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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 7, 2020 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance," and remember, you can't take it with you. ♪ le. now it's time for "lou dobbs tonight" see you guys. david: good evening, everybody, i'm david asman in for lou dobbs. the tech giants appear to be working together to silence the president of the united states and his reelection campaign. twitter if facebook carrying out the latest act of censorship, taking down and blocking a video posted by the trump campaign that the social media titans say violates, quote, rules against misinformation. now, the video in question coming from an interview of president trump on "fox & friends." here is that clip. >> this thing is going away. it will go away like things go away, and my view is that schools should be open. if you look at children,
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children are almost -- and i would almost say definitely, but almost immune from this disease. david: now, both facebook and twitter claim that those remarks contain misinformation about the china virus and children's health. president trump was asked about facebook and twitter's cent orship on the south lawn earlier today. >> what evidence is have you seen about children -- [inaudible] >> all you have to do read the newspapers or read the medical reports. david: so here are some facts. cdc data shows around 7% of all 4.8 million china virus cases in the u.s. are from children under 18. and around 0.1% of all 159,000 u.s. deaths are from that that age group. twitter's decision to censor the trump campaign was made in part by a former press secretary for kamala harris, the senator. in march twitter claimed china's
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misinformation about the virus did not violate its rules, and facebook's decision to deny the american people from hearing what the president has to say comes despite repeated assurances from facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg that his platform will not censor politicians. listen. >> i just believe strongly that facebook shouldn't be the arbiter of truth of everything that people say online. i think, in general, private companies probably shouldn't be or especially these platform companies shouldn't be in the position of doing that. david: we will have much more on this later in the broadcast with trump campaign press secretary hogan gidley. moon while, the left coming after -- meanwhile, the left coming after president trump over the deployment of federal agents in some of america's largest cities. dhs secretary chad wolf defending the president's decision as well as the officers defending federal property who have faced repeated attacks from
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the left. listen. >> our law enforcement officers are not stormtroopers. they are civil law enforcement officers who wear clearly marked uniforms, they're properly trained and follow established practices and operate within their authority. david: those federal agents have been in portland for weeks now. police there declaring another riot last night as violent anarchists attempted to break into a police precinct, hitting officers with fireworks and other projectiles. here's how secretary wolf described the past 69 nights of violence in oregon. >> for over 60 days, federal properties in portland, particularly the federal courthouse, have been attacked by violent criminals. our federal officers have faced assault from bricks, baseball bats, sledgehammers, molotov cocktailses, commercial grade fireworks, accelerants, ieds
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and others. david: joining us now, ken cucinelli, acting deputy secretary for the department of homeland security. good to see you, sir, thanks for being in. what is the very latest in your efforts to secure that federal courthouse in portland? >> so since last thursday when the tate police stepped up and did what we've been asking them to do for a long, long time now and that is simply cooperatively police around the federal facilities, it has been largely peaceful around the federal facilities. and bringing a lie to the fact that the federal government or our officers somehow were a factor in the violence in portland. since last thursday in the seven nights since, the portland police have declared a riot four times, four out of seven nights in other parts of the city. and that has absolutely nothing to do with the federal
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government. so until they're willing to responsibly but aggressively police the violation in their own city -- the violence in their own city, it is going to continue. david: and what surprised me -- there were a lot of things surprising that chad wolf was talking about, but one was that the federal agents doesn't get any cooperation from police. let me just play a segment of mr. wolf talking about that. roll tape. >> dhs and doj officers were provided little to no assistance night after night in protecting federal properties and themselves. local and state officials did not allow law enforcement, local law enforcement, to police the area immediately around federal fundamentals, nor in the parks nearby. which violent opportunists used as a staging ground to prepare for their nightly assault on the courthouse and our officers. local and state officials did not allow law enforcement to make any arrests, i i repeat, any arrests if the violence was direct at federal properties. david: now, how quick ally could
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the violence -- quickly that the violence that the rioters, and now police are openly calling it riots, how quickly could that have been quelled if the police had been allowed to work with the federal agents who were trying to secure the courthouse? >> well, we saw it. it happened in a matter of days once that cooperation that we've been requesting commenced. and i mentioned the cooperative policing, david, but there were two things. we also asked them to clear those parks which are immediately across the street from the courthouse and two other buildings that have been under take. and they did that, and once they did that and there were no more supplies to serve as a base to attack the courthouse and so forth and we had cooperative policing, those two things brought to an end the violence in that part of portland. now they need to do it in the rest of portland. david: well, and, of course,
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it's not only portland. you have the police chief of seattle saying very much the same thing about city officials, that they are handcuffing police the really quell the riots, to stop the violence that's been taking place there. interestingly, or by the way, both the police chief in portland and seattle are african-americans. so, you know, the suggestion that there's any racism in their views is impossible -- >> right. david: and, of course, the murder rate in these -- >> well, look, david -- david: yeah, go ahead. >> they want their communities safe. david: absolutely. >> they live there, they're responsible for it x they don't want to play the politics. they want public safety, and we want that not just for them, but with them. and in most of the country, that is achieved on a cooperative basis outside of portland. david: and as i was going to say, the murder rates in cities where police have been handcuffed by the local officials whether it's the mayor or the city councils and very often it's the two of them working together, most people, most voters should pay more
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attention about city councils, because they can cause a lot of damage. but it is the, it is the minority communities that more than any other community in these cities suffer. it's happening here in new york -- >> oh, of course. david: -- of course, in chicago, portland and in seattle. and it should be noted a gallup poll just came out that 81% of black americans want either the same or more police presence in their communities than before. >> right. david: this runs absolutely counter to the rhetoric of black lives matter. and it leads to a question, exactly who does black lives matter represent? >> well, certainly the organization -- the words lower case letters black lives matter is, of course, true. all lives matter, including black lives. the organization, if you look at a what they believe which they
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publicly declare, it has very little to do with that. they work racial justice in there, but they -- several of their founders are marxists. so that's where they're coming from x. in portland we see antifa, we see anarchists, we see that same ideological grouping loosely organized, i would say, attacking not just federal law enforcement and federal facilities, but also the local and state. and you're seeing that repeated in local versions around the country. david: you know, it's got to be the -- >> [inaudible] david: we have to wrap it up, but i are to ask you, as i'm sure you know, in the early part of this week -- i think it was this week, either that or last week -- we saw jerry nadler, the head of the judiciary committee, saying it was a myth that antifa was at work in these cities. and yet americans, despite the fact that the mainstream media doesn't cover it as well as i think we do here at fox news and fox business, i don't think
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americans are blind to what's going on here. are they going to buy that rhetoric? and it's not only jerry nadler, of course, it's joe biden himself calls them all peaceful protesters. nancy pelosi e, the one who used the nazi reference to federal law enforcement -- >> unbelievable. david: so what do you think americans think in we already saw what the poll from gallup showed. >> yeah. i have great faith in the wisdom of ordinary americans. and part of the reason you're seeing the coverage of portland decline is because we're being proven right, so so out doesn't fit the mainstream media narrative. but americans get truth. when truth is allowed to penetrate, they can digest it and decide for themselves what it means. and the truth in portland is that what we've been saying all along the true. you haved -- you have radical
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anarchists, left-wing antifa types who are causing the violence. they are causing it. it isn't just happening around them. we stand in opposition to that, and their own police would too if their civilian political authorities would allow them. david: right. >> jerry nadler is lying when he says it's a myth. he knows the violence is there, he knows antifa is part of it. david: well, and finally, even the blm leaders themselves, one in seattle came out and said these are no longer protests, this is civil war. i end mean, that's what they are saying about -- >> that's what they want. that's what they want. david: ken cucinelli, we've got to leave it at that. thank you for being here, appreciate it. on wall street, stocks finishing higher for the fifth straight day, the dow up 185 points, the s&p up 21, the nasdaq, wow, look at this, hitting another record close, up 110 points. that is its 32nd record close of the year. volume on the big board, 4.2 billion shares.
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crude oil finishing at $41.98 a barrel. a reminder to listen to lou's reports three tames a day -- times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. we take polling numbers up with press secretary hogan gidley next x. we'd also like to promote lou's new book, "the trump century: how our president changed the course of history forever." you can preorder your copy or copies at --, or stay with us, we're coming right
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♪ ♪ david: well, great news for president trump, bad news for joe biden. in the new hill/harris poll, biden has lost more than half of his lead over president trump over the past two weeks, going from 7 to 3 points. the latest rasmussen poll crab rating that hill/harris -- corroborating the poll. facebook and twitter are censoring president trump and his supporters. the tool that helped him get elected. twitter's director of strategy and operations and counsel organizations don burton who was
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jim comey's deputy chief of staff. and jaistles baker is also -- james baker is also on twitter's team the. the radical dems' farcical articles of impeachment. listen to congressman jim jordan today defending the president and calling out big tech's double standard. >> why is it always conservatives? you never hear about anyone on the left getting censored, it's always conservatives. here's what twitter did just a couple weeks ago. they let the leader of iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism, put a tweet out that said he will strike a blow against american citizens. that was fine but they censor the president of the united states? so, look, we've got to call them out every time it happens, and when president trump wins re-election and republicans take back the house, we have to hook at the consequences for big tech targeting conservatives.
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david: and joining me now is hogan gidley, national press secretary for the trump 20 campaign and former principal deputy white house press secretary. 40 goon, good to see you -- hogan, good to see you. the latest from facebook, by the way, what we're hearing through sources is that the committee to defend the president,s this is the organization that had the facebook site that's been taken down, will be suspended until november 1st. now, of course, that's just a day or two before the election. so it'll essentially knock it out of doing any good for the committee to reelect. if true, how much would that hurt the campaign? >> well, it's shocking how that works, doesn't it? i mean, you know, i'll be honest, jim jordan's absolutely right. it always seems to cut against republicans, all of the, quote-unquote mistakes, all of the algorithm issues always hurt us. they never hurt democrats. and if that's the case, then it's pretty obvious what's going on. that being said, time and time again this president says things
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that are factually accurate. he stood in front of the american people from the white house briefing room and pointed out very clearly that coronavirus affects 99.96percent of the deaths in this country from coronavirus affect adults, not children. and they want to take that information down because it doesn't suit their narrative. they are trying to control not just what the president says, they're trying to control the outcome of an election. because if one thing we know about the media is true, it's that they protect their own. and so so do these tech giants who want to put their finger on the kale and try and tip it -- on the scale and try and tip it because they know if democrats take over, they'll get all the goodies. they'll be the ones with their hands in the cookie jar, and the democrats will gladly give them any cookie they want. that's always a problem for the system and, quite frankly, for the american people. david: just to puppet a fine
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point on -- put a fine point on what the president said, the president is always saying one death is a tragedy, one death is too many particularly if it's a child's death. but there are, according to cdc, those people under the age of 15 who have died from the coronavirus total about 40 right now, 40 out of more than 150,000. so, i mean, it is an extremely small number. again, no death is a good thing from this virus. it never should have got out of china, which it did. but an editorial decision was made by facebook, and to me it's very simple. if these social media platforms are just platforms and nothing else, then they should be immune from lawsuits and any kind of responsibility. but if they become publishing platforms where they make editorial digs, they should not -- decisions, they should not be released or be given any sort of excuse for litigation which they have under section 230 of the telecommunications act. why do they still have that
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protection if they're violating it by their actions? >> that's a great question and, quite frankly, it's one for members of congress. listen, the president has been very clear many times, one death for this is really a tragedy. everyone knows that this country has been ravaged by this, and it's because of what china did. the information they kept secret from the entire world. let's talk about china for a minute and the way they use social media. you never hear about china being censored when they actually said that the united states created the coronavirus. you never hear about iran being censored when they say death to all americans and lie about what our soldiers do. it's only when this president speaks. and the science tells us this absolutely affects adults more than children and in a different way. but the science also tells us that keeping children out of school affects them in a way that is welcome irrevocable,
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because so many more instances of abuse happen to children -- david: hogan, i've got to interrupt for a second -- >> sure. david: we're running out of time, but i do want to throw in joe biden into the mix because he had another interview -- he hasn't done so well in each these softball interviews, and he focused on minority communities in america, specifically differentiating between the characteristics of black americans and latino americans. let me play the tape and get your reaction. >> what you all know but most people don't know, unlike the african-american community with notable exceptions, the latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things. you go to florida and you'll find a are different attitude about immigration in certain places than you do when you're in arizona: so it's a very different, a very diverse community. david: now, as i mentioned, hogan, the president's -- or i should say biden's lead over the president has been going down in
5:23 am
the polls if you trust the polls at all. is this kind of gaffe the reason why? >> i'm not sure why joe biden continues to be given cover by the mainstream media for the things he says. listen, if donald trump gets the biased, unfair, ridiculous question from the media and calls them fake news, the media goes apoplectic, but joe biden can literally accuse a reporter of being a cocaine junkie and say that all african-americans are the same, and the media says nothing about it e. it's absolutely ridiculous. i wish they gave us the same level of cover and protection. if there's one thing we know about the media, it's not just that they're liberal, it's that they protect their own. and make no mistake, joe biden is one of them. he is pushing the most radical socialist agenda we've ever seen from the democrats in history, and the media want the same thing to happen that joe biden does -- david: right. >> they are pushing for this
5:24 am
country to be remade in the image of other countries that the, quite frankly, are socialist in nature. and we're seeing it time and time again. and it's funny because the media and the democrats don't want us to speak, and they don't want joe biden to peek, but -- to speak, but it's for very different reasons. they know when donald trump talks directly to the american people, it resonates and will win because of it. david: right. >> conversely, if they get joe biden out of his hole to say a few words every once in a while, we see massive mistakes and we get is to see an agenda that is so damaging to the future of this country that they would much rather brush that under the rug and keep it away from the -- david: hogan gidley -- >> -- because they know it will never bring this country to a good place. david: we've got to leave it at that. and again, we should remind our viewers that the president's comments and press conferences might also are had something to do with the polls changing.
5:25 am
hogan, thank you for being here. appreciate it. we'd like to hear your thoughts. share your comments and follow lou on twitter @loudobbs like him on facebook, and follow him on instagram @loudobbstonight. coming up next, the communist chinese party continues to lie about their role in spreading the china virus. we're going to take that up and more with the hudson institute's michael pillsbury after a few quick messages. stay with us.
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she was not able to vote in her lifetime, but i wanted to honor all that she had done to ensure a lasting legacy of education and civic involvement. i'm very proud to carry on her story.
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david: breaking news now, president trump's working group on financial markets recommending that chinese companies have until the beginning of 2022 to comply with u.s. accounting standards, or they will be delisted from u.s. exchanges. meanwhile, the chinese communist party continues to spread lies about the deadly china virus pandemic. their ambassador to the u.s. attempting to rewrite history telling the aspen security forum, quote: everybody knew early on this was very
5:30 am
dangerous. as soon as we discovered something, we shared it with international community. this is a fact. end quote with. the real facts are as follows: that the government in wuhan reported patients with a, quote, unexplained viral pneumonia on december 8th. china only notified the world health organization of the virus in wuhan on december 31st. and then the w.h.o. carried china's lies two weeks later, tweeting there was no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the virus. joining us now to take all this up, dr. michael pistol burr true, director -- pillsbury, director for the center of chinese strategy at the hudson institute. thank you very much. what do you think of this breaking news that companies might be delisted by 2022, these chinese companies? >> well, it's a very big deal. the amount of money involved for chinese companies listed on the three new york exchanges, david, is over 1 trillion.
5:31 am
david: wow. >> it's more than 150 companies. this was a deal that joe biden, when he was vice president, was prominent in making with the chinese. it's called the waiver. all chinese companies were allowed not to to have to be audited or have their auditing results posted online or in prospectuses for their companies. not other country in the world got this kind of favor. vice president biden is shown in the records as being actively involved in this process, so president trump is canceling this waiver. now chinese companies will have to be audited. some of them could drop. some of them may be, you know, not as good as they seemed at first. so it's a blow the china. however, it just shows the favoritism that china used to get, and now president trump is really stopping that and saying we're going to have fair dealing and no special treatment for chinese companies. it's a really big deal. david: this cheerily should never -- clearly should never have been given to china in the
5:32 am
first place, as you said. but on the other hand, i'm sure a lot of people will see this as a reaction or payback for the chinese lies and the spreading of the chinese virus outside of china. is it fair to say that perhaps maybe this would have been done anyway, but that it was accelerated by, as a part of payback for what china did with the virus? >> yes. i had a conversation with the president recently. he always says, you know, don't quote me. but the thrust of what he was saying was i'm not finished yet with china. it's well known that china's not allowed our teams to go into wuhan, look at the records, try to figure out what happened, make sure this doesn't happen again. but across the board china's just not making any serious concessions to president trump. yet. so his idea, he says he's a dealmaker which i think is true, he's going to ratchet up the pressure until they make a better deal -- david: well, if he's going to --
5:33 am
i mean, i get it, this is ratcheting up of the pressure, but as you said, it should never have been given to them in the first place. why wait two years for it to be done? why not impose this penalty now >> it's a good question, but there is a fear that a lot of these chinese companies could just go to frankfurt or london, hong kong, that would harm american companies, so this is a gesture to keep the markets stable to allow them two years to become honest again. david: you know, it is such a, it is such a monumental crime against humanity, what has been done. jack keane, general jack keane, who's not a radical by any means, but he himself has said what they specifically did, what china did was they saw, they recognized back in december how dangerous this virus was going to be to their economy, and they didn't want to sur it alone -- suffer it alone, suffer the
5:34 am
economic consequences alone, so they specifically prevent9 chinese from -- inned chinese from wuhan to travel internationally because they wanted to share the pain with the rest of the world. so this was a deliberate attempt to infect the rest of the world which has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths. when it's over, probably millions of deaths. it doesn't seem like we should be pussy-footing around with the chinese any longer. >> i'm with you, david. but, you know, there are a lot of people who are still quite pro-china inside the government. there was not a purge conducted of people who had the wrong idea of china. they're there. so, yes, you can bring up the virus, 160,000 dead americans, but these pro-china people will just block things and slow it down. that's what the president has had to deal with for the last three and a half years. contrast with biden. david: there are a lot of people in the government that are still cozying up to the chinese, but a lot of people around the world -- however, i think the world is recognizing, like it
5:35 am
hasn't ever before since the chinese communist party came into power, how deadly that party has been for the rest of the world. wouldn't you agree? i mean,' we even had an editor or call in the "wall street journal" last week, i think it was, saying that, in fact, china has to pay a price for what they have done. >> i saw that. one thing that we're seeing, however, the chinese are trying to blame president trump. and in that sense, they're aligning themselves with some of our democrat politicians. david: yeah. >> by saying this is all trump's fault. i heard that this morning in a conference with the chinese. david: yeah. i don't think americans will buy that. frankly, i don't think anybody really buys that. michael pillsbury, i wish we had more time. coming up next, a major new development into john durham's investigation into the scandal of obamagate. and a reminder about lou's new
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david: breaking news now, u.s. attorney john durham reportedly close to wrapping up his investigation of obamagate. the report says he is wrapping
5:40 am
up with an interview of john brennan, former head of the cia. the director has apparently agreed to the request, and details are being worked out. fox news has been told that durham is working expeditiously to try to finish his investigation by the end of summer. before mueller special counsel prosecutor andrew wiseman is calling on justice department personnel to resist attorney general william barr's efforts to expose obamagate. weissman stating that john durham's investigation and u.s. attorney john bash's unmasking probe might influence the election. justice department employees in meeting their ethical and legal obligations should be well-advised not to participate in any such effort. joining me now, john solomon, award-winning investigative reporter and editor-in-chief of "just the news." good to see you, john. i think of the phrasing on destruction of justice when i
5:41 am
think of those words of mr. weissman. what do you think? >> well, listen, this is a man that in august of 2016, let's go back four years, met with bruce ohr to hear about what was going on in the steele investigation. if wasn't concerned about meddling in an election in 2016 is, i don't know why he would be concerned now unless he has a political motive for saying so. but bruce ohr, according to his own testimony, said he met with four officials to talk with them about what he knew in the early august time frame, and andrew wiseman was one of them. so when we wind back history, he hasn't been consistent on this issue of meddling in an election. john durham is a career prosecutor, he's just trying to get to the truth, and it looks like we're headed in the final phase of that quest. they've -- david: but to suggest a political motive by mr. wiseman, i mean, really? [laughter] >> imagine that. yes, i know it's shocking to say it out loud. his career is laid in front of us. he we know what he did in the enron case, in the mueller investigation, when he met with
5:42 am
the ap in april of '17. this was a man that seemed to have a lot of ambition when it came to donald trump and the investigation. david: now speaking of donald trump, the president kind of teased us in an interview that lou dobbs had with him earlier this week. >> yeah. david: let me play the tape and get your reaction. roll tape. >> caught them spying, now it's up to our attorney general. as you know, aye wanted them to do it. i didn't want to get overly involved. maybe i should, maybe i shouldn't, but i do hear it's breathtaking, what they found. david: breath taking, john. what do you think he's referring to? >> well, listen, so much is in the public domain already. just think about what we know now that we didn't know three years ago. the fbi submitted a false fisa application, they doctored dock units, they spied on the president by putting an agent in his briefings to try to find out what he might say about russia. it's already breathtaking. and if as we suspect john durham has turned up new information
5:43 am
about what happened earlier such as in january to june before the fbi had an official investigation, i think we will have lost more of our breath. i think there's a lot more to come out. i think this is a thorough investigation. more than a hundred people is have worked on this probe according to my sources. we're going to learn every last fact that we need to know about the fake russia collusion investigation over the next few weeks. it doesn't surprise me, breathtaking seems like the right word. david: well, it -- what happened with lindsey graham's hearing this week was a little less than breathtaking. >> yeah. david: we were, a lot of us were surprised at the easy ride he gave to sally yates, for example. and yet he said that it was a very important hearing because it actually exposed that the russian dossier was false on which a fisa warrant was based. we all knew that years ago though, didn't we? >> we did. listen, i think the most important thing you saw
5:44 am
yesterday beyond sally yates throwing jim comey under the bus -- perhaps rightfully so -- saying he went rogue on the flynn investigation, no one disputes that, is she would not take ownership for her own conduct. this is a woman that twice went into the white house trying to get mike flynn fired, and then she signs a fisa warrant saying she's verified this, and she was blaming the others. she never took a look at that fisa warrant. she rubber stamped it. that's how bad the justice department and fbi was coming out of the obama era. they rub arer stamped -- rubber stamped visa us without meeting the facts, and i thought that was the headline. sally yates couldn't stand for the signature that she put on a document. she couldn't explain if she knew it was true. that's the tragedy. david: it is. and, unfortunately, i don't think she was pressed to the degree she needed to be pressed in terms of getting to the bomb of that. finally -- bottom of that. finally since it really is durham's report that's going to
5:45 am
reveal a hell of a lot more than anything we get out of congress right now, when do you think it's going to be? in fact, let me play you another sound bite if lou's interview with the president to, again, sort of tease us about when. play the tape. >> and hopefully, it'll come out soon, but it's beyond what anybody ever thought even possible, how bad it is. how bad it is and how corrupt it is. but i'm going to let them do that, i'm not going to do that. it's a horrible thing that took place, and it should never be allowed to happen to another president. david: now, john, you suggested it's going to be coming out in a couple of weeks. do you think there's a chance that for some reason durham might wait until after the election to come out with this report? >> it's always possible, you know? you never know in justice and grand juries what'll happen. but my sources indicate that they're on a glide path to release something just after labor day, before september 21st which is the end of summer officially on the callen.
5:46 am
witnesses -- calendar. witnesses have been told to be around. is it just the report or do people get charged, and that's the big thing we have to wait and see. teaf david yeah. i've been disappointed a lot in terms of the timing of its release. "just the news" editor-in-chief john solomon, thank you very much for being here, appreciate it. and a reminder, lou's new book is out, "fallout -- i'm sorry, john solomon's new book -- [laughter] i thought we were talking about lou's. it is called "fallout: nuclear bribes, russian spies and the washington lies that enriched the clinton and biden dynasties." john, good for you. thank you again. coming up next, the left-wing national media a playing their part in covering up sally yates' revelations about obamagate. sarah carter with us on that after a few quick messages.
5:47 am
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♪ ♪ david: more evidence, if you needed any, of the partisan bias within the fake news media. a all three nightly newscasts on abc, nbc and cbs failing to report a key portion of sally yates' testimony on capitol hill. listen. >> when you heard about the interview, you got upset, didn't you? >> i was upset that director comey didn't coordinate that with us and acted unilaterally,
5:51 am
yes, i was. >> okay. did comey go rogue? >> you could use that term, yes. david: now, an analyst at the media research center called the blackout, quote: another example of the broadcast networks covering up the degree of corruption in the russia investigation. joining us tonight to take this up and other things, sara carter, investigative reporter and fox business contributor. sara, thanks for being here. let me first -- >> great to be with you too, david. david: i was talking to john solomon about what lindsey graham missed with sally yates and how he didn't push her, perhaps, as a lot of us might have. nevertheless, to have her say that the head of the fbi went rogue is news. i mean, i would think if it didn't lead the news, at least it would be in the top half of the nightly broadcasts, but it was a total black without. what do you think? >> well, we've seen this from the beginning, david. we've seen the media react this way, and i'm talking about the mainstream media. i can tell you this, i remember when i first started breaking stories on the fbi on andrew
5:52 am
mccabe, on james comey, the up just investigation into michael flynn, the fisa, the uns masking, i thought, well, this story's only going to be handled by me for a horse time period because "the new york times," "the washington post," all the other news outlets with all the money and power behind them are going to jump on this, and they're going to expose this. i think i was stunned when i took a step back and realized nobody was doing anything because of their hatred towards president trump. so they were willing to let these agencies be weaponized, spy illegally on a presidential campaign all because they themselves had animus towards this president. and remember, david, a lot of their sources were these folks that were basically breaking the law -- david: that's right. >> yeah, the same people that are being investigated by john durham. so it's not surprising to me at all that they just ugh --
5:53 am
ignored sally yates completely, what she said that he went rogue, and she should have been pressed further because it was january 25th when she ran back to the white house to get flynn fired. so she was, she was in on it just as much. just remember, this is how the rats try to jump off a sinking ship, they start thousanding each other under -- throwing each other under the bus, and that's exactly what we saw. david: now, you mixed a metaphor, i'm not going to press you -- [laughter] but you did write a piece saying that you'd become a little cynical about the durham probe because -- as i am. i keep getting anxious about things coming out, and it never does. what do you think is happening? i mean, do you suspect that maybe the fix is in, that these people that you mentioned who have been hanging together for so long at the cia expect fbi, in the media, that they're trying to prevent durham from coming out with this before the election? >> i'm actually very concern
5:54 am
about that. i've always been the big cheerleader here saying that the attorney general, that william barr is going to do the right thing, that john durham is going to do the right thing, and i'm keeping my fingers crossed. i want to have faith in them. but we've seen so much malfeasance. we've seen what's happened with our constitution. we've seen the trampling of our constitution. and the only people that can hold anyone responsible, david, is the department of justice and those that work at the department of justice. and we have not seep that yet. look, we saw what happened under attorney general jeff sessions, absolutely nothing. now we're sitting around waiting, all of us, scratching our heads wondering, what's going op here? why hasn't there been a report? an indictment? we know that the fisa was, you know, we know they left out exculpatory information, they were spying illegally on carter page, they made up information, we have a fake russian dossier, i could go on and on and on -- they'd david and we've known
5:55 am
about that for months and months and months, but we need the specific interviews with john wren man and others and, hopefully, durham will come out with all of that and more. maybe our discouraging thoughts will not materialize, and we'll be pleasantly surprised before the election. sara carter, thank you for being here. and a reminder about lou's new book, it is called "the trump century: how our president changed the course of history forever." it is available for preorder now at, and stay with us, we're coming right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we've always put safety first. ♪ ♪ and we always will. ♪ ♪ for people. ♪ ♪ for the future. ♪ ♪ and there has never been a summer when it's mattered more.
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♪. david: president trump today in ohio highlighting american industry the president promising to bring back more american jobs and end our reliance on china. listen. president trump: during the next four years we'll bring our pharmaceutical, medical supply chains home, we'll bring them home where they belong and we'll end on reliance on china just like we did with the washers, dryers, like many other things. we'll be making our product here the. david: that is it for us tonight. thank you for watching. "judicial watch" president tom fitton, general jack keane and pastor robert jeffress. follow lou on @loudobbs and like
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him on instagram @loudobbstonight. preorder lou's new book "the trump century." it is available for at, and maria: good friday morning, everybody, thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo and it is job's friday, august 7th, top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. president trump takes aim at popular chinese apps, two executive orders, banning u.s. transactions with tiktok and wechat in just 45 days. the white house also looking to crack down on u.s.-listed chinese firms. more on the market-moving stories coming up. look at what coronavirus impact is having on the economy. unemployment rate ticking down to 10 and a half percent.


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