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tv   Barrons Roundtable  FOX Business  December 28, 2019 1:00am-1:31am EST

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everywhere. or you can bite online, or barnes & thanks for joining us, have a great weekend, everyone. [♪] reporter: democrats taking it to the extreme warning of tyranny if president trump is not removed from office. i'm ashley webster in for trish regan. i want you to take a listen to some of the fear mongering right here. >> i think the only thing more outrageous these days in washington than president trump and his fearful tweets are those republicans who enabled him to do this and take a little more freedom and a little more freedom until we have a tyranny here if he's not restrained. ashley: that's right, tyranny. if house democrats were so serious about removing this president right now, why are
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they and their leader stalling on sending the articles of impeachment over to the senate? good question, right? let's ask my next guest. he's until congressman greg steube. thanks for joining us. why this delay? if he's such a threat to everything under the sun, why wouldn't they want to push this process along? >> you want to talk about tyranny, you can talk about how nancy pelosi runs the house of representatives with the democrats in control. why is she holding on to the articles of impeachment. in every historical instance of an impeachment occurring, the articles have been sent after the impeachment takes place in the house. why hasn't she told mitch mcconnell when she intend to sending them to the senate. ashley: she is dragging it out
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as long as she can to the election in november. do you think that's the strategy. >> you hear they are going to investigate for further articles of impeachment. you spend an entire year. i got sworn in on january 3 of this year, and from day one people in my class have been calling for his impeachment. it's been an entire year investigating the president. ashley: how does this play out across the country. we note west coast, east coast elites may say impeach, impeach, impeach. but how is the average american look at this right now? >> here in florida i spent the week in the district. i had lunch today with fellow floridans. they say everybody in the
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district isn't concerned that nancy pelosi is focused on the impeachment and she held on to the articles and she held on to the usmca until the impeachment. ashley: it's backfiring because the fundraising for the gop camp has gone through the roof, and i have a feeling the president is happy to let this drag on in some respects. they can't get a clear candidate and the rest of the country is getting glassy eyed with this. so all and all this is work out well for the gop. >> i don't think it's just republicans who are sick and tired of it. if you look at polling for independents there is a 20-point swing in independents and where they were on impeaching the president. that's going to drive the mode rat districts is how independents feel. if they are that turned off by the impeachment this house has
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done and not focusing on real issues affecting the lives of americans, i think the gop will be in a good place come november 2020. nbc anchor chuck todd under fire for claiming that the right has a structure for misinformation. i think there is one part of the interview where he says that donald trump is a liar and has been his entire life. if that's not media bias, what is? >> not only that, this is a person that perpetuated a fraud on the american people for almost two years that the trump campaign collude and conspired with the russian government. after 22 months of investigation and millions and millions of taxpayer dollars were spent on a lie, we got the truth from the mueller investigation that there was no evidence the trump campaign conspired with russia.
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it's rich coming from a commentator who spent two years lie together american people and now saying republicans are spreading this information. ashley: i think the public at large and the trump base of support have seen this for some time. when you have four "washington post" reporters celebrating impeachment, you get an idea where the mainstream media is and their bias. i don't think there is any doubt any more. >> absolutely not. ashley: thank you for taking time out of your precious friday night for us. speculation is being fueled that we might see a brokered convention for the democrats. it's something we talked about before the white house chief
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strategist steve ban see -- bant last week. >> it will lead to a brokered convention. hillary clinton will come in when it's clear none of the radical left can beat trump. i think hillary clinton comes in at the moment she feels she can step in and save the democratic party. there is no one including hillary clinton who can beat donald trump. it's not just that they are boring. but what they talk about is so off the mainstream, it's not connecting with people. ashley: joining me is niger innis and gop descrat just ed posrouli. i heard this theory before. that the democrats can't get a frontrunner. what is the chance you think we could see all the way into july
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of next year a brokered convention for the democrats? >> normally the chances are absurdly low that something like that would take place. but when you consider buttigieg could win iowa six weeks out, that could be followed by elizabeth warren or bernie sanders winning new hampshire, that will be followed by my state of nevada where bernie sanders has a strong infrastructure. and actually it was rumored he beat hillary four years ago. but she stole it from them. then you have got of course south carolina where bind is extremely strong. then you have got super tuesday and the wild car in all of this, michael don doo nerks sburg. i think it's more likely an election going back to the last century that we could have a
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brokered convention. ashley: it goes back to 1952. ed, there are rumors if we do go to a brokered convention, we may have hillary clinton, and maybe michelle obama. what are you hearing? >> oh, please, let it be hillary, please, please, please. no one is excited with this group. wick your poison if you are a -- pick your poison if you are a democrat. i think your last guest was right. you have got the wildcard bloomberg. he's pumping $200 mill into this campaign. anybody see the irony, a democrat pumping that much money trying to steel the nomination from democrats. where is the party going on all
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this? who knows. ashley: liberal filmmaker michael moore says if the election was held today, donald trump would win again. take a listen to michael moore. >> if the vote were today i believe he would win the electoral states that he would need because living out there, i will tell you, his level of support has not gone down one inch. in fact i would say it's even more rabid than it was before. ashley: you think he's right? if he has to admit that, there has to be some truth in it. >> i don't want to admit it on national television, but i agree with michael moore on this. voters in the united states view donald trump as truly authentic. he's the same guy he was 30 years ago as he is today.
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and that's something they are not getting anywhere else. any authentic choice. you have joe biden trying to figure out what his son did in ukraine. you have folks trying to be something they are not. all these guys are running to the left. where is the authenticity? that's why donald trump has a strong strong following. he's authentic. ashley: michael moore says he's backing bernie sanders. he's the one the democrats should put their money ander behind to support. does bernie play that well across most of america with the socialist label with him? >> i think bernie plays well within the base of the democratic party, and san francisco and new york city. and that's as far as it goes. i think most of fly
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over territory are horrified that their 401ks being snatched for redistribution of wealth. ashley: who cops out from the democrat party to take on donald trump. what is your prediction. >> i think the party is radical enough and i think they think he got it stolen last time by hillary. maybe bernie. but i don't think he's selling it. ashley: niger? >> i don't want to pull the race car. but i think a dark horse like michelle obama or stacey abrams. ashley: gentlemen, thank you both. we appreciate your time. coming up. remember when elizabeth warren claimed she was part native american? >> the facts suggest you absolutely have native american
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ancestry in your pedigree. >> my family history is my family history. ashley: now we know that's not true. but warren is at it again, and it's not going down well with her brother. when liberal commentator rachel maddow tried to convince everyone trump quliewd russia. >> we are about to find out if the new president of our country is going to do with what russia warts wants. we'll find out if russia helped. the presidency is effectively a russian-op. ashley: even the liberal "washington post" is calling rachel maddow out. troubling news out of the middle east. iran, china and russia conducting joint military exercises. how worried should we be?
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it includes target practice as well as rescuing ships from assaults. how worrying should this be to the united states. let's ask my next guest, deputy security advice you're under president trump. is this the unholy trinity that she should be worried about, that these three no doubt foes are conducting military exercises? >> actually it's a nightmare scenario. we spent 25 years trying to make sure the russians and the chinese don't have an alliance. starting with the nixon administration we tried to drive a wedge between russia and china. russia doesn't have access to
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warm water ports. it does if it has a connection with iran. the three of them together marry up russia's military capabilities, iran's location and oil, and china's wealth and technological advantage. it's an absolute unmitigated nightmare disaster for us if those three countries ever decide to have a military alliance. ashley: how much do you think the democrats and nancy pelosis of the world have played into this allowing our foes to see us as weak as our leader is under attack in this country. >> i lay it at their door. i was in china last month. what i heard from many officials, we think donald trump is going to be removed from office. or we are sure he won't be re-elected. it gives them leverage. they don't think they have to do what he wants them to do.
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the united states is in a position economically particularly that we haven't been in in decades. we have a record stock market. it's historic job creation. iran's economy is imploding. russia's economy is limping along. we should be in a position to have maximum leverage over all three of these countries. they should be afraid to cross us. but what happened, they are all look at this and saying america, when you are weak at home, you are weak abroad. we have got a divided country. we have a president under siege. he current even get republicans and democrats to agree the american flag ought to be the symbol of the country. it's gone the to the point where every country says this is my golden moment to take advantage and exploit whatever i can. ashley: i wanted to ask you're
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opinion on another piece of development news. russia deploying a hyper sonic missile that can fly 27 times the speed of sound. how concerned are you about these developments. >> i don't know that russia has that capability yet. i know they have been spending a lot of money on hypersonic weapons. the chinese are work on it. we are a little slow to this game. but i think to me what it says is the united states should spend the next four years doing a massive push to have our science and technology efforts, our law data, our research and development and our weapon systems come into the 21st century. >> how would you describe the state of our military? i know president trump upped the budget for the military.
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are we better prepared than we were 10 years ago? >> absolutely. trump came into office in a similar situation of reagan coming in in the 1980s. where we were exhausted by wars that had failed. we hadn't modernized. and we let our units degrade. trump put a lot of money into defense. i don't think he put enough money into research and development. but he took it back to where it needed to be. he like reagan. there was a reagan defense buildup and a trump defense buildup. it shows in the attitude and morale of our military men and women. ashley: this should be a wake-up call to the nato members who have been slow to kick in their fair share to support the alliance. >> not only nato members. japan and south korea.
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every country we trade with and consider allies. even our competitors. we should be nervous about a china-russian-iranian alliance. that's a doomsday nightmare scenario. ashley: you made your point very strongly. thank you, kt. we appreciate it. coming up, a north carolina's couple's rendition of family feud going viral. >> name the date a woman always dreams of. >> her wading day. >> name something a woman wears. >> you could see where that was going. what happens next is what has everybody talking. we'll show you the full video later this hour. and alexandria ocasio-cortez loves to bash big donors. but what if i tell you she is quite happily taking money from a billionaire.
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to walk, sponsor or volunteer, visit namiwalks dot org. [♪] >> i am grateful to an america who gave the daughter after janitor the chance. >> i am the daughter of a janitor. my dad yinded up as a janitor. ashley: elizabeth warren's brother is telling friend their father was not a janitor and he's furious at his sister's latest claim. critics say she could be exploiting the janitor job title to win over the working class.
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but she used to describe it differently. >> my father worked a series of different jobs. he was maintenance man in an apartment house with his last job. and they always saw themselves as middle class people. my mom and dad worked really hard. my dad sold carpeting and fence and ended up as a print fence man. >> this shouldn't be a surprise to many. warn has been caught in many lies before. >> your child went to private school. >> public school. >> city was visibly pregnant which members the principal wished you well and hired someone else for the job. my papa had high cheekbones like all of the indians do. ashley: joining me, founder of turning point usa, charlie kirk.
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not only does she say my father was a janitor. she says it with a halting almost crying aeffect takes as well. but she has been exposed every way possible. she is pretty shameless. >> no doubt. i wonder if her house was 1/1024th janitor. she is incredibly disingenuous. it's too bad for her but good for the country. she could have been the nominee if she had authenticity. senator warren is an elitist coastal college professor who wants to maintain the status quo for the ivy league. but she is working to lead a
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populist movement against donald trump. and it's not work. you see bernie sanders doing better and better in the polls. she has messed this up so wonderfully in a way, she has no narrative, no story, and people don't view her as authentic. the winner is america, the loser is elizabeth warren. ashley: if you make these claims you will be put to the saw. as a candidate under the microscope, i better cut that out, but she doesn't. >> there is an old expression, tell the truth. it's easier to remember. she has to lie on top of her lies to make up for her lies. then she has to prove her lies with a dna test. when she says she was fired because she


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