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tv   Maria Bartiromos Wall Street  FOX Business  March 7, 2020 12:00am-12:30am EST

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hero. just let the volatility died out. to make it a level little so thanks everybody great ideas. for more check out this week's edition of barron's roundtable and don't forget to follow us tom homan thank you for joining us. lou dobbs is next. have a good weekend. ♪ >> good evening i'm greg sitting in for the vacationing lou dobbs, president trump showcasing his leadership in front of the american people comforting survivors of a major natural disaster, he was meeting with health officials of the forefront of his administration fight against the coronavirus, the president today signing an $8.3 billion funding bill to confront the virus pandemic and a stellar job report. the bureau of labor statistics sure 273,000 new jobs added in the month of february and the unemployment rate dropping back to a 50 year low of 3.5%.
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here is how president trump reacted. >> the job numbers just came out and their credible. the job numbers were tremendous and we picked up close to 80000 new jobs from last report. and if you add that up it's over 350,000 new jobs and they were shocking to the people that were analyzing them. >> then the president jumped on air force one leaving washington to serve nashville, tennessee, there are some of the pictures of the president talking to officials. this was created by the powerful deadly tornadoes before leaving the president delivered his message of hope to all of those affected. >> i have a message for the families of those that lost their lives, we love them, they are special people, it's an incredible place, incredible state, tremendous heart, already you see people rebuilding. and it took place literally hours ago. great people, great state and
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they have great leadership in the state and that's why it's working out. >> from tennessee the president touched down in atlanta for a visit at the centers for disease control to see firsthand the efforts underway to stop the spread of the coronavirus. tonight 299 cases in the united states and at least 15 deaths across in more than 100,000 have been infected and more than 3400 killed. the latest tonight, we turn to correspond it jonathan in atlanta. reporter: president trump visit to the centers for disease control and prevention comes as the administration is trying to fight the coronavirus threat while also reassuring in american public concerned about what the outbreak can mean the public health and the economy. >> they heard there was a problem in china and that's when they started working on this. that is why we are in good shape review the president and cdc officials are monitoring developments on board the grand.
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enter process as it waits on the california coast. >> were expecting a helicopter to land to bring us the virus test kits. >> moments later a military helicopter delivered the kids to the cruise ship with 3500 passengers in cruise on board. public health officials became concerned when a 71-year-old man with pre-existing health problems died from covid-19 after returning to california from a previous cruise aboard the same vessel. >> a total of 35 have shown flulike symptoms during the course of the 15 day cruise. many of those people have recovered and are no longer showing flulike symptoms. >> today the vatican confirmed its first case of coronavirus while pope francis continues his recovery from a cold. the director general of the world health organization urged all nations to make identifying and containing coronavirus
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infections a top priority. >> every day we slow down the a pygmy is another day closer to having vaccines. which can in turn prevent infections and save lives. >> the w.h.o. estimates the fertility rate of covid-19 to be between 2% and to 3%. that is based on series of enough to receive medical attention. so the actual numbers may be lower, nevertheless they are increasing concerns over large public gatherings in fact this year sxsw conference in texas scheduled for next week has been canceled for the first time in its 34 year history. in atlanta fox news. >> thank you very much. joining me too talk about this fox news medical correspondent doctor mark siegel. good to see you. i think you're more likely to die of the flu then coronavirus. >> no question about that. >> was put on the screen, here's the numbers.
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this is just in america. the flu, 45 million cases in the last five months, 46000 deaths, the coronavirus 15 deaths and 299 cases. and yet, when it comes to the flu americans yon and say yeah, 46000 death so far this year. >> and the flu shot, i'm try to get everybody to take because of these numbers. >> why the mass hysteria over the coronavirus when it's far more lethal to have the flu. >> first of all, they are similar in the world health organization has never given us the facts properly and never been forthcoming and honest about this. when i say they are similar, i mean the death rate is definitely less than 1% for this virus responses to six we have coming out of south korea. what is south korea do, we know
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them well and they have an advanced healthcare system, they did what were about to do on monday, they screened over 200,000 people, found 6000 people they did not know that had this, most mild cases as the president said, when you test more people you get more mild cases. in the death rate is about .7%. it's probably lower than that when you count people not even being tested. guess under guess what else, the flu has the death rate of that. and guess what else, a lot of people can make them sick and get better. the flu and as you pointed out is something we are overlooking in the midst of the crazy hysteria. >> 46000 deaths and we don't blink an eye and you have 15 people who die and everybody freaks. i want to put up another full-screen, you are talking about the mortality rate, here it is versus other viruses, look at the bottom of the screen. exponentially higher mortality rate for sars, mers, 35% and
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back then there was concern, a lot of new stories, but there was not this frenzy. >> you are getting to what the other problem is, a part of this has become so politicized, anything to attack president trump, is the trump virus, what are you talking about, he jumped in and cut off travel to china early in the game. decrease the flow and spread of this virus to the united states. one of the reasons the numbers are still low. that was back when we could isolate and identify cases. now were at more of a time when it's spreading to communities and we have to promote this other thing we are promoting, handwashing, distancing. but guess what that works for, the flu and that's what we need it for, if i can teach people out there to wash their hands and stay away from people who are coughing and sneezing, we will cut down on the flu deaths. >> is the world health organization incompetent?
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>> i think they're overly political especially at the top level, i'd say the word incompetent but the word tied in with china, i think they're playing a role in helping china not bring this out. by the time we heard about it it was already there for several weeks. why is that, why is one of the top officials at the w.h.o. in charge of diseases originally a chinese health official. >> the president has signed $8.3 billion spending. we will put on the screen what isn't it so that people understand where the money is going. i would suspect that you think this is a good figure and will do real good? >> i have no problem with this figure. a big chunk of it is going to go towards the testing, public partnership which by the way you would never get on the democratic candidates running for president, could you imagine bernie sanders with a private
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public partnership under medicare for all, it boggles the mind. they pretty talk to quest diagnostics, lab core, you can test, i test for this thing next week extensively. and you know what i'll use it for to calm fears, to say you are panicked, you do not have the coronavirus. maybe you have the flu, i'll test the flu and coronavirus to calm fears and people will get the idea it's not that widespread. another big chunk will go to vaccine research. it's time we have a coronavirus vaccine, several months away but we need the funding. very good money very well spent. >> last question, as the seasons change in weather warms does that mean that the coronavirus will decline or abate? >> i have a theory, i'm not alone, doctor fauci has a theory and it does not necessarily apply to the virus because we don't know yet. let me show you something that's fascinating, and singapore
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85 degrees today, and humidity is 85% and it's raining, there's 117 cases, the government is going crazy trying to contain it. there's 117 cases and has not risen. in south korea where it's 40 degrees almost 0 humidity, over 6000 and merging, why is that because respiratory virus like cold weather in south korea and low humidity. as the humidity rises and as it gets hotter i'm expecting this virus to diminish as the president said and got mocked for it. >> that is why we have seasonal flu because in the warmer weather it goes away. >> respiratory virus tend to be seasonal, this one is probably no exception. >> always great to see you. coming up next jerry nadler, you know him. he shows he does not know when to quit in his quest to overthrow president trump, you will not believe what he is threatening to do.
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subpoena information on hunter bidens work in ukraine. he says he changed his mind after senate homeland security ron johnson promised any interview of the witness would occur in a close setting without a hearing or public spectacle. mitt, just a reminder, you did not make fuss about the public of the radical dems made during their share of impeachment hearing but that is too big for your little head. lawmakers are reportedly struggling to come up with the deal to reform fisa and extend expiring intelligence programs, congress has four more working days before provision of the fisa program to expire. both republicans and democrats have yet to come up with a plan. what a shock. joining me now john solomon award-winning investigative reporter fox business contributor, editor-in-chief of his new media outlet, just the news, people should check it
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out. the new presiding judge of the fisa court james boasberg as issued in 19 page order and opinion and i read it, we will put on this screen, the comey, mccabe and the rest of the gang were dishonest, they concealed from the court that pays work for the fbi, they omitted that page had been honest about his contact and they altered a key document and they hid christopher steele the expert of spy was biased and not credible, they covered up who paid for the information, the clinton campaign and the dnc. they deceive judges about news reports and concealed exculpatory evidence but most of all the judge points out that in january 2017 the fbi learned that the whole dossier, the basis to the trump russia hoax
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was phony and made up and they did not shut down the investigation or stop the spying, they accelerated it. it is unbelievable. >> it is unbelievable but what does this reflect, james boasberg is a brand-new judge, he sat with a blan blind eye whl these things came out in your book in my reporting and the great reporters who worked on this and there's a new sheriff in town and maybe the fisa court is getting a little tougher. but it's a small step of banding these employees from appearing before the court over the next few months until it's resolved which ones engaged misconduct and which ones did not. it's a small step for accountability of what went on. that list is atrocious. it shocks the conscience of everyone in america who values liberty. >> it also means there should've been no special counsel because in january 2017 was several months before he was appointed. there is no evidence that
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justified a special counsel. what disturbed me from james boasberg's opinion and order, the fisa court is not taking any responsibility or blame. he does not say, hey judges why didn't you examine the evidence, challenge its sufficiency and legitimacy. why did you not do your job, you did not hold hearings. my goodness, this was a warrant to spy on a presidential campaign. >> red flags all over the application. if you sit there as a judge in october 1 month before the election is essential allegation comes in against the republican nominee you might want to ask any chance coming from democrats or an interested party, the judge did not hold a single hearing, this is why the president is holding out for reforms, he wants a different way that the fisa court operat
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operates, that's why were in the potential area where we might seen the law expire for a period of time even though fisa has an overhaul so it could be important, it's been so abused the last few years someone has to hold out to get the changes in the president is taking the lead. >> there is a new story out that came out a couple of hours ago, christopher steele the experts by, anybody else was responsible for the three year nightmare with the phony dossier now says he will not cooperate with william barr in john durham, here's the quote from christopher steele, i would not cooperate if i were him either because there's a criminal referral against him for lying. >> the smartest thing that christopher steele said in the whole interview, i think i've said enough and that's probably exactly right. he should've stopped talking before he wrote his dossier and we would not have gone to the
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crisis. he has no credibility and i remember a few months ago politico had a story, natosha was the reporter and she said the ig found christopher steele credible, that's another great steel whoppers because we know from the ig report he found him anything but credible. he is a tragic character in ms. figure because the inflicted upon america as a foreigner and it was an unnecessary crisis. >> you have been all over the hunter biden varese my story, you wrote a lot of news on that, are you encouraged that ron johnson, chairman of homeland security committee hat appears to have enough votes to subpoena key witnesses and the burisma ma hunter biden corruption scandal. >> these are on answer questions. to be fair to joe biden, weed audit answer those questions if he's innocent, it should be clear that he did nothing wrong and if he did then the state department official saul we should find that out and ron johnson, the senator is on his
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way to getting the facts. i bet you we will learn some big surprise oblations in the next few months. >> i wish we had more time but you have a great story on your website entitled the gop governor, it's boomer ringing on a soros backed prosecutor. a quick analysis. >> everything that happened to president 122016, 17 happened in missouri and the law enforcement got exported to the heartland of missouri, a false indictment caused a governor to resign to learn later the charges were made up in the witness said she dreamed up the allegation, we took down the governor with a false indictment, that should trouble all of us. it did not happen in washington happened in middle america. these are being exported all over the united states, bad for democracy. >> is an incredibly detailed story on your website and worth reading every single word, it shocks the conscience. great work.
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good to talk to you. we would like to hear your thoughts on all of this, share your comments and follow lou on twitter out the dobbs in like him on facebook, follow on instagram's at "lou dobbs tonight". lou will be back on monday, he will be talking to judicial watch tom fitton, attorney sidney powell in china expert michael pillsbury, we hope you will join us then. coming up next the latest absurd claim made by hillary clinton, there are so many to choose from. plus jerry nadler's band of radical dems are out with new threats for current and former members of the trump administration, you will not believe that. we will take it up with sebastian gorka after these messages.
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>> jerry nadler will not quit
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his attempt to overthrow president trump. his judiciary committee is appealing a federal appeals court saying house dems do not have the right to force testimony from former white house counsel don mcgann. they finally argue, if information comes to light about serious presidential misconduct at mcgann's testimony reveals a president trump committed criminal obstruction of justice, the committee would have to consider rather to recommend new articles of impeachment. christmas comes early. gerri and his band of radical dems argued that last week's ruling leaves them with extreme measures, you better sit down. like arresting high-level officials, sgt of arms knocking at your door in arresting you. yeah right. be sure to vote, the evening to radical dems what ever give up their pursuit of overthrowing president trump, cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. if you thought nadler was nuts,
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let's talk about hillary clinton. refusing to accept the blame for any of her political wrongdoing and or hulu documentary she reportedly calls herself the most investigated innocent person in america while discussing her e-mail server scandal. remember destroying a 33000 documents obstruction of justice, remember the espionage act violating that 110 times. joining me now sebastian gorka host of the salem radio program, america first. former strategist to president trump, author of the work for america's soul. good to see you. hillary clinton has said a lot of stupid stuff, she pedaled five different lies about her server and every time she got caught in the life she would event a brand-new one. and then of course when she ran out of lies she clammed up and
12:29 am
said i don't recall 39 times. does she live in some alternative universe where up is down in true is false? >> first is first, can i react to the nadler news. >> we are going to get to that. >> hillary clinton said she is the most investigated innocent person ever. >> let me tell you what hillary clinton is. she is the most corrupt politician in american history who is committed scores of felonies who have never ever faced a day in court. this is a woman who thanks to james comey we know it put at least 108 top-secret e-mails on a unclassified server, every single one of those is a felony. you know who is the most innocent politician to be
12:30 am
investigated is, donald trump, $14 million spent, 20 months of the mueller persecution, 40 fbi agents, hundreds of subpoenas, hundreds of interviews, if somebody is innocent, they cannot find one crime. the impeachment articles were not even crimes, you know better than anybody. so maybe hillary was thinking about president trump when she said most innocent person to be investigated so much. >> the impeachment was comedy. if it weren't so tragic -- it was a shakespearean tragicomedy. all right let's talk about jerry nadler, he lost on impeachment, he lost in the d.c. circuit court of appeals and now he wants to appeal the appeal and he i


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