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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  February 13, 2020 5:00am-6:00am EST

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back soon. that it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. good night from new york. see you tomorrow. lauren: 5:00 a.m., top stories at this hour, 14th coronavirus case confirmed right here in the u.s. as more than 15,000 new cases diagnosed in china, new warnings the outbreak will certainly take a toll on u.s. economy,. blake: now one to have presidential candidates already talking about impeachment. lauren: what is the key to happy marriage? new trend shaking up the real estate market, february 13th, fbn:am start right now.
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♪ ♪ lauren: all right, welcome to fbn:am, good morning, i'm lauren simonetti. blake: i'm blake berman for cheryl casone. lawyer law i saw in the shot outside of our studio, let's take a look how your money is moving, we've had 3 days of record closes for the nasdaq and s&p 500 but the markets are giving that back this morning, investors alarmed of overnight spread of coronavirus, dow down 217 points, nasdaq down 89. blake: no surprise as we look to
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asia as well. all in the red throughout the day there. lauren: check at how stocks open in europe much the same, biggest decliner all declining quality point a percent. number of cases of coronavirus in china increasing more than 14,000 with 254 new deaths and here in the u.s. center for disease control confirmed a 14th case of coronavirus in california. like blake: organizers there canceling around the world canceling mobile world congress in barcelona, biggest trade show for mobile phone industry.
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virus concerns prompting major tech companies to pull out of that event. lauren: now people are nervous, michael bloomberg is coming under fire once again, this time for some comments he made about the economic crisis back in 2008. >> redlining if you remember was the term where banks took hold and neighborhoods and said people in the neighborhoods are poor, they are not going to be able to pay off mortgages, salesmen don't go into the areas. lauren: ending of redlining was behind the collapse, banks to discriminate against minorities and appears to be blaming policy and plans to bring equality to the housing market. brake blake not the first controversial comment by bloomberg in the next few days.
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earlier this week defending the controversial stop and frisk policy. >> it is thrown against the wall. blake: bloomberg has apologized for this including at an event yesterday and apologized for the policy but necessarily the remark. in the meantime president trump to set the california next week to attend a fundraising event hosted by larry ellison. the fundraiser at the chairman's home will be held february 19th ahead of presidential primary, supporters of the president can join golf outing for near one hundred thousand dollars, if you have another buck 50 on top of that, you can join in a round table discussion as well, the president will also attend events in beverly hills and bakersville. lauren: his campaign has a lot of money. blake: 250 a pop begins to add
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up. lauren: will meet with president trump about suspended travel program. bans new yorkers after banning green law. blake: what might we expect? >> two political combatants will try to come up with a solution to a ball that has been escalating, right now new york does not allow federal officials access to state dmv records when the vets want to vet someone for trusted traveler programs which allow travelers to get through customs faster, in response arguing access to dmv information was critical to allowing someone to a ttp, that led to a lawsuit by the new york attorney general who sued the fed claiming that it was political retribution for the state's green light law which allows illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses, dhs
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denies connection saying the two issues have nothing to do with each other and that linking them is irresponsible, the new york governor clearly disagrees. >> i will never give them access to dmv database, but for the ttp enrollees on a case-by-case basis that's different and it is calling their bluff because if they don't accept this, they are just playing politics. >> cuomo's office propose today fox news under proposed arrangement dhs would be granted access to database to residents who are applying for the programs after the feds show cause for needing this information. that arrangement is by dhs and cuomo hoping to sway the
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president. lauren: some of the countries give to go schools is china and saudi arabia. the doe said yale fell to report $375 million in foreign transactions and hasn't reported any gifts or contracts for the last 4 years, it has not yet revealed how much harvard might not have report bud just last year after department was arrested to alleged ties to government program, investigators claim executive -- what are they doing now, tracee carrasco with those details. tracee: good morning, democrats say have support which could require congress to authorize military force against iran restricting the president's -- president trump who waged war with iran. authorize a drone strike that killed iran's military leader
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qassem soleimani. puerto rico has been hit with earthquakes and hurricanes and now according to senior official government lost $1.2 billion falling for fishing scam, unclear whether officials have been able to recover any of the money and what impact the financial loss has on the government's agency. people in illinois may not be able to pump their own gas, the gas station attendant act introduced by representative camille lilly, no gas may be pumped unless gas station attendant, supporters say the bill would create jobs, critics say it would raise gas prices, the proposal comes after the state of illinois doubled tax on gas on 2019. finally payday can't come quick enough, new study finds that almost a third of americans run
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out of money before their next paycheck. the report from finance also find that 42% of american workers experienced financial stress, more than stress in relationships, career and health. lauren: back to gas story,i live in new jersey, i never pump the gas. isn't it nice? blake: i find it a little weird, nice to get out of the car, pump, get fresh air. lauren: even in the rain like this morning? i had to get gas this morning and it's nice have somebody do it for me. tracee, thank you. blake: taking a look at u.s. futures, could be one of those days because the big story story coronavirus, more cases, 14,000 plus in china with about 250 more deaths reported there and you see the results to have u.s. future's market this morning. plus bernie sanders and pete
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buttigieg as we look at 2020 democratic race, we will take a look at how their proposed policies like a wealth tax could potentially hit more than just the rich. lauren: ouch. valentine's day is almost here, you might have heard it's tomorrow, tomorrow, before you go buy the box of chocolates there's another food americans want more than sweet stuff. blake: i have all set up from new york to dc. lauren: send message to my husband. we will be right back. sfx: [sneezing]
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ lauren: number of cases soaring overnight, sending the stock market sharply lower this morning, our next guest says our trend is still up. jonathan, good morning. >> the trend has been up unlike sars better part of 15 years ago, that type of infection saw market fall 15%, even yesterday another new record high for all the major indices, it's not just big tech, real estate, health care, even some of the industrials participating, so this is some pretty concerning news this morning and a lot of people have been looking for a reason to sell, so this very well could be it because the
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si as we are learning is getting worse, not getting better. >> seems like we were saying all along, jonathan, you included can we trust the numbers coming out of china? how bad, how contained is this virus really and overnight seems like the narrative was completely changed. >> that's right, lauren. lauren: do you think investors overreacting? >> economic cost as well, factories closed, you have the airlines not plying now in many cases till april, wynn resorts losing 2 and a half million dollars a day in profit and crash in commodity prices, oil prices, this is reverberating, so we haven't started to see it in stocks, keep in mind, lauren, nasdaq is way overbought, 18%
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above and investors are looking for a reason to sell, this could be it. lauren: back to short-term hit for first quarter growth domestic product, height rear in the u.s., we have seen that put out by several analysts and banks, we will feel this temporarily, how quickly can we bounce back and on the flip side how bad does it get to china where that's ground zero for the outbreak? >> well, obviously still unfolding, essentially alleviate some some of the symptoms not just of the virus, of course, but economic symptoms as well, this is still evolving situation and what you are going to see, lauren, many, many companies coming out and using the coronavirus not necessarily as an excuse by explaining supply chain or sales were hurt as a result, this is a developing story and as you pointed out the fact that we have learned of some new cases and perhaps escalation in the severity of the virus knocking futures down.
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lauren: i have 10 second, make a prediction, if you will, does the market end up or sharply down at the end of the day? >> a lot can happen at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon, we are due for correction. i wouldn't be surprised today's weakness stick to the close. lauren: we don't want to let you go just yet, we have been talking a lot in this network socialism versus capitalism, candidates bernie sanders and pete buttigieg they want to increase wealth taxes, if youta, they are put a higher tax on your wealth, on your assets, the real estate that you own, for instance, can you explain for investors if you think those proposals hit not just the wealthy but if there's a trickle-down effect to everyday investors and everyday americans? >> of course, we know that when you tax something that you have less of it, in this case you have less wealth, the fallacy by pete buttigieg and others who
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are advocating for wealth tax that wealthy people have a scrouge mcduck situation that people have a room of gold, that's why the wealth tax is not just bad for wealth people but bad for economic at large. lauren: you heard it here. you have a point, jonathan, thank you, good to see you. let's take a look at your money right now as we were just saying, markets are down this morning, we will see how it gets, s&p and nasdaq actually -- nasdaq is lower by 1%, that's 100 point to the downside coming off 3 days of record closing for the s&p and the nasdaq, after the app disaster at the iowa caulk use, nevada said it will scrap using the same app at its caucus next week, but it's what they are planning to use any better? blake: good news for wine
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blake: this was just one of the moments appearing to be sign of worst things to come in iowa. >> i don't think that the precinct chair and precinct secretary -- >> democratic chairman price has since resigned amid the state's caucus chaos. a meeting to elect an interim chair is slated for this weekend, that person who eventually will be selected will complete recanvass and recount process. of course, as you know the party is trying to recover from new app fail to go report caucus
5:22 am
results on election night or the day after or the day after that or the day after that. lauren: do they have the results? blake: i think, i'm not even sure, growing concerns ahead of next week's nevada caucuses, volunteers there say they have yet to be fully trained. lauren: wow, that's a big caucus and nevada also saying they will not use the same app that caused problems that you were talking about in iowa, instead they are going to use a quote, caucus tool on the ipad. blake: joining us more on that, 24/7 news bret larson. >> could be another week from results to nevada, they were originally to use same app from shadow company that made the iowa caucus tool app, not to be confused with the tool, this is very confusing as they are using ipad tool. blake: what is that? i don't understand.
5:23 am
>> yeah, so a tool would be like are they going the use it to hammer people over the head with it. so in the research that we have seen, they are not saying what application they are using, i don't know if they want to prevent other people from downloading whatever tool that it is they will be using, they are the people who are the caucus goers who are standing there rounding up all yours numbers, they are not sure what they will be using as well, the only thing we have heard is whatever it is they are going to use is preinstalled on i pads that will be given to people that was part of the problem in iowa caucus, one one of the isss they had people taking the tally weren't able to download and run the app. i don't understand why. even talking to you guys about it i can already hear the late-night of us not being able to call the results from nevada once the polls closed. lauren: backup paper ballots will be needed. >> yes, they are doing the same thing as iowa, the original
5:24 am
count, the caucus count and delegate count, let's prepare for long night waiting and hopefully what happens in vegas, stays in vegas. lauren: new slogan by the way. [laughter] blake: expected to hit record on valentine's day. >> i mean, who could blame them, right, february is obviously a big month for love for some reason, friday is valentine's day, match.coms, the twitter, what's the one that everybody swipes on. [laughter] lauren: tinder, bumble. >> i had settled down before the apps became popular, apps will see a spike of up to 10% of users, if you're looking for love in all the wrong places -- also food ordering app's downloads go up probably because
5:25 am
a lot of people are sitting at home with the people they love and they want to order food. lauren: just do some sort of story on people who haven't been dating how to use the app. >> i don't know which direction to swipe. lauren: it's 2020, the way people date. blake: when we say happy valentine's day to the people you love. >> happy valentine's day. lauren: say happy valentine's day as well, no love in wall street today. markets selling off by 3 quarters and 1% this morning, democrats demanding yet another investigation after the department of justice reduced its sentence recommendation for roger stone. >> what is more stinking that the most powerful person in the country changing the rules?
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5:30 am
law. and the senate looking to curve president trump's war powers, democrats say they have the support to pass a bill which would require congress to authorize military force against iran, this in reaction to authorize drone strike that killed iran's military leader general qas south carolina em soleimani. president trump coming to attorney general's defense, slamming over roger stone's reduced sentence recommendation in russia probe. blake: griff jenkins with latest from washington. griff. >> good morning, blake and lauren, senator elizabeth warren joining on conversations, shock awes through washington. >> we can't let this moment go unremarked, what the attorney general has done, we should all be calling for the resignation of the attorney general, if he won't resign, remember, the attorney general can be
5:31 am
impeached. >> intervened in stone's sentencing facing 7 to 9 years under prosecutors compliance monday after midnight tweet by the president, barr and his team changed course requesting a lower sentence, prompting all four prosecutors on the case to resign, doj official says the president's tweet had nothing to do with the change but minority chuck schumer calling it a crisis. >> what is more swampy, what is more stinking than the most powerful person in the country literally changing the rules to benefit a crony guilty of breaking the law, we are witnessing a crisis in the rule of law in americament. >> the president defend attorney general blasting the treatment of former confidant. >> the fact is that roger stone was treated horribly and so were many other people, their lives were destroyed. roger stone for doing nobody knows what he did, frankly they ought to apologize to a lot of
5:32 am
the people whose lives they've ruined. >> the judge denied request for new trial, he'll set to be sentenced next week and there's always a possibility of a stone pardon, meanwhile attorney general barr agreed to testify before the house judiciary committee at the end of next month, blake, lauren. blake: the president has not answered whether or not he might pardon roger stone, griff jenkins in washington, thank you. here to talk more about this trial attorney misty, what do you make of all of this? >> saying that there was any impropriety on barr's part is political theater, look, everything that he's done has been within confines of his job, these are all powers that he has, first of all, judges sentence people who are convicted, it's not prosecutors who chose the sentence, but to say that there's been a review and to make a recommendation that's different than originally proposed, that's not impropriety, so to take this as far as the level of resignation
5:33 am
or impeachment is way too far in my mind. blake: the question, though, misty, whether or not the attorney general acted at the behest of the president, whether there was communication before, between the two, before the proposed sentence reduction was announced by the department of justice t white house was asked about this yesterday and here is what a spokesperson said, listen. >> the president wants the doj to ignore his tweets. >> the president of the united states is by constitutional definition chief law enforcement officer of the land, he has a right to have conversation with attorney general, he did not. >> white house saying that the two did not talk but also brings up the question, misty, did the attorney general get involved knowing that this is someone who is close to the president or familiar with the president and the president liked the actions that he was taking? >> great questions, if the president did weigh n he actually has that right to do
5:34 am
so, whether or not barr takes whatever the president says, not barr goes with him, he has that discreation, however, in reality what happened here, you the prosecutors who make a recommendation and that's a really keyword here, a recommendation and then you the defense attorneys -- brake blake wide did barr get involved, i guess, recommendations every hour of every year. >> a lot surrounding it. what the doj said what lead prosecutors actually brought before the court and recommendation they made was at odds with what they had breached and told senior management that they were going to do prior to making that recommendation, so, it seems like as far as what we know there may have been some sort of internal miscommunication about what was going to come before the court
5:35 am
which which would lead for barr to get involved. blake: letter that was sent to harvard and yale, the two premier institutions, maybe weren't reporting money from foreign nations that should have been, the new york times says maybe this is upwards of $300 million or so, how much trouble here could harvard and yale be in? >> they certainly could be in significant trouble, the law requires that any foreign aid, any foreign governments, any fortune contracts above $250,000 are reported and here according to this article it sound like the number is arestaurant -- astronomically more than that.
5:36 am
we will see what they have to say, but certainly could be problematic and there need to be a cleanup as far as what they really are supposed to be disclosing. blake: yeah, i'm told over at the white house, one of the bigger issues is money coming in from grants to professors and then making their way back to china and the u.s. doesn't know about this doesn't know that they are essentially going to professors and get thrown to china and seems like there's a much more fine-tune eye, money where it comes from and where it goes, misty, we have to leave it there, thank you. >> thank you. lauren: jeff bezos is living large. blake: tracee carrasco has the details. tracee: setting house-buying record in los angeles area, picking up the warner state, $165 million, he bought it from media mogul, price of wine expect today dip this year because of abundance supply of
5:37 am
grapes, familiar situation with california farmers, they left 100,000 tons of grapes on vines last year, experts say the stockpile will force distributors to offer discounts. well, some fancy foot care at kfc, the company making footprint at fashion week teaming up with some unique kicking, the bucket, scented 3d chicken charm, they come as classic clog or a stacked clog, the price $60. keep those vanilla cones, mcdonalds machines being out of service, get to detect minor machine malfunctions and get them back in service.
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why are you smelling your shoes, cost what i want to know. lauren: i wear crocs, they are ugly, so comfortable. i kind of like the kfc idea. blake: would you get them with a scent? lauren: totally pathetic. tracee. tracee: no comment. blake: we continue to take a look at u.s. futures, could be one of those days, coronavirus fears all across the world and this is really what's happening, you can see futures, nasdaq come off future lows but red all across the screen this morning, in the meantime president trump would rather take on former city mayor mike bloomberg in 2020 election, rather do that than go against bernie sanders, how would that work out, take a look. lauren: and is this ruining your
5:39 am
marriage? >> did you get any sleep? >> are you snoring while you're awake? lauren: we will tell you how snoring is starting a new trend in the real estate market. we will be back.
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more? he has asked for... what? well he did say please (all boys): thank you, thank you, thank you.
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blake: president trump making it known who he would like to go up against in the general election, so what would a trump-bloomberg matchup be like or trump-sanders. democratic strategist max burns, good morning to you both. appreciate you coming on in. the president said yesterday that he would rather go up against mike bloomberg, right? what do you make of it? >> my first reaction if you go back to his own experience f money determined the outcome of the election, hillary clinton or jeb bush would have had the nomination, i think he looks at the popularity, grassroots popularity that bernie sanders has and reflects the grassroots popularity that donald trump has, makes him a little nervous just about spending money, i think he will take that fight. blake: max, what do you make of it? >> it's hard to know what donald trump really thinks, he was a democrat who turned republican,
5:43 am
i do think he's definitely more worried about a mainstream candidate. blake: i think so too because if you look at where his attention has been in the last few days, mike bloomberg hit 15% in national poll and all of a sudden the tweets and a loft the attention from the president and the president's campaign started being directed at mike bloomberg and when you look at latest poll that came out from quinnipiac basically all top 5 or 6 candidates against the president and sitting at the top was mike bloomberg in head to head matchup against the president, you can see -- >> as biden goes down, bloomberg goes up, they seem to be running in the same lane in the contest. >> if you're not being attacked it's because you're not a threat and we have seen mike bloomberg really jump not just with president trump but with mainstream democratic candidates have started jumping on bloomberg as well. >> you have to get there first, you to win the primary in order to get to head to head matchup, where would you assess him right now as to where he actually
5:44 am
stands? >> i wouldn't count bloomberg out but hurts him when he's not willing to compete in every state, it's hard to say you want to represent the party when you're not taking donations from people who support you, when you're not contesting early primary. blake brake what do you make of it, adam, cnn put out a release saying basically they'll be interviewing in town hall setting all of the democratic top front-running candidates and they invited michael bloomberg but they haven't said that michael bloomberg will be participating in town hall and i read that and said why. >> i'm looking at bloomberg's ads, he's trying to introduce himself to people and i think that some people follow politics, bloomberg, surging, most americans still don't know who he is. blake: 25% in quinnipiac poll said they need to know more about bloomberg. >> super tuesday will be huge democratic primary and as yogie bear said it's getting later out
5:45 am
there and sooner or later they start winning races or not. >> joe biden. >> what can you say? what can you say? it's been tough for joe biden, he set expectations low in iowa and new hampshire and managed to underperform even those expectations, now we see polling out of south carolina that that fire wall of his is starting to erode a little bit, the question becomes when there's no excitement and no fundraising where does joe biden go? blake: south carolina a make or break for joe biden? >> absolutely, he has to start winning. it is over, absolutely over. blake: if he doesn't make it past south carolina you have to wonder where 10, 12, 15% goes, do they go to bloomberg? >> bloomberg is the one that benefits. blake: appreciate it. lauren: the market is certainly watching all of this and the
5:46 am
coronavirus outbreak futures are falling, the dow is now 217 points in the red, s&p down 24, nasdaq down 87, coming off days of record performances for the s&p and the nasdaq, coronavirus and markets as you just said but also travel industry, what it means for spring break or perhaps even your summer get away, keep it here on fbn:am sfx: [sneezing]
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lauren: travel industry is bracing for impact, thousands of cruise ship passengers are quarantines and airlines are
5:50 am
canceling flights, where is safe to travel? lee has reminded us that he has been to 193 countries, wow, you're the expert, someone like you isn't afraid to go anywhere in times like this, but i think of the poor passengers quarantined on the cruise ship, what happens to the industry? >> there's new cruise terminals being set up there and it's a very young industry in that part of the world and i would be weary taking a cruise in china and in asia, but if we are talking about caribbean, latin america, i wouldn't think twice. lauren: we had the cruise ship that docked in bayou, new jersey, there were people on that ship who were exposed to people that had been to asia, that doesn't worry you, maybe you're right because the cruise ship yesterday, all the news
5:51 am
were higher, we were scratching our head, carnival, by the way is selling off today, they did warn that they will take an impact because of this? >> yeah, of course, people will run no matter what because of people panic of stuff like that but because you've been to asia doesn't mean you have coronavirus or asian or have been to asia or doesn't mean you have it, it's a very small number especially in america, only 14 cases and probably going the rise but at the same time it's a very, very percentage of people overall, people should not panic, yeah, being on a cruise ship, you're kind of in a bubble there but at the same time the cruise ships know what they are doing, they take a lot of precautions. i've been on cruise ships when they had like a flu-outbreak before and they take a lot of precautions an this being more careful and, again, people should not change the plans but i would avoid travel to china. lauren: okay, popular spring break destinations? >> yeah, i mean, typical places
5:52 am
florida, caribbean, méxico, i wouldn't think twice about it. >> what about summer travels, do you see coronavirus extending into the summer where airlines have flights to certain flights of china banned? >> it's hard to say, china has a thousand new cases per day and who knows if you can trust the way they are doing things, the answer is we don't know yet. lauren: if people get scared, scared enough and the numbers go down for the number of people wanting to go somewhere, to be exposed potentially to the coronavirus, do you think you get good deals as a result? >> yeah, where there's panic there's going to be a good deal, if you want to hang on and hope, maybe it'll happen but i wouldn't live miff life like that. lauren: out of 193 countries that you have been to, your favorite? >> my favorite country is this one, the united states of america. lauren: thank you for joining us, blake over to you. blake: when you're on the road that much, where is home? >> new york city. blake: interesting, coming up savory over sweet, what
5:53 am
americans say they want instead of chocolate on this valentine's day. lauren: new trend among couples that's shaking up the market housing, mike gunzelman with all the details when fbn:am returns. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. including your interest rate right
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♪ ♪ lauren: with your talking in your sleep perhaps snoring in your sleep, you might be keeping your partner up at night. blake: mike gunzelman with housing trend in the market, what's all about? >> it might be better for them to sleep apart, according to new pal by the sleep foundation, one in four married couples are actually sleeping in separate bedrooms and starting to have real estate effect, more houses are being built with two master bedrooms for a variety of reasons and our very own lauren simonetti hit the streets of new york city and asked people should couples have to share a bed? lauren: oh, man. >> yes, they are supposed to. >> good question. i don't think it's always the ideal situation actually. >> you know, it's probably best if they do. seems like it's just part of marriage.
5:57 am
>> some people i know do that because they are snoring, for the most part whatever works for them makes a successful marriage. >> there's a sigma attached to sleeping in separate bedrooms, but the relationships say it can keep you together because you get a good night sleep and it's becoming a trend. >> one in four. 25%, i would have guess one in 10, not one in 4. lauren: can you imagine what a large home would look like with two master sweets, like, your suit and my suit. let's say you want a house like that even though you want to keep the same bedroom, that could be a good option for aging parents, for boomerang children who come back. [laughter] blake: also valentine's day of course tomorrow, don't forget, don't forget. >> yeah, so is it as important throughout the years, according to new harris poll we have stats
5:58 am
saying that 41% of people say that pizza is the most underrated valentine's day food, i love that that's easy and cheap to do. 43% saying that chocolate is overrated and stereo typical while nearly 50% say that they would rather stay in than go out cheaper and control the story, for now i will be in fox business in the streets of new york city and i will find out is valentine's day as overrated, how much are people spending on it as well as what gifts people want and also try to get a date. [laughter] >> definitely worth watching. >> i think most people don't like to dine out on valentine's day, a, you can't get a reservation and b, they are special menus. blake: i look at the date, is it on tuesday or friday.
5:59 am
this year is on a friday, it's one of those things -- >> going out on like st. patrick's day, we will see. >> i think it's early stages of a relationship you should celebrate valentine's day, if you have been together for a while, you to spice it up still, you have to do something. lauren: thank you as always for joining us on fbn:am, how was your first day with us? blake: i'm here, i made it. >> congratulations. blake: it was fun to be with you, a lot of fun on a serious note, i had a blast and they are going to let me in here tomorrow. lauren: they are letting you back. blake: and i get to toss to mornings with maria, maria, we will send it over to you. maria: thank you, blake, good morning, good morning, everyone, happy thursday to you, i'm maria bartiromo and it is thursday february 13th, your top stories right now before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, the coronavirus outbreak, the number of new cases in china surging 15,000 new cases as the country takes a new approach to counting
6:00 am
patients, this is 15,000 in a day, a 14-case mean while has been confirmed in the united states, impact on the global economy coming up. coronavirus fears impacting markets, take a look at futures plunging 215 points on the dow industrials, indices pulling back from all-time highs reached yesterday, democrats demanding another investigation after the department of justice reduced its sentence recommendation for roger stone, attorney general bill barr to testify before the house judiciary committee and trouble for democratic presidential hopeful mike al bloomberg once again, comments about the reason for the 2008 economic collapse coming back to haunt him. plus u.s. officials say hauwei does, in fact, v back doors to chinese communist government allowing access to mobile phones across the world. hauwei's chief security officer andy is here in the next hour to respond to allegations, you don't want to miss that


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