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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 15, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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"the trump century." it is available for preorder now at tomorrow education secretary betsy devos, congressman jim jordan among our guests. please join us. thanks for being with us. good night from sussex. ♪. elizabeth: president trump at this hour on his way back to the white house from atlanta after talking about fast tracking new transportation infrastructure tonight, donald trump senior advisor mercedes schlapp joins us on trump tearing into joe biden. president trump getting pushback for saying quote, that biden has gone radical left but we've got the sound from recognizable names that you know saying, yes the plan is to pull biden far from the center. we welcome former nypd commissioner bernie kerik on this growing movement. people taking to the streets to rally in support of police officers. it is the new black the blue
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movement. to defend, not defund cops. but counter protesters showing up at these rallies to violent attack and injure police officers. we're on the story. now even democrat governor of new york city, new york state, rather, andrew cuomo blasting alexandria ocasio-cortez as quote, factually wrong on crime. also tonight, tom vacarro, former republican party chair, he will take on the fight of mail-in ballots and. democrats adamantly say voter fraud is not a real thing. we found the evidence that says, yes it is. "the federalist" christopher bedford on the bombshell accusation against "the new york times," that has the media world in the uproar. "new york times" opinion editor quitting, she is centrist bari
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weiss, she shocked the media world that "the times" is dominated by intolerant idealogues that bully people with different opinions. that is what an op-ed page is supposed to be about. this is a real indictment of the management at "the times." you won't believe what is happening with the fallout there. congressman greg stuebe on mexico's most lethal, most dangerous violent drug cartel it has ever seen. it is now growing in power in u.s. cities where democrats now want to defund the police. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. let's get first to edward lawrence in washington with the latest he had lines. edward. reporter: liz, president donald trump was in atlanta today, he was at the ups
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distribution head quarters, the president touting infrastructure saying he is streamlining the process to get approval for infrastructure projects. listen. >> so we're cutting the federal permitting timeline for a major project up to 20 years, or more, hard to believe, down to two years or less. reporter: the president also watching key republican primaries in alabama and texas. in texas it may have been a referendum on president trump as white house or former white house dr. ronny jackson edged out his opponent. president trump says jackson and tommy tuberville in the a alabama senate race last night. tubber tuberville will go against senator doug jones in november. >> that is the reason i'm running. i want to be a part of what will happen next few years when we get president trump reelected.
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reporter: pulling markets down today, tensions between the u.s. and china. the president signed the hong kong autonomous act that mandates sanctions on people or entities that break the agreement with hong kong. the chinese foreign ministry will make the necessary say response and sanction people and entities in the united states. it is escalation of rhetoric at this point. back in the united states, the family of george floyd is now suingcity of minneapolis as well as four police officers involved in the death of george floyd. the attorneys called the death a civil or public health crisis is how they labeled the death of george floyd in minneapolis. back to you. elizabeth: edward lawrence, thanks so much. president trump really tore into joe biden in the rose garden. critics attacking the president against the protocol using rose garden to attack biden.
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bernie sanders is applauding biden, great for you for adopting my ideas, saying the far left has to elect biden to quote strengthen the far left movement. alexandria ocasio-cortez says the man is to get biden elected so the far left can enact its agenda. watch this. >> that is really, when people say, and ask me, how are you going to pass this or how are you going to pass that, i tell them we got to win the senate and the white house. that is our legislative strategy for getting this stuff passed. elizabeth: democrats crave a knockout punch, a clear statement against the trump era but is that it? is this the path to victory to get independent and moderate voters on the fence in michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin? welcome back to the show trump 2020 senior advisor mercedes schlapp. always grad to have you back on, mercedes. what are the far left policies that the president is talking about here that he says biden is now taking on? >> i think you're seeing, for
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example, joe biden, cozying it up, embracing the unifying agenda with socialist bernie sanders as a winning political strategy. that includes things like abolish i.c.e. that includes abolishing the death penalty. that includes raising taxes which is the one action that joe biden says he is going to do immediately, we know would increase taxes on over 80% of americans. you're talking about raising corporate taxes. actually raising corporate taxes to 28%. you know in china the corporate tax rate is 25% liz? go down this list, of these far left actions that biden is deciding that this is going to be his platform, his agenda. that means that he is definitely the trojan horse for the left. let's be real. he will be soft on dictators like he will be soft on the cuban communist regime.
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he will be soft on nicolas maduro in venezuela and he is going to line up with china. this is where his head has been. this is where his career has been when you look at his 40 plus years as a career politician. elizabeth: you know, the president, his supporters say he has been pushing hard to get things done in the face of three years in the push to get rid of him, to impeach him, to sue him, to indict him. now attacking him over his covid response and recession that was basically gross suppression. also reaction to protests. the other thing that is going on, critics say biden has been doing scripted tell prompted messages, pretaped, canned interviews, the biden team is doing exactly what the obama team in 2012, studiously keep joe biden hidden and off the campaign trail. what is your reaction to that?
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[no audio] elizabeth: okay, we're having, we're having technical difficulties. is mercedes still with us? elizabeth: go back to edward lawrence. try to get mercedes satellite back up. do we have mercedes now? okay. mercedes, you heard, terrific, mercedes, you heard my question. we got you back on. what is your reaction? >> you know, i think when you're looking at the, joe biden, and the fact that he has made this decision to move to the far left it is very troubling. i think when you're even looking at issues like school choice, something where joe biden has said we're not going to support charter schools. we'll line up with teachers unions, i think for the president to be vocal and really share this message with the american people, whether it be at the rose garden, whether it
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be in mount rushmore is a priority. it is critical to get the word out because why? because joe biden refuses to answer the tough questions. joe biden gives these very mini little speeches without having to take the tough questions from reporters. and i think that many in the media have given joe biden a pass. and yeah, they spend most of their time, many of these liberal media outlets just crist sizing and attacking the president for any move that he makes while when you look at the president's policies, they're common sense policies that mainstream americans can agree with, which, that of insuring that we have a prosperous economy and that we put american workers and american families first. elizabeth: mercedes, let's listen to this. let's listen to the president, compare and contrast tear policies. watch this. >> mr. president, please listen to your public health experts instead of denigrating them.
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>> he opposed my very strict travel ban, xenophobic he called me. if we listened to joe biden, hundreds of thousands of additional lives would be lost. >> i see american factories and american workers racing to dominate the global market. >> america lost 10,000 factories while joe biden was vice president. >> one in five miles are still in quote poor condition according to the american engineers. >> why didn't he fix them? he was there for eight years with president obama. why didn't they fix them? >> no more consequential challenge that we must meet in the next decade than the on rushing climate crisis. >> in other words he wants to impose the green new deal. there has never been a time like this where you had an election much people so different. elizabeth: you know, i think, likely, critics could say the most damaging thing against
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joe biden, he was in the white house for eight years and now campaigning on stuff that didn't get done when he has been in d.c. for nearly five decade. your reaction? >> you make a great point. the fact that you have seen the weakest economic recovery under a obama-biden administration. you understand economics perfectly well and you know what works to get our economy going and president trump, really it is not about the politics. he knows what policies work. that includes tax cuts that we know benefit the middle class, that includes insuring that our taxes are lower for businesses so they can invest here in america. getting rid of job-killing regulations the president talked about today regarding infrastructure and also renegotiating these trade deals. instead you have joe biden pushing a green energy initiative that would cost trillions of dollars and shut down our energy industry after we've seen president trump focus on building a strong energy
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independent nation. elizabeth: it was the energy industry that kept us out of recession under the obama administration. mercedes, great to see you. come back soon. >> great to see you. thank you so much. >> coming up, we saw severe chaos again today in new york city. counterprotesters attack ad rally. it was a peaceful prayer march to support police officers. it was defend, not defund the cops. look at attacks that happened today in new york against the cops. this is now even democrat new york governor cuomo blasting alexandria ocasio-cortez as quote factually wrong on crime. former nypd commissioner bernie kerik, how aoc and hard left and democrat mayors are misleading the american people to the danger around detriment ever the country. that story next. >> we have other cities that are out of control. they're like war zones.
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♪. elizabeth: okay the new national movement supporting cops is coming on strong. it is about defend, not defund cops. it is called the back the blue, badge movement. look at this in brooklyn, new york. violent counterprotesters showed up to attack this rally, a peaceful power of prayer march
6:17 pm
in support of cops across the brooklyn bridge. now two officers were seriously injured. another cop hit with mine juror injuries. multiple protesters arrested. this as six more people shot overnight here in new york city. one other person was killed. at least 54 shootings since last friday. and now this, democrat governor of new york, he is a andrew cuomo. he is blasting alexandria ocasio-cortez as quote, factually wrong on crime after cortez doubled down, claiming that the double-digit rise in homicide and shootings is due to people being forced to shoplift bread and being thrown out of a job and evicted. watch governor cuomo. >> incorrect, i don't know what she said, so i have no comment on what she said, but people have theories. an incorrect theory doesn't wind up being correct. factually impossible that somebody committed a crime so
6:18 pm
they could pay their rent. if you can't pay your rent, you cannot be evicted right now. elizabeth: yeah. eviction courts in new york city have largely been shut. critics of cortez say shooting people does not put food on your table. petty crimes like shoplifting and robberies are actually down in new york city. welcome former nypd commissioner bernie kerik back to the show. great to see you, commissioner. your reaction to all of this. >> cortez's comments, she is an immature child. you know what? it's stupid. it is ignorant. she has no conception what she is talking about. she has no conception what the crime rates truly are or what they were in the past or where they came from, from 1994 to 2002 when we dropped crime by 65% and homicide by 70. i don't put any credibility into
6:19 pm
anything she says. elizabeth: yeah. this is a distraction. democrats talking like this is a distraction away from stopping the root cause. it is ongoing gang violence. these shootings are acts of revenge or score-settling. cortez if she cared about jobs she wouldn't have chased away tens of thousands of jobs amazon would have brought to new york city. your reaction? >> you know what, liz? there is something much bigger. i blame the mayor for emboldening the criminals. i honestly believe at this point, especially today in the aftermath of mayor de blasio signing this law enforcement accountability package, this guy is a marxist trojan horse come into new york city in his last year in office and he is going to completely annihilate the city. he is allowing the criminals to get out of prison. he is bringing them off of rikers. he is not putting anybody in jail for things they have done.
6:20 pm
he is handcuffed the cops, completely handcuffed the cops from doing the job they have to do. as a result, we're seeing systemic slaughter of black men and women in the communities of color. and he is not doing a tamm thing about it. elizabeth: doing things like blaming the coronavirus. it is trying to magic away the double-digit increases in crime. we're seeing shootings going up in new york city and atlanta, in philadelphia, san francisco, chicago. listen to the grandmother who lost her one-year-old baby boy who lost her one-year-old grandson in a stroller in new york city. >> for the cowards that did this, you should be ashamed of yourself because everybody is talking about black lives matter, what about baby lives? what about teenager lives? you took an innocent child from a mother and a father as well as
6:21 pm
the grandparents. i don't think it's fair. you took my son and go to hell. you can go to hell. and excuse my expression but you took something that was precious for me, precious for my son, precious, something precious from his mother and we will never see him come back. he cannot come back. he cannot wake back up. he was a innocent little baby and he is gone forever. elizabeth: commissioner, still no arrests. the video of the suspects now released in the killing of the one-year-old devin gardner. 15,000-dollar reward being offered. you're seeing video right there of the suspects doing the shooting. your reaction to what the grandmother just said? >> i think it is horrible. to listen to her words. i think there are a couple things your viewers have to realize. 15,000, 16,000-dollar reward out
6:22 pm
there is from the police, from the police. that who is doing it. not black lives matter. the black lives matter the organization, they don't care about black lives. they use black lives to promote their political gain. that is what this is about. ask the grandmother if she wants cops in her community. elizabeth: bernie kerik, thanks for joining us, commissioner. come back soon. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: coming up democrats pushing for mail-in voting pushing back on questions about voter fraud claiming it does not happen. we've got evidence that suggests otherwise. why are democrats ignoring it? that debate next. former california republican party chair, tom vacarro. >> worried about mail-in voting because it is subject to tremendous fraud and being rigged. great for us! but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary,
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♪. elizabeth: to the fight over mail-in ballots. we're digging into the footnotes, government documents to find out what is going on. democrats like joe biden, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, barack obama, they are demanding people, they want them to vote by mail due to fears of covid-19 at ballot box.
6:27 pm
california, oregon, colorado do it. election watchdogs warn that mail-in voting has been long riddled with inaccuracies and fraud. there is fraud in the mail in balloting. the democrat plan would send ballots to 24 million voters with dubious, flawed voter registrations. the public interest legal foundation found since the 2012 election, more than 28 million mail-in ballots somehow went missing. former california republican party chair, tom vacarro. the other problem with democrats push for this, they refuse to admit it, they refuse to do audit of votes. because it is expensive to do so. the argument democrats want votes from fake mail in ballots as critics warn. they don't want audits to catch it. that is what we found in
6:28 pm
government studies, numerous studies are reading. your take on that? >> jimmy carter back in 2005 said mail-in ballots were the biggest potential for fraud. there is two aspects. 24 million mailed in california. there is half a million, up to half a million they think of dead people who will get these ballots. then what happens? here is part two. if california has 16 million votes, that means they have to look at the signatures for 16 million people and measure that against the original registration. they don't have the personnel to do that. they will be under a time crunch. california always waits until the 38th day to verify it. if they don't have the resources to do that, you know what happens, liz? they throw them through and don't check them. that is where the voter fraud will occur because no one win toll them. then when the republicans said you should check it, the democrats will say, too late. we declared a winner. elizabeth: yeah.
6:29 pm
you know the white house opposes this. earlier this month, a family in atlanta got a mail in voter application for the family cat. the family cat had died 12 years ago. here is what else is going on. the biden campaign recruiting army of hundreds of attorneys to prepare for legal fights to push for mail in voting. the heritage foundation, have election fraud database dating back to the 1980s. nearly 1300 proven cases of voter fraud in numerous states, including swing states of pennsylvania, michigan and more. so in florida, 2013, the chief of staff to democrat representative garcia you i can't, sentenced to three months in prison. why? orchestrating a massive plot involving submission of hundreds of fang absentee ballot requests. they want to paper the country with these ballot registrations and don't want watchdogs to catch it. go ahead. >> it doesn't take much to make a huge difference.
6:30 pm
remember the 60th seat in the senate for the democrats, that broke the filibuster, al franken, won by 300 votes and some of that had to do with fraudulent voting. so the margin doesn't need to be in the millions. and they will blanket it where it is needed. as someone who personally watched at a, you know, i have a long history in california. i watched a van go up to a polling station, people get out. look at the list. see who didn't go and vote because california has no i.d. this is real. to those who say it isn't, are lying. they will not get d.a.s in california to prosecute those people, democrat d.a.s prosecuting democrats. you carpet get ahead with that. the real danger they dot mass mailing. they don't have the resources to check on it. they were the election will just be pushed through. this matters in michigan. this matters in pennsylvania and wisconsin where this election will be decided but the
6:31 pm
democrats are just going to claim unfair but the republicans need to have voter integrity projects or they can lose the senate again or important votes when this is stolen. elizabeth: you know attorney general william barr talked to maria bartiromo about massive voting fraud with mail in voting. listen to what he had to say about it. watch this. >> there is questions about whether or not it even denies a secret ballot because a lot of states have you signing the outside envelope, person who opens the envelope will know how people voted there is no, right now a foreign country can print up tens of thousands of counterfeit ballots, would be hard to detect which is the right or wrong ballot. it can upset and undercut the confidence and integrity of the elections.
6:32 pm
elizabeth: that is the thing, tom, it is about integrity of who is doing the mailing and doing the tabulating at the back end, that they have honestty of doing the counting. tom, take that on. >> there are only couple of months to implement this. that is not tough time. california had a pilot project, took two years so at the time this up. rushing this, this election will be tainted regardless. the question, going forward do we have the time and resources. right now i'm unempressed by the efforts by democrats to push this through. elizabeth: tom del beck car row, thanks for coming in. big indictment against the management of "the new york times" from a times editor who quit saying "the times" is dominated by intolerant idealogues who attack, bully, censor people with different opinions. that is what an op-ed page is
6:33 pm
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♪. elizabeth: okay. we got new fallout from the scathing indictment of "the new york times" by its opinion editor who quit yesterday. bari weiss says "the times" leadership is caving to a toxic intolerant left-wing culture. liberals who are not liberal at all. they censor and attack those with differences of opinion. that is what an op-ed page is supposed to be about. bari weiss said management stood by, did not defend her, effectively condoned bullying, harrassment not just of her but work colleagues. now there is this, has "new york times" exposed itself to potential lawsuit for
6:38 pm
allowing a hostile work environment, a hostile work environment against moderates an send tivities. christopher bedford what do you think. has claims of hostile work environment, violation of civil rights act of 1964. what do you think? >> explicit, exactly, liz. in her piece worth reading for certain, she said explicitly, these are the problems she was facing. work place harrassment. these are legal problems for "the new york times" if she would decide to bring a lawsuit. my reading of the piece similar to yours, she might bring a lawsuit and she might have similar support in this matter. "new york times" is this a dangerous place. you never warrant the criticism you get from the outside to mirror the criticism from the inside. when those two things combine, it says to you and me that it is true. elizabeth: weiss, looks like she has gotted goods on them. she is jewish.
6:39 pm
"times" staffers called her quote a nazi. there she goes writing about the jews again. this is the about holier than thousand culture at "the new york times," they fingerpoint and attack. everyone else is wrong. when you do name-calling like that, you set aside rational illogical debate, attacking people personally with name-calling. that is just like trying to win an argument by swearing this is happening at media shops across the country, ship. people running the shops are failing the reporters. failing op-ed columnists, attacking them and undermining moderates. your reaction. >> media companies across the country and corpses are seeing it across the country. what is strange about it, cadre of young orthodox leftists, liberal reporters or staff, take over hr departments, start their
6:40 pm
own departments by broken up by gender, blacks at "new york times," black women at "the new york times," for example. these are the breeding grounds across the corporation for kind of complaints and intolerant. maybe older class ral liberal tolerant people that work at corporations and work in the media feel handicapped by stormtroopers at the left. they don't have any tolerance for dissent. they feel like they're afraid to is he back and pure back. the popular book in america is right fragility. the idea if you say you're not racist, you're racist for saying that. there is little way to protect yourself against that. elizabeth: that is pathetic. it is breath-takingly idiotic and pathetic to call people racists they hardly know the person they're attacking. again and again we see vanity and lack of humility of leadership at "new york times,"
6:41 pm
pointing finger at everybody else but we'll be the one that points the finger at them. final word, christopher. >> there was a brief moment when donald trump was elected they had no idea what has gone on in the rest of the country. they have forgotten that moment sadly and gone back to attacking us. elizabeth: that is why she was hired in the first place and now she is gone. christopher, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. elizabeth: the backlash against the nfl and nba. fans are fed up. they are saying stop letting politics mix in with sports. we don't want it. we don't like it. you won't believe what is going on with the nba. this is big money business stuff. it is basically hurting the fan base. "the hill"'s joe concha joins us next to discuss (mom) come on, hurry up! all systems go? (mission control) 5 4 3 2...
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elizabeth: we've got breaking news. president trump just received a key endorsement for re-election in 2020. he is getting an endorsement now from the national association of
6:46 pm
police organizations. this is the biggest group that represents the police benevolent association, police unions across the country. this group has ditched joe biden after supporting him as vice president both in 2008 and 2012. we welcome to the show the president of the national association of police organizations. sir, great to have you on. why did you go, why you are endorsing president trump and not joe biden? >> well we conducted a endorsement process within our association today, earlier today and as a result of that process and the overwell messenger vote of the majority of the associations who participated, we have, we are proud to announce our endorsement of president trump for his re-election. there are many issues that president trump has supported that is of the utmost importance
6:47 pm
to the rank-and-file officers throughout the united states that we represent and as a result of the screening process which took place earlier today, we proudly announce our endorsement for president trump. elizabeth: what don't you like about joe biden's policies and positions? >> it's not a specific issue that we don't like. both camps were provided an opportunity to participate in the screening process which is guided by our constitution and bylaws and as a result of the response or lack of response, the board met today through virtual meeting. a nomination was presented, a discussion took place. the opportunity for the various groups that we represent to
6:48 pm
participate in this screening process was properly conducted. and as a result of the outcome of today's endorsement process we proudly endorse president trump. president trump addressed our board on monday. the same opportunity was given to vice president biden and as to why the actual participation did not occur i would defer you to the vice president and or the leadership of his campaign. elizabeth: okay. so the biden campaign didn't address your organization. we were just now showing footage of people taking to the streets to support police officers. it is back the blue movement. you know, what specific issues did the president support that you feel goes right in line with what your organization is all about? >> well, from the mission of his
6:49 pm
candidacy -- initiation of his candidacy, he instructed the attorney general to aggressively prosecute those who attack the men and women of law enforcement. also the president signing into law, the law enforcement mental health and wellness act. he is advocated on our behalf on a continuous basis, not only from the oval office but from throughout his administration. another great piece of legislation which was signed into law was the permanent authorization of funds to the 9/11 act. for our first-responders and their family who have suffered tragic loss and continued need for support, also for the support of the project safe neighborhoods, is meant to help reduce violent crime, and president's undying support of
6:50 pm
law enforcement officers, especially in these times of need where we are often times made public enemy number one. the president has backed up many of his position of support with to law enforcement by the actions that he has taken. elizabeth: yeah. we have joe biden saying yes to fund some police budgets. the hard left, they're taking on that platform, abolish i.c.e., abolish customs and border protection. stop gang databases run by states. your reaction to that? >> well my reaction to that is that we are going to, if these problems are put into place, it is going to further jeopardize the public who depends upon our services, our protection to insure that they are safe in their communities and in, through the united states. elizabeth: okay. >> if president trump, president trump has advocated not, not so
6:51 pm
much the defunding, increase of funding. one of his first acts as a president of the united states was to enact the ability of law enforcement agency throughout the united states to participate in the surplus of the military equipment. and i would point out that thousands of uses of that equipment to not only protect the men and women of law enforcement but more importantly, to protect members of the community and it is example after example of support we received from his administration. elizabeth: again, we're showing footage of hundreds of people taking to the streets to rally in support of police officers. mr. mccale, thank you so much. we have breaking news there. a major police organization supporting the president and not joe biden as they had in 2008 and 2012. thanks for joining us.
6:52 pm
coming up president trump announcing a new operation to stop violent gangs. the president toured the area south of the border, hit by major gang and drug cartel violence. mexico battling a violent drug cartel taking action in u.s. cities that want to defund the cops. that story next ♪ ♪ we've always put safety first. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> the top democrat senator now plans to make border and immigration reform a top priority if joe biden wins the election. mexico is now battling a violent and a powerful drug cartel. it is now gaining traction in influencing u.s. cities that want to defund the police. it is now setting up shop, setting up drug distribution centers in cities now moving to defund the police. new york, los angeles, chicago and atlanta. joining me now is republican greg. citizenship, sir, what is the democrats plan to battle that? >> well, this is a party of open borders. what do you think it's going to happen? you will have an increase in
6:57 pm
crime when you defund the police. first open borders as their theme and now it is defund the police. what do they think the leaders would happen if you move a billion dollars in new york city from the police department? they have had 205 shootings just in the month of june which is a record number back to 1996. i don't really understand what these leaders and these democratic cities think will happen when you defund anti-crime units to move that money not to law enforcement. which is why you just had earlier in your segment, that is why the police union supports our president, president trump. >> this is gang violence. revenge shooting going on. this drug cartel controls the movement of one third of all drugs in the u.s. expanded to europe and asia. the cartel is so powerful, mexico now says it is a threat to its own national security. congressmen, it is going where the pablo escobar cartel never went. it is using shoulder rocket launches a takedown military
6:58 pm
helicopters. it's taken down congressmen. the pablo escobar cartel never did things like that. your reaction. >> you have democrats wanting to take militarized equipment away from border patrol and from i.c.e. you have democrats filing bills to defund it border patrol and defund homeland security. the very agencies that are defending our borders and defending our country from these gang members coming across the line. there were 16,000 gang members that were arrested in the last three years on president trump's administration. what do you think would happen if you defunded i.c.e. and defunded border patrol. you think there is a rising crime in new york city now, wait until that happens. >> yeah. let's listen to the president talk about his new initiative and his new administrative's initiative to take on deadly gangs like the ms-13 gang. here is a president today. listen. >> we just concluded a historic operation leading to the arrest
6:59 pm
and indictment of several ms-13 leaders in several across the country. this is something that is taken place the last few days. the joint task force. the most recent offense. this has been a big offensive, in my administrators border on foreign games. >> the president saying also expect an announcement next week with the attorney general and fbi about crime in cities as well. your reaction to all of this. >> that is exactly what a president should be doing. that is exactly what we need here in america. being tough on crime and controlling our borders against gangs. >> all right. congressmen, thank you for joining us. i am elizabeth mcdonald. you have been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. that does it for us. join us tomorrow night. we hope you have a good evening. ♪
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♪ good evening, everybody. we begin with a number of important developments in the fight against the china fibrous pandemic. first, a number of what could be important breakthroughs in the vaccine against the china fibrous. working in partner with the institute of health reporting promising signs from early human trials. the result of their phase one trial published in the england journal of medicine. it is a fall sample, but it does show all 45 people who participated in receiving the vaccine produced antibodies against theus


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