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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 24, 2020 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching. and remember -- you can't take it with you. the market, we'll be back tomorrow. david: good evening i am david asman in for lou dobbs, who remains home on self quarantine, he is fine and symptom-free. we'll speak with him shortly, we're waiting a briefing from president trump and his coronavirus task force, as scheduled for white house later this hour. we'll be taking that live once it begins. president trump and republican party leading in the response to the coronavirus. the president calling on automakers, ford, tesla and general motors to make ventilators and other products to assist in the fight against the virus. trump administration pledging to go after the price gougers and
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hoarders of medical supplies for those in desperate need in the nation, republicans doing their part, bringing a $2 trillion stimulus package to senate floor to provide aid for american working families. but democrats are blocking relief, playing politics with the well being of the american worker, mitch mcconnell today railing against democrat party's effort to use this stimulus package for their party's pet projects. >> here are some items on the democratic wish list over which they choose over which they choose to block this legislation. last night. tax credits for solar energy and wind energy. provisions to force employers to give special new treatment. too big labor. and listen to this, new
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admission standards for the airline. are you kidding me? david: democrat resistance to a stim less -- stimulus bill felt on wall street. you can see. congress attempts to pass a major relief package for the coronavirus, u.s. surgeon general, jerome adams reiterating a call for americans to follow recommendations to stay home to mitigate the spread. >> i want america to understand, this week it will get bad. we really need to come together as a nation, as a nation's doctor, i am here to help america understand how we need to stopped -- respond, where i come down every day counts, every second counts. david: joining me now fox news
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medical contributor dr. nicole sapphire, also a radioa a -- som reading the stats on mortality rate of the virus, as awful as it is, it seems pretty stead 1.3% in u.s., it is well over 9% in italy. i take it as good news, do you? >> you know, i still think it is too soon to tell, i think it will go less than 1. 4%, those are based on those people who have been tested. we know there is a large ai amot of people who have note been tested that are likely infected. my hope is we'll see a mortality rate less than 1%. but i am frustrated today watching partisan politics play out, republicans and democrats,
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they are just sitting there, going over my neusha, they don't want to rescue missions for businesses that keep people employed and help our unemployment rate, they trying to slash reimbursement for physicians in hospitals while calling out for first responders, doctors, nurses and ancillary staff to work on front lines, worker tented hours with limited protection, how can they be out there asking for us to do, that and they themselves cannot get it done, they say we'll pay people less but continue to pay their salaries, i do not understand. david: doctor it is nothing short of disgraceful, we do have lou dobbs, he is holed up in his home, he is demanding, to speak to the public to his public about this. how disgraceful it is, we'll wel about that coming up, i have to ask you about new reports on symptoms, we are getting a some
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reports people lose their taste, their smell as a result of the virus, we're -- we tend to be somewhat hyp in in the u.s., soe people who may not need one. may just have a temporary spell of something, maybe just a headache from night before. >> let me tell you, second we finish this report, everyone will think they have this, you are right, there are reports not only out of france and south korea and china and italy, and actually in united states, that some people say, they presented with inability to smell or taste, they were describing it as maybe making dinner, they could not smell it, they were patients with more mile illness. -- mild illness, they suggest maybe this could be an early
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sign of infection. bottom line if you have these symptoms, i would not necessarily run out and get tested. you don't need a test unless you have a fever and have known positive contacts. >> we have a collection of real medical geniuses working on some kind of -- not only a cure, we're working on getting a vaccine as well that could take a long time but what is -- when you look at all of this various illnesses that we had to deal with over the past 20 or 30 years, i don't think that we've had one, maybe hiv where entire world is united oncoming together to find a cure that gives me hope. >> this does, there were effort with sars vac reason vaccines
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underway. those viruses were contained. hiv, that is something incredible that we really will continue to talk about for decades to come. who would have thought several decades ago now we would have a medication with a 99% protection rate against hiv, people are living with hiv longer than with diabetes. entire world is coming together, same way for this novel coronavirus, world health organization, launched a solidarity trial this last week. frying 4 different types of medical combinations, across the globe, we have multiple trials in u.s. alone i am extremely optimistic that we'll see more data come out soon, the vaccine is not our saving grace right now, we'll see that early 2021. if that actually works, that
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will help us later on. david: let's leave it on that feeling of optimism. dr. sapphire thank you so much. >> thank you. david: coming up next president trump prepares to lead a news confront of his coronavirus task force, we'll bring you president's remarks as soon as he enters white house briefing room. >> and left wing national media trying to sew division between dr. fowch fauci and president , dr. fauci is not playing their ♪ yes i'm stuck in the middle with you, ♪ no one likes to feel stuck, boxed in, or held back. especially by something like your cloud. it's a problem.
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materials made from recycled plastic woven and molded into all the things we consume. we created bionic and put the word out with godaddy. what will you change? make the world you want. david: the national left wing media, doing their worse to create a riff between president trump and dr. anthony fauci. a reporter from science magazine asked for fauci, how are you managing not to get fired, dr. fauci answered, that pretty interesting because to president trump's credit even though we disagree on something, he listens, he goes his own way, he has his own style but on substantive issues he listens to what i say, and listen to question from cbs' manager yet t
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brennan. >> you said this week, that you differ from president in his assesment that a combination of two drugs hydorxychloroquine and combined could have outcome. >> i am not disagreeing with fact, but my job is to prove that definitively they do work. i was taking a purely medical scientisscientific stand point d president was trying to bring hope on the people, there is san issue of trying to separate the two of us, there is fundamentally not a difference there, he comes to it from a hopeful lay person's stand point. david: nice try there. and changing headline 3 times.
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to apiece radical left, after dems stalled coronavirus relief bill, first headline read democracy block action. -- democrats block action, they changed that headline to satisfy readers upset with the original true assessment. headline now reads. emergency economic rescue plan in limbo as democrats block action. >> let's bring in host of this show, lou dobbs to weigh in on this in "new york times," what do you make of that? lou: i think that "new york times" should be embarrassed beyond belief. it just ridiculous, and also they have misspellings in the today headline. i don't know. it a sad commentary. but the second part of it, does not overcome one thing. the truth is that democrats are blocking this and have done so twice, and it is outrageous.
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to try to push through the new deal on the back of the american worker, american family, who have been so disruptive by this dreadful disease, this is a stonishing. i hope this the president gives them straight forward response to this. it is justi just -- inexcusable. >> he can just use the president -- could just use words of the people themselves in congress. whether it is house or senate. jim cliburn from house said this a tremendous opportunity, this meaning stimulus bill to restructure things to fit our visioned. vision, we have bob menendez from new jersey, how many times are we going to get a shot at a trillion dollar plus program.
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they are almost, you can almost hear them just wishing that it could get worse so they could get more money. lou: their des pierin desperings pathetic. the democrats, benefit greatly by mitch mcconnell simply saying that you know telling his republican members, go ahead, gag and then vote. i can't remember the sequence. vote then gag, but, telling them to give the democrats what they want in previous bill. the democrat are not reciprocating for the american people, to add these nonsensical issues around the energy new deal of the democrats, fantasies, into this is astonishing this delays aid to the working men, women, their
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families and to businesses to small business that drives this country. my god, it is inexcusable. just to think that the democratic party has come to this. this is just -- beyond pathetic. david: you haveb friend their fs in media, we talk about "new york times" there is a repeated attempt to drive a wedge between anthony fauci, everyone agrees is brilliant man, doing heroic work in dealing with the virus, to drive a wedge between him and the president, it wonderful to see these attempts fall flat, whend dr. fauci says absolutely not true. lou: yes, and not true, and further more president has been right. about those two drugs. hydorxychloroquine it is just
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amazing, that is now being prescribed, now holds great hope, the president of the right, fauci was wrong. because he said that president is speaking as a layman, he is speaking as a president of the united states whose responsibility is for lives and safety of millions of americans. who actions by this president, you know, depend. it is just stunning to see what is going on, even the way the -- you know there is a florida man, "new york post" had a wonderful story tuck th he took the drugst turned his life immediately, as i understand a few more treatments, everyone wants trials to be safe, but for people who on their death beds this is so far a lifesaver as established by a study in france, which nearly every expert says, is the basis to precede directly. david: and by the way, coming up
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in next segment we have a doctor from university of minnesota, not only france working on it there is a trial program here are in the desperately ill, he will join us to talk about it. but lou dobbs i cannot wait to see you back in the saddle, you take here, all is well in the don't'well loudobb's house old,? >> we're spending quality time together, my wife and i, no symptoms no fever, thank god, i look forward to returning to show as quickly as management will permit. david: thank you lou dobbs. lou: i should say this is day 10, my wife and i began our 38 anniversary day one. david: oh. >> well, on self quarantine. david: happy anniversary.
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not happy quarantine. lou: this is a happy quarantine, my -- i just want to say too that. our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone where symptoms, and who are struggling with this terrible disease, god less you all, thank you, take care david. david: talk soon, joining me now, former congressman,. jason chaffetz author of deep state, a lot to chew on, let's start with role of since you were a former house member, role of congress in playing politics -- with something that is affecting everyone's lives here in the united states the -- and world. >> it is despicable. see the worse of congress, in particular speaker pelosi, who comes galloping back from vacation and trying to insert things that have nothing to do with release package to av entourage ma man or woman suddey
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found themselves with no job, no income and nowhere el to get a job, even they are be abled boy person. he wants to change the amissions for airlines that has nothing to do with it. david: if shows a complete ignorance about what makes this economy work, what makes it work is more than just pay outs of a regular basis. for those who either have lost their jobs or are worried about losing there are jobs -- their job, we need are jobs, to have jobs, you have to have a stable company, whether they are large corporations or small businesses. >> well unfortunately. congress sees lobbyists working overtime from kstreet to make sure they are feeding at the trough by piggybacking on a 1 to
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2 trillion dollar stimulus package. every lobbyist you could think of is calling their senator, working with that staffer, trying to inject their pet project to this massive thing that will get passed and sign to law. but the democrat are holding it back, you are right, because they don't understand the basic fundamentals, these people don't have another week or two, if your rent is due on your restaurant you just opened in april, there has go the to be relief and some sign of hope coming up now, otherwise they have on fire everyone. david: the gotti yeah question. with dr. fauci and media trying to place a wedge between him and president trump. how do you think media will come outlooking. >> shame on media, they don't know what questions to ask, all
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they try to do is drive a wedge, hats off to dr. fauci, he has been fielding questions from the clowns trying to show division, where there is not, if donald trump had not let out closed our border to chinese coming in, in january it would be a far worse situation, they have work to do, let them do their work. david: jason chaffetz stay safe thank you. >> thank you. david: we would like to hear your thoughts on this share your comments follow lou on twitter, @loudobbsic like him on facebook. follow him on instagram, dr. mehmet a oz and michael pills ps abou-- pillsburgy pillsbury our guest tomorrow. >> and all over the country,
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seeing if drug hydorxychloroquine is cure the coronavirus. coming next. announcer: there are everyday actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases. wash your hands. avoid close contact with people who are sick. avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. stay home when you are sick. cover your cough or sneeze. clean and disinfect frequently touched objects with household cleaning spray. for more information, visit this message brought to you by the national association of broadcasters and this station.
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david: the university of minnesota testing a drug that could help those with coronavirus, researchers look 2 malaria drug. hydorxychloroquine as a potential preventive cure. with s th -- with success. university finding 1500 patients to participate in trial, joining me now dr. timining on -- timiie you worked with dr. fowc nowchyh
5:29 am
great success. >> you know early work in 1990s around hiv we learned how to rapidly deploy the drugs to clinical trials, built networks, we -- to get results quickly. the vaccine trial that has been on going that we started last week, through one of networks that was set up to test hiv vaccines, the infrastructure is there, we can quickly deploy them get answer faster that research work we did around hiv, that still on going, but that work was a great help in figuring out how to approach this problem. david: let's talk about the hydorxychloroquine, is the purpose of this drug to prevent you have getting coronavirus? or for treating those already infected?
5:30 am
>> so, we're actually doing two studies. a first study with hydorxychloroquine. colleague of mine has study, here looking to see if you give hydorxychloroquine to people who have been exposed to virus but not necessarily infected. to prevent them from getting infected that an open-ended question, dr. fauci has said we need to know the drugs and need to understand through very rigorous clinical trials, if they work, how they work. that is what what we're doing with hydorxychloroquine. we have a couple other studies on going people, one for people who are infected but not symptommic. then third study is a nih multicenter trial, with remdesivir. a gilead drug, we're giving that
5:31 am
to people who are most ill to see if we can turn the infection around. david: i heard in interviews that you have done before,ing is suggestion some of these could be generally available in weeks not months is that right? >> hydorxychloroquine is now available, it is used in several conditions, other drug is a drug. low sar -- losartin, a high pressure drug, we have season to believe it will keep people from getting sick with the disease, we provide, that and remdesivir is not fda approved, they are phase one trials. david: hydorxychloroquine, is generally available, is there any regulation or red tape that would prevent someone from taking it on their own? do you have to get a prescription. >> yes, a prescribed drug.
5:32 am
you have to get a prescription. this is off label use. it is approved for the rheumatoid conditions. so, yeah, anyone who could get a prescription could get a hold of the drug. david: if i, for example, if i happen to be in an environment, in which there has been exposure to someone who has tested positive for coronavirus, could i go to my doctor now, and ask for a prescription of this? even recognizing that it may mottnotwork. >> yes, if your doctor chooses to give that you prescription, of course,. but you would hit it. it may not work. we just don't know. there are side affects with the drugs. the -- that know, can cause some people to not feel well. but yeah. you could. david: okay. final question doctor, about your institution there university of minnesota.
5:33 am
it is an extra or extraordinary institution, you have a colleagues that invented a new type of ventilator that costs just 150 to make, it is a pretty ugly thing, but if if saves lives what the heck. >> one of your young guys in the cardioiology came up with this idea, goal was to get it as inex inevensive as possible -- inexpensive as possible they are working on prototypes, this is a real innovation. david: this shows you what americans can do, dr. shacker, we appreciate what you are doing. >> thank you. david: coming up next could president trump to take podium any moment for his daily
5:34 am
coronavirus task force briefing, we will have it for you. >> justice department catching heat for trying to gain new emergency powers during the coronavirus pandemic, now they say there was some confusion, we ask judicial washington's tom fitton about ♪ 1 in 3 deaths is caused by cardiovascular disease. millions of patients are treated with statins-but up to 75% persistent cardiovascular risk still remains. many have turned to fish oil supplements. others, fenofibrates or niacin. but here's a number you should take to heart: zero-the number of fda approvals these products have, when added to statins, to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. ask your doctor about an advancement
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in prescription therapies with proven protection. visit i'm here to warn you about telephone scammers pretending to be government employees. some of these scammers may say
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threatening things like you will be arrested if you don't make payments or provide personal information. do not fall for these tricks. these calls are not from us! real social security employees will never threaten you for information or money. if you receive a call like this: hang up! never give the caller your personal information, like your social security number or bank account, or send money in any form: cash, gift cards, wire transfers or pre-paid debit cards. report the call to our law enforcement arm, the office of the inspector general at: share this information with your friends and family.
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david: justice department defending its request to congress for certain quote mer
5:38 am
emergency powers. saying bottom line proposed legislative particular confers powers upon judges not the executive branch, joining me now, tom fitton, president of judicial watch, thank you. >> the question is any dojtrying tj--trying to suspend happy habs corpus. >> not a sufficient we need full letter and full information that. to say that judges will have a power they previously don't, or done is not sufficient. if there was no issue, you would not need to change the law. they want to change the law to
5:39 am
give additional power to judges to keep people in jail longer than arguably the constitution allows, we need to be skeptical of this, i suspect people of left and right will be. david: and suspicion, i think it worthy this situation, because we have seen what judges can do, they can exert political powers, whether it is regarding the very top, justice department or -- excuse me the justices and supreme court. who could have used their political persuasions to affect their decisions or whether it is the fisa court as we saw approved just willie-nillie 99.9% of all requests they came their way. >> well, raise the point, that it is the justice department will be requesting these
5:40 am
accommodations by judiciary unless the law has changed the judiciary would have been unable to do, this is really the justice department of able to hold people over longer than law currently allows for. i should point ut, i don't just the justice department any more on matters of civil liberties of americans, they have abused president's civil liberties and other morning associated with a- americans associated with the trump team, they ask to put roger stone in jail, some rogue crosrogueprosecutors an extra 45 years than the law requires. why would we trust them to be sensible and not break the law or abuse the rights during a national emergency. david: we need clair clarificat.
5:41 am
meanwhile, fbi suspended compliance with freedom of information requests. you and your group are famous for getting a lot of in. government does not want to give out. they now have an excuse of the coronavirus, and all of the focus that government has on coronavirus to avoid complying with freedom of information act requests. how does that affect you and the work you have done in trying too get to the truth of the matter? >> fbi told us they will not provide anything under the freedom of information act at through march 30, and perhaps longer. that means we don't get any documents, no transparency, they don't see it as mission critical. we'll get no documents. and so no government accountability during coronavirus, i just don't buy it. there is really no good excuse for stopping foia completely
5:42 am
this is the point in time we need accountability from our government, and idea there would be no transparency from fbi, ought to cause concern on the part of all of americans, whether they be left or right. david: weren't you close to getting some information about hillary clinton and her involvement with the e-mail scandal and benghazi? >> that is a whole other matter, fbi found new clinton e-mails about benghazi, and classified e-mails, of course we're told they were turned over already. but, there are other documents. text messages, paige and strzok, you name it a whole host of documents that are covered by this fbi shut down, i am not sure what other agencies are doing, i suspect they will follow suit.
5:43 am
david: adam schiff probably also happy that news cycle is skipping an investigation to his work, in particularly his spying, while conducting russia gate investigation, we went to phone records of fellow congress people and journalists. >> yes, he targeted phone records of rudy guliani and published phone records of others like rudy guliani, and devin nunez, we sued for access, he has come back, nancy pelosi, house council lawyers they came back, coronavirus did not stop them from rushing to court, to try to stop us from getting those records, they take the position, you look at the document, that they have the right to ask for our phone records, spy on any american listening with virtually zero accountability, they could soup
5:44 am
subpoena anyone's phone record, we have to worry about the house spying on us, and obtaining secretly and then publishing the phone records. >> tom fitton, thank goodness, judicial watch is doing the work, thank you. >> we're still awaiting white house coronavirus task force, they are provide their daily briefing any moment now, and u.s. moving to resolve a critical crises in afghanistan, that could derail a planned withdrawal of american troops, kf mcfarland with us after a few quick hey you, yeah you. i opened a sofi money account and it was the first time that i realized i could be earning interest back on my money. i just discovered sofi, and i'm an investor with a diversified portfolio. who am i?!
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david: on wall street stocks closed lower to kickoff the we week. volume on big board, was relatively heavy, crude oil gaining 5%, $23.89 a barrel, and gold surging 5%. silver up 7%. >> boeing temporarily suspending
5:49 am
production operations at its facilities in puget sound area in washington because of coronavirus outbreak, shut down starts on width wil -- wednesdal last two week, a reminder to listen to lou's report three times a day coast to coast on salem radio network. >> secretary of state pompeo announcing a u.n. trip to afghanistan, meeting with two afghan leaders. with 2 unable to come to peace talks. potentially derailing a u.s. troop withdrawal. >> new report saying that u.s. marine corps is looking to change its focus from fighting islamic terrorists in mideast to stopping threat of china. 10 year plan to be revealed this week. that will see marine's cutback on aircraft, get rid of tanks, a lot of them, and slash their
5:50 am
total numbers from 189,000, to 170 thousand, saying that china is now the pacing threat eroding america's military advantages. >> radical dem congressman omar said it is supervill --ville --n level cruelty. >> and joining me now, kt mcfarland. author of new book, revolution, trump, washington and we the people, great to see you, thank you. >> i don't want to waste too much of your time on omar. but it is rich, is it note that she is condemning united states after president trump offered our aid to iran, and it ises
5:51 am
iranian leaders who refuse our aid to detriment of the iranian people. >> look, the supreme leader is in his 80s in poor health, if he wants no help from the united states to combat coronavirus, the wuhan virus, then good luck to him, the tragedy she is not letting his people have access. david: he does not care, that is extraordinary that people in congress who have access to intel would say things that are so opposite to the truth. really disgraceful. a lot of disgraceful things in congress, that not particularly new, restructuring of our military, i found that to be new to me, i have a son in the marines, the shift to fighting or -- approaching the threat of china as the number one threat to the united states it is -- it
5:52 am
is a monumental shift, similar to where we shift from cold war to fighting terrorism after 9/11. right? >> yeah, and that is a good way to describe it, after september 11, we did refocus our military efforts. we thought afghan and iraq wars, i think unsuccessfully, but now trump as campaign promise, and then president, he said we'll divert -- solve the crisis in the middle east, defeat the islamic state here, did, then focus our military attention and security to asia, and in particular to china. i was no national security council in early days, that is the study we launched which was to divert our, 10 attention toward asia, you are seeing the follow on, but other services are doe that as well. i hope in addition we invest in
5:53 am
minhigh technology. unless we united states, as well as civil janni civilian, that ie gain will be, it is cyberattacks and financial attacks, and tanking markets, it will be other kinds of warfare other than just kinetic military warfare, it is also important to look in that direction. david: afghanistan is there anyway pompeo can knock sense to those guys get them to -- >> enough already. >> to do? >> david, enough already, we spent 20 years, trying to give democracy to people who don't want it, and in parts of world they don't matter to us, say good-bye, pull the american troops out, and let the afghans deal with this themselves. i think we have done enough, we have given them every opportunity, they have not wanted it, so it time to leave,
5:54 am
and refocus our attention in places that do matter to us, like asia. david: meanwhile, u.n. secretary-general, has called for a halt to all and i am quoting all armed conflicts worldwide. how successful do -- maybe he is -- you know religious and feels with east ever easter that mighe possible. >> where has this guy been the last month and a half. united nations has been missing in action, what does that international ocean organization is upy on the t -- supposed to e you heard a peep from those people since wuhan virus started ravaging. you heard nothing from them, i think it is rich they come out and say let's have a utopia world, right now countries are
5:55 am
trying to survive to talk about that. it is a nice easter wish, and blessing but. i think they have been missing in action for a long time. so -- they have missed boat, they have passed byio beyond th. david: kt, thank you so much. >> thank you. david: stay with us, we're coming right back. [spoken] life isn't a straight line.
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and sometimes, you can find yourself heading in a new direction. but when you're with fidelity, a partner who makes sure every step is clear, there's nothing to stop you from moving forward.
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♪. david: lou dobbs joining me earlier in the show to discuss the dems latest efforts to derail a senate stimulus bill. listen. >> they are blocking this and have done so twice. it is absolutely outrageous, to try to push through the new deal on the back of the american worker, american family, who have been so disrupted by this dreadful disease. it is astonishing. i hope the president gives them absolutely straightforward a straightforward response to this. it is just, it is inexcusable. david: and by the way, we are still waiting for the president's coronavirus task force briefing. fox business will take that briefing once it begins. so you don't have to change your channel at all. you just leave it right here. that is it for us tonight. dr. mehmet oz and michael pillsbury among our guests tomorrow. follow lou on twitter @loudobbs, like him on facebook. follow him on instagram at lou
6:00 am
dobbs tonight. thanks for joining us. "the evening edit" with elizabeth macdonald is next. maria: good morning, everyone. i'm maria bartiromo, good tuesday to you, tuesday march 24th, 6:00 a.m. on the button. president trump insisting that the u.s. will soon be open for business once again as the war against the coronavirus rages on. attorney general bill barr announcing he's going after people stockpiling crucial supplies. the senate not still to come together in much-needed coronavirus package as more states go on lockdown this morning and more people find themselves out of work. both sides expected to come


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