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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 30, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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couldn't agree with you more, he should have simply thrown this case out and, tom fitton suggested. order an investigation of the u.s. attorneys. byron york.>> still has that op. lou: thank you for joining us tonight. elizabeth: breaking news. michael flynn's lawyer filed a new motion to dismiss the government's case against michael flynn for egregious government misconduct after more smoking gun evidence surfaced that the fbi officials were determined to prosecute the former national security advisor. welcome michael flynn's attorney, sydney powell. great to have you on the show. >> thank you, liz, always a pleasure to be with you. elizabeth: can you tell us what is going on now with your motion to dismiss? >> yes, we just filed a second supplement to our motion to dismiss. this supplement includes 11 pages of documents, the united states attorney from missouri produced to us yesterday as a result of his review of the
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prosecution by the special counsel's office and the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia. these documents include a report that was done by the fbi actually closing out the file on general flynn by january 4, 2017. finding no evidence of any wrongdoing or improper russian contacts or anything that would warrant further investigation in any way, shape or form. then suddenly at the direction of the seventh floor, the tweets or text messages between strzok and page indicate that mr. strzok reopened or made sure the file never got completely closed and started on an entirely different path. they reflect additional violations of protocol by all the people in the fbi that were involved in setting up general flynn. elizabeth: so it seems that peter struck was saying keep the case open against michael flynn,
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do not shut it. later that day he texted lisa page, saying it is quote serendipitously good that basically we're keeping the case open and then she texts back, quote, phew. this son the news, basically more documents revealing that the fbi at that time was either trying to get michael flynn to lie or to admit to violations of the federal logan act. senator chuck grassley was on our show last night saying you should throw the book at these guys. you should hold them accountable. your reaction? >> i agree. he couldn't be held guilty of violating the logan act, aside no one has been. he was doing his job as member of the presidential transition team. that is all he was doing in his job. the government admitted in the case in front of judge sullivan there was nothing illegal or improper about the phone conferences, a phone call that
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kept getting dropped with ambassador kislyak. that was hogwash. brady material said there was no logan act violations. that is one of the pretexts trying to interview him. elizabeth: so the newly-released hand written notes from unnamed senior fbi official show fbi beige cents debating quote what is our goal, truth/admission or get him, michael flynn to lie so we can prosecute him or get him fired. legal experts say this should send chills down everyone's spines, that the inside the fbi, the attitude was, there is violations by the trump campaign. the russian probe was underway. there was a push to do something about it. but you know we talked to legal experts, if you strip away all the names and, you know they're saying this is really constitutional problem what the fish by officials are doing now. the notes also read, quote if we're seen as playing games, the
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white house will be furious, protect our institution by not playing games. so they're riley striking, stunning in these notes. >> yes. they went right about ignoring the advice not to play games. that is exactly what they did because they had a meeting in which they decided purposely to keep him relaxed and unguarded, to not even mention the admittedly recognized requirement of at least mentioning a section 1001 violation, which is a false statement, punishable by five years in prison. they wanted to keep him relaxed, unguarded, not even realizing he was the subject of an interview. if you go back and listen to the entire -- elizabeth: [inaudible]. >> no. he does not recall the word lawyer coming up in the conversation and i'm pretty sure it didn't. i think mccabe's memo was cya thing in the file for himself, that the government relied on here and there, that that same memo reflects, general flynn
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does know this, they had transcripts of his conversations with kislyak. they didn't need to talk to him about those at all. they knew exactly what he had said. elizabeth: you know, by the way, michael flynn shared a video of the american flag. he tweeted out a video of the flag waving in the wind shortly after this news broke. the notes also show fbi officials, by the notes appear to have the initials of william free step, the head of fbi county intelligence division and deputy director andrew mccabe. among caib called flynn said you will meet with peter strzok and another fbi official. that peter strzok and lisa page were debating when to apprise michael flynn of so-called miranda rights under 10. what was your reaction when you saw that in the document? >> i was expecting that also because i already knew from prior disclosures they had decided not to even mention a
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section 1001 violation to him, much less warn him of his legal rights to remain silent. full miranda warnings were not contemplated given miranda warnings. the most they were considering doing, as you know, this could be a violation of section 100or a violation of section 1001 to make any kind of a false statement. that was the most they were going to say. yet, despite advice of counsel they literally did not even do that because they wanted to keep him relaxed and unguarded in case their plan to get him out there have did not work. he wound up being the national security advisor for the new administration entire time. there could be hell to pay. he already knew was trying to audit intel agencies for their egregious abuses. he exposed problems the obama administration had with isis and afghanistan war debacle and any number of other things he had blown the whistle on when he was
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in the obama administration. god forbid we have honest person speaking out, working in the trump administration to get some of this mess straightened out. elizabeth: legal experts we talked are astounded. former fbi directors at the bureau are astounded what is going on with michael flynn. you've been trying to get these documents, you and your team have been trying to get these documents for years. it appears, are we correct in saying, reporting that it appears these documents have been withheld from your team, and are even more potentially more exculpatory documents forth coming? ag barr continues to look over the justice department handling of the flynn case. what is the status of both those questions? >> they already told us more exculpatory documents are coming. they have more to produce. it is obvious they have been held from the beginning of the case. most of what we've gotten so far predates the interview of general flynn on january 24th. then they proceeded to make it
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up from there. because they knew he didn't lie then either. we learned from the i.g. report in december that one of the agent who interviewed him on january 24th had been surreptitiously, wrongfully inserted into a presidential briefing for trump and flynn back in august of 2016 before the election. and that was done specifically in the event that flynn wound up being in the white house and they wanted to interview him later that agent would have a baseline to go go by and ability to judge its mannerisms, to collect information on anything he said they might could use against him later. again that was all secretly. no warning at all. total breach of the trust that is supposed to exist between the incoming administration and the intelligence community. elizabeth: why did michael flynn plead guilty to lying to government investigators after this interview with the fbi on january 2017 about his contacts with russians? was pressured into pleading
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guilty? why did he plead guilty? >> well there were any number of reasons. judge racoff written article why the innocent plead guilty n this case certainly exemplifies everyone of those reasons. number one he incurred a couple million dollars legal fees with covington attempts to get the foreign registration act filed for his company. mounds of congressional subpoenas and demands for production of documents. by august i would say his fees were close to two million dollars if not more. he had to put his house on the market to sell it. special counsel operation started up focused with a laser on him and they were threatening to, they all of sudden they put enormous pressure on him, threatening him to indict his son, who just had a four-month-old baby and indict him the next day if he didn't enter a plea of guilty. come to find out, that did that
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and very next day the news broke about the strzok paige text messages how that was. none of which was disclosed to general flynn. he didn't get a single piece of actual exculpatory evidence. most he got explanation of his lawyers to a couple things wasn't even related to him fully or properly. he was misled to believe that the agents said he was lying when he knew he wasn't. but he was going to accept responsibility for what the government he trusted and believed in said he had done if they thought he was lying and it was communicated back to him. that is what he understood them to say. and turns out that wasn't true at all. elizabeth: you know, senator chuck grassily told us last night that he got a briefing from then fbi director james comey who told him that he saw nothing that led them, that fbi agents quote, saw nothing that
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led them to bleach michael flynn was lying and james comey said he did not believe the justice department would charge flynn. is it peter strzok the one who turned this all around to try to get flynn prosecuted? can you lay that at the feet of peter strzok and who else? >> we can lay it at the feet of i believe of james comey and andrew mccabe and peter strzok because of the text messages that are disclosed now. there will be more evidence coming. we've still a lot more that they have said they're going to disclose to us. elizabeth: all right. sydney powell, thank you so much. you will be back later with us in the show to talk more about this cares and about the emails between peter strzok and lisa page, debating when to tell flynn about his rights on self-incriminating statements in the fbi interview. a lot more show is coming up. indiana republican senator mike braun on the battle to reopen. first-responders are working, hospital workers are hard at work, grocery stores are fiving to get food on the shelves
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome indiana republican senator, mike braun. great to have you on the show. senator, first-responders are
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working, hospital workers are hard at it, grocery store, the grocery stores are working hard, the senate is reopening, 20 states are fighting to reopen. maybe this week, maybe next, why isn't the house of representatives yet opening? >> it is a good question because prior to leaving, march 26th, most of us were on the protocol of what it was going to be like when we come back. so almost all staff was working remotely. there were maybe a few capital employees. so i don't really know what the good reason is other than each step along the way speaker pelosi seems to want to throw a little drama that into it. that occurred the three days trying to wrap up phase three, if you remember. we had that mostly in the bag on sunday evening. it ended up being late wednesday when she tried to throw all the extraneous stuff in. there is no real good reason. we've also had the benefit of watching what you need to do, what businesses have been
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practicing, in terms of what you do, when you're trying to get something done. so i don't know if we'll ever find out the real reason but i think they're coming back a week later. elizabeth: so so much work needs to be done to reopen. safety standards to protect workers. businesses are fighting to get a safe harbor from liability lawsuits to open businesses. republican steve scalise says house speaker nancy pelosi can get the house back to work via social distancing and other safety measures and we also have house minority leader kevin mccarthy basically saying she can do it, she can reopen but she won't do it. pelosi, they're saying that pelosi and her majority want to just sit back, wherever they're at to write bills in secret. your reaction to that? >> obviously i guess that will be their tactic. i don't think it will work. at least in the senate. we'll get back to the business of what we were doing mostly.
11:18 pm
remember i came in as a freshman senator. the government was shut down. we quickly migrated into the impeachment saga. now coronavirus. there were 80 senators weighed in trying to reform health care. whether we even get to that with everything interrupted i don't know. she could be back here. she knows a week's delay. she will have to do it anyway. to me, that costs the american people a week of when we could all be together to try to work towards some of the stuff we had on the the on docket before. anything we might do to finish up whatever the federal government will do additionally for coronavirus that will get down to the issue you talked about. elizabeth: yep. >> every business owner i talked to will pay attention to the rules.
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they are worried about frivolous lawsuits. from what i hear, she doesn't want to do anything about that yet. needs to get back. elizabeth: here's the thing. now we have 30 million americans out of work. 30 million. we're looking at a potential 20% jobless rate. you know, and so, americans are struggling, they're fighting for their lives, they see the house not working, not back to where we were in january. where everything was cushy and thinking that the coronavirus may not be coming to us. democrats acting like they had the foresight to know it was heading here and the president should have done more. those days of back fighting and ankle biting are over. the country has changed. everyone, you know, everyone who moved on from that, the house isn't moving forward. your final word. >> i did two floor speeches before we left on this very moment in front of us. obviously each governor and each state is going to control that
11:20 pm
dynamic. but if we do this right, we can take this to where businesses know the new rules of the new normal. need to have a try. we i don't think can keep trying to replace through the federal government, it is a poor substitute, the real economy, that many democrats seem like they're not that interested in talking about how to do a smart restart. we need to get back to d.c. we need to focus on that. see what we can do to engender it. but mostly let the strong economy that we had before resurge and do it smartly. elizabeth: well the democrats are acting like the house of representatives is not an essential business. kevin mccarthy saying we are, we need to get back to work. senator, you're terrific. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: okay. next is major book lash against this new push -- backlash against this new push.
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♪. elizabeth: vince, it is great to have you on the show. vince, your reaction to this disturbing story? local media in washington state reporting that an inmate advocate group, called columbia legal services filed a lawsuit asking for the state of washington to release an enormous 2/3 of its prison inmates into the community. but that included serial killers and capital murders as well as rapists, all to reduce the spread and exposure of covid-19 in the prison system. washington state supreme court ruled against that in a narrow 5-4 decision. your reaction to that story? >> it is horrifying that it came
11:26 pm
that close. reality, coronavirus is a crisis that is leaving a lot of people worried but for the health reasons and also the economic damage it has done across the country. with that worry, paralyzing so many people in fear, really the response is to add on top of that the release of prisoners including violent criminals from prison into society? this is like a script out after batman movie where the villains decide once society fully locked in chaos we'll open the prison cells and release the prisoners. it is not kind of thing about public policymakers who think about the well-being of their prisoners would do. elizabeth: it got so bad, vince, local media in washington state was reporting and quoting state residents saying they were panicked about even the green river serial killer being released. of course that is not happening but governor jay inslee's office tells us tonight, sentence signing a new proclamation
11:27 pm
commutation order on april 1 1th to stop the spread, it is a little over 6095. 512 individuals are being released. columbia legal services group test us in the oral argument we have never taken a position that every single person who falls into one of those categories should be released. i tell you something, vince, we see mistakes happen all the time with the prison system, mistakes happen all the time. i get what they're saying with the statements. your reaction to mistakes happening all the time here? >> let's be obvious about a real world example. a month ago that florida did this very thing. a prisoner was released in florida for a low level drug offense. immediately upon release murdered someone, that person was rearrested for a second-degree murder charge within a day. there are real world examples of this being a problem for citizens. if you wonder, if at that
11:28 pm
moment, sitting in washington, wherever you are in the world, watching this, thinking, why is it that americans bought guns at record rates at beginning of this crisis? that is a perfect distillation why that might happen. because the reaction to the coronavirus crisis is, to in unwise way, release people from prison among the many things they have done? remember they were asking cops not to arrest so many people in a variety of cities. that creates problems. it makes people nervous and if you have people in prison that you feel like, you know what? they're good candidate for release right now, they're not going to hurt anybody, chances are maybe the way we punish them in the first place should be reconsidered. maybe those people, the correct people shouldn't have been in the prison in the first place. elizabeth: yeah. vince, then the flipside of this, you know, the pushback against draconian shelter in place orders, a judge in illinois has ruled governor jb pretty kerr's extended stay-at-home order exceeds his authority and violates individual civil rights.
11:29 pm
local media in illinois are asking questions about the governor, the governor's family, flying to florida while illinois is under the shutdown orders. your final word on that? >> well, it is a part of a long-running stream of elected officials in illinois who tell their citizens to do one thing. they order them to, then do something completely different. we saw the same exact thing with the mayor of chicago, lori lightfoot, stay at home, hair services can't be done, she went and got a haircut because she insists important public official. she needs seen on television. she is more important than you are. disgraceful way to act. she should lead by example. in both cases neither of those officials are. elizabeth: vince, great toe have you on. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: president trump said china, quote, will do anything he can to make him lose re-election. he believes china wants joe biden to win in november. china denies this.
11:30 pm
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♪. >> i don't think they're going after him hard. i don't know anything about it. i don't know exactly. i think he should respond, you know. it's, it could be false accusations. i know all about false accusations. i've been falsely charged numerous times. elizabeth: president trump weighing in on the escalating controversy over joe biden and sexual assault allegations, basically weighed against him by tara reade. let's bring in our next guest former house oversight committee chair and current congressional candidate darrell issa. nancy pelosi today dismissed tara reade and her allegations of sexual assault against joe biden, saying this to cnn watch this and react. >> i have great sensitivity for any women who bring forth a allegation. i'm a big strong supporter of the "me too" movement. i do support joe biden. i'm satisfied with how he has
11:43 pm
responded. i know him. i was proud to endorse him the other -- on monday. to a matter that he has to deal with but i am impressed with the people who work for him at the time saying that, absolutely never heard one iota of information about this. elizabeth: your reaction to that? >> you know, i think the president was balanced in saying that of course it may not be true but it should be properly answered and investigated and there is plenty of time to do it. for the speaker to dismiss it is an affront to william who bring charges. you shouldn't assume that they are always telling the truth, you shouldn't dismiss offhand because you like some one or endoes their politics. elizabeth: even "the washington post" editorial board now says joe biden must answer questions on this. joe biden has not addressed it. he has not even been asked
11:44 pm
questions about it. he has done dozens of podcasts since march 24th, the day tara reade stepped forward to accuse him of sexual assault. none of 140 questions asked by the interviewers have been on these allegations. bernie sanders officials say he has to stop up to respond to it. democrat super-pac officials say joe biden, you have to personally answer this. business insider is reporting that the biden campaigns refuses to open up the senate papers that could should light on tara reade's claim she did file a letter explaining when she quit, why she quit, explaining what happened. now we're hearing that the biden campaign may have sent people into the university of delaware to scrub his senate staff records. your take on all of that information? >> well, this is the kind of coverup which is worse than the crime. if he made an error in judgment, did something wrong, many, many years ago should deal with it
11:45 pm
now, say he is different man. not try to cover it up. the reality is, this was a credible allegation. there appears to be corroboration at the time. seems like there pretty hard to say there wasn't a there-there, she crested herself at the time. to deny any kind of truth in an allegation that was ignored at the time because he was a powerful senator is to in fact move the women's movement back, the "me too" movement, if you are back decades. elizabeth: you know, i, we've done the reporting. they feel like the democrats are throwing the "me too" movement under the bus. democrats increasingly repeat, they're also, this is what else is happening, they're repeating the biden campaign false talking points that "the new york times" has disputed as inaccurate. the talking point is about tara reade's allegations that biden sexually assaulted her in the early '90s.
11:46 pm
"the new york times" says they did not say that those, that that allegation was unfounded. the talking point, this is the biden campaign a thorough review by the times has led to this truth, this incident did not happen. "the times" says that's wrong. but watch democrat chris coons repeat that talking point. listen. >> "the new york times," "the washington post," the associated press, have dedicated weeks of reporters time to digging in, calling people, contacting people, researching, and they all three have concluded that there was no substance to these allegations. >> you know in washington -- elizabeth: i need a dramamine to deal with that topspin. your reaction? >> you need four pinocchios, people who normally rate the truth, "washington post," "new york times" and others to repeat the fact that these allegations are real, and credible. they may or may not have happened but they deserve the
11:47 pm
proper airing. anyone who wants to misstate what has already been decided, in fact, should be held to what we call in washington the four pinocchios standard that includes the senator who obviously as you say, is topspinning better than the best tennis player ever. elizabeth: you know, senator amy klobuchar told msnbc, quote, i read "the new york times" story. it was very thorough. they interviewed people. we have kamala harris that same day on april 17th saying, she could only speak to the joe biden i know. he has been a lifelong fighter in terms of stopping violence against women. last year kamala harris said she believed biden's accusers. seems the democrats are trying to come to grips with this growing and present danger to the biden campaign. it is a clear and present danger. it is a gathering storm. it is a liability. your final word? >> bottom line is, the, vice president biden was a
11:48 pm
leader on violence against women. he deserves credit for it. this is a different matter. it needs to be fairly investigated. elizabeth: understood. he does deserve credit for that, critics say. you're right on that point analysts would say. congressman, thank you so much. we appreciate you coming on. >> of course, thank you. elizabeth: coming up, back to the new bombshells that show the fbi officials, notably peter strzok tried to railroad michael flynn. we have his attorney sydney powell back with more on the story. >> they tomorrow meanted him, dirty cops, tormented him. general flynn is a fine man. 35 years or so in the military. you don't get to be where he is by being bad. that i can tell you. ♪. ♪ i came across sofi and it was the best decision of my life. i feel cared about as a member.
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♪. elizabeth: we're staying on the breaking news that we brought you earlier that michael flynn's lawyer filed a new motion to dismiss the government's case against michael flynn for egregious government misconduct after, even more smoking gun evidence surfaced that fbi officials were determined to prosecute the former national security advisor. let's welcome back sydney
11:53 pm
powell, attorney for michael flynn. sydney, these bombshells showing fbi officials railroading michael nine. a email chain before former fbi lawyerer lisa page and fired fbi official, peter strzok, showing they were debating when fbi officials should follow the rules and give michael flynn the custom miranda warning. a 1001 warning. your reaction when you saw that? because we, experts we talked to keep saying they can't believe this is going on in america. >> right. well they're talking about how to figure out thousand to just slip it in there because they know, they should do that. but the most stunning thing is not in this production but rather in another one we got that shows that they deliberately decided not to even mention it to him because they wanted to keep him relaxed and unguarded. they knew if they mentioned
11:54 pm
section 1001 as a possible criminal offense that he would know he was the subject of the interview and they didn't want him to know that. they didn't want him to know they were questioning him really at all and they planned and debated to carry it out that way. it is absolutely stunning. elizabeth: okay. so let me back up. we talked earlier in the show about how early in january 2017 the fbi concluded they din, did not have derogatory information about michael flynn. they felt like they couldn't move forward on this then peter strzok says, steps in and says to the fbi case agent, keep it open. then he texts lisa page saying it is sir ren dip thusly good i kept it open. he texts back, phew, meaning pmew. they moved forward and michael flynn didn't have the a lawyer with the interview peter strzok was on with michael flynn. he gets removed from the russian
11:55 pm
investigation because of bias, animus against the president. you see how all this fits together? astonishing what happened with michael flynn. he didn't have a lawyer there. >> it is worse than that. they schemed for him not to have a lawyer there. it came out and elated it went exactly as they planned. he was alone and unguarded, jeff jeff -- jovial around the white house, he thought he was meeting two you friends who stopped by to talk. one had been there the day before to do a briefing to the white house staff. it was a total and complete setup and they didn't even write down directly the things that he did tell them. they were they go out and this new evidence shows that they altered their 302 even more than we thought. peter strzok redid the report of the interview almost completely struggling to keep it in the same voice as its original author, the other agent. of course we didn't even find out until december that the other agent had already taken a
11:56 pm
read on michael flynn, knew his mannerisms all that, made the fact he was telling the truth. that they reported that in three different briefs to the upper echelon of the doj and fbi, which was more compelling which we didn't know, no prior lawyers, nobody knew that that being in the presidential briefing until december of this past year. elizabeth: sydney, also there is nor information that more, more documents that surfaced that peter strzok gave then fbi general counsel peter baker a list of questions that flynn could ask the fbi deputy director, appears to andrew mccabe during a planned phone call, dd, could be aware that flynn could ask him. one possible scenario where flynn says, quote i can explain all of this right now. i did this, this, this, strzok wrote, do you shut flynn down or do you hear him out? so you see, sort of the slant
11:57 pm
against flynn here. >> oh, completely. it appears in number of other places too because they also acknowledged their email traffic showing they knew they should contact white house counsel and they deliberately decide not to do that. that would have alerted everybody it was a real investigation they were trying to pull off. there were other brady disclosures indicate they did that. they were afraid they might screw it up. they didn't want flynn as national security advisor if they didn't succeed in getting him fired or prosecuted. they didn't want him to be an angry national security advisor, who couldn't trust the fbi. so they just lied more. elizabeth: sidney, why was peter strzok so intent on going after michael flynn? peter strzok would go on to coauthor a summary of the interview with michael flynn that said flynn had a very sure demeanor, did not give any
11:58 pm
indication of deception? strzok and the other agent both have the impression at the time flynn was not lying or did not think he was lying, but they then they continue towed go after flynn, what is going on here? >> this didn't show up in writing until strzok was being fired from the mueller team. that was part of his exit interview and they go in and recreate, they do a 302 of an 302, an interview of an interview essentially to create a new 302 with strzok talking about the original interview. that information did not appear? the final 302 that was filed in the case after it had been edited by mr. strzok and miss page, until mccabe signed off on it and approved it after flynn left the white house. so it was all very carefully orchestrated and arranged. when strzok and other agent came out of the interviews they reported to everybody that flynn was telling everybody the truth. it was sometime after there,
11:59 pm
they decided, only way to prosecute or try to get president trump for obstruction of justice was to hinge it on flynn being prosecuted. because they already knew the russia hoax had blown up. elizabeth: i hear you. sidney, what do you think further documents will show, if further documents come out if what do you expect they will show? >> i expect even more evidence of how it continued after this. i mean we really own have through about end of january here and there is a lot more that happened of course through february, march, april, may and june, into the special counsel, creating these charges. we have some of those documents from other discovery in the case, but not all of them. for example, we just to the, found in a massive production to us from the prior law firm documents that indicate they entered a secret side deal with former counsel ben brac.
12:00 am
okay so, everywhere. elizabeth: got it. sidney powell thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you're watch [ country-rock music plays ] >> deep in the swamps of central florida... [ alligator growls ] >> we have a couple thousand alligators... [ alligator growls, hisses ] ...a couple hundred crocodiles. >> ...lurks one strange inheritance. >> my idea all along was that i could build something that i could pass down to my family. >> that was always in the back of your mind? >> always in the back of my mind. >> can we name this one jamie? >> absolutely. >> but passing down an enterprise like this can be treacherous. >> upon my father's passing, we might have to hit the road. >> it might be sold out from underneath us. >> it's risky business... in more ways than one. >> what happened to your finger? >> crocodile bit it off. [ woman vocalizing, theme music plays ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ]


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