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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 11, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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good to see you so much. thank you, john solomon. just the speaking of sidney powell, she joins us before the d.c. appellate court today. tom bishop harry jackson tomorrow. good night from sussex. ♪. lou: stocks across the board falling hard today in the worst selloff since march triggered by fears of a second wave of covid-19. 23 states showing a surge in cases. less than rosy outlook delivered from the federal reserve. with us tonight, columnist byron york on news about promising drug treatments and vaccines from j&j. regeneron and mow derna. concerns about covid-19 in recent protests. were they super spread events? government officials worried about this. treasury secretary steve mnuchin saying the u.s. cannot shut down again if there is a second wave. also with us, former acting attorney general matthew
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whitaker on the senate judiciary today firing up the subpoena cannon straight at 507, mostly former senior obama officials -- 50. in probe of abuses of power in the russia probe. we've got the names. plus this, newly declassified documents show what we've been reporting for three years now. republicans are now outraged that in these documents the fbi knew that democrat funded opposition research used to do unlawful surveillance of the trump campaign was not verified, was uncorroborated and there was no there there. this is early 2017, well before robert mueller launched the trump russia probe. former police commissioner howard safir is with us tonight. president trump warning washington state officials take back seattle from anarchists. reports are coming in, anarchists using armed guards and doing extortion of local businesses, literally seized
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control of six city blocks. with us tonight, senator rick scott on progressive like alexandria ocasio-cortez misleading the public on the facts in their push to defund police departments. deneen borelli with us too on internal democrat memo resurfacing again that showed democrats have changed their tune on a big group involved in the protests. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. lou: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. let's get to edward lawrence with the latest. reporter: the president painting overview picture how he views equality should be in roundtable discussion. it is going on right now between community leaders and police
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folks and religious leaders there is a live shot where the president is. he says he will sign a executive order that will offer standards for use of force and allow community partnerships in policing. he says policing must be responsible but he will not defund the police. >> we're dominating the street with compassion because we're saving lives and we're saving businesses, we're saving families from being wiped out after working hard for 20 and 30 years. i saw a woman worked 35 years building a store and one night it was totally wiped out. reporter: now as the president also says that the police officers will get the best training and more training for officers. he says that they will get the best equipment. now the house minority leader kevin mccarthy signaling there could be bipartisan support for the democrats plan with tweaks on policing. he supports banning chokeholds. he would favor renaming military bases for confederate soldiers. the house speaker believes
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reforms could be signed into law. >> i do believe in public sentiment as many have heard me say over and over. lincoln said public sent meant is everything. with it you can accomplish almost anything. without it practically nothing and the public sentiment is very clear, that while we understand the need for public safety and we all support that, we don't want to have injustice and abuse of power. reporter: senator tim scott says republicans will have a plan, a reform bill, possibly as early as today down on paper. the red line for the white house though is rolling back immunity for officers engaged in something short of qualified criminal activity. the president probably talking about all of this during his first campaign rally which will be in tulsa, oklahoma, on june 19th, the same day the u.s. celebrates the end of slavery. back to you. lou: edward lawrence, thank you so much.
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today, to this story, the senate judiciary authorized its republican chair, senator lindsey graham, to issue subpoenas for 50, mostly former top obama officials in its probe of abuses of power in the trump russia probe. among those on the list, james comey, andrew mccabe, sally yates, james clapper, susan rice and peter strzok. here is senator graham. watch this. >> i want to know why all these countier intelligence investigations were opened to begin with. i think we need to look long and hard how the mueller investigation got off the rails. lou: let's welcome former acting u.s. attorney general matthew whitaker back to the show. great to have you back on, sir. your reaction to this news? >> this is a big step. no one should be afraid looking back to see what happened. no one should be afraid of sitting in a chair to answer questions because right now we don't know enough to actually understand what the origins of russia collusion fable were.
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so i think it is very important for these 50 people, sit down just like former deputy attorney general rod rosenstein did and answer the questions of the senate because these questions have to be answered and the american people deserve transparency and they deserve accountability. lou: yeah. we've been reporting for about three years now on this. we've been reporting since at least last year, that the fbi knew in late 2016, and by early 2017, that they did not have the evidence of trump russia collusion but then later robert mueller was appointed special counsel anyway. your reaction to the senate panel also rejecting a call by democrats to subpoena those associated with trump like michael cohen, roger stone and michael flynn? senator lindsey graham says, you know what, if you want to bring in robert mueller we would be open to that. senator graham is saying mccabe and comey, your day is coming. what do you think is going to happen here? >> these senate subpoenas were
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obviously looking what was happening in late 2016 and early 2017, the obama department of justice, the obama administration. so a lot of these folks associated with trump really don't have any part of that story. i think it is going tock very important to find out who can point to one piece of evidence that was used to predicate this investigation. whether it is interview with flynn. whether it's the appointment of bob mueller. all of these acts appear to be not predicated properly according to the doj standards. so you know, i'm going to be watching this very carefully to hear finally who has the piece of evidence that even allows these investigations to proceed in the first place. lou: yeah. because they used a secret fisa court you normally use to go after terrorists to do surveillance on a opposition candidate. the other news on the trump russia probe today, a newly declassified document was released. a footnote on 2017, powerful intelligence community assessment on russian interference. it came out in 2017.
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that now unredacted, declassified, footnotes shows the fbi did know in 2017 that democrat-funded opposition research, the steel dossier, had only quote limited corroboration. republicans as we've been reporting it shows fbi officials new early on, this discredited dossier at the heart of the fbi and obama administration unlawful surveillance of the trump campaign was not verified. it was uncorroborated. this is even before robert mueller took over the russia probe. so that is the thing. the question is, obama administration officials, president obama and joe biden, how much do they know it was uncorroborated and still pushed ahead with robert mueller probe? president obama and vice president biden were monitoring what was going on with this case. >> they were. there is the famous january 5th meeting where comey, biden, obama and others were in the room. that it was eventually written down on january 20th by susan rice.
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but this, recently, the document we received today, this two-page footnote really demonstrates that this was the thinnest of rumors that was then ultimately, when they went back to get it properly verified, they couldn't verify it. and yet it was used to substantiate several of these fisa, including renewal that former deputy attorney general rod rosenstein spoke of last week. he said he would have never signed if he had known how many errors and omissions were in this. as we take each step back, this dossier was used to conduct illegal surveillance on carter page. ultimately on the trump campaign. lou: yeah. i want to get your reaction before we go. what is your reaction going on with mic call flynn's case? michael flynn's lawyers filed a brief, this game is over. the court should order the umpire to leave the field? federal judge emmett sullivan
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delaying pushing back on the justice department motion to dismiss flynn's case. i think it is outrage just. court of appeals to take the case from judge sullivan. >> matthew, great to have you on. >> liz we will. >> president trump warning washington state governor and seattle mayor get with the program. take back your streets from an arc differents reportedly using armed security and demanding extortion from local businesses an pay their salaries. washington state leaders are mocking the president as the businesses and residents get slammed. we'll bring on former nypd commissioner howard safir on how sat tell lost control and an get it back. allstate won't raise your rates
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♪. >> seattle would be so easy to solve. would be so easy to solve. we have a governor here of a great state that's called texas. he would solve it very easy. [applause] as would, as would other of your, as would other of your political leaders including your lieutenant governor. they would solve it very easily. a lot of it is common sense. elizabeth: president trump addressing a situation that has
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spiraled out of control in seattle. the president earlier today warned the governor of washington state and the mayor, take back seattle from anarchists now, if you don't do it, i will. this is not a game. that these augustly anarchists must be stopped immediately. move fast. that was the president tweeting that. the mayor of seattle told president trump, to quote, go back to your bunker. this after seattle anarchists seized control of six city blocks, including capitol hill, declaring it quote a capitol hill autonomous zone. reports coming in, anarchists are using armed guards. they are demanding extortion from local businesses who pay the salaries of its elected officials. let's welcome former nypd commissioner under mayor rudy giuliani, howard safir. commissioner, great to have you on, sir. seattle police abandoned the east precinct in the area, and anarchists took over.
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your take what is happening in seattle right now? >> i'm not surprised. seattle has always been very progressive left-leaning. i remember when i was a commissioner in late '90s. they had an economic forum with a lot of protesters. they refused to put a barrier around the convention center. there was a lot of riots and chaos. we used film from that the activities what not to do in training our police officers. elizabeth: you know, anarchists have a list of demands, that the city abolish the police department, prisons. give amnesty to i am legal immigrants, free health care. police would not return to the area unless responding to a 911 call. here is the thing. your an expert, rapes, murders, homicides, assaults are issue in seattle. it has one much the worst crime rates in the country. one of the highest crime rates
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in america. your take on that? >> my take on that is, one you have, executives, mayors, who have not doing their job. they're sending signals to a police department that rules of engagement, you let rioters vent, you let crime happen, instead of preventing crime. the role of police is keeping citizens safe. in advocating six blocks of seattle, you left the citizens there without any public safety, without any support. what they need to do is go in there and clean those people out. they never should have got there to begin with. where was their intelligence, where was their patrol. obviously was allowed by the politicians in seattle. it is outrage just and wouldn't be surprised if the national guard shouldn't be sent in there to clean out this group of antifa and other protesters. elizabeth: so, yeah, there are also 500 homes inside of this zone. how would you deal with it now?
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>> i would, identify who is the leaders of this organization are. i would give them ultimatum. then i would use whatever necessary force was required to protect the citizens of that six block area. those people pay taxes. those people deserve to be protected. not these anarchists, looters and vandals. elizabeth: you know, we have nypd detectives union saying we're going to file lawsuits against anybody who assaults and attacks our cops. 700 cops have been assaulted in recent protests. we want to give the viewers a warning. we're about to show disturbing and graphic have you had yo released by the nypd. nypd describing it as showing a quote, planned assassination attempt on one of their officers who was on anti-looting patrol in brooklyn. so, your reaction to what is going on here? what is your take on the video we're showing footage of, saying
6:19 pm
hey, we'll sue rioters who assault cops? >> my take is very simple. when you see the third precinct in minneapolis, when you see six blocks in seattle, you send a message to criminals, that you can do whatever you want without consequence. you know the only people who should be afraid of police are criminals. when they get a signal that they can do whatever they want and, police are going to be held back by politicians, this is what happens. the attacks on police officers, the killing of police officers in this country is outrageous. we need to take control. you know, the nypd has made new york the safest large city in america. but that is it going in the wrong direction now. that is because you have a mayor who refuses to support the police and refuses to tell them what they know how to do best. elizabeth: howard, thank you so much for coming on sir. great to see you, commissioner. come back soon. >> great to be with you. elizabeth: coming up next democrat progressive alexandria
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ocasio-cortez misleading once again. this time on the facts in the defund the police push now taking hold in the democrat party. aoc is also now getting criticized saying some u.s. communities have no choice but to riot. we're bringing on republican florida senator rick scott who is with us next on the story. stay with us right there. in my line of work, i come face to face with a lot of behinds. so i know there's a big need for gas-x maximum strength. it works fast. relieving pressure, bloating, and discomfort before you know it. so no one needs to know you've got gas. gas-x so as you head back out on the road,
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♪. elizabeth: democrat progressive alexandria ocasio-cortez getting criticized for saying u.s. communities have no choice but to riot. aoc also back as defund the police movement now taking hold in the democrat party. watch ocasio-cortez here. >> what is this movement is doing first and foremost, this is directed at city councils and mayors. you should look to see if your city is having this conversation. but first, and the other question here too is, i think it's a valid question for people to ask, what should be our number one budget priority at all? does any agency deserve to be funded more than almost all the others for health care, housing youth combined? elizabeth: okay. we're going to drill down how she is factually wrong on that
6:25 pm
but we want to bring in florida senator rick scott. sits on senate homeland security. first off, alexandria ocasio-cortez cot no answer when defunding cops leads to increases in crime in minority and poor neighborhoods like district she represents. what was your reaction when you heard this? >> first off, i never heard her say anything that ever made sense. you should be furious with what happened with george floyd. you should make sure, we should demand change. but what we don't want to do is, is say we don't want to fund the police. i work with law enforcement all across my state. they want to do the right thing. they're also disgusted with what happened with george floyd. if you want to make, if want to make communities less safe, get rid of the police, get rid of law enforcement. if you want them safer work with law enforcement f we need to make changes let's make changes.
6:26 pm
we're working in the senate to say what can we do to improve the law enforcement. what can, how can we improve communities but do not defund the police t makes noo sense. elizabeth: yeah. critics are also saying there should be disgust and outrage what happened to david dorn and david patrick underwood, federal law enforcement officials shot and murdered during the protest. they're also african-americans. senator, i know you would agrew with that. we need to be, here's the thing. we need to be all on the same page that voters get the facts. elected officials like ocasio-cortez need to state the fact the. watch this. >> new york city police department has 6 billionla a year budget. that is more than we spend on youth, housing, health care and homelessness combined in new york city. and so the problem is not a lack of resources here.
6:27 pm
elizabeth: okay. first off, she's wrong. we have been drilling into the new york city budget. okay. new york city police budget jet is 5.6 to 5.9. but the bigger point there is 7.8 billion, 7.8 billion spent on housing homelessness and health and youth in new york city. again and again she is wrong with the facts. but the thing is, people follow her and think what she says that her opinions are facts or thoughts are facts everything she said is truthful and factual and it is not true. she is misleading voters. >> on top of that, elizabeth, make sure dollars we spent we get something for it. if we make sure how we don't have homeless, is the money we're spending getting result we want. if not, let's change. let's keep looking how we're spending. not just throwing more money at something. get a result how we're spending our money. i want to make sure every community in my state is better tomorrow than today. it starts with getting everybody a job.
6:28 pm
elizabeth: yeah. i mean that's the focus. you know, here's the thing. defund the police push, championed by ocasio-cortez is taking hold in the democrat party and the media too is buying the line that police budgets are too large. watch nbc reporter say just that. let's take a listen. >> you believe that, then do you also believe that resources that have been allocated for certain things should be redirected? perhaps budgets in new jersey and new york, other major metropolitan areas, specifically police budgets are they too large? should that money be redirected to social programs? elizabeth: you know what the thing is, we've been reporting, state and local governments spend four, 4% of their budgets on policing versus 31% on education. 20, 2022% on public welfare. double-digits higher on welfare. critics say spend more on
6:29 pm
police. give them more money. they have the toughest job on the planet. yes, there are bad apples. absolutely reform that and stop it. here's the thing, they are the thin blue line keeping us all safe. senator, where do you stand on this? >> elizabeth, it is tough to be in law enforcement. in my eight years as governor, 51 officers died in the line of duty. they're going to a house, not knowing all the facts, they're going because you called 911 because you said you needed them. it's a risky job. figure out, get rid of bad apples. figure out if we need to make changes. we have cannot reduce funding for law enforcement. that is the wrong thing to do. i want community i live in, every community in my state to be safer every day. when i left office we were 47-year low in crime rate in our state. 40, 50 years, i want everybody to be safe. elizabeth: senator rick scott. so great to have you on, sir.
6:30 pm
come back soon. >> bye-bye. >> okay. same here. coulding up, talk in washington now how democrats are changing their tune on a protest group after a 2015 internal democrat party memo resurfaces again on how to deal with this protest group that was causing problems for democrats in the 2016 presidential race. democrats then were saying it is quote, radical. limit invitations to this group. we'll talk to fox news contributor deneen borelli on what changed.
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. the push to defund the police is now a 2020 campaign issue for democrats but talk in washington now of how democrats have changed their tune. a 2015 memo sent to the democrat congressional campaign committee staff talked about problems for democrats in the 2016 presidential race. that memo resurfacing again. it advised democrats that black lives matter is, quote, radical. that invitations to it should be quote, limited. meetings should be personal and in small groups. advise, do not offer support for concrete policy positions. welcome fox news contributor deneen borelli. reaction to this memo? black lives memo. great to have you on again, deneen by the way.
6:36 pm
black lives matter is really angry with democrats. when this memo came out in 2016 sift. they denounced the democrat party for being dismissive of it. what is it your reaction to this? seems like the democrats have changed their tune? >> i think right now you have democrats really desperate right now. so they will do and say anything to distract voters. with that memo it talks about black on black crime, not to reference it or talk about it. because it doesn't fit the radical democrat narrative there is rampant racism with white police and black americans. it doesn't fit their narrative. so of course they will push this agenda. we'll hear much more about this as we approach the election but i think it is definitely a way to distract voters and to keep them emotionally whipped up as we approach the 2020 presidential election. elizabeth: deneen, what's your opinion what has been going on with the protests and
6:37 pm
allegations of racism in the police department? what's your reaction? >> well, i'm going to look at it from one perspective and what happened to george floyd. i mean, listen, it is sad to watch that video of him with the police officer but this former police officer had issues. there were at least 18 complaints about, against him. so why did it take, why was that not addressed? you have a democrat-ran city and no one looked into this issue like they should have. i think this death could have been avoided. but this has been really exploited on all ends, liz, because now, you have, people in the streets who are pushing back against our law enforcement, making it a blanket case that all police officers are racist and that is not the case. yes, we have bad apples in the police department. we have bad apples everywhere but it is not a rampant issue
6:38 pm
when it comes to law enforcement. men and women who go out every day and work hard and want to keep the streets safe. they want to return home to their families. elizabeth: yeah. you know, by the way, 30% of cops are minorities according to the census bureau. joe biden now claims he is quote absolutely convinced the u.s. military would step in to assure a transition to a new president, claiming president trump won't leave the white house if he loses. watch joe biden make this top down throat. watch this. >> i don't think police should be defunded but i think conditions should be placed on them where department are the happy to take significant reforms relating to that. we should set up a national use of force standard. if they don't sign on to it, then in fact they don't get any of the federal money. elizabeth: so a federal national use of force standard, and if you don't follow the national use of force standard, you don't get money? your take on that?
6:39 pm
>> well, again the democrat party has become more and more radical. joe biden is caught up in this tidal wave. he has to move further to the left. you look at the momentum of what is going on. all of these big anti-everything, from the democrats, it's a tidal wave and joe biden is trying to play it on both ends. he is trying to hold on whatever base is going to support him but he is actually alienating our law enforcement by talking like that. what about the mom and dads who want to make sure that their families are safe, their children are safe, or businesses big and small? we've seen how the looting and rioting took place across the country. companies were decimated. neighborhoods destroyed. what company or small business would want to open their doors up again knowing that they don't know if the police will be there because of what the democrats are pushing for? elizabeth: deneen, you wonder, where are the moderate democrats?
6:40 pm
where are their voices? can they stand up? where is the mod cat -- moderate democrat leadership, deneen. where are they? >> the party is being overrun with radicals from all ends from top to bottom. if you don't get in line with what their agenda is you're considered an outsider. joe biden wants to win the presidency. he will do and say everything in order to win the election to try to beat president trump. president trump is about law and order, safety around security for americans. joe biden doesn't appear to be. elizabeth: deneen borelli, thank you very much. great to see you. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: up next, reports coming in that congressional republicans may imminently days away from making multiple criminal referrals, possibly as many as 10, maybe on a more, to the justice department about alleged abuses of power under the obama administration and the trump russia probe.
6:41 pm
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♪. elizabeth: staying on the probe of the probes. reports now coming in, congressional republicans may be just days away from making multiple new criminal referrals, probably as many as 10. we heard as many possibly as 18. to the justice department. this is related to abuses of power on to the obama administration, using government surveillance powers to basically do surveillance on the trump campaign. this is the trump russia probe. fbi probe into michael flynn, false testimony to congress by top obama officials and criminal leaks of classified information to the media from upper ranks of the intelligence community including the fbi by welcome
6:46 pm
republican from north dakota tote. he is kelly armstrong. he is on house judiciary. congressman, great to have you on. what is your reaction to this? what do you think is going to be coming? >> when you have more things declassified on daily basis, more information given to the public, it becomes clear through omission or generally through absolute subterfuge, people were lying under oath and failing to disclose things to the fisa court that were important. elizabeth: you know, here's the thing, we have dni radcliffe declassifying a footnote to the intelligence community assessment showing, that yeah, the fbi knew in 2017 that the opposition research they were using the steele dossier was not corroborated. not confirmed, not verified but it made into the ica anyway, sir. and you know, james comey, lisa page, peter strzok, all made indications that the fbi knew they didn't have the evidence to
6:47 pm
continue the trump russia probe. your take on that? >> yeah. and the actual, the part of this they failed to disclose information that they knew, knew was material to the fisa court. that's a lie. that is perjury. you don't just lie affirmatively. you lie when you fail to disclose something to the court would want to know. there are two things we see right off the bat from the disclosure of this. one, this steele dossier was partially funded by the hillary clinton campaign. and two, that mr. steele had been previously fired by the fbi for leaking information. those are two material facts that any judge in any court would want to know and failure to disclose that is perjury. elizabeth: you know, here's the thing too, they knew in 2017, the trump russia collusion probe was falling apart. i want to refer to peter strzok texting to lisa page, in may of 2017 there is no there there. june 8th, 2017, james comey
6:48 pm
testified as i said when i left we did not have a investigation focused on president trump. july 2018 lisa page testifies as of may 2017 we couldn't answer the question whether there was trump russia collusion. here's the thing, sir. congressman, criminal referrals for leaks of classified information to the media in order to keep the probe going. attorney general barr says many media outlets drove some of the most sensational allegations of collusion. let's listen to the media here. >> yeah and -- >> we're about to find out if the new president of our country is going to do what russia wants. >> as if there are no shoes on the trump human centipede that are not about russia. russia, russia, russia. >> this cloud about collusion with russia will hang over him no matter where he stands. >> he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time. >> i think they're shocked that the noose is tightening. >> president presidency
6:49 pm
effectively a russian op. >> the russians. >> the russians disrupted. elizabeth: now we have radio silence from the media and democrats on this. they don't want the probe of the probe pursued when it is about the independence of our intelligence community is at stake. you cannot use intelligence to go after an opposition party. that, why the radio silence from media and democrats on me right now? >> i can't particularly understand it particularly from the media. i don't know about you, liz, if i was used for three years driving a narrative, taken advantage of, if i worked ostensibly the business of truth, i would be absolutely livid about it an want to protect my good name. just as so much, as so much that goes on with this president, they hate this president more than they care about their own reputation. i think that is abundantly clear right now. elizabeth: yeah, republican matt gaetz is essentially saying they wanted to do this to make it
6:50 pm
like he was an illegitimate president, to keep it as if he illegitimate throughout his term to delegitimatize him. take out the name trump, think about what happened. take out the name obama and biden. think about the fact what is happened. when you see it that way you can see how serious this situation is and what occurred. your final word, sir. >> i agree with that. we have 26 fisa warrants on u.s. citizens. none of them have the last name trump. they averaged 20 deficiencies. easy to see why people in power at doj thought they could do this they have been getting away with it forever. we need to hold them accountable. elections matter. presidents matter. we cannot have unelected bureaucrats trying to determine the future of this country. elizabeth: congressman, great to have you on. come back soon. >> thanks. elizabeth: up next, some of the world's biggest companies making new inroads in the race to find either treatments or a vaccine to guide covid-19.
6:51 pm
amid growing concern from top government health officials including dr. anthony fauci that recent protests were super spreader events for covid-19. that the country could face a second wave. we'll bring in fox news contributor, byron york. he is our guest next. when you think of a bank, you think of people in a place. but when you have the chase mobile app, your bank can be virtually any place. so, when you get a check... you can deposit it from here. and you can see your transactions and check your balance from here. you can detect suspicious activity on your account from here. and you can pay your friends back from here. so when someone asks you, "where's your bank?" you can tell them: here's my bank. or here's my bank. or, here's my bank. because if you download and use the chase mobile app, your bank is virtually any place. so visit the first and only full prescription strength non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel available over-the-counter.
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♪. elizabeth: okay to the race to find a vaccines against covid-19. three big drug companies making potential inroads on treatments. johnson & johnson says next month it will start human trials for its potential vaccine, moving that up by two months. moderna will start final testing stage of its potential vaccine next month. regeneron has begun first clinical trials for anti-viral cocktail for prevention. this unfolding as outbreak is surging in 23 states, amid warnings of a potential outbreak. top government doctors, including dr. anthony fauci, that warned recent protests are spreading covid-19. the question is are they super spread events. watch this. >> masks can help plus masks plus physical separation. when we have congregations as we
6:56 pm
saw with the demonstrations as we said myself and other health officials, that is taking a risk. unfortunately what we're seeing now is the example of kinds of things we were kearned concerned about. i wont be surprised if members of the cone a mitigation demonstrating are infected. they go back where they were and not everyone was demonstrating in the city they lived. elizabeth: so there is concern that the demonstrators have been exposed and if they have been exposed they brought it to other places. los angeles mayor eric garcetti is asking protesters to self-quarantine for 14 days and to have themselves tested. that is happening now. welcome fox news contributor and "washington examiner" chief political correspondent byron york back to the show. great to have you back on, sir. your reaction to what you just heard? >> well, there is a lot of hypocrisy going around.
6:57 pm
remember, back to a couple of things. remember those pictures we were seeing weeks and weeks ago, people in florida beaches and california beaches, and there was so much commentary to the effect these people were endangering people's lives. they may have had blood on their hands? remember several weeks ago we had a few demonstrations against the lockdown. these were relatively small affairs t was enormous criticism of them in the media for getting out and con a con. in wake of george floyd death we see massive protests in washington d.c., philadelphia had a huge one. people are wearing masks but as dr. fauci mentioned they're close together. they're just jammed in together. it's a huge protest and i've seen a number of people, kind of apologize for those protests say they were really okay.
6:58 pm
coronavirus is serious health issues but racism is serious health issue too. it has become very, very mixed up in politics last couple weeks. elizabeth: quite a development here. byron, here is the other things, there is criticism that the media is blaming the recent spikes in covid-19, basically just saying, well it is about states reopening and they're not covering what is going on with the protests. and the other thing too is, we're tracking a letter that was sent by, from 1000 public health professionals basically arguing that it's okay that, if the current protests or riots spread covid-19 because racism itself a public health issue that needs to be addressed this is complicated stuff. let's unpack this. let's take this for argument for a moment let's ask a follow up question. why then was there so much criticism as you point out of the anti-lockdown protests? the premise of those protests
6:59 pm
was that continuing those lockdowns caused far more economic damage, it is a public health issue too. record unemployment, social isolation, also bans on people, people were not allowed to go to the hospital. you're take on that? for non-urgent care, your reaction. >> well a couple of things. a couple of things. on the increases we've seen in some cases, i think it is only reasonable to think that some of it could be related to some areas opening, reopening and people going out and doing more. as well as these massive protests. i don't see one has to say it is one or the other. it could probably be both. as far as racism is concerned, if you believe the united states suffers from systemic racism, surely you believed it suffered from systemic racism in march, april, may. i'm not sure what changed on that front. >> byron york, great to have you
7:00 pm
on. come back soon. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching the evening eddie. thanks so much for joining us. we'll have a great show tomorrow night again. have a good evening


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