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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 17, 2020 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance," and remember, you can't take it with you. tomorrow. "lou dobbs tonight" -- ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. for more than six weeks now, the city of portland has been undersiege bid radical leftist -- under siege by radical leftist mobs who are intent on destroying everything america stands for, and the left-wing democrat mayor of portland eagerly supporting the activist es and is permitting unchecked mayhem in the city. today the head of the department of homeland security tore into the radical dem leadership in portland for allowing lawless anarchists, as he called them, to destroy and desecrate that city. for 47 straight days and nights now, leftist groups like antifa
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and black lives matter have plunged portland into chaos. the leftist acts attacking citizens -- activists attacking citizens and destroying property, and the mayor just grins at it all. ing law enforcement under constant attack. and today the police had to step in to clear two downtown parks of demonstrators trying to create their the own autonomous zone. businesses have lost millions of dollars because of the rioting and the looting, and federal buildings including the courthouse have been fire bombed and vandalized. acting dhs secretary chad wolf today said, quote: a federal courthouse is a symbol of justice. to attack it is to attack america. end quote. i would add, to attack a city is to attack america. federal dhs and doj officers and agents have been deployed to protect the courthouse and other
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federal buildings and to keep the mobs in check. the radical dems aren't happy about that. they don't want the federal agents in portland for obvious reasons, because the feds, of course, will protect citizens, and they will protect property. and they will enforce the law. how left wing is the city of portland and oregon and their representatives in washington and the leaders of their city and state? well, a letter signed by oregon's two u.s. senators and and two radical dem members of congress, the feds' response was described by them as intolerable to try to protect life and limb and property. portland's activist radical dem mayor ted wheeler also claimeds it's the federal agents who are causing all of the problems. there he is in all his glory. he wants them to just clean up the graffiti on federal buildings and to allow antifa to
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run rampant through portland to continue their rampage against law and order and the citizens of that city. this isn't the first time, by the way, wheeler has clashed with the feds n. 2018 protesters created the occupy i.c.e. movement. you may recall that. harassing federal agents for weeks. mayor wheeler cheered on the an anarchists there just as he does now. >> to all demonstrators, i urge you to keep up thisffort. we will continue to support the safe expression of first amendment rights. lou: we invited mayor wheeler to join us here for full expression of first amendment rights to join the broadcast, but our calls, our e-mails, our reaching out to this advocate of the first amendment went unreturned. in a statement today, secretary
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wolf summed up the situation, the crisis in portland saying, quote: instead of addressing violent criminals in their communities, local and state leaders are instead focusing on placing blame on law enforcement anding requesting fewer officers -- and requesting fewer officers in their comunld. this failed response has only emboldened the viability mob as it escalates violence day after day. and what we are witnessing in portland is occurring across the country. as chaos unfolds in portland, the new york police department today has been making arrests after a high ranking officer and several others were injured during a protest, one of those peaceful protests. you know how those go. a female arrested today, she's suspected of being the one seen here wielding a cane and hitting police officers over the head. the nypd says the woman is having a psychiatric evaluation now at a local hospital but is
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in custody. some officers involved in yesterday's clash with protesters along the brooklyn bridge well, bones were broken, receiving staples to the head to fix their injuries. among those injured, terence monaghan, the highest ranking uniformed officer injured in this clash. this is how out of control things are in new york city. at least 36 people have been arrested during that protest, at least one person was charged with aassault. it's quite a scene. the trump administration has been intimating an announcement on how it plans to intervene in cities with a rise in violent crime and with, well, governments that are not responding to protect their citizens. the president's decision to stand in solidarity with police, with all law enforcement has earned him a key endorsement for the presidential election from
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the national association of police unions. the officers they represent are dealing with what ising nothing less than -- what is nothing less than a massive rise of violence in their cities; again, cities led by democrats. in los angeles shootings have risen 28%. in new york, they're up 130%. and california's governor, gavin newsom, is planning to release 18,000 prisoners into the public by the end of august. new york city mayor bill de blasio has already released more than 1500 prison inmates citing concerns about the china virus. and today de blasio even bragged about his city being a safer place. >> we now have fewer people in our jails than any time since world war ii. [applause] and we are safer for it and better for it.
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lou: that is borderline moronic, to suggest that the way to get fewer people incarcerated is to simply release them from prison. but there you heard it from the good socialist bill de blasio. recent data shows murders in the country's large 25 cities are up 16% compared to a yearing ago. crime has also risen in minneapolis, as you might expect, where city council members are working to entirely disband their police department. fox news correspondent mike tobin is in minneapolis with the latest. >> reporter: following riots and public demonstrations against the minneapolis police, the city is now seeing a surge in crime. homicides have doubled this year. gun crimes dramatically outpace last year. people who live and work where the riots hit say prostitution, drugs and burglary are now unabated, and they want help from the police. >> it reminds me of gotham city.
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>> reporter: because why? >> because of the kind of lawlessness. >> reporter: members of the city council made the announcement they want to replace cops with a department of community safety and violation prevention. with a is segment of the public and the city council against them, the police union says morale is terrible. officers don't proactively police and are reluctant to use force. >> any situation can turn violent. something as simple as a, you know, theft report could be an ambush situation, and, you know, anybody might be out there to kind of amp up a call just to put us into a situation where we have to use physical force. and force hardly ever looks good on camera. >> reporter: according to an attorney, in the last six weeks 160 minneapolis police officers started the process of filing for disability. most of those are officers who say they're suffering post-traumatic stress. in minneapolis, mike tobin, fox news.
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lou: mike, thank you very much. and coming up here next, well, first let's take a look at wall street. stocks finishing lower. the dow jones industrials down 135 points. the s&p down 11. the nasdaq lost 77 points. volume on the big board, moderate trading, 4 billion shares. crude oil down more than a percent but still well above $40, 40.72 a barrel. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next, a major shakeup in the trump campaign. is this the change needed for the president's re-election victory? ed rollins joins us with that next. we'd also like to promote my new book, so here we go. "the trump century: how our president changed the course of history forever." just to drive the left nut, preorder your copy or copies. there's something they don't like about the title. i can't put my finger on it, they just don't seem to like "the trump century."
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lou: breaking news now, most
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voters in pennsylvania believe there is a silent majority, a silent majority that supports president trump's re-election. the latest monmouth university poll finds 57% say there are so-called secret voters in pennsylvania who support trump but don't tell anyone what they're about to do. on election day in 2016, the silent majority was borne out. hillary clinton was up nearly 4 points, "the new york times" by the way famously suggested a 91% chance of winning. trump beat hillary clinton in pennsylvania by more than 44,000 votes. president trump making a change to his re-election campaign, removing brad parscale as his campaign manager. bill stepian now takes over, previously serving as deputy
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campaign manager. he is also the political director for the trump transition team, he was, and a national field director during the 2016 presidential campaign. parscale will lead digital and data strategies as he has throughout and remains on as a senior adviser. president trump tweeted both men were heavily involved in our historic 2016 win, and i look forward to having a big and very important second win together. joining us tonight to take all a of this up, former reagan white house political director, republican strategist, fox business political analyst, the savant himself, ed rollins. ed, i don't see a smile on your face. you've been calling for parscale's removal on this show repeatedly for weeks. and here we go. did the move surprise you? >> it was a necessary move. one, you need to bring some attention to this campaign. bill is one of the top in the
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country, he worked for christie, giuliani, he was the white house political director, he knows how to run campaigns. parscale, obviously, is a media genius but has never won any kind of a campaign before. you can go in anytime on weekends, nobody was around. you need to have a campaign with the time that's left here, every single person has to be working 12, 14-hour days 7 days a week. bill will make that happen. bill shouldn't report to kushner or meadows, he should report directly to the president and make sure this president gets reelected again. lou: well, the understanding is that the president's son-in-law is in charge of the campaign, in charge of so many things, and he is the one who announced the change itself which suggests that he will remain a strong voice over the campaign. >> he can be a voice. he can't run it. this is a lot of things he doesn't know anything about, campaigns is something he definitely doesn't know anything
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about it. the people in the white house who know something about campaigns, kellyanne conway, she needs to get more involvedment she was a campaign manager last time. i would get her involved and be a constructive force, not a destructive force. she's never been. equally as important, i would not be opposed to some of the people who were there last time coming in and being advisers or giving advice. not running the campaign, but helping bill move forward. lou: yeah. you know, i have a somewhat different view on that. because kellyanne right now, my gosh, her daughter is on social media, her husband attacking the president, has an organization behind it. it's a very difficult thing for her not to be a distraction, particularly if she were at the forefront of a campaign -- >> i'm -- [inaudible] lou: please, let me finish, if i may, ed. what is the one thing this president can do, what can he
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emphasize whether it's politics, a stratagem, whether it is people, policy emphasis, what can, what is the one thing you would recommend that the president do to assure his victory in november? >> project strength. every day project strength. focus on two things. focus on getting to the bottom of this virus, helping state and local governments battle this thing. and equally as important, get us back to work, kids back into school. make sure that you don't chase rabbits. don't be going after every little thing. obviously, the stuff going on in cities is important, but it's not the critical issue at the end of the day. getting the economy going and getting these people back in schools and back to work is critical. lou: yeah. of course, the president was elected as the law and order president. and what we're watching is not just simply disorder and unrest in a number of cities. this is a wholesale attempt by the left, the markist left in
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many cases, to overturn this nation. it's extraordinary. so, ed, as always, we appreciate your counsel. you get the last word here. >> my last word, every week you have to win from now on. you can't be sliding around. get intense. the president has to take -- this is not the last campaign. this is this campaign. he's got to go in and win it. lou: all right. ed rollins, thanks so much. appreciate it. we'd hike to hear your thoughts. share your comments, follow me on twitter @loudobbs like me on facebook, follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. up next, a former prosecutor from roger stone's case now setting policy for a big tech firm. we take that up awe long with a lot of -- along with a lot of other issues. congressman jim jordan joins us right after these quick words. stay with us. usaa is made for what's next no matter what challenges life throws at you, we're always here to help
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lou: breaking news, the washington redskins who are changing their name have other problems. they've hired attorney beth wilkinson to review the redskins' so-called pass culture and what to do about it. two longtime redskins, executives fired earlier this week. football insiders are are expecting "the washington post," they say, to soon publish the story on what is a blockbuster expose of the redskin organization and its owner, snyder. well, also breaking tonight, secretary of state mike pompeo says "the new york times"es' 1619 project amounts to an attack on the american way of life that aligns with and supports the chinese communist party. pompeo said today they want you to believe marxist id ology that america's only oppressors and oppressed. the chinese communist party must be gleeful when they see "the
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new york times" spout this ideology. certainly the left in this country is thrilled. former federal prosecutor in the roger stone case michael morendo leaving the justice department to join facebook where he will be in charge of policy on social media content. imagine that. the content, i thought, was generated by the users. but there it is. one of three prosecutors who quit the stone case in protest after attorney general william barr overruled their sentencing recommendations, so we know he's quite an active little daffodil. joining us now, congressman jim jordan, ranking member of the house judiciary committee, the house oversight committee. first, your reaction, congressman, if we may, to the appointment of morendo to the -- being this charge of the content of facebook. >> well, i think he was wrong in his move with the stone case. we'll have to see what he does.
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i do think it's interesting that the very day you bring this up, lou, twitter has kept me locked out of our account all hay dong. we -- all day long. and this is, of course, on top of what happened two years ago where they shadow banned four members of congress. of course, they told us it was just a glitch in their algorithm, i said, you know, what'd you put in the algorithm? the names gaits, meadows, nunes, jordan? why is it always conservatives who get censored? that is my concern. we'll just have to wait and see what happens. we do have a big hearing coming in two weeks where the ceos of the four big companies are going to be in front of the judiciary committee. lou: well, the best news i've heard in ages, congressman, is that william barr means to bring
5:27 am
a full investigation, antitrust investigation -- >> yep. lou: -- of big tech. it's long overdue. the president propsed it. -- promised it. and the fact is it's gotten even worse since the president was elected. >> yep. lou: this is a country being run right now by the business community, u.s. multi-nationals, wall street and, by the way, they're aligning not only with big tech and big business, of course, but big china. >> yeah. lou: and it's a serious, serious problem. they're creating policy outside of, outside of our government. >> yeah. i would say one of the many good things the attorney general, attorney general barr has done in his tenure, of course, he's coming in in two weeks for a hearing as well, and he'll get is asked about this issue and a host of others. the democrats, i think, will spend their time attacking him like they've done ever since he was named attorney general. you know, they did file articles of impeachment against him just two weeks ago. we'll be able to talk about this issue, these big social media
5:28 am
platforms censoring keys and a host -- conservatives and a host of other things. the democrats have been out to get him ever since -- i think this is amazing, lou -- ever since bill barr first testified in front of the senate over a year ago when he had the courage the use the word "spying" when talking about what the obama administration did to the trump campaign. and ever since he's used that word, they have been out to get him. but he just keeps pressing on, getting the truth and the facts to the american people. lou: the truth and the facts. oh, they are slow to surface, aren't they? i mean, we're going into the end of the president's first term as president, and we still don't have an accounting of obamagate. >> well -- lou: i think it's outrageous. this president has been president throughout, he's been stymied, he's been blocked, and they've tried to overthrow his presidency from the moment he announced his candidacy almost. >> yeah.
5:29 am
yeah. all true. but we do have the facts and the truth. that is coming out because of the work by folks like you, the handful of folks in the media who push this issue, a handful of people in congress and a handful of journalists around the country who push for this. and, of course, the good work of bill barr when he was named attorney general. lou: yep. >> we do have much of the facts and truth. what we don't have is anyone being held accountable. what we don't have now is an end to this double standard where there's one set of rules for us regular folk but a different set if you're part of the elite political class in the obama administration. that's what we need, an accounting. and let's hope john durham doesn't wait until after the election. let's hope he gets his investigation done this summer as bill barr said just a few months ago and that we ultimately hold people accountable for doing the terrible things that they did when they systematically targeted the trump campaign, spied on american citizens, used a fake dossier that they already knew was fake as the basis to get one of the warrants to spy on one of those americans.
5:30 am
let's hope durham's report comes out and that there are people held accountable now. lou: you know, let's talk about durham, i mean, durham in terms of producing that report. do you think he will, those charges, bring charges before the election? i have this horrible feeling that he won't. >> you know, i don't know. lou: [inaudible] >> we want a thorough job, a complete job, but as you said, it's been four years. remember, they started july 31st four years ago, july 31st, 2016, is when they opened the investigation. here we are four years later. everything we have learned, how they set up michael flynn, how they used a fake dossier, how this misfud guy was meeting with papadopoulos, in fact, i i think i said on your show, lou, the only thing we had wrong about this whole sordid affair is it was worse than we thought. lou: absolutely. >> let's hope that the investigation is complete and that people are held
5:31 am
accountable, and let's hope it happens sooner rather than later. lou: congressman, always great to have you with us. thanks so much for all you do. congressman jim jordan, thank you. up next, attorney general william barr calling out corporate america for their work for the chinese communist party. dr. michael pillsbury of the hudson institute joins us after this quick break. and a reminder, my new book, "the trump century: how our president changed the course of history forever," liberals don't want you to know this, but it's available for preorder at, amazon, barnes & noble. order your copies right away. thanks so much. we'll be right back. oh, we love our new home. neighborhood's great. amazing school district. the hoa has been very involved. these shrubs aren't board approved. you need to break down your cardboard. thank you. violation. violation. i see you've met cynthia. at least geico makes bundling
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lou: breaking news, "the washington post" is now reporting that 151 women who -- 15 women who worked for the washington redskins are alleging sexual harassment by former scouts and members of owner daniel snyder's inner circle. the redskins have hired attorney beth wilkinson to review the kid kid -- redskins' organization and culture. two longtime executives fired earlier this week, and the washington post now delivering the expose that had been rumored for so long on social media. attorney general william barr today strongly condemning u.s. companies who are quick to bow to chinese pressure and
5:36 am
influence. saying the companies need to be careful or they might be charged as foreign agents. barr said this, quote: america's corporate leaders might not think of themselves as lobbyists, but you should be alert to how you might be used and how your efforts on behalf of a foreign company or government could implicate the foreign agents registration act. barr also warning the ceos and business leaders about america's dependence on china. just as american companies have become dependent on the chinese market, the united states as a whole, he says, relies on the people's remix of china for -- republic of china for vital goods and services. the covid-19 pandemic has thrown a spotlight on that dependency which includes all sorts of pharmaceuticals, drugs, medical equipment, and the list goes on and on and on. joining us tonight, dr. michael pillsbury, director of the center for chinese strategy at
5:37 am
the hudson institute. mike, great to have you here. this is, this is extraordinary. the attorney general calling out corporate america and wall street not by names, but clearly corporate america and wall street were aligning with chinese interests over the u.s. national interest. your reaction. >> well, this is the most important speech i've seen yet by the trump administration on china. i'll tell you a little secret about attorney general barr. his bachelor's and master's degree are in chinese studies. he speaks a better mandarin, and his first job was at the cia analyzing china. so, frankly, lou, he's the highest ranking china expert in the trump administration. this speech is a blockbuster. he does give specific examples of companies. he's got a phrase i just love, lou, that says china does not want to trade with these
5:38 am
companies, it wants to raid these companies. and he's got the power -- lou: right. >> -- to prosecute. he's got a severe warning about people will get prosecuted if they don't file as foreign agents and they go around and lobby inside the united states. he's talking about ceos. lou: yeah. well, you and i e both know who many of those ceos are. they certainly would warrant an investigation, in my judgment. i don't know whether they would be guilty, of course. i wouldn't want to prejudge that. but, certainly, i would think it's fair to say you and i e both know who might be somewhat suspicious in that regard. now china is, xi jinping is making it pretty clear that the friendship between he and president trump is well over and that there is no backing up. this is a cold war, and the chinese leader means to prosecute it. >> i think that's right, lou.
5:39 am
i think president xi sent out a letter today to what he calls the global ceos. this is basically an interest group including inside the united states that he wants to lobby for china. so he's sending them an open message to be sure and say, you know, these various talking points. it's really quite outrageous from the leader of the second biggest economy in the world starts forcing, essentially, coercing mr. barr says in his speech, coercing business leaders to put pressure on their governments. this is the chinese way, and our country it's five years in jail, lou, for each count that you're doing this if you don't register with the department of justice. lou: well, the attorney general is exactly right, and we know that the chinese have been doing this with greater breadth and with greater success over each succeeding decade for for the pt 30 years.
5:40 am
now they have maximum influence. the united states is, as the attorney general points out, in a position of maximum dependency, and we cannot bow to the chinese on any level irrespective of what it means in the way which we have to respond. this administration is using the national defense production act. we have to move away from that dependency and resolve it now. we are a great nation. this president has not asked this nation for much sacrifice. but this time it's appropriate. we have to meet this challenge head on from the communist chinese. >> it's a much stronger speech than fbi director wray gave at our own hudson institute. he goes into detail, lou, about hollywood movies being censored to make money in china. he's got a very long list of
5:41 am
specific examples and that he has the power to prosecute under various laws including economic espionage. this is a very powerful speech, lou. lou: it's a powerful speech, and now it has to be backed up with action. and therein lies the dilemma. so much rhetoric, so many speeches, so many promises from the department of justice, from the department of homeland security, indeed, from our department of defense. i get the feeling sometimes that they are inert organizations who have no, no plan whatsoever to actually move to action. tell me, tell me i'm wrong. >> no, you're not wrong. there's a lot of things that have been empty words. what i think is happening is the president's level of frustration with xi jinping is i growing higher and higher, and so he's looking for options, ways to get leverage on china. and this speech has some of those options.
5:42 am
there are other options coming out of the senate. so we may be entering a period where you'll be a lot happier, lou, where the president is taking action. and it's not just members of the cabinet giving speeches. lou: yeah. s that is your expression. the fact of the matter is it's correct. this administration, if there is anything that gives me great pause, that washington has become a place where these politicians tell us what they're going to do, they tell us about their plans to do things, they talk about the problem very gently and what they're going to do and then nothing happens. what is different this time is barr is being, bringing great specificity to it. >> yes. lou: talking openly and honestly with the american people about the dependence dependency -- dependency, about who the hell is facilitating chinese interest in this country. by the way, we've been talking about it on this broadcast for years. this is well known, or at least
5:43 am
should be. it's just, it is a i amazing -- amazing that barr has taken the lead on this issue. and by amazing, i i mean i salute him, i thank him. i know you do as well. this is so critically important to assuring the nation's security, and it is, it's early in the process, but it is, it's begun where the administration is talking openly to the american people about our dependency, our vulnerabilities and the threat that we now face. and it is immense. you get the last word, mike. >> the only flaw in the speech, lou, is he fails to footnote two crucial books where he got a lot of ideas in the speech. one is your book, "upheel." the other book is "the hundred-year marathon." it's very academic in some ways. [laughter] lou: don't mess with a scholar.
5:44 am
dr. michael pillsbury, by the way, i give the attorney general carte blanche with whatever he would like to use at any time. thanks so much, mike. up next, how badly will the nfl be hurt by their capitulation to the radical left? we take that up and more. victor davis hanson joins us. stay with us. we'll be right back. i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: breaking news now, nfl wide receiver kenny stills was one of 87 people arrested this week for protesting at the home of kentucky's attorney general daniel cameron. stills was protesting the death of breonna taylor who was killed during a raid at her home in march. stills and those arrested now face felony charges of intimidating a participant in the legal process and faces as much as five years in prison. joining us tonight to take all of this up, to have davis hanson, senior -- victor davis hanson, senior fellow at the hoover institution, best selling author, brilliant author and "national review" contributor. and he doesn't do badly there either. victor, it's great to have you with us. and turning to what we were watching, i want to put up a
5:49 am
full screen that, to me, is stunning. and i think everybody in america should know this. let's see that fortune 500 reporting, the "fortune" reporting on companies who donated to blm, fortune 500 companies. you see those numbers. those are pledges to the black lives matter organization. bank of america, a billion dollars over four years. pepsi eco, 400 million. walmart, 100 million. apple, 100 million. comcast. they are subsidizing a marxist-inspired organization and for what reason? i have no, no idea. do you, victor? >> yeah, i do. i think that they do not want a goya type boy cost, they don't -- boycott, they don't want their franchises the object of protests, they don't want
5:50 am
people showing up at their executives' homes. in their way, thinking it's a wise business, pre'emtive decision. they feel that given their bottom line, it's also a smart use of resources. they have zero interest on the social stability and fabric of the united states. i hate to say that, but it's true. and so for them it's just a straight-cut business decision. they don't know anything about black lives matter, they don't want to know anything about black lives matter, they don't want to know about its origins or its agenda. all they want to do is just make it go away, and their usual way of dealing with that is money. lou: and they are not a nonprofit organization, they are also a marxist-inspired organization, and they are behind much of the anarchy that we are watching in cities across this country. i want to turn to an article by victor davis hanson in "the national review." and to quote from that, if i
5:51 am
may -- and if you would, put up the full screen of this so we can take a look, the audience can read along. if the multibillion nfl decides that multimillionaire players have no obligation to stand to honor a collective national anthem and that there will be separate anthems and politicized uniforms, then millions of americans will quietly shrug and change the channel. and that silent protest will make the 2016-17 anthem protest look like child's play. we're watching something here that is -- the nfl, it seems, is, there's no question this is a pivotal moment. their future is on the edge, it seems to me. if they move ahead with all that's been discussed -- a new anthem, taking on all of these political issues on the field, the field of play. they don't call it the field of protest, it's called the field
5:52 am
of play. your thoughts about where you think we're headed. what will actually happen? >> well, we know what happened in 2017. they lost about 10-15% of their viewership both televised and direct fan participation in attendance. that won't be anything compared to having an alternate anthem and then politicizing the jerseys with slogans. and this comes on the heels of a lot of anti-semitic commentary that members of the nfl players have said and their accolades. and remember, lou, this industry has been exempt from scrutiny. it's been a woke, progressive industry that's lectured america on its shortcomings, and it's lectured us about diversity, and it's got a real problem with diversity. because of the 30 teams, only -- there's really not any white owners, i mean, excuse me, nonwhite owners. and that goes against the whole idea of diversity. and yet75% of the players are
5:53 am
african-american. less than 1% are hispanic, less than 1% are ration. basically what we're going to turn on sunday is a very non-diverse ownership and a very non-diverse player profile lecturing america how they need to be woke and more diverse. and that's not a sustainable proposition where at the same time you're lecturing america about its racism and its illiberality and then saying, oh, by the way, we're multimillionaires and we want you in the middle class to keep paying our salaries and patronizing. it's just not going to work. the nba is doing the same thing, but where the nba has an advantage -- it has about a 48% african-american audience, but it's lost most of its white, hispanic and asian audiences because it's even more non-diverse. what they've done is they've looked towards the 1.4 billion person market in china. so they've got a $6 billion
5:54 am
franchising, advertising gimmick to go over to illiberal china. be very careful about censoring any criticism of china while regaining their woke credentials by unloading on their own country. the nfl doesn't yet have that alternative to make up lost revenue with chinese. lou: well, corporate and television sponsorship of both leagues is critical to their survival. one could almost, given your view, imagine the nba moving to beijing where its center of organization and headquarters. we'll is have to see. you get the last quick word here, victor. >> yeah. well, i think in the case of the nba, they've almost deliberately neglected any other audience than the young african-american male viewer who's very loyal but doesn't have enough numbers to sustain an average salary of $8 million. so they're deliberately looking
5:55 am
to china so they can maintain their, i don't know, their non-diverse, politicized messaging to the united states that doesn't appeal to many fans anymore. lou: absolutely. victor davis hanson, always good talking to you. thanks so much. talk to you soon. a reminder before we go to break, my new book, "the trump century: how our president changed the course of history forever," liberals take note, it's available for preorder now at [laughter] i invite you -- i would even implore you to preorder. stay with us, we're coming right back. ♪ ♪ this is decision tech. find a stock based on your interests or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity.
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♪. lou: president trump on white house south lawn compared his agenda of deregulation to the radical regulation and policies plans of joe biden. >> our entire economy, our very way of life are threatened by biden's plans to transform our nation and subjugate our communities through the blunt force instrument of federal regulation at a level that you haven't even seen yet. you think that was bad? you haven't seen seen it yet. they want to go many times what they put you under in the past. lou: that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. citizens united president david bossie, clay county florida,
6:00 am
sheriff, darrell daniels, pastor robert jeffress among our guests tomorrow. please join us. my new book, "the trump century," how the president changed the course of maria: good morning, happy friday, everybody, thanks for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo and it is friday july 17th, top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. new record in coronavirus cases in the united states and amid the race for a vaccine and treatment intelligence agencies sounding the alarm over russia's attempt to hack vital research. netflix shares are plucking this morning. streaming giant offering weak guidance going forward, more on that plus leadership shake-up that has stock down 7 and a half percent right now. futures indicate to go a rebound on wall street today, comes after tough day yesterday but this morning


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