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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 29, 2020 7:00am-8:00am EST

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news. but start smart every weekday write on foxbusiness join me for mornings with maria 69 eastern monday through friday. right here on foxbusiness. have a grea great, great rest of your weekend thank you >> we are turning the democratic party me with the department of justice, the fbi, and 3 of the nation's intelligence agencies tried to impeach the president without evidence or crime of any kind, conspired to overthrow the president of the united states
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despite bringing the immense weight of those department against donald trump he persevered. he has prevailed and stand exonerated of all the baseless charges and vindicated by the acquittal of partisan charges and congressional abuse of power straight out. tonight we want to examine and hope to begin to understand how the american people have been persuaded to tolerate the harassment, the attacks, the efforts of one political party to subvert the policies of donald trump's administration to try to overthrow his presidency and with us tonight special guests including on a, sidney powell, attorney for general michael flynn and judicial watch president tom fitton. first, the president was put through crossfire hurricane, a nearly 11 month-long fbi probe that began in july of 2016 while the president was still a candidate, in which fbi agents
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investigated, when the fbi came up with nothing the radical dems conspired with obama era holdovers and loyalists to create a special counsel investigation led by robert mueller. almost two years of investigation resulted in clear and unequivocal exoneration and vindication of the president. after failing in crossfire hurricane and the mueller investigation, that collapsed the radical dems quickly maneuvered, tried to initiate and impeachment without evidence, with only baseless partisan charges, charges entirely partisan, transparently farcical, donald trump was immediately acquitted nearly two weeks ago, with the special counsel there was no collusion so radical dems moved on to obstruction and the president, exam exonerated. the dems tried impeachment on abuse of power, there was none so they claimed obstruction of congress but there was none so
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why would the american people continue to put up with morrison version, more attempts to overthrow an already historic president and what will be the price for the party of hate come november 3rd of this year. we will take that up as well. the radical dems efforts to overthrow donald trump have always been tied to the early actions of the deep state, members of the permanent bureaucracy in washington who seditious the work from the earliest days of the trump campaign to try to prevent and eventually remove donald trump from gaining office. as outlined by the conservative treehouse and we want to credit them with outstanding reporting and recommend them to you on tonight's broadcast, a key moment that could change the way the president's first 3 and a half years in office
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unfolded. the department of justice's corrupt decision not to prosecute a man for leaking classified information. that man was a former security director for the senate intelligence committee, james wolf. wolf was indicted in 2018 for leaking information to poor journalists including one with whom he was having an affair. he also lied to the fbi. as we reported here, both's indictment showed he picked up a highly classified document on march 17th, 2017, to take to the intelligence committee. later fbi sentencing recommendation confirmed that that document included the first two fisa warrants for carter page. james wolf was never charged with leaking those classified documents, most of the charges were dropped against him in what could be called nothing other than a sweetheart deal orchestrated by former us attorney jesse lou. wolf was allowed to plead guilty to one count, one count
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of lying to investigators for which he served two months, two months in prison. it is at moment in which we see the department of justice covering up a background scheme to remove the president. had this gone on, senate intel committee vice-chairman mike warner and adam mauled one might have been highly scrutinized. we will never know. further questions would have been asked about warner's links to stealing the credibility of steel's work. it wasn't in the left wing national media's best interest to look into case. they were busy making claims like these about the steel dossier. >> the dossier has been corroborated by the community. >> the dossier is far from bogus. >> increasingly it is the
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accurate dossier. >> nothing in the dossier has been disproved. >> the steel dossier just rings true to me. >> christopher still, the mi 6 guy, who did the famous dossier which is getting more credibility now than it did. lou:how did this work and how has it been allowed to go on for so long and in one claim gaining credibility? not so anymore but looking back on those fateful days it is amazing how gullible the left wing national media pretended at least to be. proposing the crash the two people, the fight against the radical dems and deep state efforts to overthrow this president joining us tonight is sidney powell, attorney for general michael flynn, former federal prosecutor, and tom fitton, president of judicial watch with singular status doing more than any other
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organization to bring much of the sensitive aspects of this outrage against this great republic to light. thank you for being here. let me begin with that moment in which the federal government shows to only sentence amanda two months in prison for what was an egregious act against the government. >> that was a stunning decision on the part of us attorney jesse lou and i'm certainly glad the president pulled her recommendation for promotion to another department of the government and i'm glad she is no longer in the us attorney's office because the swamp, she would have had jurisdiction over the swamp and could have done a lot to dig it out instead she protected it. >> this is again the fisa warrant application back again because that was contained in those documents he was carrying
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back. why in the world would the justice department not prosecute this person and do so to the fullest extent? the senate select committee on intelligence for whom he was working. >> let me take a different point. that would have been an ordinary sentencing and plea deal but those opportunities, that professional approach is only allowed for the protected class, democrats staff, people close to the deep state but if you are a republican associated with trump they take an aggressive point of view and try to put you in jail and prosecute to the full extent of the law way beyond any regular person would have been prosecuted so in essence what wolf got is what stone should be getting. at least what flynn should have been getting, flynn has been prosecuted way beyond the
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underlying circumstances and it shows you if you are tied to the democrats, tied to democrats in the senate specifically here you get a special dispensation from the justice department. sessions announced 27 leak investigations, this is not the only leak that took place, you had general flynn who is the victim of leaks, attorney general sessions was the victim of leaks, where is the investigations there? it is interesting that again the leaks but we do know about, the leaks that were actually investigated, comey and mccabe the justice department punted on and you have confessions by the leaders. >> confession are not, he lied three times under oath, other lies are lacks of candor as the ig likes to refer to them.
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as tom puts the variance between republican justice and democratic justice under the deep state, perhaps deep state is just the wrong terminology altogether, perhaps it should be radical dems deeply buried in the bureaucracy and sometimes not so deeply. >> that's probably more like it because some 90% of department of justice employees donated to the hillary clinton campaign. one of the reasons wolf got off as lightly as he did was because he threatened or did subpoena senators from the senate than one person knew he was leaking it. lou: we will take up the case of general flynn tonight. we understand there is also a court hearing tomorrow morning for roger stone. it is a busy judiciary because
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they have quite a mess to clean up. we will be talking more about that mess and how we as american citizens should be considering what the proper way is for the cleanup that is required of the political corruption that permeates our federal government. great poll numbers for donald trump and his reelection campaign cbs saying 65% of registered voters say donald trump will definitely or probably be reelected in november, the poll conducted among 10,000 registered voters, the margin a on this poll, one.2%. that's the most impressive margin a i have ever seen in a long time. supreme court justice sonia sotomayor mayor was not pleased the high court allowed the trump administration to enforce its public charge rule that went into effect today that
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allows the administration to refuse green cards to immigrants if they take part in social welfare programs. sotomayor issued a dissent on the case criticizing her republican colleagues for siding with the trump administration. of next the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee senator mark warner is tasked with a lawyer with the russian oligarch and christopher steele, x mi 6 and that fraudulent dossier and the relationship the committee republicans were aware of. we have that without a list panel. stay with us to this quick break, we hope you will as well, you will of what is next, stay with us. ♪ it's surprising how the bigger a city gets... the smaller it starts to feel. which makes it even more surprising, how big it feels in here.
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>> two years ago we reported the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee, senator mark warner, had back channel access to an attorney representing a russian oligarch and also a lawyer representing access to christopher steele, the author of the phony discredited dossier that among others the fbi gave great great credulous. the text between warner and the
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oligarch's lobbyists date back to february of 2017, when warner asked adam waldman to connect him with steel. waldman told warner steel was skittish about connecting and warner got a little careful himself, he replied this, quote, we want to do this right, private, in london, don't want to send letter yet. if we can't get agreement would rather not have paper trail. october, the text messages to warner and waldman were provided by republicans and democrats on the senate intel committee, intel committee chair richard burr knew of warner's back channel efforts but chose not to investigate further. i wonder why. contrast warner's connection with russia to that of jeff sessions who recused himself from any russian investigations on march 2nd, 2017, just a month after the president took office. we are back with general
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michael flynn's attorney, sidney, i want to go back to that moment. it has been about three years and a few days since general flynn re-signed. he has been put through hell by any definition in the prosecution by these justice department attorneys. where are we with the case? bring us up-to-date very quickly. >> we are in the process of trying to get his guilty plea vacatur or the case dismissed for the government's outrageous and egregious misconduct, from the time they started the investigation to the prosecutor after recent breach of the plea agreement it has been one thing after another. the investigation was based on a pretext to begin with, there is no valid basis to investigate him and they have violated his rights in every single turn, they interviewed him in an ambush without
7:19 am
telling him what they were doing, or that he was the subject of the investigation. he didn't have a lawyer present. they didn't advise him of his rights because they literally schemed and planned. the next step is to file a reply brief tomorrow on the misconduct motion. >> the justice department understands that what they have done to this man, they understand the iniquity of it as well as the inequities. this is horrific that our justice department doesn't have the integrity to stand up and say this in his bringing wrong. >> specifically attorney general william barr and the us attorney durham said the opening of crossfire hurricane which led to this indictment was suspect so they confirm that the opening of the investigation into the trump team which led to the prosecution of flynn is suspect. given that shouldn't be in the
7:20 am
least freeze this investigation or prosecution until they figure out what was up and what was down about it. they think there was information that was opened improperly and if it was you could argue and i'm sure sidney would that there would be -- this is front of the poison free and they shouldn't be pursuing this. surely there's enough the president to pardon him but the president shouldn't have to pardon him. the justice department should protect the rule of law and stop it. >> this president put william barr in charge to do precisely that, clean up justice department and fbi that are rancid with political corruption. there is no mystery here. that is a politically corrupt department and agency period and how many prosecutors of worked against your client? how many have they unleashed on you? >> there were 19 that were part of the special counsel
7:21 am
operation and most of them were present in what was supposed to be his sentencing in december over a year ago. technically the lead prosecutors on it, now there are a couple more. we've heard from fox that attorney general william barr has appointed someone new to review the matter which would be a wonderful thing if that is true because anybody looking at it with objectivity - lou: fox reported and we reported it right here. >> they haven't told me but i am looking forward to hearing it from the government themselves. >> anytime i can help just give me a call. >> they told the judge? >> not yet. >> this is a real problem, the attorney general should freeze this. it doesn't mean you're letting general flynn off from the prosecutor's perspective, just
7:22 am
freezing everything in place until they figure out if there was corruption. if they with that -- >> we produced enough evidence and documentation now for them to see that there is corruption by the entire thing and it should be dismissed or the plea allowed to be withdrawn at a minimum. >> the judge may be a partisan, excuse me, maybe a partisan, but one thing, not an idiot. you can see on the face of this that it is wrong, how wrong general flynn has been and if that is asking too much of our justice department we have the wrong people trying to fix what is an evil and politically corrupt organization. >> the best thing the department of justice could do and could do very quickly is to agree - lou: very you go. will you accept that? >> i would but you never know what the next justice department will do because you can't trust the next bank that will come in. >> i don't trust any of them.
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we will continue with you. stay right there. we would like to hear your thoughts on all of this, follow me on twitter, lou dobbs, follow me on instagram, lou dobbs tonight. former department of justice official finding a letter, some 2000 of them calling for attorney general william barr to resign. justice department independent to the president, the only problem for them is the department of justice isn't independent. can you think of an executive branch that is independent of the president or should be? we will take that up and more with america's mayor, rudy giuliani here next, stay with us. the better question would be where do i not listen to it.
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lou: as i said at the outset of tonight's broadcast more than 2000 former justice department employees sign the petition that called on attorney general
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william barr to redesign for what they claim is interference in roger stone's sentencing case. the letter formed by the activist group called protect democracy is a straight out radical them enterprise and a never trump organization. it has been around since 201720 crimes statement on stone's statement is interference and the group claims there are instances political leadership weighs in on individual prosecutions. the never trump resistance shows how deeply embedded the radical dems truly are particularly in the justice department, protesting the constitution and the president's constitutional authority how can anyone say the justice department is independent of the administration when it contains the national security division, just to the hell with a report to, nobody can say national
7:29 am
securities anything less than the clear purview of the president of the united states and commander-in-chief's powers, his authorities, his responsibilities include oversight of national security including justice, 110,000 employees, joining us tonight donald trump's personal attorney, former new york city mayor, america's mayor rudy giuliani, good to have you here. i have to say when i saw this letter it has 1100 signatures on it and i said that is a lot of signatures but there are 100,000 employees right now working in -- >> it is only a small fraction of the stupid lawyers in washington and the ones that
7:30 am
have lost any sense of legal education and become political hacks. >> where did they get this idiotic idea the constitution is to be ignored and the justice department -- >> ignoring the constitution. >> independent -- >> in pursuance of the cause of removing trump there is no constitution, did should have a constitution? he denied rights of counsel, he subpoenaed me for my attorney-client records, would have been an outrage if i were defending a terrorist. new york times, washington post, cnn and all these people have lost any sense of the constitution, they do not believe it applies to donald trump, to donald trump's lawyers whether the attorney general or his personal lawyer, trash our constitutional rights the way joe mccarthy did it to communists, he didn't get away with it because republicans stood up and mike through them out, you can read a book about that. adam schiff, nancy pelosi, joe mccarthys of today, the liberals have lost all moral compass.
7:31 am
lou: they lost if they ever had, you mentioned adam schiff, a disregard for the constitution, he has apparently no conscience either but it rises almost to the level of concern, equal concern, lack of self-awareness of the failure, they tried to impeach him -- >> on a non-impeachable offense, totally unconstitutional. >> and continue to persist, that tells us they know there's no accountability and that means the republicans have got to find a new way to fight this -- >> we are holding them accountable. biden has been able to get away with millions and millions of dollars in bribery, at least since the 90s because nobody holds them accountable. there is a biden pattern in which biden gets in office, his brother, his other brother or
7:32 am
his son sell it, they make billions, joe says i don't know but they live right next door to each other and now we see money going into joe's account, the ukrainian prosecutor. it is going to turn out the vice president of the united states, that offices sold for the largest amount of money ever sold you can look at this, nothing like this ever happened. 14, 15 million in ukraine, half $1 billion housing deal in iraq, half $1 billion to $1 billion bank of china as your partner. >> are you saying to joe biden
7:33 am
himself? >> if you don't think he shared and that you have to be stupid. his son was very close to him, his brother was very close to him. every time he was point man america lost, the bidens got millions. he didn't benefit from that and you don't have to take the money for bribery. if i'm the president and i say i'm going to give you what you want, give the money to my son that is a bride. the bribery statute says either to you or someone else. you don't get off by -- we know what happens when it goes to your son. americans are not stupid. >> we are being played for stupid. >> crooked crooked family. it is more money a lot of organized crime families made, a lot more money than white-collar -- i initiated prosecution -- >> republicans are going to hold him accountable. we are going to take a quick break can be right back and find out how rudy giuliani thinks that is going to happen and we will find out who is running fisa courts and how is it that the fbi can live 17 times and get away with it and a lot more. stay with us. which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one.
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lou: we are back with rudy giuliani taking up spygate and why the american people put up with these results on our president, full exoneration, full vindication and the radical dems persist on capitol hill. what is your thought about why the american people have put up with this ignorance, this banality, this attempt to overthrow our government? >> they don't control the key institutions, the key institution, the house can do
7:38 am
whatever it wants. we lost a year ago and we don't control it no matter what we write, no matter what they say, they are consumed with hatred and if they are not consumed with hatred they are being driven by the hatred of others, their constituents and hatred make some make stupid decisions which is why they make a lot of the stupid decisions they make light calling mueller and he gets a like a babbling idiot they. their case. calling michael cohen, he lies 7 times. they bring the whistleblower in, now they can't produce the whistleblower because they produced whistleblower, it will turn up a whistleblower was there at the beginning concocted a scheme to prevent him from being president and taken out after he is president a matter what fall charge you need. that is what is going to happen. that is why schiff is hiding him. >> adam schiff is still hiding him -- >> the guy is a conspirator, not a whistleblower, a conspirator.
7:39 am
lou: he is in no way under the legal definition a whistleblower or even if he were -- >> he may have committed a crime. lou: you know what has happened? no one can speak his name. he has been vanished. >> i did my podcast on this and i got him, i got him cold, got the records, got everything. lou: we all know who it is. >> i don't see any reason i can do it and my lawyer said no, no, you better just keep it - >> this is frozen, free-speech in america, this person is known to every one of us. >> to know his name would give you critical information about how this frame it began. and what the basis for it was. it is not as if we are just going to know him for free and interested. >> lou: colonel benjamin gave us a
7:40 am
good image. >> it will show what i have been trying to show. my client is innocent. >> why should we have to play the circuit. this is america. >> they control the house and completely control what has become a completely corrupt national media. how many times has the corrupt media used the word debunked? do you know there are files that i show on my podcast, files this sick -- >> what is the name of that podcast. rudy giuliani rudy you can see evidence, evidence shifted and have like a file this big that hunter biden was under investigation for money laundering that joe biden was under investigation for money laundering, joe biden. lou: we need -- >> he got his own case dismissed.
7:41 am
lou: it was not debunked, no witnesses. i have shown 5 witnesses. you can say the witnesses online but you can't say there is no evidence, then you are line, the times is lying, the posters line, cnn, anytime you see debunked, lie, lie, lie, cover-up, lie. lou: rudy giuliani will be with us through the are. we will take up the corruption of the fisa courts next and what is being done to fix them and we are going to explore who is actually in charge of those fisa courts that have been played for fools by frauds and more than once, twice or three times. we are coming back with rudy giuliani, tom fitton and sidney powell, the parade of political corruption will take a little longer. stay with us. discomfort back there?
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>> now for my commentary let's get to the matter at hand and that is none other than the man
7:46 am
we faithful few once believed would be a large indispensable force for good in saving the republic william barr. william barr has been a g4 a year now and we have little in the way of material compliments for which bar could be applauded. in fact his recent conduct and his statements border on the senseless. bar has treated us to the spectacle of the number one law enforcement officer in the land, i managed the center of solving and resolving the greatest political scandal in our country's history, whining and whining publicly about what is apparently the greatest challenge he believes he faces in the storm that rages in our capital, that is not the shape shifters of congress, or the poisonous speaker pelosi nor her nasty apprentice adam schiff come in nor is it the
7:47 am
helmets who reside throughout our government bureaucracy, the deep state within. now the greater front to william barr at this moment seems to be none other than his own boss, the president. not the treacherous radical dems, not the rhinos who are subversive our president as they are supportive and you never know which they will be, not the left-wing national media who are servile accomplices of any swamp creature of either party, of any ideology or interest so long as they seek to undercut or cut asunder donald trump. get a grip, look clearly. bar's complaint about the president amounts to this. the attorney general took to old media, abc news, to wine that his boss was making his job tougher because his boss habitually takes 2 new media, that is twitter, and talks directly to the american people and gives his opinion as well. the attorney general is wrong, wrong on several counts including taking on his boss in
7:48 am
public and then the stories that he's thinking about quitting unless the president quits tweeting, that is just a dumb alternating, dumb because it is classless, it won't work, ultimatums rarely do, and the president has the constitutional duty and authority to run the justice department. then it is time for the attorney general to deliver on his mission, clean up the rancid politically corrupt justice department and fbi. they are both crooked at the top and the american people won't stand for more political corruption and yes, mister attorney general, you had better be fighting for this president because he is the only one in washington who has been certified to be absolutely clean without crime or corruption by the us justice department, the department you lead and the us senate. get back to work, too many of us put our faith in you and
7:49 am
john durham for you to flag or fold, go after the dam bad guys and stand up for the president who is the only one who deserves our loyalty along with every one of our fellow citizens. we would like to hear your thoughts on all of this, follow me on twitter, lou dobbs, follow me on instagram, lou dobbs tonight, we will be right back. earning on that eclair. don't touch it! don't touch it yet! let me get the big one. this one? no! this one? yes! no... the big one! they're all the same size! with freedom unlimited, you're always earning. let me get them all. i'm gonna get them all. i can't decide. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor,
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zzzquil pure zzzs. naturally superior sleep. >> we are back with sidney powell, attorney for michael flynn, former federal prosecutor, donald trump's personal to me, rudy giuliani and federal prosecutor -- tom fitton, president of judicial watch doing the lord's work day in and day out in the swamp. let's start with fisa courts. we should point out before those courts, we know four the applications were fraudulent and the court is rented it seems with its own brand of corruption. your thoughts about whether or not first they should be reauthorized, secondly whether
7:54 am
or not we can leave it up to chief justice roberts or chris to actually do anything about it or is it going to be more spackle and paste? >> it is not looking good right now. i certainly wouldn't trust them with reforms if we are going to keep the fisa court system needs to be revamped completely including much greater oversight with some citizen involvement and lawyers to defend particularly american citizens who are implemented in any fisa application. it really is meant to apply to foreign agents, not american citizens like carter page or michael flynn and the way it was abused here is just beyond the pale. lou: this kind of action seems to be a continuation of the
7:55 am
same attitude and same values that permitted the fisa courts to be defrauded and willingly so. >> they were warned two years ago there was a problem in the court did nothing. we asked for hearing transcript, courts told us there were no hearing transcript so federal court judges took up warrants to spy on donald trump, candidate trump, then donald trump, it doesn't happen all the time but it happened in those circumstances. the best fisa court reform is to put someone in jail for lying to the courts and in this case what is disappointing is the court didn't institute on its own criminal proceedings to figure out who is responsible for this defrauding of the court. if you were doing that back in the day with they would have called you and your attorneys into the court and say why shouldn't i put you in jail right now, that is what he needs to be doing.
7:56 am
there is no reform needed. the law prohibits what happened. we don't need new reforms. lou: look what happened over the course of this president's term of office and for 6 months at least and i suspect much longer than six months but that is what we have documentation. i can't believe this is the united states of america because the attorneys, the judges are part of that political corruption. it is one thing to talk about it in the justice department and fbi. is gut wrenching as it is to think. the court system itself to be accomplices. >> i don't understand, sydney and tom, how chief justice roberts appoint someone who is involved in the investigation to oversee the reforms. bose berg signs, he says they were fraudulent but he was asked did you notice the
7:57 am
changes between warrant one 234, i was there for the beginning of the fisa court and then i have done 50 of those and i got asked questions by judges on title iii application which is the domestic wiretap application and the informants dropped off the fbi list. unless you're not reading the damn thing that jumps out at you like how did was he dropped off of the fbi list? maybe they asked that question, maybe they didn't. lou: andrew mccabe, the attorney general, pass on prosecuting him. what does that mean? what does it portend? >> william barr wants to restore the rule of law and he has to apply equally regardless of political party. to define to prosecute mccabe for lying to the inspector general under oath and with the
7:58 am
benefit of counsel repeatedly means he has to dismiss the prosecution of general flynn who was never warned of his rights and wasn't even under oath aside from multiple other violations with respect to mister flynn, nothing in the flynn prosecution or investigation was done properly. >> comey, easy prosecution, he admitted the leaks including classified information, he lied to the fbi, same with mccabe, under oath and not under oath and we think easy prosecutions like that are not pursued but they will pursue complex prosecutions on the spy gate gaining the target of the president of the united states, i don't see it happening. >> i think sydney is correct. there is a double standard and william barr has to break the double standard. a man who lied multiple times
7:59 am
under oath gave material lies, things they didn't know, a man was trapped, given false information, they had the actual answer to the question in their briefcase so they trapped him. that is it, one count under oath. has to dismiss that case because one is a republican and the other is a democrat we have different justice, that is the way half of america feels now if not more. they look at trump going through impeachment for allegedly threatening the president of ukraine and biden walking around free for three years, getting $14 million and they say double standard. that is not america. >> i would appoint a special counsel, the president should have a special counsel outside the justice department looking at this. >> i agree completely.
8:00 am
lou: 10 seconds to agree or disagree. >> i think it could be done by the existing the part of justice. if it is not quickly then yes. >> how quickly. >> another week or two. neil: 5 good night from new york, see you tomorrow. albence among his guests. trish: another whistleblower. really? as global markets plummet and the world remains on evening, the democrats are sticking to their political playbook. coronavirus is all president trump's fault. good evening. a whistleblower from the health and human services department claiming health workers were not properly prepared to handle the americans coming in from wuhan, china. i have my doubts about this. why wouldn't you put on a


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