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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  February 14, 2020 5:00am-6:00am EST

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president's first amendment rights. get to work and clean up that mess. corey, thanks so much. it's 5 a.m. here are top stories at this hour faze one of the u.s. china trade deal is in effect and the clock is is ticking for bay jng to make good on its promises with the deadly corona virus quickly spreading, and the u.s. wrapping up pressure on huawei. will the trade deal fall flat? >> attorney general bill barr now publicly critical of the president. directing hissing frustration at the president's tweets. so is it enough to calm down the calls from democrats to redesmine >> how far would you go for love? would you actually cross the political divide? what americans are putting first when it comes to finding their sweet heart. happy valentine's day it is friday february 14th.
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fbn:am starts right now. ♪ ♪>> i love you too. good morning everybody. welcome to fbn:am happy valentine's day i'm lauren simonetti. >> this for cheryl casone valentine's day. >> what a day it is going to be on a friday headed into the weekend. >> making weather plans tonight difficult. >> you have to have them a busy day, though, looking ahead, and let's take a look at how your money is moving this morning. >> we might see a lot of red on your tv screen -- but look at in the green, in fact, dow is up 1 point s&p up four nasdaq up 23 adding to weakest gains of at least 1.1%
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for all three major averages. taking a look at stocks in asia this morning the nikkei down about half a percent but shanghai and cosby all up from anywhere about a third it a half of percent. >> got to get out of germany gdp and yet dax is up by two tenths of one percent and they are lower this morning. well a major goal of the trump administration is now a reality phase one of the u.s. china trade deal takes effect today with with beijing set to buy 200 billion dollars of u.s. farm products nonmanufacture good energy and services by the end of 20 12eud so two yearses. china and u.s. both agreeing to cut and a half tariffs that the two countries have imposed on one another. however, the corona virus outbreak this china could affect how quickly they can carry out this deal. but the u.s. is nonetheless wramping up pressure against huawei the government charging the company with racketeering conspiracy, and a conspiracy to steal trade secrets.
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>> top official at huawei speaking is to our maria bartiromo yesterday denying claimses from the u.s. that huawei has a back door access into mobile networks allowing it to spy for china. >> the united states is trying to hurt china by hurting huawei. clearly, the united states is hurting america more than it's hutting huawei and united states will not think this passionately about what is most important to the united states in terms of the competition with china. >> that, of course, the position from huawei trump administration has put huawei on a commerce department blacklist siting national security concerns. more on that in just a bit. en >> meantime impact are from china corona virus continues to spread. the 15th corona virus case confirmed here in u.s. from a traveler who was evacuated from china. the centers for disease control say it is that person is under a two-week quarantine at an air base in texas. and a the white house is slamming china's lack
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transparency after beijing announce a surge in new cases cdc warns virus could stick around the u.s. beyond this year. wow. china reporting had 121 new deaths and more than 5,000 cases here in just the last 24 hours. so saying that corona virus might start to feel leak the regular flu it might become a virus question of to deal with almost on a permanent basis. at least, though, with the flu, though, you know when it peak and drops and this has unknown and fear of the unknown and, of course, where does it go from here. meantime attorney general this morning is standing his ground amid pending d orc j investigation into the roger stone case. bill barr is now pushing back on president trump's tweets about about his department. and it just got interesting. griff jen kins is in washington with how white house is surprisingly responding this morning. griff good morning to you. >> good morning, lauren, and blake well the white house taking it in stride but it was a
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surprising rebuke to say the least. blake you wered a white house often. attorney general barr, at the center of this stone case intervening in sentencing phase publicly telling president to cut it out with the tweets. >> i think it's time toll stop the tweet about department of justice criminal case. to have public statements and tweet made about the department. make it impossible for me to do my job. >> white house stand by attorney general press secretary stephany issuing this statement, the president wasn't bothered by the comments at all and he has the right just like any american citizen to publicly offer his opinion. adding he's full faith and confidence in attorney general barr to do his job, and uphold the law. meanwhile, democrats prushing forward with their investigation into barr's doj calling for resignation and stapgding up for four prosecutors to quit the case. only roger stone lied to congress to be protect the president and falls within guidelines to make the redgeses
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without president interfere. but president disagree telling ownerrer he thinks they quit out of political bias. >> i don't think they quit for moral reasons. i think they got caught in the act by me. now what am i going to do sit back to let a man go to jail maybe for nine years when murders aren't gawk to jail. look, you have some of the is most serious, horrible rapist and everything else. they don't go to jail for nine years. he also says he's not made up his mind to pardon stone and had more questions are asked about anti-trump related to jury floor room said to be sentenced next week. lauren. blake. >> griff jenkins thank you very much. in meantime battle between the trump administration and amazon continues. joining us now from fox news headlines brett larson who has details here we go again. right? >> this has been going on for quite some time this is the jedi contract the big cloud service
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10 billion over ten years. it was awarded year to microsoft which was a bit of a surprise to a lot of people close to that decision. prior to that decisioning being made amazon stepped in amazon has existing services with the pentagon so they have already existing relationships. ibm wanted in on this as well so $10 billion on the line you can understand why large companies wanted it if it was awarded amazon sued government claiming that the president had something to do with thattings decisioning being made. and then was there argument -- that jeff bezos owner of amazon and washington post critical of the president was that the argument that amazon was making? >> that was part of the argument, and then there was also things that were said in general book that came out where the president allegedly told mr. mattis to screw is amazon on this contract. the pentagon is, obviously, upset at this judge and junction because now everything stops we don't develop our jedi cloud
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that process will be put on hold while the legal process is carried out. but yes, that was argument that amazon was making was clearly president bias. >> speaking of mattis now amazon wants to depose the former -- secretary defense they want to depose current defense secretary mark and oh by the way they want to depose president of the united states. because that -- >> that's what you do in a lawsuiting to go all the way to the top and -- did it on the way down. >> but prove that the president had those discussions. did president trump of meet with dod officials to say no don't give amazon because of microsoft. pmpleght seems to matter in any of these as we've seen over past three years facts like that don't seem to matter in the judgment call. >> private citizen now but executive privilege down the line see if they assert that. meantime brett. our favorite story. [laughter] über -- über and telephone but not like this -- you can get über with with a flip phone. über is trying out a toll free
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number in arizona where they have noticed an increase in the senior population. and that is exactly the point they will -- with the 800 number connect you with a contractor and tell uh-uh you will how much trip is going to cost and then they'll -- >> i've been hoping that they would do this for or years because -- i'm telling you my grandmother i've been dieing to get her on iewb abouter won't operate a smartphone now pick up 1-800-it is making sense it will help lives of a lot of people i think. >> it also and not just for the senior pes population. but if you think about a situation if you're at a hotel or you're the at a resort or at a restaurant, and restaurant says you know what we're going take care of this for you. they make the the phone call everything is all set up. it seems like a smart move for über. smart move away with from smart phones. brett larson thank you very much. >> thanks, of course, catch brett on fox news headlines 24/7 that's on siriusxm channel 115. well as we take a look at u.s.
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futures right now should be a good day at least hopefully. somewhat flat you can see dow up 24 and s&p 500 up 5, and a the nasdaq up about a quarter percent as of this morning. meantime attorney general bill barr crushing the idea that the president's tweeting has an a influence on the doj. >> president has never asked is me to do anything in a criminal case. i'm not going to be bullied or influenced by anybody. that is his side. but will it crush democrats calls for barr to resign about, and what do americans really want for valentine's day? >> flower is safe go to. he thinks it is overrated like the go to gift. >> yeah. an option. you hear that lon to ladies gentlemen. mike hit the streets of new york city to find out if you can really put a price tag on love.
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this one came out of nowhere as attorney general bill barr took a rare swipe at president trump over the president's twitter habit whats. the attorney general telling his boss to back off as many democrats feel a recommendation made in the roger stone case by the attorney general is politically motivated.
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joining me now is the constitution isal law attorney ken, ken good of you to be here. good morning. >> good morning. >> why did he choose to express this opinion now? the attorney general? >> i think hets people to know that he's noting going to be influenced by the president's private opinion. he's the attorney general, he's a legal responsibility to prosecute these cases. and he wants to avoid the appearance of any impropriety. >> barr attorney general says that monday night he had inkling that reduction that sentence roger stone sentence needs to be reduced he was going to take care of it tuesday morning but the president's tweet happened overnight . and this is how barr said all of that played out when he first learned it be. listen here real quick. >> once tweet occurred the question is well -- now what do i do? that is safe there as you can see but barr said what do you do at that point sort of
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illustrates how disruptive these tweet can be. so who's the the audience for barr here? is it the president bank stop or in thes say look i did something right? >> look the democrats are going want to a ten on spike no matter what and fact of the matter is he's a prosecutor and prosecutors swear in oath that oath is to seek justice only their cases asking for a 7-9 year sentence for a guy with no criminal record this is his first offense. e he's served several presidential administrations, and had a long distinguished career it doesn't make sense that you would ask for this much time on a guy like this. >> do you think roger stone sentence should be what? >> look, if i'm a defense attorney. so i'm going to say this man has been convicted after trial several felonies. but those felon felony you know little harm that came out of those crimes and i think he could learn his lesson by -- >> should be what? >> probation. but you know, you know it is not going to be that. judge will split the baby and i think mr. stone is probably going to --
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three years or so three or four years. i think a year would do it. huawei real quick because -- or there are new charges leveled huawei essentially from department of justice that it is taking the i.p. theft of u.s. companies and to indictment this was the response from huawei yesterday as it relates to doj they said racketeering enterprise that government charged today is repackaging of handful of civil allegations that are almost 20 years old. does huawei have a case here or is this a real threat in the moment? >> well this is when defense attorney becomes prosecutor because huawei is very serious threat to the government. you look at the difference between apple and huawei, our government goes to apple hey we want you on lock this guy's phone he committed a mass shooting. apple says we can't do that. we're not everyone go doing try. privacy, end of story. huawei, i mean, huawei wants to know what he had for lunch yesterday and huawei will find out if i had a huawei phone. >> what can u.s. government do,
5:17 am
though, to this chinese company? >> we know what commerce department can do but what about the want of justice? >> realty is they can get people on the board executive officers they can bring them up on criminal charges. but the reality is, china doesn't actually get citizens through united states so we're not able to do much about it. >> ken. got to leave it there huawei story just beginning in the middle of it as well. ken, good of you to come on in. appreciate it. >> let's take a look at futures right now green on the screen winning week for the stock market despite setback yesterday dow is up 37 s&p up 5 nasdaq gaining 27 this morning. retail sales coming up in just a bit. but trump economy is booming, and despite what some 20democrats tell you we have a new report that says yes you're getting retcher but how rich. coming up. enough to spend on flowers hopefully today, and if you with thought val toons day was the biggest day to eat out. think again. the holiday that means big bucks
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how you show up for the world, that's what's real. what's your idea? i put it out there with a godaddy website. iran accepting strong warning for america and israel. >> tracee carrasco has details this morning. tracee. >> good morning yes around president threatening to strike the u.s. and israel if the slightest error is made ahead of the iranian military making the threat at a ceremony for general soleimani killed in a u.s. drone strike that comes in response to pus officials saying washington and israel will be in charge of count forget iran influence in syria and iraq. and a as tensions rise in middle east new video shows uss
5:22 am
normandy intercepting 140 missiles l and iranian made weapons in arabian seas. well trump administration is looking to repurpose a billion dollars as military funds to build bare barrier and white house shifted 6. 7 billion towards border wall construction democrats have criticized the move as attempt to bypass congress's authority. president trump and a new york governor andrew cuomo fail to reach agreement to revolve sanctuary state sanctions during a white house meeting yesterday. governor cuomo help to persuade trump to reverse a recent decision to boot new yorkers from global entry and several other trusted traveler program which allows travelers to avoid those long lines at u.s. borders and airports. the leaders disputed sent dispute centered on new york new law that let unauthorized immigrant obtain state driver's licenses and other -- also l bar federal immigration agents from accessing state
5:23 am
motor vehicle records, and going out for dinner on valentine's day well it will be busy. but apparently it is not the busiest day for local restaurants. the new report says valentine's day is only the 94th best day for local restaurants. only make about 21% more than today than average day andest day to eat out is saturday before mother's day. >> that's interesting i think i know why valentine's day isn't moneymaker why? because couplesling orer at the dinner table so restaurants while they're physical they can't turntables as quickly as they normally do. >> a good thought. do you think? >> i'm not going out. you're a newlywed. but -- you're back to d.c.. save the money i'm going back to d.c. a baby-sitter coming? >> not for tonight. for the -- for today, though, we've got -- got a big house move. so val is valentine's day off to the side. a new report. exactly. all right well new evidence trump economy is firing on all
5:24 am
cylinders. we have a record number of americans get this a million dollars in their 401(k) account and at capital management here with us now. jim thanks for joining us happy valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day lauren you have 441,000401(k) or ira holders with at least a million dollar that a has to be about good news right? >> nice to see perve doing well and participating in the economy and certainly we've had the market everything up and really what we've seen is i think what i'm calling it the -- five, big five company microsoft, amazon google, and apple, and facebook pushing market high per and it is a little bit concerning in that we're not getting as much participation from other stocks in the economy. i think you have to be a little bit conserved in written call it jive five reminds me of the nifty 50 of the late 60s when you have a few stocks really drive market much higher, and it has been a boom for the economy. it hass been a boom for
5:25 am
consumer, and nice to see more millionaires out there being made. : president is calling jr. jive five mega. microsoft, apple -- google, and amazon. but when you hear that the average 401(k) balance tops 112,000s if you can circle square for a second, how do democrats that are running for president say and argue that there are income inequality? sm yeah so this is i'm always a little bit sympathetic having been close to catholic priest myself with this over the caring tribe that wants us to worry about income inequality but not a new thing in america but always been an issue and there's a fight going on for soul of the democrat party right now. between socialism and those who are concerned about bernie sanders, and interesting to see how this all a pans out. but income inequality is not new and i don't necessarily think that work is a four letter word. i think a lot of us are living a lot longer we're living better and probably going to have to
5:26 am
work a little bit longer especially for those of us who didn't save maybe as much as we should have to get ready for retirement we may have wanted. >> earlier voicing some concern that the gains in stock market to the second highest close in history had for the dow and s&p 500 and nasdaq that the breath of the rally just wasn't broad enough in your opinion. and we do get key data today retail sales and siewrm sentiment that's how americans feel about economy that's if americans are spending our money. do you expect those reports to continue to be robust? and how does the crowe that virus fit into the back drop of all of this when will we if we with see that come back these numbers? >> i do think we see parking lot michigan sentiment today around 100 or maybe a little bit less and retail numbers continue to be good because american consumer is improving balance sheet and the there spend and that side of the economy is strong and manufacturing dipping down a little bit. but i don't think we see the corona virus yet be an issue. i kind of put in a recent blog
5:27 am
just to give a historical perspective from the sars and bird flu issue that these things have a negative impact in the short-term. but longer term, market trade on the fundamental. >> thanks for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. >> still to come here on fbn:am two states down and appear for moment that bernie sanders is the democratic front runner some lawmakers, though, not really to follow the lead or the fallout they fear from a sanders led ticket. would you cross the political divide for love? what americans are putting first in their love lives to politics and dating profile. uh-huh. i was shocked. our retirement plan with voya gives us confidence. so we can spend a bit today, knowing we're prepared for tomorrow. wow, do you think you overdid it maybe?
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some democratic lawmakers worried over bernie sanders lead in early voting states and they're fearing that democratic socialist could cost them their seats come november. >> aishah has more on the state of the democratic party. aishah. >> good morning, lauren and blake, yeah so democrats don't just want a democratic president. they want to keep their seats in congress as well. and there's growing concerns even pan pick you could say in congress that bernie sanders may not deliver. i think he could be challenging in parts of the country that we have to win in order to win the presidency and win a majority in the senate i think we should be run on agenda that can get us 55 votes in the senate. another thomas freshman democrat from a swing district told us it's bad. we aring having conversations about how to deal with this. even ao c admits her guy might have to surprise on far left policies hike medicare for all. she told huffing ton post a president can't wave a imagine pick wand and pass any
5:32 am
legislation they want. the worst case scenario we compromised deeply and we end up getting public option. while the chatter about bernie gets louder house speaker nancy pelosi once again trying to shush her party. >> this is not just because some people may be speaking out about not liking one candidate or another that's a democratic way that's politics it's a messy business. sanders has caught wind of all of the talk and he says that he's here to fight the republican and a the democratic establishments. >> if we are going to defeat trump as we must -- we've got to have to getting working class people back into the democratting party and get young people a lot more involved. now senator sanders needs 19091 delegates to secure the anonymous for the democratic the party. he only has 21 right now. that's one less than mayor pete. so we're still a long ways away.
5:33 am
lauren, blake. >> a long ways to go several months to go potentially here aishah, thank you. so how worried should democrats potentially be? let's turn to republican strategist youssef, and democrat strategist marshall cohen good morning to you both. >> happy valentine's day. >> happy valentine's so marshall i'll start with you if you're one of those 30 democrats in a district that president trump won in 2016 that the trump campaign thinks could flip in the house in in 2020, and bernie sanders is at the top of the ticket. >> you're worried? >> i think what's important is that as democrats what unites us is big as what divides us you've seen democrats can go part of this country and win i think if you look at democrat govans you can see they represent 288 electoral votes across this country. and blue state and purple states and red states, and even last year during all of the talk of impeachment, and president trump's shenaniganseses in washington you thought --
5:34 am
>> not going to mention the name bernie sanders so circle back to that question would you be worried? >> no i think democrats are going to run on expand access to health care and improving education, and growing jobs, and i think all of our nominee potential nominees are beginning to focus on the kitchen table issues. i think when democrats do that they can win anywhere and i think we have recent electoral success to prove it. >> joseph president said earlier this week that he would rather run against michael bloomberg than they would bernie sanders. do you believe him? look, i think right now president trump is in the pretty good situation. i think he's ready to run against either bloomberg or bernie sanders. i think the reality is that democrats spend all of their time talking about 2019 and 2018 victories forget that candidate that won those races are the policiesing being proposed by somebody like bernie sanders. somebody who really ignores fact that we have 236 million americans walking with around with jobs today that didn't have jobs when president trumping took office. while democrats like to talk about that as crumb that would reminding people that these
5:35 am
individuals were too pour to bank four years and now be able to support their families and that is ultimately what people vote on in november don't poll on it here in early states. >> of course a caucus tomorrow in nevada. and it's somewhat of a wild card because to you don't know where things stand there's not a lot of polls out there marshall one of the last polls is fox news poll from last month, and it showed that joe biden was at the top and amy clop char and pete buttigieg combined where do you think things stand now? >> i think great about our con test is voters get to say into the democrat nominee will be and we've had two early contest in iowa, new hampshire, both breaking 2016 turnout records showing the excitement. we obl have nevada and south carolina coming up in next couple of days and in 19 day we're going to have super tuesday where 15 states 34% of delegates are awarded so,
5:36 am
obviously, lots to discuss in who is up and who's out but i think our field is shows democrats are excited to vote. >> you mentioned that excitement i didn't hear you say 2008 excitement this would be barack obama level. >> i think you've seen two states i think we have a lot to go here. i think you're going to see ton of turn yut and mention 2018 and 2019 successes, turnout was a huge factor in that as well as flipping counties and places where donald trump won in 2016. i think democrats have a path to success in 2020 across this country. >> joseph i'll ask you to do something that you don't the to on this valentine's day is put on your hat what do you think happens in nevada? >> i think you have to throw out all of the polls numbers i think by the time joe biden got to nevada, the the black votessers and historic voters that he was planning on supporting him are already hitting biden button on the candidate so truth is right now in a dilemma and difference republican faced on candidates that are going to stay in too long which allows because they
5:37 am
want to give out parption trophies to all of the candidates because they have a new pro delegate rules that's why i think bernie sanders having the ability to be ahead of the polls right now and by and large favorites to be thom knee right now. >> remindinger, though, chaos that you talk about same thing that democrats for saying about republicans four years ago -- flip this time around different i think is donald trump got to leave it there. youssef marshall thank you to both of you. >> thank you. was that agreeing to disagree. i think a lot of people are doing that because you might be looking for love in all of the right places get it politics actually flooded -- online dating profiles after a the 2016 election. pugh research piengdz that religion race, and politics are now all of the essential parts of online dating profiles, in fact, we're seeing the word trump not democrat republican, the word trump in the first couple of lines of onis line
5:38 am
dating profiles so we asked singles if they would cross party lines for love. oh that i have to say no to that ma makes life very hard. >> shouldn't bring it up at all and you lean to respect each other and each other's opinion. >> i'm open. open mind so yox. who you think, who you are, doesn't matter. doesn't matter. but it does matter people put at top of the profiles 50% of people are -- the word trump. >> here's what i don't understand when it talks about trump. the president going to be in office either one year or five year that's only one of two things that can happen. love -- should last forever. right so why should trump or any other politician matter? but are we enforcing echo chambers in how we choose to date somebody? shouldn't you be open-minded? >> yeah you should, of course. not and i would understand if it was like democrat or republican
5:39 am
or polls or something is maybe something that you would stick to for a while but one -- one candidate or one -- >> it is just trump you love him or you hate him eharmony has 10 million online profiles and 50% of them have word trump or at least they did right after 2016 and a lot of people say gotten worse since then. are you ready for 2020? >> it's here i don't think we have any other option. right -- it's right in front of us. >> i know. i know. >> going to be a long ten months. celebrity couple or couples who do have differenten opinions there's james and mary m.a.d.d. lean and republican and she's in white house and husband -- obviously does not like the president -- wishes she was. who else is there? >> i don't know. off the top of my head those are two come to mind. maybe this is 2002 that you need to date someone with a same political belief as you. >> me, wouldn't with make a difference to other people -- trump at the top.
5:40 am
you do you i guess. [laughter] well -- coming up -- u.s. china trade deal moving on. u.s. china trade deal something egg speaking of long lasting -- on the horizon not on the horizon but theivet starting today. but with the deadly corona virus spread, and more pressure on huawei, will beijing made good on its promises? and -- you know her as a country music superstar but wait until you hear what carrie underwood son thinks about her job and age i found this all on my own before it became a story. i found it on instagram. that's why fidelity leads the industry in value while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk, talk
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the first faze of the u.s. china trade deal tacks effect today the major goal following a bitter and long trade war between the u.s. and china. we have riley walters policy thals and asia economy and technology at the heritage foundation. joining us now, good morning to you. >> good morning. yeah it is interesting because as this phase one is in effect today is kind of strong enough to fulfill all of its promises to buy all of our products it hundreds of billions of dollars worth. rnl certainly as corona virus spreads there's a lot of questions about whether china can meet its purchasing commitment. you know, it really depends on how long the virus last. certainly with, it could rebound if the corona virus kind of
5:44 am
mitigates itself over next couple of months, china purchases could rebound by end of the year but i think -- i think what trump administration is reallying looking at is the trade deficit is that the united states has with china. so as long as that's not increasing over next couple of months, you administration mighe about tiebl give them some leeway you know maybe push deadlines become a couple of month here and there. >> good question mark so in the meenl time new pus charges against chinese tell come giant huawei ails as of racketeering conspiracy to steal trade secrets wire fraud, can you have the u.s. going against huawei, corona virus and the trade deal phase two can all of this operate in separate laneses or is that just not possible? >> i think it is possible over last couple of years as trade talks happened there was a lot of action taking bit u.s. government against huawei.
5:45 am
we manage to get a deal signed so as things progress with huawei they negotiate with phase two. i think they can be taken in separate lanes. the united states has identified huawei as a national security concern. so that's going to continue, and trade deal or not, i mean, the issue is with huawei are going to continue to-- continue to unfold whether phase two happens or not. only all three of the issues involve matter of whether we trust bay judge to fulfill promises to give us information to not steal trade secrets. important questions riley thank you for joining us. rnl thanks for having me. meantime still to come here on fbn:am. more than 100,000 people expected to flock to south florida. for the 79th miami boat show and our own cheryl casone is there what do you got coming up, cheryl? reporter: blake and lauren, good morning, i'm here in sunny him, and a i'm at the miami international boat show,
5:46 am
millions of dollars about about to spent. and there are a lot of boats to see. i've got all of that coming up when f bb fbn:am return. like ! (chuckling) you're a genius, gordon! brake! hit the brake! uh, which one's the brake? (crash, bottles smashing) stop! stop! sto-o-op! (brakes squealing) what's happening? what? there's a half of cheesesteak back there. with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. raccoon: i got the cheesesteak! the business of road trips... ...adventure... ...and reconnecting. modernized comfort inn's and suites have been refreshed because our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at
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nearly 100,000 boat and yacht fans are teapgding miami international boat show this weekend in miami. >> millions will be spent and our cheryl casone got out on water to see what is hot this year. cheryl. >> blake and lauren, good morning from miami. i'm at miami international boat show. this is one of the large pest boat shows in the world. about 100,000 people expected to descend on miami. this week going into the weekend they're goip sell about 350
5:50 am
million dollars worth of product at this boat show, and economic impact on florida is huge. you know, this is number one state actually for boat sales. 6 thorks florida businesses are are in the marine industry. now the scene that we're seeing this year is definitely technology. making boats faster, or more fuel efficient, solar powered boats, we're also seeing a lot of safety equipment that they've been showing us that's actually more high-tech as well. a garmin for your boat also -- the self-driving technology is pretty interesting. they've got these boats now where maybe they can drive on their own but they can actually dock on their own and if you've ever tried to park a boat you know that's an exciting thing alexis is here with a new bet a design iser from neiman marcus a design and whether wanted 15,000 dollars or 15 million dollars -- the miami international boat show certainly has it all. all i can say is sending it back to you guys in new york is i
5:51 am
would start saving your pennies. >> yeah. back to you. all a i say cheryl is docking a boat is leak parallel parking a car in new york city. it is really tough. for me i'm not very good at it. sm some of those are bets and some of those are yachts. they are massive when you see some of these thingses in person down there. >> lived on south beach for six and a half year a lot of money spent and a whole lot of traffic for boat show that's what i remember from the boat show. [laughter] well new promotion is pinning a food chain against its franchise owners. >> all right tracee carrasco here now with those details. tracee good morning. . subway set to launch a promotion next month for a buy one get one fro and deal is only available to customers who order online or through the app. but in a become and forth on subway franchise website, owners say they're going actually lose money. subway has already lost money with the chain being forced to close more than 1,000 location it is in 2018 and 2019. facebook is out with a new app and have a familiar hobby allows
5:52 am
users to share projects and hobbies. app does take some q's from pin interest but unlike rival can share and track progress of other. this is the fourth app experiment released by pox. and finally, kids say darnedest things and sing or posted this foe toff a project of four-year-old son had to do for valentine's day. when asked how old she was well son said as you can see 70 as for her job according to him that's doing the laundry. i saw that and on instagram browsing and on the feed and a i thought it was hysterical. and then everyone did it became like an actual story. what is funnier 70 or doing laundry? >> but i think so remarkable that we know and love carrie underwood for her talent and her son doesn't do that. my mom does my laundry. coming up formerring new york city mayor sliding in some dm
5:53 am
how the 2020 this the is try to be -- the cool candidate on the block. >> and things we e do for love but what would we do when we fall out of love? >> would you anymore a cockroach after a them in order to have an animal eat it? i'm not that spiteful but i think other way around it would. trends who would do that? absolutely. yeah. out there right? >> yeah for sure. ♪ yes i'm stuck in the middle with you, ♪ no one likes to feel stuck, boxed in, or held back. especially by something like your cloud. it's a problem. but the ibm cloud is different.
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5:56 am
♪ ♪ blake: kudos for dj today. was he looking for love on the wrong places while he started messaging? lauren: i feel like he's taking president trump on social. 77-year-old michael bloomberg teaming up with meme 2020, what they are doing is creating sponsored memes trying to get hip and get massive following online. one that says, hello, jerry, my
5:57 am
granddaughter showed me the accounts, can you post memes and let everyone know i'm the cool candidate and they posted a photo and said it's going to cost you a million dollars and says how much is your venmo. finally another one that says, i will asked for a meme that would let the generation know he's the cool candidate, great, please familiar it over and i will get it right back to you. other people are saying cringe-worthy and weird. >> that's what a lot of people think about valentine's day, we are spending all-time high on special someone. >> this year national retail
5:58 am
foundation says less people will spend less but those who are $1.4 billion. how much the average person should spend on significant other on valentine's day? >> 50 or $100. >> 50 plus dinner. >> one hundred dollars with dinner and chocolates. i don't know. maybe 20, $30, not that much. >> all about the -- if you had valentine's day what would your go-to gift be? >> i'm a student and can't spend too much money, flowers are go-to. >> do you think flowers are
5:59 am
overrated on valentine's day? >> too easy an option. >> have you had a bad breakup? >> i have. >> would you name it cockroach -- >> i'm not that spiteful. >> would you accept this rose from me. so final question, would you accept this rose? >> yes, of course. >> will you accept this rose from me? >> absolutely. nailed it. whoa! perfect. single guns, might not be single much longer. [laughter] lauren: mike, thank you, thank you for joining us on fbn:am. blake: maria bartiromo is next, we will send it over to you. maria: happy friday, thanks for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo and it is friday february 14th.
6:00 am
happy valentine's day to all of you. top stories before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. hauwei under fire again, the u.s. is charging the chinese telecom giant with racketeering and conspiracy to steal trade secrets, the very latest on the growing controversy. fallout from the roger stone sentencing, attorney general william barr saying that president trump's tweets are making it ill possible to do his job, the corona outbreak continues, a 15th case now reported in the united states. there are 1700 plus health care workers infected right now in china, markets this morning look like this, take a look at futures, pretty good week for major markets, the dow industrials up and s&p futures higher by 6, race for the white house senator bernie sanders pulling ahead in national polls, what it could mean for your investment. plus, president trum


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