are tired of this and they know americans are not going to buy into the ideas they are peddling which are socialism, the green new deal, policies that will burn down this economy republicans have built.


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