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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 2, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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thanks for joining us, on a . liz: i'm elizabeth macdonald. welcome to the evening edit. we'll take you there. all of this on the eve of super tuesday. now we have a big shakeup in the democrat race. president today, pushing for a coronavirus vaccine, earlier today, with the world's biggest drugmakers. the vice president just announced new airport screening for flights in italy and south korea. the markets. did you see what happened? the markets roared back today. the dow, nasdaq and s&p. their biggest gains in history today. more on that in just a second. we'll keg into the mistakes
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that -- dig into the mistakes democrats are making to use the coronavirus to attack the president. we have corey lewandoski coming up. we want to get you to the rally. kevin corke is in north carolina just ahead of the president's rally. kevin. reporter: liz, good to be with you. part of the coordinated effort for the administration is visit the nih. it is not just designed to make the american public safer. it is meant to involve the relevant stakeholders throughout the process. coincidentally the president had a big meeting in the oval office. he had a chance to meet with big pharma companies or leaders there. that meeting was set up before the current coronavirus scare and the country. we were supposed to talk about reducing drug prices. much more immediate concern is managing medicinal needs of the nation and avoiding the spread.
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spread it has at least 10 states from coast to coast with six deaths in washington state linked to the virus. that is the figure, however. the president says it could have been, that is, much larger. had he not acted more quickly. >> it is not good to be, dealing with one, two, three countries. we do very little at home. we'll start to do it at home. we've been talking about that for a long time. a lot of drug companies, because what we've done in terms of incentives and taxes, they're heading back here anyway. the coronavirus shows the importance of bringing all of that manufacturing back to america. reporter: that is the key takeaway. he wants to have the drug companies repatriate their industries here in the u.s. by the way there are now as you know travel restrictions spreading all across the globe with iran already off the board and new travel advisories as you mentioned liz. for parts of south korea and italy.
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here tonight in north carolina, a pivotal state in the 2020 election. it is rally time, a keep america great rally. i will monitor any news that breaks. kevin. back to you. liz: looks like they were lining up for days. reporter: crazy crowd. we got here very early. there were thousands outside even at the break of dawn. we have virtually a full house already. we're quite some time before the rally officially gets underway with the president. you hear eric trump behind me and other speakers as well. liz: kevin corke. thank you so much. wee check in on the rally. great to see you, kevin corke. last week stocks suffered the worst week since the financial crisis since 2008. look at this, all three major indices roaring back. the biggest point gain in history. the dow surging 290 points. that was a 5% pop today, this after federal reserve and japan central bank signaled they may take action to counter act the
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coronavirus outbreak. we'll dig into that later in the show. we have a top market pro. he is joining other people on wall street, warning that the has to do with the rise of bernie sanders in the polls. we'll bring in next guest, republican senator kevin cramer of north dakota. good to be with you, senator. >> thank you. liz: president trump may have another rally tonight. dramatic super tuesday people are talking about for tomorrow. big shake-up in the democratic race. buttigieg, klobuchar dropping out. your take what will happen tomorrow? >> i think it is very exciting actually. a lot of people see this as chaos. i see this as democracy playing out. nothing can prove electability by winning primaries and caulks. why i think we're coming down to
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a two-person race. that will happen tomorrow night when michael bloomberg flames out even spent hundreds of million of dollars. mayor pete and senator klobuchar is getting out and endorsing joe biden is the establishment's early efforts at trying to consolidate moderates. but quite honestly, i don't think it is so much about philosophy as it is about practicality. it will be a lot of fun to see where supporters, previous supporters any way of all these candidates, where they exactly land because i don't think they will all go to joe biden because he is the moderate. some has to do with bernie sanders demonstrating enthusiasm liz: what you're saying, it is sort of a shakeout. bernie is expected to get california's 415 delegates but half of the super tuesday states are in the south. 600 democrat delegates. we don't know if they will go to bernie sanders because, you know, south carolina democrat
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voters rejected bernie's socialism, went to biden. 49% there, went to biden versus bernie. looks like joe biden is consolidating the central lane moderates. he has a coalition there. what is really striking to me. let's show the video. african-american congregants, sell ba, alabama anniversary of the bloody sunday, 55th anniversary turned their back on michael bloomberg. >> i don't know what is behind that. does not look for michael bloomberg. owe is pretty careless with his words. his history, even as mayor of new york while certainly the city seemed to be run fine. he did be able, he was able to pick it up from a really good mayor previous to him. he doesn't seem to have, needed charisma, likability or really thoughtfulness on the big page. whether a major debate on tv or talking to candidates in this
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high-profile race. he down seem to have it. why it is coming down to these two people. what will be interesting to see whether elizabeth warren chooses to to do what senator klobuchar and mayor pete are doing, drop out of the race and consolidate her support to bernie sanders. i don't get the sense she wants to do that. i think she is looking for a brokered convention. that creates another whole level of really both excitement and trepidation for democrats. liz: yeah, democrat nomination, "real clear politics" is saying probably brokered convention. we'll hold on to that thought for just a second. stay on this point, african-american voters did pick the correct winner four out of the last seven presidential elections. that happened since the early '90s that has been going on. bernie sanders didn't show up at selma. he didn't show up at aipac. we have a recent "nbc/wall street journal poll" shows joe biden leads with african-american voters, 31 to
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bernie sanders's 29%. >> senator biden understands how coalition works. working with coalitions creates a majority. bernie sanders keeps calling it a movement. not so much about coalitions or demographic groups or geographic groups. it is about a movement for social im. this free thing for everybody thing has a demographic in young people but not very broadly supported. i think it will be very interesting, liz to see it played out. clearly at this point, machinery in the democratic party is working coalitions aggregating one group at a time what they hope will become a majority. liz: senator, american voters, do you think they are going for a president of a rebellion or revolution? we're talking now about, you raised this issue a contested convention for the democrat nomination. look at what "real clear politics" is saying. bernie sanders will not earn between 35% and 45%. he may get that.
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he needs 50 plus one majority he needs to win. "real clear politics," quote, pandemonium sure to ensue. the democratic establishment would have to decide whether to endorse a socialist, in which case they would be responsible for the subsequent george mcgovern-style bloodbath. your reaction to that? >> there isn't any question about it, if bernie sanders gets most votes, not majority of votes, they go to the convention, they once again rob him, if you will of what he believes what he earned, the domination. the risk they run is, that his movement supporters don't participate in the election. that would be devastating to democrats. on the other happened they can't endorse him because that means a lot of moderates either stay home or even support, support donald trump. why not? why wouldn't black democrats in the south support donald trump? he has done more in terms of actual productivity on their behalf than any president previous to him. >> including democratic presidents. liz: senator, great to see you.
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come back soon. >> great to be with you. thanks liz. liz: later in the show, a growing debate. will voters turned off by democrats making factual mistakes and errors in their push to score political points, trying to politicize the coronavirus trying to attack president? "washington post" going so far to speculate, this could be quote the president's katrina. critics say democrats are making errors in their attacks. we have former trump campaign manager corey lewandoski on later in the show. other money managersferend don't understand why. because our way works great for us! but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? nope. we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions,
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this morning i woke up calm and unbreakable. tomorrow? who knows. age is just an illusion. how you show up for the world, that's what's real. what's your idea? i put it out there with a godaddy website. make the world you want. liz: we have the president just now arriving in north carolina. our affiliates in north carolina, here comes are the president. are reporting that people have been lining up since early friday morning for this rally that will start in less than an hour in charlotte, north carolina. there is the president now disembarking from air force one. we'll stay on the rally throughout the hour. on to the coronavirus, 80 confirmed cases, six deaths in the u.s. all the deaths in washington state. three residents of a nursing
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home in washington state have passed away. the death toll has risen to 3,000 worldwide. welcome my next guest, fox news foreign policy contributor, and former state department official, chiron skinner. great to see you. your reaction to these developments? >> shows the global effects of the chinese government under president xi allowed to put forth. if back in december 2019, when the first symptoms arose in a region of china, the chinese government had been transparent, had worked with the public to contain the crisis perhaps we would not see more than 60 countries around the world with coronavirus infections. we would not see the sheer number of people around the globe who have it. both coasts in the united states and places in between, we now have cases of coronavirus. perhaps this would not have happened the way that it is
6:16 pm
moving and we have a lot to contain. there is still a lot we don't know. the chinese government has not given the kind of information that most nations need to control this virus. so this is a case example, number one, of the global effects of an authoritarian regime that it is not working with the international system in a way that a representative government would. liz: kiron, this has been a problem for decades. the bird flu of 1997. sars, the outbreak in that. swine flu, merz, china has been at the epicenter of major viruses. this coronavirus may have been circulating undetected for the past six weeks in washington state because the potential for mild or even asymptomatic cases. do you think china should step up to start apologizing? >> i think it is more than
6:17 pm
apologizing at this point because there is loss of life. i don't know how much that will do for those who are suffering the ultimate sacrifice. in this case, but i do think, we have to worry about those countries like iran also, that, is, one of the countries that has many cases of coronavirus about their, the way that they function. and the lack of transparency and lack of engagement with the international community including ngos and other international organizations. their inability to support international norms during a time of crisis. the united states and the free world are really up against a, you know, a condition that could affect, so many more people and we're trying to contain it, but we've got to be able to work across borders, because borders, you can't control borders in this way.
6:18 pm
while president trump has declared that the nation-state is the core unit of analysis in the international system, we are also seeing that there are times when you can't control the political and territorial borders of a state. this virus is one example. we need to be able to hold hands with other leaders and health care workers around the world. that is where we're seeing the chinese not being the most responsible partner. liz: enough already, china, right? countries need to stand up to say, literally, what you're doing is killing us the way what is going on with your virus. has been going on for decades. h1n1. the president met with big drugmakers today, pfizer, johnson & johnson. a "gallup poll," first time in two decades, u.s. voters now see the u.s. is leading economic
6:19 pm
power, not china. listen to the president in talking with the world's leading drugmakers, watch this. >> we have the ability to produce large amounts of vaccine. we predict, depending upon the final formulation, 100 to 600 million doses per year. >> when can you have the vaccine. >> within a year. >> if all goes well, $200,000 per month can come out of factory a month starting in august. >> can you use the vaccine that early? >> depends on what we see, how we work closely with the fda which we will do. liz: all right, the president is trying to move fast on this. the vaccine may be months and months away. we have some slight good news out of china, shut one of the rapidly built hospitals, because the cases there seem to be dropping. you see what happens, the president has to sit down with drugmakers to stop what happened in china. >> absolutely.
6:20 pm
you know, listening to that conversation, really kind of lightens my heart because we have amazing medical experts in the united states. when they are unleashed on a problem, combined with our excellent science and technology, backed up by the u.s. government, you get out comes that you don't see anywhere else in the world there are countries like singapore who have worked hard to contain this condition and have advanced testing techniques. my younger sister is a trauma surgeon in northern california. she says there is a lot of panic but there is also a lot of calm, there is just a sense that we know what we're doing. we faced challenges like this before and we come together as a nation. and i believe that is what's happening actually right now. liz: feel bad for the health workers on the front line of this. they're really exposed. great to see you. come back soon. coming up we'll show you why
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liz: welcome back. joining me is heritage foundation kelsey bolar. >> thank you. liz: you know ambassador to the u.n. danny danon that he called israel's benjamin netanyahu a racist. he said whoever calls the prime minister of israel is racist is either quote a liar, ignorant fool or both? your reaction to this? he also said we don't want bernie sanders in israel. >> i think it is understandable,
6:26 pm
not to being taken lightly when you call a world lead ear racist. this all surrounds the aipac conference which, i think we've seen a lot of democrats, this used to be a big tent, pro-israel conference with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer peeking at it. a lot of democrats are polarizing this and trying to turn something it is really not. they're trying to form a wedge between the united states and israel that would be unfortunate for both countries. liz: will this hurt bernie and democrats with jewish voters here? bernie boycotted aipac claiming it was a platform for quote, bigotry? he said at the democrat debeat in south carolina that netanyahu is a reactionary racist. your take on all that? >> calling world leaders racist
6:27 pm
shouldn't be done lightly. i fear bernie sanders is using that term inappropriately. i think his support among jewish-americans is going to suffer quite a bit from these remarks because, again, aipac is, used to not be a polarizing conference. bernie sanders not only made those comments about aipac, he has chosen to surround himself by members of congress and linda sarsoor, who have records of anti-semitic remarks. he has no problem using them as surrogates. this has the effect of normalizing anti-semitism in the united states, in a way, at least in my generation have never seen before. liz: bernie also raised the issue, if he is president, conditioning aid to israel as leverage with israel over palestine. he is also saying move the u.s.
6:28 pm
embassy back to tel aviv, away from jerusalem. bernie sanders did not go to selma, alabama, didn't go to aipac. he also refused to condemn representative i will hahn -- ilhan omar's alleged anti-semitic remarks. he embraced the squad and pro-palestinian goals. so again, what, they risk, democrats and bernie sanders risk the democrats losing important swing states. >> liz, add that to his sympathies he expressed for dictators around the world for castro. you know, that really causes, is going to cause him to lose a lot of support in states like florida where people first generation americans have come to the united states to flee those types of oppressive regimes. so now we not only have him expressing sympathies for brutal
6:29 pm
dictators around the world but we also have him forming allegiances with members of congress and leaders in this country who yes, have made very serious anti-semetic remarks that all americans, no matter the political views should be able to reject. liz: with bernie sanders bringing up the literacy program under cuba's castro, we spoke to people from south america, they keep saying, venezuela had a better literacy program. so did argentina. it is odd for bernie to keep highlighting first the communist dictatorships education regime when people are suffering and political prisoners in gulags, human rights abuses this. cbs "face the nation" host margaret brennan, asked bernie do you see a political cost of taking on the pro-israel lobby? bernie said yes i do. they have a lot of money and power. he is jewish and proud of it but it is about palestine.
6:30 pm
your final word. >> i have not really see bernie appear proud of his jewish heritage. he ostracized a lot of fellow jews in the united states especially israel. a lot of americans are offended by these remarks whether or not they're jewish or not. i personally find them deeply inappropriate. this again has the, runs the risk ever normalizing antsy semitism. hate crimes against jewish americans are up. many do in the feel safe. that is not okay in this country. liz: it is astonishing. traditional democrat bases are now getting challenged in the democrat party. first it is hispanic base, then the jewish base, possibly even more. kelsey, thanks so much for your analysis. come back soon. >> thank you, liz. liz: tomorrow night catch israel's ambassador to the u.n., danny danon, will john us on "the evening edit" with more of his comments on bernie sanders. just ahead, critics say democrats are making mistakes
6:31 pm
trying to use the coronavirus in beating up the president. "the washington post" claiming quote, this could be the president's katrina. we have run down of errors and mistakes critics say democrats are making. former trump campaign official corey lewandoski will join us next. ♪.
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...and then what happened, daddy? well, before us, there were your great, great, great grandparents. turn questions you've always had into stories you can't wait to share; with ancestry. liz: with my now top 2020 trump communications director at the trump rally. erin, great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> erin, we have another clinton official. leon panetta joining james carville saying bernie sanders nomination could split the democrat party and could split the party and cost the democrats the house, white house and senate in december. >> i'm concerned it could divide the democratic party.
6:36 pm
ultimately will hurt our chances being able to win in november. you know, we have candidates out there. they have a lot to offer this country. but the most, the most important things now. not promises. whether or not they unify this country. whether they governor then country. liz: your reaction. >> the democratic establishment is concerned about a sanders nomination. we've seen that recently. wonder why pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar would step down with votes already cast since super tuesday to throw support behind joe biden. it is clear they're worried about what policies would mean with bernie sanders, what he would mean as president. compare that to the republican party, we're a unified party behind president trump and we're ready to win again in november. liz: what is really interesting? the president of a wall street
6:37 pm
research shop, saying quote, last week's wall street plunge is bernie sanders rising in the u.s. polls, the risk of u.s. policy becoming more socialist with a hate filled rabid anti-capitalist rising in november. that is why the market went down. "new york times" warning that silicon valley democrats want anyone but bernie in office even if it means voting for president trump. on and on it goes. cornerstone macro, saying sanders policies would cost 67 trillion over the next decade. your take on all of this. now t reacting. >> well it is clear bernie sanders is, he would get rid of tax cuts fueling this economy and putting money in americans pocketbooks. clear, his one size fits all for
6:38 pm
the economy is hurting individual freedom. they are scared, if bernie sanders came in, all the success, all the deregulation, all of america's winning would be undone with bernie sanders in office. liz: let's show these images of rallies breaking out over the weekend. in miami, in support of the president and against bernie sanders. because of bernie sanders support of communist dictator fidel castro and the regime there. rallies broke out for the president and against the bernie sanders and for the president in louisville, kentucky. socialists routinely promise free everything, promise free health care and even permanent jobs. the government needs to take everything that totalitarianism. we know, lenin, russian, lenin, medicine, health care is the keystone arch of socialism
6:39 pm
towards communism. we forget history. venezuelans are saying we saw the government coming toward our backdoor. we said free everything sounded great. all of sudden they were in the house. >> well that's right. you see that these freedom loving american patriots stand up, week after week, to not only support the president but stand against socialist big government. there are a lot of immigrants come to this country to flee socialist dictator regimes. they want freedom. they ban the american dream. they see the american dream with president trump. they see that with president trump, america is stronger, freer, better than it ever has been. they see what the democrats have to offer at the top of the ticket. their thought leaders and their policy proposals. that means less freedom. more government, less options. that is not the american dream. president trump stands for the american dream. he stands for freedom. no democrat stands for any of those policies. liz: what is tough to run against is what the president
6:40 pm
accomplished for three years. what he has done. breaking news out of gallup. finds that first time in two decades, u.s. voters, americans now say that the u.s. is the economic powerhouse of the world, not china. your final word? >> well it is clear that president trump's policies are resonating across america. americans feel better about the economy. they feel better about their lives. they feel better about the direction of this country because of president trump's putting america first. no democrat can match that it doesn't matter who is at the top of their ticket in november. liz: erin, thanks for joining us. great to see you. just ahead, we'll take on democrats and making mistakes and trying to use the coronavirus to beat up the president. "the washington post" trying to claim quote, this could be the president's katrina. but we've got the errors and critics say that democrats are making them. we also have trump campaign official, former campaign official corey lewandoski with us on all of this next. ♪.
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♪. liz: corey lewandoski is former trump 2016 campaign manager. he joins us now from the president's rally tonight.
6:45 pm
great to see you, cory. >> thank you for having me. liz: critics say democrats are making mistakes, trying to use the coronavirus to beat up the president. "the washington post" claims this is the president's quote, katrina moment. your reaction? >> well, look, the democrats are in complete disarray. we've seen additional candidates dropping out of the race to coalesce joe biden who called tomorrow super thursday. he doesn't know what day of the week. the last thing they should worry about this administration's response to the coronavirus which has been swift and precise and we have the vice president in charge of our response to make sure every american is protected to the best of our ability. liz: dana milbank of "the washington post" tweeted on friday night. remember this moment, president in south carolina called the coronavirus a hoax. the president didn't say that he said democrats politicizing coronavirus, that is the hoax. watch this.
6:46 pm
>> very dishonest people. now the democrats are politicizing the coronavirus. you know that, right? coronavirus. [booing] they're politicizing it. we did one of the great jobs you see. how is president trump doing? oh, not good, not good. they have no clue. they don't have any clue. they can't even count their votes in iowa. [laughter]. this is their new hoax. liz: you know, cbs news scott pelley corrected michael bloomberg. michael bloomberg tried to falsify say that the president said the coronavirus is a hoax. he didn't say that. >> he didn't say that. the fact that the democrats want to politicize this issue because they completely void of ideas for the american future. donald trump has laid out a plan. we saw it at the stock market did today. the largest single gain ever. more importantly than that this administration has a plan to deal with the virus. i think that for once we should
6:47 pm
put partisan politics aside. make sure that the best people in our country are coming up with a solution, headed by the vice president, secretary azar, the administrator of cms and very competent people in our government working together to make sure that the least amount of people can be affected. making sure we have a swift response to that. this is not time for partisan politics. liz: let's show the viewer what we found in terms of white house response to the cron crone. it dates back to january 2020. here is democrats basically saying, potus has no plan. the cdc does have a 52 page plan. biden and bloomberg saying potus is cutting funding to nih, cdc. associated press said that is wrong. he actual pushing to get more money. here is the reaction from the trump administration to the coronavirus. here is the timeline. starting in january, january 20th. here's the thing, cory. when you have doctors, warn when
6:48 pm
you politicize an issue the public loses confidence in what the government is doing. >> there is no question about that. only in washington, d.c., is not giving an agency all the money they requested, which is 20% increase a cut. that is not what took place. the president made sure that our resources are dedicated in the right place. we have a comprehensive plan. we saw the vice president just an hour or so ago greet the american people in a live press conference, what our response is. what the democrats don't want to talk about that. they want to talk about the fact what is going on. joe biden doesn't know what day it is. now that buttigieg is out of the race, klobuchar is out of the race, they will focus stealing the election away from bernie sanders. i'll tell you what, this president has done more to make sure our country is safe over the last three years than the last administration has done. liz: how will they steal it away
6:49 pm
from the bernie sanders, when it is a rule change agreed to? bernie agreed to that in 2016. >> i'm sure the bernie people said to this. the superdelegates stepped in to basically gift nomination to hillary clinton. bernie sanders doesn't have the 1991 delegates going into the convention. those delegates are worth half a vote. superdelegates are two votes. superdelegates are congressman, governors, senators. they will be adults in the room, they will steal it from bernie even if he has the lead in the delegates, doesn't have the requisite 1991. they will give it to joe biden just like hillary clinton and they will end up with the same result. liz: cory, your reaction to a federal judge in the district of columbia that hillary clinton must be deposed over her private email server? children:may have to sit to be deposed and give testimony.
6:50 pm
your reaction to that story? >> well, look in our country, just is supposed to be blind but what we've seen, when you're a hillary clinton supporter, there is one set of rules. when you're a donald trump supporter there is a different. this is a step in the right direction. if hillary clinton committed a crime as it related to having classified information on an unclassified server, whether that was in someone's bathroom or someone's bear. , -- basement she should have to answer that because she served as secretary of state doesn't excuse a potential violation of the law. if a judge rules she has to testify, she has to go give the deposition. liz: corey lewandoski, great to see you. >> thank you so much. liz: come back soon, corey. with us a lou dobbs with a look-see what is happening with his show. great to see you. >> great to see you, liz. just as you were talking with corey we're going to have the man who led the court fight to get secretary, former secretary of state clinton to give her deposition.
6:51 pm
tom fitton, the head of "judicial watch." we'll have the latest for you on the coronavirus outbreak on my show we call it a pandemic because that's what it is. we're not waiting for the united nations or for that matter the department of health and human services to declare it a pandemic. it is what it is. we'll also be joined tonight by alex azar, the secretary of the department of health and human services. also dr. mark rupp, from the national quarantine center in nebraska, on the very front lines, fighting this coronavirus. please join us for all of that at the top of the hour. liz, good to see. >> lou, i have a quick questions. i've been all over the hillary clinton email server story. >> yep. liz: i think when hillary sat down she said i can't recall in 21 of the 25 answers to the "judicial watch" lawsuit. i don't know what we can expect from this. it is interesting she is now been deposed. >> this would perhaps be a little different questioning
6:52 pm
because the fbi, she apologized, they didn't include that in the 302s, record of interviews. by the way they gave six of her people immunity which is never done. so there are a lot of questions to be asked that have never been asked. i'm looking forward to "judicial watch" having the opportunity. liz: striking i remember. immunity in an fbi probe. great to see you. >> thanks, liz. liz: great to see you. just ahead europe's open borders policy now breaking down. it is happening now. violent border clashes erupting. why? turkey says to europe, we'll release millions of asylum-seekers, you, europe, you have to step up to take part in this burden. the story next. ♪. (howling wind)
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(howling wind) ♪ ♪ elizabeth: complete and utter chaos at the borders with greece, it's ap in-- an increasingly violent situation. police have shot dead a syrian migrant. he was trying to get to europe. the border clashes are growing. why? turkey announced it's not going to hold any longer, it's not going to hold back potentially more than three million people that turkey took in as part of a deal it did with europe in 2016. let's bring in national border control counsel, hector garza. turkey's saying to europe, time for you to take on your share of
6:57 pm
the burden. we're seeing viability clashes with these individuals throwing rocks and objects at the police. this is a big border fight. >> well, this is what happens when we have uncontrolled immigration. we're going to be seeing chaos at the border. it's no different than what we saw earlier this year in california. this is what happens when these leaders message to the world that they have open boards. it's dangerous -- borders. it's dangerous and not good for that country. elizabeth: here comes potentially 3.6 million, yes, million with a capital m, refugees, asylumming seekers heading into europe via greece. greece is now, officials saying we fear an invasion. europe has had an open borders policy, but now, hector, this is a rerun of the 2015 refugee crisis when just a million crossed into europe. now we're talking potentially four times that number. >> yeah. so europe has to get serious
6:58 pm
about border security, and they're going to have to step up their efforts along that border. because getting that many people and having that uncontrolled immigration, it's very dangerous for the communities, and it's going to be very dangerous for europe. elizabeth: okay. so we've got -- here's what else is happening with greece and turkey. there are border camps, tens of thousands of people from 64 different countries, not just syria. it includes afghanistan, iraq and angola. so here's what's happening. you see what's going on. hector, this could permanently change the nature of europe forever. in other words, europe's open border policies could be gone. we don't know how europe's going to handle this. remember, germany took in, you know, hundreds of thousands, millions of people. your reaction to whether or not this could change europe forever. >> it definitely could. it's going to change europe just like we've seen illegal immigration here in the united states. europe is going to be facing a lot of big changes because
6:59 pm
you're literally opening up your country to the entire world. and most of these countries have serious illegal -- i'm sorry, serious immigration laws that need to be respected. and that's why those laws exist, so we can vet the people that come into our country. unfortunately, with this type of chaos and mass illegal immigration, we will see a lot of security issues, we will see terrorists, we see people with dangerous criminal backgrounds entering europe. and it's no different here in the united states, that's why we're very tough on border security and support president trump. elizabeth: the u.s., according to mit and yale, yale university, the u.s. has taken in 22 million people who are illegal immigrants, illegal aliens already. we have 22 million inside our borders. that's according to yale university and mit. >> the is a compassionate nation. final word, hector. >> very difficult. and bringing it back home to the united states, we've got to thank president trump for all the work he's done.
7:00 pm
because of his hard work in dealing with this issue as a regional issue, we thank you him for safety and security. elizabeth: great to see you. thank you for your service to the country, and thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the coronavirus outbreak around the world is worsening. more than 90,000 cases confirmed now, and importantly, more than half those cases have recovered. but also almost 3100 have died, the vast majority of them still occurring in china. in this country the death toll has risen to six. all this as america's public health officials race to prepare for the onset of what likely be, we're told, a severe national outbreak of this contagion. which the federal government and the world health organization


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