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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 18, 2020 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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hooking forward to next week. to read more, check out this week's edition at barron' and don't forget to follow us on twitter. that is all for us. be healthy, wear your mask, and we'll see you next week "lou dobbs tonight" starts now. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. law enforcement in the city of portland is bracing once again for another night of anarchy. police in the city arrested 20 people overnight after hundreds of violent, left-wing activists took to the streets as they have for the past six weeks. the mob surrounding a police precinct. they blocked traffic, they chanted threats to burn down the building. several dozen people also gathered near the federal courthouse in portland. mob thugs assaulted federal officers. they took lasers and frozen water bottles and threw them. they attempted to tear down, we are told, the federal
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courthouse. two of those officers were injured in the melee as they fired nonlethal rounds and used tear gas to finally break up the crowd threatening the courthouse. portland's seven straight weeks of violence now prompted a visit from the secretary of the department of homeland security, chad wolf. wolf today blamed the violence directly on local democrat leaders. >> i was in portland yesterday, wanted to take a firsthand hook and understand what was going on. what i saw there was a courthouse that's been under siege, doors broken, windows broken. local and state leadership fostering an environment where it's very difficult for law enforcement to do their job, and they are not coming out, in my view, in my opinion, coming out strong enough condemning the violent activity there in portland. lou: cities all across the country also caught up in the surge of deadly violence by
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left-wing mobs. those cities are not only democrat-led, but they have been for decades in many cases. year-over-year murders in houston up by 37%. almost 13% higher in los angeles. 27% more murders in atlanta. in philadelphia a 25-year-old pregnant woman shot and killed in broad daylight, shot in the head while she was sitting in her car having visited family members. the gunman is being sought. in chicago two adults, a five-month-old boy shot. the child is recovering after being taken to the hospital in serious condition. chicago's radical dem mayor lori lightfoot is focusing her attention though on white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany while children in her city are being shot and killed. lightfoot called her a sexist and racist term often used on
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social media to describe entitled, meddling, typically middle-aged white women. her use of the term follows mcenaney's press briefing yesterday where she referred to lightfoot as a derelict mayor for failing to secure peace in the streets of chicago. lightfoot apparently doesn't like being called out for the rampant violence in her city and the rising murders. there's been a 48% increase in murders in chicago this year, a 45% increase in shootings. that's a problem for lighting -- lightfoot. the president returns to sunday morning television this weekend, his first appearance in more than a year, joining chris wallace on "fox news sunday." the president calling out the radical dems for their a decades of devastating leadership in america's largest cities. >> the democrat-run cities, they're liberally run, they're stupidly run. chris: liberal democrats have
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been running cities in this country for decades -- >> poorly. chris: why is it so bad right now? >> it was always bad, but now it's gotten totally out of control, and it's really because they want to defund the police. lou: another democrat-run city facing new fallout today over a shocking attack against new york city police officers. the man accused of punching nypd chief terence monaghan and two other officers during protests on the brooklyn bridge, another peaceful protest. well, they've been released without bail and granted supervised release at that. for more on this, we turn to fox news correspondent laura ingle in new york. >> reporter: many can agree there's been a sense of lawlessness on the streets of new york these last few weeks, something that city leaders are hoping to get back under control. a grim tally from police so far this week, the city has seen 51 shootings with 70 people shot and 3 left dead including that
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1-year-old boy who was shot in his stroller in brooklyn. the suspect in that case has been arrested. this as suspects in that melee on the brooklyn bridge wednesday have also been apprehended. one notable portion of the violence occurring when the nypd's highest ranking officer, tensioner monaghan, was injured by a suspect identified as 25-year-old karon campbell. he was charged with three counts of assault. prosecutor asked for a $75,000 bond. instead, a judge denied that request and ordered a supervised release. new york city police commissioner dermot shay had this reaction today. >> it's very frustrating. i think the world at times seems like it's upside down. we've got to do better than that. >> reporter: mayor bill de blasio along with commissioner shea unveiled a six-point plan today as well including enhancing shooting investigations and organizing gun buyback events. the two also stressed the importance of getting the court system back up and running at
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full capacity after it was partially shut down due to coronavirus saying this is playing a big factor in getting guns off the street. >> we are asking our police officers to go out there and do their normal work but without the other pieces of the equation working. so i respect our prosecutors deeply, but i am pleading with all of them to focus on gun prosecutions. >> reporter: and today commissioner shea emphasizing there needs to be consequences for those who feel they are above the law. lou? lou: laura, thank you very much. laura ingle reporting. thank you. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg today announced she has been undergoing chemotherapy since may to treat a recurrence of liver cancer. in a statement the justice says the treatment has yielded positive results. she added, quote: i have often said i would remain a member of the court as long as i can do the job with full steam. i remain fully able to do that.
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justice ginsburg diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last july. she's also been treated for colon cancer and cancerous nodules in her lung. the united states having a record 77,000 new cases of the china virus. overall, there have been more than 3.6 million cases of the china virus in the united states. and almost 139,000 americans have been killed in the pandemic. over the past two months, cases of the virus have risen by 186%. deaths have actually declined by 25%. florida is seeing the largest spike in cases, but the investigative unit at our fox affiliate in orlando once again uncovering a shocking irregularity e in china virus numbers reported by florida health officials. fox orlando found that a person who died in a motorcycle accident was added to florida's china virus death count. here's how a member of the florida department of health
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responded when asked if that person's death would be removed from the state's official death count. >> we were arguing -- >> we were discussing -- >> we were discussing, tried to argue. you can actually argue that -- [inaudible] so i don't know. lou: i have no idea what he said, but this report follows an earlier investigation revealing a number of state testing laboratories were only reporting positive tests for the china virus. that skews things a bit, doesn't it? on wall street stocks ended the week mixed. the dow down 63 points, the s&p up 9, the nasdaq gained 29. volume on the big board again moderate trading, 4 billion shares. for the week the dow up more than 2%, the s&p gained more than a percent. the nasdaq lost a percent. crude oil still above $40 a barrel. and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast
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to coast on the salem radio network. coming up next here, more on the radical left's demonization of law enforcement. we talk with clay county, florida, sheriff daryl daniels when we return. and my new book, "the trump century: how our president changed the course of history forever," is now available for preorder. it's a little early for preorders, but that's just to drive the liberals, well, a little further nuts. you can preorder your copy at, or barnes & noble. we encourage you to do that. thanks so much. we'll be right back. ♪ hike!
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lou: breaking news now, nba superstar james harden finding out that if you in the nba and wear something supporting law enforcement, you will outrage your friends in the radical left. harden arrived at the nba bubble this atlanta thursday wearing a pro-police thin blue line mask, and the left pounced. nbc news reported, quote, the thin blue line flag is a sign of support for law enforcement that has, amid black lives matter protests, come to signal
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opposition to the racial justice movement and support for white supremacy. that from nbc news. who could imagine such a thing? the post reporting harden's face covering featured the thin blue line, a to-police similar kohl -- pro-police symbol that has long proclaimed opposition to the black lives matter movement. imagine, a free, a free opinion and a free speech country. a "usa today" sports story somed harden didn't -- assumed harden didn't realize what he was wearing, canning the question, so -- asking the question, why would he wear that mask? maybe he didn't know what it meant. could they be more condescending? more insulting? could he have thought it was in support of the black lives matter? harden said he wore it to cover his face and beard. well, there's the answer. joining us tonight to take this
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up and more, sheriff daryl daniels from clay county, florida. sheriff, good to have you back with us. >> hey, lou. lou: can you imagine accept weeks of -- seven weeks of demonstrations and riots and violence in portland in your county? >> no, i cannot. no, i really cannot. i can't see clay county being overrun with protesters who have migrated from the protection of the constitution to lawlessness which in short terms in the state of florida would be either third-degree activity or second-degree felony activity where they decide to start getting into physical con terrorrations with law enforcement -- confrontations with law enforcement. just what degree, that would determine what level of office that is. but in clay county, we shut that down real fast. lou: it's stunning to me to see the country, big cities,
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democrat-led, allowing this, permitting it. in fact, they're encouraging it because they are letting it go on without penalty. >> yeah. lou: it's just, it's stunning to think that we -- [laughter] we are putting up with this across the country. >> yep. lou: irrespective of the politics. anyone who says to the citizens of a community you are now, you are now free game for an or an or around keyses and leftist -- anarchists and leftist activists and, you know? good luck. that's exactly what these mayors are saying. >> yeah. yeah. and that's unfortunate because, you know, the citizens deserve better, and, you know, you ask -- if you ask someone who's on the offensive end essentially person tating these crimes -- because they are criminal behavior -- what outcome they're trying to get to, i'm sure they're not trying to get to an outcome where where they're
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being, you know, physical confrontation on law enforcement. you ask any one individual protester or the anarchist what is it that you're trying to accomplish, they've kind of been kind of pre-programmed to give a canned response. when you say what is the outcome that you're looking for, no one can give a real answer. if i was on that end of the table, i would say i would love a seat at the table to talk to somebody who could give me an opportunity to communicate what my problem is and to give some solutions or recommendations for change. but that's not really what the agenda is. the agenda appears to be nothing more than just to disrupt. lou: yeah. to disrupt, to vandalize, to tear down this country and with the complicity of these democratic mayors. we're headed in a direction -- the president is, you can see it on his face, is immensely frustrated that he has to put up
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with mayors and in many cases governors who are absolutely thrilled to see this nonsense taking place because they are politically motivated. they know this disrupts this president and his agenda, and that's what's driving them, i think. what do you think? >> it is unfortunately. and, you know, i know him. in the president's back pocket he's alluded to the insurrection act. what's going on in this country is really unacceptable on many levels. you know, if folks could just stop, if you could, if i could just get word to the folks who are out there being disruptive and the folks who are even protesting and just say stop, just stop for a second, take a breather, find out exactly what you're trying to get accomplished because tearing up communities and tearing up
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businesses and getting into physical confrontations with law enforcement cannot be what the ultimate mission is. and that's going to have a bad ending, because where does it end? at some point, at some point, you know, it's going to have a a violent end. and i hate to see in our country fellow americans fighting against fellow americans, but this is going to come to a head. and what you're going to see is people, you're going to see bodies. and i hate to say it that bluntly. lou: yeah. it's, and it's clear that that is what they're trying to provoke, these anarchists, these activists. and i want to ask you, as the head man in your county in law enforcement, your reaction -- the president is going to have to protect citizens. >> yes, sir. lou: it's just, as you said, it's going to come to that, and we know it because these left-wingers want it to happen.
12:20 am
your feeling as a law enforcement officer, the top law enforcement officer in your county, how do you feel about it when the federal agents and officers have to come in? what would you counsel the president? >> you know, i would -- that's kind of like the nuclear option. and, you know, us as law enforcement leaders, we have plans, we have strategies to deal with civil unrest. but it takes, it takes an entire community to keep itself policed. and when these types of things happen, yes, a sheriff can call a state of emergency in his jurisdiction. the governor can step in and bring in reservists. but if all else fails, the president, like i said, has in his back pocket the insurrection act. and that, that excludes governors' input. you know, i would hate to get to that place in this country. i think that at some point the leaders on the disruptive side
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have got to see a lightbulb come on and say, hey, wait a minute, guys, this is going in the wrong direction. let us stop. let us communicate with some folks that can actually help us find some middle ground and bring this thing to some peaceful ending. but i don't see that. i don't see an end in sight, to be honest with you. lou: yeah. sheriff, always good the talk with you. -- to talk with you. i appreciate it. some tough days likely ahead. sheriff, good to have you here. we'd like to hear your thoughts. share your comments. follow me on twitter @loudobbs like me on facebook, follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. also join us monday when we'll be joined by radio host harry elder, judicial watch president tom fitton, georgia's congressman -- one of them -- doug collins are. we hope top see you on monday. coming up here next, republican senators trying to uncover more corruption from the obama-era
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white house. but with less than four months to election, their time is running out. citizens united president david bossie with us when we continue. we'll be right back, stay with us. ♪ ♪ where are you?! honey, did you hear about these new geico savings? mom? you'll get an extra 15% on top of what geico could already save you. can i call you back? your father's been researching our geneology. we're vikings! there's never been a better time to save with geico. switch by october seventh for an extra 15% on car and motorcycle insurance. hey, we lost the wifi password. do you remember what that is?
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♪ ♪ finish. lou: radical left-wing democrat jamal brown has defeated 16-term democrat eliot engel in new york's democratic congressional primary. brown was backed by the likes of bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, alexandria ocasio-cortez. many votes cast by mail in the race. they are yet to be counted, but a winner declared. the ark -- ap press analysis of absentee ballots returned a lead so large for engel, just far too large for engel to overcome. senator ron johnson wants to subpoena advisers to joe biden
12:27 am
involving his son hunter's ties to burisma. johnson wants to focus on a 2014 agreement between burisma and the u.s. agency for international development uncovered by john solomon from "just the news." among those that johnson wants to testify, former deputy secretary of state antony blinkenen who is also a senior foreign policy officer on the biden campaign, former senior state department official victoria newland. that's her name. well, joining us now is david bossie, president of citizens united, former 2016 trump deputy campaign manager, surrogate for the 2020 trump campaign. good to see you. did i mention -- >> thanks for having me. lou: -- president of citizens united. it's good to have you. let's start with -- i think johnson deserves immense credit. i mean, he's not messing around, going after advisers to the
12:28 am
campaign. what do you think will unfold here? >> well, victoria nuland's an important person as it relates to the dossier. and how the christopher steele fake russian dossier got into the hands of the fbi and on to the fisa court. lou: right. >> and senator johnson, i commend him for following the leads where they go. lou: well, let's turn to the campaign. the president moving brad parscale a aside, demoting him, and putting in a, well, bill stepien. what is your reaction to the president's decision? >> well, lou, it's a very good move for the campaign. this is about addition and not subtraction. brad parscale is going to focus on the digital operation and the
12:29 am
data which is what he focused solely on in the 2016 winning campaign, and he did an amazing job at it. bill stepien was an important part of that 2016 operation, and now he's going to lead this operation for the next 109 days. i think there's going to be even more additions to the team to help bill, to help brad get to the finish line because this is about defining joe biden. it's a binary choice when november gets here between joe biden and donald trump. and this team, this team that the president is putting together must work together as a team, not as a bunch of individuals, but as a team. and i say that because in 2016 that was our strength, it really was. defeating hillary clinton took a team effort led by president trump, and i've got to tell you bill stepien's the man for the job. lou: well, that's good to hear. and the question a lot of people are raising particularly in the
12:30 am
national left-wing media is, let's get to the word real quickly, jared. what is his role in the white house? he's being criticized roundly for being in charge of far too much. and fair lu or unfairly, you decide. right here tonight. [laughter] >> i think it's unfair. look, the president of the united states trusts jared, and i trust jared. jared was an incredibly important part of the reason that donald trump won to begin with, and he has taken on some important projects for this president over the last four years, and he is now focused on this campaign. and i think that the president -- lou: so let me ask you -- >> trusts jared. he does trust jared and the people around the campaign trust jared. lou: well, and that is, that is terrific. jared's also being blamed for a campaign that has moved away from border security, has moved away from the wall, has i moved
12:31 am
toward daca. it's driving the base shul nuts, as you -- absolutely nuts, as you well know. these are, again, unforced errors. this is no strategic purpose in them that's definable by mere mortals, and it is a very risky proposition. there is china, 140,000 americans dead, and the discussion is not about how to respond. it -- this is a president who has been tough as, tough as any president in american history. and tougher than most by far. and suddenly there is this idea that commerce is still just a little more important than national security that wafts across all of washington, d.c. and the swamp. is and it can't pollute this presidency because that is his, that is his great strength with the base. >> it really. and i do -- it really is.
12:32 am
and i do believe this effort by the left to force donald trump to capitulate on china is not going to work. this president understands the importance of telling the american people that the chinese virus came from wuhan. he has said it from the beginning. he's made no bones about it -- [inaudible conversations] lou: yeah. >> and let me just say this, i believe there are other things he could do. he could sanction china, he could sanction the leadership of china, he could sanction the banks. there is ways do cut off capital to hong kong. i think there's other actions that this president could take that would show the american people that he is holding china accountable for 140 plus million americans dead as well as many hundreds of thousands more that have gottennic with this chinese -- gotten sick with this chinese virus. lou: it is, it is -- sanctions are not working in north korea, they're not working with russia,
12:33 am
they're not working with iran. sanctions are often an artifice used by governments who don't want to take action, unfortunately, david, i have to disagree with you. it is a complicated set of choices that he has to make -- >> it is. lou: but he has got to be, first and foremost, donald trump, the greatest president in american history. >> without question. lou: and all the greater for winning two terms. and the nation will be all the better for it. as a matter of fact, for at least a century. david bossie, great to see you. thanks so much. up next, red storm rising in the south china sea. are we on the path to conflict? our next guest believes so. he's congressman ted yeoh of florida. my new book, "the trump century," available for preorder
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12:38 am
earlier this week secretary of state mike pompeo railed against china's illegal territorial claims in the south china sea. pompeo said this: the world will not allow beijing to treat the south china sea as its maritime. pure. we stand with the international community in defense of freedom of the seas and respect for sovereignty and reject any push to impose might makes right in the south china sea or the wider region. the fire is out on the ship the uss bonhomme richard after burning for four days. the navy has not figured out what caused the fire. an investigation, we're told, will take weeks. 63 people were treated for heat exhaustion, smoke inhalation, no one injured seriously. the navy says the ship is salvageable after all but won't say whether the ship will be repaired quite yet. joining us tonight is congressman ted yoho, member of
12:39 am
the house foreign affairs committee, a cosponsor of the hong kong autonomy act that president trump signed into haw tuesday which requires mandatory sanctions against businesses and individuals that help facilitate china's takeover of hong kong. congressman, great to see you again and to have you on the broadcast. the carriers being deployed again to the south china sea is a very cheer statement. your thought about -- clear statement. your thought about what will be required to reverse what has been a dominant role for china militarily in the south china sea for literally more than a decade. >> exactly what trump, president trump is doing is what needs to be done, lou. under the previous administration, in particular president obama, he stopped what we call freedom of navigation of the sea, and he went to what we call esol navigation which is just sailing through an area
12:40 am
other than, so the we are going in there with military ships, we are doing military exercises like we've done for the 30 years, and that was relaxed under president obama. make no mistake, this president, president trump means what he says, and it's not just us doing this. we are partnering with other nations to do these exercises. and i think this is the message that needs to be sent with the aggression that china is doing in the south china sea. lou: well, as you know, china has built artificial islands senate separatelies -- in the sprattlys, the parcels, and china has pushed aside its neighbors in the union, 1500 miles, it territorial limit is 1500 miles from those islands. >> right. lou: a what are we, what are we going to do about that? because in every instance they
12:41 am
put in missile placements, landing strips, they're armed to the teeth and they, obviously, mean to stay there. >> this is what the world needs to understand. other countries, they need to understand this. the citizens need to understand it. anytime you buy a product made in china, you're empowering the chinese communist party and their military. china has overstep their boundaries, as you pointed out, they ventured over 1,000 miles from their homeland claiming territorial land. and sometimes that land is within 40 miles of another country. and so when they did that to the philippines and they went into their exclusive economic zone, the philippines took them to the court of arbitration in the hague in 2016. the philippines won that case hands down, said china had no claims to that. yet china ignored that. and then, as you pointed out, they're building these artificial if land masses. and i refuse to call them
12:42 am
islands because islands denote something that you can own. china is dredging up and damaging coral reefs over 4,000 acres, and it's interesting, lou. when president xi, xi jinping was in the rose garden with president obama in 2015, he said they had no intention of militarizing those islands. yet today they have airports, runways that can accommodate military fighters, there's barracks for personnel, there's offensive and defensive weapons, and there's military grade radar systems. you cannot trust xi jinping or the communist party because they lie all the time about this, and this is where donald trump is standing up to them. i'll make a prediction. you're going to see other nations stand in locked arms with us and telling china enough is enough, you have no claims here. lou: yeah, it -- i want to turn to, obviously, our allies,
12:43 am
taiwan, japan in the region as well. >> sure. lou: with a, with the threat of invasion against taiwan constant and repeated throughout by china. are we doing enough for taiwan? are we doing enough for japan, for south korea, for all of those countries to stop china's aggressive expansionary demeanor and attitude in the region? >> with south korea and japan, we're doing enough. that trilateral arrangement, that agreement between those three countries, that is one of the strongest relationships in national security. are we doing enough with taiwan? no. since henry kissinger's days and forward, there's been strategic ambiguity about our policies between taiwan and china.
12:44 am
we are introducing a bill next week that's going to be called the taiwan invasion prevention act, and this is something that's going to lay very clear what our intent is. in fact, it'll go to the point where it authorizes an aumf if china invades taiwan, and it'll be a sunset for five years that would authorize the president to use force. right now our agreement, and this came out of ronald reagan's presidency, is that we would sell taiwan enough weapons for them to defend themselves. but when xi jinping has announced that he's ready to draw blood over taiwan and reunify them, they forgot to ask taiwan. taiwan's never been part of the prc, nor do they want to. there needs to be peaceful negotiations, and, you know, we'll see how this pans out. lou: congressman ted owe -- ted yoho, we appreciate it.
12:45 am
good to see you. up next, new research shows the president's overwhelming support from evangelicals. pastor robert jeffress joins us next. we'll be talking about some politics and some very serious, serious attempts to turn back christianity and faith in this country can. we'll be right back. stay with us. 49... 50!
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♪ ♪ lou: i'd like to correct a mistake we made during last night's broadcast during my talk with historian victor davis hanson. i reported to you that bank of america, pepsico, applings walmart and comcast -- apple were pledging money to black lives matter. they were, rather, pledges of investments to address economic and racial inequality. last month bank of america announced it was making a billion dollar, four-year commitment of support to help local communities address economic and racial inequality accelerated by the virus pandemic. those programs will be focused on assisting people and communities of color instead of the greater impact from the health crisis. walmart says it's committing $1 is 00 million over -- 100
12:50 am
million over five years to increase awareness in the criminal justice system. i want to apologize to each of those companies for my mistake. we apologize to you for the error. breaking news now, three california churches are suing governor gavin newsom for banning singing during services. the churches argue that singing in church is a biblical mandate, and governor newsom protected protester freedom of expression but not that of churchgoers. joining us tonight, pastor robert jeffress, member of the white house faith initiative, pass -- pastor of the first baptist church of dallas, and author of the new book, "praying for america." we recommend it highly. pastor, great to see you, and let's start with the very idea in this country that we cannot come together. there is so much division, so much racial animus at work in
12:51 am
this country, and much of it fostered and egg ploited and -- exploited and driven by left-wing idealogues including marxists and activists of all sorts in the streets of this country. major cities in particular. >> well, that's right, lou. and, look, i take this pandemic e seriously, but all of these attempts by newsom, de blasio, cuomo, all of these attempts to try to shut down worship services or limit them are completely unconstitutional. i mean, the fact is there is no constitutional guarantee that allows people to gather in bars, restaurants, malls or movies, but the first amendment promises the right to assemble together in worship. and what is happening here is absolutely wrong. unless these government officials willing to shut down protests, unless they are willing to shut down television and news media outlets, they
12:52 am
cannot shut down worship services because all three of those activities -- protests, the press and certainly worship -- are protected by the same first amendment. lou: well, it could get a little confusing, couldn't it? because you have churches with various ideological viewpoints who are either protesting, demonstrating or taking out initiatives in support of that ideology based on, in part, their faith. at what point then does governor newsom and others decide, well, this you can do and that you can't do. i mean, it's an outrageous infringement on liberty for the governor and other governors to take the action they have. >> well, that's exactly right. you know, when people were protesting the fact that our church was still open, somebody said to me, said, pastor, instead of calling this a worship service, if you'll just call it an in-house protest,
12:53 am
that'll go over okay with the left. so we may change the names of worship to protest. [laughter] lou: well, that's probably, that -- in this upside down, turmoiled world of ours, probably would work. you know, good is bad and evil is even better. according to some. let's turn to the evangelicals and their support. the latest polls showing 88% of evangelicals support the president. also there's a poll showing 88% of black voters will support biden. analyze those two, those two snapshots for what they're worth. >> well, look, you've heard all of this fake news out that evangelicals are going to defect to joe biden. that is a malarkey. as you cited, there's a new pew poll out that shows more than 80% of evangelicals is say
12:54 am
they're going to vote against for president trump and only 17% of evangelicals are going to vote for joe biden. the fact he'll never get more than 17%, lou, because nobody who is serious about his or her faith is going to vote for joe biden for one reason, and that one reason is his support of unrestricted abortion. joe biden believes that you ought to be able to abort a baby even when it's in the birth canal of the mother. to most people, that is absolutely bar baric e. and -- bar bare you can. and, of course, biden tries to hide that by saying, well, personally i'm against abortion, but i can't impose those beliefs against the people at large. that's like saying i personally don't believe in murder. it is complete bologna. his own church sees through that, and that's why he's been denied communion by the roman catholic church. i believe that nobody who takes his faith seriously is going to
12:55 am
end up voting for joe biden. lou: pastor, always good to talk with you. thanks for being here. pastor robert jeffress. a reminder before we go to break, my new book, "the trump century: how our president changed the course of history forever," it's available for preorder now at, amazon and barnes & noble as well. stay with us, we're coming right back. be sure to make a preorder. it really does a annoy the left. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ [ thunder rumbles ] [ engine rumbling ] [ beeping ] [ engine revs ] uh, you know there's a 30-minute limit, right? tell that to the rain. [ beeping ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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i said i need some slack on pump three! ♪ ♪ lou: president trump delivering a strong message to the nation's police under siege and in democrat-run cities. >> and i say to thes police, you are loved, you are respected. this is a small group of crazy people. just stay where you are, it's going to be turned around. it's going to be -- you're going to have -- people better be very careful, because you are going to have a backlash that's going to be incredible. people better be very careful what they wish for, because the american people are not going to take it very much longer. lou: that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. radio host larry elder, judicial watch president tom fitton, georgia congressman doug collins among our guests monday. follow me on twitter @loudobbs follow me on instagram
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@loudobbstonight. and a reminder, my new book, "the trump century: how the president changed the course of history forever," preorder at have a great weekend. good night from sussex. ♪ ♪ elizabeth: breaking news, major bombshell development in the probe of the fbi's trump-russia probe. senate judiciary today releasing documents just now declassified by the justice department. that has led senator lindsey graham to now say this is a major indictment of what fbi officials led by james comey did. that what they did was so disturbing and shocking that he says they committed a, quote, miscarriage of justice and face, quote, deep legal jeopardy. also potential perjury. republican lee zeldin on that. and on this, one declassified document shows fbiff


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