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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 30, 2020 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the proper burial it deserves. i'm jamie colby. thanks for watching "strange inheritance." ♪ ♪. lou: good evening, everybody. the ceo's of tech giants, amazon, facebook, apple and google today, testifying before a house judiciary subcommittee. lawmakers questioning four of the world's richest men in their virtual hearing about their massive companies that dominate technology and social media. the tech titans are worth about $200 billion, looking every bit the part of avaricious and voracious masters of the universe looking to destroy anything in their path. just kidding. all four ceos looked passive
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as they demurred to the awesome power of the u.s. congress. they were dismissive of any notion, they of all people would stifle competition or could in any way strangle free speech and crush conservative voices and votes. they claim to be the fartherrest thing from monopolists or oligarchs. they compete not only against one another and viciously but against others. google's ceo, sundar pichai, claims his company faces intense competition, yet somehow, some way, google manages to dominate search traffic, accounting for, are you ready, almost 92% of all searches done online, 92%. that is very close to monopolistic, don't you think? and google also remains the largest digital ad platform by market share. last year nearly 32% of all
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digital advertising dollars were spent, on google. the company paying a $1.7 billion fine in march to the european union where they stood accused of abusing the giant advertising market dominance, well, that denial was found to be absurd. all four companies today though under investigation by the justice department and a number of state attorneys general for monopolistic, anti-competitive behavior. and they're looking into whether these big tech companies should be, pardon the expression, broken up. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg was asked directly about that, grilled on whether his company bought the now popular app instagram in order to neutralize a potential competitor. perish the thought. here is his response. >> i've always been clear that we viewed instagram both as a competitor and as a compliment to our services.
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i think with hindsight it probably looks like obvious that instagram would have reached the scale that it has today but at the time it was far from obvious lou: amazon's ceo jeff bezos seemed to, well, to garner the least attention and had the fewest questions of the day but he did reveal amazon may be using some access to critical third party data in order to build their own competitive products. and to further, well, increase their revenue. >> mr. bezos does amazon ever access and use third party data when making business decisions, and just a yes or no will suffice? >> i can't answer that question yes or no. what i can tell you we have a policy against using seller specific to aid our private label business but i can't guarranty you that that policy has never been violated.
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lou: well, darn the luck. on the censorship of conservatives congressman jim jordan, the strongest voice in that room as he blasted the obvious political bias of silicon valley and big tech. >> big tech is out to get conservatives. that is not a suspicion. that is not a hunch. that's pa fact. july 20th, 2020, google removes the home pages of "breitbart" and "the daily caller." just last night we learned google has sensorred "breitbart" to go much, traffic declined 99%. google threatened to demonetize "the federalist." april 19, 2020. google and youtube announce a policy censoring the content that conflicts with recommendations of the world health organization. think about that, world health organization, a organization that lied to us. a organization that shilled for china. if you contradict something they say, they can say whatever they want. they can shill for china. you say something against them, you get censored.
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lou: no obvious solutions were proffered. congressman jordan targeted google's ceo demanding his assurance that google would not tip the scales for the dems in november? >> this is a simple question. can you today assure americans you will not tailor your features in any way to help, specifically help one candidate over another, what i'm concerned about you helping joe biden over president trump? >> we won't do any work, you know, to politically tilt anything one way or the other. it is against our core values. lou: there, i hope you feel better. oregon's radical dem governor kate brown today, finally, finally choosing to pay attention to her oath of office and step up to end the mob violence in portland, oregon. that has ravaged portland for more than two months now. oregon state police will now be
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deployed to downtown portland under the plan agreed, with dhs. the federal officers who are know guarding federal property won't leave, however, until those troopers and local law enforcement are in place and the unrest and violence has ended. the federal agents last night, once again were forced to deploy tear gas. the anarchists and activists of antifa and black lives matter firing fireworks at the officers and agents, projectiles. president trump this morning unloaded on oregon's democratic officials. >> they are anarchists. they're radical, crazy people and, they're either going to straighten it out for themselves, portland, the police, maybe if the state gets involved. that means the governor, and the mayor, but they're very weak people.
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lou: the justice department today also announced expansion of its operation legend, that program designed to help local police in their fight against rising violence. the program now expanding to cleveland, detroit, and to milwaukee. the initiative is already in place in kansas city, chicago and albuquerque. research psychologist dr. robert epstein says google wants to shift 10% of the voting public away from president trump to make populism, a quote, blip in history, but that isn't what the ceo of google said, is it? dr. epstein says, telling "breitbart," quote, one of the things that was said by one much their top executives is, quote, we're going to use every means at our disposal, all of google's power to make sure trump isn't reelected. so if they're using every single means at their disposal, then they're using all of the techniques that i have discovered and probably more
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than i haven't discovered yet and that is enough to shift roughly 10% of the voting population of the united states with no one knowing they're being manipulated. no paper trail for authorities to trace. joining us tonight, he knows something about the power of big tech and silicon valley, we're joined by donald trump, jr., executive vice president of the trump organization. best-selling author and of course son of president donald trump. don, jr.,'s twitter account was restricted yesterday after tweeting a video highlighting the benefits of hydroxychloroquine. don, great to have you with us on the show. i would like, can you hear me? >> yeah. lou: good. i want to ask you, first of all, your reaction to being suspended by twitter for effectively promoting that video extolling the benefits of
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hydroxychloroquine. >> well i didn't even say anything about it. what was interesting about it, lou, i think we're having a little technical difficulties. i'm doing this on the cell phone because the satellite feed isn't working. i simply said this is an interesting counter it point to what you're hearing and narrative you're getting every day from democrats and, and or the mainstream media. it was a group of doctors, about a dozen of them. they were talking about, we treated real patients with it. we've seen this, i said this is interesting. people should listen to this. people should hear a dissenting opinion. i didn't say right or wrong. for that i got thrown off of twitter for 12 hours. it happened to numerous other people as well. it is amazing that the doctors at twitter apparently know more than medical professionals, dozens of them, standing on the steps of congress with some congressman. lou: mark zuckerberg today
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obviously making very, making it very clear to the assembled congressman that he didn't have anything to do with your suspension or sidney powell, general flynn's defense attorney, her account. but saying at the same time, that he didn't want to be a arbiter of truth. that his company was doing precisely that. that twitter, he acknowledged was doing exactly that, deciding what is valid, what is invalid what is true, and that isn't their role nor is it their prerogative under our constitution to do. what are we going to do? we're watching this hear being today, but i don't know it is going to solve much? >> i don't know that it will solve much because republicans have to wake up to this problem. obviously mark zuckerberg, issue i had was with twitter. they all do the same thing. instagram which is owned by facebook, did the same thing to me i called out the just he juse
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smollett hoax. i got my account taken down. did anyone bother to look into this story because it seems really, really ridiculously farfetched. turns out i was right. that didn't stop them from labeling me as someone provokes hate speech. didn't stop the media taking that from running with it, that i'm promoting conspiracy theories. it is only a conspiracy theory which you're proven right which i obviously was. that said, it didn't change anything. the problem we have in congress that many republicans, they don't know anything social media. they're not on it. they're not in touch with their base, deplatformed, anyone censored, anyone religious, anyone who is second amendment supporter, who is pro-life and
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all of those things are destroyed and decimated in the algorithms of social media and frankly search engines of google. look what google did to "breitbart." it doesn't end, republicans are not aware of it. republicans say, it is free market principle. it is not premarket when you get government protections. they getting in of dove lars of free market liability protections from the government. they cannot decide what you and americans get to see, what think don't. pushing their liberal, california, bordering on communist agenda to the american people. they're attempting to sway an election. they're attempting to sway the way that people think. and it is very effective when people, ordinary people who doesn't see what is going on are bombarded with a one-sided, incredibly biased left-wing talking point memo on a daily basis on these platforms. lou: it is truly stunning the
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awesome power that these, these giant tech companies, social media companies, with them, are exerting on american society right now. it is, it is stunning. it is also un-american. for this to continue to under our antitrust laws, yet as you say the republicans act like scared children when you mention regulating what is obviously monopolistic and anti-competitive behavior. it is, it is absolutely juvenile response on the part of republicans that should know something about economics and politics. let's talk about politics real quickly. looks to me like a number of polls are turning in your father's direction. the president is looking, i think, significantly stronger despite the polling biases of most of these organizations. your thoughts? >> listen, i think you're right. again, there is a lot for us to overcome. when you talk about that bias.
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lou, you and i do this stuff every day. we're watching it 24/7. but for the average person working hard to put food on their table, they're consuming five minutes of news a day, that is 96% negative against donald trump there are people, people quote, unquote professional journalists still perpetrating the russia hoax nonsense. it is hard to over come that. people have to understand what is going on. people have to understand joe biden's past. because of quarantine i had a few months off. i wrote another book, liberal privilege. it is on done, i looked into the career of this 50 year swamp creature. this is not the guy that the mainstream media is pushing. he is not a reasonable guy. honestly if you watch joe biden, the way he behaviors. he can't remember where he is, he is a just a pawn for the
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radical left. all you have to do is look on his website and see biden, communist manifesto joint unity plan, realize this is a radical guy who is not in charge. the radical left will be in charge of this presidency, if that god forbid happens, and it will be the end of america as we know it, lou. lou: donald trump, jr., good to have you with us. come back soon. all the business. we'll get to these technology problems sorted out between, between you and us. thanks a lot, don. turning now to wall street, stocks finishing higher today. the dow up 1 off points. the s&p gained 40. nasdaq up 141. volume picking up to 4 1/2 billion shares. crude oil, 41.26 a barrel. listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next the justice department investigates the unmasking of well, president trump's transition team and his
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campaign team and his administration. his attorney, sidney powell, joins us with the latest. we would also like to promote my new book which we're going to do right now, "the trump century." how our president changed the course of history forever. preorders now. preorder your copy or copies at,, and save the republic. we'll be right back. tara, did you know geico is now offering an extra 15% credit on car and motorcycle policies? >>wow...ok! that's 15% on top of what geico could already save you. so what are you waiting for? idina menzel to sing your own theme song? ♪ tara, tara, look at her go with a fresh cup of joe. ♪ gettin' down to work early! ♪ following her dreams into taxidermy! oh, it' attorney. ♪ i read that wrong, oh yeeaaaah! geico. save an extra 15 percent when you switch by october 7th. ♪ give it up for tara!
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lou: breaking news. ecuador's navy is on alert this evening, an armada of 260 chinesehi fishing ships is encroaching on the protected waters off the marine reserve around the galapagos islands. let's show you a radar image here, if we could, please. this shows the large cluster of, as you see, labeled there, in the lower left, on your screen, those boats, 200 miles from the islands but the protected area extends 188 from these islands. they have encroached within
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20 miles of the reserve. the ecuador minister addressing the encroachment, this fleet's size, aggressiveness against species, is a threat to balance of sees piece in the galapagos. white house, national security council today supporting ecuador, tweeting support, the united states stands with the president and our friends and partners in ecuador against any aggression toward their economic and environmental sovereignty. that is what this precisely is, it is an aggression. the attorney general, william barr, yesterday reiterated the fbi's interview of general flynn was nothing less than an effort to entrap him, to entrap him in a lie. barr also confirmed there is an ongoing investigation into the unmasking of general flynn by high-ranking obama officials. the attorney general said u.s. attorney john bash is looking into the nearly 50 times that
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flynn was unmasked in the two months prior to the trump inauguration. joining us now is the attorney for general michael flynn, sidney powell. she is a former federal prosecutor, best-selling author and recentau victim of the arbir es of truth at twitter. you were suspended for, as i understand, 12 hours, sidney. >> i'm still locked out of my oh, no, i'm still locked out of my account. i filed multiple complaints with twitter. talking about w hydroxychloroquine. lou: well, you know, god forbid anybody express an opinion one way or the other on hydroxychloroquine in 21st century america. the arbiters of truth, led by the, their, what would you call him, the grand wizard, jack
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dorsey? what in the world are they doing there? , i mean, when you can be shut out of twitter, when the son of the president, donald, jr., can be run roughshod over, like this, with, by social media, we're in a heck much a lot of trouble ink this country. >> we are, lou. i mean, one much our most important foundations of course is freedom of speech. i understand these are private companies but they have benefit substantially from both taxpayer resources and government contracts and the use of the internet, that the taxpayers essentially fund and their ability to censor anything has got tong be ended and soon becae they are definitely adversely affecting conservative speech and trying toon influence this election. we know that they are owned substantially and have substantial ownership interests in them by foreign countries. i think twitter has a substantial ownership interest
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prosomeone in saudi arabia. they are of course doing business with communist china. google is assisting communist china with artificial intelligence even for military projects. the entire situation is extremely concerning and the government needs to do something to shut it down now so that we're allowed basic free speech. lou: so what can, what can the federal government do right now? what can the justice department do? because this is anti-competitive behavior. it is, it is an abuse of what is monopolistic power. my god, what can the government do? >> there might even be some criminal statutes that apply, lou, because much their influence or attempts to influence the election. i mean itt is very clear that it is only conservative speech they're stifling, all of them, google, amazon. all of them. lou: what drives me crazy, sydney, is sid, this has been
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going on for years. >> o yes. lou: go back to the irs and what they were doing with conservative tax exemptions, applications. i mean this has been going on for eight years of obama. it has continued into this administration and there has been no reaction because the justice department is so busy prosecuting our president trying toto overthrow a presidency that they didn't have time to deal with law and the power of the marketplace. the republicanspl are absolutely comatose. >> yes. we have got to have people in government that are willing to assist the president and stop these things from happening. there are ways of doing it, but nobody is acting on them. and so the people are just left tot suffer like we're all doing. whether it is from the abject violence or the ridiculous response to covid by the multiple governors, or the social media issues.
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lou: yeah, the governors of the pacific northwest, the mayors, these democrat mayors, there should be some sort of legal liability for ignorance and efforts to absolutely destroy their cities and leave their citizens exposed to devastation.n. again, the president has said he will use executive action, orders, if necessary because congress is not going to be able to do anything. they don't want to doing anything, the democrats. so that is where we're medded, isn't it? >> yes. it's a real quandary. there have to be some sort of enforcement mechanisms t has to be enforced once the mechanisms are there. we don't seem to have either. lou: sidney powell, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. appreciate it. we would like to hear your thoughts on all of this, what sidney powell has gone through, donald trump, jr., follow me on
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twitter @loudobbs. like me on facebook. follow mee on instagram @loudobbstonight. reminder i will be interviewing president donald trump next week. be sure to join me for that at this very time of day. up next, violent activists of antifa, and black lives matter, contip to ravage democrat cities. what happens if they and their violence prevail. robert woodson joins us next. what happened daddy? well, you see here... there's a photo of you and there's a photo of your mommy and then there's a picture of me. but before our story it goes way, way, way back with your great, great, great grandparents. see this handsome man, his name is william. william fell in love with rose and they had a kid. his name was charles and charles met martha...
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isn't she pretty? yeah.
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lou: we are back with cindy powell. thank you for staying with us through the commercial break and joining us now. we are talking, i should explain because bob woodson ahead of the whitson center, civil rights activist, former head of the
5:32 am
criminal justice department of the urban league was about to join us by skype and he has told our folks that he was kicked off of skype so we are trying to figure out what is going on there. apparently there is a lot of censorship of our guest on this broadcast. i don't understand what is going on. do you? >> no, other than we are saying things that people need to hear and other people don't want to heard. lou: this is stunning stuff. bob woodson is one of the most, i think rational people in the country. he is a compendium of knowledge about racial issues in this country, part of the civil rights era from beginning to the present time in an important part, it is troubling that this
5:33 am
seems to happen in clusters if you will on whether it's you, whether it's donald trump jr., whether it's bob woodson, the list goes on unfortunately. >> it does and the timing is suspicious to. it is very suspicious. lou: and what do you mean when he say that? >> i think it supports the possibility that there is a concerted effort to target conservativeconservative speake. for don jr. and i to be kicked off on the same day talking about hydroxychloroquine when he said his tweet was an even substantive. mine was retweeted by the president and it was apparently after that that they decided minene was improper and shut don my account and locked me out because of it. and i also cannot get a blue checkmark, i'm not sure that i
5:34 am
want one but i have 450,000 followers, theyy limit me of an increase of a thousand followers a day and i'm not a verified account, they refused to verify it. so none of it makes anyny senseo me other than the object discrimination particular against conservatives and perhaps morgan's conservative women. lou: there is no remedy for a citizen in the situation. except move your account to competing service. are you considering doing that? >> i have an account on parler but frankly twitter dominates the market and should be required tove be objective and t influence what is being put on the platform. as long as it is not malign or profane, anything really improper, we need to let the speech be heard. lou: i happen to believe even if it is profane, it is a very
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simple decision. don't follow that person and don't permit them to follow you. that is a very simple thing. why do you have to manage speech and constrain the freedom of speech. but jack dorsey and i disagree about that and as the saying goes, it is football right now. sydney, were waiting for bob woodson and we appreciate you stayingpp with us to talk this thing through a bit. i look forward to talking to you again real soon. thank you. up next the president announcing a major plan to bring thousands, thousands of u.s. troops home, sebastian gorka joins us without more after the quick break and a reminder about my new book, the trump century, how are president changed the course of history forever, please preorder your copy now at the trump frustrate the liberals, save the republic.
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liberals, save the republic. stay withhhh
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♪look into my eyes ♪you will see ♪what you mean to me ♪don't tell me it's not worth trying for♪ ♪you know it's true ♪everything i do ♪i do it for you lou: the pentagon is moving ahead wih president lou: the pentagon is moving ahead with president trump plan to withdraw 12000 troops from germany, about 5400 over troops will be sent to belgium and italy, the others will be coming home and rinos like mitt romney called the move a gift to
5:40 am
russia. really, joining us as sebastian gorka, host of the salem radio program, america first, best-selling author, former strategist of president trump, great to have you with us. your reaction to good old mitt romney doing what he does song well. just sort of snarking. >> what is mitt romney going to cross the aisle. he needs to scratch out the r inputted d behind his name, he is a relevant politician in d.c. a man who by the way let's not forget wanted to be the secretary of state in the trumpa administration but he was too incompetent and therefore cannot get the job, such by empathetic behavior pretty really quite amusing. lou: as i recall he want to[l be president and that didn't work
5:41 am
out either. >> it did not. lou: the unrest in the violence were seen now, before we go, one thing, one, about that. the president cities were to bring those troops home and he's doing so. i think everyone in this country should be so proud and so grateful to him for doing so. there is no reason -- let me just finish and you can do whatever you wish. there is no reason to have those troops there, they need to be brought home and we need to quit acting like an empire with a 1950s mentality. do as you wish. >> absolutely. i'm so glad we can stay on this topic for a moment. from april 1949 when we signed the washington treaty, the united states defended europe after the catastrophe of world war ii, after 60 million dead, we vouch to save the continent with article five of the nato
5:42 am
treaty. now, that is no longer the case. in 1989, november the ninth, the cold war ended, germany is one of the richest nations in the world, the richest in europe and they can't even keep their promise to pay 2% of their gdp to the defense budget as they promised nato. i remember being lectured in the white house about how serious germany is on their defense when they came to visit. we have to remind the chancellor and her team, this president, president trump increased the u.s. defense budget by a margin, the marginal loan that was larger than the german defensens sbudget. they are not serious allies, they need to step up to the plate and you're right, the commander-in-chief, donald trump is keepingal his promises to brg up soldiers home. lou: right now another aggressive act by the communist
5:43 am
chinese government. 260 chinese commercial, most of them chinese flag commercial fishing vessels and perching on the marine reserve of the r galapagos islands, off the coast of ecuador. it is an outrage, the ecuadorians are protesting and yet the chinese are doing this with full knowledge of what they're doing and the consequences. this is barbaric for those vessels, that fleet to be in those waters, what should we do? >> i think we have to ensure that our allies are friends in the region are reassuring china cannot do this. the situation with china is not just the coronavirus and chinese virus, it is not just intellectual property theft or the states of the uighurs in the slave labor camps, it is about keeping the ceilings of the world open for trainin trade anr travel. america is the only nation that can do that and does do that and
5:44 am
we need to send a very strong message that this will not pass. i expected the very near future is a very serious signal to be sent by u.s. forces in the region, rhetorical if you will across of these chinese interlopers. lou: the deal reached between dhs and the secretary judd wolf and katie brown, the governor oe oregon to clear ted wheeler from the discussion and to bring in oregon state police and local law enforcement to protect federal property and to maintain the order in downtown portland at which point once, as established in the local and state forces are imposition, then federal officers and agents cane come home, i think it's an
5:45 am
intelligent revolution and i hope it works. your thoughts? >> we have to note, this is not just about federal property being damaged or firebombed in 50 plus nights of violence and looting. these riots including antifa and elements of black lives matter are actually attacking and firebombing buildings when there are federal employees inside of them, to marshals, to members who work for dhs have been blinded in recent violence by these writers and if the local police commissioner are unprepared to protect the people of their city, somebody has to and this time it's going to be the brave officers of the marshall service and dhs and the federal protective services. this is what we have to do and it's time to take america's streets back. lou: sebastian gorka, thank you, appreciated. an incredible scene tonight of a fiery crash and bridge collapse
5:46 am
in arizona. a union pacific freight train derailing in tempe arizona, as you see there, large fire was ignited and as it burned, the bridge began to collapse. incredibly, none of the trained crew members were injured, a bicyclist under the bridge at the moment it collapsed escaped within seconds of his life. at least 90 firefighters are battling the blaze, one witness described the situation of the scene from hell. and we can report to you right now, there are no reports of injuries. coercively and miraculously. object civil rights activist bob whitson joins us on the t radicl left continuing attack on america's heritage and this nation. we'll be right hike!
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♪ ♪ lo lou: we are joined now on the phone by former civil rights activist bob whitson, the head of the whitson center and bob, i know we are going to be talking with video but skype for some reason was not working for you, we have seem to have, i hope is
5:51 am
coincidental but we hade a numbr of video problem for many of our guest here, what is your thinking tonight, it is great to have you with is even by phone. >> great to be here. i heard your previous speakerou talk about the physical war that is going on but the culture war continues. as the chair of the english department recently announced that traditional grammar is now subjective and stylistic choice and students will be encouraged to push back against biased on written accent. the goal is to make writing centers linguistically diverse and de- colonized faces. and i call the intellectual e profanity. is that crazy? lou: it is crazy.
5:52 am
it is crazy and the nonsense gets bigger and bigger and more obnoxious by the week. rock cruises going to permit an instructor to decide what will be correct grammar and english usage for the united states in a class that will be clearly irrelevant. >> the no rules campaign continues in 2011 in virginia the emmanuel student said if students cut the teacher out, use profanity, don't suspend then, they have a limited vocabulary, none of us, we just really are dumbing down the culture in the name of social justice. and what we are, what we believe our kids out to be inspired by people who have prevailed in the past, i told just a quick story
5:53 am
about a 1943, there were no naval black officers, they insisted that they trained them and they took 13 with college education and put them through eight weeks what they were going to put white in 16 weeks predate cover their windows and studied all night and when they were tested they scored in the 90 percentile believing that they cheated, they retested them individually and they scored in the 93rd percentile. they became commissioned officers. these are the kinds of stories that we need to share with our children and that the best antidote to this respect is performance, it is not protest or demand that the rules be changed. lou: condescension is as ugly in the form of racism as any other in my book.
5:54 am
also the racism of low expectations, it is all part of the same to me slur against humanity. the reality is, our universities are made up of leftist, they're doing more indoctrinating, they have radical agendas and i think altogether too little education weatherby english, and its usage or literature. what in the world do these people think they are teaching. they are teaching americans. >> they really are. but this moral and intellectual dumbing down is not occurring in the schools where they send their children. i can tell you that. it is not going on in academies or places like that. trust me on that one. that's a real shame.
5:55 am
lou: he's keeping his eye on and bringing his voice to our broadcast, every wednesday, please be sure to join us, we've had a few technical problems tonight and bob will be back with us next wednesday and we will go as long as we want. thank you bob, appreciated. i reminder before we go to break, the trump century, however, president change the course of history forever, it's already available for preorder, you can beat the crowds, you can preorder your book at, and barnes &, frustrate liberals, save the republic. we could use a little help right, we're coming right back, stay with
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lou: here is president trump in midland texas moments ago warning americans about what is now the clear and present danger of radical democrats. >> the radical democrats want to destroy it and want to destroy our country. these people are sick. they are sick and you better get used to hearing it. because they have some real problems, they don't love our country. in any way shapee or form, they do not love our country. there is no respect for the american way of life.
6:00 am
lou: president trump and that is it for us tonight, fcc commissioner brendan carr, byron york, michael pillsbury among our guest tomorrow. we hope you will join us, follow me on twitter at lou dobbs, like me on facebook, and instagram at "lou dobbs tonight". aaaaa maria: good thursday morning, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday july 30th, your top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast. stimulus stalemate, extra unemployment benefits to expire tomorrow. coronavirus effect on the u.s. economy coming up. at 8:30 this morning we will get first read on gdp, record-breaking contraction, decline of 34.1% expected this morning. plus initial jobless claims expected this morning to rise for second wee


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