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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 15, 2020 7:00am-8:00am EST

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goes a, edmund l and alan greenspan. my special guests in the weekend on "mornings with maria". have a great rest of the weekend, happy president's day on monday, see you again next time. >> the president of the united states from the day he took office more than two years ago has prevailed in every attack against him even as those attacks, nearly all of them orchestrated by the radical dems and the deep state grew ever more powerful, evermore
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vicious. donald trump has beaten back the dark forces of the deep state, prosecutors, judges, journalists or the radical dems using their power, their influence over government at all levels to subvert donald trump and his america first agenda and now that he has beaten back those forces of evil whether the conspiracy to the name the 4 powers of the fbi of his campaign or upon his election to create the special counsel his investigation took two years and $30 million to end exoneration and vindication, the effort to impeach the president which ended in acquittal for life and vindication for this president whose vindication are the stuff of american history and for all time but the party of hate, the left-wing national media and the deep state are again raising their voices. can you hear them? they are there protesting the president's right of free and true expression of his opinions as if this president of the
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united states alone has no protection under our constitution and the first amendment, even his own attorney general today decried the president's comments about the judicial system that is on its face still prejudiced, biased and i trump and passionately so. after donald trump denounced the sentence recommendations for roger stone some rhino republicans quickly responded in opposition to the president, susan collins, lisa murkowski, lindsey graham, friend of the president and mitt romney, no friend of the president nor the country all offering various statements of disapproval of our commander-in-chief, they became a pathetic course of constant complaints against our president. we begin tonight with you is
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attorney general william barr complaining about some of the president's comments telling abc news the president should stop tweeting about justice department cases. >> you are saying you have a problem? >> i have a problem with some of the tweets. i'm happy to say the president never asked me to do anything in a criminal case. however, to have public statements and tweets made about the department, about people in the department, men and women here, about cases pending in the department and judges before whom we have cases make it impossible for me to do my job and to assure the courts and the prosecutors and the department we are doing our work with integrity. >> it is bad enough the justice department has become the place where truth has gone to die in
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recent years, where justice should be delivered. last night the president's former chief of staff praising the efforts of the deep state to undermine the president he was supposed to be serving, john kelly said alexander vi m vindman did what he was taught to do, not to follow in illegal order. he is twice wrong at least, nobody ordered him to do anything wrong and there was nothing illegal about the president's phone call to the president of ukraine and despite the president's acquittal last week the radical dems continued to crow about the possibility of another impeachment farce, new reports tonight indicate the fbi and justice department worked together to trick the trump administration into allowing the justice department to continue spying on the trump campaign. according to reports former us
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attorney works with james comey in early 2017 to have former white house counsel don mcgann draft an executive order that would -- just a week before the second renewal of the fisa warrant was signed in april because former attorney general jeff sessions recused himself from all things russia and there is no deputy attorney general at the time who was in charge of signing that renewal which he did. in june, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein signed the third and final renewal to spy on carter page, these renewals were determined by the justice department inspector general to be fraudulently obtained. january of 2018 fuente moved on to the fbi to serve as general
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counsel, 40 fbi agents worked on the mueller report that exonerated and vindicated donald trump but joining us tonight to make sense of all of this and remember the justice department i just described to you is the very same justice department the leader of which, attorney general william barr doesn't like people talking about his department, it makes the job tougher, he said. joining us is tom fenton, president of judicial watch who has been accused of making the work of public servants of the justice department and various quarters of the political system difficult, good to have you with us. your reaction to william barr for who i haven't respect and great hopes that when he says the president of the united states was making his job tougher at a justice department there's yet to hold accountable anyone who so obviously and blatantly broke the law, your thoughts? >> i would think the attorney
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general after job is made more difficult by mueller holdovers he allowed to be in place on the roger stone sentencing recommendation, a recommendation the attorney general contrary to what the law requires would have resulted in a man serving more time in jail than necessary, i would think that makes it more difficult. complain about his boss holding the justice department to account i'm sure it makes his job a little tougher but the bigger issue is what you went through piece by pace, the justice department is a locus of evil when it comes to fair administration of justice and at best william barr is trying to ride the tiger trying to figure out how to make these guys operate according to law but it is a complete mess and it is clear with the mueller thing where he was outflanked that he hasn't gotten a handle on the personnel issues there
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and that should be a priority rather than complaining about the president highlighting something the president has in my view a positive - >> make sure the justice department isn't violating the rate of americans. >> the president is doing something americans are not used to. he is keeping his promises that he made as a candidate for the office he holds, he is also expressing himself fully, freely and directly to the american people without going through the sage intermediary's of the national left-wing media and it is just, i'm so disappointed in william barr i have to say this. it is a shame when he doesn't get what this president has gone through and what the american people have gone through and what his charge is as attorney general and if he's going to complain i want to endorse everything you said, those are all things to
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complain about but where the hell are the indictments, where the hell are the charges against the corrupt, politically corrupt deep state within the justice department, the fbi and why aren't we hearing apologies from someone in that rancid corrupt department about what they permitted because they had to have neighbors by the dozens to pull off what they did. the 26 names we can go through in the fbi and justice department but then to hear this attorney general complain about this president who is fighting every one of those damn people to do the right thing and get this country trained out and it is his mission to do so, not to carp about his boss and by the way i don't want to hear any crap about an independent justice department. this justice department, as is
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every one works for the president. it is part of the executive branch. where other people talking about john f. kennedy putting bobby kennedy, his brother in as ag. who are these people? >> the democratic left, the establishment doesn't want the president to be able to be president. it's -- what is he called? what is going on here? that would have been a scandal too. they have an institutional approach outside the control of the president of the united states and that approach needs to be reined in significantly and william barr has fallen into a trap laid from by the mueller prosecutors and created another scandal for the next phase of the coup against him and donald trump. all this passes this current fight, it is going to come down to their concern that william barr might do the right thing
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and there - to stop him from prosecuting the criminal gangs the targeted the president and other innocent americans. >> i think it is pretty clear too that the radical dems, the deep state are combining in an effort to absolutely stop this president from fulfilling his charge now which is have you heard the talk about he has been vindictive, he is vengeful, how is he is bringing justice to the people, these people were trying to destroy this man, his family, the presidency and to do it in full view of the national left-wing media which has sold out and is embracing political corruption rather than their charter to be the fourth estate, to be a check against such corruption. >> federal court just said publicly we can't believe a
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thing the fbi is telling us on fisa warrants and the attorney general complaining about the president's tweets. it is remarkable. >> you are getting tons of documents you asked for from the justice department bringing them in wheelbarrows trying to enlarge the body of public knowledge as you request. >> they are in court defending hillary clinton. the fbi records, they didn't want to response was even though we now know they have documents. we have a crisis at the justice department. we have another set of documents, duncan hunter, republican forced out of office through prosecutors there
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attended a hillary clinton campaign party and told the court the reason they were there was to provide advice in the case of a security incident. turns out they were there because they wanted to be there. it was a fabulous body, lying to the court further suggesting another compromised investigation and prosecution of another republican/conservative. the justice department is in crisis not because donald trump is complaining about it but the misconduct of attorneys throughout the agency who are partisan and think they can do whatever they want and get away with it. >> thanks for not letting them get away with it, at least doing everything anyone can, you and judicial watch doing the lord's work, thank you. up next secretary of state pompeo on china's rising threats, stay with us, we will be right back. imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs.
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>> secretary of state mike pompeo, thank you for being with us. i have a strong feeling you and the president are taking the country to a level of consciousness that we had not anticipated for many years, many of us hoped we would get there but you are taking us there, warning of the implications of a highly sophisticated china that is
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expansionary and insinuating itself into the various hambrick of our society and our nation. >> he is. it has been too long, we've allowed this to continue without awareness from the american people, their marks they gave saturday past were recitation of facts, things that are taking place the chinese communist party is doing. there are places we can trade with them, constructive components to the relationship but everyone needs to be aware there are these risks. these are often chinese diplomats stationed here in the united states engaged in this activity. we want everyone to be aware of the risks associated with activities they may be undertaking. >> in every state in the union this influence operation if you will by the chinese is underway and without exception every state, every citizen should be aware of it. the scale of what you are
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putting in front of us as a threat from the people's republic of china is massive, sophisticated, complex and you are talking about a us foreign-policy that has to in response be equal sophisticated while our citizenry is, we are all trying to catch up to you. >> the president talked about this. i'm proud of what we have done, here are the things we have to do to protect the american people from this challenge the chinese communist party threatens. on trade it is reciprocity and transparency in the sense that it is the same way. they've got a confucius institute and many colleges around the united states of america, if it is just people to people ties, in high
7:20 am
schools, and we just don't have the ability to do on a reciprocal basis on the side of china. >> you in your remarks warning us about china. at texas a and m university they thought they had five people engaged with the chinese and turned out to be 100 of their faculty engaged. your thoughts about that and how we could have let it get to this point? >> we just weren't paying attention and people were unwilling to take on the challenge, donald trump is not afraid to take on the challenge. our fbi, justice department working hard on these things, they were five declared, dozens more that were working as part of this program. we have a set of rules how that
7:21 am
is supposed to take place. they were not complying with that. we want chinese students coming here to learn that. that is fine and wonderful but we need to make sure they are doing so on a basis that is transparent and fair and students are not under the long arm of beijing reporting to the country in ways that our first amendment doesn't permit and inconsistent with our values in the united states as well. >> looks like a whole attempted buyout of universities and academics, those who would take chinese money and in some cases, the apparent outcome at harvard university, the head of their chemistry department taking millions of dollars from the chinese and also receiving grants from the federal government. >> the president has talked about this a lot, the theft of american intellectual property by the chinese communist party, he talked about this even in his campaign before he was
7:22 am
elected how unfair this was, he is the worst ripped off, we need to protect american academics, american can intellectual property, american innovators, protect the property and the work they have done so that will creates to the property and not the chinese communist party, donald trump has been strong on this and the state department and all the relevant agencies focused on protecting the american people. >> as if the relationship between the united states and china weren't complicated enough the coronavirus outbreak, the united states working hard to get medical teams in from our cdc into china trying to help, i know that you have, this administration shifted all sorts of medical supplies to the chinese, how would you assess it, you and the head of
7:23 am
hhs wrote an op-ed, can you update that a bit for us in terms of what is going on? >> it is a global epidemic we need to work our way through with science and facts, donald trump has taken action to protect the american people, we have changed the ability of folks to come here when we got americans out of xi jinping u -wuhan, protected the american people, the secretary has been hard at work getting american experts and the country to make sure we hold the world address this challenge and we at the state department have brought americans home, have done so safely and provided $100 million in assistance not only to china but other countries that are impacted by the coronavirus. this is a serious challenge and the world needs to take on this challenge together. >> a man with plenty of challenges, we thank you for being with us.
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>> joining us tonight is robert o'brien. let's begin with vindman. the president is entitled to whoever you wants in the white house behind you. why is there any issue over him? >> i never understood that. the nfc is made of dedicated public servants many of whom are detail these from other departments and when they publish work at the white house they will do their best to serve the president and if you don't like the president that is your right as an american, plenty of people don't and if you don't want to the work for the president or disagree with his policies, your best use is
7:29 am
working on his personal staff, never understood the attraction of white house employment for someone who disagrees and doesn't like the president. >> you indicated to me, i'm not breaching any confidence that you intended to reorganize national security council and had a lot is or a philosophy to make it efficient, to streamline it, that seems to me what you are doing. >> this is something republicans and democrats have been asking for for many years, the national security council staff has grown exponentially over the years and got to a high point of 236 policy professionals under president obama. i spoke with my predecessors from both parties from prior administrations and i thought a good number was 100, 115 policy professionals, that was the
7:30 am
number in the first bush administration fighting iran, afghanistan, the global war on terror, that was a good number and we are shooting for that and we will be there very soon. >> how can you expect to get there. >> we will be somewhere in the 115-120 area and we are getting very close. this is something we have done 5 and a half months now. i talked about this long before i heard the name vindman. i talked about doing this in the washington post, we decided to go different route than president kennedy. when president kennedy showed up at the white house president eisenhower had professionals at the nfc, president and he dismissed all of them and hired 12 of his political loyalists he thought would be best to advise them and they did a good job advising him. >> did you say political loyalists, a president is
7:31 am
entitled to have political loyalists? >> shocking is that maybe. those are smart guys in the cuban missile crisis, foreign policy professionals on his staff, we took a different approach and use it for attrition and in some cases people went home a little early but most were here a year or 2 or 3 or 4 and it was time to go back to their home agency. >> for the life of me i can't understand why you have military detachments, cia details into the national security council for periods -- a number of people i respect to might only have said there should be no cia, no intelligence whatsoever on agencies represented in the national security council, that should be outside the council for you to do your work and given what we witnessed in the three years of this administration i couldn't blame the president if he said keep them 50 blocks away.
7:32 am
>> we have great dedicated folks from various agencies most committed to the president and his policies and those are the policies the american people elected the president to execute and they are working hard. >> you are delighted and most of us are still skeptical and will be for some time as you might appreciate since the vast number of those leaks that have been so harmful to the president and the administration have come from the national security council, hopefully that is changed as a result of your good efforts. let me turn to huawei. this is become an ongoing issue. is huawei a threat to national security? is it not, what are we going to do about it? why is there a public discussion of this with the uk, the european union, nato allies, why in the world is this persistent and why is the justice department bringing
7:33 am
legal charges against huawei when it is a national security matter and there ought to be if i may a whole of government response to the threat? >> we are working on a whole of government response to the threat, it is a national security issue for us and it should be for every other country inking about installing huawei. as we look at 5g and computing power moves to the crowd so much data passed from the cloud to our desktop computers or laptop computers, if that goes through a huawei product the chinese party will have access to every piece of information that flows between something on the ground to the crowd -- not just to data privacy but that is something we want to stop. we have japan, australia, france, poland the baltic companies who feel the same way
7:34 am
do and looking for trust and provide us to give them 5g internet service. >> want to wrap up with china, the coronavirus represented by huawei and all the other efforts on the part of the chinese to spy on this country, to steal their intellectual property and the complication of the coronavirus epidemic that looks like it is getting worse, the chinese have not been straightforward about the number of cases they have. your concluding thoughts. >> the coronavirus is very serious, the president took unprecedented steps from china, for people to come here, and americans, we have a great task force led by the secretary of hhs and we are doing everything we can to make sure this is contained.
7:35 am
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.. lou: joining us house minority whip steve scalise.
7:39 am
great to see you. your conference, the republican party on capitol hill, the white house, the president focusing on dirty cops as the president refers to them and investigating the investigators. this is an extraordinary moment in history. >> we side in the 2016 election, some people at the fbi, small number but significant people who abused their power to literally take down a candidate for president of the united states, abused the fisa court, broke the law and people need to go to jail to send a message the nobody should ever think of doing that again and restore the good name of intelligence agencies like the fbi that play a critical role in our national security but were abused by a small number of people and they should pay the price. >> the fbi right now has a very checkered background and checkered standing in the eyes of the american people and you say a small number of people at
7:40 am
the fbi. i'm looking at a list of people that have been fired, agents and officials of the fbi and a list of some, almost approaching 30 names and not one of them held accountable. >> that is why i'm looking at the durham report, that is the report that names names and ultimately allows the attorney general to go after these people and told them accountable. those people need to go to jail that abused their power because all the good people at the off fbi have been dragged down by this, the country is watching and going wait a minute, we have seen emails and texts of people saying this is an insurance policy and we will use our position to top donald trump. they didn't but they tried and you know they did and people like devon nunez and other heroes who battled, we need to make sure no president should have to go through this and be held accountable.
7:41 am
>> it is clear that the president had robert o'brien, national security adviser are doing just that, reducing the size of the national security council. it is up to attorney general william barr to clean up the justice department as you point out, john durham, us attorney for connecticut that barr assigned to investigate the investigators. we know right now that the fbi lied 17 times on fisa applications that started this, we know that 20 attorneys and fbi agents been two years on the mueller probe and came up with nothing and now they are attacking people as former prosecutors for mueller in this administration. it is sorted, corrupt politics within the justice department itself. >> donald trump called them dirty cops and that is what they are, these are corrupt people who abused their power,
7:42 am
talk about abusive power to lie to a fisa judge or mislead a fisa judge who signed the warrant and dark of night not knowing all the facts but knowing i will trust this agent that is in front of me and if they are misleading the judge if i'm the judge i want to go after those guys who made me sign a document under false pretenses. >> one final question very simply the house intelligence committee, devon nunez, in the characterization of congressman nunez as a hero in all of this and for this country sending a letter to adam schiff saying until the committee prioritizes oversight priorities and activities related to urgent and critical concerns republican members cannot support distractions from our core responsibilities, straightforward shot that republicans are not going to be participants any further in the shams, the frauds and farces perpetrated by the party of
7:43 am
hate in your house of representatives. >> like you said devon has done a great job exposing, the one from the beginning that - it is coming to light that devon was right so you are saying what you saw adam schiff carrying out his own political and data, hatred they have for the president to the point pelosi would rip up a speech that contains names of war heroes, people killed by people who were here illegally or in sanctuary cities because they hate him so much. they have a job to do and they derelict in their main duty. lou: they tried to overthrow our president. >> they were part of it. did adam schiff have contact with the whistleblower? his staff surely did. that he? these are questions people have but this is not what they were focused on. they are trying to undo the
7:44 am
result of the 2016 election and stop people carrying out there will in the 2020 election. neil: lou: you are challenged once again, the house is insisting the judiciary committee, attorney general william barr agreed to do so testify they are coming after him. are you, the republican members of the leadership, is the conference going to stand united with this president and the attorney general as they did in the last vote 197-0? >> absolutely. we worked hard to make sure members had all the information. adam schiff was trying to hide the facts from you, the press, the american people and members of congress in a 75% of members of congress were not allowed to see the facts and we worked together and the fact anyway and that is where we were able
7:45 am
to stay united, we have this president's back and we have the attorney general's back and do their jobs well pelosi and nadler and schiff are focused on political vendettas. the country is watching, they want to congress that works for them as hard as this president works as hard and delivering the people of this country. >> classified information believes people are to be in jail, the american people have not seen the classified information but most americans know that all the people we have referred to need to be held accountable. great of you to spend time with us, look forward to talking with you again soon. parked it right there. male voice: what did i tell you, boys? tonight we eat like kings! (chuckling) you're a genius, gordon! brake! hit the brake! uh, which one's the brake? (crash, bottles smashing) stop! stop! sto-o-op! (brakes squealing) what's happening? what? there's a half of cheesesteak back there. with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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>> biden called a young female voter in new hampshire a liar and is on scattered way. take a listen. >> know you haven't. you are a lying dog faced pony show. you've got to be honest. i'm going to be honest with you. >> biden said he got that line from his brother who often quotes john wayne movies but we couldn't find that line. there is this line from she wore a yellow ribbon. >> here they are, the dog faced
7:50 am
soldiers, the regulars, the $0.50 a day professionals writing the outpost of the nation. lou: it sounds more like this line from pony soldiers starring tyrone power, not john wayne. here you go. >> the poorly sold or speaks with the tongue of a rattlesnake. lou: a couple choices. i understand there are more but we decided to spare everybody. that just shows biden is we are not going to describe him. the voters have done that and will do it again as early as tomorrow. barack obama now hollywood royalty earning his first oscar as producer of the netflix documentary american factory. you can't be too impressed. think about what this man has achieved, he has an academy award to go with his enemy. he's got two grammys and a nobel prize. the obamas of been out of office for a little over three
7:51 am
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lou: michael pillsbury from the hudson institute, author of the 100 year marathon, great to have you back from europe. what are we to make of this? this is a direct threat by china to europe. >> huawei is one of the national champions, a company in china that goes beyond anything we have. an american company in which we have our entire national pride invested. that is why they think of huawei and are determined to have a showdown in brussels with the eu. i was quite a size -- surprised
7:56 am
to hear a lot of british people who otherwise would think our national security saying we have got to make a deal with huawei or china overall. you americans are split, we hear mike pompeo and other security leaders in washington don't really speak out on the china threat and are still speaking mainly of cooperation and competition with china as opposed to a serious possibility donald trump talked about the china could surpass our country. i heard donald trump is i'm sure you have say this. if hillary had won the election china would be surpassing us now. a very serious challenge to american leadership. american leadership at the working level and higher up don't see it that way.
7:57 am
they are not as frank as mike pompeo or william barr is tough on china. mike pence has been perfect on china. with this going on. lou: the trade deal, historic trade deal, secretary of state mike pompeo. how complex the relationship is. it is a balancing act. >> the main strategic threat. other members of the cabinet have a hard time saying that but that is where we separate the different voices. lou: should we name names? >> the problem is obama holdovers.
7:58 am
it is an attitude. there is a sharp point by our secretary of defense on the pentagon in china. we need to change the government of defense's culture. i asked what did secretary as per mean? the pentagon is pro-china. they believe deeply, our aircraft carriers should visit hong kong, we need air to air combat exchanges, increase military exchanges with china. this is quite shocking. if you're in europe trying to decide about huawei and hear the pentagon wants to increase the exchange programs with china we have american military units going into china and conduct exercises, they are called humanitarian or disaster relief and we are not treating china from the pentagon's point of view -- lou: we need to change another thing about the culture of the pentagon and that is the chain
7:59 am
of command is still in effect. the bright boys and girls on general staff who have an won award in 20 years need to get a little modesty, humility and get their head straight. that should be a course at west point, and apple is in the air force academy. >> amen. i don't think it will happen. marcus that was being especially frank to talk about the culture of the defense department as a problem in dealing with china. he said it in a room full of never trumpers. i didn't hear a lot of applause. lou: they need to be applauding because they have a commander in chief and we have a president who deserves both their respect and highest best efforts to move this country
8:00 am
forward and you are one of those sitting wonderful example. we thank you for being with us tonight. >> i commend mark esper for being so frank. lou: i applaud frankness everywhere. thank you for being with us, see you tomorrow, good night from new york. trish: tonight, t injustice. a career fbi bureaucrat and clinton crony walks free. while a trump associate faces maybe 9 years in prison. both men are accused of flying federal investigators. but only one is paying the price. the department of justice announcing it will not pursue its indictment against andrew mccabe who was deputy director of the fbi under president obama and fired by president trump over his quote lack of candor. translation, lying. mccabe was a career


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