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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 9, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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all sorts of false promises and had political ties for massive loan for himself which he said he would pay back announce up to the courts. kennedy's next, i will see right here tomorrow night, have a good run. ♪ ♪. kennedy: fake news. the president blaming media and democrats and guess what, they are all blaming the president. welcome to coronavirus 2020, it is a whole new election where everything turns into a political knife fights. that's the coronavirus away. the question is can we all behave long enough to actually solve this crisis earlier today, the grand princess, nancy pelosi. [laughter] at least 21 people on the cruiseship tested positive for the virus. all the passengers going to quarantine on military bases hey sailors. here in new york, mayer de
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blasio said the city has not ruled out shining down the subway system. he's going to give us our rickshaw rides. it is the biggest such system in the nation. they also said the disease could be around until september according to the cdc. there are more than 550 cases in the united states, we are told there have been 206 deaths, many of them at that nursing home in washington state. fortunately, 14 states is not yet have any cases that should alter their borders. but rather than working together, everybody is pointing fingers including senate minority leader chuck schumer. >> rather than spend the week in washington to grip on the crisis, the president was once again golfing at mar-a-lago. i don't want to guess at the number of times this president has criticized other presidents for doing the same thing. the federal government's initial response to the coronavirus was slipshod at best. it has greatly hurt the
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country, and it falls at the feet of the president. the buck stops with him. kennedy: oh chuck, the president shooting back on twitter, the fake news media and their partners the democrat party, doing everything within it some considerable powers, they used to be greater, to inflame the coronavirus situation far beyond what the facts would warrant. surgeon general, the risk is low to the average american". here's where things start to get weird believe it or not. the president and vice president were both at sea pack last week, shaking hands and taking nays. one person, who was there has tested positive, he reportedly shook hands with c pack chairman matt schaap who then shook hands with the president. his wife works of the president every day and now at least five republican lawmakers were also there, were also shaking hands like it's going out of style and this is gone out of style. they are all in self corn team. so will politicians ever
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realize that we are all of this together? let's make tonight's party panel with that host of that no leaky show informer bernie sanders campaign surrogate mickey is here along with real politics cofounder and executive editor tom bevan and looks who it is comedian posted a brand-new show fox across america with jimmy failla is here. >> will get me all prettied up. >> congratulations champs. >> you're wearing a tie. kennedy: it would've been a sparkly bowtie if he had actually clipped when on tonight. [laughter] >> i am just excited i have a job i can admit to them public as you and i discussed earlier. it's a big deal. kennedy: it is not helpful tom going back and forth i know everything is politicized, i get it, but every once in a while, maybe it's once every couple of years everyone has to get together, like when steve scalise was almost assassinated and you had paul ryan and nancy posey together
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arm in arm at the congressional softball game and they were doing their best to unify the houses of congress. can't we have something similar right now? if not why not? >> we cannot because it is an election year end quite frankly the media, the way they've hyped this is a bit irresponsible. and there is a sense that it is about donald trump, i think. the other problem with this too is something that's been going on for a long, long time is eight loss of faith and institutions buried whether it is congress, health institutions, supreme court, you name it. americans have lost faith that our government, the institutions that surround us and supposed to support us, they are not doing their jobs anymore. so that contributes to the fact, aside from the dysfunction of washington which is clearly been going on for some time. >> . kennedy: that's a good point, only had to senate minority leader calling out members of the supreme court basically
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threatening them and then you have the president, demanding more from that other members of the supreme court recuse themselves in certain cases it has all gone bananas. but joe biden has a way to look presidential here and even he can't help himself. he is attacking the president, and the president is damned if he doesn't damned if he doesn't bird if he tells people not to fly in from china when the virus starts, he's being a phobic. and if he tells people don't stand too close to anyone sneezing your arm and wash your hands a bunch, then he's overreacting as well. >> i think it is less to do with the xena phobia and how he tells people how to act and more to do with his control the situation here. we have a cdc that has been under austerity essentially with donald trump we have his lack of understanding of just. kennedy: what with the cdc -- practice and restoration did inherit those rules from past administration.
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>> also severely underfunded and this is going to be the legacy of the trump administration is massively cutting government programs. kennedy: i wish that was the case. [laughter] >> if only that were true. >> i don't know that your goal is going to keep you from catching the coronavirus was somebody who doesn't have it. kennedy: i'm sure medicaid is not either. bureaucratic government institutions are going to act. >> listen if you have a food worker doesn't have access to healthcare and cannot afford prescription drugs or even test if they have corona. kennedy: what drug? tell me what drug tell me what drugs go ahead tell me what drugs. >> drugs mr. president that the second part of the conversation. kennedy: so it stands in the way of the free market coming to market with? >> if the eft d.a. did not stand in the way we'd have that fake thing she was creating if we did not have
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this government oversight we would have a lot of medications out there killing people for god knows what that's about of mine. kennedy: that's not the failover government assists excessive governors who realized she's completely fake. >> they went to the governor and they totally -- so i've very cavalier about this -athon i have for long time i think my immune system is too strong for what's going on here. i have white castle for two nights a week there's no way coronavirus is taking me down. there's no chance of that right now. i feel like it is a disgusting place to be as a satiety when this for all intensive purposes this is a health 911 does that sound crazy like it 911,. >> yes that's crazy. >> the level of national threat that we are just bus to shut up and figured out. is what i mean by that. there's a moment in new york as a cabdriver post 911 marbling through a cap on there and tennant didn't cut
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each of their offer three days pay by the fourth day we were back to giving the finger doing everything i buy like that. kennedy: and then every thing got back to normal. >> the point is we are not in that level of threat, the mortality rate on this if you happen to be under the age of 80s pretty all right. i'm not saying to downplay mitt not take a serious, but the fact that we can't just put politics aside. kennedy: 10% of cases get serious of those 10% only 10% get critical. that's phenomenally low. so 90% of the cases are nonserious and 99% are noncritical. >> you're making really good points for a guy who spent the last 20 years without getting by out healthcare. i had web md. if i got shot you have to run me to the nearest wi-fi signal and that was my life for 20 years. kennedy: one of the hardest parts of the fight against coronavirus is battling all the misinformation, particular on social media like facebook and twitter. by now i'm sure you've all
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heard the conspiracy theories about how this crisis might've started and a secret chinese lab, but there is no evidence of that in scientists are suspect that ground zero was a market selling exotic meats with bats. now if you go online you can find countless links to cures and potions and creams none of them work. they are all reportedly websites that promise you secret information about the virus. instead they steal your personal information. i'm looking at your grandma. [laughter] so too are the claims that people are rioting in the streets of various countries. facebook, youtube, twitter they have to take this nonsense down as fast as they possibly can in a pops up all of the time. it is like information walkable. but near times investigation finds dozens of posted videos in every language, how convenient. so how can we avoid the bs and stay safe? tom bevins, you are an information merchant. [laughter]
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so i am, we do a lot of culling of information and we are living in the most complex information age in human history. it is the first problem we are consuming more information on daily bases that people used to consume in weeks or months. so it is uncommon upon the platform themselves to try to regulate that as best they can't it's also incumbent upon news consumers to make sure so that is the ding ding ding. >> to make sure they are bearing attention being very discrete and selective on where the receiving affirmation from. that is one of the problems quite frankly, you look at my kids getting staff from god knows where it instagram. kennedy: my 10-year-old got a google classroom alert. i think it's fake that said all new york city public schools are closed. this is not true. that is absolutely no information that verifies her claim and i have to remind her that i work at a news organization. i know whose job it is to
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verify strange claims all day long and no one from our team has been able to verify that. nice work. i think she was just trying to get over my eyes until tomorrow. so she can sleep till ten. >> we are at the time they were the giving up on snow days that try to get corona days of a complete expo all day. >> colombia shut down, yale university. >> my love and you'll have the same thing he said dad cools closed. is it how did you get wi-fi in the bar? where you hang out right now? i'm a responsible parent. kennedy: visible hands are good clamps shot glasses. [laughter] but tom is right about one thing if you are getting your news on facebook, you are doing it wrong. >> thank you so it's fine too post pictures of your kat your family gathering, or you and your best at happy hour. but if that -- the anti- vax groups with this is just no big pharma effecting ziff pay for new vaccines.
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>> that's the goal. >> it so easy though i have news alerts popping up on my phone from official news sources. it takes so much work to actually not engage with news online now we open up twitter and e-mail their signs in the middle of the street now they give you updates on the news, sponsored by the associated press. i don't actually know who is only living on facebook and facebook chat rooms. you have to willfully be in that space. kennedy: the good news is brian williams had a double transplant today. >> while dodging sniper fire at. kennedy: and their bodies floating past him. [laughter] >> it was a madhouse. >> this is part of the problem, not this information willful disinformation but the hypo by the media, even the mainstream media and prestigious outlets are really hyping this beyond so he's making good point can i build on for a second? because they are such a rush to weaponize anything they can
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against this president. they hate him on a personal level that is rendered them in cable of object of analysis. they hate him. i'm not saying they want people to dyer and anything like that but they have to dump this on him. the reason i know that too is something we discussed, as they are now warning us that we should not be going on cruise ships as if anyone who cares about their health was on a cruise. it's a 24 hour floating buffet with the casino. no health-conscious person says yeah i will go there. the point is something like that, the fact her tongue went twitter different information, twitters and home of disinformation they are all having the stuff is of it's new. it's that we've already known but it feeds and hysteria. and it is cheap and discussing i'm not happy. kennedy: distrust but you have to verify. >> i'm not happy i'm not happy your mother is very disappointed. >> you are said to wash out your mouth with cabbage and
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kerosene. [laughter] [inaudible] [laughter] it's crazy. 60% chance kerosene clears out your throat. kennedy: corona not polling well. [laughter] not at all. [laughter] the market is also going nuts today thanks to not only the virus, plus a major drop in oil prices. that crash, so how can you protect your sweet sweet. [inaudible] got it martin? in the house in the flesh, we'll be right back.
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kennedy: well, if you like money, today was a rough one. if you like it rough, then you are in heaven. the dow at its worst day since 2008 dropping more than 8%. a plunge in the sp 500 had a trading halt to stop the bleeding. that comes amid coronavirus fears and most importantly an oil price war between russia and saudi arabia. both a bunch of jerks purred earlier tonight president trump promising help is on the way for american workers. watch. >> we are discussing a possible payroll tax cuts or relief, substantial relief, very substantial relief. it is a big number. we are also going to be talking about hourly wage earners getting help, so that they can be in a position
9:19 pm
where they are not going to ever miss a paycheck. we will be working with companies and small companies, large company's, a lot of companies so they don't get penalized for something that is not their fault. it is not their fault, it's not her country's fault. kennedy: like the payroll tax cut. nancy pelosi has to blame someone besides the virus. pointing her bony i see fingered the president. >> fully know about the dow is that they want certainty. they want to have confidence there is a plan. and i think what is happening is there is a reflection of the lack of competence. kennedy: so is the president handling this correctly and why did he create the coronavirus and election year? joining me now chief investment officer scott martin. >> something like that why did he create the virus that is named after posey's favorite choice of drink? kennedy: chardonnay notes
9:20 pm
corona. >> no chardonnay viruses next year. [laughter] hopefully, they are trying maybe they will regenerate her. very interesting day as you mentioned with the markets great day of red is your favorite color. kennedy: the oil market crash for the dow opened. the dow was way off before futures before trading even started. so what happened? >> that was already in a bad mood because of this lack of confidence than scum up losey is talking about it does factor in the trade but also the fact that things are getting worse -- they will get worse before they get better. >> is this a manufactured war with the oil crisis? >> it is frankly tying back to the u.s. because of got sanctions in russia -- we've got enemies and saudi arabia, breaking news we already know. in those two countries monks fighting amongst each other in the sandbox are finding ways to hurt us in the process. kennedy: why did they want to hurt us? >> because they don't like us because were starting to
9:21 pm
dominate the world in oil which was their ballgame for decades. kennedy: now we are an exporter. talk about disinformation campaigns, russia has been the biggest drivers of anti- fracking advertising. >> and anti- fracking advertising is so detrimental to consumers. it's on us as bad as when parasailing him out their debut music album. talk but influential problem. it's also effective, kennedy we don't have to rely on that foreign oil anymore. that stinking foreign oil that i so hated to put in my car. when i come to fox and haptic. kennedy: so why do they need america to fail? it has a big old threat to them? >> it's a threat to them we are becoming an oil player in the world and they don't like it. what's funny too, we play the sound for chum, he talks about help on the way. it's kind of one-sided help its republican help in its help on the way, but it still feels if i may say we are without a net. grateful dead album. because it's thinking of okay we've got republicans trying
9:22 pm
to help, and the got the democrats here, pelosi and company trying to make it more difficult to help and/or to hurt the american people. kennedy: that's of bums me out they have no problem hurting workers, cheering for economic failure because that means the president's demise. so if the economy really craters, is there anyway if it keeps going in this direction that it rebounds by the november election? i mean that's with the presence looking at right now. >> i think the man got the timing just a little early. the way the markets are trading, tom bevan talked about it previously. we are digesting information and digesting information really gives me atomic. we are digesting it so fast these days by the time it's april and may, and maybe things are worse for the coronavirus united states. maybe it hasn't turned into the pacifico virus and that's a graybeard too. by that time them markets are already rebounding and turning out because every once trading on what's gonna happen past
9:23 pm
april august september. that's the advantage, maybe it's a law early in the fact that maybe there's another manufactured crisis. it would be great if we had come to god there to fix the problem. kennedy: coronavirus could settle itself at least in the short term and all of that could play through. >> and we invest people money in the market gets ahead of this topic a turnaround tomorrow. kennedy: gold is doing very well. i love gold it's gold. thank you scott, good to see in person. meantime tomorrow a major primary day, michigan is a big prize so what are the biggest issues there? i mostly be joe finish off crazy bernie? charlie leduff live from detroit is up next. ♪ ♪ hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise.
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you had almost an identical lead to four years ago over the same socialist senator? hillary clinton. you know who squeaked out an astonishing victory in michigan over petunia pantsuit bernie mother loving sanders. then sanders is hoping to burn the wishy-washy poll numbers that have been so wrong in the past. bernie knows the math is not in his favor. with pete buttigieg, amy klobuchar and thomas are out of the way he also knows he was supposed to lose bigley four years ago thanks to bad data who only is landline to contact voters in 2016. that is crazy nonsense. it is all mobile numbers this time around? no, sanders is down by 27-point who answers the home phone? nana and peapod that's who. bernie has not been scoring vote to more golden americans and other states, so that's not a good sign. the insured governors love
9:29 pm
senior moment, joe biden because he is real. [laughter] if bernie loses michigan he knows it's over. the democrat machine kicked into high gear by institutionalizing and sidelining moderates. pete and amy, with what promises i'm sure it's weird but to be fair, democratic socialist or some of the most dogmatic authoritarian sins and all of politics. requiring a cultlike loyalty to the collective cause or else a sanders sidekick aoc threatens to primary any nonbelievers. so he can shove it on that front, he doesn't same thing. i hope bernie wins and for no other reason just for another underdog victory because we deserve crowded and chaotic field heading into milwaukee. democrats are so worried about consolidation that they have forgotten joe biden's tender brain is softer than warm butter or that they are very much still a nationally prominent woman and the race, chelsea gabbard. democrats are writing biden
9:30 pm
blinders hoping their good intentions will neutralize the dimmitt reality they're fading front runner still has a million gaps to make an mountains of hair to step before they officially nominate him. if they can get joe's carcass over mounts michigan, they might build a force bernie out. with the dream scenario will turn into a nightmare once the buyer's remorse sets in and they choke on sleepy joe's old car smell. and that's the memo. kennedy: with michigan primary voters casting ballots tomorrow lot is at stake for crazy uncle bernie. back in 2016 his win over hillary clinton was a shot of adrenaline hurt he tells michigan voters that biden supported bad trade deals and an ill-conceived iraq war. so are they still hot button issues for michigan voters? joining me tonight from detroit author and pulitzer prize winning artist is charlie leduff. charlie it's so good to see her. to make it's good to hear you
9:31 pm
and i will even know what i'm doing here you pretty much said it all. kennedy: note that such are you are the man on the ground andalko voters every day. they have been underserved by both parties in a lot of ways. they are looking for answers. so what can happen tomorrow? >> why he said, see like you said, bernie was down 20 to 25 less setting he won by two. so he loses and we get biden, so what? what happens? there are not voters i talk to they are neighbors and community members. here is really what's going on. the economy is fake. you saw a little bit of a coronavirus care, no fundamentals they are, nobody's got savings, nobody's got wealth. your wage did that. from its gone. so here's how we are really living. our roads are amongst the worst the country, that's a federal issue. our schools are the worst in the country that is a federal issue. our power grid is one of the worsening country, that's a
9:32 pm
federal issue. flinch, less than 50 days of the statute of limitations kicks in and not one person is gone to jail, not $1 been recouped, if you want to win here, let's say in the general, it's over. like the big puffy dow is over. you better talk to us about something. we spend a trillion dollars we borrow a trillion dollars last year, the federal government so the economy could grow one half of a trillion dollars. where is the infrastructure? where's anything? that's really what it's about. it's always been about it, and that's what's going to become in november. kennedy: that's was can happen with medicare for all were spending $30 trillion over ten years. where do you think we get that money from? we're gonna borrow it from china. china is cratering, they are going to support our healthcare? what happens mccann pay that bill? what happened to detroit when they couldn't pay that bill? >> we can't pay any bill and everybody knows it. we are borrowing, we are
9:33 pm
cutting interest rates we are hoping to live in a 401(k) but that's not happening. so where do we go? bernie maintains. there is a core, a third of the country a quarter of the country absolutely digs what he is saying. kennedy: does he resonate enough with those voters that he could pull out a victory tomorrow night? >> hears thing about communism and socialism paired they do a great job of identifying what's wrong with capitalism, but their answer sucks. [laughter] that's why he's not gonna win. kennedy: it's very true. it's like that a bowl of virus, every base kind of scared about but when you actually get it you bleed from the inside out. it's not cool. >> my cool is for the green and new deal but she feels it doesn't go far enough. meaning she wants a unicorn and daddy wants ice cream on a sunday. you give me that and i'm there. that's what's happening we are realist. kennedy: i am willing to let
9:34 pm
gary die, charlie. >> will i gave it up for lent and i feel great. kennedy: i gave up a lot of separate lands including dairy. >> you i gave up the chatter out there. i gave up radio in my car. i actually commune with the almighty and my own self tuning into what i want as a michigan person. what i want? >> you'd make a hell of a shaman, charlie. come losses with your presence when you're back in new york. it's always great to talk to you. meanwhile it sounds like a socialist sanders is ready to throw the kitchen sink against mccright insider joe biden. and he's ready to push all of the right class warfare buttons in the process. he is bernie earlier tonight talking smack about biden on a fantastic fox news town hall. watch. >> joe is been in the senate and i have been in the senate house for long time.
9:35 pm
joe voted for the war in iraq i was opposition. joe voted for wall street bailout after issue after issue of even in terms of how we raise funds for our campaigns. joe has the support of 60, at least 60 billionaires. kennedy: i wish i had that kind of support, imagine the christmas gifts prevented new cnn poll biden's tapping burning by points. in the last few days biden earned endorsements from former comley harris and cory booker. star's criticism of sleepy joe falling on deaf ears? the party panel is back. nomiki you know bernie sanders best. all of the stuff he said about the establishment and fighting the establishment, it's all true. is he getting an unfair shake from the party and from the media? >> yes, and i say that is somebody he was on the reform commission to help reform the rules of the democratic party process. at the end of the day, i'm knocking a boy with process,
9:36 pm
but even from the way the debate is being held this week. listed in the past candidates would negotiate how the debate was held. not the dnc, not the committees, tom perez who works for the obama administration decided they are going to do is speeded debate. kennedy: president obama does not like bernie sanders and he has made that very clear to surrogates that have bernie was too comfortably in the lead president obama was getting get off his gilded keister or do something about it. which clearly has not. but obviously looking from the inside out too. >> he saw the cherries he made phone calls behind the scene to prevent keith ellison was a neck and neck for the chairs race and he made phone calls him a toy and both he and jared, his advisor to sway certain voters to support on the second ballot and then tom perez one on the second ballot i think they're going to do all they can let's be real, barack obama wants to preserve his progressive legacy.
9:37 pm
kennedy: it's not really progressive visit? so i think some areas yes and ways it didn't work. think is too close to wall street. joe biden said he would appoint dimon who had a heart attack three days ago is secretary the treasury. that was shocking and shows how little he has learned in the area since the economies crash. kennedy: r8 you've got joe biden in the lead, his fortunes have reversed in about ten days. this is insane this is unprecedented. so it will joe amend ten caring and through november? what happens? >> 2016 was a big mist. charlie mentioned hillary clinton had a 25% lead to the polls a loss by.half. i'm sorry biden is up 22 or so, we had a bunch of poles out today showing biden's leading from 12 to 30 points. is there still that magic available to bernie sanders in the state of michigan? it doesn't feel like the same
9:38 pm
way, given how things have progressed over time. it feels like bernie has a bit of a ceiling that is not able to break through. kennedy: there are more older voters in michigan than younger voters. by a wider margin they said bite joe biden and historically they go out and vote more. younger voters under 50 do favor bernie sanders, but so far these past contest they haven't shown up. >> they have not shown up and you look at the difference of african-american voters in a place like detroit. biden has significant advantages and because bernie is not getting that kind of support from young voters he is at a disadvantage. kennedy: is a magical thinking on the part of democrats that joe biden is actually the savior of the party and country customer. >> yes they have fired up this guy. he is on offense right now you know how trump is gonna boycott the st. patrick's day dinner. he biden cities would never do that against its likely just acknowledge i want them to win so bad because they deserve that. they want to beat tromso bad
9:39 pm
that we are watching a sequel to the notebook. instead of losing his marbles and fighting his wife at the end he loses his marbles and endorsed him to run for president he doesn't know it's going on you cannot objectively. kennedy: he is excited to run% at. [laughter] >> we hold these truths and the thing. you people were trying to evoke the 25th amendment. he's got old mandy 73, is losing his marbles. now we have a 78-year-old i don't know up plan he is on his joe bridges from hotshots hawaii? on sosebee in oklahoma. please nominate him. kennedy: after he realize it's the wrong week to quit sniffing. smack he has no idea and they're all running along we like joe. happy people they have to no shame. he's out of his mind. >> that's one of the interesting things about his resurrection, he is not changed at all. >> they are all like zero he's great. >> the circumstances around him of change.
9:40 pm
he hasn't changed. >> they have no idea. kennedy: to them he's a quadriplegic and a magical soup. he is now able to walk. and they have convinced him it's under his own power, and it is cool. [laughter] >> and astroturf campaign the last week has been the way for the establishment to do that. kennedy: the big question is would you rather get coronavirus or bedbugs? we are going to discuss that with the panel. once again stick in our nose and the 2020 race and she seems to be wrinkling the democrats, whining about being investigated, that is next. that's her right there. oh, gosh. no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. it's really great. well, i'm just so glad to have met your beautiful family.
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♪ ♪ ♪. kennedy: are you not freaked out and paranoid enough? at this week we you can veg out with the one thing that is scarier than the coronavirus,
9:45 pm
hillary clinton. a new four episode document were hillary dies deep into her scandals of her personal life. then ghazi, the pesky private e-mail server. >> there is no regulation against it, there is nothing against it. everybody knew i was doing it because they were all elite mailing may. >> how do you investigate it person in america, that's why this is not just politics. it is deep cultural stuff. kennedy: that's what roger stone said his hillary clinton the most investigated person in america? and why for the love of mayer pete while she just go away? the party panel has returned nomiki jimmy and tom. when is she parachuting in? >> she office they cannot quit this thing. the presidency is a disease only curable by death. [laughter] it sadly it's going to take death on the age of 97 years old to get over this. she wants to be president really bad. we have all been a bar with is
9:46 pm
a girl outside he wants to get back in. and the bouncer has us arms folded listening to her ranch and raven on some sickly. [inaudible] >> just let me the oval office i get my credit card. and they never come back out and that bouncer knows and she's not getting it. the timing of this is not coincidental, not in that family where everything is so calculated and so well calibrated that this came out right now, in the middle of a divisive primary where they think they might be on a the verge of a brokered convention, who could emerge. kennedy: and it's a series coming out in a podcast, which means she is not going away but she's also not talking about anything new. i think in the democrat party, you have a lot of tough candidates who have left the race, but they really went through it in a way that she did it. and that you time she ran for president, so what is your endgame? truly? [laughter] >> i don't know. >> i know.
9:47 pm
she released a book, the did a speaking tour, they cannot give up the stage. what's ironic about this race, is it is turning into a replay of 2016. sanders versus biden, the outsiders versus the establishment. your tongue but michigan again and all these things. there is hillary clinton standing in the wing saying look at me look at me. democrats do not want to relitigate 2016 and she just won't. kennedy: as obsessed as she is with the president and the presidency, she still has a lot of vitriol for bernie sanders. oh my gosh that clip was timed perfectly ha ha funny hillary clinton keeps popping up as elizabeth warren steps down and launches another bernie breaux attack. she's obsessed about the bernie bros in the mind of the voters who may have gotten over whatever messaging there was out there that bernie -- people have come over to bernie's side. but they have to remind them, no, no, no, he is responsible for donald trump.
9:48 pm
and she can't because the thing about the bernie movement is, other than the fact that 70% of people under 50, it's that it is a solid base. it is a group that is loyal to the movement, loyal to the issues and she never -- just because joe biden people don't get it they don't focus on people they don't understand why they are part of the movement. instead they say anytime joe biden is attacked it's russia language. when hillary it was bernie and russia. they can't just take it. kennedy: and james comey and misogyny in some women who listen to their husbands who force them to vote for donald trump. >> take responsibly look internally. kennedy: she never lands on oak, well maybe it was my fault. >> the one point she made that i agree with when i will sing to fox across america for jimmy fail from noon to three. kennedy: oh it's rather have bedbugs or coronavirus? sue met coronavirus in a heartbeat. >> recoated.
9:49 pm
>> corona. great night thank you all congratulations jim, topical storm is next. do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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kennedy: today is national meatball day. i don't celebrate because mine are made of brass.
9:53 pm
[laughter] that is for italy and this is a topical storm. topic number one, if you eat 12 big macs and one day, you are a disgrace to humankind. but, if you eat 32, you are a world champion. you know him check outcome competitive to theater chowing down on 32 big macs there's more empty calories than this show. halfway through he goes from loving it to losing it. sweating like elizabeth warren taking a dna test. his body revolting like an elizabeth warren stump speech rejecting the chemical influx like a voters did elizabeth warren. # too soon. but the man of alum munchies stomach at all for the glory of his guts after this he was seen fighting with coronavirus propers over toilet paper at costco. congratulations joey chestnut. now the world record holder for the most big macs eaten and that sitting.
9:54 pm
the world for the most fingers is held by mayer bloomberg. i am a billionaire. topic number two, today it was commonwealth day in the united kingdom, and all eyes were on the orissa cats for many known as prince prayed that they are mr. and missus markel fulfilling their last, the official royal do his last minster abbey, mega having a klobuchar three and dress with a handbag where she keeps terry's meatballs. here's a couple, taking ins the courtyard, megan later ordering those women to be executed before seeing the royal relatives to the final favored should the throne. after the service of megan excepting flowers from her during public. they are big fans of the show suits, look who else attended the common wealth they
9:55 pm
activities. you guessed it, prime minister justin trudeau going a little overboard with the makeup. big fan though. a little early for halloween, sir. spreading the joy, nonetheless and the signatures snazzy style. topic number three, okay, here's the cutest video you will see all week and according to the world health organization may be the rest of your short life. for michigan a boy and his husky howling together. watch. [laughter] [laughter] you that there is nothing to do in a walker michigan, how cute is that? a young boy and his dog doing their best elizabeth warren impression. only they have more of a following. a huskies how can be heard up to 10 miles away it's pretty amazing. i held like that of my prom
9:56 pm
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